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The only CR reporting event you need to attend this year!

The Corporate Responsibility Reporting & Communications Summit
No-one reads your CR report, so
what are you going to do now?
Improve your internal measurement, discover how to
communicate your positive sustainability messages
t 2 DAY CONFERENCE ✓ Case Studies ✓ Focused Debate

✓ Strategy – How to drive change internally with a solid report,

and reap the benefits of a firmly embedded CSR reporting strategy

✓ Innovation – Keep up-to-date on the latest communications

techniques and tools to adapt your CR report and dramatically
improve its quality – and value!

✓ Transparency – Achieve credibility by making the most of

internal and external verification techniques

✓ Readability – How to deliver a strong report that’s

comprehensive, precise and relevant to your stakeholders

❛❛ “Ethical Corporation bring together

the best in business to make a
– Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland
29 expert speakers
14 practical workshops
10+ hours of networking
"Clear concepts, case studies...real experiences ORGANISED BY
and sharing. An excellent event!"
– Yvonne Harz-Pitre, European
Communications Manager, Rohm and Haas

Open now to see our full conference agenda

29 expert speakers ★ 14 practical workshops ★ 10+ hours of networking

Dear colleague,
er of CSR reports being produced annu
ally over
t Our 5 guarantees
There has been a 30% jump in the numb
the last 3 years.
to you
ting on their social and environmental perfo
Nearly 80% of the FTSE 250 are now repor
ess. t A powerful agenda addressing the CR
optional extra for the responsible busin
CSR Reporting is simply no longer an reporting community’s key concerns

stakeholders for
economic climate. We can’t really blame
It’s no surprise, considering the current e on susta inabi lity issues!
After months of research with leading figures in CR reporting,
arent and accou ntabl
demanding that companies be more transp rations, they are expected to be more
we are confident that the agenda we present to you includes
lly a requireme nt for corpo
Not only are CSR reports now basica for your legions of
every one of the key issues you need to address over the next
whilst still being readable and engaging
precise and detailed than ever before - twelve months. Have a look at the testimonials dotted
stakeholders. around the agenda for proof of the value of attendance at
it’s not going to get easier any time soon our conferences! With a mix of plenary sessions, workshops
It’s a pretty tough balancing act – and and more group-led sessions, you can drill down into topics
it comes in.
And that’s where our CSR Reporting Summ that are of professional interest more than ever before.
the tools they need to
designed to give the CSR professionals all
The conference, now in its third year, is mies, societies and the t An unrivalled line-up of expert speakers
better serves the needs of our econo
create “a new CR reporting model, one that

Executive of the GRI has dema nded . This conference features a speaker roster of experts
environment” – as Ernst Ligteringen, Chief
mic, personally recommended by key members of the CR
en” - a static, unreadable mess in a dyna
The current batch of CSR reports are “brok reporting community. The majority of the 29 speakers are
fast-moving and time-poor world. senior corporate executives, from companies as varied as
be fixed. Arcelor Mittal, Tesco, Lego, Danone, BG Group and SKF. The
These are big problems, and they need to
ce to solve them remainder of our speakers are from the stakeholder groups
are given the advice, insight and best practi
The CSR Reporting Summit will ensure you that read and assess your report – like the Global Reporting
readable – sustainability report.
and create an effective, compelling – and Initiative, Insight Investment and The Guardian. This
us all about the
rch with the CSR community. You’ve told ensures you’ll get a fully-rounded set of insights at the
The agenda is based on months of resea ed. Our agend a is designed to give conference. Differing opinions lead to interesting debates
CSR report, and we’ve listen
challenges you face when compiling your s and best practi ce on the issues. – something we guarantee at the CR Reporting and
rs, along with case studie
you direct insight from world reporting leade Communication Summit. You will profit from the vision
biggest challenges
ssionals we’ve spoken with, it’s one of the
Readability. According to the 30 CSR profe a lot of ‘airtim e’ to the issue, of our speakers, and take away powerful new strategies
you deal with it. We’ve dedicated
for CSR reporters. So we’re going to help tigatin g every aspec t of this thorny and solutions to address all your most pressing CR
Guardian and Tesco inves
with sessions featuring Danone, Lego, the reporting concerns.

