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multifunctional digital solutions

Profit from All-in-One

office productivity
Make your office more productive
in one easy move

Trust Canon to improve the way you work in the office. With the multifunctional iR1210 you can

increase productivity – while saving on time and space. Its ingenious design combines a fast digital

copier with a high quality laser printer, bringing you enhanced copying capability and pin-sharp

printing. Plus a unique toner refill system reduces running costs.

The iR1200 series gives you the freedom to fulfil your exact needs. You can choose to benefit from

digital black and white copying and printing. Or take the next step and increase productivity with

an Automatic Document Feeder. You can even meet all your communication needs with the

addition of high performance faxing. In short, profit from one machine that does the work of many.


With no warm-up time and a speed of Whether you’re copying or printing, the iR1210

12 copies per minute, you’ll get through your is exceptionally simple to operate. What’s more,

work quickly and effortlessly. Resolution is an efficient toner refill system and toner saving

a super high 1200 x 600 dpi, while digital mode means that the toner lasts longer - while

flexibility lets you copy up to 99 pages from still ensuring high quality output. Thus reducing

just one scan. You can even scan two originals your overall running costs.

and copy them onto one A4 page. Electronic

collating sorts your documents automatically. OPTIONAL NETWORK PRINTING

And a 100-sheet stack bypass allows copying With the optional Windows supportive network
onto a wide range of media including adapter you can quickly connect the iR1210
transparencies. to your office network, allowing users to share

all the benefits of professional laser printing.

PROFESSIONAL PRINT OUTPUT It’s the ideal way to make the most of the

The iR1210 delivers 12 prints per minute with iR1210 and boost overall office productivity.

a professional print resolution reaching right

up to 2400 x 600 dpi (enhanced). Also a new

spherical toner helps ensure high quality output

for both printing and copying. So all your work

– including detailed graphic images – always

looks exceptional.

Further office efficiency can be achieved by Enhance your communication capability with

selecting the iR1230, bringing you all the the fully featured iR1270F. It offers you all the

benefits of the iR1210, with the added benefits of the iR1230 - plus a high quality

advantage of a 30-sheet Automatic Document fax function to provide productive business

Feeder. Faster paper throughput and rapid communication at the touch of a button.

document handling increases productivity, And, what’s more, the functions operate

whilst the wingless design saves space. concurrently – so you can copy or print even

Better still, the iR1230 continues to maintain when receiving a fax in memory.

100% productivity when the document feeder


Advanced digital laser technology makes this

an ideal fax for the busy office. Its Super G3

capacity means it can scan documents at

17 ipm* and has a high transmission speed

of less than 3 seconds per page. It can store up

to 255 pages in memory – ready to be sent or

printed out later. It offers all the features of

a high performance fax, such as one-touch

speed dialling (12 numbers), coded dialling

(100 numbers) and high quality printouts

on plain paper. In a word, superb.

* images per minute

Your Canon iR1210 benefits

· All-in-One digital copier and laser printer

· Laser copy quality (12 ppm, 600 x 600 dpi /
up to 1200 x 600 dpi enhanced)
· High print resolution (12ppm, 600 x 600 dpi /
up to 2400 x 600 dpi enhanced)
· Easy-to-use advanced printing system

Your Canon iR1230 benefits

All the features of the iR1210 plus:

· Digital copier and laser printer with ADF

· 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
· Faster paper movement and more efficient
document handling
· Space saving wingless design

Your Canon iR1270F benefits

All the features of the iR1230 plus:

· Digital copier, laser printer, ADF and fax advantages

· High performance laser fax functionality
· Fast 3 seconds per page transmission
· Stores up to 255 pages in memory
· Can copy and receive a fax simultaneously
iR1210/iR1230/iR1270F Specifications
Main Unit Printer Specification
Type Desktop Print Speed 12 ppm

Copying System Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer System Engine Resolution 600x600dpi

Platen Fixed Printing Resolution 2400x600dpi (AIR)

Acceptable Originals Sheets, Books and other 3 dimensional objects (up to 2kg) Smoothing AIR (Automatic Image Refinement)

Max. Original Size A4 Memory 2MB

Copy Size A4 to A5 Printing Method CAPT

Copy Speed 12ppm Network AXIS Network Adapter (TCP/IP, NetBEUI)

Warm Up Time From Power Off – 4.5 sec. Max User Software Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP CAPT Printer Driver,
From Energy Saver Mode – 1 sec. Max NetSpot 3.3.2®, NetSpot Console 2.30®, NetSpot Device Installer 1.01®,
Remote Diagnosis Server 1.21®
Paper Cassette, 64 – 80 g/m2
Stack Bypass, 56 – 128 g/m2 Fax Specification (iR1270F ONLY)
Cassette 250 sheets cassette: A4 Compatibility Super G3

Paper Feeding One cassette and Stack Bypass Compression System MH, MR, MMR, JBIG

Paper Capacity Cassette, 250 sheets s (80 g/m2) Modem Speed 33.6Kbps
Stack Bypass, 100 sheets (80 g/m2)
Transmission Speed Less than 3 seconds (Canon Facsimile Standard Chart)
Memory 16MB
Fax Scanning Speed 17 sheets/min (A4)
Power Supply 230V/50Hz – 60Hz
One Touch Speed Dialling 12
Power Consumption (W) 230V/1.9A Max 890W or less
Coded Speed Dialling 100
Dimensions (WxDxH) 475x442x295mm (w/o ADF – iR1210)
475x442x352mm (With ADF – iR1230 & iR1270F) Group Dialling Max. 111

Weight (kg) Approx. 20.5 kg (w/o ADF – iR1210) No. of Pages in memory 255 pages (Canon No.1 Chart, STD Mode)
Approx. 22.6 kg (with ADF – iR1230 & iR1270F)
PC Interface
Copier Specification
IEEE1284 Yes
First Copy Time 13 Seconds or less
USB Yes, USB 2.0 Full Speed USB 1.1 equivalent
Zoom 50% - 200% (In 1% Increments)

Multiple Copies 1 - 99 Sheets

Scanning Resolution 600x600dpi

Printing Resolution 600x600dpi + RST (1200x600dpi)

Paper Size A4, A5 (from Stack Bypass)

Original Type Selection Text, Photo and Text & Photo

Toner Saver Mode Yes

Energy Saver Key Yes

Document Feed (ADF) iR1230 and iR1270F only

Document Processing Speed, 12ipm (A4)
Document Capacity, 30 sheets (80 g/m2)

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