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Are pump prices draining
downtown commerce?
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kissed a girl (and she liked it)

golden receiver:
summer fashion Five minutes with
goes to school mohamed massaquoi

the legend of tilly&thewall

Performance and style on two wheels. 150cc, single cylinder, four-stroke engine,
automatic transmission, 12” wheels, underseat storage for full size helmet.


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is downtown

commerce dying?


This day in (music) history



BLUR from the editors blur STAFF
t h e at h e n s

BLUR Who We Are


The Athens
August Featured Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers, Blur Magazine Contributors Nicole Black

Wow. August already. The whirlwind of getting our first issue into the public eye P.O. Box 7117 Matt Alexander (“Dives to Deli-
cacies,” p.65) writes based on gluttonous ex-
called “Meet The Creeps” and in his new
show coming this fall to VH1 called “That
(while simultaneously planning for the future) really made this summer fly by. We
should begin this letter by thanking those of you who lent your support and kind
Athens, Ga perience with fine cuisine. As you might ex-
pect, he has some very round spots on his
Metal Show.” When he’s not busy touring
the nation or pulling pranks on innocent by-
Alec Wooden
words of feedback in the wake of the first issue. We were blown away by the positive
response, and we hope the relationships we’ve built thus far will continue to flourish.
30604 body and claims that only a fisheye lens
can accurately capture his portrait. Writing
standers, Don enjoys reading, doing the NY
Times Sunday crossword puzzle with his Sales Manager
softens his hard edges which were formed mom, watching sports, drinking beer, listen-
One particular change we struggled to make was to represent an even wider gamut of through years of military and corporate ser- ing to metal and stealing wireless internet Chuck Adkins
genres in our music section. It’s hard these days – bands don’t want a label slapped on Editorial vice. The restaurant piece allows him to go
back to his roots in Anthropology where he
from his neighbors.
them, but the consumer needs a starting label for direction. There’s a tricky dichotomy
to represent variety without pigeonholing artists. Our answer? More spotlights. (706) 351-5306 learned a little about a lot, and a lot about
a little. All in all, he’s kind of an oval peg
Sarah A. McCarty (“The Leg-
end of Tilly & The Wall,” p.34) hails from
Art Director
This month’s music section is even bigger and wider than our summer premiere. in a rounded off square hole, enjoying every Northeastern Tennessee where she freelanc- Terry Wilson
minute of his explorations. es and is a community editor with an affini-
Our cover choice for this month is pop sensation Katy Perry. In a world
where “pop” is all too often a dirty word, there’s something incredibly
Sales Allie Byrd (“Downtown Commerce,”
ty for alliteration at a local paper. She holds
a journalism degree with a cinema studies Design
respectable and admirable about her story. Even at the young age of 23, she
is an under the radar industry veteran determined to put a different spin on
(706) 351-5307 p.45) is a recent graduate of The University
of Georgia who never wants to leave Athens.
minor from the University of Tennessee.
Her musical taste range from Sam Cooke Colin Dunlop
a genre ruined by late ‘90s boy bands and teen girl sensations. Love or hate If she does leave, however, it will be to Col- to ‘80s New Wave to low-fi, lovesick Cana- Allison Weiss
the first single, everyone will find something worthwhile in her story. orado, Chicago or Boston - or wherever she dian singer-songwriters. Her ultimate wish
gets a job first. Her interests include travel- would be to tour the world (despite her fear Contributing writers:
As we continue to serve the readers we’ve already met, there is an inevitable For general comments ing, people watching, reading the newspa- of flying and lack of funds) and attend film
truth on it’s way to Athens - an overarching theme to our August issue (and, and inquiries: per and music. The best concert she ever saw and music festivals in between impromptu Matt Alexander,
really, to every August in Athens), is “back to school.” The population of this town was her favorite band The Avett Brothers at philosophical discussions with her family. Allie Byrd,
Bonnaroo this past summer. Her future as- Melissa Coker,
will soon swell to many multiples of it’s summer size as school (and football) pirations include backpacking through Eu- Scott Reid (“Popfest,” p. 52) is a re-
kicks back into high gear. Our fashion, comedy, food, and sports sections all offer For advertising Natalie B. David,
opportunities: rope, getting a dog, writing a novel and put- cent University of Georgia graduate, now Don Jamieson,
something for longtime residents as well as those college Athenians arriving ting off entering the “real world” as long as living in Atlanta. Since graduating, he has
for the first time or returning from what we hope was a restful summer. possible. swam in the Dead Sea, a thermal bath in
Sarah E. King,
Hungary and in his parents’ neighborhood Sarah McCarty,
The Athens Blur Magazine Ed Morales,
Though this is our second issue, the swell of new readers means part of our message August 2008, Vol.1, Issue A 2006 graduate of the University of pool. He will not be swimming in Beijing
on this page must ring the same as it did in the premiere. We hope to be your go to spot 2, copyright©2008 Georgia’s Grady College, Natalie B. this summer. So far the real world has prov- Robin Postell,
for music and entertainment both in and far out of Athens, which means feedback from by The Athens Blur David (“Katy Perry,” p.20) is a freelance en to be much too frightening, so he prefers Scott Reid,
the readers is critical. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re indifferent Magazine, INC. All rights writer and music junkie currently residing to spend as much time as possible under- Jon Ross,
about….and we WILL listen! If you’re new in town, welcome. If you’re returning, reserved. No part of in midtown Atlanta. In addition to Ath- water. He spends the rest of his time look- Tim Sheppard,
welcome back. We’re the Athens Blur magazine, and we hope to meet you soon. this publication may be ens Blur, Natalie cleverly manipulates words ing for employment, and because there is no DeMarco Williams,
reproduced in whole or and phrases for Beautiful/Decay,, money to be made in a swimming pool, oc- Jennifer Williams
part in any way by any Stereo Subversion and other points of music casionally comes up for air to do so.
means unless written geekdom. When not glued to her laptop she Contributing photographers:
permission is received from can usually be found sewing, gluing or duct- Atlanta native DeMarco Wil-
the publisher. Published taping and listening to music at levels her liams (“Golden Receiver,” p. 42) loves Courtney Goldman,
monthly in the United iPod often advises are unhealthy. If you see three things: his family, sports and writ- Sarah King,
States of America by The her, you should buy her a cup of coffee be- ing. When he isn’t busy trying to keep the Trevor Wooden
Athens Blur Magazine, INC. cause, chances are, she needs it. homefront harmonious, he’s doing his best
Postmaster send address to combine his other two obsessions. A se-
Don Jamieson (“The Rant,” p. 57) nior writer with the monthly basketball
Nicole D. Black Alec Wooden changes to The Athens
is a nationally touring comedian, writer, glossy SLAM, DeMarco also contributes
Editor-in-Chief Editor Blur Magazine, PO BOX ON THE COVER: Katy Perry
7117, Athens, Ga. 30604 and Emmy-Award Winner for his work on his thoughts on pigskins, pucks and putts
HBO’s “Inside The NFL”. Don can be seen to and AirTran’s in-flight photo courtesy Michael
in his own web series on magazine Go. Elins and Capital Records.
Illustration by Colin Dunlop.



never enough mayhem

myspace chart toppers find mainstream success
In the midst of the swelter-
ing summer heat, there’s musical
mayhem brewing in major US cit- FIVE FINGER
ies across the nation. Five Finger DEATH PUNCH
Death Punch(FFDP) joins forces
with Slipknot, Disturbed, Drag-
onforce, Mastodon and many WHO’S WHO
more metalicious bands for the Ivan “Ghost” Moody (vocals)
first ever Rockstar Mayhem Fes- Zoltan Bathory (guitar)
tival. FFDP made an explosive Darrell Roberts (guitar)
entrance into the metal scene last Matt Snell (bass)
year with the release of The Way Jeremy Spencer (drums)
of the Fist in July of 2007, backed
by record label The Firm/EMI, FORMED
which debuted in Billboard’s top 2005 in Los Angeles, CA
200. The band’s first single, “The
Bleeding” remained in constant Firm Music
rotation on rock radio stations for
months to follow. To date, the al- LATEST RELEASE
bum has sold over 150,000 copies The Way of the Fist (2007)
and in May of this year was re-re-
leased with a bonus track, “Nev- ON THE WEB
er Enough,” the bands newest
smashing single, helping FFDP
surge in the music industry.
On August 12th, Mayhem will
invade Atlanta, with FFDP anni- in the first place and taking your-
hilating the Jaegermeister stage in self serious enough.” Traveling
front of thousands of metal heads. the countryside and playing in
This isn’t the first trip to Atlan- music festivals seems like a fanta-
ta for the quintet. The band’s in sy job to some aspiring musicians.
your face, hardcore, angry, pow- What they may not realize is be-
courtesy Five Finger Death Punch
erful music will infuse eager fans ing in a touring band isn’t always
into moshpit frenzy. “This will be about booze, girls, and kick ass
our fourth time actually,” recalls along with an army of fans known where somebody can actually parties. “There’s so much sacri-
vocalist Ivan Moody, who took a as ‘The Knuckleheads’, generat- work with them. I mean that’s fice in this industry,” Moody adds.
few moments to talk with Blur en ed a buzz through MySpace that the other thing, a lot of people “I have a daughter at home that I
route to the Mayhem’s next tour caught on faster than a computer think their music is so amazing never get to see. I have a family
stop in West Palm Beach, FL. virus, sending the band through and I don’t know who’s telling just like everybody else. Its stuff
“The first time we went there our MySpace charts as a top metal them that; I think it’s their moth- that I chose to do to be in this po-
generator broke on our bus (in the artist. But catching the interest er or something. It’s an industry sition so for me to tell somebody
middle of summer) and we had to of a major record label takes more just like anything else. There is no else how you get in the music in-
drive all the way to Florida with than just popularity on MySpace. secret to it.” dustry, the only three words: bust
no air conditioning at all.” “Really what it comes down to is To Moody, breaking into the your ass.”
Prior to catching the attention the product,” he explains. “The mainstream is to “make a decent
of The Firm/EMI label, FFDP, songs have to be decent enough product so someone’s interested - Nicole Black

death of the dj a new breed of the king

jason mcmaster’s broken teeth and dangerous toys this isn’t the way your parents remember elvis
Nobody in his right mind
With the digital age of iPods, would compare G.G. Allin to El-
pirating songs, and satellite radio,
the days of your local disc jockey BROKEN TEETH vis. Allin, an ’80s underground
punk notorious for mutilating
are painfully dwindling to an end. himself onstage and physically
“Blood on the Radio” from Bro- attacking his audiences, seemed
ken Teeth’s newest album, Elec- WHO’S WHO more preoccupied with busting
tric, pays tribute to such a trav- Jason McMaster (vocals) through societal boundaries than
esty. “The lyrics are about the Dave Beeson (guitar) creating music. But for his punk
popularity of downloading and Jared Tuten (guitar)
Brett McCormack (bass) rock cover group, G.G. Elvis
the death of the original rock’ and the TCP Band, singer Eric
n ’roll DJ,” explains Jason Mc- Bruce Rivers (drums)
Lara sought to unite Allin’s un-
Master, lead vocalist of Broken FORMED bridled craziness with the King’s
Teeth and 80’s hair band, Dan- 1999 in Austin, TX melodies.
gerous Toys. The song is a tribute “By putting the names togeth-
to the days of, “hanging out with LABEL er, you get the idea that you’re not
your friends with a beer or driv- Textone Records going to see just a normal Elvis
ing down the road, a lot of people tribute act. It’s going to be a lit-
had a connection with their local LATEST RELEASE tle different,” Lara said from his
DJ, well not anymore.” He con- Electric (2008)
Courtesy Broken Teeth
houseboat in California. “You’re
tinues, “Everything’s been dumb- not really going to see me hurt-
ed down and Blood on the Radio ON THE WEB
going on. Now it’s not about get- lot of doubt and scared a lot of ing anybody; you’re not going to
is saying Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead, ting a record deal, it’s about get- the major companies into clos- see me throwing feces at these
you have to press play, you have to ting a song on a fucking movie ing down or working out of their people.”
break out your records, you have soundtrack. It’s not about how homes. As good as a tool as it can Toys members still regroup on The band’s first album, Back
to go through the ritual of phys- good the record is it’s about how be it’s dangerous to think about occasion to play shows and music from the Dead, is full of timeless
ically putting [an album or cd] many friends you have on Mys- the damage that it has done.” festivals, such as Rock the Bayou Elvis gems like “Viva Las Vegas,” Courtesy GG Elivs and the TCP Band
in your player…It’s cheaper for pace. You know it’s like A & R McMaster has credentials to in Houston at the end of August “Suspicious Minds” and “Blue
a broadcasting company to have people go look at your numbers back his observations. He’s seen with bands like Alice Cooper and Suede Shoes” ramped up to punk purists hate the idea of mosh- MxPx released an album of cover
someone just in there running a on Myspace to consider scout- the evolution of the music in- Bret Michaels. rock speeds, caked with distort- ing to “Love Me Tender.” These songs early in its career.
computer, programming the mu-
sic as opposed to a guy that is ac-
ing your band. It’s like a popu- dustry since the dawn of the 80’s McMaster has a dream to keep ed grit and filtered through Lara’s fans have confronted Lara after “When you take one of those G.G. ELVIS AND
tually pressing play off of a cd and
larity contest or something.” In
the same notion, McMaster sees
decade where in Austin, Texas,
he formed his first metal group,
rock alive. When he’s not work-
ing at a record store, he teach-
gargly snarl. In concert, the guys
don fake ’dos and time-bending
shows to express their disgust,
but these harmless complaints
old songs and you give it new
energy and you’re kicking ass, I
talking up a scene, telling every- the benefits of using programs to Watchtower. “There was no met- es vocals at Paul Green’s School personalities, manufacturing a don’t phase him; he’s more con- think that’s really cool,” he said.
body in town where the parties network, such as Myspace. “Us- al here in ‘81. It was hard to say of Rock (yes, there really is such complete Elvis experience in era- cerned about the group’s recep- “Some of these old songs need-
are and what’s happening, or talk- ing Myspace to promote your what was metal and where was a school) in Austin. “I have this specific costume. tion during a September Euro- ed it.” WHO’S WHO
ing about new music. The radio music or your art or sell a prod- your metal scene. I feel like I fantasy of armies dressed in black Though G.G. Elvis emanates pean tour that includes a stop at After the band’s 16-date tour, Eric Lara (vocals)
stations are all programmed now. uct is fantastic [because] it’s an- had a hand in creating what was heavy metal t-shirts with torch- a DIY aura, Lara sees the group a Netherlands Elvis Festival. The it’s back to the studio to record George “Horhay” Snow (bass)
[DJ’s would play] something new Dave Casillas (guitar)
other tool for shameless self pro- to become a Texas metal scene in es and pitchforks marching down as just another experiment in El- show will mark the group’s maid- another excavation of Elvis’ cat- Tony Cortez (guitar)
or a deep cut off of [something motion, whatever your product central Texas. Of course there the streets of NYC, chanting… vis fandom. For him, it’s mostly en voyage into a sea of purebred alog along with a few non-El-
like] an Iron Maiden record… Larry White (drums)
is.” He adds, “I think the internet were people just like me in Dal- fighting for the right of being a about having a good time, some- Elvis impersonators - something vis covers like “Last Caress” by
those days are so far gone and is exactly that and it’s a great tool las, San Antonio, Houston, and heavy metal fan…” For now fans thing that comes easy with high- the band is both excited, even if the Misfits and Agent Orange’s FORMED
that’s what Blood on the Radio but at the same time it also killed wherever else, that were spear- of Judas Priest, Motorhead, or energy rock played by costumed slightly hesitant, about trying. “BloodStains.” Lara promises 2006 in Los Angles, CA
is about. Radio is not your friend the record business. It’s killed heading in the same movement.” AC/DC, can enjoy the style of musicians. That their sound isn’t “I don’t think they’re going to two more Elvis-centric records
anymore like it used to be when CD sales, with the downloading McMaster’s mainstream break music they may have thought lost exactly faithful to traditional Ve- chase us out of there with torches in the near future and hopes that LABEL
you were growing up.” and everything; it’s a complete- came in 1988, when his new within the new waves of metal gas-like interpretations of the and pitchforks, but I think there repeated exposure to these songs Mental Records
The slow death of the radio ly different world now. I think band, formed in ‘87, Dangerous over the past two decades. Broken King doesn’t matter one bit to might be some puzzled looks,” will help hardcore Elvis fans
disc jockey isn’t the only signifi- the record labels have seriously Toys, was signed by Columbia Teeth has masterfully revived the Lara. Lara said. lighten up a bit. LATEST RELEASE
cant change in the music indus- Back from the Dead (June 2008)
been injured because of this and Records. The band had a hit sin- sound and energy of these classic “The true Elvis guys, the ones Ultimately, G.G. Elvis is just “The true Elvis fans will get it.
try McMaster has noticed over that’s another reason…they have gle, “Teas’n Pleas’n” that brought metal bands and the band’s new- in Vegas, they take it to the lim- mimicking its punk forebears. Me We’re just doing a new take on
the decades. “The record labels ON THE WEB
to downsize everything [because] them fame throughout the 80’s est release, Electric, will undoubt- it,” he said, “but I think there’s al- First and the Gimme Gimmes, a something,” Lara said of any po-
have merged. There’s not like CD sales are in the shitter, [along and into the early 90’s. While edly keep our heads banging un- ways a little room for fun in the full-time cover band, has released tential naysayers. “The diehard,
five or six major labels pumping with] signings and developmen- most of his time has been devot- til the army is summoned. genre.” seven full-length CDs, and bands close-minded ones might want
out music anymore. There’s a lot tal deals…It’s very interesting ed to Broken Teeth the last nine Though the project, which be- like Manic Hispanic mix cher- to beat me up.”
of different sorts of publishing how much change has created a years, he and fellow Dangerous - Nicole Black gan in earnest six months ago, ished melodies with new lyrics.
has been mostly positive, a few Even the Christian punk band - Jon Ross
music DISTORTION music alternative

horrorpops dictatorship in athens

‘sensible alcoholics’ feeling right at home
Patricia Day (vocals, bass) “First, you care too much.
Kim Nekroman (guitar)
Niedermeier (drums)
Then, you get your heart broken.
Then, you get angry. Then, you
get tired. Then, you care about
FORMED nothing. Then, you realize that
1996 in Copenhagen, Denmark nothingness is pretty cool,” says WHO’S WHO
bass player Paul Reavis. And for Real names withheld to
LABEL protect the innocent. For info
HellCat Records a local group of whimsy musi-
cians, that was the perfect mo- on the colorful stage names,
ment to start The Dictatortots. read the story.
Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008) Somewhere in the late 90s FORMED
(the exact date was too long ago Sometimes in the late ‘90’s in
ON THE WEB for them to remember), Athe- Athens, GA nians in their mid-30s found
each other and began a musi- LABEL
cal group of universal sound and independent
unique nature. Calling them-
selves a “semi-random coupling LATEST RELEASE
of musicians from the primor- Blingish
dial soup of the local scene,”
The Dictatortots united to seek
cheaper bar tabs and thus be- dictatortots
courtesy Octavio Arazala
gan performing live music. Play-
ing once a month at venues like
The 40-Watt, Tasty World and whatever we wanted. I can’t re-

along for the ride

Georgia Theatre, they’ve devel- ally call it anything,” admits The
oped a fine following of “heavy Reaver. Surprising, because it
drinkers” and “pretty much any- seems the group is pretty apt at
one who thinks potty humor is naming. Members of the band
kissing and killing with some free spirited ass-kickers funny.” include Mr. Ass on drums, M.C.
You can see the band about Hatchet on lead vocals and the
The strong-willed centerpiece for the easy.” suburban Midwestern town in the days pri- once a month at the noted ven- euphonium, Soo Bawls on the
genre-defying HorrorPops, Patricia Day is a The third full-length, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, or to mall punk; to find inspiration you had to ues, although they won’t name a keys, Snake on guitar (also called
genuine bad ass, as likely to crack a smile as found the group reverting back to a three- travel elsewhere. favorite and rarely travel outside Courtesy The Dictatortots Bear), Bo Bender on cello, Tru
she is to put you in your place. It’s an off day piece, perfecting the formula they tried out “It’s certainly different from being from of Athens. (Although they re- on guitar, and Baron Von Bone
from the Warped Tour, on which she and her on their 2004 debut Hell Yeah. It’s a forma- the U.S. where everything is so accessible, member going to Atlanta once, with the band includes meeting The bands latest albums, in- on trombone and trumpet, Belle
band are riding out the entire 46-date trek, tion where the group is most comfortable where you can walk into a HotTopic store but only come away with memo- up at some bar, getting drunk, cluding most recent, Blinglish, is Buster on trumpet and clarinet
and she’s taking a break. and Kiss Kiss Kill Kill showcases the band’s pasty, brown, boring and walk out with pink ries of a long drive and someone showing up (or not) to practice a composition of about six songs and, finally, Richard “Big Dick,
“Right now I’m lying on a couch and star- genre-bending ways to perfection, gravitat- spiky hair and be punk,” she illustrates. “It’s getting laid.) at their space out in Danielsville, - they call it a 6-pack - picked My Friends Call Me Real Big
ing up at the sky,” her sandpapery voice says ing from straight punk to psychobilly, a style almost too easy to find things sometimes and “All of the [venues] have cer- waiting on everyone to show up, out by one of the members. Ear- Dick” on keyboard.
over the phone, with the hint of a Danish ac- mixing rockabilly with punkish macabre, but I think that’s why there’s a lot of genres that tain appeals,” says Reavis, a.k.a., listen to each other talk about lier on their albums were 70-80 The list doesn’t end there, but
cent. “It’s pretty fucking neat.” also reaching into the depths of ass kicking alt get thrown out so fast and that makes it very The Reaver. “The Roadhouse is television, listen to the guitars songs, all around one to two min- you get the picture. A huge group
Day, who wails on the upright bass, and her rock in one 40 minute package. hard for some bands to survive.” small and tight and full of en- tune, rock, drink, repeat and utes, the best length for a song makes this phenom happen and
fellow pops, guitarist Nekroman (also of the “We just do what we do. When it comes “HorrorPops are lucky enough to actually ergy, nudity, and booze. The 40 then quit. according to the band. 6-packs keeps them unique and fresh, all
Nekromantics) and drummer Niedermeier, out, it’s us and we don’t try to put too much be able to cross genres so we won’t hit that Watt is civilized and has an awe- Obviously, the Dictatortots allow maximum focus to fewer the while having a good time.
avoid ascribing to any single genre by sim- thought into it,” says Day. “I can’t believe that wall, I hope,” she says with a laugh. “Unless some backstage. Tasty World is have a sense of humor. In fact, songs and provide room to try Self-described as Ween with-
ply making the music that they want to make a band would sit down and go ‘Ooh, we want rock ‘n’ roll gets completely outdated and you punk rock. The Georgia Theater they relay their message to the new things, like creating a train out the hippies, Motorhead
and staying true to themselves in the process. to have this appearance, this look and this can only play ‘ooom-ch oom-ch ooom-ch’ has majesty.” world as “Fuck ‘em if they can’t wreck to start a song. without leprechauns or Dono-
And, if you ask Day, doing that is exactly as song should be deep.’ I mean, then it’s not from now on.” If you just want to hang out take a joke.” They never play covers, except van without Donovan, they ap-
easy as it sounds. about music anymore. It’s about image. We HorrorPops may have a specific image, but (or keep up, depending on what They also take a simple ap- to poke fun, therefore making peal to a wide range of listen-
“There’s nothing easier than having no lim- just do. And if you like it, you like it and if it’s not a calculated one. They’re just being you do) with the group, you can proach to their music. any Dictatortots show an origi- ers. They don’t see it as a job or
its,” she says. “With Nekroman being the you don’t, well, fuck it.” themselves and whoever wants to accompa- find them at Cutters, The Road- “We describe our world as nal experience of music that not a hobby, but just a fun way to
Psychobilly and I was in Punk, and you know Hailing from Denmark, home to 5.5 mil- ny their whirlwind is welcome along for the house, Trappeze, or “anywhere clearly and simply as we can,” even the band can put a genre drink cheaper and play music
how that is. If you’re in a punk band you can lion people and only three rock venues, find- ride. that a mature, sensitive alcoholic said Reavis. “We point out to. they like.
only play punk. So, actually, being allowed to ing music and belonging to subcultures can be comfortable.” And speak- things that suck, and things that “We started out punk rock, but
play all genres is a bit more fun and way more was an experience Day likens to living in a - Natalie B. David ing of drinking, a typical night rule. We like to rock.” moved pretty quickly into doing - Jenni Williams
The purpose of the program is to
music rock ‘n’ roll

develop b u s i n e s s l e a d e r s f o r t h e
m u s i c i n d u s t r y . By integrating con -
t e n t f r o m a v a riety of disciplines,
t h e p r o g r a m will create an intel-

