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LESSON PLAN - ENGLISH LESSON Date Class Number of Pupils Time Theme Topic Main Skills Integrated Skills

Curriculum Specification : 23th April 2013 : Year 5 Julius Caesar : 20 : 9.40 am 10.40 am (60 minutes) : World of Knowledge/ World of Self : Unit 9: Culture and Tradition : Listening and Speaking Skills : Writing and Reading Skill :


: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i) Listen and follow simple instructions. ii) List out about Malaysian foods iii) Able to explain about the consequences of littering : Pupils have experience buying food. : LCD Projector, Laptop, Video, Worksheet, Flash Cards, Sound system, 4 pieces of Manila cards, Sets of Marker pen. : Cleanliness and Environmental Awareness

Previous Knowledge Teaching Aids

Moral Values

Stage / Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content Whole class activity (Simon Says) Aids: flash cards

Teaching and Learning Activities 1. Teacher gives students 3 flash cards consist picture of food. 2. Teacher gives simple instruction. Simon says pick up your bread 3. Teacher starts the game. 4. Student who does not comply with the simple instruction s are eliminated from the game. 5. Teacher counts the remaining students who are still in the game.

Rationale: 1. To allow pupils to listen to simple instruction. 2. To encourage pupils to have competitiveness spirit 3. To motivate students to pay attention and listen carefully to instructions.

Presentation (15 minutes)

Group activity Aids: LCD Projector, Laptop, Sound System, Video Moral Value: Appreciate their culture

1. Teacher shows a video. 2. Teacher asks the students opinion about what they learnt from the video. 3. Student response to the teacher according to their previous experience. Rationale: 1. To improve students listening skills 2. To encourage students to learn through video 3. To motivate them to speak the language 1. Teacher distributes the worksheet to the students 2. Teacher plays the video again and asks the students to complete section A which is to fill in the blanks. 3. Teacher discuses the correct answer with the students. 4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated for section B. ( rearrange the sentence) 5. Teacher collects each worksheet to be marked. Rationale : 1. To encourage task based learning 2. Enhance their vocabulary 3. Ensure pupils understand more about the topic. 1. Teacher divides students into 4 groups. 2. Each group are asked to do a roleplay to act out few situations given to them. 3. Students are given identity cards. 4. Teacher gives an example of situation and acts it out. 5. Students act their roles. 5. The students relate their role-playing in accordance to the video and end their act with a moral value. Rationale: 1. To encourage pupils to be creative. 2. To increase teamwork among classmates. 3. To improve understanding on what they learnt.

Practice ( 15 minutes)

Whole class activity Aids: Worksheet

Production (20 minutes)

Whole class activity Aids: Identity cards

Closure (5 minutes)

Whole class activity Moral Value: Importance of Culture

1. Teacher introduces the song Rasa Sayang 2.Teacher give the lyrics and ask the students to sing according to the tune of the Rasa Sayang song 3. Students sings the song without the guidance of the teacher.

Rationale: 1. To reinforce pupils understanding on the topic. 1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately 1.5 Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details, and sequence. 2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made. 2.4 Tell stories based on pictures and other stimuli, and recite poems. 2.5 Talk about the people, places and moral values of the stories heard, read and view ed in simple language. 2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language.