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August 1923 Page 12. Astrology write to Howard Breading the official astrologer at headquarters. Page 12.

Secretary and Archivist

September 1923 Page 1 . The great white lodge a secret body of about thrity people in the United States. Page 14. Keep your tfiangle and buy another to give to some one else. This article was signed by Royle Thurston. Page 18. Office of American Secretary General. Have an axcra copy of the triangle to give to others. a t t The Imperator profiMced the death tH) President Harding. " Calvin Coolidge is a mystic of a definite school of philosophy. Page 21, The Moon affects the mind and mental-nervous system of a man and the Imperator is to write about it . October 1923. Page 28. f t H 32. 33. Sent help to a sick man and pulled him out. National Service Department. Article by Simplicitus ( Chambers). supreme Secretary Moore and his class in Harmoney states that he is a successful composer. The moon has certain definite influences- on our lives. The tides in the ocean have an effect on the birth of children. In doing anything we should takne advantage of the unites of time that are de termined by the tides. One should get a schedule of tides and a moon table giving the revolutions or phases and oycles of the moon for each month. Marriage of Harriet Riesener the AMOEC cermoney and then the legal ceremony acting as the Prist of the Pristine Chruch of the Rose Cross.


See if he has copied this from some other ceremony. Says Markham and some others named Philadelphia as Penn h a d not. And that it was named from tne Rosicrucian Group in London, 'hgland. Question Department. Another division. 5*. Says there are no booics tnat are authentic except for 55. "the exception of the book "The Real History of the Rosiorucians" by Arthur Edward Waite. 56. Says that members do not have to make any personal allegiance to any one person. "Tells how to leave the money to the order of AKORC. 52. May 21st, 1921. Page 1 . Page B. Pace President larding is a mystic. Says Bfo. Irwin Winterhalder who "The Shd of the Trail" Is doing work for the Rosicrucians. Says Breeding is the official Astrologer for the order and for the Imperator and tell the readers to have one for their children. Asks for Astrological Altnanaces. No such thing a s Black agic but its effect is that of White Magic. Tells of the marriage of Neva Breeding to Walter C. Priddy. ^ irst the AMORC ceremony and then the legal ceremony.


Page 3 Page 4 . June 20th. 1921 Page 1.

Page 3. Page 4.

Page 4. July 19th. 1921. Pagel.

Lodge in *lordia making application for a branch, of the Pristine church. The Mother ^hurch of the Hose Gross was incorporated and failed the Pristine Ohruch The first service was held on June 5th, 1921 and went off with a bang. Their Supreme Grand Master was the Spiritual Head and the Imperator is the executive head. If you want a Branck wfite Hoyle ^hurston.

The AMORC was started ap a branch from the Antique Arcanae Ordlnis Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Orucis of Prance, Page 2. The order retains the original and secret traditions and powers going back to Amenhotep LV. Page 2. Says the German group is a branch of the Prance group th&t Lewis came from. Page 2. But little of our teachings, few of the phrases, are today as the old Masters used; but the secret laws, the secret fundamentals and traditional principles are still preserved and unknown to other schools.

Page'2. Called the first meeting together in the right time of the moon. < ' : Page 3 . There are seven Rosicruoiansgroups in America. September 29th. 1921. 1 ' . a , e . Page. 1 . Got a letter from-abroad, making him a .96* a 33rd a-90th and- a 95th. fGiven'-thectitle, of joucj Prince of Memphis (Egypt). . e ffiembr of the Severegln Tr&bunlal and- Defender of B rvtherOrder-.r< -Sovereign,Parirchal Grand.Conservator of the Rites : - o *raew8%i4eppe m ? r r ;i u o tarva Sutdimer,Rrdpoa. ecf'tLe tiogi. i -. e . JI --'Eii^tc Gratd Inspector' General, .rv t i- cr cj HonoyyMember of the. Sovereign Sanotuary of Strit z erlfend'i Austria and Germany, * - -64e-epl-i-Gr4eHift. Most"1 1lius trIottfe S ir jnight ; an d Frat re R . C .
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