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Title 3 Puccini /Arias for Soprano Four Songs by Richard Hundley 5 Folk Songs Five Shakespeare Songs 8 Songs

10 Songs 10 Spirituals for Solo Voice 12 Songs 14 Songs 15 American Art Songs 15 Songs 24 Italian Songs and Arias 24 Songs 26 Italian Art Songs 30 Faure Songs 32 Songs 36 Arie vol 1.2.3 40 French Songs for Voice and Piano 40 Songs for Voice & Piano 43 Debussy Songs 45 Songs, H/L 50 Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire 50 German Songs-Schubert, Schumann, Franz, Brahms, Wolf, Mahler, Strauss 50 Selected Songs:Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss 52 Sacred Songs You Like to Sing 55 Art Songs 56 Songs You Like to Sing 85 Songs 200 Songs Album of Negro Spirituals American Folk Songs - Concert Arrangements by Stanley/Walters Anthology of Italian Songs Vol.1,2 Anthology of Sacred Song Arnold Book of Old Songs Art Songs for School and Studio Baritone/Bass Arias--CD Sheet Music Classic Italian Songs for School and Studio, Vol. 1,2,3 Classic Songs (Italian,French, English)

Composer Giacamo Puccini Richard Hundley Luigi Zaninelli Richard Hundley Richard Hundley W.A. Mozart Ned Rorem Vincenzo Bellini Felix Mendelssohn Gabriel Faure Robert Franz Donaudy Henry Purcell Claude Debussy Handel -

Arranger Quilter -

Publisher Hal Leonard Boosey & Hawkes Shawnee Boosey & Hawkes Boosey & Hawkes Boosey & Hawkes

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Hayes Paton -

Alfred Alfred Peters G. Schirmer Masters G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard Alfred Alfred International International G Ricordi, C/O G Schirmer International International International International G. Schirmer International G. Schirmer G. Schirmer Warner G. Schirmer International International Warner Hal Leonard G. Schirmer G. Schirmer Boosey&Hawkes Presser Presser Presser Alfred

Schumann Franz Schubert Harry T. Burleigh Roger Quilter -

Spath&Thompson -

Stanley/Walters Parosotti Taylor

Classical Contest Solos Collected Songs Contemporary American Songs Contemporary Art Songs, 28 Songs by British & American Composers Contemporary Songs in English Daffodils, Violets and Snowflakes Deep River Earth, Air and Rain Easy Songs for the Beginning Soprano/Mezzo SopranoAlto/Tenor/Baritone-Bass Part 1 and Part II Everybody's Favorite Songs vol.1,2 Expressive Singing Song Anthology, vol. 1,2 Famous Arias Favorite French/German/Spanish Art Songs First Book of Solos Soprano/Mezzo SopranoAlto/Tenor/Baritone-Bass Part I,II, III Folksongs for Solo Singers Folksongs in Recital French Art Songs for School and Studio Great Art Songs of 3 Centuries The Hall Johnson Collection Heroes and Vagabonds-Solo Songs for the Male Changing VoiceInternational Folk Songs for Solo Singers Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras Italian Art Songs - Romantic Era Italian Songs and Arias, medium voice/extra keys Italian Songs of the 17/18th Centuries vol.1,2 La Flora vol.3 The Language of Song Elementary/Intermediate Lily Pons Album Linda Spevacek Vocal Collection(The) Lovers, Lasses and Spring-14 Classical Songs for Soprano ages midteens and up Mezzo Soprano/Alto Arias--CD Sheet Music My Heart Sings-Solo Songs For the Developing Voice The New Imperial Edition Octaves and Sweet Sounds Old American Songs, I/II Pathways of Song vol. 1,2,3,4 and Best of Pathways of Song The Prima Donna's Album

Samuel Barber Gerald Finzi -

Taylor Taylor Boytim Moses Hogan Boytim

Hal Leonard G. Schirmer Alfred G. Schirmer Carl Fisher Hal Leonard Hal Leonard Boosey&Hawkes G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard Music Minus One Brown Music Minus One Hal Leonard G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard Alfred Hal Leonard Presser Alfred Carl Fischer Bri Lee Alfred Alfred Alfred Traverse Bay Publications IMC Wilhelm Hansen Copenagen Faber Music Carl Fisher Heritage Music Press Hal Leonard Presser BriLee Boosey&Hawkes Boosey&Hawkes Boosey&Hawkes Alfred G. Schirmer

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Boytim Althouse ed. Walters Chiti Mark Patterson Jay Althouse ed. Paton J.Norris Dallapiccola Jeppesen Kemp/Pegler

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Hall Johnson -


Richard Hundley Aaron Copland -

Mark Patterson Adler LaForge/Earhart Adler

Ready to Sing...Folksongs Rich and Rare: Seven Folk Songs for Solo Voice Sacred Songs Sacred Solos for All Seasons Second Book of [S/Mezzo S-Alto/T/B] Solos Part I, II Selected Solos for Contest 1,2 Selected Solos for Contest-Sets I, II, III (print on-demand from the publisher, not in book form) Seven Centuries of Solo Song vol. 1,2 Singable Songs for Studio and Recital Singer's Library of Song The Singing Road vol. 1,2,3 Solo Songs for Young Voices Soloists Practical Library of Sacred Songs Song Album Volume 3 Songs by 22 Americans Songs for Bass in a Comfortable Range Songs for Low Voices in a Comfortable Range Songs of John Jacob Niles Songs of Travel Soprano Arias CD Sheet Music Spanish Theater Songs Spirituals for Singers Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh Standard Vocal Repertoire Vol. 1 and 2 Story of the Spirituals Tales of Land and Sea-Solo Songs for the Male Changing Voice Tenor Arias--CD Sheet Music "Traveling On-Solo Songs for the Male Changing Voice " Twentieth Century Art Songs Vocal Library, The CD Vocal Solo Collection Volume 25 Music for the Millions Warlock Songs, I,II Women Composers, A Heritage of Song The Young Singer The Youthful Baritone The Youthful Tenor

John Ness Beck -

ed. Jay Althouse Barbara Poulshock Althouse Boytim Grier ed. Mary Lynn Lightfoot Woodside Mason ed. Patrick Liebergen Ward Snyder Row Taylor ed. Van Camp ed. Van Camp Althouse Row Boatner

Alfred Alfred Beckenhorst Alfred G. Schirmer Heritage Lorenz

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Boston Presser Alfred Carl Fischer Warner Carl Fischer Boosey & Hawkes G. Schirmer Carl Fischer Carl Fischer G. Schirmer Boosey & Hawkes TheodorePresser Alfred Alfred Warner Carl Fisher Mcfee pub. Bri-Lee Presser

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Ned Rorem John Jacob Niles Ralph Vaughan Williams Harry T. Burleigh Mark Patterson

Peter Warlock -

Ruth Elaine Schram Linda Spevacek ed. Carol Kimball Row -

Bri Lee G. Schirmer Hal Leonard Heritage Music Press Consolidated Music Pub Oxford Hal Leonard Carl Fischer Presser Presser

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