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Rathod Jaydeepsinh

A1/5, Ayodhyanagari NX, G.S.T-Chenpur road, New Ranip, Ahmedabad-382470. MOBILE: 8140520655 HOME: 079-27590210.

Seeking for a Challenging position in a firm which offers me a professional growth and a stress free work environment where I can implement my extensive experience as well as expand my knowledge base by getting the new opportunities and experiences.

Analog and Digital circuit designing using Pspice, Multisim, Proteus, Keil, MPLAB-IDE. PCB designing using Or-CAD, Eagle and other tools. C and Assembly language programming for microcontrollers. 8051, PIC microcontrollers. I2C, SPI, RS-232 protocols and Communication. Mechanical and electrical designing using AutoCAD. Computer Networking and Troubleshooting, Windows 7/XP, Linux- Fedora, Ubuntu.

Hardware Exposures: 8051 microcontrollers. 8086 microprocessors. PIC microcontrollers. Analog design Amplifiers, PWM, A/D Converters, Voltage Regulators, Isolators, Monitoring Systems, Sensors, Drivers,etc. Digital design Controllers, Oscillators, CCP, Schmitt triggers, Drivers/Buffers, Display controllers, LCDs, Latches, EEPROMs, RAMs, Communication, etc. Testing and Calibration Instruments Oscilloscopes, Function generators, Logic analyzers, Multi-meters, Panel-meters, etc.

Software Exposures: Operating system MSDOS, Microsoft Windows XP/7, Linux-Ubuntu, fedora. Design Or-CAD, Eagle- PCB, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Keil, MPLAB, Proteus, PSPICE, Multisim, LTSPICE, Eclipse IDE. Programming Language C, Assembly. General Microsoft office, open office, Data Recovery. Networking and Troubleshooting: Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Computer software and hardware, Computer sharing and remote desktop connection, Computer Assembling, Data backup and restore.


Employer:- Sutaria Electronics, Ahmedabad

Company deals in manufacturing of electronics based Digital Panel Meters which are used to measure the Voltage, Current, Frequency, Energy and many different load conditions for automation equipments. The meters get continuously upgraded to a new technology and for meeting new requirements of the customers.

Work profile:- Design Engineer

To design and develop circuits and PC Boards for the different requirements of the meter based measurements and control of the customer s equipments. Upgrade the existing product with the new technology. Simulation of the circuits for the pre-production checks. Micro-controllers programming in keil C. Designing, Dimensioning and sketching different Hardware boards to be used in the Panel boards using Auto-CAD 2012.

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication(B.E-E&C):

University: Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, Gujarat. Passing Year: Nov/Dec 2010. Percentage: 56%.

Certification course in AutoCAD 2011:

Institution: Khodiyar CAD Center, Ahmedabad (AutoCAD Certified). Passing Year: March 2011.

Participated in National level technical event organized by L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmadabad & L.D.C.E. Alumni Association(LAA) and attended the workshop of IEEE Advanced Robotics Workshop Participate in National level Robotics competition held at U.V.patel College of Engineering.


A/5, Ayodhayanagari Annex, Nr. Ravi Tenament, G.S.T.-Chenpur road, New Ranip, ABAD-382470. 10 April, 1988. Male. Single. Gujarati, Hindi, English. Apply Electronics to everywhere, Watching Scientific and Action movie, Playing outdoor as well as indoor games . Indian. Designing and Constructing Electronics Circuits, Automation, Robotics.

Date of Birth: Gender: Marital Status: Language Known: Hobbies:

Nationality: Fields of Interests:

1. Digital Timer for 0-99 Minuit: Tools Used Keil uVision v4.0, Proteus v7.0, 8051 Microcontroller.

Today many manufacturing and processing industries requires the timing control over the instruments and some of that must be switched off or turn off after some time delays. Here, I made a simple but excellent timer based on 8051 microcontrollers with some data processing ICs such as binary to 7-seg display and latches etc. The heart of the processing is the software written for logical purpose in the microcontroller. The keyboard can be connected for quick input of the timer data. The three controlling button is there for increment, decrement, Set/Clear operation. Here, The pulse output is given after the time delay generates, this pulse output is amplified and turns on/off the main device. 2. IR Security System: Tools Used Proteus v7.0, Multisim v10, Oscilloscope. Most of security system uses light or micro switch, magnetic sensor to detect the signal. Here is a new type of security system that uses infra-red rays to detect the signal. This signal is invisible signal. Therefore once we install the circuit we need not require any setting except to watch the power supply is ok. We can use this circuit as many ways for protecting purpose or for security basis. This circuit can be placed in the restricted area and used to detect unknown.

3. Call Detail Record: Company: HCL info systems Ltd, Ahmadabad.

The project CALL DETAILS RECORD includes designs the network and connects all the BSNL Exchanges. By the router. When a customer makes a call through telephone exchange, a CDR is generated. Collection of CDRs of the exchanges are through push in certain (ALCATEL) exchanges and in some other cases, they are pull (SIEMENS) through small files in X.25 format. In which we have to configure the router of each network and connects to mail router. 4. Water level Controller: With this project board, the controller board continuously monitors the water level and indicates it as a level of 0 to 9. If the level of water reaches less than 4, then the board starts the water pump and fills the water tank up to the level of 9 and turn off the pump.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars. Place: Ahmadabad (Rathod Jaydeepsinh B.)