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Caged Heat

insertcode11 Title: Caged Heat Author: insertcode11 Pairing: Jensen/Jared Word Count: 12, 005 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction Summary: Two years ago humans killed Jensen's two little brothers and forcibly recruited Jensen as the star of their underground cage fighting ring. People come from miles and pay a fortune to see the elusive alpha werewolf--the "freak"--fight and be tormented by his captors. Jensen could escape but he stays, punishing himself and seeking redemption in death. One night when the odds are stacked up against him his captors bring extra "incentive" for a prize--a recently captured beta wolf. The wolf's name is Jared, and he's in heat. Warnings: Some/implied violence, unwanted molestation, some vanilla alpha/beta elements, explicit sex, schmoop, cuddling, PWP (plot with porn). Rating: NC-17 A/N: This is for siiy as a huge THANK YOU for making me some icons (*points* see? aren't they pretty?)!!! When I asked her what kind of fic she wanted she requested alpha!werewolf!Jensen. (I really hope you like this, babe!) Betas: Thank you tornknees and wolfish_willow for putting up with my

whining and making this readable! Also thanks to imogen_lily for reading this and encouraging me! Any remaining mistakes are mine!

Caged Heat The grit and the salt and the smell mix into the blood on his lips, mix into his saliva and slides thick and cloying and stale down his throat and gets stuck

somewhere in his sternum. Jensen tries to cough it up and gags hard until black spots dance in front of his eyeseven blacker than this dank underground cave. His blunt nails dig into the filthy mat with an audible vrrip noise as he blearily tries to move his thighs and get his knees under him while his hands and elbows scramble for purchase on the sweat-slicked mat, scramble to support his weight, to get the hell up. He coughs and gags again and his body burns and shivers at the same time. Down so fast, Puppy? The voice, sweetly rancid like rotting leaves, stands out from the dull roar of the drunken voices and stomping feet and lewd calls of the mob-like crowd that swarms the cage and bangs on the silver chain link cage. Jensen looks up and tries to focus past the dizziness. Its dark in this placethis underground warehouse with such poor air ventilation that it smells like a sewer and feels like a mass grave. Its a sea of darkness, the only light a high voltage, hot spot lamp that beams heavy and hot like lava on the cage. Despite his heightened eyesight (or maybe because of it with the spotlight so unbearably bright) Jensen cant make out the riotous crowd but it sounds like there must be thousands of them. The voice comes from close to the cage and Jensen can make out the tall man with a disgusting beer gut chewing on a cigar thats more expensive than the metal grey suit that hangs shoddily off his shoulders and too tight against his belly. Jensen can barely see his own hands past the blur and static in his vision so he cant make out the grey suit and the cigar or the sweat glistening on thick eyebrows or the big flat nose, but Jensen has known Blackburn (or Boss Black as he likes to be called) for two years now and he has every ugly feature of the human memorized. Jensen won Blackburn that disgusting and pricey cigar, after all. Blackburn smiles and even Jensen can make out his yellow, rotten teeth from the floor. You gonna to roll over like the bitch you are, Pup? Jensen growls, something that starts out as a frustrated groan in a human voice box and after a brief burning and tearing sensation in his throat turns into a bestial and eerie growl. His blunt fingernails, still digging futilely in the mat, burn and tear and suddenly his fingers are claws and hes ripping apart the thinly

stuffed rubber mat. The same burning sensation travels through his body like a shiver and he suddenly feels stronger, feels better even though the pain of ribs and skin and muscles and tissues rapidly mending takes his breath away. Hes changing! One of his opponentsthere are six of themwarns. Stop the little shit! Another barks harshly and not a second later something metal and hard strikes his back with a harsh clank that splits Jensens overly sensitized ear drums. Pain explodes through his body, hot and cold like dry ice, and his transformation stops and hes stuck with blunt nails, weakened muscles, and half-healed wounds. You know thats against the rules, Puppy, Blackburn sneers and Jensen has just enough time to blink fuzzily at something thick, long, and shiny and realize that his opponents had used a silver chain like a whip before its wrapped around his throat. The contact with the silver itches and weakens him and then hands are on him, yanking his arms backwards and the rest of the chain is wound around his wrists. Jensen struggles and growls and snaps and bucks his body but every time hes met with steel-toed kicks to his ribs and spine and kidneys. Silver plated knuckles that he doesnt even see coming (its so fucking bright and dark at the same time and he cant see shit) crash into his jaw with such detrimental force that he feels bone and teeth shatter, feels the joint disconnect before his vision blackens temporarily. We cant have you wolfing out. That would be unfair, dont you think? The last bit Blackburn calls over his shoulder to engage the blood thirsty mob that cries and jeers in response. Jensen blinks away the pain in time to witness the sea of raised palms hammer against the mesh fencing harder and faster and louder. Unfair? Jensen spits out a gob of blood and a tooth and sneers, his speech slurred by the blows to his head and his offset and throbbing jaw. Is that why you loaded up six meat heads with silver and meth and sicced them on me? Jensen has to break off and cough, blood gurgling in the back of his throat, making him gag which kills any appearance of heroic defiance. Jensen doesnt deserve to be a hero anyway. Finally gonna kill me off? He wheezes around bubbling blood and saliva.

Blackburn tosses his head back and laughs, chewing hard on his cigar, the smoke overly sweet and humid to Jensens acute nose, stifling the still, humid air even further. Please, please let this be it. Let this be done. Jensen thinks but doesnt dare to hopeto wish. Such things are useless, have been useless for two years now, ever since he was forcefully recruited as the main event in Blackburns underground cage fighting. Jensen knows that Blackburns repudiated for capturing and training an alpha werewolf and people easily hand over fortunes sometimes to see the elusive and ferocious werewolf cut down his enemies and sometimes to see the freak beaten half to death and humiliated by humans armed with silver-plated weapons. Not today, Puppy. Jensen snarls at the nickname and the crowd cheers at the animalistic sound even as the six meneach as tall and broad as Jensens human formpull the chain tighter and yank Jensens head back, stretching his throat until its painfully and degradingly bared. Jensen twists and growls and actually howls at the position. Blackburn laughs. The men surrounding him laugh and brandish a wicked silver knife, running the blade menacingly over his jugular. Jensen doesnt still, doesnt let up his fight. He thought hed reconciled himself, he thought he would just accept whenever the time finally camebut he never thought Blackburn would kill him like this, with Jensen displayed and forced into a submissive pose by humans, murdered without being allowed to fight for his right to an honorable death. Jensen rails against his fate, snarling, teeth elongating and sharpening impossibly despite the influence of the silver wound around his body. The teeth that fell out start to re-grow and the crunch and snap and grind of bones realigning and reforming in his jaw sends the crowd in a frenzy and makes the man with the silver knife press the edge all the harder into Jensens flesh until he feels drops of blood roll and tumble like heavy sweat down to his collarbone. Blackburn grins. Not today. He repeats. I wagered on you to win, after all. What? One of his opponents snaps, rancid breath suffocating Jensen despite his swollen and aching sinuses.

