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Melanin Booklist

African Origins of Biological Psychiatry, Dr. Richard King, (Seymour-Smith, Inc:Tn), 1990. Dark Matters, Dark Secrets, Dr. T. Owens Moore,( Zamani Press:G)., 2000. Essential Notions About Black Skin, Humberto Pierantoni, Societe dEdition, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, Paris-7 Handbook For A Melinated, Melatonin Friendly, Lifestyle , Dr. Patricia Newton, (NTI Publication:Md), 1996. Melanin-A Key to Freedom, Dr. Richard King, (U.B. and Us Books:Va), 1994 Melanin: The Chemical Key To Black Greatness , Carol Barnes, (CB Publishers:Tx) Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! Llaila Afrika, (Seaburn Publishing Group: NY), 2009 Saving Your Skin: Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers , Drs. Barney Kenet and Patrica Lawlor, (Four Walls, Eight Windows: NY), 1994. (The) Science of Melanin: Dispelling the Myths , Dr. T. Owens Moore, (Venture Books: Md), 1995. Vitamins and Minerals, From A to Z, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, (A and B Pub:NY), 1993. Why Darkness Matters:The Power of Melanin in the Brain , Ed., Dr. Bruce Bynum, African American Images:Chicago, 2005.