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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale ---------------------------Troubleshooting Guide 6 July 2008 ----------------------------

If you are having problems getting DROD to run or connecting to and using CaravelNet, your issue might be addressed here. 1. I see an empty, black screen when I run DROD. What can I do? A: DROD runs at 1024x768 resolution. Your graphics card and monitor must be capable of supporting this resolution. Typically, a 4MB or greater graphics card is required. It is recommended that you have the latest video drivers for both your video card and your monitor installed. If your system satisfies these requirements, it is possible DROD is not able to run based on your current display settings. Some things you might try to fix this are: - Start DROD in windowed mode instead of full screen mode. Do this by hitting F10 after starting DROD to switch to windowed mode. Alternately, run DROD with the "nofullscreen" command line parameter to force windowed mode. You may do this by running DROD from the command prompt, or by changing the DROD desktop or start menu shortcut by right-clicking the icon, selecting Properties, and adding "nofullscreen" to the Target line. - Change your monitor's refresh rate (frequency) - Change the color depth (number of colors displayed) - Increase the resolution (screen area) to at least 1024x768. 2. My monitor is set to 1024x768 resolution but I can't see the entire game window on screen. How can I fix this? A: You are probably running DROD in windowed mode. Switch to full screen mode by hitting F10 while running DROD or by checking "Full screen" on the game's Settings screen. If you want to play DROD in windowed mode, auto-hiding the task bar will make more screen area available to the game. 3. DROD runs slowly or not at all. A: DROD requires at least 96MB of RAM and a 266 MHz processor. 128MB of RAM and a 500 MHz processor or more is recommended. If DROD warns about low memory on startup, close other applications running on your system.

Also, making more virtual memory available by freeing up space on your hard drive can help. 4. DROD has a low framerate. How can I speed it up? A: You may be able to improve performance by disabling the higher-quality graphical effects and/or turning off sound effects and music. - Disable high-quality graphics by unchecking the "Environmental Effects" and/or "Alpha blending" check boxes on the Settings screen. - Turn off sound by unchecking the Sound, Music and Voice check boxes on the Settings screen. 5. I seem to have problems with sound drivers or don't have much RAM available. How can I prevent DROD from loading the sound library at all? A: Run DROD with the "nosound" command line parameter. DROD will use less RAM running without sound. 6: How do I view DROD news in-game? A: To view the DROD news marquee on the Title Screen, check the "Connect to CaravelNet" checkbox on the Settings Screen. If you don't see any text scrolling on the bottom of the Title Screen, make sure your Internet connect is working. 7. How do I get CaravelNet to work? A: First, you need a subscription to CaravelNet. This can be obtained through the CaravelGames website at As part of the order process, an e-mail will be sent to you that you can use to activate your account. Follow these steps: 1. In the e-mail you received, subject "CaravelNet Activation", click on the link and follow directions on the page. 2. You should receive another e-mail after completing step 1, subject "CaravelNet" key. Copy the key into your clipboard by typing ctrl-C. 3. Start DROD. 4. Choose "Change Settings" from the Title Screen menu. 5. In the "CaravelNet Name" box, enter the user name you chose on the page in step 1. 6. In the "CaravelNet Key" box, paste the key from your clipboard (see step 2) by typing ctrl-V. 7. Check the "Connect to CaravelNet" checkbox. 8. Click "Okay" to save the settings.

8. Can I connect to CaravelNet through a proxy server? A: Yes. If you need proxy settings for web browsing, then DROD will also need them to make a CaravelNet connection. Find out your proxy server settings for HTTP port 80 traffic, including the IP address of the proxy server, the port it uses for HTTP traffic, and possible username/password. For a Windows installation of DROD, create a batch file named "DROD.BAT" in the same directory as DROD.EXE. It will contain the following lines:
set http_proxy= drod.exe

Run DROD.BAT to start DROD with these proxy settings. If your proxy requires authentication, you may instead need to use:
set http_proxy=domain\username:password@ drod.exe

Note that the text following the equal sign will be different depending on your local proxy settings. When you start DROD, run the new DROD.BAT file instead of DROD.EXE. You can modify DROD's start menu or desktop shortcut to do this. For Linux, set this environment variable as follows:
export http_proxy=

(bourne shells) (non-bourne shells)

setenv http_proxy


If your support question isn't answered here, you may find the answer you're looking for by browsing the Caravel Games Forum on the Internet at Also, you may contact Caravel Games by emailing us at