Another one, the one holding and twisting the chain painfully around Jensens wrists, barks out a harsh laugh. You blind, Boss? He jokes and twists the chain while yet another digs the knife further into Jensens flesh. We got the little bastard, its over. Jensen cant help but agree, even as he bucks and roars and growls like the animal he is. Hed been fighting these six silver-armed enemies for at least an hour. As soon as Jensen gets a good shot in on one hes surrounded by three others and battered weak with silver chains and knuckles and rods. Every time he tries to transform or call on the strength and heightened senses of his bloodline, one of them comes up with a thirty inch maceits thin and light but its definitely a maceand the short silver spikes dig into his flesh and poison him further. Hes dizzy with the poison and sick with the dizziness, body trembling with half-mended wounds that still leak his blooddarker, thicker, and richer than human blood and every drop that falls onto the mat sends the shark-like mob outside the cage into an even greater frenzy. For the first time in two years Jensen feels real fear spike through his chest. He thought he had wanted this, thought he had wanted to die in the most despicable way possibleits what he deserved. But he doesnt want this, doesnt want to die in this claustrophobic grave that smells like piss and human greed. Well see. Is all Blackburn says before hes looking over his shoulder and motioning to something in the darkness behind him. But if you win Ive got you a nice reward this time, Puppy. Jensen snorts, trying to twist his head out of the grip of grimy fingers. All of the rewards Jensen has been given over the past two years is the occasional extra slab of meat in his twice daily meals after a particularly lucrative fight, or a few days off to heal, or the rare human body willing to warm his bed (all of whom Jensen turned awayhe wouldnt be so low as to sleep with a human, and even if he wanted to he didnt deserve even a minute of pleasure). Blackburn knows Jensen, can see Jensens incredulity and it disturbs the werewolf that such a stupid and disgusting man can read Jensen so well. At least the man doesnt know everything that Jensenthat werewolvesare capable of. Jensen doesnt see how that helps now, however, when hes about to be split open and slaughtered in front of at least a thousand

spectators. Bring the little bitch up here! Blackburn bellows like a fog horn and the mob gets impossibly louder. He feels the hands of his enemies relax as their attention is taken to the darkness beyond the cage and Jensen thrashes, almost slips free, but the chain tightens and the silver knife slashes shallowly across his chest, spilling more thick blood and the scent of copper fills the air. Jensen grits his teeth and glares at Blackburn who is busy reaching down, half of his body disappearing out of the blinding spotlight. Eli steps up Blackburns right hand man whos tall and black and the breadth of two humans across the shouldersand between him and Blackburn they haul a third person forward, throwing him hard and headfirst into the chain link. The persona guy is an inch or two taller than Blackburn and shirtless, showing off tanned skin, sculpted and lithe muscles, and mottled bruising and discoloration that mar the otherwise supple and perfect flesh. The mans arms are bound behind him and Jensen can see that hes wearing a silver collar. Jensen has enough time to see the irritated skin around the collar, swollen and angry red like a burn and for that to register werewolf before Eli and Blackburn manhandle the weakly struggling werewolf so that they press his bare back against the cage, trapping his arms painfully between his body and the hot metal. Hows this for a prize, Puppy? Blackburn sneers before taking a handful of the captives sweaty brown hair that curls down to the end of his neck and lifting it to expose the tattoo there. Tattooed in thick black ink on the back of the mans neck is the Crux constellation which signifies that this wolf is a member of the Southern Tribethe tribe that has the largest territory in the werewolf world but the smallest population. They travel in small packs of two to three, which makes them easy pickings for large and prepared groups of humans. Jensen should know because although he comes from the Eastern Tribesignified by the sun tattoo between his shoulders and a twisted ray that stretches down half his spinethe most densely populated region where packs as large as a hundred wolves roam, he had been caught away from the pack along with his two little brothers. Jensen doesnt have time to fall down in the usual despair that swallows him when he thinks of his two lost siblings (and that had been Jensens fucking

fault, because he had been too damn arrogant, too sure of himself, too poor of a protector) because Blackburn is running his thumb along the center of the tattoo where another tattoo, the Greek symbol for beta, signifies the werewolfs birthright. Ive noticed how human ass was never good enough for you, Pup. So I got you a nice little bitch in heat, just for you, Pet, because I know what you want, because only I have the power to get you the things you need. Im not so bad, see? You win, Puppy, and hell be yours. Jensen doesnt have to be told that the other werewolf is in heat because finally the others scent reaches Jensen through the stagnant, sour air. Sweet and strong, clear as the fresh outside air that Jensen hasnt breathed in two years but still remembers with an ever-present ache. The other smells of sex and belly-deep wanton need and its the best fucking thing that Jensens smelled feltin the past two years and possibly his entire life. The scent washes over Jensen, clean and dirty at the same time, pulls at something at the base of Jensens spine and hes suddenly barely suppressing a half-groan, half-growl. And despite the pain in his body and the dizziness in his head hes suddenly impossibly hard and his cock has to be visibly tenting his thin knit shorts. Eli and Blackburn turn the other were around until the lean and flushed body is held up by Elis strong, dark arm and propped back on Blackburns shoulder so that the weres chest stretches on vulnerable display even more obscenely. What do you say, Pet? This little bitch enough to tempt you? Blackburn mocks as he blows out a stream of cigar smoke. One of Blackburns knobby hands slides over the silver collar, tugging harshly on it so that the wolf chokes and groans. Then the humans hand brushes over the weres quivering chest, his contracting abs, and finally palming the captives crotch. Or not so little! Blackburn calls out for the audience and those that hear fall into raucous laughter. Jensen growls warningly at the humanat anyone in the room daring to look at this beautiful werewolf, at any werewolf. These humans dont have the right. Now that the others scent is surrounding him, clearing his senses at the same time it seems to dull them; Jensen can now see and focus enough to make out the rest of the captive were.

The first thing Jensen sees is the flushed skin, glowing red from the others heat. He notices the dangerously trembling body thats spent and overly sensitized by the arousal of his cycle, the pain of the silver, and fear at being so helpless in the cruel hands of humans. That should be the only thing that concerns Jensenthe were is from a different tribe but obviously here against his will and Jensen should protect himbut his increasingly lust ridden mind insists that Jensen appreciate the mans long, slender neck, the high cheekbones and soft hair. Hazel eyes (its amazing Jensen can even see that past the concussion and obstructed blood flow due to his silver noose to notice the color of the betas eyes) blown wide with heat peek at Jensen from beneath half-open lids. Those eyes look at Jensen imploringly, recognizing Jensen as kin and alpha and silently begging for help. Pink and plump lips part to let out rapid pants, the top lip split bloody and bruised from some previous blow. Want a peek, Puppy? Blackburn taunts, digging the heel of his palm painfully into the tall betas denim-enclosed cock. He laughs acerbically and the sound drips caustic and burning across Jensens skin. What do you say? Blackburn calls over his shoulder to the crowd. Wholl pay to see this dogs goods? He leers and immediately the audience screams in approval and Jensen sees fat wads of crinkled bills suddenly appear in the fists that beat against the chain link. Jensen snarls, the change once again pulling at his bones and skin despite the silver and it hurts but not as much as his anger burns at the spectacle. That wolf is Jensens he thinks suddenly and violently and sure. You fucker! He howls. You goddamn filthy human! And hes twisting and arching, struggling harder than ever. Fuck! Hold the bastard! One of the six men in the ring with Jensen commands. I cantMotherfuGet him! Dont let go of the damn chain! And then theyre on him, flattening him out on his stomach, one guys knees in digging into Jensens spine while two other guys straddle each of his legs, putting all of their weight on him to hold him down.

