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Attacking the Leader

Ground rules
Know your strength and weakness relative to the market leader. position. Estimate the strength of the leader's Find a weakness in the leader's strength and attack at that point.

Launch the attack on as narrow a front as possible. Do not ght head-on with a market times its resources.

leader unless you have at least three

Offensive Strategies
Frontal Attack Encirclement Attack Flanking Attack By pass Attack Guerrilla Attack Be the Opposite Attack

Frontal Attack
The cola giants have been battling on all marketing fronts to dominate the carbonated soft drink market.

Pure Frontal Attack

Frontal Attack
Nirma exploited the entry level in washing power market, a gap not addressed by HUL then.

Limited Frontal Attack

Frontal Attack
Fierce price war took place between HUL and P&G

Price Based Frontal Attack

Frontal Attack
Ujala dislodged market leader position in whitener segment by launching a liquid version of the product. Robin Blue from its

Research & Design

Flank Attack

Majority of

prots come from the

international areas where competition is not erce or non existent.

Geographical Flanking

Flank Attack

Instead of taking cola giants head on Red bull decided to focus on energy drink segment.

Segmented Flanking

Encirclement Attack
Licensed JAVA software to companies and developers for all sorts of consumer devices. As the products began to go digital, JAVA started appearing in a wide range of gadgets.

Product Encirclement

Encirclement Attack

By tapping into every distribution channel for watches, Seiko took over as much shelf space as possible.

Market Encirclement

Bypass Attack

Niche area in telephony services. No competition from Airtel and Vodafone.

New Product/T echnology

Bypass Attack
ITC diversied from cigarettes to FMCG

Diversifying (new geography; product)

Guerrilla Attack
Jyoti Laboratories in order to hold on to its share in the cloth whitener market, launched mosquito repellant products to reduce Reckitt & Benckisers focus on whitener market.

Be the Opposite
Dell Computers became the worlds largest seller of personal computers by choosing a direct orders through phone instead of retail stores.

Common Attacking methods

Price discounts Cheaper goods Prestige goods Product proliferation Product innovation Service innovation Distribution innovation Process innovation Advertising innovation

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