Hard Working Gunslinger

lectual synergy beyond what students
can achieve in either the current busi-
TAKING APPLICATIONS ness o r m u s i c programs separate-

l y . S u c c e s s i n the music business
r e q u i r e s a b r o a d array of knowledge an in dustry veteran offers some new age advice
f r o m a v a r i e t y o f diverse fields. The
purpose of the Interdisciplinary From the time he was six or and they’re just gonna throw
C e r t i f i c a t e t h e n is to draw together seven years old, after hearing you against a wall and see if you
t h e s e d i v e r s e a nd distinct areas of a Kiss album, Ron Thal, a.k.a. stick.
content into a coherent curriculum, p ro - Bumblefoot, knew he was des- If you don’t, you’re gonna get
ALL IT TAKES v i d i n g s t u d e n t s an opportunity that tined to play guitar. The evidence dropped and you lost all your
of Thal’s over thirty two years of
IS: t h e y o t h e r w i s e would not have.
experience can be masterfully
rights, all your music, your al-
bum, everything you’ve worked
> 21 hour commitment heard throughout his newest solo
album, Abnormal.
for. And you have to start from
scratch. I’ve seen it happen so
Bruce Burch,
Thal prefers to independent- many times to so many bands.”
ly release albums after a few neg-
> Completed Application TERRY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ative experiences with record In between his solo work and
labels. lending his guitar expertise on
> And your transcript Steve Dancz, Thal takes a break from dis- various album projects, Thal also
HUGH HODGSON SCHOOL OF MUSIC tributing his latest release to plays for 80’s legend band, Guns N
speak with Athens Blur. Roses.
When did you decide to inde- How did you end up replacing
Applications are available online: pendently release and distribute Buckethead to play for Guns N your albums? Roses?
“I was signed in the early, mid- “They couldn’t get anybody else
nineties and I didn’t take it to and got stuck with me. No, we
whole well…It didn’t seem right started off just emailing back and
so when I got out of the contract forth, talking on the phone, feel-
I started doing my own business,
ing each other out and everything
Ibanez my own company.
and then when it was time for
I had an idea that this inter- Courtesy Bumblefoot
them to tour we got together and
net thing might get big so I start-
started jamming. Next thing you
ed selling strictly on the internet Wait, is Chinese Democ-
know, two weeks later we’re do-
back in ‘98…and I’m happy to say
the world has turned in that di- ing it onstage and then we went racy going to be released
rection and labels are crumbling and toured 27 countries.”
W e a l s o h av e O r a n g e A m p l i f i e r s . and the whole version one of the
And then you guys just “I don’t believe it’s going to
music business is going under be- be independent. I think it’s go- WHO’S WHO
cause it obviously didn’t work or stopped. Ron Thal (guitar, vocals)
ing to be with the same label that
you wouldn’t have all these ma- they’ve been with.
jor artists starving after making “Well, then it was time to FORMED
I believe. Anything can hap- 1995 in New York City, NY
hundreds of millions of dollars get the album out, there’s been
pen. Anything can change so
“Why record a demo for the label. enough Chinese Democracy tours
when it comes to band business LABEL
I am a strong advocate for do without having Chinese Democra-
I’m the wrong man to talk to be- Bald Freak Music
Welcome to Chick Music it yourself and not signing deals cy out. So it was time to take care
cause as I’m having this conver-

when you can make with the devil and keeping your of business. I laid guitar tracks LATEST RELEASE
...our family serving the Athens sation, management is talking to
business in your hands and not on the album and finished that other people and things can hap- Abnormal (2008)
music community for over 60 years. empowering…the corrupt rotten up.” pen I don’t know about yet.”

a real record?!” system that doesn’t work.” ON THE WEB

So is the album ever coming
While Guns N Roses relies on
What advice can you give in- out? major record labels to distribute
(That's exactly what 3 time Grammy winner die bands eager to sign with a and promote the long-awaited
Warren Riker is doing here right now!) big record label company? “It’s a long process, very com- G&R album, Thal continues to poor guy handling the mail order,
plex [there is] a lot of things in- reap the benefits of a self release. every time he turned around there
“Just because someone can volved. First thing happening is “We did a pre-sale, and I’m was another ten orders filling up
Full Production Studios and Rehearsal Rooms take care of them they think Rock Band Two is going to have a thinking, you know, maybe a cou- his mailbox before he could even
706.369.6755 that they’re gonna take care of
them, and they’re not. They’re
song called, “Shackler’s Revenge”,
the first official legitimate release
ple of people will check it out… respond to one.” but it really ended up being a lot
gonna take care of themselves off of the Chinese Democracy.” more than anticipated and the - Nicole Black
Pigpen Presents: PictureMeFree 240 W. Clayton Street • Athens, Georgia 30601
Aug. 23rd
Live @ The open Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm.
open Saturday 10am - 6 pm.
music rock ‘n’ roll music folk

top of the arc further north and rising

an athens-bred band finds the right trajectory johnathan rice talks recording, touring, and mischa barton
With gas prices soaring past At least Johnathan Rice can
$4 a gallon, regional bands are admit why he truly started play-
struggling to stay out on the ing music.
johnathan rice
road during the grueling sum- “I’ve been playing guitar since
mer touring season. Trances Arc, I was a young kid – I played
an Atlanta-based modern rock in quite a few bands in high WHO’S WHO
group, has a different plan. In- school to facilitate hanging out Johnathan Rice (guitar,
stead of touring nonstop, gui- with girls,” laughs Rice through vocals)
tarist Michael Dorio thought his mild Scottish accent. “And
it would be more cost-effective that’s kind of been the same ever FORMED
to work on songs for a new al- since.” 2004 in New York City, NY
bum than drive a van around the Rice is a conversationalist LABEL
Southeast. Never mind that the with a guitar – a slice-of-life Reprise Records
band just released XOXOX a few singer/songwriter describing
months ago. the daily ins and outs of his 25 LATEST RELEASE
“From January till now we’ve years in between long stints on Further North (2007)
been on the road constantly,” the road.
Dorio says from the Righteous “I write songs when I have ON THE WEB
Room in Atlanta. “If you would time to myself, and touring ba-
have looked [on our Myspace sically means never having time
page] three months ago, there to myself,” he said. “The first few
would have been a long list of days after a long tour are very like-minded singer-songwrit-
tour dates. We’ve just gotten to productive days for me. It’s a ers looking for the best pos-
the end of the list.” good time to take things in.” sible outlet for their music – a
The new album, which is still a “Most of the shows that I’ve problem which Rice has solved,
long way off, will be the first with Courtesy Trances Arc played in my life have been just in large part, through television
the band’s new lineup. Previous- me and my guitar. I guess that licensing on shows such as The
ly, it has taken five guys. That was had to make things up as they can be a nerve racking thing – O.C. and One Tree Hill.
the way things were, with small went along.
TRANCES ARC and it was for the first couple “It’s the only way that thou-
changes, since the band formed.
When guitarist Jay Propst quit “There’s a lot “I think Atlanta was more like
growing up in New York or Chi-
years I did it – I started to get a
little bit lonely doing it,” he said.
sands of people have been able
to find my music,” he said. “My
three months ago, Toledo shoul-
dered rhythm guitar duties. Sud-
of energy cago where there wasn’t really a
scene [in Athens],” Sivestri says. WHO’S WHO
“It’s more fun when you have a
gang up there. Ya know, to share
music doesn’t have a voice on
commercial radio. Radio belongs
Eric Toledo (Vocals,
denly, everything made sense.
“We were too involved in the
coming in and “In Athens, you always had to
know who was playing in town,
Keyboard, Guitar)
the blame.”
For his latest release (Fur- Courtesy Jonathan Rice
to Linkin Park – it doesn’t be-
long to me and my band. So we
out of that
Michael Dorio (Guitar, Vocals)
band to notice something wasn’t there’s always been a local scene Daniel Silvestri (Bass) ther North), Rice “took things have to start thinking of other
perfect yet or the energy wasn’t there.” Brad Hagen (Drums) in” with a new band in tow, en- support of local alt-rock legends music pioneers Rice grew up ways to get our stuff out there.”
where it could be,” bassist Dan-
iel Silvestri says. “With Jay’s ab-
small town” “There’s a lot of energy coming
in and out of that small town,” FORMED
tering the studio with a batch
of songs already written but
R.E.M., particularly guitarist
Peter Buck, who stumbled upon
“Everything was happen-
However, offering your music
to another’s story is a nerverack-
sence, it’s become this thing that Toledo adds, “and it’s got a lot of 2001 in Athens, Georgia searching for the perfect musi- Rice’s set in a London bar dur- stance for me, I guess,” he said ing deal, often leaving the song-
we’ve always wanted it to be, and character.” cal complements. ing a stint opening for Martha of his casting. “The producers writer to wonder if the songs in-
we’re being received like that, Trances Arc is usually men- Trances Arc eventually left LABEL “Almost 100 percent of Wainwright. of that film were just looking tended image will remain true.
too.” tioned in the same breath as the Athens in search of a new and Slush Fund the time, the song was ful- “I had no idea he was watch- for young musicians to play the “Sometimes, I’m like ‘well
When Propst quit on an ordi- now-defunct Pendletons and the more appreciative audience, but ly formed,” he said of track- ing me play. I would have totally parts of these legendary guys. I the imagery I’m seeing on TV
nary Monday, it came as a sur- ever-growing Whigs, both bands what they found in Atlanta was XOXOX (2008) ing Further North. “Almost ev- malfunctioned a lot more if I had don’t consider myself to be an isn’t necessarily what I had in
prise, but by Friday night’s con- that honed their sound in Athens a working crowd, well past par- eryday, the band would come in known that,” said Rice. “Really, actor, but I’m always acting like mind when I wrote this song,’
cert, a four-person lineup seemed clubs. Though each group’s mu- ty age and ready for bed by ON THE WEB and I would play them the song it’s an incredible honor [to have a musician. It was great because but that’s alright. I think I’d be
natural. sic is different, the three groups midnight. on my guitar and we would start the support]. For me, they’re ab- that’s some of the music that more bummed if they played my
“The curtain opened, and there played together frequently and “When we go back to Athens, trancesarc hammering out an arrangement. solutely one of the reasons I play is dear to my heart – the ear- song and then played a Linkin
were four of us standing there,” are also composed of a mixed At- it’s like fist-pumping, beer sling- When you have good players music in the first place.” ly recordings of Elvis, Jerry Lee Park song after me on the radio.
Dorio says. “Of course you al- lanta/Athens lineage. Toledo and ing all over the place. It’s a differ- around, usually their first ideas An often overlooked part of Lewis, Roy Orbison.” I don’t know how bad a thing it
ways play for new people, so drummer Brad Hagen were born ent experience for us as musicians kind of coming around full circle. are their best ideas, so we just Rice’s young career is his un- In a world of swelling talent is to see Mischa Barton in a bi-
some people didn’t know. The in Athens and grew up around to get that energy back,” Toledo We get a lot of love from Athens, tried to keep it loose.” der the radar appearance in the (more musicians) and shrinking kini to the soundtrack of your
older people who followed the the local scene, whereas Dorio says. “We moved to Atlanta be- and it’s good to go back.” Rice holds a card for which 2005 Johnny Cash biopic “Walk commercial outlets (tumbling voice, ya know?”
band were like, ‘Wow, that was and Silvestri spent their forma- cause we felt like we’d be better many Athens musicians would the Line” playing the role of a CD sales, bankrupt radio sta-
great. I loved it.’” tive years in Atlanta, where they received there, and I think it’s - Jon Ross gladly sell their souls – the young Roy Orbison – one of the tions), Rice is in a large group of - Alec Wooden
music folk music COUNTRY

As she should be
prize winning performing songwriter sets sights on georgia
Everything is just peachy for
Nashville-based Treva Blomquist.
Though unsigned, the genre-defy- TREVA
ing songstress has so far managed BLOMQUIST
to flower through such accolades
as grand prize performing song-
writer, folk festival finalist, honor- WHO’S WHO
able mention at the USA Song- Treva Blomquist
writing Competition; and many a (Vocal,Guitar)
radio spotlight, all the way to Bel- Ben Gortmaker (Guitar)
gium – with no waffling along the Drew Wilson (Bass)
way. Brad Odom (Drums)
Now, she’s fresh off of bring- Eric Quiram (Keys)
courtesy Adam Payne ing her sweet storage of songs to
the Attic (Eddie’s, to be exact) in FORMED

the right connections

Decatur. 2005 in Nashville, TN
“I definitely plan to be back in LABEL
the Atlanta area soon,” she said. independent
“I had been to Eddie’s attic to see
a songwriter presses on, fresh off two new collections several other acts play…loved the LATEST RELEASE
vibe and loved the venue, and de- As It Should Be (2008)
Songwriter Ken Will Morton everything can change with time. cided to try playing there. I first
played Eddie’s open mic night al- ON THE WEB
isn’t listening to reviews of his
music anymore. While he ap-
Morton’s gritty voice scratches
through his music with an over- ken will morton most a year ago, then I was in a
preciates the good press he’s re- whelming feeling of endurance MySpace Fall Showcase which
ceived over the years, what he re- and his two new albums, released landed me another gig playing
ally appreciates is the emotional under the new local label, Rara WHO’S WHO LATEST RELEASE there, and I’ve played both of the Abounds,’ because I feel like I
response he’s received from fans. Avis Records, continue with this Ken Will Morton (guitar, vocals) Kickin’ Out the Rungs (2008) 500 Songs for Kids fundraisers at said what I wanted to with that
While the songwriter hes- feeling of overcoming struggles. Devil in Me (2008) Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta.” song - and I captured the emo-
itated to credit himself for the Morton has played with a FORMED “Nashville isn’t too far away tions of complete safety with-
change in anyone’s life, he said number of different of bands, in- 1998 in Atlanta, GA ON THE WEB from Atlanta,” she adds. “And I in the amazing wonder that love really like Atlanta so far! When is. It was inspired by love, and
that a fan’s connection is what ex- cluding Wonderlust and The In- LABEL kenwillmorton
cites him, not rave reviews from dicators, but pursued a solo ca- a town has cool people and great by the amazing safety and com-
Rara Avis Records music, it’s hard not to like it. I’d
critics. reer with his album, “In Rock ‘n’ fort you experience when you are
“At first I read every one of Roll’s Hands” in 2004. When like to play Athens soon.”   completely loved for exactly who
them but now I don’t,” said Mor- promoting “The King of Com- The sweet and soulfully singing you are.” As for genre, she adds: “I
ton about critical reviews. ing Around,” Morton teamed up distributed through digital servic- caught in the placement of his songwriter so far has two collec- did grow up on a farm with horses
Instead Morton is interested with The Wholly Ghosts who are es such as iTunes or Napster, with song “Oh Lord” in an episode of tions to her unique name. The first Courtesy Treva Blomquist
and cows and rabbits and dogs…
in the mysterious force behind also on his new, more rock based hard copies available for mail. the popular Discovery Channel selection came in 2006 with Plain so, I think any country influence I
music — a force that can change album, “The Devil In Me.” After years of experience in the show, “The Deadliest Catch.” Vanilla Me. And Vanilla definite- in bedrooms and bathrooms, on musicality – and are shocked that have would be more from my up-
one’s life or keep one going. Morton said that the album music industry, most recently with For Morton, an appreciative ly blossomed none-too-plainly, if weekdays after work until 2 in the such a big voice comes out of my bringing. I was born and raised in
“Music is a mystery in life…It came from his time spent tour- Capricorn Records, Roche real- audience is all he’s looking for, its favorable reviews are any indi- morning. I wrote with Ben Gort- sweet, shy little self.” a small town.”
bolsters your spirits. It gives you ing and playing with The Wholly ized that she had enough knowl- and what he believes he has al- cation. Lately, Blomquist blooms maker, my guitarist, and more The “dapper” band includes Blomquist’s Be seems to build
energy,” continued Morton. Ghosts and was something he re- edge and experience to start her ready found in many ways. even more lusciously with the just- good friends of mine. We invit- Gortmaker on guitar and backing on the concept of the acoustic Me
And he knows a little about ally enjoyed and looks forward to own record label. “I’ve found kindred spirits in in-June released “Quist”essential ed pedal steel player Kenny Hud- vocals, Drew Wilson (bass), Brad in that you can not only be your-
enduring through life. Morton getting together another band in Roche also realized that people the lyrical domain,” he said. EP, As It Should Be. Much laud- son to join us on “Love Abounds,” Odom (drums), and Eric Quiram self, but be loved for it too.
has been mugged before, includ- the near future. are finding out about music from And Morton will keep seek- ed for her deep melody, she shares and Dan Hochhalter (who plays on keys. Elsewhere on this proj- “The concept behind Plain Va-
ing a close call to losing his life “Kickin’ Out The Rungs,” Myspace, Facebook or through ing out these “kindred spirits” just how she says it is (and usually, with Gretchen Wilson) plays fid- ect Ronda Armstrong offers cello nilla Me is that it’s OK to drop
when he was at gun point and Morton’s other summer release, friends, and not necessarily from through his music until he is old it should include good music). dle on four of the six tracks.” skills, and good friend Eric Paslay the masks and the facades we of-
was saved by an approaching car showcases Morton’s more acous- MTV, VH1 or major record la- and gray because for him, there “Well, this EP is different [from Speaking of the band, (backing vocal) joins in. ten wear as we go to work, school,
that scared off his attackers. tic side from of the two albums bels. She believes that these new is no other choice. Bottom line, Vanilla] because it’s full band and Blomquist says: “I am so thankful “My favorite song on it right deal with family, etc. Basically it’s
The title alone of Morton’s which are the first two releases digital outlets make it easier for music, and connecting to others we added strings, too.  It was also for The Suits. I hate to be mushy now is ‘As it Should Be’ - the about accepting others and ac-
2006 album, “King of Coming from Rara Avis Records. indie labels and artists to find an through music, is what excites recorded in an exceptional studio or ‘girlie’ - but...well... I am a girl, string section is so luscious, and I cepting yourself as you - plain va-
Around,” speaks to the following Michelle Roche, founder of audience. him and what stays in his heart. - Compass Sound Studio, by ex- so there. They really are the best love the support of Jeremy List- nilla you, plain vanilla me.”
message in his lyrics and music— the label and Morton’s manag- One example of a new outlet ceptional producer and engineer and I love ‘em. People seem im- er’s choir behind my vocal line.
no matter how bad things are, er, said that the records are being for Morton is a recent break he - Ann Cantrell Eric Jaskowiak. Vanilla was done pressed with the band and their I also feel very proud of ‘Love - Melissa Coker
music POP music pop

