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Verification Tool Modelsim 6.4c

Synthesis Tool Xilinx ISE 9.1

5.1 MODELSIM ModelSim SE - High Performance Simulation and Debug

ModelSim SE is our UNIX, Linux, and Windows-based simulation and debug environment, combining high performance with the most powerful and intuitive GUI in the industry. What's New in ModelSim SE?

Improved FSM debug options including control of basic information, transition table and warning messages. Added support of FSM Multi-state transitions coverage (i.e. coverage for all possible FSM state sequences).

Improved debugging with hyperlinked navigation between objects and their declaration, and between visited source files.

The dataflow window can now compute and display all paths from one net to another. Enhanced code coverage data management with fine grain control of information in the source window.

Toggle coverage has been enhanced to support SystemVerilog types: structures, packed unions, fixed-size multi-dimensional arrays and real.

Some IEEE VHDL 2008 features are supported including source code encryption. Added support of new VPI types, including packed arrays of struct nets and variables.

ModelSim SE Features:

Multi-language, high performance simulation engine Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog Design Code Coverage SystemVerilog for Design Integrated debug JobSpy Regression Monitor Mixed HDL simulation option SystemC Option TCL/tk Solaris and Linux 32 & 64-bit Windows 32-bit

ModelSim SE Benefits:

High performance HDL simulation solution for FPGA & ASIC design teams The best mixed-language environment and performance in the industry Intuitive GUI for efficient interactive or post-simulation debug of RTL and gate-level designs

Merging, ranking and reporting of code coverage for tracking verification progress Sign-off support for popular ASIC libraries All ModelSim products are 100% standards based. This means your investment is protected, risk is lowered, reuse is enabled, and productivity is enhanced

Award-winning technical support

5.2 XILINX ISE INTRODUCTION For two-and-a-half decades, Xilinx has been at the forefront of the programmable logic revolution, with the invention and continued migration of FPGA platform technology. During that time, the role of the FPGA has evolved from a vehicle for prototyping and glue-logic to a highly flexible alternative to ASICs and ASSPs for a host of applications and markets. Today, Xilinx FPGAs have become strategically essential to world-class system companies that are hoping to survive and compete in these times of extreme global economic instability, turning what was once the programmable revolution into the programmable imperative for both Xilinx and our customers.