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MP Avinash Rai Khanna writes to HR commission about Kishtwar

Chairman National Human Right Commission for requesting him to kindly intervene at the earliest and take cognizance of platen Human Right violation of Minority community in Kishtwar district. He expressed his deep worries related to the strategic incidents of Kishtwar. In his appeal he mentioned that, 'the report has given how the shops of minority community have been destroyed year wise. It is clear that after every five year such types of incident are taking place in Kishtwar and the shops of minority community have been destroyed to weaken economically i.e. in 1993, 54 shop, in 1998, 34 shops, 2003, 55 shops and 2008, 56 shops, 2013, 91 shops were destroyed'. In a letter addressed to the Head of Human Right Commission, he has sought the attention of the Commission to indifferent attitude of the state government to the victims from minority community who suffered during the violence on August 9, according to him such Human rights violation can disturb communal harmony. He sought the immediate attention of the human Rights Commission to come rescue the rights of the people of the minority community who are living in far flung areas of Kishtwar in isolation with no protection of the state police and are only guarded by the VDC members. Khanna has referred to interim report on Kishtwar prepared by JAMMU, OCT 07: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj called upon the national executive member Sunil Sharma at her residence in Delhi and received a detailed reporting about the recent incidents and the steps taken by the state administration to provide relief to the

Sushma Swaraj Calls upon Sunil Sharma to take a stock of the recent developments in Kishtwar incident.

Civil Society group comprising noted intellectual and columnist Dr. Jitendra Singh, Human Right activist Ashwani Charungoo and Civil Rights activists K.C.S Raina and Dineshwar Jamwal. He has fought attention of the commission to the observations made in this report. victims of the riots in Kishtwar. Sushma Swaraj assured Sunil Sharma that the entire central leadership of the party was at the back of its Kishtwar unit and will go to any extent to ensure the safety of the minority community living there. She said the party leadership is keeping a close follow-up of the events before and after August 09 violence and the partisan role played by the administration. Sushma Swaraj said the party has taken up the issue of compensation to the traders with Union government and will raise the issue in the coming assembly sessions in the parliament. She said the central party leadership endorses the 8Contd p2

JAMMU, OCT 07: Talking a strong note of the pathetic criteria followed by the district administration Kishtwar in providing com-

pensation to the people of the minority community BJP Member of Parliament & J&K incharge Avinash Rai Khanna has written to

Keran, Kishtwar aimed to destablise state: Pannun Kashmir

JAMMU, OCT 07: Panun Kashmir today expressed its deep concern as the clouds of a bigger and wider destabilization seem to be hovering over the entire state of Jammu a n d Kashmir. The events and incidents that have happened in the state for more than a year should leave no patriotic citizen of the state in doubt about the sinister nature of a campaign which is in process and is threatening the peace and harmony of its people. W h i l e addressing a press conference by Dr. Ajay C hrun goo C h ai r m an P a n u n K ashm ir, O.N.Trisal s e n i o r community leader and Kuldeep Raina Gen. Secretary Panun Kashmir at Jammu on Monday appeals to all citizens of the state to shed all complacency as a new 'Intifada' 8Contd p2

Panthers' PIL: SC to hear on 3rd Dec Anjuman-i-Islamia Kishtwar alleges Ali Mohd.
NEW DELHI, OCT 07: Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Mr. P. Sathasivam, the Chief Justice & Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi Monday ordered that it will hear the PIL of J&K National Panthers Party on 3rd December, 2013 on Gool, Kishtwar & Hiranagar killings. The court observed that J&K Govt. in their affidavit signed by the Chief Secretary of J&K in the Kishtwar case and on the payment of relief to the residents of J&K and non-residents in case of death or injury during the terrorists' attack. The J&K Govt. in affidavit has stated, "The Constitution of India (as well as the constitutional scheme thereunder) do not apply in their entirety to the State of Jammu and Kashmir, but are subject to certain limitations and exceptions." The Supreme Court said that the Court shall hear this matter before proceeding further because this is a constitutional matter which relates to StateCentre relations. Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate for the petitioner mentioned that the Chief Secretary in his affidavit has tried to play hide and seek, even several important words and phrases have been omitted which were mentioned by the Chief Secretary in his earlier affidavits. E.g. the Chief Secretary in his first affidavit in Kishtwar matter has used the words, 'State 8Contd p2

Sagar for keeping the assembly in dark.


SRINAGAR, OCT 07: The delegation of people from Kishtwar comes to Kashmir to formally join Kashmir Economic Alliance. "State administration has not been able to address the issues of the victims and neither has it seemed interested in listening to our pleas. We have run out of options that is the reason we travelled so far to Kashmir to highlight our plight," said vicepresident, Anjuman-i-Islamia Kishtwar, Riyaz Ahmad, addressing a press conference here. Riyaz alleged that Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by state government to ascertain facts "is a time consuming exercise aimed to divert attention from the real facts. He alleged that the Rural Development Minister Ali Mohd. Sagar is keeping the house in dark and said that nothing has been done to help the riot hit people in Kishtwar. Kashmir Economic Alliance - an amalgam of traders, transporters and hoteliers- extended their support the Kishtwar traders and civil society. Regarding Gandhi Commission which was constituted to conduct judicial probe of the violence, the civil society alleged that the officials are staying in Jammu. "How can they record the statements of people, when they have set up their office in Jammu and the affected people have to travel there to be heard," Riyaz informed. The probe was ordered by the state government on August 23. "We want to maintain communal harmony in the region and everybody in Kishtwar knows that there was a conspiracy to divide society on the basis of religion. But what is astonishing is the fact that government despite knowing everything is not acting against the culprits," he said.

Two Americans, one German win Nobel Prize for medicine

this system have deleterious effects and contribute to conditions such as neurological diseases, diabetes and immunological disorders. The Nobel Committee announced on Monday that the trio have been honoured for "their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells" - a discovery that will help explain the release of insulin into the blood, communication between nerve cells and the way viruses like tetanus infect cells and kill thousands of children every year. Each prize is worth $1.2m. Each cell is a factory that produces and exports molecules. For instance, insulin is manufactured and released into the blood and chemical signals called neurotransmitters are sent 8Contd p2

BJP, Panthers stage walk out, allege political bias in creation of new admn units
SRINAGAR OCT 07: Opposition BJP and National Panthers Party (NPP) members Monday staged a walkout in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly to protest against the alleged political bias in creation of new administrative units in the state. As soon as the House assembled, NPP MLA Harsh Dev Singh raised the issue of creation of new administrative units in the state, saying the Mushtaq Ganai committee report on the matter was politically motivated. "Villages from certain constituencies are delineated and added to other areas on political considerations with an eye on elections," Singh said. He said the report has been sent to a cabinet subcommittee for examination without taking the Assembly into confidence. Law Minister Mir Saifullah said the report was being examined by the cabinet subcommittee but no new units have been created so far. Not satisfied with the Minister's reply, the BJP and NPP members stormed the well of the House. Speaker Mubarak Gul asked the members to resume their seats and said he will seek information form the Government and make a statement after question hour. However, the agitating MLAs chose to stage a walkout. After question hour, the speaker informed the House that the report will be tabled in the House before any decision is taken on it.

Assembly passes resolution on Gen V K Singh, asks centre to conduct through, time bound probe

STOCKHOLM OCT 07: The discovery of a complex transport system within the human body that makes cells deliver life-saving proteins and molecules at the right place and in the right time vital for our survival, has been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology. Americans

James Rothman (Yale), and Randy Schekman ( University of California) and German-born Thomas Sudhof ( Stanford University) have been awarded the world's top medicine prize for discovering the molecular principles that govern how this cargo is delivered. Disturbances in

SRINAGAR, OCT 07: Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on Monday passed a unanim o u s resolution asking the Cen tre to conduct a thorough and timebound probe into the charges levelled by former Army chief VK Singh about political payoffs to mainstream politicians of the state. The resolution 8Contd p2

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ROHIT SINGH RANA As army is battling out in the stony borders in Keran against Pakistani terrorists there is a disturbing development, unfolding way south of the country in Sri Lanka. Reports suggest that for year now Wahabi terrorists in the garb of tourists are scouting the remote northern nooks of the country in search of safe heavens for the Lashker-e- Toiba (LeT). The situation is getting out of reach and the unnerved Lankan Defence Secretary Gotebaya Rajapaksa is on record saying, "We are aware of the developing threat and have ordered countermeasures". Another Sri Lankan official said that "Sri Lanka is watching the efforts of Wahabis to target not only moderate Muslims and Hindus but also Buddhists". Interestingly, Tamil leaders active in Sri Lankan politics have also flagged this problem, worried that there may be attacks on temples and churches by fanatic elements if the ongoing radicalisation remains unchecked. However, as yet the LeT and its local logistics hubs are concentrating on future operations in India and Europe. "The LeT has established links with some of the armed groups in Syria, and is helping them in training and in sabotage a ctivities", an analyst claimed, adding that "the Libyan and Syrian rebellions have led to terror groups getting access to a flood of sophisticated weapons". Counterfeit currency is one area in which Lashkar has developed expertise. Desperate to pump in fake currency into India is one front that the dreaded organization has opened in India. LeT funds much of its operations in India through counterfeit currency and by cash given by terror gangs active in cities such as Mumbai and Lucknow. Hence it comes as no surprise that Sri Lanka has joined Nepal to become a location from where efforts are being made to smuggle counterfeit currency into India. Eastern coast regions of Sitankudi to Kaumari are drawing increasing number of 'tourists' with radicalized ideology are targeting some elements of Muslim population in Sri Lanka. With the relations between India and Colombo not as warm, there is a apprehension that these elements may gain foothold in the Island nation with India only complaining and doing nothing concrete. Actually if India's effort on the war on terror is summed up, two things come out in sharp contrast, one-- bravery of security forces ever ready to lay down their lives for the nation and the other, political elite not able to develop a clear cut policy on terror. In tactical terms it is nothing but an ostrich like attitude but on the strategic terms, it is the collective failure of the nation to see Islamic terrorism propounded by Wahabis and other hate mongers as the biggest threat to the country and its principals. With our own bunch of Digvijay Singhs, K Rahman khans, Akhlesh Yadavs, Salman Khursheeds propagating a blow hot, blow cold attitude on terror and even doubting the existence of terror organizations, there is not much scope that the war on terror will receive a focused attention of the nation. In this scenario the emerging development along the southern region is depressing. It is clear that LeT is indirectly being patronized by Nawaz Sharif's brother Shahbaz Sharif the Chief Minister of Pakistan's Punjab province who has openly advocated funding of LeT related organizations like Jamatul-Dawa. There are credible reports that the LeT activity in Sri Lanka has received a boost after the relations between Colombo and India went on down slide. Indian diplomacy has a tough task ahead to convince neighbours that it is in their interest too to rise with India and defeat the evil designs of global terror organizations. Unfortunately this is not happening. Nepal has turned into a safe haven for the Pak supported militants. It has become hub of fake currency program against India. Unfortunately, with Indian diplomacy not proving effective, Pakistan and China have snatched the opportunity in a big way in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Development projects are being under taken by Islamabad and Beijing in these countries which in essence are back yard of India. These relations have poured into defence tie ups and it is here that India needs to assert its influence and keep Islamabad and China at bay from its strategic sphere of influence. Not easy to do but if New Delhi does not rise above vote bank politics, Rahul vs Modi and the never dying secular debate, perhaps little will be possible. Intriguingly, Congress Vice President has remained silent on terror and Pakistani machinations. Perhaps he is waiting for his coronation post 2014 elections and then alone will he speak and articulate his views on terror. It would have been a great debate, if like Modi Rahul too would have articulated his policies on countering terror, as he did in 'nonsense' manner on ordinance on convicted law makers. In all summation, the problem is not that India is weak kneed or cannot cry halt to terror, the problem is in India's political leadership which still is busy about finding the colour of terror. With the country getting encircled with LeT, Jaish, this unfortunate situation has to be reversed soon otherwise; the terror onslaught will slowly turn out of control.


Separatist leader of Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a departure to his daily India bashing duty has expressed concern over the situation in Keran sector. His statement is nothing but a dubious ploy to kill two birds with one stone. On one side, project himself as if he is man of peace, who has concern for both India and Pakistan and on the other give a message to Pakistan that the killings of terrorists in the keran sector has made his heart bleed. If Mirwaiz is so concerned with the situation in Keran sector, he should without ambiguity ask terrorists why did they intrude inside Kashmir? He must have guts to criticize the Pakistani Jihadis that if the situation in Keran turned "grave" because Indian army did not allow them to sneak in deep and started killing them one by one. Never has the so called Mirwaiz expressed concern over the killing of security forces. For him they have no human value. But Mirwaiz will not do it. He will only shed crocodile tears and avoid telling truth. Mr. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq it needs guts to speak the truth and the people of Jammu and Kashmir have seen in enough measure that when it comes to telling the truth all separatists like you display no heart and behave like cowards. RANASAHIB