More money flies into the disembodied, ghostly hands. And Jensen can make out cries of bleed the dog out! and make him fuck that fag! and stick the dog and make him watch while they fuck his bitch! Jensen strains against the weight of six men on top of him, never taking his eyes off of the other wolf. The beta must be in day five or six of his heat at least, too delirious to have much control of his body and properly resist. If the humans had tried to take the wolf any earlier they would surely be deadthe first few days of heat make werewolves sharper, stronger, and more aggressive fighters. Blackburn unbuttons the betas jeans, his smile as rotten as his teeth, pupils blown in lust. Humans cant smell the pheromones emitted by a werewolf in heat, but they can sense something different and alluring and irresistible. The experience is only a fraction of what a werewolf feels when their mate or potential mate is in heat, but its enough for the bloodthirsty crowd to be completely and perversely enamored by this battered but sensual animal trapped in their clutches. This young mutt insists his name is Jaredhe hasnt quite gotten the concept that beasts dont have names here, aint that right, Pet? He slowly pulls down Jareds zipper and breathes heavily into Jareds ear. His new name is Bitchhe dont like it too much now, but its what he is, isnt he Pup? He reaches into Jareds pants and the beta struggles weakly but all it results in is his legs buckling from under him. Eli wraps a thick arm around Jareds throat to hold him up and the wolf chokes and stills, immobilized. I think hes a virgin, too. He didnt have a mate to protect him as we pulled him limp and screaming from the carcass of his mangy mother just yesterday. Jareds breath hitches, clearly not just from the arm thats pressing on his windpipe because tears well in his eyes and he lets out a mournful, breathy howl. Jared only looks about twenty or twenty-one, he looks a few years younger than Jensen anyway, which means that this is probably his firstmaybe his secondheat. And past the stench of human filth Jensen can smell the newness of Jareds body and knows that hes untouched. A fire erupts through Jensen at the thought of Jensen possessing that

newness and he feels an even greater determination not to let their captors taint it. Blackburn sneers and pulls out the young betas cock, pushing his jeans down his hips and propping his balls lewdly over the band of his underwear. Jareds cock is full and flushed so dark its almost purple, pre-come leaking about the head as his organ stays hard against Jareds will and even strains for release. Jensen watches as the young betas head shakes back and forth as best as he can in his restraints in denial and shame. Such a little whore already, Blackburn taunts, maneuvering Jared to spin around to showcase Jareds long and curved dick and heavy balls to the crowd. When Jareds back is to Jensen the young beta struggles and growls, some fight and clarity returning as he strains to look pleadingly over his shoulder to Jensen. Elis large hand grabs a fistful of Jareds hair and forces the werewolf to stare straight out into the crowd. Such a pretty cock! Blackburns yelling over the growing roar of the audience. Some of the countless hands grab at Jareds jeans and legs and shoulders, but Eli and Blackburns bodies block most of the touches. Wonder if you got a wet, swollen little hole too, Bitch? Blackburn shouts with a leer as one hand yanks Jareds pants just over the swell of his ass and a long finger delves between the round globes, seeking out the betas most tender and secret area. Red froths into Jensens vision and he howls, managing to throw off one, two, three of his opponents but not managing to get his legs under him before theyre on him again, silver knuckles raining down on his kidneys, his ribs, shoulder blades, and spine. Jensen doesnt even feel it, can only see Jareds shaking and weak body, can only hear Jareds hateful and panicked whimpers and growls. You fucker! Jensen rails. You worthless humans! Let him go! Get your mother fucking hands off of him! Blackburn cackles, removes his finger and with the help of Eli spins Jared around again. Jared gives a barking sound and twists and almost gets free until Eli once again takes his head and bangs it twice against the silver chain link and Jared collapses backwards into Blackburn again, dizzy with the effort and silver poisoning. The back of his head hits Blackburns shoulder and his face flops

uncontrollably into Blackburns neck. The man laughs at Jareds weakness and strokes the betas cheekbone in a mockery of affection and tenderness. Jareds breathing is obviously labored and his chest heaves more rapidly and shallowly than before and Jensen knows that another wave of heat mixing in with the worsening silver poison from his collar is making Jared so weak that soon coherency will be too far beyond the werewolfs grasp. Blackburn reaches again to Jareds twitching cock, digging in his finger nails and scraping down the length. Jared screams and Jensen howls like hes going into battle, overridden by the overwhelming need to destroy those who dare harm his mate. Jensens mate. But he doesnt have time to dwell on that now. All Jensen knows is that he wants Jared, needs the beta, feels the yearning within to mate and run and mate and hunt and live. Jensen feels the wolffeels himselfstronger and clearer than ever. Jensens been waiting two years for redemption and he thought that it would come in the form of torture and death by the hands that killed his two little brothers because of his carelessness. Jensens redemption has come but its in the form of his mate that needs protecting. Its come in the form of a future. Blackburn grins around his cigar, talks around the offending stick, his tongue hitting against it and making his words slur. This is your prize, Pup. You win, you can retrieve the pretty bitch for yourself. Jensen has a second to puzzle over Blackburns words before the slimy man and Eli release Jared and push the wolf into the sea of lustful and bloodthirsty hands. Jareds eyes widen and he shouts something, shouts at Jensen for help, as he topples backwards off-balance because of his bound arms. Jensen can see a moment where Jared might right himself before someone yanks him down and he disappears in the darkness. Jensen doesnt hear the lewd cheers or the filthy jokes. He doesnt see Blackburns pleased grin or the hands still grasping crinkled bills leaving the cage walls to seek out and swarm over Jared in the darkness. This time when Jensen throws off his enemies he stands upand stays up.