r sp
katy perry

‘One of the boys’ on the warped tour

Photos by Michael Elins

ordoned off to half of Lakewood
Amphitheatre’s main stage, Katy
Perry’s band teases the crowd
with the riff to “Barracuda,” evidence of
too much Guitar Hero or a cheeky allusion
to the pop star herself. Despite the strange
scene — and it is a strange place to find
the star behind the biggest pop song of the burgeoning sensation. However, it wasn’t until doesn’t rely on cushy love songs, instead favor-
summer—she gives it her all.
her song and video for “Ur So Gay,” a “You’re
So Vain” for the guyliner-inclined, made rip-
ing makeouts over pining for true love. But
even if she does enjoy the taste of cherry chap- katy perry
ples on social networking juggernaut MySpace stick, the indiscretion is only enough to chart
The dark haired, pale skinned pop tart eat and I have bruises all over my legs,” her that pop stardom finally came calling. Katy as a 7 on the Debbie Gibson-Paris Hil-
bounces on stage, sporting a sleeveless tu- raspy voice says on the other end of the line. Although its lyrics referencing H&M ton scale. WHO’S WHO
nic printed with bowling pins over grey leg- “It’s definitely one of those things where if I scarves, hybrid cars and vegertarianism raised But Katy asserts she is only being her- Katy Perry (vocals, guitar)
gings. A bronze lamé bra peeks out from survive Warped Tour, I think I can survive a few eyebrows and some scorn from the self. “Every one of those songs is about that
the arm holes and her feet are aflame with anything.” LGBT community, “Ur So Gay” opened the thought or that story of my life. I can give you FORMED
bright magenta Doc Martens. Katy puts on And the pop debutante has already come a doors for, at long last, her debut album One of a person, a place where I was, what time it was 2001 in Santa Barbara, CA
her best rock façade with the help of heli- long way, surviving more than her fair share the Boys. When asked if she ever thought she when I said ‘I’m going to write a song about
um-inflated fruits, scissor kicks and guitar- of industry mishaps in the past seven years LABEL
would make it to this point Katy responds with this’ or ‘I’m gonna jot this down in my memory Capitol Music Group
neck makeouts, forcing her fit amongst the than some artists do over multiple decade ca- amazing optimism. bank and write a song about this experience,’”
Warped Tour’s harsh vocals, punk riffs and reers. She may seem at home in the spotlight, “I think I just look forward. I’m always look- she says. “They’re all autobiographical. I’m not LATEST RELEASE
black hair dye. She flitters about, throws her- but her success has been anything but over- ing forward, even if it’s very difficult at certain going to give you who these songs are about, One of the Boys (2008)
self down on the stage and flirts with the au- night. After cutting her teeth working at the times,” she says. “There are many days where but I could.”
dience. She plays hard. age of 17 with Glen Ballard, Alanis Moris- I am so glad that I didn’t throw in the towel Katy’s honesty and quirk, too, are also parts ON THE WEB
“Yeah, Mom, I guess I did kiss a girl,” she sette’s partner in crime for her 1995 block- and looked forward. It’s definitely one of those of her effort to make being a pop star cool
kids, holding her hand to her head like a buster Jagged Little Pill, Katy’s path became things where hard work pays off.” again. When asked what she means, she dis-
telephone before launching into her hit sin- filled with false starts, shelved projects and And pay off it did. The album debuted at No. tractedly responds, “I mean that it’s not cool. I
gle. The crowd eats it up. failed record deals with both Island and Co- 9 on the Billboard charts, and logged Katy into mean that, in the past, you see these girls that wanting to put on the best show.
A week later on the phone from Flori- lumbia. Now attached to the Capitol brand, the history books when “I Kissed a Girl” be- were more about celebrity. So I think pop mu- “For me right now, it’s not just being on
da, the pop starlet doesn’t sound so exuber- it marks her third major label deal and her came the 1,000th No. 1 hit of the rock era ac- sic needs to be about the music again.” Warped Tour,” she continues. “It’s juggling
ant. If it seems like Katy Perry is everywhere final chance to make good on cries of the cording to Billboard. It’s a seemingly strange comment coming several things at once and there’s no puppe-
these days, that’s because she actually is. The “Next Big Thing” that began back in 2004. One of the Boys, a club-ready pop romp from a girl who’s hit single is about kissing teering to that. I’m definitely steering my ship
past week alone has seen the 23-year-old “I did think to myself, you know, look,” through the high school trenches of boys, girls a girl (and liking it), but she realizes it’s not right now, completely. And, if people can’t see
whisked away from her Warped duties for she says with the vehemence of a woman and hangovers in Vegas, proves Katy as a Ma- about bringing credibility to the genre as much that, that’s their own blindness.”
a media blitz of television shows and radio scorned. “After having three record labels, if donna for the emo generation. The disc mix- as just changing the focus back to music. Through it all, with a few dates left on
promotion—all as her girly-liplock anthem, I turn 25 and I don’t put this fucking record es playful dance tunes with acousti-pop ballads Considering her company, it’s no wonder Warped Tour still ahead, along with more ap-
“I Kissed A Girl,” holds its 4th week reigning out that I’ve been making since I was 17, I that Katy wrote or co-wrote alongside a hand- she wants a change when clumped alongside pearances and performances, Katy’s plate won’t
atop the Billboard Hot 100. am going to start popping out babies in mid- ful of producers and collaborators, including Avril Lavigne, Lily Allen and Ashlee Simpson. be empty anytime soon. But with the sum-
But Katy does not sound or act like pop’s dle America or something.” Ballard, Greg Wells (Mika, Natasha Beding- Despite her pop star status, Katy is surprising- mer camp of Warped tour, she won’t get car-
biggest non-Disney prodigy. Although her Raised by preachers in Santa Barbara, Cal- field), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Max Mar- ly the real deal; she writes her own songs, plays ried away into the stratosphere of mega-star-
voice carries hints of her on-stage efferves- ifornia, Perry grew up singing in her parents’ tin (Leona Lewis, Robyn), Sam Hollander and the guitar and, although it should go without dom just yet.
cence, she sounds like a tired college student, church and even released a Christian-pop Dave Katz (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like saying, she also sings and plays her songs live “There’s no favoritism. Even if I do have a
only instead of stress and sleep deprivation album under her birth name Katy Hudson Girls) and Butch Walker (Pink, The Donnas). without the help of any technology. huge song, nobody fucking cares, you know?”
from all-nighters and going downtown, it’s (changed to halt confusion with actress and Lyrically, the album is just as fun. Katy is no “I definitely am not a puppet,” she empha- she laughs. “They’re like ‘Get in line at cater-
from performances on So You Think You Can Goldie Hawn spawn Kate Hudson) back in poet—“You P.M.S. like a bitch/ I should know” sizes. “If you could see the kind of work that ing’ and I’m like ‘ok.’”
Dance, FN MTV and fully scheduled days on 2001. Despite rave reviews and tours on the from “Hot and Cold” is one of her gems— I put into doing this myself, into the point Katy may be everywhere, but at least there’s
the Warped Tour. Christian circuit, the lure of true pop star- but her words posit her as the not-so-good of where I’m sitting in a chair barely able to one place where she’s still just one of the boys.
“’In the past several days I have, like, liter- dom—and her love for the secular tunes of girl. Unlike the late 90s debuts from Christi- stay awake right now because I’ve only had a
ally had no sleep and nothing substantial to Queen and Alanis Morissette—hooked the na Aguilera or Britney Spears, One of the Boys few hours of sleep. I’m just so exhausted and so - Natalie B. David


Juicy J
Dj Paul

1991 in Memphis, TN

Prophet Ent.

Last 2 Die (2008)


Courtesy Three Six Mafia


grammy in hand, it’s a good time to be part of the mafia
Money isn’t everything. Take Craig Brew- start actin’. [But] we’re willing to try some Should we use this song? You let people hear
er’s ’05 indie sensation Hustle & Flow, for ex- different stuff.” the album and they go, ‘That should be the
ample. The over-hyped movie only did about Hustle wasn’t the guys’ first connection to the single.’ Go to the label and they go, ‘That
$23 million at the worldwide box office. The camera. “We actually,” Juicy continues, “pro- should be the single.’ Somebody on the street
Dark Knight likely earned that yesterday. But duced three movies ourselves: Choices, Choices might be like, ‘No, man, use that as a single.’”
the thing so phenomenal about the rags-to- 2 and another movie we called The Clean-Up Last 2 Die, the group’s 9th official album, of-
bitches story is that its true impact can’t be Man. It went straight to DVD. But there’s a fers its share of radio-ready thumpers (“Lol-
measured with dollars. lot of money in the movie world, man. We’re li Lolli,” the Lyfe Jennings-featured “Hood
Its lead, Terrence Howard, became a main- willing to try it. It’s hard work to do it. The Star”) and hot-n-heavy club bangers (“I’d
stream name. His favorite word, “Maaane,” mainstream stuff is good when you’re a good Rather”). Hell, there’s even a gloomy num-
hopped into the pop culture mix. And two actor, but you gotta work your way up.” ber on there called “My Own Way” with pop
grilled-out boys from Memphis called Three Even harder than becoming the next Han- punkers Good Charlotte. “With every Three
6 Mafia snatched an Academy Award for cock might be breaking the next great single. 6 album, we might have one or two songs that
Best Song with “Hard Out Here For a Pimp” Though the duo has had Billboard success- sound different,” adds Juicy, who’s also prep-
off the movie’s soundtrack. es (“Tear Da Club Up,” “Stay Fly,” “Poppin’ ping releases from Project Pat and Lil Wyte
Ain’t America grand? My Collar”), they know that their just-re- through Three 6’s Hypnotize Minds label.
And if you thought Juicy J and DJ Paul’s leased new album, Last 2 Die, needs to ad- “But the album is completely dark. Straight
proud prance across the Kodak Theatre stage dress the industry’s insatiable appetite for gangsta. Straight hood.”
on Oscar night lit some sort of thespian fire, catchy songs. That’s great news for longtime fans wor-
you’re partially right. “Actin’ is serious,” admits “We put together good albums,” Juicy in- ried about all the Hollywood lights somehow
Juicy, who’s only a few months removed from sists, “but the single is the hardest part ‘cuz softening the guys’ one-time gruff images.
a guest appearance on the CBS drama Num- you might make 40, 50 songs and pick the
3ers. “It ain’t like you just walk up there and wrong single. It’s almost like a guessing game. - DeMarco Williams


MUSIC RHYME, RHYTHM & SOUL music the melting pot

CELL THERAPY sister sister

one of the south’s finest growls the watson twins are identical in looks -- and that’s about all
C-Murder was different. While his old- In just over 12 hours The Watson Twins
er brother, Master P, was all over MTV and will hit the road, heading to Washington
BET, makin’ folks say Ughhh, C-Murder D.C. to kick-off the first tour in support
was makin’ that same crowd say Ahhh, it’s re- of their debut LP, Fire Songs. On the other
freshing to hear a Southern rapper with skills. end of the line, taking a break from pack-
C-Murder’s (his mama named him Corey ing, Leigh Watson jumps in, bursting with
Miller) verses on platinum Dixie hits like P’s excitement about the tour and the album as
Ghetto D and his own Trapped in Crime had though talking to a friend. WE CAN HELP YOU ENJOY YOUR
a bit of contempt, a touch of aggravation in “There’s this sigh of relief,” says Leigh of HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE TO
them. He rapped about cash and cuties, sure, the
D A record
T E C H finally
I T C Abeing
N N Ecompleted
T W O R K Y Oand U R rest-
but he also gave it to you straight about pis- ing on store shelves, “but also this fear of ITS FULLEST. OUR PROFESSIONAL
tols and poverty. B U S I NtoE Scome.”
C-Murder is still different. The mere fact After over a decade
working around the TV AND SPEAKERS, INSTALL ALL
that he’s on the phone with Blur right now, Los Angeles indie
BE IT WITHIN YOUR OFFICE, scene side-by-side
talking about a new album, Screamin’ 4 Ven- her identical twin sister Chandra, the Louis-
geance, when there’s so much other stuff go- OR Kentucky
ville, WORLDWIDE. nativesWEfirstOFFER MANY ac-
ing on in his life is incredible. Back in ’02, claim in 2006, performing
when the No Limit Records train was los- seductress Jenny Lewis on her own country- YOU HOW TO USE YOUR HOME
ing some steam, C-Murder got caught in O F endeavor
folk P H O N E Rabbit
S Y S T E Fur
M S ,Coat.
the middle of a nightclub tussle. Somebody HNaturally,
O M E N E Tbeing W O R K identical
I N G , A N DtwinsW I Rhas
was shot. Witnesses swear it was C-Murder drawn added attention to the singer-song-
who pulled the trigger. The Louisiana court
writers. The lanky, brunette-headed, look- watson twins
system agreed, sentencing the New Orleans W E duo
alike C A N areS E Tstriking;
U P A Cit’s O Nhard
S U L Tnot
A T Ito
O Ncom-
rapper to life in prison. That ruling was over- ment
on the fact that they are identical
turned a few years later. C-Murder’s under and beautiful, talented ones at that. Although WHO’S WHO
strict house arrest now, awaiting a retrial. DISCUSS YOURoften
photographers NETWORKING
play up their NEEDS.
alikeness Chandra Watson (guitar,
“You know,” begins the reflective 37-year- — the cover of Rabbit Fur Coat shows the vocals)
old, “when you’re going through something twins in identical costume — it’s something Leigh Watson (guitar, vocals)
that’s a real situation in life, first and fore- Courtesy C Murder Leigh hopes takes a backseat to their music.
most, don’t give up. Always look for a way Being seen as a novelty act, however, is still FORMED
out and always look for an answer and try to a fear. 2006 in Los Angeles, CA
work your way through any situation. There’s “I think that’s definitely something that
a lot going on, but at the same time, I ain’t C MURDER crosses your mind,” she says. “When we did
Vanguard Record/Team Love
let a lot of that get to me. I just feel like that the record with Jenny, we dressed alike but Records
right now I’m at the top of my game, bruh. the three of us dressed alike. It was more of
When I get into that booth, I feel like I’m in WHO’S WHO a girl group thing - more joking, and more LATEST RELEASE
the zone lyrically, ya heard me? I’m real ex- Corey Miller a.k.a. “C Murder” theatrical.” Fire Songs (2008)
cited about this record. We just dropped it. I “And for us, it’s not really who we are,” she
just hope that the fans like it.” FORMED continues. “We don’t dress alike. We have our ON THE WEB
Longtime No Limit followers have seen 1991 in New Orleans, LA own individual personalities and you do get
Master P and his son, Lil’ Romeo, go from fearful of people going ‘Oh, it’s a gimmick’
bayou ballers to Nickelodeon stars to Wal- LABEL and looking at the music second and that’s
Tru Records courtesy Pamela Littky
Mart partners. Those same loyalists haven’t tough. You have to overcome and get past it
really seen or heard much change from C- LATEST RELEASE and know that that’s just part of the gift of
Murder’s way. From the sounds of Scream- Screamin’ 4 Vengeance (2008) being a twin.” “We don’t write together,” explains Leigh. For now, Leigh is excited to take the new
in’ 4 Vengeance, they won’t anytime soon, And Fire Songs is no gimmick. Released by “We haven’t really approached that. I don’t songs on the road. Though they won’t make
either. “They can expect a complete re- ON THE WEB the revered Vanguard label, the disc is full of know why. I think for both of us it’s still a their way to Athens on this tour, they hope to
cord, with the old-school C-Murder,” says private confessionals painted with warm har- pretty personal experience, and we have dif- hit it in the months ahead, if only for anoth-
the rapper about the boisterous CD, the monies and slight acoustic guitar twang. In ferent writing styles. I think eventually we er taste of the city’s flavor. “We played there
second since his incarceration. “Lyrically, studio, the twins are aided by producers Rus- probably will co-write songs together, but I at the 40 Watt last year with our friends in
I’m rapping about what’s going on in soci- Most rappers would half-heartedly drop sell Pollard and J. Soda, however all song- think for now we’re both inspired and we’re this band called Magnolia Electric Co. and
ety and stuff like that. My fans are loyal to an album they feel could probably sell solely writing is done on an individual basis. Perus- just letting that go.” we literally ate at The Grit twice in the 24
me. One thing they know when they pick up off controversy. Not C. ing the liner notes, each track — excluding But it’s not entirely a solo experience. hours that we were there,” she laughs.
a C-Murder record is that they’re getting a We told you this one was different. their delicate take on The Cure’s “Just Like “When we record and when we work on Being on the road definitely has its perks.
straight C record. I’m putting all of my ef- Heaven” — is credited to one twin or the songs, that’s when we collaborate,” says Leigh.
forts into it.” - DeMarco Williams other, not both. “We do a lot of arrangement stuff together.” - Natalie B. David
music the melting pot music upcoming releases

there’s no place like home UPCOMING RELEASES

one georgia alum never forgets his roots
From the Stone Mountain
august 12 Blues Traveler North Hollywood Shootout
Cordero De Donde Eres
High School Band to the mu-
sic program at The University CD DragonForce Ultra Beatdown
of Georgia, to teaching at Bos- Zach Hill Astrological Straits Missy Elliott Block Party
ton’s Berklee College of Music, Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer Solange Knowles Sol-Angel and
Bobby Lee Rodgers successfully Ben Weaver The Axe and the Oak Slipknot All Hope Is Gone
laid the groundwork to become The Verve Fourth
a reputable musician all over the DVD
From age seven, when he de- DA TECH IT CAN NETWORK YOUR
cided to play the upright bass for BUSINESS OR HOME SO YOU CAN IrinaI NPalm
orchestra class to the years fol-
AND SPEAKERS, INSTALL ALL What Happens in Vegas…
lowing when he picked up gui-
tar, mandolin, banjo and the BE IT WITHIN YOUR OFFICE, HOME, Watching
O F Tthe H E Detectives
through life to “make people
happy” by playing music. His
background started in jazz, but
August 29
has since fused with rock and
become a unique sound found
AND/OR WIRELESS NETWORKS. Strawberry Weed Caesars King Of Pop Michael Jack-
on stage solo or with his group,
The CodeTalkers. Earth To the Dandy War-
WE CAN SET UP A CONSULTATION son Compilation album
He describes his music as, hols The Dandy Warhols
“rock ‘n roll with extreme intel- Fiery Furnaces Remember Live CD
Cause to Be Uneasy
ligence; vigor and emotionali- DISCUSS YOUR NETWORKING NEEDS. Juliana Hatfield How to Walk Away
Courtesy Bobby Lee and the Codetalkers
ty.” Amongst the overwhelming Human Highway Moody Motorcycle
sense of devotion to playing mu-
sic, his “normal” life is nowhere the latest album, Overdrive, due
bobby lee Kimock.
Lykke Li Youth Novels
MakeUpBreakUp We Prefer Not To... EP
September 2
to be found, but what he did find out within the next year. Rodgers’s balancing act has
was that he loves what he does. But his work is nowhere near rodgers and brought him far, his music tak-
Perhapst Perhapst
Nelly Brass Knuckles
Throw being married and with
a 16-month old daughter into
done, as he spans many catego-
ries at the same time, working on
the code- ing him all the way to Japan.
“We’ve played all over Eu-
Staind The Illusion of Progress
Syleena Johnson Chapter 4: Labor Pains
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation
the mix and you have to give three projects this year. Sparked talkers rope,” says Rodgers. “But going
Starling Electric Clouded Staircase
Straight Line Stitch [Title TBA]
Brian Wilson That Lucky Old Sun
him a hand. He barely has time by the love from his Japanese to Japan really proved how far I’d
to answer his phone, and bal- crowd, Bobby Lee started work WHO’S WHO come. That’s pretty much as far System and Station A Nation of Actors
ances teaching daughter, Elea- on an acoustic record, called Bobby Lee Rodgers (lead over as you can go, so reaching it T.I. Paper Trail DVD
nor, who already sings and danc- BLR Lost Radio. A collaboration vocals, guitar/banjo) was something.” The Verve Forth My Outsourced Life
es along with her daddy’s music, of “some of the best people from Andrew Altman (bass) But despite his well-traveled Family Force 5 Dance or Die
Mark Raudabaugh (drums)
September 9
to play the harmonica and pluck all over,” it has a unique sound guitar, Athens still remains his
the banjo, between writing new
songs and working on new proj-
found only as a result of playing
across the world.
1999 in Atlanta, GA
favorite place to play.
“I feel like I grew up there,” he
ects around the country. With Chronicle of an Escape
the help of wife Julia, Rodgers
His second project is The Co-
deTalkers, with whom he began LABEL
says. “It’s like a big homecom-
ing every time I go, and you can’t Deal CD
manages to do it all from Stone a tour across the country, self- independent match that anywhere else.” The Life Before Her Eyes Calexico Carried to Dust
Mountain, where he and the described as “a fiery trio that taps So after years of learning to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Joan Baez Day After Tomorrow
family reside when he’s not on into the primal mojo of ‘50s pio- LATEST RELEASE play instruments and more years Leatherheads Gym Class Heroes The Quilt
the road. neers embellished with the cap- Galaxy Girl (2008) teaching other people to play Prom Night I’m Not Jim You Are All My People
“You don’t choose the music,” tivating twists & turns of post- them, Bobby Lee exists in a Street Kings Ray LaMontagne Gossip in the Grain
Rodgers says of his decision to ON THE WEB
bop jazz, Muscle Shoals soul, full-time music career, where he “House” Season 4 Okkervil River The Stand Ins
pursue a full-time music career. fleet fingered acoustic picking, claims he is “serving the world” Joan Osborne Little Wild One
“It chooses you. I wanted to be and huge scale epic rock.” This by playing for the masses. Robin Thicke Something Else
a doctor. I wanted to grow up group, started in 1999, tours all been around for a while, playing “Making people happy is why
august 26
Brian “Head” Welch Save Me From Myself
and be a normal person with a over bringing rock and jazz to- in the Midwest and the North- I play music. I am here for them.
normal life, but the music chose gether for an ultimate sound east come late summer. They keep me going.”
me.” that is sweet and deep with sim- His third project is a collabor-
Right now he is wrapping up plistic and soulful tones. They’ve ative effort with guitarist Steve - Jenni Williams Baby Mama
music the buzz music the buzz

AND BEYOND By Alec Wooden

Bigger Wax off:

(and Madame Tussauds, a famous
wax museum in London, now
better?) has the perfect trifecta of

things: musical genius enshrined: The

Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and…Amy
Soulja Boy has
Winehouse. Two are famous
for great music, and the other Tattletale: Who’s who?:
inked a multi-year is famous for nothing more
deal with Yums X gonna give it to ya, but it
than stints in rehab. Did they Dustin Diamond, known for
Shoes, a Dallas- won’t be real: the rapper got
also mold in the crack pipe his days as Samuel “Screech”
based sneaker and in some trouble back in April
hanging from her mouth? Powers on Saved by the Bell,
apparel company, when he was admitted to a
heading up a line is working on a tell-all book hospital and provided the
of graffiti styled about life on the set after staff with false information
shoes. Here’s to the cameras were off. Set as to his identity: namely
hoping it hits for release later this year, his (no pun intended), he used
big, takes up all pages promise tales of bitter the alias “Troy Jones” in an
his time, and Say it ain’t so: feuding, rampant drug use,
and sexcapades between cast
attempt to skip out on his
completely erases hospital bill. The law has
any future hopes of MTV (ya know, that network members (we’re now taking finally caught up with him, as
odds on a secret relationship
a recording career. that used to have lots of
music videos) has announced between Mr. Belding and A.C. It’s a closed world after all? he was arrested at a Phoenix
mall late last month on the
plans to remake the 1975 Slater). As we speak, there outstanding warrant. In
are five other cast members The whispers are becoming a roar on this rumor, and other news, DMX doesn’t
classic Rocky Horror Picture
(whose careers have also some sources around Athens have confirmed what may have the money to pay his
Show. This all too likely suck-
gone absolutely nowhere be close to (at least as of press time) becoming true. hospital bills. Apparently the
fest will feature the original
since the show) kicking Tasty World, as we know it now, may soon undergo an royalty checks from his 2003
screenplay, but plans are
themselves for not thinking ownership change and/or possibly a change of ideology blockbuster film appearance
to add new music to the
of this first. The only question to no longer be a music venue. Not much more to report in “Cradle 2 The Grave” just
production. Overachieving
is this: will the original cast at this point, and I hope it stays as just a rumor! aren’t paying off anymore.
pop-punk bands are licking
their chops as we speak to members play themselves
get a piece of that action. when A&E picks up the rights
for the made-for-TV movie?
A Long and Winding Road:
A long lost interview with Paul McCartney
GOT LOCAL and John Lennon was kicked up in some
Opening old wounds: OR NATIONAL spring cleaning of a South London garage.
Film enthusiast Richard Jeffs realized the
It’s easy to forget that Mindy McCready is a country singer. Lately NEWS FOR worth and rarity of the object, originally
recorded in 1964 during some of the most
(and sadly), she’s simply been known as “the girl Roger Clemens
likely messed around with when she was 15.” By the way…isn’t that
THE BUZZ? intense days of what is now referred to as
illegal? Anyway, as the spotlight intensifies on Clemens around Submit to “Beatlemania.” The nine minute interview
his performance enhancing drug allegations, it has also opened features the two famed songwriters telling
editorial@ath- the tale of their meeting and musical
old wounds for McCready, who recently attempted suicide and
landed herself in the emergency room. She is now checked into relationship. If nothing else, this could serve
rehab for what her representatives call “longer-term and broader- with “Buzz” in the as inspiration to clean out every forgotten
based” care. Nothing sarcastic, snarky, or funny about this – it’s closet, shed and storage nook in your house!
subject line.
just a sad story that hopefully will come to a happy resolution.
music ear candy music ear candy