2.qxd 10/8/2013 1:54 AM Page 1


otic citizens of the state to remain in a state of utmost vigil against internal betrayal as well as forces who want to destroy peace and harmony. The most alarming aspect of the developments is the siege like situation which has been built around the Kashmiri Hindus living in the transition camps in Kashmir valley and Jagati camp in Jammu. The attacks on Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir valley in recent times and the events in Kishtwar appear to be a continuity of a same campaign. Religious cleansing continues to be the objective of the fundamentalist and secessionist regimes operating on the ground. Panun Kashmir leaders' appeal to all patriotic citizens of the state to remain in a state of utmost vigil against internal betrayal as well as forces who want to destroy peace and harmony. victims in riot violence. The petitioner has also sought direction for the payment of equitable compensation for the loss of property during the Kishtwar & Ramban riots this year. Prof. Bhim Singh was assisted by Mr. B.S. Billowria, Mr. S.K. Bandopadhyay, Mr. P.V. Yogeswaran, Advocates. mones, neurotransmitters, cytokines and enzymes that have to be delivered to other places inside the cell, or exported out of the cell, at exactly the right moment. Timing and location are everything. Miniature bubble-like vesicles, surrounded by membranes, shuttle the cargo between organelles or fuse with the outer membrane of the cell and release their cargo to the outside. This is of major importance, as it triggers nerve activation in the case of transmitter substances, or controls metabolism in the case of hormones. How do these vesicles know where and when to deliver their cargo? The Nobel Committee said "The three Nobel Laureates have discovered a fundamental process in cell physiology. Vesicle transport and fusion operate, with the same general principles, in organisms as different as yeast and man. The system is critical for a variety of physiological processes in which vesicle fusion must be controlled, ranging from signalling in the brain to release of hormones and immune cytokines. Defective vesicle transport occurs in a variety of diseases including a number of neurological and immunological disorders, as well as in diabetes. Without this wonderfully precise organization, the cell would lapse into chaos". Rothman was intrigued by the nature of the cell's transport system. When studying vesicle transport in mammalian cells in the 1980s and 1990s, Rothman discovered that a protein complex enables vesicles to dock and fuse with their target membranes. In the fusion process, proteins on the vesicles and target membranes bind to each other like the two sides of a zipper. The fact that there are many such proteins and that they bind only in specific combinations ensures that cargo is delivered to a precise location. The same principle operates inside the cell and when a vesicle binds to the cell's outer membrane to release its contents. Sudhof on the other hand was interested in how nerve cells communicate with one another in the brain. The signalling molecules, neurotransmitters, are released from vesicles that fuse with the outer membrane of nerve cells by using the machinery discovered by Rothman and Schekman. But these vesicles are only allowed to release their contents when the nerve cell signals to its neighbours. How is this release controlled in such a precise manner? Calcium ions were known to be involved in this process and in the 1990s, Sudhof searched for calcium sensitive proteins in nerve cells. He identified molecular machinery that responds to an influx of calcium ions and directs neighbour proteins rapidly to bind vesicles to the outer membrane of the nerve cell. The zipper opens up and signal substances are released. Sudhof's discovery explained how temporal precision is achieved and how vesicles' contents can be released on command. danger and the allegations levelled by Gen (retd) Singh had caused unprecedented damage to these institutions. "We are not responsible for this damage. It was your (Centre's) inquiry (into the functioning of Technical Services Division of Army). The leak took place from there (Delhi) but we are bearing the consequences," Omar said. The Chief Minister said if the Centre really wants to do justice with the institution of mainstream politics, it should not dismiss these allegations. "Right or wrong, we will wait for the outcome of the inquiry. We don't want to jump to the conclusion but there should be a time-bound probe that will bring out the facts. There is no other way to restore the image of mainstream politicians among the people," he said. Omar said the politicians of the state have to face the people of the state few months later in Lok Sabha elections and state Assembly polls. "If we have to face the people with this stigma of V K Singh, then that might be the Centre's wish. As much as we would try to give explanations who will buy them," he said. The Chief Minister said as the leader of the house he

was duty bound not to ignore the allegations made by Gen Singh and wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on September 25. "I remained quiet about it as the Prime Minister was out of the country and did not want him to know about it through the media," Omar said. Quoting from the letter, Omar said "I wish to draw your kind attention towards the news item that has appeared in the print media and extensively debated on certain Television channels relating to alleged payments by some establishments of the Army authorities to few politicians including ministers in Jammu and Kashmir government. "The same news has caused great deal of anger among the public in general and political class in particular in Jammu and Kashmir. The charges being of a serious nature and need to be probed to arrive at the truth. "The finger of suspicion is being pointed at all mainstream politicians, causing immense damage to the institution of democracy in the state and allowed forces inimical to democratic process to dub all mainstream politicians as paid operatives of the Army," he said.

Sushma Swaraj ...
Kishtwar BJP unit demand for strengthening the VDCs and appeals to J&K government to make all possible arrangements to avoid the possibility of migration of minority community from Kishtwar. She assured all her support on behalf of the central BJP to take all the steps required to strengthen the VDCs in the state of J&K. Sunil Sharma provided details of the losses suffered and informed Sushma Swaraj that around 109 shops and business establishment had been destroyed during August 09 violence and the loss suffered by traders was more than 16 crores. Several vehicles have been damaged and injuries suffered by elderly members and ladies belonging to minority community. He thanked Swaraj for her kind intervention which had boosted the morale of minority community in Kishtwar and said that he will continue providing update of the latest development there.

Keran, Kishtwar ...

aided and abetted by the subversive politics from within appears to be evolving with a definite aim of posing a grave challenge to the integrity of the nation as well as its sovereignty. This secessionist upsurge, this time, seems to be having two tracks both of which are manifesting simultaneously with a brazenness which even a lay man cannot ignore. Public mobilizations using communal, fundamentalist, sectarian and secessionist fuel forms one track of this destabilization. Another track constitutes the escalation of violence almost on all fronts in the state. They said that recent attacks in Samba, or elsewhere along IB and LoC or intrusion in Keran reflect that even our forces are not in a state of utmost alert. Why it is so is baffling. Further they said that the riots in Kishtwar engineered at the behest of communal and terror elements points to another dimension aimed at creating another Kashmir like situation in the region in order to force another ethinic cleansing in the State. Almost all aspects of the sanctity of the integrity and

sovereignty of the nation in the state are being violated with impunity and breathtaking regularity. Insulting of the National Anthem has become almost a routine. When those at the helms in the government raise doubts about the accession of the state and describe the problems in the state as an international dispute we are witnessing more than an attitude of abdication .People of the state cannot take these developments lightly. Panun Kashmir out rightly rejects the view that putting up with fundamentalist and secessionist insults and agenda serve some strategic or tactical objective, PK leaders said. As if following a policy of self delusion the governmental assessments of the security situation have been based primarily on the comparative statistics of day to day violence. The growing radicalization in the organs and the institutions of society, the capability of the separatist regimes to influence the government policy and extract help from administrative apparatus, the increasing unwillingness or failure of the mainstream political establishment to mobilize opinion against separatism and fundamentalism, the linking up of and collaboration of the separatists in the state with anti-national force operating in rest of India , the proliferation of drug , counterfeit and Hawala economy in the state and so many other critical indicators are not being taken into consideration while making judgments on the ground situation. Denial of reality has been the hallmark of governmental approach and Panun Kashmir unambiguously condemns it. PK leaders told reporters that one of the alarming aspects of the developments is the siege like situation which has been built around the Kashmiri Hindus living in the transition camps in Kashmir valley and Jagati camp in Jammu. The attacks on Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir valley in recent times and the events in Kishtwar appear to be a continuity of a same campaign. Religious cleansing continues to be the objective of the fundamentalist and secessionist regimes operating on the ground. Panun Kashmir appeals to all patri-

Two Americans, one ...

from one nerve cell to another. These molecules are transported around the cell in small packages called vesicles. Through their discoveries, Rothman, Schekman and Sudhof have revealed the exquisitely precise control system for the transport and delivery of cellular cargo. Schekman discovered a set of genes that were required for vesicle traffic. Rothman unravelled protein machinery that allows vesicles to fuse with their targets to permit transfer of cargo. Sudhof revealed how signals instruct vesicles to release their cargo with precision. Speaking with TOI, member of the Nobel Committee JanInge Henter said "This discovery is about the most important part of the human body - cells. Take for example the traffic in Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata. If not regulated the whole city will be in chaos. Similarly, if this transport system did not exist in our bodies, chaos would break out within our body and destroy it. The discovery is actually about how these cells deliver their cargo at the right place at the right time which is fundamental for life". Secretary general of the Nobel Committee Goran K Hansson told TOI in an exclusive interview "All the three Nobel laureates started work independently. Rothman who worked on cell physiology among mammals and Schekman who worked with yeast ultimately collaborated. With the discovery of the structured DNA, there has been a run in life sciences and how cells function." The Nobel Committee explained that in a large and busy port, systems are required to ensure that the correct cargo is shipped to the correct destination at the right time. The cell, with its different compartments called organelles, faces a similar problem: cells produce molecules such as hor-

Panthers' PIL: ....

Subjects' & 'Non-State Subjects' as was stated in the Govt. Order of 1990 dated 10.07.1990. The petitioner (Ms. Sudesh Dogra) in her rejoinder has strongly objected that the Chief Secretary had deliberately expunged the words used in his original affidavit. The rejoinder says that Chief Secretary has removed mentioning of compensation on death to the paramilitary forces (non-residents). Prof. Bhim Singh also mentioned the fresh IA filed with the petition seeking further direction and probe under the supervision of the Supreme Court on the attack by Pakistani terrorists on police station Hiranagar on 26.09.2013. The same terrorists' group attacked police camp in Samba martyring several Army men. The petitioner has prayed for the intervention of the Supreme Court as there is no governance in J&K and life & liberty of the citizens has been endangered. The court informed Prof. Bhim Singh that the court shall hear the objection raised by the Govt.of J&K on the application of the provisions of the Constitution of India. Other things shall follow after resolving the constitutional stand taken by the Govt. of J&K. The petitioner has also sought direction of the court to provide a uniform compensation to the

Assembly passes ...

was passed at the end of three and a half hour discussion on the allegations made by Gen Singh recently. While concluding the discussion, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah proposed the oneline resolution for a thorough probe which was unanimously adopted by the house. Omar said the mainstream political institutions were in

Demands immediate transfer of DIG, Dy SP; CBI probe

Voice of minority in Kishtwar being suppressed: JPPF

done at the hands of S.I.T, Police and Civil administration of Kishtwar who are engage in solving murder cases and other riots, loot during communal clashes organized by antinational elements during Eid celebration on 9th August 2013. Whereas Civil Society, Political parties and a delegation of JPPF visited Kishtwar to defuse the tension between the two communities and did their best of bring them closer for maintaining communal harmony and brotherhood as here to fore it seems that antiminority policy of Kashmir centric State Government is coming in the way which is bound to accelerate the communal hatred. The atrocities and brutalities on the youth at the hand of S.I.T, Police and civil administration bears definite nod of the State Government. Retaliating minority community observed Bandh in Kishtwar on 4th Oct 2013 and kept all shops and business establish-

JAMMU, OCT 07: During an interaction with Jammu Province Peoples Forum (JPPF), the minority community of Kishtwar has termed the communal riots of Kishtwar as a part of conspiracy to force another mass exodus of minority community from the areas of Kishtwar, Bhaderwah and Doda as the anti national forces could not succeed and failed to do so during the communal riots of 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008. Disclosing the incident Th. Pavitter Singh Bhardwaj President JPPF explained that the minority community has lost faith in the civil administration and the police including S.I.T who are committing causality against the youth and implicating them in false cases the living example of which is Juvenile Ajay S/o Sewa Ram R/o Kishtwar admitted presently in GMC Hospital Jammu who is struggling for life due to severe torture by the Police. This perhaps is being

ments closed throughout the day. It is alleged that CBM required to be adopted to bring back normalcy are being ignored deliberately. The voice of minority is being suppressed and even the agreed demands are being delayed on one pretext or the other with this result that the ditch between the communities is widening which was engineered by the Home Minister of the Kashmir centric Government who was compelled to resign. JPPF President impressed upon the Government to immediately transfer D.I.G and the Dy SP of the time of communal violence besides without wasting time going into unnecessary formalities. Interim relief of Rs. 2 .00 lakh be disbursed to the sufferers to re-establish lost faith of the minority community who is demanding a probe by CBI in the whole episode so that the same does not happen again after another spell of time.


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Arrangements for celebration of Eid finalized at Ang
ANANTNAG, OCT 07: DDC, Anantnag, Dr. Farooq Ahmad Lone today chaired a high level meeting of officers and traders for finalization of arrangements on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. DDC stressed upon the CAPD officers for making sufficient stock of essential commodities especially food grains, sugar, kerosene and LPG available in the district. He also impressed upon the PDD and PHE departments to ensure uninterrupted power and drinking water supply in the district. The DDC exhorted upon the Executive Officers of Municipal Committees to ensure proper sanitation throughout the towns and ensure strict attendance of their manpower. He also instructed the Health Officials to ensure availability of ambulance in the district. Legislative Assembly, the Minister said that upgradation work of Patta chowk to Gajansoo road upto km 3 including construction of 20 mts span RCC Bridge has been taken up at a cost of Rs. 2.80 crore and till last fiscal Rs. 75.60 lakh have been expended on its execution. The Minister also gave detailed account of funds expended in Jammu division constituencies during last three years under different State and Central plans. He said identification and prioritization of new road projects for seeking NABARD funding in Marh constituency for current financial year is under process adding that no new projects under state sector has been proposed as the main focus is on completion of ongoing roads and bridges. He said all the habitations in Marh constituency have been provided connectivity as per CNCPL of PMSGY. He said construction of multibox culvert over Choi between Ladore to Halqa Marh including approaches has been approved under Special Bridge Plan at an estimated cost of Rs. 62 lakhs against which Rs. 2 lakh stands released and the construction work on the bridge would commence shortly. Mr. Ashok Kumar raised supplementary to the main question and urged for timely completion of ongoing road and bridge projects in Ramban constituency.

IIPA, SMC organises workshop on 'Urban Dev and Urban Service Delivery' at SKICC

'Srinagar the face of J&K, a premier tourist Destination': Jora

Construction work on Nikki Tawi to Makwal road apace: Wani

SRINAGAR, OCT 07: Asserting that Srinagar is the face of Jammu and Kashmir, a premier tourist destination, Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies, Mr. NawangRigzinJora unfolded his smart city concept today while addressing a valedictory session of a workshop on 'Urban Development and Urban Service Delivery'organised by Indian Institute of Public Administration Jammu and Kashmir Regional Branch in collaboration with Srinagar Municipal Corporation. He said that the State government is committed to upgrade the life style and provide high class civic amenities to Srinagar citizens besides assuring hygiene and clean environment in and around Srinagar City. He said that SMC is playing a pivotal role in providing essential services to the people particularly in providing permissions for constructions

and certificates of birth and death. Highlighting the significant of e-governance, MrJora said that the Corporation has introduced e-governance to make the functioning of the Corporation accountable, responsive and transparent. "An applicant of building permission can submit his application on-line, check the status of the case and also can download the requisite information on-line. Similarly those who apply for birth and death certificates can benefit with e-gov-

ernance facilities, he added. Mr Jora said that Corporation has setup Citizens' Redressal Cell that also on-line, where a complainant can click his complaint on the given mail address and get the response within seconds, the Minister assured. Commissioner, SMC, Dr G N Qasba on this occasion presented a detailed report on Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas through a power point presentation. Dr Qasba highlighted all the aspects of Solid Waste and suggested

measures for bringing improvement for its management. The dignitaries present in the meeting belonging to various walks of life appreciated the presentation and hoped that the measures being taken by SMC would bear fruit and would provide a smooth and healthy atmosphere for living a healthy life for the citizens of Srinagar city. Earlier, Prof K KPandey, IIPA, New Delhi presented keynote address while as Mr. Y Sachdeva of RITES spoke over issues related to Urban Mobility, CEOand ERA Mr. Tahsin Mustafa spoke on ERA and Urban Development. Vice Chairman SDA Mr Shafat Noor threw light on Master Plan for Srinagar City. Joint Commissioner, SMC, Mr Bashir Ahmed Khan anchored the proceedings of the workshop. Prof Meraj-ud-Din, IIPA, J&K proposed vote of thanks on the occasion.