-*Through the dissipating haze of the heat Jared registers the sensation of falling. He doesnt feel much besides hot and need and fear and aching swollen pain please, but he thinks as he falls and his bleary eyes lock onto the green eyes of the alpha in the cage (Jared knows hes an alpha and God, he smells so fucking good, hes the only thing that Jared can smell in this closed-in sewer) that its not going to end like this. Hes not sure how long ago he was taken, it feels like days because he keeps going in and out of coherency, but hes not sure its really been more than a handful of hours. He and his mother had holed up for his first heat and she had worried herself ragged over it, had tried desperately for a few months ahead of time to find a pack that she could trust to help protect Jaredhad looked for a pack that might have a potential mate. But the land of the Southern Tribe is seemingly boundless and they had only met a few packs, none of which either Jared or his mother had felt too comfortable withanother lone mother with three young pups, one pack with an overly aggressive alpha that had seemed too interested in Jared. So they had ended up near the northeast border, a few miles from where the territory of the Eastern Tribe and they had thought that they were safe. Jared had been restless and snappish for a few days and when he wasnt running miles and miles as fast as he could go he was pacing the perimeter of their den, looking out for threats, sniffing the air, searching. His mother had looked on amused and somehow proud and when it had become too much one night, when he suddenly didnt feel energized and strengthened but weak and keening, she had licked his face and crooned and when that had not been enough she had shifted and sang a soft lullaby that he hadnt heard since he was a pup. He hadnt realized he had fallen into a fevered sleep until he heard his mothers warning howl. He had sprung up, muscles sore, instincts screaming for him to protect his mother, but it had already been too late. The next thing he knew through the pain in his body, the dizziness of heat, and the crippling grief that consumed him at the sight of his mothers mutilated corpse was the touch of human hands and silverneither of which he had ever

experienced beforeas they forced him to change in his human form and groped and jeered at his body. He had struggled, or at least he did when they started trying to drag him away from his mothers body, but there had been blows to his head and a pin-prick to his arm and he had enough time to look down and see a syringe pushing something liquid into his body and then he had blacked out. He had woken up underground and he had stayed weak and mostly unaware of his surroundings, just knowing by smell that he was surrounded by humans and blood and pain and fear and filth. There had been one man with yellow teeth and an acidic laugh that called himself Boss Black. He had touched Jared where he shouldntwhere only mates are supposed to touch.

Youre hard, mutt. You get off on rough treatment? A hand yanks Jareds heavy head down, sending a spike of nausea down to the pit of his stomach. I see, youre a little bitch, arent you? A hand falls back onto his crotch and another runs across his flushed cheek. Jared tries to snap, but his jaw feels slow like a tortoise and he just moans. Youre in heat. The voice marvels, like hes never seen something like this before (of course he hasnt, hes human, and werewolves avoid most humans and especially keep things as sacred as mating and raising young away from prying human eyes). The man laughed, more of his words garbled as Jareds consciousness sways back and forth like tree branches in the wind. He only heard one last thing before he phased out again. Youre my perfect trump card for tonight, Bitch.

And then he had seen the other wolf who Boss Black called Puppy. Jared couldnt make out where the wolf was from. He saw part of a tattoo on the weres shoulder but couldnt determine the design and thus the wolfs origin. Jared hadnt been able to see much, his vision too hazy from the after effects of the drug and the silver poisoning from his bindings, but he could make out eyes greener than the forest in spring, broad shoulders, and heavy bleeding wounds. And Jared could smell the other. An alpha, a strong alpha, only a little older than Jared. Jareds body had strained towards the other, yearning for his touch, for his attention, for his domination. Jared hadnt even felt ashamed or vulnerable about it like he thought he wouldlike he had with the alpha from the pack he and his mother had sought protection with. This feeling for the other captured

wolf had been natural, it had been right. Jared had sensed the moment the other wolf smelled his heatJared was frustratingly unaware of most things except for the need that burned through his bodyand had smelled the alphas heady and rich arousal. The smell alone had sent Jared into a crazy spiral of dizziness and he had wanted to cry because his body ached like he might die for the others touch and yet he was held captive and hurt and shamed by others besides his alpha touching him. Later, maybe, when Jared looks back on this moment, hell marvel at how there was no decision making, no debate. He just knew that the other wolf belonged to Jared and Jared belonged to that alpha. Despite everything, in that moment he had felt so complete that he hadnt even thought to question or second guess himself. And then the human started touching Jared again, taunting the wolf trapped in the cage. Jared couldnt understand much of what was said, but was able to look past his own pain and realize that the other wolf needed help, needed Jared to help fight, to help escape. But before Jared could register much more besides the pain and appalling pleasure of the human scraping his fingernails across Jareds cock he was shoved backwards, away from his alpha and into a mob of humans. Jared lands hard on his back, yelping when his arms are crushed between his body and the floor. He hears the wolf-like snarl of his alpha but doesnt have time to worry about it because suddenly humans are crawling all over him, pawing at his crotch, pulling at his hair and clothes, kicking him in the ribs, spitting on him. For a startling moment everything is so clear, clearer than it has been in days. Or at least, its clear enough for Jared to think about how wrong this is, how these humans arent his mate, arent safe, and he cant let them touch him. He fights back. Its hard to hold on to consciousness as he does, the collar is tight he can barely breathe and it burns like its really a collar of fire. But he kicks out, bucks off anyone that tries to straddle him, bites and tears at any piece of flesh that gets too close to his faceincluding a few earlobes and a nose. He writhes and twists like a snake so that they cant get a good grip on him. He growls in warning and wonders if they can tell that its the snarl of a panicked animal backed into a corner.

A heavy body lands on his chest, mashing his arms so painfully he lets out a canine wounded yelp. He tries to bite but his mouth scrapes uselessly against a denim clad knee. He feels the booted foot of another press harshly into his cock and Jared screams in pain, hating the spike of pleasure that shoots up his spine and threatens to pull him deep into his heat haze once again. Gonna put your mouth to better use, the human on his chest laughs, raising his hand to grasp Jareds jaw. The beta doesnt give him the time and Jared launches up, clamping his teeth on a finger and wrenching. The man screams, losing balance enough so Jared can buck him off. Now somewhat freed of the weight Jared kicks out against the person booting his groin, feeling a kneecap overextend and pop beneath the arch of his foot. Jared rolls, manages to get his knees under him and looks up in time to see another human bring down a chair from over his head, straight at Jared whos tired and frozen and cant move out of the way fast enough. A snarl erupts so loud that it reverberates through the concrete walls like an earthquake. Theres a blur of white and grey, a heady smell in the air, and then the human in the chair is thrown off his feet and onto his back with a hulking, angry alpha on his chest. As werewolves, their wolf forms are a few inches taller and broader and several pounds heavier than normal wolves, and his alpha is strong and beautiful. He has a thick white coat with grey and brown markings of the Eastern Tribe and its stained with the blood of his enemies. Jared didnt have time to watch what his alpha did with his victim because while most humans had scattered for the exits as soon as the alpha broke from the cage there were a few that still circled Jared, mostly men, faces twisted in rage and disgust. There was something sharp and pungent on their breaths and Jared thinks it might be alcohol, though hes never encountered the stuff before. He gets his feet under him, hating how weak his knees feel. A few men rush him, all of varying height and strength and the only thing Jared is able to do with his hands behind him is to dodge their grasps and kick out whenever he feels he has enough balance to do so. Hes getting desperate and weak, he cant breathe and it feels like the collar and the cuffs might burn his head and hands off of his body. He fights back the frustrated tears, refusing to show anymore weakness to the people who killed his mother, who cruelly abused Jared and this alpha wolf. His legs finally give out just as a man gets close enough to shove him back on the ground.

And with another roar his alpha is suddenly standing before Jared, facing off against the remaining humans with hackles raised and bloody teeth bared. He snaps, slashes out with a gigantic paw and the remaining offenders split up and run, tripping drunkenly on their feet, throwing chairs and any other objects harmlessly behind them at the two wolves as if to ward them off from following. As they run Jared looks past the alpha to the cage and sees a few of the six humans painfully trying to move, still alive. Another human, the tall and black one how had almost strangled Jared to death, is just barely moving, suffering from a deep slash to his belly from the alphas massive paw. Hes seizing and blood froths at his lips and unless help comes soon it is unlikely he will live. The only human killed, as far as Jared can tell, is Boss Black. The alpha had ripped out his throat. Jareds not sure how he feels about the death of a human, especially the death of a human that had touched and hurt him, but for now it doesnt seem to matter. He quickly loses interest, unable tonot wanting tofocus on anything but his alpha who has already slipped into his human form and now leaned over Jared, green eyes intense and searching. Up close the other wolf is beautiful pale skin which indicated that he had been trapped here away from the sun for a long time, a realization that Jared didnt understand because the alpha had escaped easily enough just now. He had broad shoulders and a thick torso, strong and solid and muscular. Because of his transformation the wounds that Jared had hazily spied earlier were healed and all that was left behind was the darker color of the alphas blood and the brighter red of their enemies. The alpha leans over Jared and the skin of their chests whisper against each other. The immediate heat rushes through Jared like a boiling river and his eyes roll up as the base of his spine tingles, something in his belly coils thickly, and his cock and hole throb and pulse achingly. The touch seems to spark something within the alpha as well because he growls low and dark and grinds his naked hips into Jareds trembling ones and they both moan brokenly, desperately. Jared gets lost in the sensation, loses bearings on his surroundings as his body and mind seem to melt into the alphas cool skin in relief. Alpha, Jared whispers reverently as he tilts his head back, exposing his throat. The other wolf groans and delves his nose and mouth into the skin, snuffling and nipping and it feels so fucking good and Jared doesnt want anything else, doesnt need anything else but this. He hadnt thought that it would

be this easy, hadnt thought that he would willingly forget his pride and let another dominate him. But its not like that at all. Jared isnt aware of much and his thought processes are pretty much shut down but he instinctually knows that hes not casting aside his pride, his personality, but hes giving it to his alpha joining with his alpha so that theyre both stronger for it. Alpha please, he whimpers, begs a little, but he cant help it. The ache in his lower regions is easily trumping the pain in his throat and wrists. Jensen, the alpha growls and Jared moans, bucking up a little into Jensens body invitingly. God. Jensen curses when his mouth touches the silver and he jerks back, eyes a little more focused. Gotta get out of here, he rumbles so deep it makes Jared shiver. The other wolf scrambles for something on the floor and then is pulling at Jareds collar. Jared hisses and yelps because it hurts and he tries to twist out of the grip. Jensen leans down, clamping his mouth gently but demandingly over Jareds mouth, not a kiss but a command to be still. Jared reluctantly obeys and Jensen leans back and returns his attention to the silver collar. Be still, dont want to make it worse. He says softly and he has a voice that sends goose bumps parading up and down Jareds fleshdeep and rough but tender. Ive got you, mine. He reassures softly and Jared melts into the voice and before he knows it the silver collar falls with a metallic clank to the floor and Jared can breathe and the pain and sickness start to disappear. Next Jensen is laying over him, reaching behind him for his wrists, and the moment of sweet contact with his alpha breaks with another unbearable pain in his hands. He tries to stay still and before he can protest in pain the cuffs fall away to the floor and immediately a rush of strength tingles through Jareds body. Jensen again pushes his nose and mouth to Jareds throat, this time over the pulse and Jared leans his head back and lets him. Jensen sniffs and licks and nips over the broken and burnt skin there before again reeling back, shaking his head muzzily. Gottasafe. He mumbles and clears his throat, tugging on Jareds jeans and making the beta moan and yearn. Not here. His alpha says decisively and Jared agrees. He needs his alpha, the heat demands that he mate now, his body thrums unrelentingly for it, but as Jared looks around at the dark and sniffs the foul, stale air he knows that this is not the place. Its not safe, its

not right, and its not home. Weve gotta get out of here. Jensen says more elaborately. He offers his hand to Jared, a question in his eyes. I can lead us out. Do you trust me? Will you follow me? Jared doesnt know much about Jensen, doesnt really know anything about the other wolf at all except hes strong and that hes protective, but somehow Jared knows that Jensen means more than just asking Jared to trust him to get them out of this confined hell. Jared reaches out, silver-burned hand shaking wildly with the effort, and he puts his hand in Jensens. Okay. Jared whispers and tries to smile. I mean, I do, I will. He lets out a pained, wheezing breath of relief when he feels Jensens warm hand close tightly around his. Lets get the fuck outta here. Jared declares. Jensen chuckles lowly and brushes a kiss against Jareds temple, causing Jared to freeze. No one besides his mother has ever kissed him, but it feels nice. With the help of his alpha Jared stumbles out of his jeans. Jensen leans in and licks coaxingly at his lips before he turns into his wolf form, rubbing his body on Jareds legs, demanding that Jared follow suit and Jared does, feels the stretch and tear within as he changes. When hes done the heat is a little better and a little worse all at the same timeit feels more natural but at the same time gnaws even more insatiably at his focus and consciousness. He stands inspection before his alpha, lowering his head and tail, debating whether or not he should expose his stomach right now. Jensens eyes are green in his wolf form and they look over Jareds sungolden fura trait of his Tribeappraisingly and proudly and Jared cant help but feel both smugness and happiness at the look. Jared leans in and licks Jensens face, signifying his submission and that he is ready to run, and Jensen snorts and turns, speeding out of the gravely hell with Jared loyally on his heels. When they burst out into the night its just past sunset. They dont stop. There arent any humans around, no one trying to catch them, but they dont take that for granted. Jareds silver-inflicted wounds are healed but the heat still makes him dizzy and weak. He doesnt know how he keeps up with Jensen because all four of his legs are so numb he cant even feel the ground and he feels more like hes flying instead of running. But he pushes through it because

his mate asked him to, needs him to. Because his alpha knows that they need to be safe, to protect Jared, to protect themselves as they mate. Mate. A thrill shoots through Jared and he cant restrain a sudden bark of both nervous anticipation and joy. Hes surprised when Jensen turns around and barks too, snapping playfully at Jared. They wrestle for a minute, licking and snapping and barking. And then Jensen turns serious and they start running again. They do that for hours. They run hard and long, delving into the forest. Jareds not sure where they are but Jensen seems to know where hes going. Sometimes they stop to play, to chase each other in circles, to mock-hunt each other through the wild and dense trees. Jared only lasts a few hours before he starts to slow, his head gets hot and dizzy again, and he knows it wont be long until the heat takes him under a lustful half-consciousness and hell be a burden to Jensen. He tries to fight it but when Jensen stops to playto court, his mother would say (Jared knows that for now the heat and the joy of finding a mate wont allow him to feel the loss of his mother, but in a few days the grief will nearly overwhelm him)Jared snaps testily and crankily at him. Jensen doesnt get mad and seems to understand and takes off again, urging a slower Jared along, sometimes doubling back and nosing the beta encouragingly. Even through his rising irritation Jared knows that Jensens going to be the perfect mate. Fierce and attentive, hes everything that Jared never knew to ask for. Jensen guides them through a river. The current is somewhat strong but neither has a problem pushing through it. Jensen insists with a whine and a tilt of his moon-reflecting green eyes that they wash off and Jared couldnt agree more, eager to get the stench of human hands and lust off of him, to clean himself for his mate. They turn in the water, letting the current do most of the work and the coolness temporarily relieves the bottleneck of emotions and desires in Jareds head and he pounces on his future mate with a playful cry, sending them both tumbling into the water. They make their way out of the cool water and start running again, the fresh and open outside air drying them off. Soon however Jared struggles to keep up, struggles to keep coherent, and Jensen doubles back and slows down

