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Personal Information

Registration No 42000 - 8225312 – 7

Full Name Masood Jaffri
Father’s Name Sadiq Nazir Jaffri (Late)
Date & Place of Birth 08,05,1973, Karachi, Pakistan
Marital Status Single
Contact Address 392/5, Shah Faisal Town, Karachi
Phone No. Cell 92-021-4586607. 322-2751551

Professional Qualification

Graduation in Mechanical Technology (B-Tech) from Preston

University Karachi, 2002.

Diploma of Associate Engineer (D.A.E) from Pakistan Swedish

Institute of Technology Karachi, 1994.

Technical School Certificate (T.S.C) from Govt. Jamia. Millia

institute of Technology, Karachi.

Computer Literate: AutoCAD, MSOffice and Network operation,

Solution, Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting. Fire Fighting
Training by BELTEXCO.LTD. First Adds Training
byBELTEXCO.LTD. Management Skills Training Operation &
Maintenance Training
Professional Experience

1995 to 2000

Assistant Mechanical Engineer - Mohammad Engineering,

Karachi. Responsible for: Plant erection, Installation, Service
and Maintenance, Fabrication, contractors and purchase
handling. Team leading, store and warehouse, inventory,
manage the Electrical & Mechanical instrument and equipment,
worker control, Parts and machineries inspection, Paper work
such as daily report, production and maintenance reports,
drawings and instructions manuals.

2000 to 2003

Assistant Maintenance Engineer - Sunlight Chipboard Industry

Karachi. Responsible for: Maintenance department, workshop,
Plant maintenance, include electrical and electronic work such as
motors, transformers, generators, electrical Panels and
troubleshooting. A/C units Split units, Pumps workshop practice,
hand on experience in electrical and mechanical equipment
instruments, and machineries, maintenance schedules,
overhauling and service schedules. New plant designing,
installation and erection.

2003 to 2005

Maintenance Supervisor - BELTEXCO.LTD, KEPZ, Shahbaz

Group of Industries. Responsible for: Maintenance Department
Plant and Machinery Service and maintenance, troubleshooting,
operation, erection, Compressor service, chillers and cooling
system maintenance and erection, heat recovery
System, electrical and electronic work, Lift and Lifters Auto
system, inverter installation, manage the spear parts inventory
control preventive service & overhauling schedules, Technician
schedules, Technician selection and Technician group Training.
Supervisory and maintenance inspection or planning and
development estimating. Knowledge both of building and ground
maintenance operation as well as of maintenance trades operating
practices. To display the ability to make on spot decision work
fairly independently and able to deal with complicating self-service
demand with grace and tact.
2005 to 2006

Assistant Manager Installation & Development – Hillal Group of

Industries. Responsible for new construction, new plant & machinery
installation, elevators, all accessories of plant such as electrical system air
cooling & handling system new machine arrangement. Technical worker
arrangement responsible for efficient running of all equipments including
service & utilities. Plan direct coordinates and supervises. Maintenance
activities preparation and implementation of preventive predicative
maintenance scheduling. Consultant and contractor haring & dealing.
Planning & Development.

Professional Skill

Plans maintenance operation, establishing priorities and sequences

for manufacturing products.
Prepares operation schedules and coordinates manufacturing
activities to ensure production and quality of products meet
Review productions, maintenance and operating reports and resolves
operational manufacturing and maintenance problems to ensure
Minimum costs and prevent operational delays.
Inspects machines and equipment to ensure specific operation
performance and optimum utilization.
Developments or reviews standard operational and working practices
and observes workers to ensure compliance with standards.
Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operation
and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals.
Ability to write routine reports and correspondence, Ability to speak
effectively before group of employees of organization.
Ability to supervise use hand tools and instructions. Ability to process
good supervisory abilities and able to make decisions independently.
Process control, maintenance & overhauling of process machines such as
compressors, pumps, chillers, gas units, A/C units, etc.
Developing designing, spare parts, general purpose industrial equipments
relate industrial engineering
Project management knowledge of M/R procedure ISO 9001 - 2000

Hobbies & Interest

Maintenance, Services, Production, Quality Control, Electrical

and Electronic Knowledge.
Club Cricket, Reading books, Trying to higher studies, Computers