SRINAGAR: Minister for R&B, Mr. Abdul Majid Wani today informed the House that construction work on widening of Nikki Tawi to Makwal road including Surechak has been taken up at an estimated cost of Rs. 7.69 crore under rural roads (Projectization), against which Rs. 1.01 crore was expended on the road after August 2013 and earth work, shingling from Km 1 to 4 upto Phallian stands completed. Replying to a question by Mrs. Indu Pawar in

Revised package of relief submitted Hailstorm, rains damaged paddy, to GOI for Earthquake affected: Vikar standing crops in Kupwara Distt: Mir
SRINAGAR, OCT 07: About 96000 houses and other establishments in Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban got affected in the earthquake that struck these districts on 1st May, 2013. This was stated by the Minister of State for Power, Mr. Vikar Rasool in reply to a calling attention notice by Mr. Naresh Kumar Gupta in Legislative Council today regarding situation that has arisen due to unabated earthquakes in Doda, Kishtwar, Badherwah, Thathri, Gandoh, Banihal areas. The Minister said an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale struck the Districts of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban. He said an amount of Rs. 120 crore is required to be paid to the affected families as per the SDRF norms. He said that Rs 25 crore has already been released and disbursed for providing ex-gratia relief to the dead/injured and also to the persons whose houses got damaged. He said as many as 5579 tents were provided to the affected for temporary shelters, besides free ration for three months. He said nearly 700 educational institutions have also suffered damage in these districts and arrangements have been made by providing shelter and tents wherever, required to ensure that education of children does not suffer. The Minister said that besides the relief package of Rs 120 crore under SDRF being distributed among the affected, the State Government has also approached the Centre to provide a special revised rehabilitation package to the tune of Rs 607.77 Crore in favor of the earthquake affected on the pattern of Leh package so that the affected people are provided adequate assistanc and ex-gratia relief.

Uri got a turnaround in last decade: Taj

85% power distribution, 97 % water supply distribution; soon to cross cent per cent
URI, OCT 07: Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Mr. Taj Mohi ud Din today said the border town of Uri has seen a turnaround during last decade and the day is not far when cent per cent achievement would be recorded in critical sectors like power distribution, water supply, education and healthcare. Addressing a well-attended public meeting here today, the Minister said these are not mere slogans or rhetorics but the factual details available on the ground. Elaborating, Mr. Taj said it was during his tenure that Uri got the first college, three higher secondary schools and 16 high schools. He said the number of middle schools, which stood at 26 before his representing the area, rose to 95. Similarly 200 more primary schools were opened in the area taking the number to 270. The Minister said there were 109 ICDS centres in Uri in 2002 which stand at 455 with the spread of nutritional programme in every nook and

Relief provide to affected as per SDRF norms

SRINAGAR, OCT 07: Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Mir said that on September 16, 2013 about 59 villages of District Kupwara witnessed hailstorm and rains which damaged paddy and other standing crops. The Minister was replying to a Calling Attention Notice by Syed Mohammad Rafiq Shah in the Legislative Council today. The Minister said that a committee comprising of officers headed by DC, Kupwara with Chief Horticulture Officer, Kupwara, District Agriculture Officer, Kupwara, Tehsildar Kupwara, Tehsildar Handwara & Tehsildar Karnah conducted extensive tour of the affected areas and assessed losses and suggested remedial measures in this regard. Mr. Mir said that damage to paddy and other standing crops is almost 100 percent in some villages like Tikker, Batergam, Bohipora, Hiri, Hayan/ Kababmarg, Kawari, Laderwan, Avoora, Alchizeb, Zirhama, Marhama, Gulgam and Gushie and 30 to 40 per cent in Gotingoo and Hanjipora and spread over about 3787 hectare (1792 hectare rain fed and 1995 hectare irrigated). The Minister said although no loses were reported to fruit crop in Kralpora block, the extent of damage reported ranges from 10 to 80 percent in Harie, Hundi, Kawari, Laderwan, Zurhama, Awoora, Alachizeb, Hayan, janjipora villages of Trehgam block with production loss of about 3488 tonnes. In other areas of Kupwara, Drugumulla and Sogam extent of losses reported were 15-30 per cent with production loss of about 1550 tonnes.

Work on widening of Jammu-Akhnoor road to commence soon: Sham

SRINAGAR, OCT 07: Minister for PHE, Irrigation & Flood Control, Mr. Sham Lal Sharma today informed the House that 4-laning of Jammu-Akhnoor road has been sanctioned by the Centre with the constant efforts of State Government and work is likely to be taken up by the Border Road Organization (BRO) soon after completion of certain formalities. He said the issue of land acquisition falling under construction has also been sorted out with the concerned authorities by the Government. The Minister was reacting on the issue raised in the House during Zero Hour by BJP MLA, Mr. Jugal Kishore. Mr. Javed Mustafa Mir raised the issue of death of a youth whose dead body was fished out from the Jehlum River and sought factual report from the Government about the cause of death and action taken on that. He also drew attention of the Government towards snapping of electricity from Jamilabad village and wanted to know the reason for the same and sought immediate restoration of power to the area. Hakim Mohammad Yasin sought expeditious completion of receiving stations in his Constituency. Mr. Abdul Haq Khan demanded an inquiry into the stone pelting incidents at border villages located along the border in Machil, Lolab area. Mr. Harshdev Singh urged the Government to take immediate steps to tackle the situation that has arisen due to spread of Dengue disease in Samba district. He expressed concern over the detection of fresh Dengue cases and demanded appropriate medicare assistance to the patients. Mr. Javed Dar demanded compensation for the fruit growers of his areas whose horticulture crop suffered loss due to untimely rains and hailstorm. Mr. G.M. Saroori raised the issue of one Dil Mohammad laborer of his constituency, who is missing for the past two months and wanted proper investigation to establish his whereabouts. Mr. M.Y. Tarigami demanded enhancement of incentives for the doctors, para-medics engaged under NRHM programme. He also demanded increase of incentives for ASHA workers. Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta highlighted the problems of border people whose land is located near the border fencing. He said the border people are facing so many hardships in carrying out the agricultural activities due to frequent border disturbances. He sought tangible steps to ensure hassle free activities by the people. Mr. Abdul Razak Zawoora demanded upgradation of schools in Shopian area.

Investigation of Oasis School fire incident in progress: Saifullah

SRINAGAR, OCT 07: Speaking on the issue of fire incident of Oasis School, Gogji Bagh raised by Dr. Mustafa Kamal, the Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah today informed the House that on October 3, 2013, fire broke out in the school which engulfed a large part of the school building. He said men and machinery of Fire and Emergency Services Department reached the spot and brought the fire under control. The Minister said the service of FSL were also sought for the purpose which have taken the photographs of the gutted structures. The team of FSL also took some samples of coal and electric wire pieces for investigation purposes and the factual position can be ascertained after receipt of opinion of FSL authorities while the investigation is going on, he added.

corner of the constituency. So was the case, he said, with health centres which rose from 03 to 12 during this period. Mr. Taj said there were no filtration plants or lift irrigation schemes in Uri and 46 such filtration plants and seven lift irrigation schemes were set up during the last decade or so. He said the road length in Uri stood at 75 kilometres in 2002 which has been increased to a whopping 500 kilometres or more as more and more areas and habitations are being covered

through road networks. The Minister said that water supply distribution in Uri, which was 26 % ten years ago, has risen to 97 %, among the highest in the State. So is the case with power distribution, he said, which has risen from 34 % in 2002 to 85%. He said soon cent per cent coverage in water and power distribution would achieved in the town. Asking people to stand guard these achievements, the Minister said they should look through the designs of vested interest elements who

have no sympathy with them and are in fact harming their interests. Mr. Taj said with this pace, Uri and its inhabitants have a right to look for a better future for which he has many big plans. He asked people to remain united and extend a helping hand to him to completing these plans and projects. Former MLC, Mr. Muhammad Amin Bhat, Mir Mushtaq, S S Chani and Mr. Mushtaq Khanday also addressed the public meeting.

Rs. 44.83 cr realized from sale of forest Sample collection centres, monitoring cell set up to combat Dengue produce in 2012-13: Mian Altaf JAMMU, OCT 07-The ing awareness among the peoSRINAGAR, OCT 07: Minister for Forests, Environment and Ecology Mian Altaf Ahmad today informed the House that an amount of Rs. 44.83 crore has been realized as revenue from the forest produce during year 2012-13. The Minister was replying to a question by Mr. Jehangir Hussain Mir during the question hour in the Legislative Council today. The Minister said that similarly, the department had realized Rs. 42.23 crore and Rs. 46.78 crore as revenue from the sale of forest produce during 2010-11 and 2011-12 respectively. Mian Altaf said that a total 875.6647 hectares of forest land has been diverted in Jammu and Kashmir for development works under PMGSY Scheme, adding that in order to mitigate the damage to the forests, some remedial measures have been taken by the forest department including afforestation on the degraded forests land by doubling the area on suitable locations, erecting fencing to protect such plants, adoption of other soil conservation measures and aided natural regeneration. The Minister said that no income is being generated by the sale of medicinal plants at present, saying that as the extraction of medicinal plants was banned in the year-2004 for their natural conservation and rejuvenation. He said the ban stands lifted now and the department is formulating methodology for sustainable extraction of medicinal plants as per scientific procedure. Health Dept has taken elaborate measures across Jammu division to control and combat Dengue with monitoring and blood collection centres at the district and sub division level besides establishment round the clock monitoring cell at the divisional level. According to Director Health Services, Jammu, Dr B S Pathania, eight sample collection centres have been established in Samba district where from maximum cases of Dengue have been reported. Besides, every district has been equipped with sample collection centres and a monitoring cell has been set up at all the district headquarters, he added. Similarly, supervising teams comprising Epidemiologist and State Malarioligist Jammu have been constituted to monitor the situation. Referring to other initiatives like generatple & carrying out anti mosquito drive, health functionaries have been continuously conducting sprays and fogging is being carried out in Jammu and Samba districts. Dr Pathania said that community hall health centres and Primary Health Centres have already been mobilized to carry out insecticidal sprays and cleanliness drives in collaboration with municipal and other government agencies. He said IFC activities and making about prevention measures of dengue have been carried out in various areas to educate the people in urban as well as rural areas regarding the crucial need for maintaining high standards of health and hygiene besides keeping the surroundings clean with special focus on discouraging stagnant water around the residential areas.

Dr Manohar addresses 14th meeting of NRSE

Says QRTs constituted for rescue operation
NEW DELHI, OCT 7- A proper monitoring mechanism has been put in place to regular traffic moment on the roads under which regular road inspections to check the overloading and fitness of the vehicles is undertaken by the Transport and Traffic Departments jointly in the State. This was stated by the Minster of State for Transport, Finance and Planning Dr Manoharlal Sharma while addressing at 14th meeting of National Road Safety Council (NRSC) held at New Delhi under the Chairmanship Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Mr Oscar Fernandes. Dr. Manohar gave detailed account of the initiatives taken by the State Government for improving transport management system in the State. He said Government has planned to setup a high tech driving training institutes one each at summer capital Srinagar and Winter Capital Jammu, adding that land for such training institute have already been identified while at Jammu the land has been transferred to the executing agency. He said that 200 buses are proposed to be pressed in service by SRTC to cater the demand of general public in far flung and hilly areas of the State. The Minister said that Quick Response Teams (QRT) have already been constituted by the Government to take immediate rescue and relief measures in accident prone areas on National Highway including Batote, Kishtwar and Bhaderwah besides on internal roads to save precious human lives in case of any road accident. Dr Sharma said that Government is organizing State Road Safety Weeks every year in order to create awareness among the public about road safety, suggesting preventive measures in contain the road accidents.

Governor for urgent measures being taken to develop inland water transport system
SRINAGAR, OCT 7 - Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, has emphasized the high importance of all the required measures being taken on a time bound basis for operating an inland water transport system in the Kashmir Valley. Such a facility will provide added attraction for the tourists, generate employment avenues and ease the serious problems of traffic congestion. Last month, the Governor had heard a CII delegation, led by Mr. Sheikh Imran, which had, interalia, informed the Governor about the initiatives taken by the Government in 1996-97 to develop an Inland Navigation System. Thereafter, Raj Bhavan had asked the Divisional Commissioner to review all past decisions and brief the Governor about the way forward. Mr. Shailendra Kumar, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, made a presentation on Development of Inland Water Tourism and Historical Sites in Kashmir, at a meeting held at Raj Bhavan here today. Those who attended

the meeting included Mr. Navin K. Choudhary, Principal Secretary to the Governor; Mr. A. G. Mir. Inspector General of Police, Kashmir Zone; Mr. Farooq Ahmad Shah, Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar; Mr. Talat Parvez, Director Tourism, Kashmir; Mr. Irfan Yasin Shah, Vice Chairman, Lakes and Waterways Development Authority; and Mr. Mir Javed Zaffar, Chief Engineer, Irrigation and Flood Control, Kashmir. After discussions with the

officers attended the meeting, the Governor asked the Divisional Commissioner to very early put in place an inland water transport system in identified sectors of the Jhelum which could be of ready interest to tourists. As such the operational details should be finalized by the Tourism Department and effectively advertised. The Governor asked the Divisional Commissioner to coordinate action between LAWDA, the Tourism and Irrigation Departments and

the Police to finalise an Action Plan for the phased development of a number of circuits to be covered by water navigation systems. It was noted that the Tourism and Irrigation Departments and LAWDA could benefit by preparing actionable projects for seeking assistance from Central departments. The Governor observed that Srinagar city and other areas of Kashmir Valley have a very large number of heritage and historical sites and if an inland water transport system

becomes operational a very attractive element can be added in the packages to be offered to tourists. He advised the Divisional Commissioner to ensure that whatever is viable should be done without any delay, to make a definitive beginning in this direction. He observed that various tourism related events could be planned along the inland water transport circuits to enable the visitors to get to see the historical and cultural heritage of the Valley. The Governor suggested to Mr. Farooq Ahmad Shah, Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar and Mr. Talat Parvez, Director Tourism, Kashmir, to take all the required measures to publicize the motor-boating facility, which is available in river Jhelum and also involve the hotel associations in publicizing this facility. Emphasizing the most urgent need for cleaning and preserving the Dal, Wular and other lakes, the Governor observed that would, interalia, also go a long way in promoting water sports in J&K.