Of course, if you want your CR report to be

read, you need to know who you’re talkin
g to, and what they t Concrete best practice and next steps
engag e two of your biggest for you to take back to the office
exclusively focused on how to
want to know. So we’ve created sessions

stakeholder groups: employees and inves The emphasis at this conference is on practical advice and
unmissable sessions relevant case studies delivered by companies expert at
r puzzle. We cover the rest of it too - with
Obviously readability’s one part of a bigge , all giving you producing CR reports. Each one of our sessions will focus on
KPIs and data gathering. All covered in detail
on materiality, transparency, measurement, Repor ting today . real-world CR reporting issues – like improving readability,
ost minds working in CR
step-by-step solutions from some of the forem establishing accurate environmental indicators, and,
should look like
got a panel session on what CR reports
For a fully rounded perspective, we’ve also an inves tor, an NGO, a voluntary
obviously, materiality. This is not a vague event. At the end
her a corporate comp any,
in the next 5 years. We’ve brought toget what to expec t from
of the two days, you will have plenty of advice and insight
or. They will give you a full picture of
initiative and an independent commentat way you produ ce your repor t.
on all the topics you need to hear about.
how this will impact the
CR reporting trends in the near future and
the rest of the brochure. You’ll get detailed
information on the t An excellent networking
Anyway, I’ll leave you to have a look over who you’l l meet , and insight into the opportunity
audience so you can see
topics we’re covering, a breakdown of our

. We appreciate that quality networking is a fundamental
innovative new structure we’re introducing
requirement of a successful conference. Ethical Corporation
in November.
Look forward to meeting you in London events are renowned for bringing together communities of
decision makers (see the quote from Timberland’s CEO on
Kind Regards, the front cover!), and we design our conference to give you
the best chance to establish meaningful relationships. As
one of our largest shows, there are plenty of delegates to
choose from! No other CR reporting event over the next
twelve months is as big as this Summit, and we are the
only conference to provide two-days of business-focused
Nick Johnson
networking with this level of CR reporting experts. For a
Ethical Corporation
more detailed breakdown on who you can expect to meet,
see the opposite page.

t No more sales pitches – only

hard-hitting in-depth insight

❛❛ 5
The CR Reporting Summit is an independent event. Every
“I liked the many breakout sessions - it meant I could make a personal, single presentation will go through a rigorous reviewing
dedicated programme” process in advance – to ensure a consistently high quality
of presentation. Sales pitches and bland company PR will
– Harrie Bosman, Sustainability Manager, Teijin Aramid not be allowed.

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Fresh perspectives and practical advice on corporate responsibility reporting and communications

Who will you meet at the CSR Reporting Summit?

A breakdown of our delegates last year

A highly interactive
■ C-suite ■ Corporate
environment guaranteed!
■ Vice President ■ Service Provider This conference is specifically designed to
■ Director and Department Head ■ Media encourage active participation. Not only will
■ Manager, Senior Manager ■ Government
you hear stimulating, thought provoking

■ Officer, Analyst, Advisor ■ Academic, NGO, Industry Association,
■ Other Independent presentations, you will have the chance to
discuss key topics and get your questions

65 CSR Managers and Directors answered. Our workshop moderators are

briefed to generate panel debate. They will

74 different multinational corporations preside over an extended question and answer

session from the floor. You will have ample
opportunity to talk over the issues at hand and
26 countries represented exchange ideas with speakers and your fellow

This year's expert speakers

Attend the CR Reporting Summit and get access
to our roster of expert speakers. We go out of
our way to recruit experts suggested by the CSR
❛❛ “Very professional speakers with high presentation skills, smooth programme,
very well chosen topics for working sessions, friendly and professional conference staff”
– Sophie Sacher, Training Assistant, OSCE

community, and we’re proud to note that this

year's selection is not simply the same old Get free business intelligence reports and magazine
"usual suspects". Our attendees will hear from subscriptions with our gold and platinum passes!
the following:
★ Danone, Jean Christophe Laugee, Booking a GOLD PASS for our event gets you a one-year subscription to Ethical
Sustainable Development Integration Corporation magazine.
Director Ethical Corporation magazine offers cutting-edge information straight from the
biggest names in sustainability. Every month it will help you make the business
★ SKF, Bengt Olof Hansson, Vice President,
case for ethics. Get in-depth analysis of what really matters in CSR, and real-life
Corporate Sustainability examples of how leaders in the field are managing social and environmental risk.
★ Lego, Helle Sofie Kaspersen, Senior Director, Any delegate reserving a PLATINUM PASS gets to choose between three of our
Corporate Governance incisive and practical business intelligence reports:

★ Danske Bank, Anne Sogaard Melchiorsen, Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
Group CR Manager Learn how your competitors are calculating and verifying their GHG emissions. With
in-depth sector by sector analysis this report provides practical information to help you
★ Tesco, Josh Hardie, Head of Corporate get to grip with emerging regulations and the latest global trends in GHG reporting.
How to Manage Carbon Reduction and Make it Pay
★ WWF, Oliver Greenfield, Head of Sustainable Discover how big UK companies are preparing for The Carbon Reduction
Commitment (CRC). Find out from 5 in-depth case studies how companies are
Business and Economics
preparing and what the commitment will mean to your everyday business
operations. Learn how to cut your carbon and cut your costs.
★ Vodafone, Joaquim Croca, Head of
Corporate Responsibility Performance and Job-specific Guides for Embedding CSR Throughout Your Company
Reporting Find out the winning methods for encouraging and monitoring corporate social responsibility
in operational departments. Establish where your department has the power to change
★ GlaxoSmithKline, Julia King, Vice President corporate responsibility strategy and find out how to set relevant CSR targets in measurement,
Corporate Responsibility monitoring and reporting.

Call us to register: +44 (0)20 7375 7575

DAY ONE 25th November 2009


No-one reads our CSR reports, How to create accurate Successfully manage the
what are we going to do now? environmental indicators risk of transparency
Did you know that 75% of the world’s top 500 With climate change laws looming, and an The whole point of sustainability reporting is
companies now produce sustainability reports? So increasingly carbon-constrained economy, transparency. But ironically, that’s where the
far so good: CSR reporting has become mainstream. there’s no doubt that environmental reporting
But the bad news is that in an era of information complications start. In the case of an oil and gas
is an absolute must. It’s not only crucial in the
overload, not enough people are actually reading company with no renewable energy business
shaping of your company’s environmental
these reports – making it hard to justify all the time, – like BG Group – being transparent about GHG
strategy, but it will also help your potential
money and resources that are being spent on your
investors assess their own opportunities and emissions can damage your exposure. But the
corporate story. In this session, you’ll gain valuable
advice from leading companies that are tackling the risks. But how do you go about defining your risk of not reporting is equally bad for your
growing issue of readability – and getting proven environmental indicators – and measuring reputation. So where’s the balance?
results from all their stakeholders. what really matters?
• Transparency through clarity: Learn how to
• Effectively target your key stakeholders: Learn • What should you measure? overcome the challenge of complex data
from LEGO Group’s radical new direction in
reporting – and its impact on readership • What metrics should you use?
• Disclosure: What’s the best way to deal with
• Danone’s golden rules: How to ensure your • What’s the best way to set accurate controversial information?
reports communicate, educate and entertain environmental targets that fit your business
– and then reflect them in your report? • Greenwash: Why it doesn’t work and how to
• Keep it real: The Guardian’s editorial perspective
on bringing your CSR reports to life and engaging avoid it
• Reporting on the full carbon footprint, not
your readership BG Group, Dominic Hall, Sustainability Communications
just the bit you control: Who does it? Who
Danone, Jean Christophe Laugée, Sustainable Development Manager
does it well?
Integration Director
LEGO, Helle Sofie Kaspersen, Senior Director Corporate Nestlé, Hilary Parsons, Global Head of Corporate Affairs National Express, Nick Coad, Group Environment Director
The Guardian, Jo Confino, Head of Sustainable BREAKOUT SESSION TWO
Development and Guardian Executive Editor

