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Forest Gump: Title Deconstruction

Director: Robert Zemeckis 1994

The titles for the film are simple and classic. They are white, making them stand out from the background and are easy to read, making the audience take notice of them. The positioning of the text also plays a big role in the effect; it is situated in the middle of the screen, ordering the audience to take notice of it. This may be because the director wants the audience to give him and his crew credit for the film that they are about to see.

Camera Work:
The camera movement used in the sequence is really interesting. The camera has been placed on a jib arm allowing the camera to reach great heights and be fluid as it seems to float back down to earth. The camera follows the CGI feather as it floats to the ground. The way the camera is moved gives the opening credits an open, airy feel that is happy and blissful. The movement of the camera shows the unpredictable path of the feather; conveying the idea that our lives are also as unpredictable as the path of a floating feather. At the end of the shot the camera floats down to be level

with the characters feet; the camera then pans up from his feet to be level with his face. The fact that the camera is level with the character makes the audience feel equal with him and do not feel threatened by his presence.

The only lighting used in the sequence is the sun; the heavy cloud cover also disperses the light to create a very soft light throughout the titles. This makes the sequence easy to watch because the audiences eyes are not being exposed to lots of hard light on screen. The lighting conveys a simple, quiet town or city where the film is set this is also represented in the colours used. The colour in the sequence is all very bland and plain representing the character at the end of the shot. The setting is common and allows the audience to relate to the film. The main prop of the sequence is the feather which is heavily featured throughout. The feather represents the unpredictability of peoples lives and how chance has an effect on our existence. The other prop featured in the sequence is the characters suitcase. It seems to contain his personnel belongings that would normally be left at home, creating the idea that the character has a simpler understanding of the world. The costumes in the sequence represent the era that the film is set. The characters costume is a simple cream suit and blue shirt; again adding to his innocence and harmlessness.

There are no cuts in the sequence creating flowing and fluid opening titles. This also gives the idea that the feathers path never ends and also makes the footage easy to watch. The lack of obvious cuts allows the audience to be drawn into the film without any jumpy cuts to distract the viewer. The CGI feather is very lifelike, which means the audience will not be distracted by any awful looking CGI that will ruin the effect of the floating feather. The music used in the titles is a soft classical piece. This really accents the quiet and relaxed vibe that the floating feather portrays to the audience. This relaxes the audience and prepares them for the film to come.

The character in the sequence is represented as a simple man. This is portrayed through his clothing and body language. His clothing is meek, reflecting his personality and thoughts. His body language also adds the simplicity of his personality; he sits in a simple way, hands on knees and bolt upright; not slouched, cross legged.

What would I use?

I really like the deep meaning behind the feather and would like to use a similar idea for aspects in my opening titles.