Alkaline Trio
Agony & Irony
If infectious pop-punk about heart-
break, death, alcoholism, fire and
knives is your thing, then you most like-
ly already know who the hell Alkaline
The Road Hammers
Trio is. If you haven’t had the unique Blood, Sweat, and Steel
pleasure of bopping along to gloom-
rock ditties that sound like they were The Road Hammers take to the
penned by a hellacious Halloween ver- streets in style with Blood, Sweat, and
sion of The Wonders, let’s catch you Steel, the bands first U.S. release. In
up to speed and tell you why your life Every Time I Die Canada, they’ve nailed loads of cred-
its, including Canadian Country Mu-
could use a little more Agony & Irony. The Big Dirty
Albert Hammond Jr. The Chicago threesome of Alkaline
sic Awards such as 2006 Group of the
Beck Year (with six 2005 nominations), plus
Como Te Llama? Trio has been cranking out consistent- Planning on robbing a bank or have platinum status to their name(s)
Modern Guilt ly broody and increasingly impressive smashing somebody’s face in any- – among other accolades (ten of these
First off, Albert Hammond Jr. made work since 1997. A little over a decade time soon? You may want to pick up 13 tracks made the merge from that
a glaring error with his latest release I like Amstel beer – it has a weighti- later, their newest release, Agony & Iro- Every Time I Die’s newest release; and certified CD). Those names are: Jason
Como Te Llama. To be Spanish-correct, it ness, giving it confidence and breadth. ny, is not only a logical progression not because it will change your mind McCoy (lead vocals/guitar), Clayton
should be called Como Te Llamas. Unless But I found I can only drink it in certain from their last album, 2005’s Crimson – and make you a better person, but be- Bellamy (vocals/guitar), Chris Byrne
occasions – it’s not an every time beer.
he meant to call himself a pack animal. it’s easily their best work to date. cause The Big Dirty is exactly the kind of (vocals/bass) and Corbett Frasz.
Which, if the songs therein are any indi- Wolf Parade Perhaps that’s why they make Amstel With Agony & Irony, Matt Skiba, Dan audio accompaniment befitting such Lead-off track “I’m a Road Ham-
cation, is hardly the truth. As the main At Mount Zoomer Light. With half the heaviness, it’s a sol- Andriano and Derek Grant have put activities. mer” jump starts the album’s atmo-

(we can say it) visionary of the Strokes, id, carefree beer – one good for all occa- an even greater emphasis on inven- The Big Dirty is a shoe-in for the “Most sphere through fast-driven diction like
that other group Hammond plays gui- Since the release of Wolf Parade’s Sub sions – but it’s not crap like Bud Light. tive composition, instrumentation, ef- Properly Titled Albums of All Time” list. “I’m building a rolling empire of blood
tar with, he established with his second Pop debut Apologies to the Queen Mary, This, of course, leads me to Beck. fects and dynamics. For fans familiar It’s the kind of filthy, guttural rock that sweat and steel.” (Also the line lent to
solo release he left the pack long ago. the music scene has been flooded with On the heels of The Information, with Crimson, Agony & Irony essential- would make even Lemmy Kilmister say, the CD’s title). “Hammer” first peels
o m
Where his first release, Yours To Keep, was side projects of the group’s two brain Beck’s sprawling almost-hourlong al- ly takes all the winning cards and big “Damn, that’s some filthy, guttural rock.” out with a CB declaration of what’s
tentative in relishing his Strokes past trusts, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner. bum from 2006, comes Modern Guilt, chips from the former and goes all-in. If you don’t know who Lemmy is, you’ll ahead. Glancing in the rearview re-
(yet ultimately fulfilling), Como Te Llama So although their voices may be more a 34-minute breeze of pop minimal- The lyrics are still dark as sin, and the probably hate this album. veals a couple covers – runaway clas-
has Hammond not worrying about it. He familiar to the most astute of indie rock ism meets ‘60s psychedelica. Brewed Trio’s punk rock edginess is ever-pres- Metal heads looking for gritty break- sic “East Bound and Down” is in fine
by Danger Mouse, a former UGA stu- form, rolling it up and trucking into
has created a perfect piece of guitar pop. connoisseurs than they were in 2006, ent, but the album has a richness and downs that rumble like a thousand war Jason Beckham
dent turned DJ/producer extraordi- a rocking Reed rendition. The Jerry
Are there Strokes flourishes? Of course. their reuniting for At Mount Zoomer creative complexity to it that pushes it drums will surely enjoy tracks like “Cit- Reed romp isn’t alone now, with “Girl
With his voice distorted, Hammond presents a more unified front this go- naire, Modern Guilt is focused and blunt past anything they’ve done before. ies and Years” and “Rebel Without Ap- on the Billboard,” first a successful sign Union Park and
comes across Casablancas-like, accom- round, resulting in an album that treats (missing are Beck’s many overdubs and The album kicks in the front door plause.” And with priceless lyrics like “I for Del Reeves, also appearing on the Magnolia Street
panying “Bargain of the Century” and “G the sophomore slump to swift a kick in electronic languishes) with fun boun- strong with “Calling All Skeletons,” a chewed off my very own head to get horizon. Sharing in the lyricism are
Up” with those traditional Strokes riffs. the face. cy beats as light as Chinese gymnasts. punk rock uppercut with a doo-wop me out of this trap,” how could “A Gen- admired writers/artists Chris Knight, No doubt, Jason Beckham is a
Are there Strokes-influenced flourishes? Recorded at Petite Église, the Que- That’s not to say there’s no weight to Cut Copy backbone, and follows it up with the tleman’s Sport” not be a favorite? Dean Miller (the legendary Roger Mill- product of the South. His latest effort
Sure. “GFC” and “The Boss Americana” bec church owned by fellow Mon- it, forged through Beck’s doom and In Ghost Colours catchy hooks of “Help Me,” the album’s For all the guitar heroes out there er’s son), Paul Thorn, and John Rich. (and first full length one), Union
are pure Brit pop (think Kinks), and really treal inhabitants Arcade Fire, a few of gloom lyrics dripping from his marble lead off single. Both will have your who loved playing along to “The New McCoy lends pen too, as do Byrne and Park and Magnolia Street, is rife with
where would the Strokes be without that. that band’s signature moves rubbed mouth. “Chemtrails,” a dreamy Beat- Cut Copy have taken up residence head bobbing and your hands itching Black”(from 2005’s Gutter Phenomenon), Bellamy (who’s no known relation to influences from the regions storied
But then Hammond adds “Rock- off: “Language City” perhaps fits the les groove circa Revolver, is about the in the middle ground between dance to clap along. more melodic and southern rock influ- the Brothers). Rough but sweetly stat- past and present rock ‘n’ roll scene,
et” and “Victory at Monterey” to the Bruce-Springsteen-by-way-of-Win-But- waste jets leave in their wake. “Watch- and rock and In Ghost Colours is their Truth be told, there’s no rotten eggs enced tracks like “INRIhab,” “We’rewolf” ed “I Don’t Know When to Quit,” “I’ve complete with a guitar crunch that
mix, with grinding guitars and just ler sound the Neon Bible study group ing the sea/Full of people/Try not to 1980s-themed housewarming bash. in this batch, and since all the tracks and “Rendez-Voodoo” would be more Got the Scars to Prove It,” “Nashville would make The Allman Brothers
enough of a disco beat (yes, disco!) championed on its own sophomore LP, drown,” Beck laments. Yikes. In “Gamma The follow up to 2004’s Bright Like are fairly unique it’s hard to pick stand- your flavor. Bound,” and “Keep on Truckin’” are key. proud and vocal sensibilities not
to keep you tapping and intrigued. albeit slotting the Fire’s church organ Ray,” a happy surf beat homage if there Neon Love, In Ghost Colours gives nods outs. There’s a little something for ev- What’s bizarre about The Big Dirty is In “Nashville,” they try “to do the right unlike those of his fellow Atlantans in
The only breakdown is “Spooky Couch,” for a righteous synth. Despite claims ever was one, Beck sings about the end towards shoegazers and E.L.O. as much eryone – traditional Trio (“Ruin It”), sap- that while it hits with a harder, dirtier thing, but busted [my] left hand.” Drivin ‘n’ Cryin.
a seven-minute instrumental that is that the band promised Sub Pop “No of the world: “Trying to hold/Hold out as it does the trio’s contemporaries py ballads (“Live Young, Die Fast” and fist than previous ETID albums, it simul- Speak of the devil, of prime note is That said, this is not Southern Rock in
about six minutes too long. As track nine, Singles” songs like Boeckner’s “Soldier’s for now/With these ice caps/Melting LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk. “Over & Out”), epic pop-rock (“Do You taneously manages to be their clean- the Jason Priestley-produced GAC TV the traditional sense. It is rock, yes, and
down.” And “Volcano” has him ruminat- show about their outings in the inner
it almost serves as the album’s intermis- Grin” and ”The Grey Estates” are palat- Retro sentiments also prevail: “Out Wanna Know”), and even some stuff est offering in terms of vocals and pro- it is made by a Southern songwriter
ing about leaping into lava. Fun times. music industry.
sion before “Borrowed Time” (a groovy able enough to balance Krug’s psyche- There On the Ice” could fit as a long- you can shake your ass to (“I Found duction quality. Even the composition “Flat Tires” closes the convoy with who knows well and appreciates his
tune that borrows heavily from Elvis delic dramas like “California Dreamer,” a The highlight: “Profanity Prayers,” a bub- lost John Hughes soundtrack staple Away” and “Into The Night”). is cleaner in terms of digestibility and bloopers and such, giving a glimpse roots. Yet Beckham’s work is not a
Costello) kicks off the album’s tail end. keys-driven, acid-infused tornado and blegum burst that has Beck “waiting for and “Lights and Music” is a dead-on Agony & Irony makes it clear that the discernable melody. People who would of on-stage charisma. Even those typi- simple homage to his homeland – it’s a
Does this bright piece of pop mean closing dirge, the near-11 minute “Kiss- the light.” ringer for Depeche Mode. The latter guys of Alkaline Trio are doing their have passed on Hot Damn! or Gutter cally wary of four-wheelers on real-life collection of introverted observations
Hammond has left the Strokes be- ing The Beehive.” To sum it up, a mature Beck and half of the record does recede into best to spread their black wings as Phenomenon just might find The Big roads shouldn’t tire of these songs. So, and musings told over self-assured
hind? Perhaps, it’s been years since Still a band with two voices, At Mount a playful Danger Mouse went to dif- dancier territory, but, in short, In Ghost musicians. With the album’s first week Dirty to be within their spectrum of mu- here’s hoping we get to be in the pas- and comfortable instrumentation.
the New Yorkers had a new release. Zoomer finds the group more anchored ferent parties but emerged together Colours won’t alienate rock kids or sales earning them the #13 spot on the sical preference – assuming they have senger seat for more music and aren’t Charming to anyone and meaningful
But if they ever return, they can only and less schizophrenic… insofar as with something refreshing and dour. disappoint club goers looking to get Billboard album charts, it looks like it even an inkling of desire to rob a bank left in goodbye dust from these high- to all, Union Park assures you haven’t
hope to create music as strong as this. Wolf Parade possibly can be. Hard to do, but ripe for everyone. their groove on. will be a great launching pad to set the or get in a brawl. performance boys. heard the last of Beckham.
Trio soaring.
Ed Morales Natalie B. David Ed Morales Natalie B. David PT Umphress PT Umphress Melissa Coker Alec Wooden

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mondays old or new, ten songs we can’t get enough of this month
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Pantera Damien Jurado

Plus Pick “Revolution is my Name” “Gillian was a Horse”

Your Own Hatebreed Slow Runner

“I Will Be Heard” “The Stakes Were Raised”
Game On AC/DC Eef Barzelay
Our MLB “Shot Down in Flames” “The Girls Don’t Care”

Package Wednesday 13 Radiohead

The Secret to
the Universe

“Skeletons” “Optimistic”

Ski Club Bon Iver

“My Dear Gertrude” “Blindsided”

The Cubs Johnathan Rice

“As you can tell from “Surprise” “Middle of the Road” “I tend to be a very
Athens, Georgia my playlist, I favor seasonal listener -- that
rock n roll from metal Dropkick Murphys The Whigs is, a summer playlist
to classic rock. How- “The Dirty Glass” “Already Young” would usually reflect
ever, I don’t turn a the season. Not really
deaf ear to other The Who Watson Twins the case here - these
genres if the music “Baba O’Reilly” “Just Like Heaven” ten songs are good in
appeals to my senses. any and every season.
TH E G E O RG I A B A R You may be surprised The Distillers Silver Jews A bunch of new releas-
to find that I have an “Dismantle” “Open Field” es, a couple classics,
159 W. Clayton St. Enya or Amy Whine- and a little Athens love
house CD in my car.” Black Sabbath My Morning Jacket made it a nice month
(706) 546-9884 “Paranoid” “I’m Amazed” to be my ears.”
by Sarah A. McCarty
& the
Storybook Beginnings
Chapter One: Faces & Places

to Fairy-Tale Endings
Jamie Pressnall Kianna Alarid Neely Jenkins Nick White Derek Pressnall
tap dancing/percussion vocals vocals keyboards guitar/vocals

ust as so many bands before it, Tilly and the Wall’s the band join in to perform a lively act for eager audiences. Each show
foundation was built from disbanded groups and offers a unique set that is as enjoyable to the fans as it is to the per-

photo by Jamie Warren

connections in the local music scene. However, formers, who play off the energy of the crowd. “You can’t really practice
unlike many bands before it, Tilly and the Wall for shows. You practice with the band, but it’s a totally different thing
played with its imagination and its strengths to when you perform,” Jamie said.
create a one of a kind sound and product. With three successful albums now out, Tilly has proved to any naysay-
First on the scene were Kianna Alarid, Neely Jen- ers that the unusual percussion instrument of Jamie’s feet was much
kins and Jamie Williams. The three girls hail from Omoha, Nebraska, more than a gimmick. The tap dancing is an integral part of Tilly and
where they were all honing their musical talents. Jamie and Neely had the Wall’s artistry, as any self-proclaimed “tilly kid” will verify.
previously worked together as part of Bright Eyes-talent Conor Oberst’s Once they found their sound, the group needed a name.
1996 Omaha band Park Ave. After Park Ave.’s two-year run, Jamie met “At the time we were just kinda going through a bunch of different
Kianna as a member of the short-lived group, Magic Kiss. Rounding names. Not everyone liked one name, and I just always liked the way
out the full house are Nick White and Derek Pressnall aka, the boy who the title of this children’s book sounded. I suggested it and they liked it
eventually married Jamie Williams (now Pressnall). Nick and Derek too,” Jamie explained.
played together in their hometown of Dunwoody, Georgia, outside of The title, taken from a children’s storybook Tillie and the Wall written
Atlanta. The boys left their Georgia home to taste the Omaha music by Leo Lionni, embodies the spirit of the band and has come to mean
scene after that fateful Bright Eyes concert where they met Jamie. so much more.
Jamie sacrificed sleeping and relaxing time en route to the second stop “Now that we’ve been a band for a while, it’s kind of fitting for us. The
of their tour for the new album to tell Tilly’s story. story is about overcoming obstacles and being yourself. Those are
“Nick and Derek were in a band in Atlanta. We met when I was selling things that are really important for us,” Jamie reflected.
merchandise on a Bright Eyes tour. They came to Omaha to see if they Now that the band had a face with its inspired name, they set out to
liked it. We were just hanging out and writing songs.” record their first record, but it wasn’t a fairy tale task.
The five friends formed fast bonds exploring their musical ropes and Jamie said Tilly sent out demos everywhere and no one was interested.
individual gifts. The band naturally came together with Kianna and Finally, with the help of friend Conor Oberst and his new Team Love
Once upon a time a girl met a boy at a concert. Neely offering vocals, Nick on keyboards and Derek playing guitar and
adding another set of vocals. But the key to their success was the bold
label, they debuted their first album.
Jamie praised, “Conor is the reason we even have records out. When
They eventually got married, but this is not about that. This is not a love decision to set Tilly’s songs to tap dancing percussion as performed no one was interested, he was just like, ‘I’m gonna put it out myself.’
story. This is a story about music … and tap dancing. The girl, the boy and each night by Jamie. Part of the Tilly lure is experiencing a live show He also took us out on our first tour. He’s the most supportive person
their three best friends soon formed a new band of their own. Inspired by a complete with the amplified rat-a-tat-tat of Jamie’s tap shoes. Just how of our band.”
children’s storybook, the five friends fashioned a fitting name for the band: she manages to keep going performance after performance with Tilly’s The aptly named debut album Wild Like Children hit the shelves in
Tilly and the Wall. Since the creation of Tilly and the Wall, the musical fam- high-energy shows is an impressive feat. As the human drum set, Jamie 2004 and captured audiences everywhere as Tilly received critical
ily has carved out a nitch for itself in the world of independent pop music. explained, “The first week or two I get tired, then your body adjust. acclaim and began writing their dreams, joining national tours with
Your body expects to do it.” As Jamie dances out the beats, the rest of Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley and Of Montreal.


Chapter Two: Melodies & Harmonies Chapter Three: Living & Loving
t’s clear that the spirited Tillies live life to the writing music and doing artwork in our basement,” Jamie confessed. In
ith Tilly’s first album, Wild Like Children, it be- known for its artwork. The Tillies asked artist to contribute any style of fullest. From water balloon fights and bonfires addition to his solo music project, Flowers Forever, apparently Derek
came clear that the sun shines out of their tap- work for the album to be framed by the O shape. Jamie said not having complete with s’mores, the Tillies stay young at also has found his green thumb, and is pretty proud of it. “Derek gar-
dancing feet, harmonizing vocals, playful melo- a title was also a way to put more focus on the art – the music and the heart and try to make the most of their experi- dens – he just told me to tell you that,” Jamie relays over the phone.
dies and lively spirits. Their debut effort plays visual art. ences. “We are definitely up for everything. If “We have an awesome garden. It just started blooming before we left. I
out almost like a dreamlike sequence. The scene Not only did the Tillies experiment with the title, but they also experi- someone has a crazy idea, we are always like, hope it’s still there when we get back.”
opens with the harmonious sounds of “Fell mented sonically, flirting with more instruments here and there. Jamie ‘yeah let’s do it.’” Jamie said they always sched- Whether their blooms will be there when they get back is yet to be
Down the Stairs,” a surreal memory of young said working with permanent Bright Eyes member Mike Mogis in his ule days off in between their energetic perfor- seen, but one thing that is always there for them is their Tilly family.
love. Wild Like Children’s nostalgic sagas close “brand new state of the art recording studio” provided the band with mances to sight see and enjoy themselves on tour, especially when they As the first artists on Oberst’s label, Kianna, Neely, Derek, Jamie and
with a song affirming “we will sing pretty songs about love/ And we a lot of resources. Although Mogis had worked with the group before, play for crowds in destinations like Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Nick personify Team Love with their tight bond. Despite inevitable
will fight if that’s what it takes/ And we won’t back down.” All the songs Jamie said this was the first time “he did everything.” Under Mogis’s Once back home, sometimes they will return to their pre-Tilly activi- family tiffs, they remain the best of friends. Jamie explains, “We put
in between offer youth-centric emotional tunes sung with passion. guidance and skill, the Tillies created an album that features a variety ties. Before joining the band, both Jamie and Neely were teachers. Nee- things into perspective. Our friendships are more important than the
Jamie, Kianna, Neely, Derek and Nick willingly accept their place in of sounds from the typical keyboards, guitars and vocal harmonies to ly taught fourth grade, and Jamie was teaching pre-kindergarten as part band.”
the indie pop music world as an ode to youth. They embrace that in- trombones, trumpets and an accordion. Enhancing the band’s signa- of a Head Start program. Members of the band also found new hobbies As for the future of the band, the Tillies will continue to live out their
ner child phenomenon and wrap each lyric in a bundle of sugarcoated ture taps, Tilly utilized stomps along with bells, chimes and a glock- during their time off. dream, just as all children wish to do.
sounds. Using that sugarcoating, Tilly plays coy to its fans with their ev- enspiel. “I’ve been reupholstering furniture for fun, and decorating the house,” “We’re having fun right now and we’ll see how the record does and the
er-so buoyant beats that mask darker images with a translucent canopy In addition to the infusion of new instruments, Jamie said the new al- Jamie said. She also dished on Derek, who married Jamie in August of tour, and just keep going as long as we can.”
of chorus. Tilly’s narrative lyrics add another element to its sound. The bum is “a little more punk and tough sounding.” 2006, shortly after the release of Bottoms of Barrels. “Derek is always
quintet-writing team tends to compose melancholy stories of teenage
angst and lost moments juxtaposed with their pop harmonies to create
their quirky sound.
Jamie said the band doesn’t necessarily set out to have that interplay
between words and music. “Sometimes after we finish a song, we look
After its 30-second solo-tap intro, Tillie’s “Too Excited” off the new al-
bum showcases that edginess they tried to capture as does the second
track, a smack-talk anthem called “Pot Kettle Black.” The song almost
reeks of an ipod commercial that might feature flashes of vibrant colors
synced perfectly with each stomp and a shadowed tap dancer promot-
The End.
and we’re like, ‘Oh, well this song is kind of dark, but it’s like a pop ing the mp3 player.
song.’ We just kind of write what were feeling and it just happens. And Just as the first two albums before it, Tilly still has the lyrical and musi-
we all love pop music. It is just what comes out naturally.”’ cal interplay as they balance words and sounds. For instance, on the
It may be hard to believe that anything comes out naturally when five mysterious track “Chandelier Lake” the lyrics step out of the sunlight
people write for one band. “It changes every time. Sometimes we write emitted from the bouquet of tones and into the ominous shadows. The
collectively the whole song together. Sometimes one of us will bring song opens with lines like, “The banks are stained with blood and rain/
in a skeleton and say I want you to add a part here and fill it out there,” where the water meets the land./ A secret there they’ll never share./
Jamie explained. No matter how they choose to compose their rhymes A code of silence.” Against the backdrop of spirited sounds, the words
and rhythms, the Tillies somehow manage to work together to gener- continue down the dim path, “There exposed was clothes and bones./
ate charming albums. And a ring on a lifeless hand./ The trees and wind they hold their
The second album Bottoms of Barrels maintains the celebration of pop breath/ All feigning ignorance.”
tunes with its cheerful cadence on tracks like “Bad Education” and “Ur- Jamie said this album has benefited because they are more developed
gency.” The song titles on Tilly’s second release even emit jovial bursts songwriters, which may be one reason why the group was finally able
from “Sing Songs Along” to “Coughing Colors.” However, the true gem to include “Tall Tall Grass” on an album. The track opens O and high-
of the 2006 album is the poignant, yet slightly sinister “Lost Girls.” The lights the softer side of Tilly. “We started writing it for Wild Like Chil-
atmospheric vocals on the track render a canvas for Tilly to tell a story dren, then we reworked it for the second album, and still didn’t use
drawn from the work of reclusive American artist Henry Darger. it. We were able to include it on this one,” Jamie said. “It’s just kind of
All five songwriters reunited to write Tilly’s third album, which was interesting that it’s been with us since the beginning.”
recently released on the Team Love label in mid June. Tilly develops its As writers, Jamie says experience plays a key role in their content. “I
writing skills on its nameless album, now recognized by an O-shaped think we all are just kind of inspired by relationships, including our re-
symbol on the cover. “We just wanted to basically not have a title, but lationship to ourselves. We are also inspired by the people around us
have a symbol. That way people could kind of call it whatever they and other artists and visual artists. We just try to take everything in I
wanted too. I call it O. Derek calls it Booyah.” Tilly’s album “Booyah” is guess.”