PLENARY TWO Social Impacts assessment: How to get your

How to quantify the message across
Embed sustainability reporting unquantifiable and – and remain genuine
in your company: What kind of
reflect it in your report
payback can you expect? In companies like Virgin Media and Marks and
While environmental reporting can be expressed Spencer, developing customer trust through the
World class organisations like Ikea and Timberland CR report is critical to the credibility of the brand
have proved that embedding ethical values into in numbers (thanks to carbon measurement),
social reporting is a separate and less tangible as a whole. In this session, you’ll see for yourself
the DNA of your company is crucial to survival
and success. And integrating transparency and challenge. So how are you supposed to assess how these two firms promote transparency and
accountability into your company is a big part of whether you’ve made a positive contribution authenticity in their CR report through:
this task. So how do you embed CSR reporting to the local people and the local economy? • Dialogue: Why stakeholder engagement is
effectively in your company? In this eye-opening
session, you’ll discover how SKF and GlaxoSmithKline Is it as simple as saying: ‘We created X jobs key to prioritising issues and providing
do it, and what the benefits are. in the community, and contributed Y dollars independent commentary
• How to define the internal value of CR reporting in tax’? Join this session to pinpoint the most • Project management: Why a shared
– and to communicate it to every employee from effective ways to assess and report on your understanding of your company’s current
CEO to newest recruit social issues. performance across all departments is essential
• Full involvement: How a well coordinated
• Determine the best indicators for your – and how to make sure it happens
reporting process will dramatically strengthen
your company’s commitment to ethical values socio-economic impacts • Honesty: How to avoid common traps like
• How to use your report to drive change • Learn how to develop meaningful quantitative jargon and self-congratulation
throughout your company
measures of your impacts • Clear storytelling: Improve readability with a
• Do what you say and say what you do: How to
maintain the company’s trust in your report once • Understand your impacts in emerging markets: good story told in a simple, conversational way
the process is in place Is value chain analysis the best approach? Virgin Media, Dr. Stuart Poore, Director, Corporate
GlaxoSmithKline, Julia King, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility
Responsibility Speakers to be confirmed

SKF, Bengt Olof Hansson, Vice President, Corporate Check for an Marks & Spencer, Rowland Hill, Corporate Social
Sustainability updated list Responsibility/ Sustainability Manager

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DAY TWO 26th November 2009


Investors: What really External verification: Is this the DEBATE: What will CR reporting
makes them tick? best way to make your report look like in five years time?
credible? This interactive panel brings together a corporate
According to Matt Christiensen, Executive Director
of the European Social Investment Forum, financial company, an NGO, a multi-stakeholder network, an
A recent KPMG survey on CR reporting trends shows
reporting captures less than 20% of corporate risks and investor and an independent commentator to discuss
that formal third-party assurance for Global Fortune
value-creation potential. The other 80% is derived from their views on what the CR report of the future should
250 companies jumped from 30% to 40% in three feature. Join the debate for a well-rounded perspective
intangibles such as human capital and resource years. But while assurance makes the report more on what to expect from the evolution of CR reporting
efficiency. And it’s here that the CSR report becomes a trustworthy and transparent, couldn’t stakeholder trends in the next decade.
crucial tool to help potential investors to better gauge panels do the same job equally well? This session
longer-term risks. So why is it so difficult to engage them? enables you to evaluate the best way to convince BREAKOUT SESSION ONE
In this thought-provoking session, Insight Investment your readers of the authenticity of your report.
and Danske Bank will share their views with you:
• How can the external verification process help
• What investors must have from CSR reports to balance your report’s content?
Employees: How to maximise the
• How – and where – CSR reporting fits in with • What is the value of an independent check
value of your report for your
investors’ financial data from the GRI? internal audience
• Can web-based reporting reinvigorate • How to channel the assurer’s feedback towards
As it becomes more successfully embedded in
sustainability reporting and make your the elaboration of a more formal process of data
information more enticing? companies, CR reporting is turning into a massive
collection and reporting
enterprise that can involve dozens – even hundreds – of
• The impact of Denmark’s new CSR reporting law on • Find out how the stakeholder panel approach can people. So making sure that your workforce understands
investors’ demands on report contents and quality work best for you at the development stage of the
the value of your report – and consequently, your CSR
Insight Investment, Rory Sullivan, Head of Investor report
strategy – is absolutely essential to its creation.
Responsibility Umicore, Dr. Bert Swennen, MD, Director Environment,
• Build awareness: Use the report to educate everyone
Danske Bank, Anne Søgaard Melchiorsen, Group CR Manager Health and Safety Management
and spread a ‘culture of responsibility’ across your
• Inspire: How to make CR reporting a workforce growth
tool rather than a boring task
Innovation and Creativity: Close-up on the Carbon Reduction • Engage: Bringing to life the concept of ‘participatory
Make the most of web 2.0 Commitment: What does this UK innovation’ and making your workforce part of the
law mean for your company? process
technology to deliver a Speakers to be confirmed
strong, relevant CR report As of early 2010, the UK’s non carbon-intensive Check for an
sectors will have to measure, manage and reduce updated list
their carbon emissions, by law. Not only that, but your
With the sheer amount of web tools available these measurement and reporting responsibility starts now! BREAKOUT SESSION TWO
days, it’s not easy to know which one is best suited Which means that if you fall under this category, the
to help you communicate your CSR message. Join this countdown is well and truly on to prepare your business.
Join this session to find out exactly how to implement Use data management systems to
session to learn how to tap into the potential of these
tools, and make a stronger impact with your CR report
the new law in your company – and report accordingly. develop your CSR reports
• Understand what the CRC expects from your company
as a result. You’ll hear how to: Efficiently gathering meaningful data is one of the
• How are businesses successfully coping with
biggest challenges organisations face in CSR reporting.
preparing for the new law?
• Use the Internet as a communication tool for Growing demands for this data to be verified externally
• How must you update your carbon reporting only increases the pressure! This session explains how
corporate social responsibility
systems to meet the requirements of the CRC?
data management systems can help you put in place a
• Harness interactive technology to effectively • Ensuring you’re a winner in the league table framework for collecting data from all areas of your
communicate with various stakeholder groups – what are the prime do’s and don’ts? business, including across multiple countries and with
• Find out what leading companies have disclosed different reporting purposes. The agenda will cover:
• Empower stakeholders via web 2.0 tools to increase about their CRC compliance strategies - what they • Challenges other companies have experienced in
employee motivation and customer loyalty hate about it, and what they love. gathering CSR data and how they handled them
The Ethical Corporation Institute, Pam Muckosy,
• Effective ways of analysing your CSR data, once
ammado, Peter Conlon, CEO Head of Research
you’ve gathered it
• Pursuing continuous improvement in your CSR KPIs

