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The prophet’s lovers

(Reem& Dina)
Mohammad as a Husband

When angel Gabriel came to the prophet with the revelationof Allah , he
(PBUH) went back home heavy-hearted, profoundly perplexed , he asked
his wife Khadija to be wrapped and, once he felt better, he narrated what
he had seen and heard to his faithful and supportive wife. "By Allah,"
Khadija said, "Allah shall never subject you to any indignity..., for you
always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always
generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as
unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to
those who seek justice and redress.

‫ػاد رسول هللا ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل من غار حراء بؼد ىزول اًويح وكد أخذٍ اًروع إىل بُتَ مفا أن كص ػَهيا اًلطص ” ًلد خشُت‬
ّ ‫ إهم ًتطي اًرمح وحنمي‬، ‫ ” الك وهللا ال خيزًم هللا أبدا‬: ‫ػىل هفيس ” حىت كاًت ريض هللا غهنا‬
‫ وثلري‬، ‫ وتىسب املؼدوم‬، ‫اًلك‬
” ‫اًضَف وثؼني ػىل هوائب احلق‬
Mohammad as a Husband

Aisha was asked about what the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) used to do in his
house, she said “He used to work for his family, that is to serve his
family, and when the prayer time came, he went out for prayer.”

” ‫ ( ماذا اكن ًؼمي رسول هللا يف بُتَ ) كاًت ” اكن يف همية أُهل‬: ‫سأًت ػائشة ريض هللا غهنا‬
Mohammad as a Husband

Umm Salamah radiallahu anha sent the Prophet (peace be upon him)some food
on a plate while he was in the company of Aaisha . When Aaisha saw it
she became upset , taking a rock and breaking it. The Prophet (PBUH) then
kept the broken plate in Aaisha's home and sent Umm Salamah a new one, ,
Allah's Messenger (PBUH) never showed her that he was angry from her.

‫ فأبلى‬،‫ فرضبت ػائشة اًلطؼة بَدُا فأًلت ما فهيا‬،‫أُدت أم سَمة ريض هللا غهنا إىل اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل ظؼاما ً يف كطؼة‬
. ‫ ومل ًب ِد غضبا من ػائشة ريض هللا غهنا‬، ‫اًييب ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم اًلطؼة يف بُت ػائشة وأرسي إىل أم سَمة كطؼة جدًدة‬
Mohammad as a Husband

Aa'isha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated )) It was the day of Eid,
and the Black people were playing with shields and spears; so either I
requested the Prophet (peace be upon him) or he asked me whether I would
like to see the display. I replied in the affirmative. Then the Prophet (peace
be upon him) made me stand behind him and my cheek was touching his cheek
and he was saying, "Carry on! O Bani Arfida," till I got tired.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked me, "Are you satisfied (Is that
sufficient for you)?" I replied in the affirmative and he told me to leave.

” : ‫ فإما سأًت اًييب ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم أو سأًين‬، ‫ اكن ًوم غَد ًَؼب اًسودان ابدلرق واحلراب‬: ‫غن ػائشة ريض هللا غهنا كاًت‬
، ‫ ” دوىمك اي بين أرفدٍ ” حىت مََت‬: ‫ وُو ًلول‬، ٍ‫ خدي ػىل خد‬، ٍ‫فأكامين وراء‬، ‫ هؼم‬: ‫اي محرياء أحتبني أن ثيظري إٍهيم ؟ فلَت‬
. ‫ فاذُيب‬: ‫ كال‬، ‫ هؼم‬: ‫ كَت‬، ‫ حس بم‬: ‫كال‬
Mohammad as a Husband
Aisha – May Allah be pleased with her – narrated that she was
accompanying the Prophet – Peace be upon him – in travel while she was
a young girl. She said I was still slim. The Prophet – Peace be upon
him – told his companions to go forward. They went forward. Then he
told me: come, I want to have race with you. We started the race and I
won. After a period of time, I went in travel with him and he said to his
companions go forward. The companions went forward and then he told
me: come to have a race with you. At that time, I forgot the former race
and I was fat. I told him: how can we race while I am in this situation
(thin)? He replied: you will do it. Then we started the race and he won. He
laughed then and said: tit for tat.