photo by Jamie Wa



inherited an experienced, yet underachieving, as a favorite not only to win the SEC but has a way, year in and year out, of finding
team. After all, 47 lettermen and 17 starters to go to the BCS Championship Game a way to make himself and his team
are back from a team that lost to Florida, in Miami. Georgia’s only obstacles are competitive no matter what the odds or
Alabama and Mississippi State by a total high expectations, bone crushing pressure competition.
of 12 points. The Rebels have a lot of good as spring practice opens and a very tough Players to Watch: WR Kenny McKinley
individual players, and now they have a schedule. If they can master both, the (Sr.), LB Jasper Brinkley (Sr.), PK/P Ryan
quarterback in Texas transfer Jevan Snead. If Bulldog Nation will be able to finally Succop (Sr.)
Nutt can get the pieces together, Ole Miss have the championship they’ve wanted for Toughest Three-Game Stretch:
can hope for a possible bowl game this season. almost 20 years. Arkansas (11/8), at Florida

southern elite conference

At this point, it’s still a big if. Players to Watch: RB Knowshon Moreno (11/15), at Clemson (11/29)
Players to Watch: OT Michael Oher ( Jr.), (So.), QB Matthew Stafford ( Jr.), DT Jeff
DE Greg Hardy ( Jr.), LB Ashlee Palmer Owens (Sr.)
(Sr.) Toughest Three-Game Stretch: Tennessee
now in its 76th year and truly a national powerhouse Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at LSU (10/25), vs Florida
at Florida (9/27), South Carolina (11/1), at Kentucky (11/8) Volunteers
(10/4), at Alabama (10/18) Last year’s record: 10-4 (6-2)
Alabama Auburn Players to Watch: DE Tyson Jackson (Sr.),
RB Keiland Williams ( Jr.), WR Demetrius
Kentucky Preview: Last season, Volunteers head coach
Crimson Tide Tigers Byrd (Sr.)
Florida Phil Fulmer was on the hot seat for much
Last year’s record: 7-6 (4-4) Last year’s record: 9-4 (5-3)
Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at Florida
Wildcats of the year. Then the Vols made a surprising
Preview: Year two of the Nick Saban regime
(10/11), at South Carolina (10/18), Georgia
(10/25) Gators Last year’s record: 8-5 (3-5) run to the SEC Championship and lo and
Preview: One of the most important rules Last year’s record: 9-4 (5-3) behold, Fulmer got a contract extension. But
in Tuscaloosa promises to be interesting. in football is if you can block, you will Preview: So begins Kentucky football A.A. getting back to Atlanta this year will be a
Quarterback John Parker Wilson comes back
for his senior season with hopes of leading
have success. The Tigers have installed a
new offense, with former Troy coach Tony
Mississippi Preview: The Gators return one of the best
offenses in the country, led by Heisman
(after Andre’). The talented quarterback
that led the renaissance of Wildcat football
bigger challenge that it was last year, not to
mention Tennessee will have to do it with a
Alabama to an SEC West title. To do so,
he’ll need the help of several young players,
Franklin bringing a spread option attack to
the Plains. Auburn will have a new starting
State Bulldogs winner Tim Tebow at quarterback. The
team added USC transfer Emmanuel
is in the pros now, and Kentucky will have
to find a way to be relevant in the SEC
new quarterback, junior Jonathan Crompton,
taking over for the departed Erik Ainge. The
including sophomores Terry Grant and Last year’s record: 8-5 (4-4)
quarterback, whether it’s sophomore Kodi Moody at running back to take some without him. The focus will have to be on supporting cast is good on both sides of the
Rolando McClain. Wide receiver Julio Jones Burns or junior Chris Todd, a Texas Tech of the pressure off Tebow, but if Florida the defense, as the Wildcats return eight ball, and though Big Orange fans might not
is the gem of a top-rated Tide recruiting class, Preview: Bulldog fans had a lot to cheer for
transfer. Neither of those changes will be big last season, as head coach Sylvester Croom wants to make another run at a national starters on that side of the ball, mostly in the get the results they want out of this team, the
but Alabama will have to be able to win on adjustments because the Tigers’ offensive line championship, the defense will have to be front seven. On offense, Kentucky goes into Vols will be a tough task for every team they
the road if it wants to be successful. The Tide guided the team from a 45-0 season-opening
is among the best in the SEC, with quality loss to LSU to its first winning season in better. Though they averaged 42.5 points this season with a fairly inexperienced group, face this season.
will have to travel to Georgia, Tennessee, and depth at every position. The defense will be per game last season, the Gators allowed led by junior quarterback Curtis Pulley, who Players to Watch: RB Arian Foster (Sr.),
defending National Champions LSU. seven years, including a Liberty Bowl win
led by a strong secondary and defensive end over Central Florida. Wesley Carroll started 25.5 points per game, good for eighth in will step back into the spot that he lost to LB Rico McCoy ( Jr.), OL Anthony Parker
Players to Watch: QB John Parker Wilson Sen’Derrick Marks. the conference. Either way, Florida will Woodson two years ago. (Sr.)
(Sr.), OL Andre Smith ( Jr.), RB Terry Grant at quarterback as a true freshman and gave
Players to Watch: OT Lee Ziemba (So.), MSU stability at the position that has continue to be not only one of the best Players to Watch: LB Johnny Williams Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at UCLA
(So.) DT Sen’Derrick Marks ( Jr.), RB Brad teams in the conference but in the nation (Sr.), DT Myron Pryor (Sr.), WR Dicky (9/1), UAB (9/13), Florida (9/20)
Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at LSU not been seen in Starkville for some time.
Lester (Sr.) The Bulldogs will miss All-SEC offensive as well. Lyons (Sr.)
(11/8), Miss State (11/15), Auburn (11/29) Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at Miss Players to Watch: QB Tim Tebow ( Jr.), Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at Florida
State (9/13), LSU (9/20), Tennessee (9/27)
tackle Michael Brown, who was kicked off
the team by Croom after an arrest on gun RB/WR Percy Harvin ( Jr.), LB Brandon (10/25), at Miss State (11/1), Georgia Vanderbilt
Arkansas charges. Croom has a real chance to build Spikes ( Jr.)
Toughest Three-Game Stretch: Hawaii
Razorbacks LSU the program back to its heyday, and if he can
(8/30), Miami (Fla.) (9/6), at Tennessee Last year’s record: 5-7 (2-6)
compound on the Bulldogs’ successes from
(9/20) South Carolina
Last year’s record: 8-5 (4-4)
Tigers a year ago, the bigger bowls won’t be too far
Preview: What’s stopping another last-place
Last year’s record: 12-2 (6-2) – BCS National
Gamecocks finish in the SEC East for Vanderbilt? Not
Preview: Darren McFadden and Felix Jones
are gone to the NFL. The top six tacklers Champions
Players to Watch: LB Jamar Chaney (Sr.),
S Derek Pagues (Sr.), QB Wesley Carroll Georgia Last year’s record: 6-6 (3-5) much. All-SEC performers such as WR
Earl Bennett, OT Chris Williams and LB
from last year are gone. Heck, even head
coach Houston Nutt left Fayetteville for Ole Preview: Repeating as national champions is
Toughest Three-Game Stretch: Auburn Bulldogs Preview: The winning hasn’t come easy Jonathan Goff are in the NFL now, and the
Miss. So what does Arkansas have left? Good hard enough as an SEC team. LSU was the (9/13), at Georgia Tech (9/20), at LSU Last year’s record: 11-2 (6-2) in Columbia for the Ol’ Ball Coach, as Commodores were just pesky with them.
question. Former Louisville coach Bobby first two-loss BCS champion, and the talent (9/27) Steve Spurrier is 21-16 in three seasons at This season, Vanderbilt only returns two
Petrino left the Atlanta Falcons in midseason was there to at least make another run at a Preview: The Bulldogs recovered from a South Carolina. This year’s version of the starters on offense and has a lot of holes on
to become the Razorbacks’ head coach, but title. Then quarterback Ryan Perrilloux ran slow start and uninspired play to become Gamecocks will certainly be an experienced defense, and that simply won’t do in this
there won’t be a lot of success this season. The into the law one too many times and was
dismissed from the team by head coach Les
Ole Miss one of the hottest teams in the nation by
season’s end. On the way to ending the
bunch with 17 starters returning to a
team that fell apart in the second half of
Players to Watch: QB Chris Nickson (Sr.),
only real source of solace for Arkansas fans
will come next year, when QB Ryan Mallett, a Miles. The senior stalwarts that led the team
last year have taken their games to the pros,
Rebels year ranked second, Georgia found a new
star in energetic freshman running back
the season. On defense, South Carolina
only lost one starter: defensive end Jasper
S Reshard Langford (Sr.), CB D.J. Moore
( Jr.)
Michigan transfer, will be eligible to play. Last year’s record: 3-9 (0-8)
Players to Watch: OL Jonathan Luigs (Sr.), but there is still a wealth of talent in Baton Knowshon Moreno, who had arguably the Brinkley. His twin brother, Jasper, returns Toughest Three-Game Stretch: Auburn
QB Casey Dick (Sr.), DT Ernest Mitchell Rouge. Miles probably won’t regret staying Preview: A winless conference record last best season for a Bulldog freshman not after missing last season with a knee injury (10/4), at Miss State (10/11), at Georgia
(Sr.) at LSU over his alma mater Michigan, but it season was enough to get rid of head coach named Herschel Walker (1,334 rushing and will lead what should be one of the (10/18)
Toughest Three-Game Stretch: at Texas will be hard for the Bayou Bengals to sniff last Ed Orgeron. New head coach Houston Nutt yards, 14 TDs). The Bulldogs will go in to SEC’s better defenses. But will the wins
(9/13), Alabama (9/20), Florida (10/4) year’s success. left Arkansas to take over in Oxford, where he the season with 17 returning starters and come? With Spurrier, you never know. He Phillip Kisubika
sports five minutes with sports five minutes with

Talented Georgia
Bulldogs wide-out,
has a lot more
bite than bark.
By DeMarco Williams
Listen, we don’t want to get too excited because it’s only August, but it’s getting
difficult to contain our excitement, especially after reading an piece over
the early summer. One of the site’s columnists, Mark Schlabach, was asked to make
his preseason college football picks. Guess who he chose to play the Ohio State
Buckeyes in the BCS title game? Yep, Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs. See why we’re
so geeked? (We know, we know. Schlabach is a UGA grad. But still.)
Wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, one of the reasons these Dawgs are on every
reputable magazine’s preseason top five, doesn’t share in our early jest. “I just realize
what’s at stake,” says the cool 21-year-old North Carolina native. “We know what
we want to accomplish and we know it’s going to be hard work trying to accomplish
it, so we remain focused.”
C’mon, Mo. You guys are Lindy’s Magazine preseason No. 1. Athlon’s No. 5 (ed.
note: as of press time, Georgia is also atop the USA Today Coaches Poll). You have to be
a lil’ pumped, right? “We can’t focus on the hype and people expecting us to do this
and that,” he says. “We have to take care of the little things, so when the chance ar-
rives, we’ll be ready.”
Some thought the team might be ready for its close-up a season ago. Of course,

pesky neighbors from Columbia and Knoxville had other ideas. Still, even with the
two losses, there was lots to cheer about around Sanford Stadium. Leaving the Flor-
ida Gators woozy at the Cocktail Party was nice. Watching UGA tailback Know-
shon Moreno morph into a national sensation was amazing. And seeing Massaquoi,
the team’s second-leading receiver in ‘07, and quarterback Matthew Stafford build a
yard-chomping bond was a thing of beauty.
“We’ve been working hard,” tells the Dogs’ best set of hands of his relationship
with the junior QB. “We want this to be a year that stands out—not only from a per-
sonal standpoint but for Georgia as a whole. We’ve been on the tip of everything the
last couple of years. We wanna really go out there and put a stamp on everything.”

A year ago, Mohamed had six memorable games where he caught a pass over 25
yards. And though his totals for touchdowns (four) and yards (491) were slightly off
his career highs, that first number proves a testament to the young man’s explosive-
ness. It’s a doggone shame UGA can’t clone another 6-2, 198-pound headache for
opposing secondaries to contend with this year.
“Every game is going to be a different experience,” Massaquoi says. “Every game
is [part of ] a countdown. Then your last game comes. You just gotta take every game
and every moment and just try to seize it.”
Just like we’re seizing the chance to hop on Mohamed’s bandwagon before it gets
crowded by ESPN, Lindy’s and all the rest. `


Broad Street BLUR investigative FEATURE
between the hedges
bar & grill

is downtown commerce dying?

as gas prices soar, how is the athens music scene coping?
By Allie Byrd musicians. Athens is a classic American town during itscollege years before hitting it big,
Photos By Trevor Wooden full of local restaurants, bars, shops and music and is well on its way to being another Athens

venues. The delicate balance that is downtown band to make music history. Downtown is the
f we got rid of Starbucks downtown, Ath- commerce, however, may be in trouble. epicenter of Athens music and part of the in-
ens would be the best town in the world.” The economy is in the dumps and spending ner workings of its economy. In a place where
Spoken like a true Athenian, Wilmot is on a downhill slide. Closing and going-out- commerce is driven by entertainment, it’s hard
Greene, owner of the Georgia Theatre, of-business signs keep popping up in store- to know if fun takes the first cut when mon-
lacks appreciation for corporate America and front windows around downtown. Barnett’s ey gets tight, or if the music scene keeps Ath-
it’s infiltration into the Mecca that is down- News Stand, Athens only independent news ens hanging on.
town Athens. Like other large corporations stand for close to 30 years, recently closed, “People aren’t into live music like they used
that caused local debate and uproar (think The along with Nico, Roly Poly and Hot Corner to be,” says Greene. “Instruments are almost
Gap, circa 1991-2001), Athens citizens keep a (to name a few). Amber Dreams, whose move seen as passé.”
careful eye on downtown and stay true to their from downtown to Georgia Square Mall was In the past, the legendary music scene served
support of the “mom and pop” kind of local also unsuccessful, is closing its doors for good. as a catalyst for local bands, attracting start-up-
businesses. With its fervent refusal to be sat- Downtown Athens is suffering at the hand of musicians to play at venues and dive bars. But
urated by large corporations, downtown Ath- the economy, and it shows. if anything, there are less local bands than their
ens is a community that fosters support for all When you think Athens, you think legendary used to be, says Greene.
things local. Whether it’s shops, restaurants, music, not flailing economy. R.E.M., Wide- “Twenty years ago if you were Greek, it was
the farmers market or local bands, the Classic spread Panic, The B-52’s: bands that changed cool to be into a local band. Everyone had
City takes a homegrown approach. the face of music, won Grammys, conquered their own band that they were into and went
With the exception of a few places, down- music charts and wrote songs that translate in to see,” he says. “Now, students don’t know any

Broad Street town Athens remains huge corporation and

big national chain free. A haven for local busi-
nesses as eclectic as the people who wander
every generation. More recently, local Athens
band The Whigs reigned in as one of Rolling
Stone magazine’s top 10 bands to watch, call-
local bands. I talk to all these kids today, and
they’re into bands like Coldplay, which is fine,
but it’s more like being into a corporation than
between the hedges its streets, downtown draws locals, artists, stu- ing the Athens boys “the best unsigned band in a band.”

bar & grill

dents, townies, families, out-of-towners and America.” The band gained a local following Ticket sales, merchandise and drink sales at
BLUR investigative FEATURE BLUR investigative FEATURE

the theater, however, remain con- more patrons.” is a place where a musicians’s
sistent. If you can get people in, However, the decline in student dreams can come to life.
they pretty much spend the same attendance has not hurt the club “Rolling Stone said Athens was
amount, he says. at all. “You can only hope that the best college town for music, so
Greene, who’s lived here for 20 when you get national bands com- I moved here. I knew if I want-
years, describes Athens as what ing, you bring in locals and people ed to do music that the chanc-
used to be “a cool little grunge from other areas and don’t focus es of the ‘dream’ coming true were
town” where it was cool to be dirty on just students,” Vego says. “The slim,” Nick Trotta says. “But I
and work three jobs. Now, he age group of people who attend knew even if it didn’t work out, I’d
says, it’s cooler to wear overpriced shows ranges from 18 to 35.” know that I tried it.”
clothes and drink martinis. Vego, who has booked bands More than anything else about
“People take this music scene at the legendary club for 18 years, trying to make in the Athens mu-
for granted,” explains Greene, who said ticket sales and attendance sic scene, Trotta is a firm believ-
once moved to Charlotte for a few stay pretty steady, and that not er that you get out what you put
years and rushed back to Athens much has changed. With no fear in. “Look at P-Groove, they never
as soon as he could. “When peo- of the legendary 40 Watt Club stop touring. They’ve worked re-
ple graduate and move, it’s a shock. slowing down, Vego doesn’t see an ally hard, so they’re going to make
You can’t find great live bands ev- end in sight. it.”
erywhere every night like you can While the downtown club typi- Falling along the lines of both
here, but people don’t think about cally books larger bands with large legendary and revolutionary, Ath-
it that way.” budgets, Vego has heard from ens houses local spots that play
Although the popularity and some smaller bands facing a di- live bands from every genre of
interest in local music among nov- lemma that’s causing them to can- music. From blue grass and jazz,
ice Athenians may have declined cel summer tours without enough to country and Indie rock, Beat-
in the past few years, artists try to funds to travel: gas prices. les cover bands and Grateful Dead
stay afloat in a sea of local mu- As gas prices surf the $4 line wannabes, Athens music covers it
sicians trying to get a gig, gain a daily, Vespas are starting to sound all. Much of its charm and attrac-
following and catch a break. They sales and the cover revenue, which demos. The goal is eventually to Although food and beverage sales more and more like a good idea. tion remains deeply rooted in the
feel the saturation of local bands goes directly to the bands, separate. do it for a living.” for the Dougherty Street ven- Increases in theft by siphoning are arts. People still come to school
when trying to get booked, and “One night a band may bring in Within the city, Athens is ue have dropped below the norm another sign of the times. With- here from all over, even as far away
even more rarely, paid to perform. $100, and another night they may home to dozens of music ven- recently, ticket sales and atten- out a major airport in Athens, the as California and Texas and be-
“So many people in Athens are get $800,” Trotta says, making it ues and countless bars that book dance endure through the weak- unrestrained demand of rising yond because of the music scene,
trying to do music, so sometimes unpredictable for a band to proj- live bands as entertainment each ened economy, consistent with last transportation prices is hinder- says Greene.
it’s futile,” says Nick Trotta, man- ect earnings from a show. Bigger evening. As the sun sets, the mu- year’s sales. The venue continues ing both local and national bands tickets to some shows in the fall the attraction of living in a music “Everything is cyclical,” he says
ager of Nowhere Bar, which fea- bands can pack the place out, but sic comes alive. Taking on a life to grow, offering live music almost from gracing stages in the Clas- will cost $30. town among artists will have the and seems certain there is nothing
tures live music on Tuesdays and whatever they draw in covers is of its own, the rhythms drift up every night of the week. sic City. “We charge the lowest price same affect on Athens as it did in to worry about long term. “I think
Thursdays. “We try to keep it lo- what they get. from the bars and onto the street, Ticket sales are steady. Atten- Greene, owner of the Theatre we can possibly charge for tick- SoHo in New York: wealthy peo- the Athens music scene is firmly
cal and support local musicians.” The small fee of a cover charge beckoning people to come and lis- dance is still high. Changes in since 2004, says the problem with ets, and fight agents and bands to ple move in, rent goes up and art- entrenched and I don’t see it go-
Although Athens continues to sometimes works against the ten. Although there is seldom a the economy have failed to make the economy isn’t getting people make them as low as we possibly ists move out. ing away. There are enough peo-
cultivate support and a following bands, as well as the bar. “Some night where local musicians aren’t a huge dent in spending at ven- in the door: it’s getting the bands can,” Greene says. “If you look at “Wealthy people are moving ple who come here because of the
for local bands, getting started is people hear cover and it turns playing, on the other side, the op- ues thus far. So, what is it about here. a bands schedule, Georgia The- here from Atlanta, New York and music scene.”
a battle. It’s easy for musicians them away,” Trotta says. “It’s not a portunities for a small band to get the music scene in Athens that is “We’ve had a few shows can- atre is always the cheapest ticket L.A. They hear about the music Athens and its celebrated scene
to make the rounds among ven- steady income.” booked seem limitless. Athenians different today? Even more than celled because of gas prices and on their tour.” and art scene and want to come bring bands and huge national
ue managers and hand out demos. Trotta is a local DJ as well. DJ can hear a live show and a differ- perhaps than the current econom- anticipate having a few more,” he Gas prices aren’t the only ones here,” he says, bringing with them acts simply because it is Athens.
But, without the guarantee they’ll Triz, as he is known, has shows at ent band every night of the week. ics of downtown commerce, the says. The cost of diesel fuel, near- headed skyward. With increases disposable incomes. “With the national bands we get,
draw a crowd, some owners hesi- Nowhere Bar, as well as Farm 255 “I think it’s easier for a local population moving to Athens is ing $5 a gallon, affects bands that in the cost of food, some people People want to live in a small we are the smallest room on their
tate to book unknown bands. and Tasty World, playing elec- band to gain a following now,” different. travel in vans and buses. Bands can no longer afford milk for their town, but they need culture and tour,” Greene says.“Bands come
“It’s a catch-22,” says Trotta. “If tro, funk, hip-hop and some of says Shelby Wright, marketing “People getting into college to- now want more money because it cereal. Ramen noodles are no lon- art, Greene says. Then, artists here to play because it’s Athens,
you tell them who you are, but you his own beats. As smaller artists and special events manager for day are not as music and art ori- costs them more to travel. “Most ger just the broke college student can no longer afford to live there. because it’s legendary and it’s his-
can’t promise a big crowd, then starting out often do, he played a The Melting Point. Local bands ented,” says Velena Vego, booking deals are tight,” he continues, “and food of choice. But because rent is “Wealthy people come here and tory. So many people who move
they don’t want to book you.” lot of places mostly to get expo- get great support through word of agent at the 40 Watt Club. Lit- we don’t have room to increase the cheaper than most towns of com- things get more expensive. The to here stick around. They stay in
Nowhere Bar, where Trotta has sure, relying on friends and the art mouth and from people interested tle music scenes and cliques are budget, so we just pass.” parable size, and the cost of liv- next thing you know, the ‘it’ mu- Athens and barely get by because
worked for the past five years, of knowing somebody who knows in local music. “Many towns with not as prevalent as they used to be Bigger bands that once allot- ing is still relatively low, being a sic town is in somewhere called they know how special this town
takes the same approach and likes somebody to land a gig. He’s fewer venues give local acts less of and the focus on school is great- ted 10% of their budget for trav- starving artist is a little easier in Washington, Georgia.” is.”
bands to bring their own follow- gradually gained some following a chance. Here, there are so many er, drawing some of the college kid el expenses now allocate 30% and Athens. Even with all its changes and Athens certainly lives up to
ing, rather than depend on the bar and in August will play at the Tri- venues and genres, and media that crowd away from venues and into want venues to help make up the “The great thing about Athens,” economic worries, Athens is still its famous name. Even with the
to bring a crowd. Nowhere books numeral Festival in Ashville. “It’s follow music. That’s what makes study rooms. “School is a lot more difference. Average ticket costs at Greene says, “is with the art and a city of dreams. A garage band’s changes in downtown, venues,
newer bands on Tuesday nights hard to go out there by yourself Athens so interesting.” difficult. If you get in, you real- Georgia Theatre range from $5 music scene, artists live here be- greatest wish, Athens continues to genres of music and the econo-
and features more established in the beginning,” he says. “And The Melting Point features lo- ly have to study and concentrate for smaller bands to $20 for big cause they can afford to live here.” give local musicians an outlet to my, the roots of the Athens mu-
bands on Thursdays. Tuesday cov- if you’re not good, you’ll know cal, regional and national bands in on school,” Vego says. “I hope bands, but the theatre has to raise Yet, the abundance of musicians play music. With an array of ven- sic scene are firmly planted, sure to
er is $1 and Thursday is $2-$3. real fast. You just hope someone a melting pot of genres, from blue- there’s a new scene soon with up prices. To meet the demands of and the cool art town feel is some- ues and a community still greatly turn out more legends in the years
However, Nowhere keeps bar sees you, and hand out cards and grass and blues, to jazz and rock. and coming bands that attract increased travel costs for bands, thing that worries Greene, fearing supportive of local music, Athens to come.
blur local spotlight blur local spotlight

After a life of hustling and his seventh stint in jail he picked up Narcot-
ics Anonymous, a book which deals with ad-

years spent in and out of

dictions to narcotics, which brought him to
tears after he realized he was reading about
jail, James Scott has his first From there he began to deal with his ad-
dictions and even held his own Narcotics

job ever punching a time Anonymous classes within jail. After several
attempts to quit using, he became sober and

clock. His first week at work says that his family and other responsibilities
keep him sober now.

though, he had no idea what

“I couldn’t ever quit completely…but now,
my life has meaning,” he said. It is this mean-
ing in life—his wife and his daughter—that
his co-workers were doing keep him sober. He now has a job with a
plumbing company and is only weeks away

every time they clocked in from his first ever vacation.

