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“Negotiation between me and Airtel

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Shantanu Malviya PGP No.20125696

Submitted To: Dr. Sujata Shahi Anisha Rani

. intended to reach an understanding. take your time? CSE-: sir. LOCATION-: I called the customer service executive from my home located in Gurgaon. CSE-: sir. We cannot do it. can I get your date of birth? Me-: it is 12/12/1990. to bargain for individual or collective advantage. Me-: ok. NEGOCIATION PROCESS-: CSE(customer service executive)-: Thank u for calling Airtel customer service. Me-: ok. . just give me a minute. In past I have never been late and this was the first time that I got a late payment charge in my mobile bill. let me to see the reason for late payment charge.i wanted the late payment charge to be removed so I called customer service executive. Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties. to produce an agreement upon courses of action. I could not pay the monthly bill on time so they charged me 1500 rupees as late charge for 2 months. I know that. resolve point of difference.I am sorry sir. Just for verification. Negotiation is intended to aim at compromise.INTRODUCTION What is negotiation:Negotiation is a process where each party involved in negotiating tries to gain an advantage for themselves by the end of the process. I have been using this number for last 3 years. or gain advantage in outcome of dialogue. I am not going to pay it. Can you remove this charge? CSE. How can I help U? Me-: This is Shantanu Malviya I have a mobile no. I want you to remove the late payment charge. here I can see that you didn’t pay your bill for two months that’s why there is a charge. I was confident that I will get the late charge removed because I had my position very strong. About my negotiation with Airtel customer service executive -: SCENARIO -: I had a Airtel in 2012. And I have never been late in payment. This time I had some more expenses so I couldn’t pay. 9928357397 my total bill is 800 rupees including 400 late charge? I am just wondering why there is 400 rupees late payment charge? CSE-: Sir definitely I will help you. to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests of two people/parties involved in negotiation process.

Please talk to your manager again and tell him my situation.Me-: talk to your supervisor. (after few minutes the CSR comes online) CSE-: are you there sir. CSE-: sir is there anything else I can help you with? Me-: no thank you. . Because this is the first time I am late in payment. CSE. I need 2 months to pay this 100 rupee. There also there are charges. WHAT I GOT FROM THIS NEGOTIATION-: I got discount of 300 rupee and rest of 100 rupee I have to pay in two months. CSE-: I will do it sir. I cannot pay the late payment charge at all. Generally we do not remove the late payment charge but since you are our prominent customer and this is the first time you are late in payment so I have got my manager approval to remove 100 rupee from the charge. Me-: Ok. Me. And sir please make sure that from next month onwards you make your payment on time. Thank you. Can you adjust these 100 rupees as 50 rupees in this month and 50 rupee in next month? CSE-: yes sir I can do for you. My financial condition does’nt allow me.Sir please give me a minute. Let me to talk to my manager regarding this. We are employees here we have to follow some guidelines. (CSE puts the call on hold. please be online. You have to pay 100 rupees as late payment charge. I have my other bills as well.thank you. I could have removed all charges but it is not in my hand.) CSE-: thank you so much for holding the line sir. I had a word with my manager. Me-: Thank you so much for this but this is not going to work. and she if you can remove it. Me-: that’s great but that 100 rupee I can’t pay in one month. I had a word with my manager and he said that we are going to make your case an exceptional case and we are giving you discount of 300 rupees. I got all my late charges removed from other bills why can’t you do it? CSE-: I am sorry sir but we have some restrictions. Me-: ok.

Once we know it we can use the opportunity in a better way. We have to figure out the other party’s need and priority for any deal. . I had my position clear that I can not pay that much of money and I got similar deal from other companies on my other bills. Here I got discount of 300 rupee and the telecom company got 100 rupee as late payment charge and was able to retain me as a customer. CONCLUSION-: Negotiation is a mutual understanding. It benefits both the parties.NEGOTIATION ANALYSIS FOR ABOVE CONVERSATION-: BATNA AND ZOPA-: BATNA (Best Alternative to A Negotiated Agreement)-: In this case BATNA for me was 300 rupee and for CSR it was 100 rupee. ZOPA for CSR was 300 rupee and for me it was 100 rupee. So I put my position very strongly and I got the deal as per my suitable option.