to a trot with Jared, snuffling encouragingly. Finally Jensen silently commands Jared to stop, which Jared does without protest. He doesnt lay down or sit, however, fearing that if he does then he wont be able to get up again. Jensen sniffs Jareds neck, snuffles against Jareds ears in a way that tickles and brings a pinprick of amusement to Jareds tired mind. Jensen steps back and puts his nose to the ground, sniffing a small perimeter around them for any threats. When hes satisfied that theyre not in any imminent danger he turns to Jared and whines for him to be still and then his mate disappears and Jareds too far gone to care except that the need within him seems to thrum more urgently without Jensen by his side. He doesnt know how long he waits for his mate, it feels like days though the moonthe sweet moon that Jared had missed in his short hours of captivitydoesnt move in the sky from the time Jensen leaves and the time he comes back and starts nosing and pushing Jared into a small cave entrance that opens into a roomy den. Jared stumbles in and buckles to the ground, shifting to his human form unconsciously and shivering uncontrollably with arousal so deep its painful. Hes not aware of much, he feels Jensen lick his face and groans and whines his need, deliriously entreating his mate to help, but his alpha leaves and Jared spirals out into heavy despair and a fevered half-sleep. He wakes to strong, broad hands jostling him. He whines in protest and hears an amused chuckle for his efforts. Come on, mine. Lets get you comfortable. Jensen says softly. Cant move. Jared confesses past a swollen tongue and dry mouth, eyes refusing to open. Easy, easy. His mate half-hums like a lullaby. Ive got you, mate. Hands and arms lift and roll Jared until hes lying on a soft bed of willowy branches, leaves, cool moss, and long grass. It feels good on his aching body and he grumbles in gratitude. He falls nearly asleep and starts dreaming of his mother, of running and a river, but is awakened by the feel of a heavy body moving on top of him and a low voice rumbling wordlessly in his ear. The heady smell from earlier overwhelms Jared, coaxes him into awareness, and he opens his burning eyes to see the alphaJensenspread out on top of Jared. Jensens awake, doesnt seem to care whether or not

Jareds asleep at the moment, and hes rubbing his heavy body all over Jared. The alpha dips his head into Jareds throat and collarbone, rubbing his own face and neck and shoulders over Jared, rubbing his scent all over Jared like hes scenting his territory. Jensens making Jared his territory. Initially Jared feels a spike of fear at this realization but it doesnt last long enough for him to even question it. Instead the shot of adrenaline turns into playful nervousness and an excited need to put his scent on Jensen as well. With a sudden rush of energyhe doesnt think hell ever like or get used to the sudden changes between energized strength and drained weakness during his heatJared gently bucks against his mate, surprising Jensen and sending them rolling. He laughs and uses his temporary victory to crush his nose and mouth against his mates throat and rub vigorously. Jensens indignant bark turns into bouts of laughter and Jared relishes in the sound and rubs all the harder. Jensen sneezes when Jareds long hair tickles his nose, sending Jared into his own fit of laughter which his mate takes advantage of by flipping them again. They roll with each other all around the den, each trying to pin the other. They laugh and lick and nip, communicating silently out of habit even though these forms grant them the ability to speak. Jared gets on top of Jensen again and leans down, clamps his teeth gently on his mates earlobe, tugging challengingly like a bratty pup and chuckling around the skin in his mouth. Jensen snorts and his hands come up to Jareds naked sides and Jared jumps, anticipating a tickle attack like his mother used to give him. Except when he jumps their hot and erect cocks bump and slide and all of a sudden playful and nervous energy melts away leaving Jared boneless. He relaxes into his alphas body, hips gyrating, seeking more of the sweet pleasure that burns hot enough it cools his heat. Its nothing like the nauseating pleasure from earlier, when the human touched him with a painful hand. This is so much better than that, like nothing Jareds ever dreamt about feeling before, and he wants more. Jensen freezes for a just a moment when Jared collapses into him and starts rutting against him. Green eyes stare up at Jaredinto Jaredso intense, so there, so alpha. Casual power in just one look and it makes Jared move his hips in earnest, begging for his mate to help him understand whats going on with his body.

Then, moving so fast Jareds eyes barely follow, Jensen flips them again and again, hands cradling Jared and protecting him from the hard rock ground, until Jareds on his back in the makeshift bed Jensen made for them. His alphas still staring down at him with his fierce and expressive eyes, studying Jared, admiring him. This is happening. Jensen says at the same time that he places one of his hands against Jareds heart and slowly lowers it, rough palm and calloused fingers tickling Jareds sternum, ribs, and belly. Jensen says this as if Jared doesnt already know, didnt figure it out for himself the moment that he first laid eyes on the alpha. Do you want this?" Caged Heat (2/2)

Jared doesnt hesitate. Yes. He licks his lips. Do you want me? He asks, suddenly unsure. More than anything. Jensen whispers and his look is so open, so honest, that though Jared doesnt know anything about this were like his birthday or his favorite food or where hes from or his family or what he was doing in that place Jared still somehow knows Jensen, knows everything about him without knowing anything at all. Its perfect and Jared tilts his head back, baring his throat. Jensen leans down, hums shortly against Jareds skin, a short little tune that Jared immediately memorizes and loves. Jensens rough tongue flicks out and the ticklish sensation travels straight to Jareds cock, making Jared groan. Mine. Jensen declares against Jareds pulse point and then bites into Jareds skin hard enough that it hurts and Jared yelps. But then his mate starts sucking hard at the abused skin and licking at it, soothing it, and the devoted attention sends Jared over an edge he had no idea he had been teetering over. He thrusts his hips wildly up into his alpha, seeking relief even as Jensens ministrations pump even more need and want and ache into his already trembling