For James Scott, it was new found faith in

and clocked out.

God that brought about his sobriety after a
life of using. Scott started smoking marijua-
na regularly when he was eight years old and
eventually moved onto other drugs. During

man to man
different points in his life, he was homeless, or
staying in rehab or mental institutions. Dur-
ing his last time in jail, he accepted Christ
and has now been clean for three years.
While their paths to ending addiction were
different, Scott and Hall faced the same dif-
By Ann Cantrell ficulties when they left jail. When they were
released, there was no organization in the area
to help get them on their feet. While Scott

earned a customer service degree in jail, there
finally asked the other guys what they were very few businesses willing to employ
On their wedding day, James
were doing,” laughed Scott, who had tak- someone with such a hefty criminal record.
Scott (third from left) pos-
en his first job ever at Pilgrim’s Pride af- Hall went on to say that living outside of
es with his new bride, pas-
ter looking for three months. jail is difficult for individuals who have spent
tor, and pastor’ wife.
It took him that long to find a job after most of their lives in a system where they are
leaving jail with a degree in customer service, constantly told what to do.
but also a criminal background that consisted “When it comes to thinking for ourselves,
of 54 incarcerations and eight stays in prison. we fall apart,” said Hall.
It was after discussing his long road out of The two men hope that Man to Man will
jail and addictions with his good friend Mel- provide the individual mentoring needed to
vin Hall, who has a similar spreadsheet of in- help men leave jail for good. The program
carcerations and jail time, that the men de- begins with an application process which in-
cided to help others find their way out of a cludes an essay on intention. In this essay, Casey Parrott, Mel-
life of crime and addiction. applicants must prove that they want help vin Hall, and James
“We want to work with those guys that so- and are willing to work hard to change their Scott pose for Blur
ciety has written off,” said Hall. lives. If an individual is accepted, then the cameras during a
Scott and Hall started a program called founders of “Man to Man” have one impor- meeting at Athfest.
“Man to Man” that helps individuals coming tant rule the individual must follow: no us-
out of jail. With the help of their other col- ing drugs.
league Carey Parrott, the men go into prisons For addicts, using is a way to deal with ev- addiction or crime would let a lot of people
and offer mentoring on finding a job, kicking erything. Getting high is a way to celebrate down. MAN TO MAN
an addiction or any other problems. and also a way to deal with sadness or loss, In the end, what really keeps the two men
The two men believe strongly that because Hall said they plan to keep the organiza- understanding well the process of getting so- said Hall. The cycle of reliance on drugs is away from their addictions is the new happi-
they have lived a life of crime, but later found tion small and intimate so that they can talk ber and leaving jail for good is a hard and what Scott and Hall are striving to break ness in their lives. While Melvin Hall cried
new lives with full time jobs and families, From information on the
with men, one on one, adding also that he long road, one that each individual must take with the men that they help. after he first read Narcotics Anonymous, he organization, contact James Scott
they can better understand and address the and Scott do not plan to be the only ones on willingly. For the two men, their new organiza- now cries tears of joy when he watches his at 706-351-3984, Melvin Hall
problems of men recently released from jail. working to change these men’s lives. If the For both Scott and Hall, this road start- tion has provided another responsibility that daughter laugh and smile. 706-351-4765, and Carey Parrott at
In fact, the name, Man to Man, comes from men do not want help and do not genuine- ed about three years ago when both men be- keeps them sober. Scott said through their Through Man to Man, Scott, Hall and Par- 706-351-9666.
the idea of communicating and connecting ly want to change, then Scott and Hall have came sober. Before that, Hall had spent his own lives, they strive to provide a good ex- rott hope to share their new found joy with
“mind to mind.” no intention of working hard to help them, life addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. On ample for others and that faltering back to others who are willing to change.
Courtesy Popfest

a Scott Reid article

Summer is the season of the festival. You can attend festivals for everything,
music especially. As music festivals become larger, harder to navigate, and more about the
bottom line than they are about the connection between artist and fan, music lovers of all
stripes are looking for that deeper connection, a way to enjoy many artists of the music
they love and not have to shell out big bucks to view the bands through binoculars...

Athens is lucky. Its small town Birthday To Me (HHBTM) record moving to Athens, Turner organized growing, and unlike Athfest, which work out them touring or who we can other towns. “It’s a unique time for
charms and deep-rooted musical label from there since 1999, and re- the first Athens Popfest featuring is a festival designed to highlight and put them on tour with and then there them to be able to play their home-
community allows for better oppor- located the label (and its 100-odd re- 52 pop bands of various stripes and unite the Athens community, it’s not are always people who are like, ‘Hey, town in front of a lot of people from
tunities to witness organic, home- leases to date) to Athens. HHBTM sounds at just two clubs, Tasty World just Athenians attending. Popfest has we’d like to play,’ who I never thought out of town and overseas, and also it’s
spun festivals that have hearts in the releases pop bands, pure and simple. and the 40 Watt Club. “To secure that attracted attendees from Japan, the would want to play. So it’s headlin- a chance for them to play locally when
right place, allowing fans to see mu- In all of its forms. The cutesy, “twee” I would leave [Panama City], I start- United Kingdom, France and Canada. ers, the label bands, friends, bands they’ve got media focusing on Ath-
sicians who want to be there to play kind, the acoustic singer-songwrit- ed booking this to celebrate finally So what does it take for a young, I’m into but do not know personal- ens,” adds Gordon Lamb, a local writ-
their music for the sake of song craft ers, the kind with synthesizers you moving to Athens,” Turner says. Turn- fun, cardigan-bedecked pop band to ly, and then people approaching us er and Popfest co-organizer. “They
- not a large payday. For the past 10 can dance to, and the list goes on. If er booked much of the first festival, end up with a spot on the bill at the themselves going, ‘We’d like to play.’” might get more exposure in one week-
years, Athfest weekend in June has Turner likes the band, he might re- in fact, from Panama City, contact- country’s preeminent underground Turner added that a third of the end than they did the previous year.”
played host to hundreds of bands, in lease something by it. The label’s web- ing bands he had previously interact- pop festival? Talking to Athens week- bands are generally local, lesser- The past two years, many of the
addition to arts, crafts and children’s site says, matter of factly, “If we like ed with through the label. Accord- ly magazine Flagpole before the third known bands, and booking them bands from outside Athens booked
exhibitions in the hopes of draw- what you sent in, we will get in touch ing to the Popfest website, that first festival in 2006, Turner explained the is usually an easier process because for the festival have been discovered
ing together community. It is the big- with you.” Turner planned to move to year drew 800 attendees. The festi- very simple process. “I start with a there’s no travel involved. Booking thanks to a website called SonicBids.
gest summer event in Athens when Athens for several years, consistent- val is growing at a rapid rate. Now in dream list of headliners I would like such a large number of local bands The site gives bands a chance to up-
many University students have al- ly held back by various factors un- its fifth year, the 2008 edition will fea- to have,” he said, “and I work through for the festival serves a multi-fac- load an electronic press kit (a package
ready left town for summer jobs, in- til he decided if he didn’t make the ture 83 bands and it is estimated that those and see who’s available and eted purpose, according to Turn- containing some of the band’s music,
ternships or a shot to make it in the move four years ago, then he nev- more than 3,500 attended in 2007, who’s not. There’s also the label bands er. The bands are given huge amounts biography and contact information) to
real world. But a new underdog has er would. It just so happened that with possibly more to attend this year. themselves playing, so that’s easy, that of exposure from traveling attendees, the festival in order to be given con-
emerged in the middle of August, Athens has a booming pop mu- What’s more, the festival will take knocks out 15 to 20 bands. Then it the audience gets to see what Ath- sideration to play. Lamb estimates
in the dead zone week before stu- sic scene, and since HHBTM has place this year at five different venues goes into figuring out what friends ens has to offer (even those in Ath- that the festival received more than
dents return for the fall semester. been located in Athens, many of in downtown Athens, ranging from of mine would like to play, and bands ens who might not make it to con- 300 submissions through the site this
Mike Turner moved to Athens from its releases have been local bands. your typical bars and clubs, to an in- that are interesting to me at the time. certs frequently), and then the local year. “It’s a very streamlined process,
Panama City, Florida in 2004. He It now seems miraculous how he dependent movie theater, to a bar with So it’s asking them and seeing if they bands and touring bands can net- it’s easy to respond to bands because
had been running his Happy, Happy did it, but less than two months after a movie theater. The festival is clearly can do it, and logistically how we can work to hook up future shows in it’s all electronic,” says Len CON
’T Courtesy Popfest
Neighbors, a co-organizer in a small level of fame for the band, influential 1960s Texas psychedel- Turner released several al- undertaking that the Popfest
responsible for upkeep of who has since completed several in- ic band the 13th Floor Elevators. Er- bums for the Setagaya, To- is, Turner and pals are already
the festival’s website. The site requires ternational tours and will release its ickson was experiencing a rise to fame kyo, Japan pop group Ele- thinking about next year,
a small fee, but being so open about first album, Partie Traumatic, on Co- with his innovative guitar and vocal kibass, a party-pop goodtime and how to make the festi-
submissions, the festival allowed free lumbia Records in July. “It’s kind of stylings in the late 1960s when sev- explosion that gets all crowd val bigger, better and pop-
mail-in submissions for bands that strange how that show has been giv- eral drug arrests and a diagnosis of members moving and sing- pier. “I’ve already got a list
did not wish to pay the fee. Did any en a sort of legendary status,” he says. paranoid schizophrenia sent him to ing along to infectious cho- of like, 100 bands I’m excit-
bands submit through SonicBids that As the profile of the festival has mental institutions, where he was sub- ruses and melodies. Asked ed about,” Turner says. “That
immediately won over the organizers, grown, so has the size of the acts jected to several years of horrific elec- through e-mail his impres- will probably change over
jaw-droppers that made them think Turner and company can book. In troshock therapy. The past sever- sions of the previous Ath- and over and over.” With
they had to book that band at once? 2006, one night was headlined by the al decades upon his release have been ens Popfests he’s played, that many dream bands, the
Considering they originally planned Mountain Goats, a mid-level indie- difficult for Erickson, and it wasn’t guitarist and vocalist Saka- guys don’t see much likeli-
to pick no more than 10 bands from folk band led by singer/songwriter until the beginning of this decade he moto Youichi wrote, “Ele- hood of an end to the fest.
the site, and ended up with almost John Darnielle since the early 1990s. was considered stable enough to begin kibass play many music “We want people to have
25 bands from site submissions, it’s The Goats are no strangers to Athens, performing live again. The booking fest in Japan, Taiwan, and to park in Atlanta,” Neigh-
safe to say so. In fact, some bands having played in town several times of such a legendary, but fragile, fig- USA that is great, but num- bors says jokingly. “There’s
may have been rejected not because throughout the nineties, but its shows ure such as Erickson must have been ber one fest is Athens Pop- new and exciting bands every
they weren’t talented, but that they are always a joyous occasion. The band extremely difficult, but it surprisingly fest! This is the fest that pop year,” Lamb adds. “We could
might not have fit right with the oth- has a near cult-like following among wasn’t, according to Lamb. “That came music’s true meaning over- get tired of doing it, but it
er bands of the festival. “SonicBids college radio and indie-rock enthusi- pretty quickly,” he says. “It came down flows.” This overflow, ex- won’t have run its course as
makes it easy to imagine a roster for a asts because of its Darnielle-penned to getting in touch with the right peo- plains Youichi, is caused by long as there are new and ex-
good afternoon of music,” Turner says. broken home and fractured love nar- ple, making the right offer, and get- the fact that every band loves citing bands, and we stay
Taking chances on small, unknown ratives. 2007 featured a headliner in ting a date nailed down. That’s real- pop music, and the festival committed to our goals.”
bands has paid off well in some in- Daniel Johnston, an underground ly how festival bookings should be.” has love for pop music. “Ele- Only in Athens can you
stances for both the band as well as singer/songwriter who has been per- The most difficult band to book for kibass went to USA many see such a refreshing and
the exposure levels of the festival. Take forming since the mid-1980s. John- the Popfest, according to Lamb and time and many place. Ev- pure outlook on planning a
Jacksonville, Florida’s Black Kids. The ston suffers from bipolar disorder and Turner, is this year’s Saturday head- erything is great! But num- behemoth five-day event that
indie-pop quintet had never played sings quiet and affecting songs about liner, the Music Tapes, a ‘90s Ath- ber one is Athens town! All aims to showcase what is of-
a show outside of Jacksonville until lovable subjects such as his boyhood ens band that has been on a hiatus the people loves the music.” ten viewed as merely a niche,
Turner invited them to play the 2007 crush, Casper the Friendly Ghost, for nearly 10 years. Led by Julian Ko- When Turner brings an in- under appreciated musical
festival. Several of the bands on Turn- and superheroes in such a transfix- ster, also a former member of Ath- ternational band to the U.S. genre. Instead, Mike Turn-
er’s Happy, Happy Birthday To Me ing and innocent manner, he makes ens’ seminal Neutral Milk Hotel, the to play the Popfest, much er and his friends work in-
label had played with Black Kids in fans out of tough guys. A remarkable band didn’t have a huge list of de- like he did with Elekibass or credibly hard year-long to
Jacksonville and recommended them number of celebrities have claimed to mands to play. Instead, it just didn’t Ninetynine from Melbourne, bring together a communi-
to Turner. After listening to the band be Johnston fans, from David Bowie feel ready to play again, despite Turner Australia last year, it’s al- ty-enriching, excellently or-
on MySpace, Turner booked Black and Kurt Cobain to the Flaming Lips and Lamb asking Koster and friends most always in conjunction ganized, and, most impor-
Kids for a 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon and Simpsons co-creator Matt Groen- to perform for several of the Pop- with a tour of the U.S., of- tantly, fun event that aims
slot at Little Kings Shuffle Club (the ing. He came to mainstream attention fests. “Each year I would get ahold ten with another HHBTM to reconnect music with au-
first slot of a long, hot day of bands), in 2006, when the stunning docu- of Julian, and he would say, ‘No, not band. Elekibass toured with dience, artist with fan, and
not always the most well-attended mentary, The Devil and Daniel John- ready.’ This year just kind of worked Athens pop luminaries Of town with resident. Since

Courtesy Popfest
shows of the festival due to attendee ston, won the Documentary Directing out as the right time for them to play Montreal and 63 Crayons on we have many more years to
exhaustion. “They came out that day Award at the Sundance Film Festival. again.” It helps that the Tapes will re- past tours. This also enables look forward to experienc-
like they were headlining the 40 Watt, A major headliner of this year’s fes- lease its first album in nine years on bands on the label to tour ing the Popfest, let’s hope
they played a great show,” says Turn- tival will be Roky Erickson and the August 19 with Merge Records. mutually in Japan or Aus- that neither Turner nor the
er. The media coverage given the show Explosives. Erickson is the 61-year- Not every band that plays Popfest tralia with much more ease. festival’s attendees ever stray
by bloggers and music press resulted old former leader of the massively comes from the U.S. of A, however. Despite being the daunting from those stated goals.




Back to
ell kids, it’s that
time of year
again…time to
head back to college.
Time to stop drinking
every night, having

unprotected sex and
spending all day sleeping
off your hangover at mom
and dad’s house and time

By Don Jamieson
to start drinking every
night, having unprotected
sex and spending all day
sleeping off your hangover
in your dorm room. HOW TO CHOOSE A SCHOOL
Let’s face it. After and it was funny how they were trying
NEVER choose a school because of a
baking in the sun all good curriculum or well-respected pro- to sell you on the school. This particu-
summer and baking your fessors. Pick a school with a cool mas- lar one said the campus had a library,
brain with bong hits, the cot. There’s a reason 100,000 peo- academic and administrative build-
last thing you want to ple show up every Saturday to see the ings and computer facilities. WHAT
Georgia Bulldogs play in Sanford Stadi- COLLEGE DOESN’T HAVE THOSE
do is pack up the shitty THINGS? Do they have oxygen too? I
um: a cool mascot. Do you know what
Saturn your folks bought they have at Sacred Heart University? mean, if you have a water park, a ca-
you and head back to Bucky The Outdoor Pioneer. This mas- sino and a whorehouse…those you
your favorite institution cot is retarded. He has freckles and put up on the website. When is “Girls
of higher learning. wears a coonskin cap. You wouldn’t Gone Wild” in town to tape one of
catch me sitting in the stands at the their “College Girls Exposed” DVD’s?
Homecoming Game yelling “Go Bucky!” This is the kind of info that I need.
But since Dad’s been I’d rather be date-raped by an en- And if you take one of these vir-
putting in extra shifts at tire fraternity. You know your mascot tual tours online, make sure you do
the slaughterhouse and stinks when Barney the Dinosaur or it drunk. That way, when you actu-
Mom has stopped wasting the Powder Puff Girls can kick his ass. ally go to the school, you can do keg
They also say that you should pick stands all night and still be total-
all her spending money ly able to find the way back to your
a college based on your strengths
abusing prescription and talents, but I couldn’t find dorm room…”Hey, this blurry build-
drugs just to have enough any schools that catered to some- ing looks familiar.” I’m telling you, I
to put you through one who frequents strip clubs, drank so much in college, I got a par-
school, you kind of feel drinks Jager-bombs all night and tial scholarship from Heineken.
can belch the entire alphabet. And finally, the only difference be-

gas prices getting you down?