. " ‫" اي ػائشة ُذٍ بتكل‬: ‫ مث س بلِا بؼد ذكل وكال‬، ‫اكن ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل ٌسابق ػائشة يف اًطحراء فس بلتَ ملا اكهت جارًة‬
Mohammad as a Husband

Once the prophet (PBUH) was sitting in a room with Aisha and fixing
his shoes. It was very warm, and Aisha looked to his blessed forehead
and noticed that there were beads of sweat on it. She became overwhelmed
by the majesty of that sight was staring at him long enough for him to
notice. He said, "What's the matter?" She replied, "If Abu Bukair Al-
Huthali, the poet, saw you, he would know that his poem was written for
you." The Prophet (PBUH) asked, "What did he say?" She replied,
"Abu Bukair said that if you looked to the majesty of the moon, it
twinkles and lights up the world for everybody to see." So the Prophet
(PBUH) got up, walked to Aisha, kissed her between the eyes, and said,
“I swear Aisha, you are like that to me and more."

‫كبّي اًرسول ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم ػائشة ريض هللا غهنا ػىل جبَهنا حني رأثَ واًؼرق ًتطبب من جبَيَ اًرشًفة حني اكن‬
. َََ‫خيطف هؼ‬
Mohammad as a Husband
the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is reported to have said:
“One of you should not fulfil one‟s (sexual) need from one‟s wife
like an animal, rather there should be between them foreplay of
kissing and words.”

: ‫اي رسول هللا وما اًرسول ؟ فلال‬: ‫ فٌَل سأل اًطحابة‬، ‫” ال ًلؼن أحد ػىل امرأثَ نٌل ثلع اٍهبمية وًَىن بُهنٌل رسول‬
” ‫اًلبةل‬

The prophet Muhammad asked permission from his wives to

be taken to Aisha's apartment to be nursed and died with his
head in her lap.

.‫اس تأذن رسول هللا ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم أن ميرض يف بُت ػائشة فأذن هل‬
Mohammad as a Father

It was narrated that „Aa‟ishah (may Allaah be pleased with

her) said: “I never saw anyone whose speech more closely
resembled that of the Messenger of Allaah (pbhu) than
Fatimah. When she entered upon him, he would stand up to
greet her, kiss her and welcome her, and she would do the same
for him.”

‫ ( ما رأًت أحدا أش بَ مستاودال وُداي برسول هللا ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل يف كِاهما وكؼودُا من فاظمة بًت رسول‬: ‫غن ػائشة كاًت‬
‫ واكن‬، َ‫ واكهت إذا دخَت ػىل رسول هللا ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل كام إٍهيا فلبَِا واجَسِا يف جمَس‬: ‫ كاًت‬، ‫هللا ضىل ػَََ وسمل‬
. ) ‫اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل إذا دخي ػَهيا كامت من جمَسِا فلبَتَ يف جمَسِا‬
Mohammad as a Father

It was narrated from Masrooq that „Aa‟ishah (may Allaah be pleased

with her) said: “Fatimah came walking in the manner of the Prophet ). The
Prophet (peace be upon him) said, „Welcome, O my daughter.‟ Then he
seated her to his right or to his left, then he said something privately to her
and she wept. I said to her, „Why are you weeping?‟ Then he said
something privately to her and she smiled. I said, „I have never seen
anything like that which I have seen today, of joy so close to grief.‟ I
asked her what he had said, and she said, „I would not disclose the secret
of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon

‟ When the Prophet (peace be upon him) passed away, I asked her and she
said, „He told me, “Jibreel used to review the Qur‟aan with me once every
year, but this year he has reviewed it with me twice, so I know that my
appointed time (of death) is approaching. And you will be the first of my
family to join me.” So I wept. Then he said, “Would it not please you to
be the leader of the women of Paradise or the women of the believers?” So
I smiled.‟”

‫ "ادين مين اي فاظمة" فِمس ًِا بأذهنا‬:‫“"دخَت فاظمة (ريض هللا غهنا) ػىل رسول هللا ابهَة فلال ًِا‬: ‫غن ػائشة ريض هللا غهنا كاًت‬
‫ "أول مرة دين‬:‫فضحىت؟!" كاًت فاظمة‬ ِ ‫ "امهس كل‬:‫ مث كال ًِا اًرسول (ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل) مرة اثهَة‬،‫فبىت‬
‫فبىِت ومباذا مهس كل‬
‫ "مباذا‬:‫ وبؼد وفاة اًرسول (ضىل هللا غََ وسمل) سأًت اًس َدة ػائشة س َدثيا فاظمة‬.‫مين اي فاظمة" فِمس ًِا مرة أخرى بأذهنا فضحىت‬
."‫ فضحىت‬،‫هت اي فاظمة أول أًُل حلاكاً يب‬ ِ ‫ أ‬:‫ فبىِت! وملَّا وجد باكيئ رجع وكال يل‬،‫كال يل اي فاظمة إين مِت اٌََةل‬
Mohammad as a Father

Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah's

Messenger (PBUH) entered his house while his son Ibarhim was in
his last breathes. The eyes of Allah's messenger started shedding tears.
Abu-Rahman ibn Auf said "O Allah's Apostle, even you are
weeping!" He said "O Ibn Auf, this is mercy". Then he wept more &
said "the eyes are shedding tears and the heart grieves and we shall not say
except what pleases our Lord. O Ibrahim, indeed we are grieved by being
separated from you"……Narrated by Al-Bukhari.

‫ فلال هل غبد اًرمحن بن‬،‫جفؼَت غَيا رسول هللا ثذرفان‬

ْ ،َ‫ وإبراُمي جيود بيفس‬...)‫ (دخَيا مع رسول هللا(ضىل هللا ػَََ وآهل‬: ‫كال أوس‬
‫ « ّإن اًؼني‬:)‫ إهنا رمحة» ّمث أثبؼِا بأخرى فلال(ضىل هللا ػَََ وآهل‬،‫ «ايبن غوف‬:‫ وأهت اي رسول هللا؟! فلال‬: )َ‫غوف(ريض هللا غي‬
ّ ‫ وال هلول إالّ ما ٍريض ربّيا‬،‫ثدمع واًلَب حيزن‬
»‫وإّن بفراكم اي إبراُمي حملزوهون‬
Mohammad as a Father in law

Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) went to visit Fatima and
Ali , and found only Fatima, he asked where is Ali, she replied,
„he upset me and left the house‟ he found him sleeping in the masjid
covered in dust. The Prophet peace be upon him woke him while
wiping away the dust saying laughingly, „get up father of dust‟. The
Prophet did not even ask them what they fought about.

‫ فلال اًييب‬.‫ اكن بُين وبٌَُ يشء فغاضبين خفرج‬:‫ أٍن ابن معم ؟فلاًت‬:‫جاء اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل إىل بُت فاظمة فمل جيد ػََا فلال‬
.‫ ُو يف املسجد راكد‬:‫ فلال اًرجي‬،‫ اهظر أٍن ُو‬:‫ًرجي‬
” ‫ ” مق أاب اًرتاب‬:‫ جفؼي اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل ًلول‬،‫ وكد سلط رداؤٍ غن شلَ فأضابَ تراب‬،‫جفاءٍ وُو مضعجع‬
Mohammad as a Grandfather

When they were playing at the Messenger's house, the Prophet used to
play with Al Hassan and Al Hussein by getting out his tongue tip then
returning it back in his mouth again and closing his teeth, and by doing this
game again and again they were trying to catch his tongue with their little
mouths .So they were happy and pleased enjoying playing with their dear
grandfather (PBUH).

َ‫اكن احلسن واحلسني ًَؼبان يف بُت اًييب ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم اكن اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل خخيرج هلٌل ظرف ًساهَ مث ًدخهل وخيرج‬
‫ فِأىت احلسن و احلسني بأفواُِم اًطغرية خفريًدان أن ًَتلٌل ًسان اًييب ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل فِدخهل اًييب إىل مفَ وًغَق‬، ‫هلم مث ًدخهل‬
،....... ‫ مث ًؼود اًييب فِخرج هلم ظرف ًساهَ وُىذا‬، ‫ فِضحىون‬، َ‫أس ياه‬

Omama was creeping till she reached him while praying. He carried her
between his blessed arms and continued praying.

‫اكن اًييب ػَََ اًطالة واًسالم ًطًل ابًياس ًوماً فأثت حفِدثَ أمامة ابية زًًب وزحفت حىت وضَت إىل ماكن ضالة اًييب حفمَِا‬
. ‫بني ًدًَ وُو يف اًطالة إذا روع وضؼِا وإذا جسد وضؼِا وإذا كام محَِا بني ًدًَ ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل‬
Mohammad as a Grandfather

When both of Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein were on the prophet‟s

back playing as if riding a horse, a man(Jaber bin Abdullah) saw
them and said : "You are an excellent horse", he replied: "And they
are the best knights" (May Allah's blessings and peace be upon him).

‫اكن اًرسول ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل اكن مييش ػىل رهبتَِ وًدًَ واحلسن واحلسني محموالن فوق ظِرٍ وًداغهبٌل حىت أن جابرا بن غبد هللا‬
َََ‫ فرد ػَََ اًرسول ضىل هللا ػ‬.‫ هؼم امجلي مجَىٌل‬: ‫ريض هللا غيَ دخي ػَََ ذات ًوم فوجدٍ ميثي امجلي ٌَحسن واحلسني فلال هلٌل‬
.‫ وهؼم اًراهبان ٌُل‬:‫وسمل‬
When once the prophet (PBUH) was preaching on the pulpit, his grandkid
(Alhasan) was falling in his wide clothes. He stepped down off his tribune
and embraced him between his hands and said: "I swear I felt nothing till
I lifted him up".
‫اكن ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل ذات ًوم خيعب ػىل امليرب جفاء احلسن ًتؼرث يف جوبَ إىل املسجد فزنل اًرسول اًىرمي من امليرب ًَأخذ‬
.َ‫احلسن وًضؼَ إىل جاهبَ مث واضي خعبت‬
Mohammad with General Children

Anas reported that the young girls in Madinah used

to take Allah's Messenger (PBUH) by hand
wherever they want.
.)) ‫اَّلل ػََ َ َْ َِ َو َس َّ َمل فَتَ ْي َع َِ خق ِب َِ َح ِْ خث َشا َء ْت‬ ِ َّ ‫((اكهت أمة ـ اًعفةل اًطغرية ـ ِم ْن ِإ َما ِء أَُ ِْي اًْ َم ِدًيَ ِة ًَتَ ْأخ خخذ ِب ََ ِد َر خس ِول‬
‫اَّلل َض َّىل َّ خ‬

Sahl ibn Sa‟d said that the Prophet was brought a cup and he drank
from it. There was a boy, the youngest of all the people, on his right and
some elders on his left. He said, "O young boy, will you allow me to
give this to these elders?" The boy said, "I will not give away my share
of your blessings to anyone, O Messenger of Allaah," so he gave the
cup to him.

‫ "أثأذن يل أن‬:‫ فلال ٌَغالم‬،‫ وغن ميَيَ غالم وغن ٌسارٍ ش َوخ‬،ٌَ‫ أىت برشاب فرشب م‬-‫أن رسول هللا – ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل‬
."ً‫ ال وهللا ال أوثر بيطَيب مٌم أحدا‬:‫أغعي ُؤالء"؟ فلال اًغالم‬
Mohammad with his Followers

When the Prophet visited Al Bakki‟ (a burial-ground in Madienah next

to the Prophet‟s mosque) before his death, he told his companions:” I
wish I could see my brothers.” They replied:”Aren‟t we your brothers?”
The Prophet said:”No, you are my companions, my brothers are those
who didn‟t see me and yet follow me and believe in me. I‟ll wait for them
on Al Hawdh (the Place where the Prophet is going to give all survivors
a handful water from his noble hands that will make them never feel thirsty
again after this hard day-the Judgment Day- and this will be directly
before interring Paradise).

، ) ‫ فلال حصابتَ ما ًبىِم اي رسول هللا ؟ (كال اش تلت إيل إخواين‬، ‫زار رسول هللا ضىل هللا ػَََ وسمل كبي وفاثَ ملربة اًبلِع فبىك‬
. ) ‫ أما إخواين فلوم ًأثون من بؼدي ًؤمٌون يب ومل ٍروين‬، ‫ أوًس يا إخواهم اي رسول هللا ؟ كال ال أهمت أحصايب‬: ‫كاًوا‬
After these fabulous stories
of the prophet Mohammad ,
we wouldn’t say more than ,
we love the merciful prophet &
we hope meet him in the
paradise with all previous
prophets (peace be Upon
them) .
Done by ;
The prophet’s lovers
(Reem& Dina)