body. Jared licks his lips and whines and then licks his lips again, mouth so dry like hes thirsty, like he needs something specific to quench this painful, insatiable yearning in his body but he doesnt know what. Jensen seems to notice his dilemma because he relinquishes Jareds throat with an audible pop and a wet slurp of his tongue. Jensen? Jared asks and licks his lips again. Jensen leans down and chuckles, his hot breath dancing temptingly over Jareds. Then his alpha presses his lips to Jareds, immediately nipping at them to coax them open. When Jared does tentatively part his lips Jensen starts licking his way in. Jareds eyes roll back and he closes his eyes and the warm and wet and oh so good. Theres nothing tender about the kiss but theres nothing cruel or demeaning about it either. Jensen demands control, demands his mate, and Jared open his mouth and welcomes the heat that at once ignites and soothes the ache inside him. They meet tongues, dueling with bruising force for a few moments before Jared lets Jensen fuck his tongue in and out of his mouth, delving in deeper with each thrust, not even allowing time for Jared to breathe and Jared wouldnt have it any other wayhe no longer feels the physical desire to breathe now that his mate is on top of him. And just that thoughthis alpha on top of him, his matealong with the way Jensen twists their tongues and plays forcefully with the roof of Jareds mouth makes a hot desire pool in his stomach. His cock and hole twitches and throbs and it sends a panic through Jared, the feeling that if he doesnt get relief now he might die, might never be right again. Jensen, Jensen please. I needI wantOh God it hurts, alpha, it hurts. Jared babbles wildly and doesnt even feel embarrassed by it. Some instinct tells him that his mate can help him ease the nagging pressure. Jensen growls, tucks his hands under Jareds shoulder and hip and flips his young beta over onto his stomach. Jared immediately starts rutting against the soft bed Jensen made for them, nearly sobbing for relief. He lets out an oomph when Jensens heavy body blankets his, keeping him still. Ive got you, mine. Jensen whispers into his ear, making Jared shudder and shudder and shudder, strung out and unable to stop shaking. His mate

inhales the skin of Jareds neck, right where the tattoo of his clan and the tattoo denoting his role as beta are etched into his skin. God, Jen, do something. Jared begs softly, wiggling incessantly though he doesnt have much room to move, unable to be still. I like that. Jensen says into Jareds hair, slowly undulating his hips against his mates round and firm and so good so tight I cant wait have to be in him ass. Jensen gasps at the friction against his straining cock, at the feel of the tall and strong body unraveling beneath his. Say it again. He urges. Jared groans desperately, near frustrated tears, confused at Jensens command, mind desperately rewinding. J-Jen? He croaks out. Jensen lavishes frantic kisses up and down the back of Jareds neck in response. Its been so long since hes been called by his name, much less an affectionate derivation, and he feels so pathetically loved each time the little nickname passes through his lovers mouth. Again. He dares to request one more time and is pleased when Jared answers without hesitation. Jen, Jen, Jensen, please, oh God, I dontdo something! Jared pants. Jensen lets out a canine, possessive snarl and his runs the tip of his nose up and down the back of Jareds neck. Their smell is all over you. His words rumble low in his chest and pound into Jareds back and Jared feels suddenly that theyre connected, that theyre one, that Jensens breath is his breath, that Jareds outcry is Jensens grunt. Jared all of a sudden feels so big, so broad and spread out, and yet his skin is too tight and stretched thin over his hot body. I hate it, I hate them. I want their smell off. I want to make you mine. Jensen growls and then sinks his teeth into the back of Jareds neck. Jareds pained howl starts out like a canine and then bleeds into a loud human moan of pleasure. The initial breaking of the skin hurts, but then Jensen sucks on the wound, laving the mark with his rough tongue the same way he did Jareds throat. It feels like Jareds spine just might vibrate through his skin and Jared wants it to, feels like he wont get relief from this cliff-hanging sensation until it does. He just wants the burning the aching the yearning to stop, wants to crawl

out of his own body and burrow somewhere safe and cool and peaceful. Oh God, please. He begs, tries not to sob but he thinks he does anyway. Please, Jensen, please. It hurts, it hurts, help me! He groans, trying to jerk his hips, startling when the flesh of his butt rubs against something hard and hot and heavy. Jensen groans at the feel of his helpless betas ass canting along the needy line of his cock. He takes another bite out of his mates shoulder, relishing in Jareds moan as he reaches in the close so close so perfect so close space between them and quickly finds Jareds puckered and swollen hole between pliable round globes. He presses his fingertip against it and feels the fast pulse there and groans, licking and biting his way back to his mates plaint and wet mouth (he wants to see that mouth stretched out on his dick, but later, much later, now he needs all of Jared, needs to make Jared his). He feels his mate start shaking, unable to stop. Please. Jared wails and his skin gets impossibly hotter beneath Jensen, his smell impossibly more intoxicating, and Jensen slips his finger into his mates tight and virgin hole. He moves in easily because male werewolves in heat secrete a small amount of slick to make the rigorous and rough days of repeated mating during the heat bearable. Its not as much as a femaleor thats what Jensens heard. He himself had been a young male when he had been captured and since wolves and especially werewolves mate for life he hadnt encountered any sex before, just heard stories. And yet that didnt seem to hinder him now. He instinctually knows that when his finger is pulled in by Jareds tight, hotOh God, mine. Youre so hot, so tight, I cant wait, youre perfect, I got you, I got you, Ill make it better channel that Jareds ready for another. He leans over and kisses Jareds mouth, licks his throat soothingly, nips playfully at his ear while he puts in a second and then a third finger. F-feels good! Jared exclaims, startled at the intrusion. It feels weird actually, and the stretch feels a little painful, but at the same time something filling him feels so right and the delirious heat eases a little and his head starts to clear that he can even start to smell the cave around them, the fine dusting of dark soil on the ground, the sharp clean smell of leaves and grass and moss that Jensen gathered for a bed.

Jensen starts moving his fingers in and out experimentally, watching the muscles in Jareds lower back flex and jump. And then his fingers run over a bump inside his lover and Jared arches and seizes, a string of garbled curses falling out of his mouth. Fuck, Jen, fuck. I cant even Jensens worried for a few seconds until he hears the hoarse demands of his mate. Again, again, fuck. Fuck. Jensen, please. Felt so good. Jared begs, rolling his hips back and squeezing around Jensens fingers, trying to make it happen again. Jared hasnt felt that good in daysmaybe in his whole lifeand he needs it again right the fuck now. Jensen for his part is fascinated by what the one touch does to his lovers long and dark body and he rubs the spot again, this time with more pressure. Jared cries out and comes long and hard, body shuddering, blunt fingernails scraping for purchase. Jensen watches, wide-eyed and in awe, shouldering his own consuming arousal aside just a few more seconds to watch his lover fall apart. When Jared starts to come down hes panting hard, praying Jensen, Jensen, alpha and need, need and again. Jensen hums soothingly into Jareds skin and lifts the tall weres hips until hes on shaky knees, sneaking his hand to Jareds stomach, running a hand through the mess there. Just the smell of it drives Jensen crazy with arousal and he starts rutting against Jareds ass, grunting when his length drags out hot friction in the cleft of his mates rear. His hand plays with his lovers essence, spreading it over abs and hips. So filthy, mine. He rumbles approvingly in Jareds ear and claims his mouth. His slides his hand back to Jareds cock, intending to tease his lover back to hardness. Jared groans when Jensen touches him, breaking into a hot sweat even as he shivers at Jensens touch. Because Jareds long, beautiful cock is still inconceivably heavy and hard. Again, again, Jen. Jared pants and Jensen loses it. One arm wraps around Jareds waist, keeping his mates hips up and weight steady on his knees. Jensen rises up, steadies his cock with his other hand, and aligns it with Jareds stretched hole. Theres no going slow from there, their lust and arousal, Jensens need to