obligated. So, here tween a 2-year and a 4-year col-
Another thing they tell you to con-
are a few tips for those sider when picking a college is how far lege is that you end up moving back
going back to school, as away from your family you want to into your parent’s house and troll-
bring it current date gas receipt and admission is $2 well as a few for those live. When I heard that I said, “Uni- ing Facebook for girls you wanted
going for the first time: versity Of Juneau, here I come.” to band in high school much quicker
I went on a college website recently when you fail out of a 2-year school.
comic spotlight

buying books orientation misery loves company

comedian doug stanhope is happy being miserable
The number one rule is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, AL- During orientation, most schools will give you a pamphlet
WAYS buy used school books. First of all, they’re on “How To Prepare Your Dorm Room.” What a waste of
cheaper. Which leaves you lots more beer and (fill time. It doesn’t teach you any of the things you really need It’s 2 a.m. and I just missed
in drug of choice here) money. Also, these books to know. Like, how to squeeze 2 cases of Natty Ice into one a phone call.  I was ready to re-
are usually highlighted already so you don’t need of those mini-fridges. Or, how to make a bong out of a lamp. tire for the night but out of curi-
to read the entire book. I mean, how dumb could Or, how to have sex on the top bunk without waking up your osity, decided to check my voice-
the last person who owned it be? After all, they roommate. Especially when you’ve got your ass pressed up mail.  “Nicole, its Doug Stanhope. 
were college students. Who wants to waste hours against that cold, dorm room, jail cell wall. I don’t want to Its 11 o’clock…no, 2 am your
studying Astrobiology when you could be spend- learn how to install bookshelves. My room freshman year was time.  So I was calling to do that
ing that time getting stoned and playing Guitar right next to the women’s showers. Teach me how to drill a interview…evidently, you don’t
Hero? Actually, I think every student should write hole through the cinderblock so I can have a live peep show. work my hours.” Sensing a slight
the grade they got in the class on the inside of the They always try to have activities for you when you first ar- slur in his speech, undoubtedly
book so the next person who owns it knows that rive. But they are always lame. For instance, my school had a caused by alcohol, I immediately
the right stuff got highlighted. Believe me, if they Pioneer Weekend, which included Sumo Wrestling and a bon- call him back and was greeted by
had sold used term papers and final exams when fire. Yep, there’s nothing like standing around an open flame a generous burp.  Stanhope asks
I was in school, I would’ve bought those too. totally sober and a bunch of fat Chinese guys in diapers to me to hold on as he fishes from
get you psyched for the semester. Screw making S’mores his fridge another Rolling Rock. 
He explains to me that it might
FINANCIAL AID with some prissy sorority girls, I’m going on a beer run.
be hard to understand him as he
just had 9 teeth removed as a re-
sult of periodontal disease. “It’s a
Financial Aid is very important for families who
can’t afford the full cost of tuition, room and
board, books, vodka, pot, bail money, stomach
dormitories new mouth I have so if you don’t
understand me make me repeat it
because I’m working around hav-
pumps, bongs, funnels, condoms, roofies, abor- NEVER live in the dorms when you don’t have to. That’s like ing no teeth and being drunk.”
tions and other college-related expenses. living at Melrose Place. Everyone knows everyone else’s busi- “I fucking hate going to doc-
ness and there is no privacy. Plus, who wants to get stuck with tors,” he admits.  “All I went for
PICKING A MAJOR some psycho roommate who tries to burn you in your sleep
with a curling iron just because you masturbated on his mat-
tress? Live off-campus. Want to play Beer Pong at 8 o’clock
was to get my teeth cleaned. It
(his teeth) didn’t hurt. Nothing
ever bothered me. I quit smok-
Some majors don’t even make sense. I almost in the morning? No problem. Need a place to hold Bucky ing so I went in to fucking get my
went to a college that had majors like Automo- The Outdoor Pioneer prisoner? No problem. Plus, when you teeth cleaned and they said ‘we
tive Technology and Construction Technology. bring home a fattie (and you will), nobody will ever know. can’t even clean them because you
Aren’t those things you do when you drop out of I once lived in a dorm called, Frelinghuysen, which actual- have [periodontal] so bad you’ll
high school and work for your Dad? I’ve come up ly sounds more like a federal prison than a place for young probably need to have extractions’.
with some of my own majors: Dominos Pizza De- people to live and study. We didn’t have a Residence Coun- I didn’t want to know that. Just
livery Tech, Security Guard at the Mall Tech and selor. We had a Warden. Instead of student I.D.’s, we just shut up! Don’t fucking tell me!
Handing Out Fliers On The Street In The Middle of had mugshots. And if you were caught bending the rules They go, ‘do you have diabetes
The Summer While Wearing a Gorilla Suit Tech. even a little bit, like lighting bottle rockets under someone’s cause we see this a lot in diabetes?’
door at 4am, you were sent to solitary. You think it’s hard to and I go, ‘I don’t know.’ I wouldn’t
get a tipsy college girl back to your dorm room after a par- know if I have diabetes because I
ty? Try it when “Lights Out” is at 9pm sharp and your cell- don’t go to doctors and ask ques-
mate is hornier than you are.They say you find yourself in col- tions and now you’re getting me
lege. The only thing I ever found in college was where to get fucking paranoid about this shit,
a fake ID and the liquor store that would take them. I’ll be you fucking assholes, I just want
honest; I did so many crazy things in college that the stat- my teeth cleaned…”
ute of limitations on some of them aren’t even up yet. He stops for a moment to take a
What I say is…go to college online. It’s cheaper, you can swig of his beer. “I fucking hate it.
cheat undetected and with all the school shootings these days, I have contact lenses and I always
you’ll never have to worry about bullets piercing the firewall. forget to order 5,000 pair before
I have to get another eye exami-
CHECK OUT DON JAMIESON ONLINE AT nation. I’ve had the same fucking
contact lenses for years; it (pre- I have fucking glaucoma, I’m not you have to go to a small, Quentin years, his pessimistic yet humor-
WWW.DONJAMIESON.COM scription) doesn’t change. And here for that.” Stanhope ponders Tarantino Mexico border town to ous attitude first paid off for Stan-
OR they do that test where they blow for a moment. “If I get ten min- have all your teeth removed just to hope in 2003, when he, along with
that air in your eye like a pellet utes of material out of this shit get new material…” fellow comedian Joe Rogan, re-
MYSPACE.COM/DONJAMIESON gun with no beebee. I don’t care if it’ll make me happy. Sometimes A standup comedian for over 18 placed Adam Corrola and Jimmy
comedy comic spotlight comedy just for laughs
Kimmel on Comedy Central’s ‘The Man Show,’ at 13 years old in the hospital in the waiting
doug stanhope
a national launching pad for his career. “I got room. That was in the early 80’s. In the early

fired from a comedy club in Austin but as soon 90’s I was smoking on planes. In ‘94 I remem-
as I got on the fucking Man Show, I was wel- ber I had quit [but] then started smoking be-
come to come back. ‘Oh those were the old cause I had to fly to air force bases in Japan and
days when you used to get naked.’ I would still Korea and you could smoke on international YOU RECOGNIZE HIM FROM:
get naked. I guess I “banned” them by work- flights. And I go ‘ah fuck I don’t want to waste
ing rock clubs in town and telling them to go this privilege’ so I started smoking again just so
The Man Show
get the pancakes Around two in the morning the husband got out
of bed, went to the kitchen and returned a while
fuck themselves.” He I could smoke on a 14 SHOWTIME SPECIAL later with a sandwich and a glass of milk.
prefers performing hour flight.” “No Refunds” (2007) Three kids come down to the kitchen and sit “Here,” he said to the ‘statue’, “eat something. I
around the breakfast table. The mother asks
small rock and come-
dy clubs, recently per- I don’t even want to When he’s not
spreading his misery
Bisbee, Arizona
the oldest boy what he’d like to eat. “I’ll have
stood like an idiot at the Smiths’ for three days and
nobody offered me as much as a glass of water.”
forming in Atlanta at
The Earl.
be famous
be on TV or . to thousands of fans
around the world, TOP 5 SONGS IN IPOD SHUFFLE:
some fuckin’ French toast,” he says. The moth-
er is outraged at his language, hits him, and
His success didn’t I have no qualms ... I love Stanhope spends time Big Empty - STP sends him upstairs. She asks the middle child
no use pulling out
stop there. Less than
a year ago, Showtime I would love
where I’m at. at home with his live-
in girlfriend, Bingo,
Long, Tall, Glasses
One toke over the line
what he wants. “Well, I guess that leaves more
fuckin’ French toast for me,” he says. She is liv-
A beautiful, voluptuous woman went to a
first aired Stanhope’s
comedy in his own
it if more people who at their home in Bis-
bee, Arizona, a minis-
Some train to Satanville (I hae no idea
what this is)
In memory of the id, smacks him, and sends him away. Finally she
gynecologist. The doctor took one look at her, and
comic genius that asks the youngest son what he wants for break-
special, No Refunds. were into what I do cule historic mining Sullivan Street - Counting Crows
was George Carlin, fast. “I don’t know,” he says meekly, “but I def-
all his professionalism went out the window.
He immediately told her to undress. After she had
Stanhope knows the
formula to success yet knew about me. town in the middle
of the desert, drink- the Blur Staff has initely don’t want the fuckin’ French toast.”
disrobed, the doctor began to stroke her thigh.
chooses to live his life ing while answering selected some of our Doing so, he asked her, “Do you know what I’m
now in almost obscu- emails and checking name is Gabe Windstrom. He’s a punter and favorite Carlin one- the jaws of life doing?”
rity from the public
spotlight. He tells me, “I’m happy when I’m his MySpace. On oc-
casion, a fan may hear
I think he played for the Seahawks for a min-
ute and played NFL Europe a lot. But techni-
A guy enters a bar carrying an alligator. Says
“Yes,” she replied, “you’re checking for any
abrasions or dermatological abnormalities.”
“I don’t have any de-
sires anymore in this
business. I don’t even
fucking miserable. a response back, “if
I’m drunk and in the
mood.” He’s even
cally (heavy emphasis) it’s correct that he was
a former NFL player and that makes the sto-
ry true.” Stanhope will take the tiniest shred
Why are hemorrhoids called
“hemorrhoids” instead of
to the patrons, “Here’s a deal. I’ll open this al-
ligator’s mouth and place my genitals inside.
“That’s right,” said the doctor.
He then began to fondle her breasts. “Do you

want to be on TV or If I ran out of hate or dedicated to blog- of annoyance and twist the experience into the
The gator will close his mouth for one min-
know what I’m doing now?”
“Yes,” the woman said, “you’re checking for any
be famous. I have no became a fucking Richard ging on his website, most utter disturbance of his life. He mani- If the “black box” flight ute, then open it, and I’ll remove my unit un-
scathed. If it works, everyone buys me drinks.”
lumps or breast cancer.”

Gere Buddhist I would

qualms…I love where always looking for a fests his own misery, fueling his fire of comedic recorder is never damaged “Correct,” replied the shady doctor.
I’m at. I would love story to share with his rage. No matter how his life turns out, Stan- during a plane crash, why The crowd agrees. The guy drops his pants and Finally, he mounted his patient and started having
puts his privates in the gator’s mouth. Gator clos-
it if more people who
fail miserably.” fans, consisting most- hope will always find the negative. “I’m hap- isn’t the whole damn sexual intercourse with her.
were into what I do ly of “lonely, disgrun- py when I’m fucking miserable. If I ran out of airplane made out of that es mouth. After a minute, the guy grabs a beer He asked, “Do you know what I’m doing now?”
knew about me. I get tled men.” Stanhope hate or became a fucking Richard Gere Bud- shit? bottle and bangs the gator on the top of its “Yes,” she said. “You’re getting herpes, which is why
a lot of ‘how come af- is so dedicated to en- dhist I would fail miserably.” Hence, Doug head. The gator opens wide, and he removes his I came here in the first place.”
ter 14 years of listening to stand up comedy I tertaining his readers he went as far as sacrific- Stanhope will always be happy. Ever notice that anyone genitals unscathed. Everyone buys him drinks.
just heard of you?’ You wish there was a way ing his testosterone for his fans by following With scorching days of summer sizzling to going slower than you is Then he says: “I’ll pay anyone $100 who’s will-
to find those people but my audience is such through with a scheduled vasectomy. “I actu- an end, Stanhope will once again take to the an idiot, but anyone going
faster than you is a maniac?
ing to give it a try.” After a while, a hand goes it’s called listerine
an eclectic group of people that it’s not like ally pulled my car over on the way and said I stage in rock n roll clubs across the nation. In up in the back of the bar. It’s a woman. “I’ll give
you can advertise on a channel and go these don’t have to do this at all; I don’t want to do September, he begins his Europe tour back in it a try,” she says, “but you have to promise not A young man walks up and
are the Doug Stanhope people.” For example, this. I started breaking out in cold sweats just Ireland, where in 2006 he was booed by an an- I’m in shape. Round is a sits down at the bar.
to hit me on the head with the beer bottle.”
“I have grandparents who come to my show thinking about needles, but I need an update gry crowd when he made a bold statement that shape. Bartender: “What can I get you?”
and I make fun of them for stumbling into the for my website.” Irish women were too ugly to rape, an insult Man: “I want 6 shots of Jagermeister.”
wrong place and they go, no we’ve been listen-
ing to you for years.”
That’s not all Stanhope does with his spare
time. “I do stuff like today I fucking fixed up
with a crushing effect, resulting in the cancel-
lation of all remaining slots for the remainder
Why is it called tourist
season if we can’t shoot at Stiff as a board? Bartender: “6 shots?!? Are you cel-
ebrating something?”
Stanhope is notorious (as evidenced by our this house to make it a perfect crash pad be- of the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival he was them?
A woman was in bed with her lover when Man: “Yeah, my first blowjob.”
conversation) for digressing from an original cause I got my stupid niece and nephew, and I booked for. If you missed his performance at Bartender: “Well, in that case, let me
thought during his standup, as he feverishly hate kids, but it does make some things great, the Earl, you can see and purchase his standup Think of how stupid the she heard her husband opening the front door.
average person is, and “Hurry!” she said, “stand in the corner.” She quickly give you a 7th on the house.”
chain smokes onstage. Now without a ciga- like being able to spoil them and make their on his website. You’ll witness his liberal rants
realize half of them are rubbed baby oil all over him and then she dusted Man: “No offense, sir. But if 6 shots won’t
rette in hand, he more than likely will be chain home life seem tragic in comparison so I’m from politics to religion, and always sensitive
drinking bottles of beer onstage. “I quit smok- turning this house into a Disneyland in the subjects in between. You can expect him to stupider than that. him with talcum powder. “Don’t move until I tell get rid of the taste, nothing will.”
ing 6 months ago… I used to fuck a lot too and middle of the desert.” A favorite pastime of his unleash his brutally honest views and opinions you to,” she whispered. “Just pretend you’re a
Why do they lock gas statue.”
I don’t do that much at all [either]…I still love is playing tennis in the middle of the scorch- but be prepared, you could find yourself nod-
station bathrooms? Are “What’s this, honey?” the husband inquired as he
cigarettes actually. I smoked for 27 years and ing summer heat. “I played three sets of ten- ding your head in agreement while you laugh Think you’re funny?
they afraid someone will entered the room.
[twice] I quit for 9 months, once in the ear- nis against a former NFL player in the Ari- with him (or at him) but you could also end
ly 90s and then once in the late 90’s. Now it’s zona sun yesterday for two hours and I got up offended and pissed off. Regardless, you’ll
clean them?
“Oh, it’s just a statue,” she replied nonchalantly. Submit your jokes online
all different. It’s a whole lifestyle thing. You my ass kicked, I almost fucking died on the need a seatbelt - because Stanhope will take “The Smiths bought one for their bedroom. I liked to
The main reason Santa is so
can’t do anything. It really started to control court.” The former NFL player was “no one you on one hell of a comedic ride. jolly is because he knows it so much, I got one for us too.” No more was said with “Just For Laughs”
my life in that now you can’t go anywhere and famous.” “I think he kicked a couple of kicks where all the bad girls live. about the statue, not even later that night when in the subject line.
smoke. I remember when I was a kid smoking professionally but it’s technically accurate. His -Nicole Black they went to sleep.
A&E movies A&E previews

movie previews
(SEPTEMBER 19) (Anthony Ledonis) The
most promising animation film for the
fall, Igor is a story that sheds new light on
monsters, offering a cute little hunchback
as a Mad Scientist’s lab assistant. Along
the trek to becoming a real scientist and
winning the Evil Scientist Award, he learns
lessons of life and aspiration. John Cusack,
Steve Buscemi, Christian Slater and Jennifer
making sure that it’s worth your $9.50 Coolidge provide perfect voices, and are
joined by Jay Leno and Molly Shannon
to make this a punchy cast headed for
animation perfection.

(SEPTEMBER 19) (Stephen Belber) Jennifer
Aniston, Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn unite
to play characters in the story of a traveling art
The Duchess saleswoman who tries desperately to shake
off an annoying Motel-owning man who falls
(SEPTEMBER 12) (Saul Dibb) Kiera Knightley and Ralph Fiennes star in this film about the Duchess of De- in love with her during her stay. He follows
vonshire. An 18th Century aristocrat, Georgiana displays her personal life and political extravagantness her back home, where upon running into her
to entertain the masses, hundreds of years later and to those who most likely have never heard of her. boyfriend, a love triangle of organic people
But, with a solid duo playing lead and a story never before attempted, this promises a unique and mem- with big dreams from small towns collides and
orable account of entertaining history worth noting. delivers a quaint and happy tale.

Taken Whiteout
(SEPTEMBER 19) (Pierre Morel) (SEPTEMBER 19) (Dominic Sena)

The Assassination of a High School President

Another kidnapping flick, but this As the sun sets for the next six
time with slave trade thrown in months in Antarctica, a U.S. Mar-
as the ransom risk, Liam Neeson shall, played by Kate Beckinsale,
(SEPTEMBER 12) (Brett Simon) Starring Mischa Barton and Bruce Willis, this is the story of a “beauty and the geek” team-up to find the culprit of stolen SAT plays a father and a detective sets out to track a killer in the dark.
exams. But, like any good Bruce film, what begins as a smaller problem brings on a larger and more violent one that probably delivers laughable moments out to solve the crime and save Inevitably a phenomenal cinema-
to level out the mood. Think Die Hard meets Lizzie McGuire. his daughter. Backed up by Mag- tography display and, with Beck-
gie Grace and Famke Janssen, insale as a tough guy, eye candy.
this film will serve action and sus- Based on a comic book, this story

BURN AFTER THE WOMEN pense for a possibility any parent

should dredge up suspense and
fear on screen.

READING (SEPTEMBER 12) (Diana English)

Starring Eva Mendes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Meg
Ryan (glad she is back), Carrie Fisher and An-
Nights in Rodanthe
(SEPTEMBER 12) (Written and Directed by
The Coen Brothers) nette Bening, not to mention Cloris Leach-
Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tilda
Swinton, John Malkovich and Frances Mc-
man, Candice Bergen and Bette Midler. With
an endless cast of notable female stars and a (SEPTEMBER 26) (George C. Wolfe) It will be impossible not to take stereo-
Dormand. The story is about two gym-buffs no less classic story, this remake of the 1939 typical expectations with you to this Romantic Drama about two people (SEPTEMBER 19) (Fernando Meirelles) Based on the novel by Jose Sarama-
who discover a disc containing top secret film by the same name will certainly live up to who find each other during hard times in their life. Richard Gere plays a go, a city is overtaken by a sudden case of blindness that lands the infect-
files of a CIA agent and plot to steal it. Get the success of its predecessor. The story of fe- doctor who road trips to visit his estranged son and runs into Diane Lane, ed in a mental hospital and left for ravage against criminals and the physi-
ready for non-stop laughter and entertain- male bonding and staying young through the playing a down-trodden woman who is unhappily married and escaping at cally fitter. Julianne Moore plays wife to doctor Mark Ruffalo and feigns the
ment as the Coen brothers bring you com- years, “The Women” will please and entertain, North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Two consciences of crisis come together for blindness to help save her husband and others from the deathly hospital.
edy and crime in a perfect beginning of the bringing the tears and laughter that make ev- inevitable love and guidance through hard times, so get ready for sappy ro- Expect violence and gruesome morals, but enjoy a story of desperate hope
fall film run. ery good chick flick what it is. mance but an encouraging (aren’t they always) story. and survival.
FOOD dives to delicacies

decisions, decisions
under or above ground, two great athens meals

A-OK Café & Basil Press
PASTA DEPALMA Athens, GA 30605


CRAB LINGUINI 706-552-1237 2467
Jefferson Rd.

Photos courtesy Nicole Black

If ye quests for hidden treasure and a boun- convince my daughter that it would be safe to chef will bring it to you when it’s ready. This
ty of food delights, look no further than the go down the stairs, we were beckoned by a nice is real custom made fare- you fill out a little
A-OK Café. I had to be part Indiana Jones woman who turns out to be the owner and the checklist of what you want on your sandwich.
to find it, but you won’t - because I’m gonna chef. At the bottom of the stairs you turn left First pick your basic sandwich. The combina-
tell you right where to look. 154 College Av- into an intimate café serving a simple menu tion sandwiches are $5.95 and are named after
enue, across from the Grill. Look carefully, it’s of sandwiches, soup and salads. It’s very basic famous newspapers. I got the Boston Globe -
fo r r es er vat io n s a
just a doorway at street level. The real trea- with Carolina Blue walls, and UGA themed a huge hunk of turkey, bacon and cheese (your
sure is literally underground. You may remem- tables and chairs. Street level windows pro- choice of cheese). Big stomach, little mouth,
t u s o n li n e
c u r r en t m en u vi si ber it as Kirk’s Kafe (or not). It’s under new vide ample lighting and a great view of the feet I had to open wide. Or choose a meal with a

ep a lma sita li a nca fe.c om ownership. passing by with seating for eighteen. regular name like club, chicken salad or Philly

Reading the menu on the door and trying to Go to the counter to order your food, and the cheese steak, to name a few. The latter are


FOOD dives to delicacies FOOD M.F.Y.B.A.


toasted on a Panini grill and cost for a marvelous view of the pedes- fears were unfounded. My plate
Now, to customize. Choose
trian traffic on the street. The ta-
bles are covered with crisp white
was fully covered by the portion of
fish and the accompanying vege-
one dish
your bread from a list of seven va-
rieties. Multi-grain, whole wheat,
tablecloths accented by black slate
tables, but not for long as I greed-
ily ate it all up. TASTE FOR wonders,
marble rye, sourdough, sub, crois- Approaching the maitre d podi- Cleaned the plate, what’s next? LONG-LIFE
sant, and of course white bread.
Add toppings like lettuce, home-
um, made simply of wooden wine
crates neatly stacked on each oth-
Dessert. Not just edible sweets,
but also some of the liquid variety.
YOURSELF specials and
grown tomatoes, cucumber, ba-
nana peppers, and several others.
er, you are greeted by a friend-
ly smile on the face of the wait-
A goodly selection of cordials and
cognacs accompany the pastries. vegin’ right
All the sandwiches come with a er who is dressed in a basil green In a place like this, it’s not just A-Ok Cafe
pickle spear and a choice of pas- chefs coat, the double breasted the quality of the food you pay
ta salad, potato salad, cole slaw or kind. He leads you to a table, bid- for, it’s also the service you receive. 154 College Ave. By Jacquie Brasher
If you like something more
ding you to be seated in the wood-
en chair with such simple lines.
The whole experience is one of
understated charm.
(706) 355-3002
deli style, go for a deli sandwich. As he hands you the menu, sump- Gas prices aren’t the
Choose from classics like chicken tuously encased in a padded cov- - Matt Alexander only things rising
salad, tuna salad, egg salad, BLT, er that resembles brushed stain- DePalma’s these days. Have you
a variety of meat based items or less steel, you notice the walls that noticed how much
more health conscious selections are made of red brick. And here 104 E.Washington food costs lately? Too
like veggie or veggie with hum-
mus or cheese. These delights are
is where things begin to be a lit-
tle less simple.
Got a dive or delicacy St. bad mom can’t come
you’d like to see in
between $4.00 and $5.50. Decisions, decisions, so many The Athens Blur?
(706) 227-8926 to the rescue every day
If you’re not in a sandwich state options on the menu and wine list. with her tasty meals
of mind, you can opt for some- Glass or bottle? Red, white, spar- Let us know at while you slog it out
thing really simple like a $1.50 hot kling? I think I counted about fif- editorial@ at college, huh? But
dog. Add chili, slaw or cheese ty choices on the wine list. Fif- hey, it’s not as hard as
- $.25 each. Or get some soup - ty! Prices range from $28.00 to
something fresh every day. Small $108.00 per bottle. A single glass you think. Buying and
is $3.00 and large is $4.75. If ranges from $6.00 to $10.00. If cooking good food
cool and crisp is what your palate you are like me, you know what on a slim budget is
craves, get a salad. A garden sal- you like and go with that, regard- actually easier than
ad is $3.75. Or spruce it up with less of the rules of wine consump- formulating excuses
grilled chicken for $6.50. In be- tion. But the menu very kindly
tween you can get a chef salad or offers suggestions for what wine about why your
pasta salad. goes with what food. So, lets talk research paper is late.
And here is the treasure this ad- food.
venturer is always seeking - some- Don’t be bashful about your
thing free! Fountain drinks are appetite- I’m not. Start with a Curried Chicken and Broccoli Red Beans and Rice
priced at zero for UGA students soup. There is a daily special, or One Dish Casserole
and staff with a valid ID! The tea Gazpacho or the French On- ½ cup chopped onion
comes with my daughter’s highest ion with a sprinkle of sherry. Just Wonders 2 cups chopped broccoli
½ cup green bell pepper
praises, and she IS a tea connois- enough to flavor it. Soups range 1 clove garlic
seur. Now that’s a great A-OK form $4.50 to $4.95. Next up is 2 cooked boneless chicken breasts, cut in cubes 2 tbsp. olive oil or butter
meal deal! Open Monday - Fri- the salad, ranging in price from
There’s a reason why 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 16 oz. can red kidney
day, 10:30 to 6:00. $5.50 for the Bistro to $7.50 for casseroles are popular. 1 tsp. lemon juice beans, drained and rinsed
If you like your food served the most amazing salad I’ve eve It’s a one-stop-shop! 1 tsp. curry powder (add more if you like it spicy) 1 ½ cups uncooked rice
with a little more flair, and above seen. This one has a priceless pre- And in college, when ½ cup sharp cheddar cheese, (or any kind of cheese) ¾ cup water or chicken broth
ground, try The Basil Press on sentation. Start with a handful of ½ cup breadcrumbs Salt and pepper to taste
Washington Street. When they crisp greens, wrap multiple layers you’re running around
first opened several years ago, I of prosciutto around it, stand it on from classes to parties, 2 tbsp. melted butter
took my wife there for our anniver-
sary. They wouldn’t let me in. No,
end on the plate and place sever-
al cloves of garlic around it. Voila!
a one dish wonder Directions: Directions:
could literally save your Drop broccoli in boiling water for one minute. Drain. On medium heat, sauté onion, gar-
they aren’t snobs and I don’t look I felt like I was defacing it some-
like a slob. Silly me - no reserva- how when I cut it up and mixed it life. They make handy Arrange broccoli and cooked chicken in a casserole lic, and bell pepper in oil. Add rice.
tion and they were full. I thought on my plate. leftovers, too, and are dish. Mix the soup, lemon juice and curry powder Stir everything well for a minute.
I’d give them another chance, this And now, the entrée. These and pour over mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. Top Add water or chicken broth. Add
time with a reservation. range in price from $15.00 to
one of the all-American beans. Salt and pepper to taste.
great comfort foods. with breadcrumbs. Drizzle melted butter over the
Stepping through the door, you $25.00. On TV you see the tux- whole dish and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes Cover, lower heat, and simmer for
feel like you’ve entered a Cote edoed waiter bring the plate with Here are a couple or until bubbly. (You can substitute broccoli with 20 minutes or until rice is cooked.
d’Azure bistro- oversized windows almost enough food to feed a bird, of simple recipes: Add more liquid if rice is too dry.
bring in a lot of light, and allow and I was afraid of this, but these other veggies like cauliflower or asparagus.)