Machinery-cumKissan Mela held at Baramulla

BARAMULLA, OCT 07: A Machinery-cum-Kissan Mela was held at Dak Bungalow Baramulla here today. The Director Agriculture, Kashmir, Peerzada Mushtaq was the chief guest on the occasion. Among others Managing Director Agro Industries Development Corporation, Chief Agriculture Officer Baramulla and progressive farmers were present on the occasion. It was given out that the department distributed 1616.10 quintals of hybrid paddy, 514 quintals maize, 727 quintals of potato and 2,67 quintals of vegetable among the farmers during Kharief 2013. Besides, 75 Irrigation Pump sets and 10 Power Tillers distributed among the farmers on spot by Agriculture department through Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd. involving a subsidy component of Rs.12 lakhs. The Director exhorted upon the people particularly un employed youth to come and take the benefits of the schemes lunched by Agriculture department.

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Rahul Dravid: Bhajji's 3-wkt burst turned game in MI's favour

NEW DELHI: Rajasthan Royals skipper Rahul Dravid today said that Mumbai Indians off-spinner Harbhajan Singh's threewicket burst in the 17th over turned the Champions League Twenty20 final on its head and his side lost the plot after that. "Mumbai were the better side. But it was a terrific effort from our team. It was a close game till the end and otherwise a great final," he said after RR lost the summit clash by 33 runs. "But Harbhajan Singh's three wickets in an over (17th) turned the match on its head and we lost the game there," said Dravid who has already announced that this would be his last T20 game. He thanked the players of both the teams and the Ferozeshah Kotla crowd for giving him a warm farewell the end. Winning this was like the icing on the cake after becoming the IPL champions." Man-of-the-match Harbhajan Singh said his figures of 4/32 was one of the best in recent times. "Great feeling winning two cups in one year. It was a little easier to score with the new ball. The ball was getting a bit wet. That over I took three wickets was probably the best I've bowled the last three months. I didn't practice much before this series, I was traveling to the US," he said. Mumbai's Dwayne Smith was adjudged Man-of-theSeries while RR's Ajinkya Rahane won the Golden Bat for his 288 runs. The Golden Wicket went to the 41-yearold Royals leg-spinner Pravin Tambe for his 12 wickets.

Former players call life ban recommendation on Jwala Gutta harsh

NEW DELHI: Throwing their weight behind an embattled Jwala Gutta, several former players have described the Badminton Association of India disciplinary committee's recommendation of a life ban on the star doubles player as "ridiculous and harsh". "It is a very harsh decision. I think BAI could have dealt with it in a quieter way and not go to the press and defame her in this way," former national champion Arvind Bhat said. "I don't know exactly what she said during the IBL match but whatever it is, life ban recommendation is too harsh. "They could have just warned her. Moreover, she is the spokesperson of the Delhi team and as an icon player,

when he was out for one. "It was an emotional moment and I thank the players of both teams and the crowd for the warm farewell given to me," he said. Winning captain Rohit Sharma said it was a befitting farewell for Sachin Tendulkar who would also be not playing T20 format again.

"It was a nerve-biting game. I would like to thank Sachin and Dravid for what they've done for Indian cricket. We are happy for Tendulkar that we won the title and he will not be playing T20 again," he said. He thought the dew would come in. Maxy (Maxwell) finished off really well. We held our nerve in

she spoke on behalf of her team. It was a team decision." In a surprise decision, the Badminton Association of India's disciplinary committee recommended a life ban on Jwala for trying to stop some players of her franchise Krrish Delhi Smashers from

playing a match against Banga Beats in the recent Indian Badminton League. India's top men's doubles players KT Rupesh Kumar and Sanave Thomas, who played for Pune Pistons in the inaugural IBL, also said it was ridiculous and will affect Indian badminton.

"It is ridiculous. Life ban is too much. Whatever delay happened in the match, I don't think Jwala is the only person who has to suffer for that. It was kind of unfair what happened at the last moment. Naturally, anyone who would have been in her place would have reacted," Rupesh said. "It is a call which Jwala alone could not have taken, the franchise must have told her. It is weird why this matter has been taken to such an extent. Life ban doesn't make sense. It has been blown out of proportion," he added. His men's doubles partner Sanave Thomas said: "I don't agree with this recommendation of life ban. I think she is such an experienced player, who has performed consistently over the years.

MELBOURNE: Former South Africa allrounder Johan Botha has been ordered to undergo biomechanical testing again after once again being cited for a suspect bowling action, Cricket Australia said on Monday. The 31-year-old South Australia captain will still be eligible to play and bowl but would face suspension if the analysis proves his action is illegal. Cricket Australia said that three umpires in a match must agree on a suspect bowling delivery, but it did not say in which game Botha had been reported. South Australia have played one domestic one-day cup match this season, a sixwicket loss to Victoria on Friday in which the offspinner finished with no wicket for 39 off nine overs. "Under CA's Doubtful Bowling Action Procedure,

Botha under renewed bowling action scrutiny India series a chance to become no. 1 ODI side: Australia coach
International Cricket Council. He was cleared later that year but following a onedayer against Australia in Port Elizabeth in 2009 Botha was reported once again and it was ruled that his action while bowling the 'doosra' (a ball that turns away from a right-hander, as opposed to a conventional off-spinner which turns towards him) was illegal and he was banned from bowling it.Botha has made five Test appearances as well as playing 78 one-day internationals and 40 Twenty20s for South Africa. The South Australia Cricket Association (SACA) said it would back Botha. "We acknowledge that there is a process to be undertaken and the SACA will support Johan and work with him though this process," SACA's director of cricket Jamie Cox said. MUMBAI: Their focus on the number one spot up for grabs in the upcoming ODI series against India, Australian captain George Bailey and coach Steve Rixon said the visitors are no longer intimidated by the sub-continental conditions courtesy the exposure they have got through the IPL. The Aussies will start the tour with a one-off Twenty20 match in Rajkot on October 10 followed by seven ODIs. "If you look at the tournament, it is not just a tournament but a chance to be number 1 in the world in one of the three formats," said Rixon at the first media conference of the squad after its arrival on Saturday night. "So, it is very important to the players, the coaching staff and Cricket Australia. At the end of the day, we want to sit back and want to

Stosur beats Larsson at Japan Women's Open

a bowler must undergo testing after a single mention for a suspected illegal bowling action in an interstate season," CA said in a statement. "CA's policy requires cited bowlers to undergo testing within 14 days of being notified." Botha was reported for a suspect action following his Test debut for South Africa against Australia in Sydney in January 2006 and was subsequently banned from bowling by the

be part of the number one side," he added. If Australia win the series handsomely, they will go over India to become the world's no.1 ranked ODI team and if the hosts win they will retain their top spot. Going into the intense contest against India, both Rixon and team captain George Bailey saw the advantage of having quite a few squad members with the Champions League

Twenty20 exposure. "Yes, we do know a few players that certainly I think one of the great things about the IPL, over the years. We have played at a lot of grounds that we are about to play at. Most of our players have played with and against a lot of Indian players, viceversa, they have played with a lot of us," said Bailey who is leading the squad in the absence of injured regular ODI captain Michael Clarke.

OSAKA: Third-seeded Samantha Stosur of Australia defeated Johanna Larsson of Sweden 6-4, 6-2 on Monday to advance to the second round of the Japan Women's Open. The 29-year-old Stosur didn't face a break point on her serve and converted three of nine break points in the match at Ustubo Tennis Park. Stosur has had previous suc-

cess in the Osaka tournament. She won here in 2009, was runner-up in 2011 and a semifinalist in 2012, compiling a 15-3 record in Osaka. In other first-round matches, seventh-seeded Monica Puig of Puerto Rico beat defending champion Heather Watson of Britain 6-4, 6-4, and fifth-seeded Eugenie Bouchard of Canada ousted Varvara Lepchenko of the United States 6-3, 6-0.

Tiger Woods leads US to Presidents Cup Rafael Nadal eyes Masters record in Shanghai
MUIRFIELD: Tiger Woods clinched the Presidents Cup for the United States for the third time in a row on Sunday, giving the Americans an insurmountable 18-14 lead over the Internationals at rain-soaked Muirfield Village. World number one Woods edged 41st-ranked Richard Sterne of South Africa 1 up to secure the trophy, thwarting an Internationals fightback and boosting the Americans to 81-1 in the overall rivalry with their fifth win in a row. Battling nagging back spasms over the final five holes, Woods won the par-3 16th with a par, chipped from the rough to inches from the hole at 17 and halved 18 for the victory. "It feels good," Woods said. "It was a tough day, tough conditions, rain, wind all around. "(My back) acted up from 14 on in. It keep getting worse, a little tight, but I think we can find something for it." His victory put the hosts up by four with only two matches on a course that saw heavy rain for the fourth day in a row, forcing lift, clean & place rules to be used. "We've all slogged it out and did our best," said 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott of Australia. It was the third triumph for Fred Couples as the US captain, all having ended Woods taking the winning point. SHANGHAI: Newly recrowned world number one Rafael Nadal can smash the record for Masters titles claimed in a year in Shanghai this week, as his great rival Roger Federer fights to save his season. Nadal has enjoyed one of the best spells of his career after he came back from seven months out to win two major titles, but he is still seeking further accolades. After replacing Novak Djokovic at the top of the ATP rankings -- despite his loss to the Serb in Sunday's China Open final -Nadal can now become the first man to win six Masters trophies in the same season. And the remorseless

South Zone ease into Duleep Trophy semis

CHENNAI: The outcome of the Duleep Trophy quarterfinal between South Zone and West Zone at the MA Chidambaram Stadium was never in doubt after the former had notched up a mammoth first innings total and reduced their opponents to 156/6 by stumps on Day 3. But the Wasim Jaffer-led side did put up a fight on the final day. The duo of Ankit Bawne (115 n.o., 7x4, 1x6) and Rakesh Dhurv (53, 6x4, 1x6) frustrated the South Zone bowlers for 40.3 overs, adding 93 runs for the seventh wicket before Rakesh was dismissed by left-arm spinner Aushik Srinivas (2/52). folded up for 287, giving Vinay Kumar's side a 313-run first innings lead, which was enough for them to book a place in the semifinals, where they will play against Central Zone. In an inconsequential second essay, South Zone put 44 runs on the board for the loss of one wicket in 22.5 overs before the two captains Jaffer and Vinay decided to call off the contest. Jaffer was all praise for the way South batted. Brief scores: South Zone 600/9 dec (Pandey 213, Aparajith 212) and 44/1 dec (Akshath 25*) drew with West Zone 287 (Bawne 115, Dhurv 53, Malolan 5-101)

Mallorcan said he's also motivated by the target of finishing the year as world number one for the third time in his career. "If I am able to be number one at the end of the season, then that's an important achievement because I will be the best of

the year," he said. Added That's something that really motivates me." Since returning in February after his long spell on the sidelines with a left knee injury, the Spaniard has won 10 titles, including the French Open and US Open.

From 248-7, West Zone failed to last long as offie Malolan Rangarajan (5/101) ran through the tail. West Zone

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told any investigator to work with a vengeance to prove or disprove a case. The conviction rate in the fodder cases has been over 90 per cent. This is a rare occurrence and should be an eye-opener that the Indian law enforcement system is capable of handling complicated tasks, provided it is allowed function effectively. Apart from some black sheep and some of them are senior officers in the CBI who stonewalled my investigative efforts, I talking to the Press, in a one-on-one meeting. I told him that I would tell the media what had been done and cannot be undone, but never what CBI would be doing. He laughed and agreed with me. Irrespective of the official stand and his being occasionally annoyed with me, there was a certain amount of cordiality and respect that we had for each other. I appreciated his political compulsions and he understood my legal and also personal compulsions. Without my having to say much, it is worthwhile for the discerning readers to judge where I went wrong. I claim no personal credit for the conviction of any accused in fodder scam. After all, every action has a cause, and what we are seeing today is the result of what we did yesterday. It is the team-work of everybody, right from the constable to the Director, and those that were determined to bring the case to its logical conclusion. Hardships, obstacles and difficulties are natural in any worthwhile task, though any police job is unpleasant. The CBI has played a tremendous role in sending messages to the dishonest bureaucrats and the corrupt politicians; Beware. Big Brother is watching you. It is, therefore, no wonder, that several people are upset over the functioning of the CBI when the probe agency does its job well. A job is a job, and the CBI has done it remarkably well over the years, though it has trodden on many a corn. My transfer for taking the decision to charge-sheet the high and mighty involved in the fodder scam was a small price that I paid. A Press reporter asked me on my transfer to a nondescript post at an airport on my return from Interpol. I smiled and said with a mischievous smile, Wonderful, same salary and no work! I paid the price as a humble public servant in the interest of probity and ethics, in the interest of the country. The conviction and sentencing of Lalu Prasad and Rajya Sabha member Rasheed Masood, effectively leading to their disqualification from the House, is a good beginning.



Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina deserves fulsome praise for doggedly pursuing the trial of 1971 war criminals despite facing a violent Islamist backlash at home and growing international pressure. It is because of her commitment to this trial that those who had perpetrated genocide four decades ago and quite possibly believed that they had managed to get away with it, are finally being held accountable. The latest war criminal to be convicted is Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, who has been sentenced to death for committing crimes against humanity. He is the seventh accused to be held guilty by the international war crimes tribunal that was set up by the Prime Minister in 2010. More importantly, he is the first politician from the principal Opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, and also the first sitting Member of Parliament to be convicted. All the other convicts belong to the Jamaat-e-Islami party, an ally of the BNP but essentially a radical outfit that operated on the political fringe until it was recently de-recognised for failing to abide by the principles of the Constitution of Bangladesh. Since the war crimes tribunal began handing down sentences in January this year, the Jamaatis have resorted to large-scale arson and vandalism that has killed hundreds across the country. They have also accused Prime Minister Hasina's Awami League Government of using the tribunal as a political tool to destroy the Opposition before the general election, which should be held at end of this year. With the conviction of Chowdhury, such accusations can only be expected to grow louder and more trenchant. The Awami League's dismal performance in July's mayoral election which some consider to be an indication of the popular mood before the parliamentary poll have not helped matters either. Add to that recent opinion polls which show the BNP in the lead and the Opposition's charge that the regime is desperate to stay in power. Ms Hasina faces a challenge. She could have chosen the easy way out: Thrown up her hands and blamed the Islamists for disrupting the trial or appeased the Jamaatis and delayed or even subverted justice. But by persisting with the trial, she has chosen to rise above petty politics and put national interest above everything else. The war crimes trial is crucial for Bangladesh if the country has to come to terms with its bloody past. It is also a defining moment for the future as the Shahbagh movement (a direct fallout of the trial) proved with the moderates pushing back Islamist forces and reasserting their Bengali identity. Ms Hasina is aware of the side-effects of her drive for justice. Her differences with BNP chief Khaleda Zia over the need for a caretaker Government before the election, that has threatened another political crisis in Bangladesh, have only added to her troubles. Also, the Indian Governments failure, for whatever domestic reason, to push progress on the Teesta water-sharing deal and the land border agreement, have put her in an embarrassing spot. After all, she has gone out of her way to address New Delhis concerns on security matters. She and the people of Bangladesh naturally expect New Delhi to respond in kind. Its in Indias interests to strengthen this key allys hands.


