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Manifesto against the 2043/2011 Bill The ABAP - Brazilian Association of Landscape Architects, a affiliate of the Architecture and

Town Planning Council of Brazil (CAU), is against the adoption of the Draft Law 2043/2011 under discussion in various committees of the Federal Legislative Chamber. Internationally, the exercise of the profession of the three areas corresponding to the design of space is granted to three professional categories: Architects, Town Planners and Landscape Architects. In Brazil, the regulation of the professions of Architect and Town Planner has existed since 1933, and since this first Legislation (Federal Decree number 23.569 issued on December 11th 1933) the exercise of Landscape Archtecture is specified in its 30th article, item d, constituting, together with other activities concerning architecture and town planning, the frame of attributions of the Brazilian Architects and Town Planners. In this manner, the three categories (Architecture, Town Planning and Landscape Architecture) have been traditionally grouped for the Brazilian architects and town planners, and their attributions. ABAP, since 1976 is an affiliate member of IFLA International Federation of Landscape Architects and gathers professional architects and town planners that act in the field of Landscape Architecture. Since 1998 ABAP joined the Brazilian Collegiate of the Architecture and Town Planning Entities (CBA) as one of the five national bodies representing Brazilian architects and Town Planners and fought for the approval of the Draft Bill 4413/2008, which becomes the Law number 12.378/2010, which has created CAU Architecture and Town Planning Council and which establishes the activities and attributions of architects and town planners, and in the item III of the 2nd article, specifies the activity of Landscape Architecture. In this manner the profession has existed for over seventy years, and has its own regulation, therefore, there is no justification for, in this moment, a proposal to be presented, which would only lead to disturbance in the compliance with the law in force. By the present 2043/2011 Bill, several and differing professional formations from different categories are being equated (Visual artists, biologists, agronomists, architects and others). Besides that, this Bill considers the post-graduation titles as valid for the formation of professionals, which has never been considered by many professional councils in our country, since the professional attributions are traditionally, linked to the graduation courses. (ABAP, Manifesto against the 2043/2011 Bill, 2012). For these reasons we ask for your commitment to reject this Draft Bill and ceased its process, because it conflicts with existing legislation, creating a situation that contributes little to the understanding of the population about the real potential of this professional area. Jonathas Magalhes President (original version at: