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Chris Buck


1 Malinya Road Allambie Heights NSW 2100

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0434 959975 Australian Citizen

Summary I am a highly motivated I.T. professional and team leader with technical experience across the broad spectrum of networking and computing. I am a capable and experienced solution provider in the Cisco, HP and Microsoft arenas. My experience covers a broad range of both technical and industry exposure. Technical Skills Summary Designing and building WAN and LAN networks (ATM/ Frame Relay/ TCP/IP) Installing and configuring server hardware Dell/ IBM/ HP (Compaq) Upgrading and migrating servers & software incl. Exchange Development of full DRP solutions including mirror sites/ recovery/ testing/ snapshots etc. Implementing network security incl. Firewalls/ VPN tunnels/ gateway products Installation and configuration of server Apps (Exchange, IIS) Installing/ configuring and implementing Citrix and Terminal Services Managing and administering large and small MS server networks Installation/ configuration of MS network servers (NT4, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008) Active Directory/ Group Policies/ Login Scripts/ User management/ SMS Design and build of intranets using IIS/ MySQL Configuring and installing network equipment (CISCO/ Alcatel/ IBM/ Siemens/ HP) Managing projects (large statewide and small) Managing and coordinating technical teams Connectivity (network components/ Apple to PC / software to software/ data porting) Planning and developing database solutions using MS Access, SQL, MySQL, Filemaker Planning and creating web solutions (some commercial) using HTML, JavaScript and Flash Designing and build of standard operating environment including UAT and documentation PC and Server rollouts Apple MAC OSX configuration/ networking/ solutions Training (classroom, small groups and one-on-one) Management of Search Engine Optimisation through Google ad-words and organic searches

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Chris Buck

Industry exposure Industry I.T. & T Financial Law Aviation Education Petrochemicals Power (Electricity) Recruitment (Executive) Transport (Railways) Manufacturing (Bricks) Experience 12 years 3.5 years 4 months 1 year 6 months 5 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 2 years Company(s) Incl. IBM, Digital Equipment Corp (Compaq), Microsoft , Argus Telecommunications Lloyds Bank, SmartSalary Adams & Remers Civil Aviation Authority Sydney University, Saxton-Lloyd Consulting Fina Plc TransGrid (Pacific Power) Executives Online Rail Infrastructure Corporation/ Argus Teleco The Lamb Group (2 years)

Education, Qualifications and Training

TMI (Time Management) CCNA (Cisco certified network engineer) MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) ATM technology Siemens - Alcatel, 7470 (36170), 3600, 46020, 45020 IBM ATM 8265, ATM fundamentals Microsoft Windows Server 2003 managing and maintaining a server environment Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP #1717868) Google Ad-words online multimedia training Various courses in HTML development and Web design, Macromedia Flash Design NT server 4, Windows 95, NT server 3.51 Basic VMS, Pathworks 6 client IBM PCSupport installation and implementation, Disk and Data recovery, Lotus 123 application development, Advanced dBase programming Hurstpierpoint College - 6 O levels - 2 A/O levels & 2 A levels in English & Computer Science

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Chris Buck

Career History

February 2009 to February June 2010 Infrastructure Consultant SmartSalary are a financial organisation in the Sydney CBD. The company main focus is salary packaging for 3rd party employees. My role involved the following: Managing a 60+ server Windows network which incorporates SQL, Exchange, Application, Citrix and File & Print servers running on Compellent SAN and ESX. Over 50% of the environment is virtualized. Over 50% of the 250 user base run Citrix ICA clients. This is a very complex environment with a mix of virtualized and physical servers, many different clients, different locations and bespoke apps. The environment has in excess of 8 million stored emails, a new DMS system and everything linked together via a SharePoint environment. In addition to the thousands of faxes per month, we have an outsourced IP telephony system feeding to in our proprietary software. Key achievements Deployment of a multiple VLAN infrastructure replacing the existing single VLAN. Deployment of multiple subnets into the environment. Planning and reporting on AD, Exchange, Network Deployment of visionXL sortware and training Management of network (HP switches/ Cisco routers) Development of PC SOE and assisted development for Citrix client SOE Re-work of existing GPO structure and change of AD (to be role based) Rewrite of existing logon scripts moving them from Kix to VB Rescheduling of backup routines Assisting in the planning of Citrix rollout on 2008 servers with a goal of fast and transparent access to all our systems from any location (internal or external) Assisting with DRP plan, snapshotting, DR testing and development Liaison with General management to procure additional software for reporting Implementation of Archive Manager software company wide, to assist in finding long term solutions for huge volumes of mail and speeding up the Exchange environment Liaison with third party support companies for major faults (Quest, AAPT, Broadcom and others) Liaison with product vendors Fault finding across wide range of servers/ clients/ & technologies (phone, network, PC, Apple, thin client) Close relationship with database and web development team General administrative tasks (users/ security/ access/ printers etc)

December 2006 to January 2009 Infrastructure Manager Executives Online is an online recruitment service for senior & board level executives providing permanent and interim placements for the Asia-Pacific market. This role has 3 sides to it. Managing the networks, servers, databases, phone systems, global VPN links and all technical aspects of the business. ( Business development through marketing design and creation of advertising material for the web using HTML, Flash, Photoshop and Swish Page 3 of 7 0434 959975

Managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Executives Online Australasia

Chris Buck

Key Achievements Successful implementation of local and wide area network solutions using current internet technologies connecting Australia and the UK Design and build of accompanying licensee website Liaison with vendors/ partners/ affiliates implementing connectivity and links through Executives Online including porting of data from multiple sources Design, build and supply of marketing materials in the form of documents/ web banners/ HTML mailshots/ graphical mailshots (using flash and photoshop) Performance monitoring and management of Google Ad-words, Yahoo SM Building and maintaining intranet/ terminal services and VPNs

September 2005 to December 2006 Principal: I started specialising in MS Access database work for home business and SMEs. During this time I also assisted many local businesses with their PC and server requirements. Successful implementation of 2 business critical systems in the Northern Beaches area. This included meeting and discussing requirements, building and agreeing budgets and deadlines, software development, user testing and implementation. These companies are aggregators of supplies in their preferred industry and required software to manage inventory, sales, purchases and provide complex reporting (both companies had found MYOB could not do what they required and wanted something bespoke). Building of interfaces between web / MSaccess and MYOB allowing web sales to be fed into an existing pick list system and then through in the accounting system I also designed and built a website for a local company:

March 2003 to September 2005 IT Manager - The Lamb Group (UK) The Lamb group is an umbrella organisation containing 12 smaller companies. Here, I managed, administered, upgraded and configured their servers & networks. I was responsible for planning, purchasing, building, configuring, installing, monitoring and troubleshooting of network equipment, server hardware and software (Windows Server 2003). Responsible for one staff member, 5 remote sites and head office. Reporting directly to the board of directors. Key achievements Planning and purchase of additional DCs, configuration and maintenance Installing and configuring Citrix Winframe XP & nfuse classic running over MS Terminal Svs Planning, purchase, implementation and configuration of mail server (MS Exchange 2000) Migration of Exchange between servers. Planning and purchase of secure gateway solution (GFI). Installation and configuration of the GFI gateway Spam, Content, Blacklists, AV - Reporting Managing projects from initial concept to final solution (direct reporting to the board of directors) Development of full DRP, testing and implementation including Backups, Recovery options, written procedures, secure locations etc Planning and configuring remote VPN solutions for sites installing and configuring Terminal Services for Windows 2000 and 2003, remote printing, local and remote solutions Administering & configuring Windows Server 2003 AD domain (DNS/ DHCP/ GPOs etc) Integration of Apple computers into the Windows network

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Maximising traffic throughput and connectivity between PCs and MACs Administrative duties (users, shares, groups, NTFS security, troubleshooting) etc Integration of MAC and PC technologies (inter-connectivity/ shared resourcing etc.) Creation of over 60 internal policies and procedures (and other documentation!) Planning and development of MS Access based enquiries system Managing security for Shares/ NTFS/ Terminal Services/ VPNs Planning and development of MS Word based templates system (written in Visual Basic) Training course design and build leading to every employee having tailored training plan for MS products (I also did most of the training) Developed and implemented standard operating environment Liaison with 3rd party supplier of support after my departure

Chris Buck

March 2001 to March 2003 Consultant - Argus Telecommunications Part of Rail Corp (Aus) Working for the network design arm of the Rail infrastructure corporation (RIC) designing, building & supporting network solutions for signaling, CCTV, LAN, travel agencies and other rail related services. Key achievements Coordination of meetings at a technical and management level Planning and architectural design of ATM and Frame Relay network solutions for train control systems (signaling) Building test plans and design documents Project managing solutions through Gantt charts & task lists, management of resources using MS Project Configuring and supporting CISCO routers and switches 3rd level support for the ATM and Frame relay WANs & LANs Integration of Argus work practices through building a common html interface Creation of over 80 procedures, policies and reports to aid in documenting work practices Building of an HTML front end to facilitate easy access to tools and documents within the group Liaison with Telstra, Fujitsu, Phillips, Siemens, Alcatel and other suppliers and carriers. July 1999 to January 2001 Network Supervisor / Network Engineer- IBM GSA Olympic Project Office Network LAN/WAN Engineer for IBM planning, designing and supporting networks for several Olympic and Paralympic venues for Sydney 2000. During the Olympics I was chosen as a Network Supervisor and 3rd level support on site at Stadium Australia. Key achievements Pre Olympics Design and build LAN infrastructure for UIPM Modern Pentathlon, Baseball Intercontinental Cup and the Australian Fastpitch Softball Championships test events. Project management of all aspects of the build using Primavera and MS Project (coordination of contractors/ SOCOG/ Venues/ other IBM departments) Assembling of hardware and all software configurations for the switches & routers. Supervising SOCOG volunteers Monitoring and reacting to network issues and liaising with all other groups to ensure integrity of problem reporting and resolution. Design and build LAN infrastructure for Baseball and Softball Olympic stadia (built based around an IBM 8265 (with ATM), LAN and WAN modules, IBM 8271-712s, E24s and 624s. Creation of documentation and procedures for administering and monitoring the LAN during the events. During the Olympics In July 2000 I became Network Supervisor for Stadium Australia Managing a broad range of network equipment 4 local LANs, results systems, commentator systems, Swiss timing etc.