Joginder Singh
The fodder scam had its origins long before the matter fell into the CBIs lap. It had been on for decades already when, in 1996, the Supreme Court upheld the orders of the Patna High Court that the case should be investigated by the CBI and monitored either by the Chief Justice of Patna High Court or a Bench constituted by him. The public interest litigation on the fodder scam was filed in 1990 by Bihars anti-corruption department, but it remained in limbo, because it would open an hornet's nest for the high and mighty. On September 30, as many as 45 accused in the fodder scam were convicted, including former Bihar Chief Ministers Lalu Prasad and Jagannath Mishra. This is a unique example of two Chief Ministers, belonging to rival political parties, being convicted in one case. Apart from Lalu Prasad and Mishra, Janata Dal (United) leader and Jahanabad MP Jagdish Sharma as well as three formers IAS officers have been convicted. This only goes to underline the all-pervasive nature of the scam, in which politicians of different hues collaborated with bureaucrats to siphon off public money. In the case at hand, the money had been earmarked for the Animal Husbandry Department to be spent on fodder and medicines for livestock. Only two fodder scam cases are being tried in Bihar. The other 53 cases are in the jurisdiction of Jharkhand. Of these, 46 have been disposed and nine are pending. There are a total of about 600 accused, out of which 550 have been convicted. It will be worthwhile to recall the landmarks of this case and how it was delayed. January 1996: Fodder scam surfaces after Deputy Commissioner of Chaibasa finds that the animal husbandry department is embezzling funds. March 1996: Patna High Court directs the CBI to investiagte the scam. The CBI registers an FIR in the Chaibasa treasury case. The Bihar Government appeals to the Supreme Court to let the case remain with Bihar Police. The appeal is rejected. June 1997: CBI completes its investigation and files a charge-sheet naming Lalu Prasad as an accused. July 1997: Lalu Prasad surrenders before the CBI court and is sent to judicial custody. October 2001: Supreme Court transfers

A job is a job, and the CBI has done it remarkably well over the years, though it has come under political pressure in several instances. The fodder scam case is a good example of the probe agency's efficiency
fodder scam cases to Jharkhand, after the creation of the new State. February 2002: Trial begins in the special CBI court in Ranchi. August 2013: Supreme Court rejects Lalu Prasads plea to transfer the case from the trial court judge on the ground that the presiding officer is related to a Minister who is inimical to him, September 30: Lalu Prasad, Misra and 43 others are convicted by the CBI trial court. I have been pursuing this case for long and have been lampooned and criticised for my zeal, not to mention that I have come under pressure from the highest levels of the Government. But I have just ignored it all. An investigation is a painstaking job. But the CBI has to do it. And it is not left to a Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector or Head Constable. Under the law, CBI investigators have to be of the rank of either an Inspector or a Deputy Superintendent of Police. In my entire career, I have never also had to deal with the political class and its Oust Joginder campaign. In April 1997, Prime Minister IK Gujral took me to task for carrying out a witch-hunt, and lashed out at me for indulging in publicity-oriented probes. He said that some people were being prosecuted even before their cases had reached the courts. I think the publicity-oriented investigation is something we have to prevent, he explained. He went on to add, And publicity sometimes gives me the impression that there is really some sort of exhibitionist trend in the personalities who think that it is more important for the public to know what they are doing. And the Prime Minister said this while he was criticising corruption in public life at a Chief Ministers conference. While he did not mention me by name, the indirect reference to the fodder scam, which was in the news at that time, was unmistakeable. He took up the matter with me, and for

Daggers drawn for war of votes

KG Suresh
The battle for votes has begun in the right earnest. Political realignments are on the cards and leaders are on the offensive, with no concessions being ceded to the opponents. The intelligentsia too is deeply divided, with little room for neutrality. Its either white or black. No scope for grey. Though the survey and opinion poll shops have opened and are already doing good business with so many 24x7 television channels around, it is early days to predict the outcome of the 2014 election, keeping in view the fast-changing political developments. A glance at three key States Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh alone would reveal the flux and the fluid situation. The Jat-Muslim alliance in western Uttar Pradesh was always considered one of the most tried and tested combinations by secular political parties. The Samajwadi Party, the Rashtriya Lok Dal and occasionally even the Congress have taken advantage of this alignment, but the recent communal violence in Muzaffarnagar and adjoining areas has suddenly changed equations throwing up many pertinent questions that could make or mar the fortunes of key political players in the State. Will the Jats, frustrated with the appeasement politics pursued by the Samajwadi Party Government, shift their loyalty en masse to the BJP? Will the Muslim voters who feel the administration has not done enough for them despite Mr Azam Khans diktats, abandon the SP and switch over to the Congress? Or will the Muslims engage in tactical voting and vote for the best candidate who seems capable of defeating the BJP? One thing is for certain. While both the regional parties the SP and the RLD are in for some major losses in the region, both the national parties the Congress and the BJP are set to improve their performance, with the latter having an edge. Coming to Bihar, the disqualification and arrest of Rashtriya Janata Dal supremo Lalu Prasad has dealt a body blow both to his party and the brand of politics he pursued. Bihar is no Tamil Nadu and he is unlikely to separate State and the TRS likely to merge or ally with the Congress, its options are limited to Seemandhra, though the party had been one of the initial and vociferous supporters of Telangana. On the one hand, a marginalised former ally, the Telugu Desam Party, has expressed its animosity towards the Congress, while


That much of the world significantly restricts the travel of Indians abroad is reflective of this country's low standing in the international community as well as New Delhi's failure to get its citizens a better deal. For all the talk about its soft power, its legacy of peace and friendship, and even its aspirations to be a superpower, the fact remains that even today Indias citizens are not welcome with open arms, especially in the developed world. Only 52 countries don't require travellers with an Indian passport to get a visa that is just a few more than those travelling with a Pakistani passport or an Afghan passport, who get visa-free access to the least number of countries. But while Pakistan is just one step away from being written off as a failed state and Afghanistan is a veritable battlezone, India is peaceful, politically stable and by some estimates even a regional economic powerhouse. Yet, it finds itself at the bottom of a global index that ranks countries based on freedom of travel. Compiled by Henley & Partners, a firm that works on international residence and citizenship planning, in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association that represents global airlines, the index ranks India at 74 alongside Uzbekistan, and only a few notches above Iran. Much of Europe and America are on the other end of the spectrum as travellers holding passports from these countries can visit more than 170 countries without a visa. While this is on expected lines, a comparison of India with other emerging economies is telling. Take the BRICS countries, for example. Brazil is ranked far ahead at 19, Russia at 41 and South Africa at 42. Only China is ranked below India (74) at 82. But China has an autocratic regime which means that the possibility of many Chinese travellers not returning to their home country is high. This is a problem that experts believe India has as well, because Indians sometimes end up as economic refugees or illegal immigrants in the West. Indeed, Britain's proposal to levy a 3,000 refundable bond on visitors from India, alongside those from Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka all deemed to be high-risk travellers was supposedly in response to this. But the fact that the proposal has since been put on hold (and may only be implemented in select cases', if at all) indicates that there is more to the story. For one, there is little proof that the number of Indians who stay back illegally in Britain (or elsewhere, for that matter) is vastly more than the number who travel legally for leisure and business, and in the process contribute to the economic progress of the host country. One may even extend this argument to include the Indian diaspora, which around the world is hailed as a model minority'. Against this backdrop, blaming illegal Indian immigrants for visa restrictions is just taking the easy way out. New Delhi needs to do its part as well it can start by simplifying its own visa policies.

It is perilous to predict the outcome of the 2014 Lok Sabha election. There are some pointers and more will come after the Assembly elections are through. Meanwhile, supporters of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are already claiming victory
gain any sympathy vote. While Lalu Prasads Muslim vote-base may shift over to Mr Nitish Kumars JD(U), the Yadav component, which has a clinical animosity towards the Kurmi Chief Minister, may opt for the BJP, rather than for the Congress which is being perceived as backing the ruling party. Whether the BJP will respond to the situation and project leaders such as Nand Kishore Yadav to woo these leaderless cadres, remains to be seen. In Andhra Pradesh, the BJP faces nothing short of a Hobsons choice. With not much to expect from the Telangana region in the wake of the Cabinets decision to create a on the other, the scam-tainted son of YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who is riding a sympathy wave, has thrown several indications by praising the BJPs prime ministerial candidate. It could be an actual hint for a possible alliance or a teaser for the Congress for a home-coming. Which way will the BJP go? In neighbouring Karnataka, the BJP again faces a dilemma on whether to bring back its tainted former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa into the party fold and incur party veteran LK Advanis wrath or ignore him and play a losing game. At stake are moral and ethical issues. Notwithstanding the huge turnout at Mr Narendra Modis maiden rally in the capital post his anointment, the fact remains that New Delhi is not a cakewalk for the party, which has a divided State leadership, an uninspiring alternative to the incumbent Chief Minister and not-so-spectacular performances by civic bodies controlled by the party. These are factors which could deeply influence the largely-educated city electorate. There is also a strong third option, which is unlikely to partner with it in the event of a hung Assembly. It is also being debated whether in its endeavour to make Mr Modi more acceptable, the BJP will end up losing its own core constituency. The BJP leaders prioritisation of toilets over temples may have gone down well with the development-oriented supporters and even some fence-sitters who are yet to make their choice for the top job, but Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen


Dear Editor, The Union Cabinets nod for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and creation of a separate State of Telangana, amid widespread protests from the people of Seemandhra, is shocking. Although India calls itself a democracy, the UPA government has not taken into account the views of huge sections even though they have been agitating for over 60 days. Even the media has not taken notice. Is it because the agitation has been peaceful? Are Gandhian principles no longer valid? Without giving any clarifications on river water usage, projects, capital, etc., how could the UPA government announce the bifurcation? And what is the Antony Committee for?

Yours faithfully, Jatinder rana, Jammu

Dear Editor, It has become common for intellectuals to question the relevance of the death sentence, whenever the court awards it. Their main argument is that the death penalty has failed to deter people from committing heinous crimes. Just because a punishment does not prevent some perverted criminals from committing brutal crimes, should we stop punishing them? Yours faithfully, P.V.R. Reddy via email

Togadia reflected the sentiments of the partys core constituency which felt the comments were avoidable or could have been general in nature to include all places of worship and not just the Hindu shrines. These supporters also do not find themselves comfortable with the high emphasis of the party leaders over the presence of members of the minority community in large numbers at Mr Modis rallies. In all these, they see a redux of the Atal Himayati Abhiyan (Support Atal Campaign), the brainchild of Sudheendra Kulkarni with the blessings of the Shahi Imam of Delhis Jama Masjid ahead of the 2004 Lok Sabha election. The campaign went around the predominantly Muslim areas with photographs of both Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. While the yatra did not yield any support from the minorities, it did contribute immensely to Hindu disillusionment and the negative poll outcome. Meanwhile, overshadowed by Mr Modis presence, Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi made a desperate attempt at machismo by openly attacking his own Government, which turned into a public fiasco. While the move may have appealed to some youthful supporters of the Congress vice president, it did raise questions about his maturity, belief in democracy and ability to lead the nation. The fallout of the National Food Security Act, cash transfer schemes and the land acquisition legislations are not yet visible on the ground, but it would be nave not to take their possible impact into account while predicting future poll outcomes. The constitution of the Seventh Pay Commission for Government employees ahead of schedule too has its ramifications. While the Congress has been overtly dismissive of challenge from Mr Modi, the Prime Ministers call to secular parties to rally against the BJP leader is an acknowledgement of that threat. Both parties would do well not to underestimate their opponents as also the potential of smaller regional parties. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Many critics have lambasted Mr Rahul Gandhis outbursts and the Congresss attempts to woo different section of the society as the last twitch of a coma patient; others see Mr Modi as a largely middleclass urban Hindu phenomenon. There are also many who compare the present scenario to the pre-1975 days which witnessed a proactive judiciary, even positives going against the Congress led by Indira Gandhi and the emergence of a new leader on the horizon. In politics, as in real life, miracles do happen. But then, it would not be an exaggeration to quote American stand-up comedian Jackie Mason, who said, Predictions are preposterous.

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Seemandhra continues to simmer with protests, Shinde meets PM

law and order and steps being taken to bring back normalcy, official sources said. Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of Andhra Pradesh continues to simmer with protests against the proposed bifurcation of the state as curfew remained in place in restive Vizianagaram town and large areas plunged into darkness with electricity employees on strike in protests against the Union Cabinet's October 3 decision to carve out a new state of Telangana. Meanwhile, sources said the home ministry is worried over the protests turning violent in some parts of Seemandhra and attack on properties of Congress leaders. The Central government was not expecting that the anti-Telangana protests would reach such a stage that it would turn violent and a large part of coastal Andhra plunging into darkness due to strike. Sources said the Centre is also worried over possibility of pro and anti-Telangana protagonists coming into direct conflict as it would turn the situation more volatile. "We are taking maximum precaution and trying to ensure that people of the two regions do not clash," a source said. Another issue which was worrying the Central government was to remove the fear psychosis gripping the people of Seemandhra on the possibility of losing academic and employment opportunities after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. As most of the good academic institutions and employment opportunities are located in Telangana region, mostly Hyderabad and its adjoining region, Seemandhra people think that very limited opportunities would be left after creation of the new state.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER, 07: With protests in Seemandhra region against creation of Telangana, home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Monday briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the prevailing situation in Andhra

Pradesh and steps being taken to maintain peace there. During the meeting, attended by home secretary Anil Goswami, Shinde is said to have conveyed to the Prime Minister that adequate forces have been deployed in Seemandhra region to maintain

Chefs prepare a 53 feet long Dosa, a south Indian crepe, at a restaurant in Ahmedabad. The restaurant claims to have made the worlds longest dosa in 15 minutes.