t Keep checking back on the website! using dashboards and overviews

• Moving towards more regular online communication
We will be updating the conference agenda up until the day of the event. For the full event of CSR performance
updates and latest speaker line-up go to Alliance-Boots, Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR
Credit 360, Mark Shields, Managing Director

Check out the website -

Call us to register: +44 (0)20 7375 7575


ASDA, Paul Kelly, External Affairs

Materiality: Striking a balance Make all the hard work
Aviva Investors, Dr Steve Waygood, Head of Sustainability between what you want to say worthwhile: How to
Research and Engagement
– and what they want to know communicate your message
WWF, Oliver Greenfield, Head of Sustainable Business
& Economics WWF-UK
In the current economic climate, it’s absolutely crucial to everyone – and be heard
to get your materiality analysis right. In fact, it’s even
GRI, Representative to be confirmed more important than the format of your report, since How do you make sure that your report is accurate,
the choice of issues discussed will determine who reads transparent, relevant AND readable? Join this session
Business Respect, Mallen Baker, CEO, Independent it. So how do you encompass the demands from your and find out how to tick all the boxes to deliver a
commentator, writer and EC columnist
market, your external stakeholders, your company and powerful, unputdownable CR report.
from society, all in a single report, whilst still keeping it
• Clearly identifying your stakeholders,
relevant to everyone concerned?
and understanding what they expect from
Stakeholder Dialogue: Is this the • Make it appropriate to your core business: Deliver your report
a balanced picture of risk and opportunity
most effective way to report management • Match – and exceed – their expectations by
transparently? selecting the ideal format, the correct tone
• Create a comparable report with some scope for
Close to 40% of the world's 1,600 largest corporations and ensuring you genuinely connect with your
discuss structured stakeholder dialogue in their CSR differentiation
audience groups
reports, says CSR Europe. Why? Because doing so • How to make your report as comprehensive as
reinforces the report’s transparency and relevance to the • Cultivate transparency and openness: Make sure
possible, without sacrificing the readability factor
mix of stakeholder groups – which in turn boosts overall your report doesn’t just tell pretty stories
credibility. In this session, you’ll learn how to make the Henkel, Christine Schneider, CSR and Sustainability
most of this dialogue as a spingboard to deliver an Management Tesco, Josh Hardie, Head of Corporate Responsibility
even stronger CR report.