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We were one of 3 centres for Sydney Olympic Park using an 8265 with SMF links to all venues (in addition to our own for running MMF within the venue). Support for over 550 PCs including 10 trolleys which were wheeled onto the field of play for input of results. Part of my responsibility was to ensure feeds from Swiss timing and output to our results systems and scoreboards maintained integrity (sometimes under extreme pressure and the gaze of 190,000 people!). Token Ring network for the Commentator information system which branched out across the whole stadium and into the IBC (running on 8260 and 8239s). Network monitoring & fault finding using Tivoli Netview. Supervising 3 staff and 7 volunteers

Chris Buck

Post Olympics During the transition phase from Olympic to Paralympic competition I coordinated the network changes and took a lead in the team checking quality assurance of network diagrams and on-site checks of physical networks. The IBM teams role during the 2000 games has been considered the most successful since IBM first started working with the Olympics. August - November 1998 IT Consultant - Adams and Remers (UK) This medium sized Law firm (60 PCs, 6 servers) made the decision to move from Novell to NT. I acted as project consultant, assisting them in replacing and converting the existing LAN servers to NT as well as migrating applications and rolling out their PCs. Key achievements Aid in the migration of servers from Novell to NT PC SOE developed and rolled out Exchange upgrade (from 4 to 5.5) Advised on changes to mail system to enhance its usability and performance. Advised and assisted moving bespoke law software across environments and aided the migrations Implementation of proxy server (MS Proxy Server 2) with ISDN link for access to another Law firms intranet and database. Set up remote access for a number of PCs on the LAN to an external intranet. Reviewed and repaired(!?!) backup systems Advised the creation of a DRP Help A&R to start building a level of standards into their IT practices. I provided policies and procedures for the work completed and a set of templates for them to follow. Documentation November 1995 to May 1998 Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC Australia Compaq/ HP) (AUS) As part of the DEC outsourcing operation in Australia (DEC OMS) I worked for the Australian Government Electricity Transmission Company (TRANSGRID) in Sydney. Key achievements Technical Project Lead - NT Rollout I initiated a capacity plan, domain selection and a security review part of which resulted in the replacement of the existing server hardware (we chose clustered DEC Alpha 1000as running Windows NT4). I conducted a pilot installation at a site that previously had no LAN. TransGrids decision to continue with the implementation was based on the success of the pilot. A decision to put in place the basic skeleton structure for SMS was taken and a comprehensive study of SMS was undertaken, culminating in my decision to install SQL and SMS primary sites at each regional area with the central site in Head Office. We also chose to implement the following NT features - DNS, WINS, DHCP and IIS.

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This led to the management of 2 x 3 person teams detailed to co-ordinate the strategy, planning and implementation of a 1000 user statewide NT Domain replacing an existing Pathworks DEC LAN. Most of TransGrids corporate data is held on VAX mini computers at a data centre and all PCs required access to this data during office hours (some 24 by 7 access also required). It was also decided (based on DEC recommendations) to change from the existing protocol set of DECnet and LAT to TCP/IP. The careful coordination of Pathworks to NT, PC upgrades and application upgrades was successfully conducted in 9 separate sites over a 12-month period. The introduction of a small Intranet with help and automated installation procedures were created for new PCs. Documentation and formalisation of procedures and policies for the new LAN were created and published on the Intranet as well as the implementation of a change control process. During the installation phase TransGrid made a decision to change their Financial software to Oracle and asked us to implement part of Oracle Financials on the new LAN servers and upgrade MIMS (to MIMSGUI). 1985 to 1995 I held a number of contract roles for Civil Aviation Authority Gatwick (UK) March 1994 to March 1995 SERVER SUPPORT Oakhurst Business Systems (UK) June 1993 to November 1993 UK SERVER ROLLOUT Microsoft Australia PTY, Sydney University (AU) 1991-1993 MS ACCESS LAUNCH - TRAINING PetroFina PLC (UK) 1988-1991 PC SUPPORT Lloyds Bank Financial Services and Trust Division (UK) DBASE PROGRAMMER Other interests and hobbies Tennis & tennis coaching - I am a qualified Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) coach. Skiing - 1998 / 1999 I worked as a ski guide in the 3 valleys, France. Travel - March 1995 to November 1995 I bought a campervan in Florida and drove to Alaska.

Chris Buck

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