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Recent scientific studies reveal that human activities have contributed significantly to the increase of greenhouse gases in the

atmosphere which may lead to climate change. The Philippines is a hotspot for climate change disasters, particularly the risk of agriculture and food security due to extreme drought called the El Nino and severe tropical cyclones. Disasters like flashfloods are due to the clogging of sewage canals and pipes which may eventually cause to the existence of more floods, diseases like the leptospirosis infection might be another major problem. The disasters brought by the accumulation of garbage are terrible. If we cant immediately do an action to this problem our world will not be habitable. We need to solve this problem, and one of the solutions for this problem is an energy generating garbage power plant. Why go for the energy generating garbage power plant? Heres why, since the Philippines is also experiencing a power shortage we need an alternative so that garbage will be manage d and so is the energy. And thats why the creation of a garbage power plant here in the Philippines is a big step forward to overcome this kind of problem. Let me site a country that has a garbage power plant. It is said that Swedens program of generating energy from garbage is wildly successful, but the success has also generated a problem to them that they dont have enough trash to supply their power plan t. Sweden creates energy for around 250,000 homes and powers one-fifth of the district heating system. Its incineration plants offer a look into the future where countries could potentially make money off of their trash instead of dumping. See how useful and efficient a garbage power plant, just imagine in the near future that there will be no more trash in our street and the air that we breathe is clean and refreshing. This kind of power plant has a capability of producing 20 million watts of electricity but could cost up to twenty million US dollars. However a plant that fuels its self by using garbage to generate the same amount of electricity, may cost three to four times that amount. However, if environmental benefits of this proposal are considered then it is justified economically. In principal we are not just offering a power plant project, but foremost an environmentally friendly plant. Landfill sites can become prime real estate in the long term for commercial, civic, or residential use. This fact alone may generate enough capital to more than pay for power generation, depending on location. The longterm effects of landfill sites are harmful gases that pollute the air, the danger of leakage into the underground water tables, and a potential setting for breeding diseases of all types. We propose a power plant that frees up landfill property for development and can contend with the environmental issues that are associated with waste refuse. Power plants that can use all unwanted waste as their main source of fuel can produce electricity economically and are also friendly to the environment. The future of the world and of our country depends on the involvement of the people and of the government. If we all want a better place to live in, research and get involved. Help cause an awareness to this solution in any ways we could. The fate of the world is in our hands so protect it and make it a better place to live in.