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Subject Class Date Time Enrolment Level of Pupils Theme Topic Focused Skills Integrated skills

: English Language : 3 Arash : 24th September 2013 : 8.40 a.m 9. 40 a.m(60 minutes) : 30 pupils : Average : World Of Story : The Princess and The Dragon : Listening and speaking : Reading and Writing

Content Standard : 1.7. Listen to and enjoy stories, fables and other tales of imagination and fantasy and predict outcomes and draw conclusions at a level suited to pupils ability Learning standards: 1.7.1. Listen to stories and fables and recall the names of people and animals 1.7.3. Listen to stories and fables and recall the sequence of events Behavioral objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to : a) Listen to the story and sequence the pictures correctly b) Retell the story using their own words c) Give a different ending to the story Language/ grammar focus : Wh- questions 1) What is the title of the story? 2) Where is the location of the story?

: Sentence patterns 1) Once upon a time, there was a. 2) First, next, after that, then, finally Educational emphasis Cross-curricular element Moral values Teaching aids Previous knowledge : Thinking skills- comparing and contrasting : Creativity : Respect, courage, loyalty (loyal to the kingdom), helpful, brave : storybook, picture cards : Pupils are familiar with the stories

Stage/ Time


Teaching/ Learning Activity 1. Teacher elicits responses from the pupils. o What can you see in the picture? o Where is this place? o What is the title of the story? 2. Pupils respond orally.

Rationale -To arouse pupils interest and activate schemata.

Remarks Consideration Learner-age -Characters suitable for boys and girls suitable with the age. Moral value Giving cooperation Teaching aid Book cover

Q&A session Set Induction (whole class) (3 Introducing the minutes) book

Pedagogical Principle learner-centered

Presentat Listening to ion story (7 minutes) (whole class/group) Video on YouTube:

1. Teacher plays a video of the story twice. 2. Pupils watch and listen. 3. During the second viewing, List the following:

-For intensive listening -To make the pupils can imagine the real situation about the story.

Consideration Accessibility Moral value Pay attention Teaching aid Video from You Tube Pedagogical Principle Integration of salient new technologies

Group 1: Title The princess and the dragon Group 2: Characters Group 3: Setting

Practice (20 minutes)

Storytelling by pupils (Whole class/groups)

Picture cards

1. Teacher distributes picture cards to pupils. 2. One student tells the story to the class. 3. Next, another student retells the story and each group arranges the sequence of the picture series. 4. Groups listen and sequence the pictures

-To check Consideration understandin Accessibility g. Moral value -To focus on the elements Teaching aid of a story. Picture cards Pedagogical Principle Teaching is learner-centered Cooperation

Example: Title, characters, setting, and plot of the story

Productio Retelling the n story (25 minutes) (Group work)

Talking about different endings to the story

1. Teacher divides pupils into groups of three. 2. In groups, pupils retell the story based on the picture series. 3. Next, pupils work in groups again to think of a different ending to the story. 4. One pupil from each group will present the ending of the story to the class.

-Pupils take turns to tell the story orally to allow them to recall the sequence of events and for reinforcemen t.

Consideration Learning style (multiple intelligenceInterpersonal) Moral value Cooperation Teaching aid Picture cards

To express Studentopinions centered To think creatively

Pedagogical Principle

Jazz chants (Whole class/groups)

1. Teacher shows the lyrics for the jazz chant. 2. Teacher demonstrates, pupils listen. 3. Pupils do the Jazz chants first all together then in groups (in parts).

-To instill confidence in speaking and eliminate shyness - To make pupils enjoy learning english

Consideration Learning style (multiple intelligencemusical) Moral value Confidence, creative Teaching aid Slides show of lyrics jazz chants Pedagogical Principle Learning is fun, meaningful and purposeful

Closure (5 minutes)


Reader responses Q & A (Whole class)

1. Teacher do reader response by eliciting from pupils the elements in the story. 2. Pupils give their responses pertaining to: Setting Theme Characters Plot

Consideration -To sensitize Learning style the pupils on (multiple literary intelligenceelements. interpersonal) Moral values from the story -To give Respect, pupils courage, loyalty opportunity (loyal to the to express kingdom), helpful, opinion. brave

Pedagogical Principle Characterbuilding infused