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Mabel Santos and Clinton Lagrone: A Summary of the Relationship and the Events October 2011- Mabel and

I meet. December 2011- Mabel tells me she is pregnant (with Michael). February 2012- I am dismissed from law school. I bring Mabel to every doctors appointment. I am under the impression that we are very much in love and determined to make the best of our situation.

March 2012- At Mabels request I move into Mabels home with her mother in Orange City, FL. May 2012- Mabel and I in Mabels home.

June 16, 2012, 4:30:56 PM- Mabel and I at her baby shower of which about 50 people attended from both sides of Michaels family. Great day.

August 27, 2012- Michael is born. Mabel gives Michael my last name; Michael Sebastian Lagrone.

August 3, 2012- Mabel at my (Clintons) house playing with newborn puppies.

September 2012- Mabel tells me that she did not approve of my behavior when the baby was born. I did not cut the cord and she accused me of falling asleep for a brief period in the hospital. October 2012- Mabel calls me as I am driving home and she tells me I have to get out of the house that very night. I try to ask her why she is doing this and I get very little response. I arrive at the house and try to talk to her but she is unresponsive and gives little to no reason why this is happening. I am only told that I must leave. Hector (uncle) is called over to the house I believe to intimidate me into getting out. I am told its just not working out and that I must leave that very night. I was given no warning. Her mother is screaming in Spanish almost the whole time. Regretfully, I leave to my mothers house without incident. Nothing violent ever occurred. (a picture of Michael taken in October 2012 in Mabels home)

10/25/2012- A photo(s) of me at Mabels visiting Michael after work at Defense Litigation Group in Mabels home.

November 2012- Mabel and I get back together in an attempt to work things out. A photo(s) of my mother and I visiting Michael in Mabels home.

December 2012- Early in December of 2012 Mabel and I attend a Christmas party together held by employees of Mabels work. It does not end well and Mabel and I leave the party separately and go to each others homes respectively. No violent incident ever occurred. A couple days before Christmas Mabel broke up with me again. 12/25/2012- My mother and I visit Michael to give him his Christmas presents.

12/30/2012- My mother, my Aunt, and I visit Michael (Mabel supervising the visit).

January 2013- Mabel is scarcely letting me see my son since forcing me out of her house. She is mostly unresponsive to texts and calls regarding my son. 1/23/2013- Michael and I at Mabels house

February 2013- My petition is filed for custody and visitation. Her Domestic violence injunction is filed at this time 4 months after I have already moved out of the house in October 2012. Mabels allegations in the injunction are shocking, jaw dropping, and outrageous outright lies. I am advised by my attorney at the time Richard Trapp who has since been disbarred in August for unethical conduct that the only way I am going to get to see my son is by signing the injunction. Mabel had about 8 witnesses who supposedly would have testified to violent acts and he said that he does not have the time, money, energy or resources to defend against 8 witnesses as he does not know what they are going to say. I have never arrested or suspected of any violence . There is no evidence of violence whatsoever. Nevertheless I sign the injunction because I got to see my son the next day. I see him now every Wednesday from 530pm to 830pm and every other weekend from 10am to 6pm each day. This domestic violence injunction has ruined my life. I need it modified or dissolved immediately. 2/20/2013- Michael and my mother during our first Wednesday visitation. Michael is born August 27, 2012 and this is the first time he is at his grandmothers house. Mabel makes false allegations of abuse to the childs doctor. Unfounded.

March 2013- A photo of Michael and I during one of my weekend visits. Several neighbors witnessed a car with tinted windows sitting on my street on several days on and off this month. Later it becomes known that Mabel hired a private investigator to record my movements.

March 20, 2013- I made a technical mistake and called Mabel while sitting in Hectors driveway (drop point). I leave a message asking where my son is because he is 45 minutes late for visitation that day. March 21, 2013- I am called by a police officer who is requesting that I turn myself in. He received a call from Mabel who showed him the injunction and played a message I left on her phone simply asking where Michael is. Technically, it is a violation of the injunction which states I cant call her. I turn myself in and I am booked in the Volusia County Jail on no bond for violating the domestic violence injunction. Mabel called the police and had me put in jail for calling her. I was in jail for 24 hours and released the next day on my own recognizance. No charges were filed. The police heard the message I left on the phone and there was nothing threatening or violent in the message I left her whatsoever. This booking picture is now plastered all over the internet (Google) directly associating me with domestic violence. My employer at the time (FCI) asks me about the incident and never calls me again to work. Furthermore, in early July 2013 my employer at the time (Command Investigations) asks me about the incident. I told my boss everything and was never called back to work an assignment. One week later he told me that my hours were no longer available and that he would be taking me off the schedule. April 3, 2013 My mother, Michael and I visiting with other family on a visitation day.

April 20, 2013- Michael and I playing on a visitation day.

April 21, 2013 Michael jumping for joy at the sound of his favorite Mickey Mouse song.

May 2013- Michael and Dad at the park during Wednesday visitation.

June 2013- Michael watching a mechanical dancing chicken dance on the kitchen counter.

June 2013- Michael and Lady getting to know each other. Also, Michael chasing Daddy around the house.

July 2013- Michael and I during a visitation. Also, Michael turning the pages of a book while Daddy tickles his toes.

July 2013- Daddy playing the guitar while Michael listens. Also, Michael getting a little cranky later before a nap.

July 2013- Michael and I in the toy aisle of CVS and later eating. On July 27 Michael would walk in front of me for the first time in the house and later at the park.

August 2013- Mabel makes false allegations of abuse to the doctor, CPS, DCF and Seminole and Volusia County criminal investigators. The conclusions of all reports are unfounded. The pictures submitted to investigators show minor scrapes consistent with a child learning to walk. Mabels uncle threatens me in the driveway as I wait for my son to be handed over to me for visitation. The violent allegations in Mabels petition are outrageous lies. I am a college graduate, a licensed private investigator, and a former law student. My mugshot is now plastered all over the internet associating me with domestic violence which I believe played a role in my loss of two jobs.

September 2013- On September 28 I am pulled over while working a case as a private investigator in Pinellas County 300 miles away from Mabell Santos. Officer says he pulled me over for driving erratically. I was following a subject. He asks if there are any weapons in the car. I say yes. He checks me out and finds out about the domestic violence injunction in Volusia county and I go to jail. My Gun was in a lock box unloaded in my trunk. My attorney who was disbarred was supposed to negotiate a provision within the injunction which allows me to carry my firearm at work as my job is inherently dangerous. I am currently out on bond for misdemeanor violation of this injunction. Mabels attorney notifies that she is requesting a hearing and will seek additional punishment for violation of this injunction.

October 2013- (to be completed)