ca lzo nes, buffalo wing

ers, , supe rfat su bs&s
s, fin
Live Soft Tortillas dinn burgers a ger
ndw s &
ia sert s, ich app
long and A package contains 10-12 tortillas. al
t es “ At Sons of Italy, es,
Prosper They can be frozen, and thaw quickly.
, d we make our special dough fresh every day

sal as, i

You can make all sorts of fast food

with these. Put grated cheese in a

and bake our pies and calzones on the stone,

Buying food


tortilla, fold over and place on a non-
on a budget

stick pan over medium heat. Brown
also means lightly on both sides or until cheese not in some conveyor belt oven, so when
making melts. Instant quesadilla! You can
sure your add all sorts of fillings to these warm,
you take a bite you can’t help
food has a
long shelf
English Muffins fold-over delights. Try some thinly- but say Bellissimo!
sliced apple and cheddar cheese for
life. Here (They’re the funny looking round slices of bread with nooks a quick, afternoon snack. Or chop up
are two and crannies in them.) They last a while and are great for a couple of slices of cooked bacon,
tried and breakfast or snacks. Pop a pair in the toaster and get creative! add a scrambled egg and voila! Your
true items: They’re great with all sorts of toppings. Try buttering warm own breakfast burrito, minus a lot
muffins and topping them with jelly for a quick breakfast or of processed junk you don’t need.
make a fast toasted sandwich with a slice of ham and cheese.

Quick and Easy

Veg Out Vegetarian Chili
I know, I
know. I
like meat,
2 15.5 oz cans cannellini, navy,
white, or kidney beans
full bar
1 28 oz can whole tomatoes
too, but ½ small can tomato paste
sometimes 1 chopped medium bell pepper
it’s just 1 diced medium carrot
impossible 1 diced stalk of celery
to include 1 chopped onion
it regularly 2 cloves minced garlic
on a tight
2 tsp. chili powder TRY OUR DAILY LUNCH SPECIAL MON. - FRI. 11AM - 3PM
2 tbsp. olive or vegetable oil
For those
lean times,
vegetarian Directions:
options can In a pot, sauté onion and tomatoes and tomato paste. Stir the tomatoes are broken down
be a very garlic in oil on medium to well. The tomatoes will begin and saucy, add the beans. Cover WE DELIVER AND CATER! to place your order, CALL 706.543.2516
healthy medium-high heat until onion to break down as you cook and simmer for 20 minutes (  .   )
lifesaver. is translucent. Add celery, them. You can also help them or until the consistency is to 2095 S. Milledge Athens, Georgia 30605 In Milledge Plaza
carrot, salt, and pepper. Sauté along with a wooden spatula. your liking and the beans are
until carrots are tender, about Add the chili powder. After soft. Add more salt and pepper
five minutes. Add the canned about 10-15 minutes, or until or chili powder as needed.

Portabella Burger Sliced cheese

Mustard, mayo, ketchup
off them. Remove the stem. Brush
both sides of the mushrooms with oil.
2 large portabella mushrooms Hamburger buns Sprinkle both sides with salt and pep-
(available in the produce sec- per. Place in nonstick pan on medi-
tion in most grocery stores)
1 large red onion, sliced Directions: um high heat. Heat on both sides un-
Sliced tomato Clean mushrooms with a damp pa- til mushrooms are slightly soft. Serve
Lettuce per towel. Do not wash them be- on buns with all the accompaniments.
Olive or vegetable oil cause they will retain water and be- Makes two burgers. You can also sauté
Salt and pepper come soggy. Just wipe any dirt or grit the onion if you don’t like them raw.
by Sarah E. King

SCHOOL Euro-Inspired Scarf: One of my favorite things, and always
so chic looking, these scarves can dress up any casual out-
fit or dress down eveningwear. The important thing is to
If you are like me, you probably use the lazy summer months to catch up on a little traveling: not color-coordinate. Be playful. Match a bright scarf with
maybe hop a plane to Europe, road trip to California, soak up the sun somewhere exotic, something equally colorful, and you can easily avoid hav-
ing your outfit look too much like winter wear. Personally, I
or simply lay on the beach at grandma’s. Inevitably, any fashion forward individual picks up think these things should be worn year round!
great finds at these locations, from the bright beaded jewelry of the Caribbean to Europe’s
sophisticated scarves. But those are just for your summer wardrobe, right? Wrong. When
Cotton Summer Dress: Leggings are still in, so that is a giv-
you’re shopping for those back to school outfits, or simply taking stock of what you do en. However, if you want to start your own trend, don a pair
have for the new semester, remember to keep your great summer finds in mind. With mix of colorful flats with your favorite summer dress. Nothing
and matching always in style, create your own look by combining a few key fall items with screams summer like a sundress and flip-flops, but if you
must remain true to this classic style, try one of the new
great summer finds - and you will be sure to turn some heads. Gladiator style sandals. If you are really itching to try some-
thing new, pick up a long sweater to wear over a summer
dress. It makes cotton dresses more appropriate for fall, and
with such a wide range of styles and colors, you can grab a
different sweater for every dress in your closet!


Funky Flats: This ever-popular European style
has made it to the States, and thank goodness,
because the right pair of flats makes any outfit
look stylish. Not sure how to pull this look off?
Pair flats with a dress, skinny jeans, a free-flowing
skirt, or Bermuda shorts, and appreciate the
subtle difference they make to your look. Really,
try flats with anything in your closet. They are a
perfect piece to dress up or dress down an outfit.

Beaded Caribbean Necklace: FOR THE FASHION-FORWARD GUY

This one is easy. Pair with your fa- Guys have it easy. Slap on a pair of khaki shorts, a collared-tee and some
vorite LBD (Little Black Dress), over sandals, and you’re set to go for class, work, the beach, a football game, or
a classy turtleneck, or with any sol- a party. But really, the ladies get to have all the fun when it comes to clothes.
id-colored piece, and watch people Guys, if you’re tired of going with the crowd, take a few tips from some of
take notice. Big jewelry is always in, Europe’s finest men:
and if you have a great story behind
• Rock a simple-colored scarf Colin Farrell style.
it, all the better. • Tight, graphic tees can make any guy trendy like soccer-stud Cristiano Ronaldo.
• Looking for something new downtown? Go David Beckham style with dark jeans,
a button-up shirt and blazer for a classic night on the town.
• Fedoras make any man look sexy; just look at Orlando Bloom!


TO WEAR WHITE? Bright Flowery Wrap: You picked up this
great wrap in Jamaica, and wore it like a
champ over your bathing suit all summer
Ok, so some people make a huge deal long. What now? Insert the LBD. Early fall is
about wearing white after Labor Day. way too soon to tone down the color of your
In fulfilling a lifetime dream, I just got back from a post- Screw what they say. Rules are fo break- outfits, so drape the wrap over any LBD like
gradation trip to Europe, where I backpacked my way ing! Wearing white is flattering on almost a shawl or large scarf, add some flats, and
across the continent. As you might expect, I noticed everyone, and as long as Georgia’s you’ve got yourself a rather sophisticated
some wonderful fashion trends along the way. European weather continues to be 80 degrees until
styles always manage to find a way over to the States, so going out ensemble. Props if the wrap is
here are some things to look out for:
December, I say rock your favorite white red… can we say, Go Dawgs?!
piece of clothing! Just make a few subtle
We covered flats and scarves, but I’m telling you, hang on to this one. These trends are worn changes to keep the fashion police at
year-round in Europe, and I think we could really take a tip from them. They are great for just bay. Pair dresses with a big belt, an over-
about every situation! sized sweater, or a scarf. For skirts and
Arabian-inspired pants. Think Aladdin meets the goucho, and there you are. I’m not sure how pants, play with a combination of flats,
I feel about these baggy-in-the-crotch pants, but on the right person, they look pretty cool. Just scarves, and belted, oversized shirts to
try to avoid them in bright colors, or you’ll basically look like a clown. keep your white items in tune with the
fall. And lucky for you, Greek-inspired
Shorts with tights. Another interesting style, but great for when the fall turns a little chilly. A pair
of fashionable dress shorts and black tights can look quite chic. Unfortunately, some of the tights items are big this fall, so use that to your
styles out there can have you looking like someone from an 80’s music video (or worse) so remain advantage by rocking big, gold jewelry,
cautious with the styles and colors you choose. Black is always good, and grays and dark greens/ Gladiator sandals and a simple clutch
blues can be pulled off, but anything bright takes it a bit too far. with your white pieces. Just don’t go the
Floppy ankle boots. Move over UGGs, because this trend screams chic, at half the price. Who toga route. Save that for parties…
actually needs UGG boots in Georgia anyways? Try a looser, more grown-up style with a pair of
ankle boots, easily paired with skinny jeans, leggings and a loose tunic, or a knee-length free-
flowing skirt.

ATHENS, GA 30605
425 Riverbend Parkway
Athens, GA 30605

At COLLEGE PARK - The Club you will experience our Best of Class
luxury apartments designed for todays busy student, as well as a
variety of amenities such as fully furnished private suites, washers
and dryers in every unit, Ethernet and so much more.

It is not your average apartment... it’s a Lifestyle. We at College Park understand the importance of achieving the
whole college experience and that is why we offer a resident lifestyle package that rivals any resort. We host several
fun and exciting monthly activities, such as barbeques by the pool, luaus, and movie nights, just to name a few.

And when you are looking to relax, enjoy our resort style swimming pool, clubroom with a big-screen TV and sand volleyball
and basketball courts. When you’re ready to hit the books, our computer lab and study rooms are at your disposal. We also
offer the convenience of individual leases so you don’t have to worry about roommates leaving you with the rent bill. ATHENS BLUR MAGAZINE 75
GAINESVILLE, GA 30501 • 770.718.1059

receive 10%





269 N. Hull Street / Athens, Georgia 30601
Call us about our / 706.353.3515
beside Casa Mia across from the Last Resort affordable rates





Nicole Black

photos courtesy of



(334) 821-6161
1947 - Margaret Truman, U.S. President

Truman’s daughter, gave her first

public performance as a singer. The

1971 - A security guard was stabbed to 1936 - Charles Hardin Holley, later

event was at the Hollywood Bowl Buddy Holly, was born in Lubbock,
death at a Who concert in Forest Hills, NY.

DAY in
and had an audience of 15,000. TX. His name was misspelled on

his first record contract and he
1993 - The Los Angeles Police 1997 - James Brown became the
decided to leave it that way.
first U.S. artist to appear in Lebanon

Department formally announced
that Michael Jackson was the following the recent lift of the ban
Courtesy 1978 - Keith Moon, drummer for

on U.S. travel to the country.

subject a criminal investigation. The Who, died in London after

overdosing on Hemenephirin at
1986 - Rick Allen (Def Leppard) played 1994 - Jimmy Buffett’s plane flipped after taking
1923 - In Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1987 - “American the age of 31. He was taking the
his first concert with his band since off in Nantucket, MA. He swam to safety.
an ordinance was passed Bandstand,” hosted by Dick prescription drug to help him with
losing his left arm in a car accident.
forbidding dancers from gazing Clark, was canceled after alcohol. He was replaced in The Who
1924 - “The Prisoner’s Song” by Vernon into the eyes of their partner. 2001 - In the Bahamas, Aaliyah and eight others 30 years on television. by Kenney Jones (from the Faces).
1995 - Security guards carried Courtney
Dalhart became the first country were killed when their plane crashed in Marsh
Love offstage after she began fighting with
music record to sell one million copies. 1994 - John Denver was charged Harbor, in the Abacos islands of the northern 1996 - Tupac Shakur and Marion
Hole fans because they weren’t cheering 1993 - Dave Navarro,
1995 - Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) with drunken driving after Bahamas. The cause appeared to be engine “Suge” Knight are shot while
loud enough during the last night of the guitarist, joins the Red
has surgery for a hernia. crashing his Porsche into a tree. failure due to the plane being overloaded. in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson
Lollapalooza tour in Mountain View, CA. Hot Chili Peppers. fight. Shakur died six days later.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1906 - The Victor 1970 - Jimi Hen- 1989 - Izzy Strad-
1964 - The first lin (Guns ‘N’ Ros- 1979 - U2 released their first 1988 - Elton John sold
1989 - Bon Jovi’s “New Jersey” album Talking Machine drix made his last
American tour by es) was arrest- record “U2-3” in Ireland. some of his costumes
1954 - Elvis Presley made Company public appear-

became the first U.S. album to be the Beatles began
an appearance in Memphis of Camden, ed for creating a and concert memorabilia
released legally in the Soviet Union. in San Francisco, ance at the Isle of 1995 - Cleveland’s Rock and
where he debuted “That’s NJ, began to disturbance on at an auction in London
The Russian label Melodiya paid the CA. The tour would Wright Pop Fes- Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
All Right (Mama).” manufacture an airline flight. for $6.2 million.
group with a truckload of firewood cover 26 cities. tival in England. was opened with a seven-hour
since rubles can’t leave Russia. the Victrola. The
hand-cranked 1993 - Billy Joel concert with dozens of stars.
1985 - Madonna’s “Like A 1980 - 1,400 people 1987 - Sonny 1968 - Eric Clapton
Virgin” became the first 1999 - 765,000 tickets to a unit, with horn became the first recorded his guitar solo
riot in Toronto Bono announced
album by a female to be Backstreet Boys North American cabinet, sold musical guest 1971 - The 1986 - Gregg
when Alice Cooper that he was run- on The Beatles’ “While My
certified for 5 million sales. tour were sold in one day. for $200. on CBS-TV’s “The Grateful Dead’s Allman was
cancelled a show ning for mayor Guitar Gently Weeps.”
Late Show with ex-manager arrested for
due to illness. of Palm Springs, David Letter-
1969 - Diana Ross invited 1939 - “The Wizard of Oz” 1979 - Led CA. He won was arrested drunk driving 1989 - The Pittsburgh
premiered in Hollywood, Zeppelin released man” when the for embezzling in Florida.
350 guests to a Beverly the election. show debuted. Steelers were banned from
Hills club to see the newest CA. Judy Garland became 1956 - The their last album $70,000 from practicing on their own
Motown act, The Jackson 5. famous for the movie’s song original together, “In the band. 2002 - Singer field, Three Rivers Stadium,
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” version of Through The Kelly Clarkson because The Rolling Stones
“Hound Dog,” Out Door.” 1965 - El- 1963 - Peter, 1990 - Elton John 1976 - The first was voted the
1985 - Simon LeBon’s were rehearsing for their
1969 - The Woodstock Music by Big Mama vis Pres- Paul & Mary checked into a issue of Musician first “American
(Duran Duran) boat upcoming concert.
and Art Fair began in Bethel, Thornton, 1968 - Keith Moon (The Who) ley played performed rehab center in magazine was Idol” on the
capsized off the English NY. The three-day concert was released. drove a Lincoln into the pool host to “Blowin’ In Chicago, IL, for published. Fox TV series.
coast during a race. featured 24 bands and drew of a Holiday Inn in Flint, MI. the Beat- The Wind” bulimia, drink-
The Royal Navy rescued over 400,000 people. 1991 - Billy les at his before Civil ing and drugs.
him after he spent 40 Preston was 1942 - Frank Sinatra started
1990 - Sinead O’Connor refused to home in Rights march-
minutes trapped in an arrested in his solo singing career. 1990 - Will Smith made
perform if the United States National Bel-Air, CA. ers who had 1996 - Isaac
underwater air pocket. 1974 - The Ramones played their Los Angeles, his debut in “The Fresh
Anthem was played before her show gathered in Hayes, who co- Prince of Bel-Air.”
first concert at New York’s CBGB. CA after a 1992 - David Bowie appeared
at the Garden State Arts Plaza in 1990 - Ste- Washington wrote the Stax
1877 - Thomas Edison 16 year old on the cover of “Architectural
Homdel, NJ, as is custom. A patriotic vie Ray to hear Mar- classic “Soul Man,” 1992 - Howard Stern
invented the phonograph 1977 - Elvis Presley died at the boy reported Digest.” He was the first
uproar ensued which lead to several Vaughn tin Luther sent a protest appeared as Fartman on the
and made the first age of 42 in Memphis, TN. He being sexually human on the cover in 4 years.
died of coronary arrhythmia. radio stations banning her music. and three King Jr. speak. letter to presi- MTV Video Music Awards.
sound recording. attacked.
mem- dential candi-
bers of Eric 1972 - David date Bob Dole re-
1998 - Scott Weiland (Stone 1969 - Frank Zappa disbanded the Mothers of Invention right after an eight-day tour in Can- Clapton’s Bowie and the 1998 - An episode of “Judge Judy” aired in which Sex Pistol Johnny
questing Dole
Temple Pilots) pled guilty ada. Zappa said that he was “tired of playing for people who clap for all the wrong reasons.” band were Spiders from Rotten appeared as the defendant in a case involving a drummer who
to stop using his
to felony heroin possession sued Rotten for allegedly head-butting him during a contract dispute.
killed in a Mars made song, which his
and was sentenced to 2003 - In Rhode Island, OSHA fined Derco LLC, which operated The Station club, $85,200 for one helicop- their debut at supporters had
three months in a drug “willful” violation and six serious violations related to the February 20 fire that killed 100 and in- 1999 - Nine Inch Nails performed at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.
ter crash in Carnegie Hall changed to “I’m
treatment facility. jured almost 200. Great White was fined $7,000 for failing to protect employees from fire hazards. It was their first-ever appearance on a televised award show.
Wisconsin. in New York. A Dole Man.”
Aug8 The Mother Truckers
Aug23 Athens’ Own Rack of Spam

Austin, TX rockers

The Ringerz with LD & The Blind Dates

From soul to hard rock ONE COLORFORM R O R O
Funtime soul, rock and R&B
Aug29 Deepstep w/ Tyler & Joey L O C E
Kick-Off the Georgia Southern Game weekend in
E R H T A N I R A E P P A YA M O G O , P U

style with these country trailblazers

Aug14 Squat Aug30 The Hushpuppies

Great local jazz masters
Celebrate after the Georgia Southern Game with
Aug15 Randall Bramblett CD release Party
Sax master & Songwriter extraordinaire
some Southern Rock‘n’Roll
Sep5 The Jesters
Shake your tail feathers their rhythm’n’blues
Aug16 Abbey Road Live!
Hear the Beatles White album live Sept11 An Evening with The Mark Maxwell Group
Acoustic Guitar with Jazz, Chamber Music and

Aug17 Bel-i-EVE Event- Classical Influences
Eve Carson Memorial Scholarship CD release
Bain Mattox, Connelly Crowe Band & Blue Flashing
Light take the stage for a great cause
Sep12 Athens 441 Pylon w/ The Buddy System
these legendary rockers play live

Sep13 Monte Montgomery w/ Tori Sparks
Aug21 Leon Russel w/ Lefty Hathaway Austin City Limits Hit plays Athens
Seminal rock legend returns

Eat. Dr i n k . Listen Clos e l y . Box Office 706.254.6909 ROROLOC EERHTANIRAEPPAYAMOG
ONE COLORFORM The Deal. TheDeal.
The Brew-ha-ha. The

$/7.4%.$2).+3 '%4/.%&2%% "59#!.3/20/5.$3/&#/&&%%

$/7.4%.$2).+3 '%4/.%&2%% "59

The Deal. TheDeal.

The Brew-ha-ha. The
Free 16oz. DRIP COFFEE



$/7.4%.$2).+3 '%4/.%&2%% "59#!.3/20/5.$3/&#/&&%%
$/7.4%.$2).+3 '%4/.%&2%% "59




The Brew-ha-ha.
EXPIRES 9/15/08
NELO Boombox Outformation
AUG 21 SEPT 11 SEPT 22
ZOSO Yard Dogs Road Show Langhorne Slim
AUG 22 SEPT 12 SEPT 24
AUG 23 SEPT 13 SEPT 25
Packway Handle Band DUBCONSCIOUS Cross Canadian Ragweed
AUG 29 SEPT 17 SEPT 26
REHAB Jason Isbell / James McMurtry Brantley Gilbert
AUG 30 SEPT 18 SEPT 30
KINCHAFOONEE COWBOYS Telepath / Collective Efforts Fleet Foxes
SEPT 4 & 5 SEPT 19 OCT 2 & 3

ese locations
tickets in store or by phone at one of th
Charge School Kids Record
Junkman's Daughter's 264 Ea st Cla yt on St reet
458 East Clayton Stre 706.3 53 .16 66