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Lydia María Cacho Ribeiro

Why did I choose Lydia instead of any other female heroin from our history? Because I
think we should read and learn from all those who have been great inspiration in the
past but this is the one that needs all the support right now so she can take the fight to
the ultimate level and feel that she will never be alone.

Her work as journalist has been always on the social line, women rights, human rights
and she has been a great help participating at different associations and creating spaces
to bring care to children and women victims of domestic and sexual violence as
cofounder of the "CIAM" or as collaborator of the “UNIFEM” but her history as heroin
began to be known around the world after one of her books turned Mexico’s sewers
upside down.

Not long ago she wrote a book called "The Demons of Eden: The Power that Protects
Child Pornography" revealing a huge chain of pederasty perpetrated and covered by
government, judges, politicians, church, elites and authorities in Mexico...Documents,
photographs, evidence and declarations from the victims were part of her research to
make this book so dangerous for those involved on this low acts so for them this could
not be tolerated and quickly started the dirty fight back against Lydia.

Suddenly one night she was abducted by police forces from another state without any
signed order and breaking the law, civil rights and human rights torturing her on the
road trip and into the jail were the corrupted governor from that state send her to teach
her a lesson as he said on one phone call to his friend also involved in this case.

While the world was in shock, Mexico’s authorities did absolutely nothing about these
embarrassing behaviour from every authority involved and later was even worse when
in the middle of everybody’s hope of a fair trial and finally a big dose of justice, the
judges ignored every evidence and testimony and declared innocent of charges to these
powerful members of Mexico’s worst elite.

She is finally free from jail but not free from those who still are trying to get rid of her,
she has learned to live her life as normal as she can even with all the every day menaces
and even when government turned their back and stopped sending the money for the
support of the victim’s care centre she has found the way to make this place survive
with the help and donations from the people proud of her work and courage.

For this I choose Lydia Cacho from that huge list of amazing women of our history
because I want every one to know….and it would be a great help if they also care. Make
her name be remembered now that she needs support not later after her dead.

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