Lookout notice issued against Asarams son, ashram ransacked

SURAT/JAIPUR, OCTOBER 7: A lookout notice was on Monday issued against jailed selfstyled godman Asaram Bapus son Narayan Sai, a day after fresh sexual abuse complaints were lodged against the father-son duo by two sisters. We have issued a lookout notice against Narayan Sai, son of Asaram, Surat Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said. We have informed immigration authorities that a grave offence has been registered against him. This (lookout notice) is a precautionary step so that he cannot leave the country, Mr. Asthana said. Fresh sexual assault complaints were registered on Sunday against controversial Asaram and his son here after two sisters accused the duo of abusing them. Ashram ransacked In Jaipur, irate local residents ransacked his ashram in Kardhani area at Jhotwara. Raising slogans against Asaram a group of about 15 people pelted stones at the ashram, smashed furniture and window panes, ACP Jhotwara Nasimulah Khan said. They also damaged vehicles, including a bus, two cars and some motorcycles, parked outside the ashram. As the police arrived to control the mob, most of them fled from the scene, the ACP said, adding the situation is under control. Asaram (72) was arrested in August on charges of sexually assaulting a minor girl and has been in prison at Jodhpur in Rajasthan since then. Police registered two complaints one against Asaram and another against Sai of rape, sexual assault, illegal confinement and other charges. The complaint against Sai was registered at Jhangirpura Police Station in Surat, while the one against his father Asaram was transferred to Ahmedabad as the alleged incident happened there. The elder sister in her complaint

Body found in suitcase in Malad

MUMBAI: The police found the body of an unidentified man, stuffed in a suitcase, at Malad (west) on Sunday morning. The deceased, believed to be in his twenties, bore knife injuries on his head and neck said the police. The Bangur Nagar police have registered a murder case. The body was not decomposed and the police suspect that it was dumped near the nullah on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, residents of the area called the police control room and informed them about the unclaimed suitcase. The police found the body inside it after they opened it with the help of experts.

13 Congress members resign from Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council

DIPHU (ASSAM), OCTOBER 7: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) plunged into crisis after 13 of its Congress executive members and three Board chairmen resigned on Monday demanding the resignation of Chief Executive Member (CEM) and party member Joyram Engleng. Mr. Engleng is being held allegedly responsible by a section of the councils executive members for the large scale violence in the district during the agitation for a separate hill State in the wake of the announcement of Telangana State. Congress-ruled KAAC has 30 members, including four nominated members who have no voting rights. Executive member D. Uphing Maslai told reporters in Diphu that they have sent their resignation to Assam Governor J.B. Patnaik and Mr. Engleng should step down. He said 17 members of Congress had earlier submitted a memorandum to the Governor expressing their no-confidence in the CEM. Mr. Patnaik had ordered a special session of the Council be convened on October 7, but Mr. Engleng filed a petition challenging the order, which was subsequently stayed. Mr. Maslai said the CEM acted in a high-handed manner and functioned without taking the executive members into confidence. Mr. Engleng in his reaction said the resignations of the executive members of the council have to be first accepted by the Governor and only then can a no-confidence motion be brought against him.

Two held for duping doctor of Rs 40 lakh by promising MBBS seat for his son
CHENNAI: The Central Crime Branch police here on Monday arrested two men who duped a doctor of Rs 40 lakh by promising an MBBS seat for his son. The police arrested Mohammad Nabi, 50, and Imran, 25, based on a complaint by Dr Venkatesh of Chengalpet. Dr Venkatesh met the duo on Anna University campus in April last. The duo told him that Mohammad was an assistant professor at the university and his son, Imran, was a PA to Anna University vice-chancellor. They promised to secure an MBBS seat for his son at a medical college in the state and took Rs 40 lakh from him. However, Dr Venkatesh's son never got the MBBS seat as promised by the duo. Interrogations revealed that they had cheated many others in the same manner.

accused Asaram of repeated sexual assault between 1997 and 2006, during the time she had been living in his ashram on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city. The younger sister filed a complaint against Asarams son, accusing him of repeated sexual assault between 2002 and 2005 when she was living in their Surat ashram.

20 arrested for trespassing BRTS corridor

AHMEDABAD: The empty stretches of largely unbroken BRTS corridor are a temptation for a free run during traffic jams. But such rides will prove to be a rather short one. The city police have already started arresting lawbreakers. On September 26, the city police arrested 20 two-wheeler riders for entering the BRTS route and produced them before the metropolitan court. The men were later released by the court on bail. More than 100 have been fined for entering the BRTS corridor, claim Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited officials. The nine, who were arrested by the Khadia police, are Ayub Chhipa, Jayesh Patel, Sarfaraz Janwala, Bhupat Chauhan, Sanni Pandya, Sarvsharan Mahant and Shoeb Ansari. Earlier, on Wednesday, 11 commuters were caught. The city police have arrested 20 people for the alleged offence. "The traffic police had caught nine people, who entered the Ellisbridge-Kalupur BRTS route and handed them over to us for further action. We arrested them for breaching of notification under section 188 (prohibiting commuters for entering BRTS route) issued by the city police commissioner," said S N Pandor, Khadia police inspector. station. "We will join local police to catch such people as the area always has dense traffic," he added. The main road on both sides of the BRTS route are increasingly being breached by mixed traffic in many parts of the city, mainly owing to traffic jams and narrow thoroughfares. This problem peaks during busy hours when commuters break this law with impunity and enter the BRTS route to escape traffic. The traffic police have no power to register complaint over the issue hence they hand over the lawbreakers to the local police. The concerned policeman files the complaint, clearing the way for their arrest.

Govt mulls new corporation for overseas buyouts Third front formation after polls, says Mulayam
NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Monday ruled out formation of a third front ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha elections, saying differences could crop up among various parties on ticket distribution if it takes shape now. Mr. Yadav, however, reiterated that the third front will be formed after elections and claimed the next prime minister will be from among the alliance partners. The third front formation is not possible now, as differences can crop up among parties on ticket distribution and seat sharing, Mr. Yadav told reporters here. Mr. Yadav said all political parties of the proposed alliance will contest polls on their own strength and then get together after the next general election. He said his party is in touch with CPI (M) leader Prakash Karat and CPI leader A B Bardhan over third front formation after polls and have an understanding on this. We feel that the third front government should come to power at the Centre. The countrys next prime minister will be a third front candidate, he said. NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: The government is mulling a new corporation, to be set up by pooling the funds from cash-rich public sector enterprises, for acquiring overseas assets as well as raising money abroad. The proposal comes at a time when India is looking to attract more overseas investments into infrastructure to boost economic growth, which has turned sluggish in recent times. The Finance Ministry has circulated a concept paper asking certain cash rich PSUs to pool in their cash reserves and utilise that to acquire assets abroad, a government official said. The corporation will also be mandated to access foreign market to raise money by issuing bonds or any instrument which give better returns, he said, adding that it will help garner funds for infrastructure development. The Finance Ministry has circulated the concept note to administrative ministries saying that the new corporation could also assist PSUs in foreign acquisition of assets. Priority would be for acquiring assets in oil and gas and fertiliser segments. The PSUs will have to understand that this will be a structured model for overseas acquisitions and fund raising. They have to take a call whether they want to go solo and create a overseas subsidiary themselves or set up the corporation, the official

Ghulam Nabi Azad to lay the foundation stone of PGI Satellite Centre
CHANDIGARH: Union minister for health and family welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad will lay the foundation stone of the PGI Satellite Centre on October 10, 2013 at Ghabdan village, Sangrur. The Punjab government has allocated 25 acres of land to the institute for setting up of PGI Satellite Centre at Sangrur. The Satellite centre shall have 300 bedded teaching hospital in the first phase with outreach community health services programme in predominantly rural population. The Centre will have key medical and surgical departments of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics, anaesthesia, radiology, radiotherapy, ophthalmology, ENT, dental, community/family medicine and psychiatry considering prevalent morbidity and mortality pattern and the health needs of the community. The centre shall have provision for residential quarters for faculty and staff.

Mr. Yadav, who has been spearheading the cause of a third front government and aspiring for the top post, said neither the BJP nor the Congress will be able to form the government. Asked who will be the third front prime ministerial candidate, Mr. Yadav said only one Prime Ministerial candidate has been announced so far, in an apparent reference to BJPs Narendra Modi. But, the third front candidate will be the next prime minister of the country, he claimed. CPI (M) General Secretary Prakash Karat had recently held a meeting with Mr. Yadav and is understood to

have discussed the evolving political situation in the wake of the controversy over the ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers. CPI (M) sources said the meeting was essentially to discuss the plans for holding a national convention in the defence of secularism. The convention is slated to be held on October 30 here. The sources said the convention will gather Left democratic and secular forces to adopt a joint programme to fight the menace of communalism, especially in the wake of the recent violence in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country.

said. He added that there was a need for PSUs to look out for overseas assets as the availability of domestic resources is limited. Impacted by domestic as well as international factors, economic growth touched 5 per cent in the last financial year, the lowest rate in a decade. Meanwhile, the official ruled out the possibility of the government setting up a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). SWFs can be formed by those government which have a positive current account balance and fiscal balance. We will need time before we can form such a fund, the official added.

Former DU staff succumbs to burns: suicide note blames principal

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: A former laboratory assistant of a Delhi University college, who had set herself on fire seven days ago after alleging sexual harassment by a college principal, succumbed to her injuries on Monday. The 35-year-old woman had doused herself with kerosene and set herself on fire at gate number 6 of the Delhi Secretariat. She sustained 90 per cent burns and was taken to the LNJP Hospital where she died this morning. Police had recovered a suicide note from the spot in which she had said that she was taking the extreme step to protest alleged physical and mental harassment by principal G.K. Arora and another staff of Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, Delhi. Her death prompted protests by teachers and students of the college who demanded that the principal should step down until a probe is on in this case. The demonstrators also accused Delhi Police of shoddy investigation in the case, claiming that no action has been taken against the principal and another employee of the college whom she had named in her suicide note. The woman was sacked from the college two years ago. Police had filed a case of suicide in this case. We are waiting the postmortem report in the case. Meanwhile, we are questioning the principal and other people in the case, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Alok Kumar

Power employees up the ante against A.P. division

H Y D E R A B A D , OCTOBER 7: Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions continued to reel under power crisis as electricity employees of the two areas stood on with their strike on Monday against the Union Cabinets decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh. The employees of the state power generation, transmission and distribution companies began an indefinite strike on Sunday, which badly affected the power generation and supply situation in the two regions and also Hyderabad. The strike has forced cancellation of several train services and also the ongoing Brahmotsavams at Tirumala hills, the abode of Lord Venkateswara at Tirupati. According to Power System Operation Corporation of PowerGrid figures, as many as three transmission lines of 400 kv and another two lines of 400/220 kv were tripped due to the agitations in Seemandhra region. The figures suggested that only 2,990 MW thermal power was produced as against the installed capacity of 6,090 MW yesterday. Similarly, power from the hydel generation stood at 1,694 MW against the installed capacity of 3,937 MW. Several gas-based power plants are also not functioning due to gas shortage problems. Senior electricity officials in Hyderabad would hold talks with the leaders of the striking employees today to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, protests continued across the two regions by pro-united Andhra employees, who have been on strike since August 13. The employees on Sunday announced a fresh programme of agitations till October 20. They said they

Prithvi-II missile test fired

HYDERABAD, OCTOBER 7:Nuclear weapons capable surface-to-surface missile, Prithvi-II was successfully test-fired for a range of 300 km by a missile regiment unit of the Strategic Forces Command from Chandipur, Odisha on Monday. Although the single-stage, liquid propelled Prithvi-II has a strike range of 350 km, it was tested for 300 km in Mondays launch. The missile was picked up randomly from the production lot and fired at 9.15 am by the SFC personnel from a road mobile launcher as part of regular training to prove the preparedness of the user. According to Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) sources, it was a textbook launch. After a flight of around seven minutes, the missile equipped with a high-precision navigation system zeroed in onto the pre-designated target in the Bay of Bengal with an accuracy of around 20 metres. The indigenously-developed Prithvi-II was the first missile to be developed under DRDO's Integrated Guided Missile

Call centre murder accused still on the run

GURGAON: A local court sent Pawan Banjara, an accused in the call centre double murder case, in two-day judicial custody on Sunday. Meanwhile, police are conducting raids to arrest all the other accused, including the call centre supervisor Mukesh Bisht. According to police, on Saturday, executive Sunil Kumar, 25, asked his senior Mukesh Bisht for a Sunday off to celebrate his son's birthday. When Bisht said no, the two had a heated argument. The two kept on arguing and came out of the office. Later, they called their friends to join the fight. Sunil was joined by Ram Avtar, Braham, Devender and Sanjay; Bisht called Ram Kishan, Isram Dutt, Pawan Banjara and few others. Bisht, police said, charged at Sunil with a dagger. Ram Avtar and Devender tried to stop him and were grievously hurt in the process. Both succumbed to their injuries later. Sunil was hurt, too, and is said to be in a critical condition. He and Sanjay are admitted in the ICU of a private hospital in Gurgaon. While Bisht and all his accomplices were absconding till Saturday evening, Banjara was arrested late on Saturday evening.

preferred to hold talks with the Chief Minister and not with others. Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy would hold talks with the striking employees on October 9, according to P Ashok Babu, president of Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officers (APNGOs) associ-

ation. The indefinite fast launched by YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on Saturday last against the state bifurcation entered the third day. TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu began his indefinite fast in Delhi today against the way the Centre set out to divide the state.

Development Programme (IGMDP) and was inducted into the armed forces in 2004. The radars, electro-optical tracking systems along the coast and the telemetry equipment in a downrange ship near the target point monitored the performance of the missile during the flight and recorded the terminal event. A different missile unit of SFC would test-fire another Prithvi-II on Tuesday morning.

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7 India will facilitate meeting of fishermen's associations very soon: Khurshid Disarmamaent: Lavrov, Kerry praise Syria


COLOMBO, OCTOBER 7: The Indian government will facilitate a meeting between representatives of fishermen associations in India and Sri Lanka at the earliest, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said in Colombo on Monday.Addressing a joint press conference with his Sri Lankan counterpart G.L. Peiris, he said that the Sri Lankan government had dealt with Indian fishermen in a compassionate and humanitarian way. Since it was a livelihood issue, India had asked Sri Lanka not to insist on the technicalities. Sri Lanka had released most of the arrested fishermen, Mr. Khurshid said, placing on record his gratitude and appreciation.The meeting between fishermen could look at what the governments had put in place in 2008 and see if it could be implemented more effectively and fortified, or arrive at some other working method through consultation, he said, adding, We [the two

governments] agreed on the need to deal with it in a humane manner without resorting to violence under any circumstances, he said. Over the last few months, Sri Lanka had repeatedly pointed to the delay in India's response to holding the meeting. Bringing in the perspective from across the Palk Straights, Mr. Peiris was quick to add that the Government of Sri Lanka had consistently emphasised the need for some concrete action to reduce substantially the numbers of boats and fishermen coming into Sri Lankas territorial waters, because it has to do with the livelihoods of the fishermen in the north people who have been deprived of their livelihood for a long time. CHOGM In response to a question on whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka this November, he said

that Indias commitment to the Commonwealth was complete and profound. Deeming CHOGM a very important movement in world governance, he said an announcement would be made by the Prime Ministers office at an appropriate stage. The Prime Minister, looking at the prevailing conditions, looking at the importance of the two countries relationship and at [other] conditions will make an announcement, Mr. Khurshid said. We will keep Sri Lanka posted. I will myself obviously come as part of the delegation as Foreign Minister, but the rest of the announce-

ment will be made by the Prime Ministers Office. We will let you know, he said. Meaningful devolution On the 13th Amendment Mr. Khurshid said the Government of Sri Lanka had on many occasions conveyed its commitment to move towards a political settlement based on the full implementation of the 13th Amendment, and building on it. We look forward to an early resumption of the dialogue process, in order to address this issue in a timely manner. He said he hoped that the newly-elected TNA Council would work closely with Centre to arrive at a working arrangement that empowers and gives a sense of satisfaction to everybody. Referring to the successful culmination of the recent Northern Provincial Council elections, the Minister said India hopes that it would usher a new beginning towards a better future for the people in the north.

MOSCOW/NUSA DUA, OCTOBER 7: In a rare instance of unity, Russia and the United States praised Syria for complying with its pledge to eliminate its chemical weapons, and vowed to convene an international conference next month to negotiate political settlement to the conflict. Appearing in a joint news conference with Russias Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after their meeting on the sidelines of an economic summit in Bali, Indonesia on Monday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. was very pleased with the initial steps Syria has taken toward destroying its estimated 1,000ton chemical weapons stockpile. The United Nations said that chemical experts had begun eliminating Syrias chemical weapons, destroying missile warheads, aerial bombs, and chemical equipment on

Sunday. Mr. Lavrov for his part expressed full confidence in Syrias impeccable compliance. We have no reason to suspect that the impeccable cooperation that the Syrian government has been offering so far will change in any way, he said. Mr. Lavrov and Mr. Kerry called for a new international conference on ending the civil conflict in Syria to be held in Geneva in mid-November. Today we have agreed on steps that must be taken for the [Syrian] government and the opposition to come to the conference, Mr. Lavrov said without elaborating. Mr. Lavrov repeatedly empha-

sised a shared approach Moscow and Washington took on Syria. I would like to reiterate that we have a common understanding with our American colleagues that there should be

synchronised, parallel and coordinated efforts to convene a conference which would be represented by all parties with the help of important international players, the Russian Foreign Minister said.

Al-Qaeda claims Nawaz Sharif to make both top milirare attacks in tary appointments at the same time northern Iraq
BAGHDAD, OCTOBER 7: An Al-Qaeda-linked militant group in Iraq has claimed responsibility for a spate of suicide attacks last month in the northern, relatively peaceful self-ruled Kurdish region. The September 29 bombings killed at least six security forces and wounded more than 30 people. In a statement posted on Monday on a militant website, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant says the attacks were in retaliation to statements recently made by the regional President Massoud Barzani expressing readiness to help Syrian Kurdish militias. Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria have been fighting ethnic Kurds in Syrias northeast. The authenticity of the statement could not be independently confirmed, but it was consistent with earlier alQaeda statements.

Greece to return to growth in 2014, draft budget shows

ISLAMABAD, OCTOBER 7: The controversy over the new appointments in Pakistans military refused to die down with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday saying that he would announce the names for two key posts at the same time. He did not specify when he would do so. General Khalid Shameem Wynne, the outgoing Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) was to retire on Monday after 42 years of service but there is no one named to replace him yet. On Sunday, army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani created a sensation by scotching rumours about his future, announcing that he would retire on November 29 as scheduled. Speculation was rife that General Kayani would be the new head of the CJCSC which would be given more powers or that he would be given some other plum posting. According to the Prime Ministers spokesperson at a meeting on the appointment of the new (CJCSC) on Monday, Mr.

Sharif said that his government is fully cognizant of its constitutional obligations and he will take a decision keeping the interest of the country supreme. While there were expectations regarding the announcement of a successor to the outgoing CJCSC before October 8, and the retirement of the army Chief on November 29, both are reasonably important issues which need comprehensive considerations. The Prime Minister has therefore decided to announce the names for both the appointments at the same time, the spokesperson said. Meanwhile, most people have welcomed General Kayanis decision to retire after two terms but Mondays development has added a new dimension to the issue. The government has been foxed by the sudden announcement by General Kayani who loves surprising others, remarked Major-General (retired) Athar Abbas, former military spokesperson and ex- director general Inter Services Public Relations.

2 Americans, German win Nobel medicine prize

S T O C K H O L M , OCTOBER 7: Americans James Rothman and Randy Schekman and German-born researcher Thomas Suedhof won the 2013 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discoveries on how hormones, enzymes and other key substances are transported within cells. The Nobel committee said their research on vesicle traffic the transport system of our cells helped scientists understand how cargo is delivered to the right place at the right time inside cells. Disturbances to the system can contribute to diabetes and neurological and immunological disorders, the committee said. Dr. Rothman, 62, is a professor at Yale University while Dr. Schekman, 64, is at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Suedhof, 57, joined Stanford University in 2008. My first reaction was, Oh, my God! said Dr. Schekman in a statement released by Berkeley. That was also my second reaction. The university said Dr. Schekmans research led to the success of the biotechnology industry. Dr. Schekman studied normal and defective yeast to identify the process of vesicle transport, the university said. The Nobel committee said Dr. Schekman discovered a set of genes that were required for vesicle transport, while Dr. Rothman revealed how proteins dock with their target membranes like two sides of a zipper. Dr. Suedhof found out how vesicles release their cargo with precision. These discoveries have had a major impact on our understanding of how cargo is delivered with timing and precision within and outside the cell, the committee said. Dr. Rothman and Dr. Schekman won the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for their research in 2002: an award often seen as a precursor of a Nobel Prize.

ATHENS, OCTOBER 7: Greeces economy is expected to return to growth next year, a draft budget presented in parliament showed on Monday. Deputy Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said the economy - which has shrunk by about a quarter since its peak in 2007 - will grow by 0.6 per cent next year, compared

with a 4 per cent contraction this year. Unemployment currently stands at 27 per cent. The government also expects a primary budget surplus of 1.6 per cent of national output next year. Athens is keen to obtain a primary surplus, excluding debt servicing costs, so that it can secure additional loans from its

international lenders. Greece has avoided bankruptcy through international bailout loans from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in exchange for implementing tough austerity reforms, including pension and salary cuts and tax hikes.


Sensex closes flat; bank stocks down

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 7,: The benchmark index of Bombay Stock Exchange on Monday closed flat a mere 21 points lower on weak global cues. The 30-scrip S&P Sensex of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), which opened at 19,880.94 points, closed (provisionally) at 19,895.10 points, down 20.85 points or 0.10 percent lower from Fridays close at 19,915.95 points. The Sensex saw a high of 19,921.38 points and a low of 19,647.88 points in the days trade. The wider 50-scrip S&P CNX Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also made marginal gains. The index increased merely by 1.95 points or 0.03 percent at 5,909.25 points. Sector-wise, information technology (IT), metal, healthcare, technology, entertainment and media (TECk) and power companies scrip gained. However, banks, capital goods, automobile, public sector undertakings (PSU) and oil and gas stocks declined. The S&P BSE IT index gained 108.94

Gold, silver extend gains on stockists buying, global cues Govt mulls new corporaNEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: Gold rose by Rs 300 to Rs 30,650 per ten grams in the national capital on Monday on sustained buying by stockists on rising seasonal demand amid a firm global trend. Silver also gained Rs 250 to Rs 48,700 per kg on increased offtake by jewellers and industrial units. Traders said sustained buying by stockists to meet the rising demand for the Navaratri, an auspicious week in Hindu mythology for making fresh purchases mainly pushed up the prices of the precious metals. Firm global trend where gold rose as US lawmakers wrangled over raising the debt limit and a partial government shutdown spurring speculation that the political impasse may prompt the Federal Reserve to extend stimulus, also boosted

tion for overseas buyouts

points, metal index was up 80.70 points, followed by healthcare index which was higher by 78.02 points, TECK index rose 45.14 points and power index increased by five points. Heavy selling pressure was observed in

bank index, which was down 133.17 points, capital goods index was down 38.05 points, automobile index was down 32.21 points, PSU index was lower by 23.71 points and oil and gas index declined by 17.72 points.

the sentiment, they said. Gold in Singapore, which normally set price trend on the domestic front, climbed 0.6 per cent to $ 1,319 an ounce and silver by 0.4 per cent to $ 21.82 an ounce. On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity advanced by Rs 300 each to Rs 30,650 and Rs 30,450 per ten grams, respectively. It had gained Rs 40 in the previous session.

Sovereign remained steady at Rs 25,000 per piece of eight gram in limited deals. In line with a general firm trend, silver ready rose further by Rs 250 to Rs 48,700 per kg and weekly-based delivery by Rs 305 to Rs 48,500 per kg. The white metal had gained Rs 230 in last trade. Silver coins held steady at Rs 85,000 for buying and Rs 86,000 for selling of 100 pieces.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: The government is mulling a new corporation, to be set up by pooling the funds from cash-rich public sector enterprises, for acquiring overseas assets as well as raising money abroad. The proposal comes at a time when India is looking to attract more overseas investments into infrastructure to boost economic growth, which has turned sluggish in recent times.The Finance Ministry has circulated a concept paper asking certain cash rich PSUs to pool in their cash reserves and utilise that to acquire assets abroad, a government official said.

IOC sole bidder for Haldia Petro

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: In a surprise move, state-owned Indian Oil Corp (IOC) on Monday emerged as the sole bidder for the West Bengal governments stake in Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd (HPL), with an offer of less than Rs 3,000 crore. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), which had been considered the strongest contender, had not put in a bid by the noon deadline, sources privy to the development said. RIL had objected to the state governments decision to receive bids in sealed envelopes instead of an open auction. State-owned gas utility GAIL India Ltd, which planned to bid with state explorer Oil India Ltd (OIL), dropped out over certain clauses in the shareholders agreement. The West Bengal government was not agreeable to companies bidding in a consortium, they said. Mining baron Anil Agarwalowned Vedanta Resources, through its subsidiary Cairn India, and Naveen Jindals Jindal Steel and Power Ltd had also expressed interest but decided not to bid. State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) had pulled out previously because of concerns over litigations involving HPL, sources said. Purnendu Chatterjee-led The

SEBI drops charges against Khaitan in Suzlon case Maruti launches anniverMUMBAI, OCTOBER 7: Market regulator SEBI has dropped charges against Suzlon Energys former nonexecutive independent director, Pradip Kumar Khaitan, which had alleged him responsible for delay in implementing the code of conduct related to prevention of insider trading regulations. The regulator has observed from the details of board meeting attendance provided by Suzlon that Mr. Khaitan did not attend the meetings wherein the issue of change in the code of conduct was to be discussed. The noticee (Khaitan) was not present in any of the four board meetings dealing with the issue of change in the code of conduct, it would be difficult for the noticee to monitor this issue, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) said in its order dated September 30. Although the entire Board of the company is responsible for the delay of over 2 years in the implementation of the code of conduct, it would be difficult to attribute the said delay on the noticee, the regulator said. Accordingly, SEBI gave Mr. Khaitan benefit of doubt for the delay caused in implementation of code of conduct by Suzlon and disposed off the matter. The case relates to a SEBI probe into various price sensinorms in this regard on November 19, 2008, Suzlon had implemented them on February 4, 2011. Further, no m e c h a n i sm for pre-clearance of trades was incorporated in the code of cond uct despite being mandated under the Prohibition of Insider Tra di ng Regulations, the market regulator said. SEBI noted that the code of conduct was to be implemented under the overall supervision of Suzlons board of directors. Mr. Khaitan was a non-executive independent director of Suzlon during the relevant period, SEBI noted. ... the board was aware of the requirement to implement a new code of conduct and inspite of this, the board deferred the deliberation on the code of conduct for two meetings, SEBI said.

sary edition of Alto 800

Chatterjee Group (TCG), a joint promoter of HPL, will have the right of first refusal over the West Bengal governments stake. TCG will have 30 days to match the highest bid and another month to make payments. sources said the West Bengal government had in May sought buyers for its 39.99 per cent stake, or 67.5 crore equity shares, in HPL. The stake put on the block included 15.5 crore shares on which TCG laid claim and approached the court. The Calcutta High Court advised the state government to go ahead with the sale of the remaining stake, which is about 31 per cent. TCG holds 69 crore shares, or

40.88 per cent, in HPL. IOC has an 8.89 per cent stake as a strategic investor and the rest is with financial institutions and Tata Group companies Tata Motors and Tata Power. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India is the transaction advisor to the West Bengal government and will manage the divestment. Sources said HPL makes strategic sense for IOC as it has a significant stake in the company and also supplies feedstock naphtha to it.HPL had an accumulated loss of Rs 1,980 crore at the end of March 31, 2012, and debt topping Rs 3,500 crore.The plant, located 125 km from Kolkata at Haldia, operates at about 65 per cent of installed capacity.

tive disclosures made by Suzlon for the period from November 3 - December 2, 2009. During the course of investigation SEBI observed that Suzlon had amended its code of internal procedures and conduct for prevention of insider trading for listed companies, as required under SEBI norms, after a delay of more than 2 years. While SEBI had notified

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: To commemorate the first anniversary of launching Alto 800 in the Indian market, Maruti Suzuki India on Monday announced the anniversary edition of the compact car, with a starting price of Rs 3.12 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). "Alto has been India's favourite car since its launch. The anniversary edition is our way to celebrate success with our customers in this festive season," Maruti Suzuki India

(MSI) Vice President (Marketing) Manohar Bhat said in a statement. New features on the anniversary edition include new body graphics, body side mouldings, new seat fabric and a convenient rear parcel tray, the company said. The model will also be available in a new color option 'Purple Haze'. Introduced in October 2012, MSI has sold over two lakh units of Alto 800 in the past one year.