• How to create a context of trust, as a foundation for
the dialogue "The event was well organized, timely and provided good insight into
• Determining strategic issues together – and practical, real-world problem solving"
understanding how best to reflect these in your
report – Peter Loftspring, Assistant General Counsel, Black & Veatch
• Using feedback to pinpoint sustainable development
risks, and how to re-shape your KPIs accordingly
Arcelor Mittal, Steve John, Manager, Socially Responsible
Investment and Reporting
ORSE, Patricia Lavaud, Head of Finance & Insurance Club
PepsiCo, Andrew Smith, Head of Corporate Responsibility

Reporting Clinic
One report, or many? How to Struggling with your CR report? Join us at the two Reporting Clinic sessions
strike a useful balance between for in-depth discussions on all your challenges!
global strategy and local issues You’ve heard the presentations, now bring your practical questions about any aspect of reporting to
It’s difficult enough having to deliver a compact, the Report Clinic. The sessions will be run by Simon Propper, Managing Director of Context and Toby
readable, relevant report about your overall CSR Webb, Managing Director of Ethical Corporation. The clinic will be a ‘group therapy’ session where
performance – and even more so if your business has experiences will be exchanged between all those attending. Simon and Toby will help solve your
a global presence. How do you reflect both local and problems and ease your anxieties. One-to-one private sessions can be arranged at other times during
global issues without writing a hefty document that the conference.
looks like hard work to read? Find out in this session.
• Effective data gathering: What’s the best The Reporting Clinic will run for 90 minutes, and will be available to attend during breakout four on
method when dealing with several – or many - the 25th November, and breakout one on the 26th November.
• Telling the whole story: How do the various local

drivers fit your global agenda?
• Local materiality selection: How should you redefine "There was a rich choice of subjects tackled, with good organisation
your KPIs to reflect the local issues highlighted in of the breakout sessions"
your report?
Vodafone, Joaquim Croca, Head of Corporate Responsibility – Bertrand Lepinoy, Corporate Purchasing Director, Total
Performance & Reporting

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The only CR reporting conference you can't afford to miss

The Corporate Responsibility Reporting & Communications Summit
No-one reads your CR report, so
what are you going to do now?
Improve your internal measurement, discover how to
communicate your positive sustainability messages
t 2 DAY CONFERENCE ✓ Case Studies ✓ Focused Debate 29 expert speakers 14 practical workshops
10+ hours of networking

✓ Innovative and practical agenda of concrete best practice: 20 sessions

of best practice, case studies and business insight on the most pressing aspects of
CSR reporting
✓ Advice from the experts: Cutting-edge knowledge from over 25 sustainability
reporting leaders - all tasked to help you with your reporting problems
✓ The most topical and relevant programme: 2 months of research with the
CSR community means we’re only covering the topics you need to hear about
✓ Focus on interactivity: New emphasis on interaction, you have the opportunity
to ‘get your hands dirty’ in our dynamic best-practice workshops
✓ Extend your network and improve your support system: Designed for
networking, you get the chance to fill your contact book with experienced and insightful WEB COMMUNICATIONS SPONSOR
reporting exports

Your expert speakers will include:

Danone, Jean Christophe Laugée, Sustainable Development Arcelor Mittal, Steve John, Manager, Socially Responsible Investment
Integration Director and Reporting
Tesco, Josh Hardie, Head of Corporate Responsibility Virgin Media, Dr. Stuart Poore, Director, Corporate Responsibility
De Beers Group, James Nicholson, Head of Group CSR Reporting West LB, Hendrik Garz, Executive Director
Vodafone, Joaquim Croca, Head of Corporate Responsibility BG Group, Dominic Hall, Sustainability Communications Manager
Performance & Reporting Danske Bank, Anne Søgaard Melchiorsen, Group CR Manager
SKF, Bengt Olof Hansson, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability GRI, Representative to be confirmed
GlaxoSmithKline, Julia King, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility Henkel, Christine Schneider, CSR and Sustainability Management REPORTING CLINIC SPONSOR
National Express, Nick Coad, Group Environment Director Marks & Spencer, Rowland Hill, Corporate Social Responsibility/
Sustainability Manager
Alliance-Boots, Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR
The Guardian, Jo Confino, Head of Sustainable Development
Insight Investment, Rory Sullivan, Head of Investor Responsibility andGuardian Executive Editor
Lego, Helle Sofie Kaspersen, Senior Director Corporate Governance Umicore, Dr. Bert Swennen, MD, Director of Environment,
Nestlé, Hilary Parsons, Global Head of Corporate Affairs Health and Safety Management
ASDA, Paul Kelly, External Affairs Director ammado, Francis Veldeman, Managing Director
Aviva Investors, Steve Waygood, Head of Sustainability Research ORSE, Patricia Lavaud, Responsable Club Finance & Assurance
and Engagement Business Respect, Mallen Baker, CEO
PepsiCo, Andrew Smith, Head of Corporate Responsibility Ethical Corp Institute, Pam Muckosy, Head of Research

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