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apples Protect your Prevents Block Improves Cushion joint
heart diarrhea lung capacity
apricots Combat cancer Control blood Saves your Shield Slows aging
against process
pressure eyesight
artichokes Aids digestion Lowers Protects your Stabilizes Guards against
blood sugar liver disease
cholesterol heart
avocados Battles diabetes Lowers Helps stops Control blood Blocks diarrhea
strokes pressure
bananas Protect your Quiets a Strengthens Control blood Blocks diarrhea
heart cough pressure
beans Prevents Helps Lowers Combats Stabilizes blood
hemorrhoids cholesterols cancer sugar
beets Control blood Combats Strengthens Protect your Aids weight loss
pressure cancer heart
blueberries Combats cancer Protects your Stabilizes Boost Prevents
heart blood sugar memory constipation
broccoli Strengthens Saves Combat Protects your Controls bloods
bones eyesight cancer heart pressure
cabbage Combats cancer Prevents Promotes Protects your Controls blood
constipation weight loss heart pressure
cantaloupe Saves eyesight Control blood Lowers Combats Support immune
pressure cholesterol cancer system
carrots Saves eyesight Protects your Prevent Combats Promotes weight
heart constipation cancer loss
cauliflower Protect against Combats Strengthens Banishes Guards against
prostate cancer breast cancer bones bruises heart disease

cherries Protects your Combats Ends Slows aging Shield against

heart cancer insomnia process heart disease
chestnuts Promotes weight Protects your Lowers Combats Controls blood
loss heart cholesterol cancer pressure
chili Aids digestion Soothes sore Clears Combats Boosts immune
peppers throat sinuses cancer system
figs Promotes weight Helps stops Lowers Combats Controls blood
loss strokes cholesterol cancer pressure
fish Protects your Boost Protects your Combats Support immune
heart memory heart cancer system
flax Aids digestion Battles Protect your Improves Boost immune
diabetes heart mental system
garlic Lowers Controls Combats Kills bacteria Fight fungus
cholesterol blood cancer
grapefruit Protects against Promotes Helps stops Combats Lowers
heart attacks weight loss strokes prostate cholesterol
grapes Saves eyesight Conquers Combats Enhances Protects your
kidney stones cancer blood flow heart
green tea Combats cancer Protect your Helps stops Promotes Kills bacteria
heart strokes weight loss
honey Heals wounds Aids digestion Guards Increases Fights allergies
against ulcers energy
lemons Combats cancer Protects your Controls Smoothes Stops scurvy
heart blood skin
limes Combats cancer Protects your Controls Smoothes Stops scurvy
heart blood skin
mangoes Combats cancer Boosts Regulated Aids Shields against
memory thyroid digestion Alzheimer’s
mushroom Controls blood Lowers Kills bacteria Combats Strengthens
s pressure cholesterol cancer bones
oats Lowers Combats Battles Prevents Smoothes skin
cholesterol cancer diabetes constipation
olive oil Protects your Promotes Combats Battles Smoothes skin
heart weight loss cancer diabetes
onions Reduce risk of Combats Kills bacteria Lowers Fight fungus
heart attack cancer cholesterol
oranges Supports Combats Protects your Straightens
immune cancer heart respiration
peaches Prevents Combats Helps stops Aids Helps
constipation cancer strokes digestion hemorrhoids
peanuts Protects against Promotes Combats Lowers Aggravates
heart disease weight loss prostate cholesterol
cancer diverticulitis
pineapple Strengthens Relieves Aids digestion Dissolves Blocks diarrhea
bones colds warts
prunes Slows aging Prevents Boost Lowers Protects against
process constipation memory cholesterol heart disease
rice Protects your Battles Conquers Combats Helps stops
heart diabetes kidney stones cancer strokes
strawberrie Combats cancer Protects your Boost Calms stress
s heart memory
sweet Saves your Lifts mood Combats Strengthens
potatoes eyesight cancer bones
tomatoes Protects Combats Lowers Protects your
prostate cancer cholesterol heart
walnuts Lowers Combats Boost Lifts moods Protects against
cholesterol cancer memory heart disease
water Promotes weight Combats Conquers Smoothes
loss cancer kidney stones skin
water Protects Promotes Lowers Helps stops Controls blood
melon prostate weight loss cholesterol strokes pressure
wheat Combats colon Prevents Lowers Helps stops Improve digestion
germ cancer constipation cholesterol strokes

wheat bran Combats colon Prevents Lowers Helps stops Improve digestion
cancer constipation cholesterol strokes
yogurt Guards against Strengthens Lowers Support aids
ulcer bones cholesterol immune