MISC Over a million girls still out of school in India: Report

NEW DELHI: Education has unrivalled power to reduce extreme poverty and boost wider development goals, according to highlights pre-released from Unesco's next Education for All Global Monitoring Report. The highlights provide fresh proof that investing in education, especially for girls, alleviates extreme poverty through securing substantial benefits for health and productivity, as well as democratic participation and women's empowerment. Pauline Rose, director of the EFA Global Monitoring Report, UNESCO, said: "It is a crime that there are over a million girls still out of school in India. On October 11, more than any other day, I hope the government recognises the importance of investing in education for these children. Not only is investing in girls' education a moral obligation, but it is also essential if the country wants to break free the total would fall by two million If all children, regardless of their background and circumstances, had equal access to education, productivity gains would boost economic growth. Being born female in India continues to impose social costs on the girl child today. Even though discrimination towards girls is rampant across caste and class, girls belonging to socially and economically lower categories such as SC, ST, minority groups as well as girls with disabilities face multiple discrimination on terms of identity (caste, religion, ethnicity) in addition to gender, disability, poverty, etc (XII Plan Working Group on Girl Child). The Right to Education Act, 2009 notified in 2010 has furthered the task of enrolling children aged 6-14 in elementary schools across the country and currently the gender gap stands at 0.94 at primary level in 2011-12, similar to 2009, though it shows improvement for upper primary increasing from 0.94 in 2009 to 0.95 in 2010-11 (DISE, 2013). The retention rate of girls at primary level has shown a slight improvement 75.94% in 2011-12 and the transition rate of girls at upper primary level has improved from 74.15% in 2003-04 to 87.32% in 2010-11, but there are 35 districts that continue to show a high gender gap. Thus, despite overall encouraging trends, there continues to exist inequities in educational provision of girls in the country. There is an emerging inequitable trend of greater share of boys' enrolment in private schools (majority being low-fee charging schools in rural and well as urban slums), with 'free' government schools catering largely to girls as well as boys from the poorest families.


9th Rustam-E-International Dangal

4 Nations to compete for Katra wrestling championship

KATRA, OCTOBER-07:Holy Town Katra, the base camp of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji Shrine is all set to host the " 9TH Rustam-EInternational Dangal -2013 and Ist Jammu & Kashmir Kesari Title on October,11, 2013 at Multipurpose Sports Stadium, Katra. The mega event would be organized as a part of Navratra Festival by J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association with the active support of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Katra, J&K Tourism Department, District Administration Reasi, Navratra Festival Committee, Katra, Municipal Committee and Public Katra. According to President J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, the International Wrestlers from England, Ukraine and Belarus have already confirmed their participation in the famous wrestling competition of the J&K state besides Indian Wrestlers including Satyavart (Hind Kesari 2013), Yudhvir Singh (Hind Kesari 2012) and Parveen (Asia Bronze Medalist, junior) would display their wrestling talent in the dangal. In addition to it, International and National Wrestlers from Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pardesh, Utter Pardesh, Chandigrah, Railways, BSF and J&K Police would also compete in the mega wrestling event. On the occasion, World Champion & Olympic Medalist, Wrestler Sushil Kumar and his coach Yashvir Singh would also be honored, Mr. Sharma told. The competition would be organized under the norms of Indian Style Wrestling Association of India (National Federation) under the overall supervision of Secretary General of Delhi, Mr. Roshan Lal. The winners of Rustam-EInternational Indian Style Dangal would be awarded Rs. 1 Lac, a Sliver Guraj and Patta while 2nd , 3rd and 4th winners would gets Rs. 50,000/-, Rs. 30,000 and 20,000/- respectively. Similarly, First winner of Jammu & Kashmir Keasri Title-2013 would gets Rs. 20,000/- a Silver Guraj and Patta while 2nd , 3rd and 4th winner would be awarded with Rs. 15000/-. Rs. 10000/- and Rs. 5000/respectively.

of its high child and maternal mortality rates and find true prosperity in the future." A few key points from the report: In South and West Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 3 million girls are married by age 15 - below the legal age of marriage in most countries. If all young women completed primary education, the number of child

brides would be reduced by almost half a million. Completing secondary education would reduce that by 2 million In these regions, 3.4 million young women give birth by the age of 17. If all young women completed primary schooling, this would result in 340,000 fewer early births, and if they all completed secondary education

All India Devotional Song contest enters 2nd day

KATRA, OCTOBER-07:The All India Devotional Song Competition, the part of Navratra Festival 2013, entered second day last evening. On day two, the All India Devotional Song Competition started with lighting of traditional lamp by chief guest MLC, Mr. Jugal Kishore Sharma, in presence of Deputy Commissioner Reasi Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary and Director Tourism Jammu , Mr. Soujanya Sharma. In all 15 auditioned participants, including 6 from outside state were set to exhibit their talent on the 2nd day of the preliminary round of competition. The competition started with Ganesh Vandana but only seven contestants could perform on the day as the programme was to be stopped due to rains. The organizers decided that the remaining 8 singers will sing on the next day before the start of the 3rd day competition and same panel of judges will adjudge the

Navratra Festival 2013

Over 15000 pilgrims visit Pingla Mata Shrine cave

UDHAMPUR, OCT, 07:Over 15000 pilgrims from within and outside the state visited the holy cave shrine of Shri Mata Pingla Mata situated on a scenic hilltop at village Pinger about 20 Km from Ramnagar Tehsil of district Udhampur for seeking the blessings of Pingla Mata. Jyoti of mata, which was lit at Ramnagar on the Ist Navratra ( October 05, 2013) morning at Pingla Devi Chabutra and took to the cave shrine chanting bhajan and kirtan by hundred of devotees. Elaborate arrangements like drinking water, power security, first aid etc have been made by tehsil administration. Various social organizations have put up free food stalls enroute as well as at the shrine.

Wildlife week celebrated in Gharana

JAMMU, OCT 07-An impressive programme was organized by the Wildlife Protection Department Jammu at Gharana Conservation Reserve in connection with Wildlife Week Celebration. The programme included debate and painting competition in which students from various schools, local residents, sarpanches and panches of various blocks, school teachers and NGO and wildlife officials participated. Naib-Tehsildar Chakroi, Kapil Khajuria, who was the chief guest on the occasion, interacting with the school children and the local people laid stress upon involvement of local communities, students and young generation for maintaining ecological balance and conservation of Gharana & adjoining wetlands. Wildlife Warden Jammu, Sayed Ahmed, addressing the audience emphasized the need of making judicious use of natural wealth for safeguarding our natural heritage for posterity. He also stressed on the importance of the Gharana Wetland Conservation in the State and also requested the locals to protect the wetland. VAS Manda Jammu, Dr. Rajeev Manhas, stressed on the need of striking balance between conservation and development. Range Officer presented vote of thanks. Prominent among the locals who participated in the programme included Sham Lal Saranch Gharana, Prabhat Sharma Sarpanchs Haripur Rakh and Satya Devi, Panch Gharani. In painting competition, Neeraj Chib, Maharaja Surajmal Inst. Of Education & Research got first prize, Anjali Sharma of Government Middle School Gharana bagged second prize and Amit Chowdhary of Model Public School Samka clinched third prize while Anvi Chowdhary of Global Green Peace & Environment Protection-NGO and Rohit Singh, Model Public School Samka bagged the consolation prizes. The debate competition, Jasbir Singh of Govt. Middle School Gharana got the first prize, Mansi Chowdhary of Maharaja Surajmal Inst. Of Education & Research bagged the second prize and Tanvi Chowdhary of Global Green Peace & Environment Protection-NGO bagged the third prize while Sneha Kumari of Global Green Peace & Environment Protection-NGO and Sheetaa Verma of Model Public School Samka bagged the consolation prizes.

remaining singers. Mrs. Anupama Sharma, Dr. Usha Bhagati and Ms. Parveen Sabherwal acted as adjudicator for the day's contest. The proceedings of the programme were conducted by chairman of the competition, Mr. Rakesh Wazir. Meanwhile, the chief guest, while speaking on the occasion, extended greetings to the organizers of the Navratra

Festival in general and members of All India Devotional Song Competition in particular. He said the bhaint competition, which is providing platform to the budding singers, has gained much popularity across the country. He said that the event has become a main attraction for the tourists because it is being seen all over world through satellite channels. He also stressed the need for pre-

serving the Dogra culture. Among others, Deputy C.E.O S.M.V.D Shrine Board Katra, Mr. Anil Sharma, Assistant Director Tourism, Ms. Veenakshi Kaul, District Information Officer, Parvinder Kaur besides Sham Lal Kesar President Hotel & Restaurant Association Katra, Sardari Lal Dubey, Harish Dubey, Shiv Kumar Sharma ,Virender Kesar were also present on the occasion.

Degree College Bijbehara celebrates Wildlife Week

ANANTNAG, OCT 07: Wildlife Week today celebrated at Degree College Bijbehara which was organized by Warden Wildlife in collaboration with management of the College. Various speakers on this occasion threw light on the importance of the wildlife for the sustenance of life on this planet. The District Development Commissioner, Anantnag, Dr. Farooq Ahmad Lone, who was chief guest on the occasion also spoke and described the importance of ecological balance viz-a-viz wildlife. He described the importance of forest and wild land all over the world particular in the Kashmir. The District Development Commissioner Anantnag urged the concerned and especially the student community to come forward for the preservation of these natural gifts as the man-animal conflict are increasing day by

Ranchi University to get nine departments for tribal languages

RANCHI: Ranchi University may soon get separate departments each for all the nine languages being taught in the tribal regional language (TRL) department. This has been a longstanding demand and the proposal was approved in the senate meeting of Ranchi University (RU) in August this year. Keeping this in mind, RU has planned separate departments for which a nine-member high-level committee has been formed. The committee will be chaired by Shivshankar Oraon. It has been asked to file a report at the earliest so that steps can be taken towards forming the departments. Asked when the committee meeting will be held, Oraon said, "We have still not got any notification, but the first meeting will be held in October itself." Posts will be created for all departments on the basis of the number of students for each language. "In the report, we will mention the number of students in each subject according to which posts will be created and other facilities will be decided. At present, Kudukh language has maximum number of students," Oraon said. Of the nine languages taught in the TRL department, there are five tribal and four regional languages. The tribal languages are Kudukh, Ho, Mundari, Khadia and Santhali while the regional languages are Nagpuri, Panchpargania, Khortha and Kurmali. Asked why was it necessary to make separate departments for all languages, Oraon said, "There is only one PG department for all nine languages being taught in the TRL department where more than 800 students are enrolled. It is difficult to manage all these students under one department. Until and unless there is a separate department for each language, quality education cannot be imparted."

Shivaji University, Kolhapur sets up help centre for students

KOLHAPUR: The students of Shivaji University, Kolhapur (SUK) will no longer have to move from one department to another for days to get the administrative work done. The institute on Sunday inaugurated a facility, Vidyarthi Suvidha Kendra, for the pupils' assistance. The facility centre will offer "prompt solutions" to the students' queries related to pass and merit certificates, various transcripts needed for foreign studies, document verification, work related to migration certificate and changes in names.

day. He also revealed that District Administration is encouraging every step taken by Wildlife, Forest departments and other NGOs for the preservation of these resources. Keeping in view this fact this year about 12 lakh plants of different kinds have been

planted in the district. Chief Conservator of Forests, Principal Degree College, Bijbehara and other experts from different departments including students from the colleges also spoke on the topic. It is pertinent to mention that this Wildlife Week was cele-

brated by the College from October 02 to 08, 2013 during which various types of programmes and activities held by both the management and students of the College. At the end of the programme, the first three students were awarded by the chief guest.

Teacher shortage hits Allahabad University

ALLAHABAD: "If today is so dark, how will tomorrow unfold for us? We too want to learn and fly high. However, to our dismay, we are facing the harsh truth of having no teachers in the department." These are some lines from a letter written to the vicechancellor of Allahabad University, Prof AK Singh, by the girl students of AU's department of Home Science. In the letter, the girls have narrated the sorry state of affairs at the department which is struggling to cope with the challenge of imparting education to the enrolled students with just one faculty member who teaches both BSc and MSc classes. The students of BSc said the course has 15 practical and 18 written exams in their course but the single faculty member, who is also the head of the department, not only manages these but also the routine work of the department.

Colorful procession marks 2nd Day of Navratra Fest

KATRA, OCTOBER-07:As a part of Navratra Festival a colorful procession comprising holy palanquin of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji, attractive tableaux depicting varied shades of rich cultural heritage of the state and the folk troupes attired in their traditional dresses marked the beginning of the 2nd day of festival on last evening. The Navratra festival is being organized by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Katra and J&K State Tourism Department in collaboration with District Administration Reasi and local organizations . MLC, Mr. Jugal Kishore Sharma, who was the special guest on the occasion, lit the sacred Jyoti at Asia Crossing Katra, the venue of starting of the procession. The procession after passing through main bazaars of the town culminated at Government Higher Secondary School, Katra. Enroute, local devotees and other parts of the country were seen showering petals on the procession and raising


Jammu District Administration launches "Vote on Wheels"

slogans in praise of Mata Vaishno Devi Ji. District Development Commissioner Reasi, Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudary, Director Tourism, Mr. Soujanya Sharma, SP Katra, Mr. Pawan Parihar, Deputy C.E.O S.M.V.D Shrine Board Katra, Mr. Anil Sharma, Assistant Director Tourism Ms. Veenakshi Kaul, President Hotel & Restaurant Association, Katra, Mr. Sham Kesar, Cultural Association, Katra, Mr. Surinder Khajuria, President J&K Indian Style

Wrestling Association, Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Members of the festival committee were prominent among those who accompanied the procession. Adding Color to the ongoing Navratra Festival, Song & Drama Division (GOI) is putting its best efforts to showcase the rich Indian culture through a number of cultural performances by the folk artists in the premises of Government Higher Secondary School, Katra daily from 8.30 pm onwards.

Likewise, religious discourses on Bhagawat Katha are being organized in the premises of Raghunath Mandir, Katra from 2pm to 6 pm daily. The functionaries of Sewa Bharti, Katra including R.S. Manhas Sham Lal, Ajay Verma, Koushal Sharma and Vimal Sharma were seen extending their services voluntarily at the free Langer setup for the organizers and participants of Navratra Festival. Other main events of Katra Navratra Festival like Hasya

Vyang Competition would be organized at Durga Bhawan from October 9 to October 11, 2013 from 8.30 pm onward daily. 'Four Nation Wrestling Competition' would be held at multipurpose sports stadium Katra on October 11, 2013 from 12 noon to 6 pm. Talent Show for blind children on October 12 at 11 am in the premises of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Katra would be another attraction of the Navratra festival.

JAMMU, OCT 7: The District Administration Jammu, as an initiative under Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Programme, today launched a Mobile Bus "Vote on Wheels". The purpose of launching the publicity van is to create awareness among people of Jammu District regarding the importance of their vote and also motivating the people particularly youth to enroll themselves as voters. The van will go to different parts of Jammu in a phased

manner over the next 15 days, with special emphasis on rural areas. A drop box is also in the mobile bus for collecting the duly filled forms (Form 6,7, 8 & 8 A). The Citizens have been appealed to participate with full fervor and enthusiasm in helping the district administration to achieve the target of highest voter participation in the state of J&K. For further queries in this regard, the public can contact Control Room Deputy Commissioner Jammu at 0191-2541818.

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