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Introduction Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to Madam Nadiah Yan Binti Abdullah

and all our fellow friends. My name is Tengku Syed Azan as the chairperson on
this undergraduate forum would like to welcomes all of you to pay a full attention
to the topic that we need to discuss today. InsyaAllah, in this honourable evening
we will together try to discuss and make a clearance about one of the major
concern to our country nowadays which is a social ills among the younger
generation. I am truly believes that this problem is not just appear in our country
but it spreads in almost of the country in this world. First of all, I would like to
introduce our panels that I invite together with me to elaborate more deeper
according to the topic. Our first panel is Madam Anna Yuenna Binti Bujang, she is
a counselor from SMK Tasik Proton and we very auspicious in this evening
because we can bring together our ministry of youth and sports Dato’ Seri Faeizah
binti Murith. How do you do Dato’ ? our next panel is Dr Norhidayah binti
Ruslan, she is a psycologist from Open University and the last over there is miss
Fadhilah binti Abd Khadir from SMK Tunas Bakti,
Since the last few decades, it is observed that Malaysia is facing a number of
social problems like rape, sexual harassment at the workplace, increasing divorce
rate, drug addiction among youth and such other problems. Although we could
check the problems through some of the educational, legal and political measures
to certain extent but more consistent efforts are needed to address this problems
and to overcome them.
Ok for the first round, I would like to ask Madam Anna Thank you very much Madam
Yuenna how do you find about this problems and, what is Anna,
the factor relate to it ?
Dato’, now we know that the social ill among the younger Your pleasure dato’
generation become increase. So, how do you seen this
problem in the contact of society and can you explain a
little bit about your ministry which is one of the ministry
that strive to vercome this problems ?
Dr Norhidayah as a psychologist in one of the popular Thank you for your brilliant
university, what is your opinion about this issues and can explaination,
you stated any statistic according that ?
Together with us here is, Miss Fadhilah as one of the Thank you Miss Fadilah, I thought
officer that manages a Tunas Bakti school. So, can you tell the explaination that has been
all of us what is the major role of Tunas Bakti school and given by her can give us all a clear
describe a few information about that ? information what actually Tunas
Bakti school it is.
I hope all of you are clear with what we have discuss over here, for your reminder we have
discuss about the factor relate to this problems by Madam Anna, we got a view from our minister
and psychologist and everybody have clear about the Tunas Bakti school. Am I right ?
Now, we move to the next agenda of the undergraduate forum.
Back to Madam Anna again, you have stated that a factor about this problem before which is
parents, environmental and anything else. In this world, any ills have their own medicine to cured
right, so what can be done to cure the social ills among the youngest generation ?
Thank you Madam Anna for the explaination,
Dato’, from our discussion before we know that the
empowerment from the governments was the pulse and the
major organization to prevent this problem, so what are the
way that have been done by the ministry to prevent this
problems and what are the effect to the younger generation
from that program ?
Ok, we already clear about the role that has been played by
Tunas Bakti school, now can you tell all of us what are the
program or activities that has been held by your side
according to reformatory the children or youth that has
entered there.
Thank you for your addition according to our topic, I wish to just continue our discussion
this evening but the time has not enough for it, and I am truly believes this topic is really need a
long time to discuss because the spreads of its in our country at an unprecedented scale.
However, Malaysian political leaders, educationist, religious scholar, legal experts have not only
showed a serious concern about the problems but also taken some remedial measures to curb
these problems.
Besides the government authorities, the general public also concern about the spreading
of this problems. It is same to us, we also need to pay attention about this problems. This is
together major role. For the conclusion, I would like to highlight that there is a many major type
of factor of this problems but now we just have to pull all of our gains and cooperate each other
to empower our action. Besides that, some opinions and statements that has been given to the
audience and some idea about the general ways of the remedies for social ills should not be take
easy. It is for our goodness, if you not in it you out of it.
Once again, before I stop this forum I would like to thank all of my panels because your
pleasure for this evening. Hopefully all the thing that what we discuss today can make all of you
more concern about your life and your future to be. This problems should be curb early
according to ensure our country destiny become reality. For Madam Anna, Dato’ Seri faiezah, Dr
Norhidayah and Miss Fadhilah, thank you for your cooperation once agains.
I would like to stop our discussion today by all of us give our panels a full of appreciation
clap. Thank you.