claim and Jareds desire to mate, its all too much, too much and not enough and they rut and move together like theyll never part again, never feel right again if Jensen isnt moving inside Jared and Jared taking him into his open bodyopen heart. Jared thought that they breathed as one before, but now it seems as if Jared loses himself completely in his mate. Like before he somehow finds more clarity with being filled. Hes no longer consumed by the empty yearning and is more aware of every breath and grunt and smell and taste of his lover. And when Jensen leans over and claims Jareds mouth at an odd and teasing angle his whole world shrinks down to the places where his alpha claims his body, claims his love and his soul. Jensen pistons with all the rough speed and force afforded to him by his lineage and Jared welcomes it, moans into it, clamping around Jensens thick cock greedily every time he thrusts in. Theyve been on edge too long, Jareds heat too strong and new and perfectly intoxicating and its only minutes before theyre both coming. Jareds body threatens to collapse under the force of their combined orgasms, underneath the sensation of his mate releasing hot into his body. Jensen holds him up, says Ive got you, mine and continues to thrust inside. Theyre both still hard, still needy, and Jensens never felt this way before. Hes always been able to jerk off and be satiated, but its like hell never get enough, hell never be normal again and his spine and belly ache with the weight of his burdening desire. He wonders if this is how Jared felt for the past few days and finds yet another level of admiration for the young betawho fought off a roomful of humans and ran miles into the wilderness with Jensen in this state. He smells himself inside Jared now, Jared who had smelled so new and untouched before and Jensen did that, Jensen took that newness of Jareds and made it his and the idea is so fucking hot hes even harder than he was before he released into Jareds body. A lustful haze takes Jensen again and his hips which hadnt paused their thrusting speed up, seeking to go even deeper, to take more of Jared on, to give more of himself to his mate. This time he just barely thinks to reach down and stroke his lovers cock, sending Jared into a beautiful chorus of broken whimpers and pleas. It takes a little longer but they come even harder and this time both are

spent and they collapse together, bodies still connected. They kiss languidly and breathe together and there must be something about that night, something bewitching about the thin moonbeam that shines into that cage because it doesnt seem long before theyre both hardening again. This time Jensen maneuvers Jared onto his back and takes his time. They kiss for a long time and Jensen discovers that Jared must really like kissing because every time Jensen leans back for a breath his mate says please and come back and again and Jensen and alpha and Jensen is sure hell never be able to resist that. As they kiss each others mouths and throats and nip at each others ears, Jared notices that Jensen has a few freckles across his nose, faint but still there against his pale skin. Jensen finally gets a chance to study his mates eyes and finds that they seem to always change color, hazel until they hit the moonlight and then almost a watery green. This time Jensen spends time worshiping Jareds belly, taut and tender, he finds that Jareds ticklish around his navel but if Jensen bites and sucks just under it Jared moans and tosses his head with arousal. Youre so beautiful, mine. I cant believeIve got you, Ill take care of you. Jensen swears vehemently. Need you in me, Jen. Need you, kiss me, fuck me, please alpha touch me. Jared answers. Youre perfect, perfect for me. He praises, licking the sweat from his mates collarbone. Jensen moves back down and chuckles into the tender skin between Jareds chest and shoulder and Jared bursts out laughing and Jensen laughs with him because it seems every touch is either ticklish or arousing to his lover, no middle ground. Iplease? Jared asks, confused as to what he wants. Jen. Let me, Jared. Jensen reassures, leaning down and taking a dusky nipple in his mouth and discovering that it is definitely a spot that turned his mate on. Gonna love you, mine. He promises. When they join together again, when Jensen slips again in the wet sloppy

heat and finds that Jared is somehow just as tight and better than before Jared thinks that this might be his favorite position. He loves how he can wrap his legs around his mate and pull him close close close never close enough into him. Jensen discovers how much he loves the feeling of Jareds nails raking down his powerful back, loves to see Jared bite his lip to stifle a cry, loves bending down and sucking that pink satin lip from sharp teeth and unlock the loud moans and pleas from his mate. Theyre still hard after they come. Jareds back feels bruised from being pressed into the stone floor despite the soft green bedding Jensen provided. Hes too lost in the other sensations of his body to care but Jensen seems to sense it anyway because he gently maneuvers Jared onto his side. His mate spoons in behind him, kissing up and down his neck and spine. They wrap their arms and legs together and Jensen enters him again. Theres not enough room or leverage to get the hard and fast friction that theyve had so far and though Jared whimpers and whines and needs they dont move from the position. Jensen moves in Jared for forever this way, and while he needs to thrust faster to get off, Jensen loves how deep he is in Jared this way, how enclosed and loved and needed he feels. Jensen doesnt know how long they make love or how many times, but he knows that he loves his scent on Jared and Jareds on his, he loves that he can no longer smell the pain and despair and regret of the grave he had lived in for two years. Jensen feels saved whenever he moves within his mate. And when Jensen lies over him, encloses his head with strong forearms, presses their chests together, Jared feels free. They fall into an exhausted sleep an hour or two after sunrise. When they wake up they make love again, slow and long and satisfying. They start out with Jared on Jensens lap, bouncing up and down on Jensens cock. When the tension becomes too much, when it needs to be faster and deeper and fuller, Jensen lays Jared on his side and hooks one long (long) leg over his shoulder and scissors into his lover like hes trying to find a way beneath his mates hot skin. After they come and theyre messy and wet with each other they lay together, Jensen still in his lover because it seems to ease the ache of Jareds heat, and kiss lazily. When they finally lean away to look at each other theyre both wearing goofy lupine grins. Golden light from the afternoon sun penetrates

the forest canopy and sneaks into their little den. Hey. Jared whispers after a lifetime of kissing and staring. He outlines Jensens sharp shoulder blade with his fingertips, marveling at the feel of skin and muscle. Hes never touched another this closely, never seen another naked, and Jared doesnt think that there will ever be a time that he wont be mesmerized by his mate. Hey. Jensen answers back and leans down to rub his nose against Jareds throat, admiring his dark marks of possession that pepper tanned skin. Thank you. For saving me. Jared confesses honestly and lets his relief and gratitude and admiration show. Now that the haze of the drugs, poisoning, and heat has somewhat lifted he realizes just how close he had been to degradation, torture, and possibly death. Jensen smiles and kisses his mate on his forehead. You saved me. He answers just as honestly and thinks about two years of self-loathing and selfdestruction. He still hasnt forgiven himself yet, though. Jared opens his mouth to say something else but his eyes drift close, long bronze lashes falling shut to rest on a high, tilted cheekbone. His mate lets out a short snuffle and then a soft snore. The alpha chuckles and curls around his mate, entangling their limbs as he tenderly tucks Jareds cool forehead against the column of his throat. Jensen still hasnt forgiven himself yet, but he just might eventually, now that hes found something to live for.