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MEMORANDUM: ROSICRUCIAN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: PAGE 83 speaks of reincarnation. 99 speaks of M ilit ia Crucifera Evangelioa.

Qpotes as a defens ive tody within the Rosieruoian order and s t i l l exists and is a real secret organization within the Rosieruoian order. Membership in it is limited to those who are well trained in the fundamentals of the Rosieruoian teachings, and to those who have pledged their entire lives in devotion to the Rosieruoian ideals, and especially to the support of the individual Imp erator in each country where the M ilitia exists. Page 123 Lewis says the S ,R .I .A , is an organization that continues as an independent body, establishing a few branches in this city and continuing to make its appeal to free Masons, who enjoy purely philosophical discussions.without any of the ritu als or teachings as used in the various branches of the Rosieruoian order in Europe and other lands. Page 129 " I t has been a serious and universal law with the Rosioruoia order that its secret teachings should never be published in book form, or offered for sale to the public, and there is no violation o f this law that has ever been brought to our attention, AlSo at page 153 it says and quotes therefore, the AMORC proceeded with the ancient custom and practice by publishing no books or teachings, by in sistin g that a l l who desire to study the work of the order must Join with the help from regular lodges or groups in various lo c a litie s , also at page 157, quotes adhearing to the ancient traditions, the AMORC of North America se lls no books claiming to feontain its secret teachings and does not se ll its services at any price. Also 187 quotes Rosieruoian order issues no books and sells no books containing its private teachings. Page 136 quotes they reached the city that is now North Penn sylvania, and which they gave the name in the f ir s t months of 1694 Page 138 We must call attention again to the fact that this fir s t colony came to America in accordance with the rules and reg ulations of the 108 cycle of the Rosieruoian orddr. Page 147 quotes as dditor o f several Occult magazines have made contact with various Rosieruoian manuscript and had discovered that I was related to one of the descendents of the first Rosicrucian body in Americathat which had established i t s e lf in Pennysylvania in 1694,

Quotes among the many prominent persons then a f f il ia t e d and wanted positions as officers were I . K . Punk, president of the Punk Wagnalls Publishing Company. Albert Hubbard. E lla Wheeler Wilcox, . Page 148 This page and the next page tells o f howhe got authority from Europe to start an organization* "And the e n it ia l AMORC were immediately used as well as the true and o riginal symbol Rosicrucian order----- the Golden Cross with but one red rose in its center" Page 154 - The national convention in Pittsburg in 1917 adopted the revised French Constitution of the order. Page 156 During the year 1926 at the international convention held in Toulouse and Switzerland, he was acknowledged as one. o f the wisest officers o f the Rosicrucian organization* Page 157 Quotes the teachings are freely given to those who are members and no fees are Judged for degrees or title s as with an organization operating on a commission basis* Page 158 Quotes the order now on its many Egptian temples and lodges throughout the United Stated, Canada and Mexico and possesses much property devoted exclusively to the great work also on the same page quotes the National Headquarters were located in New York City but in 1918 were moved to the Pacific Coast because of property secured and which had besi originally owned by the fir st organization they established in America and which was eventually transferred to the present order and at the same page it quotes an agreement was made with the large membership on the Pacific Coast that the headquarters would return within two years to the West and so in one day less than two years the National headquarters was the entire exclusive s t a ff, returned to the P a c ific Coast to occupy its own property at the present sight in San Jose* Page 159 TLilike other secret organizations of the mystical nature, the AMDRC in North America, during its entire history , has never had any unfavorable newspaper notoriety, has never been involved in legal or p o litic al disputs, or has detrimental or unpleasant attaots made upon it even by the nature enemies in the advanced movement.

Page 191 This tells of the trip to Egypt in 1921 Page 171 "The answers to the questions given on the following pages have been prepared by those who are most fam iliar with the point covered by the question, and represent o ffic ia l and authentic statement." Page 179 "The organisation is not a religious c u l t ." Page 180 (See Constitution page 118 -See order a? M i l i t i a .) "Books of officers of the organization are elected and do not hold their positions by any super virtue or divine decree that is unique to each as an in d iv id u a l." Page 180 "There are no real secret oaths in connection with the organization whatsoever.",, Page 183 No assessments have ever been made and no obligations other than the nominal dues are required in each lodge to meet the incidental of rent and general operating accounts* Page 193 "The Rosiorucian organisation does not astrology or any other method of prognosticating the future. It considers ttie art of astrology of imperfect seiende -and at the present time far frcro being efficient in predicting a l l the affairs of l i f e -by the making of the noroscopes or study o f astrology is not included because o f the absolutness of the art is in demonstreble " , > Page 200 "Neither medicine nor surgery is condemned by the Rosiorucian teachings." Page 200 "The members of the organization generallycontinue to improve in health as they go through the various lectures and lessons, and f in a lly reach a point where the need for special treatment of any kind is very rare. The organization does have ways and means of doing those things which science might c a ll miracles, and help in such oases where a ll of the societies seem to have failed or where the problem is not understood in its right terms, such service is given free, and thousands of members in all parts of the country take advantage of it in emergencies far themselves or for members o f their fam ilies. This service is one o f the outstanding benefits given to the membership." Page 203 " It is true, from a chemical point of view , that a l l eating of raw meat or of eating of meat that is very ra re , with much uncooked blood, w i l l add a great deal of the chemical nature o f the animal blood to the human blood, but this As not true of well cooked m eats." Page 2 1 4 Lewis states that there is no value from theRosiwrueian point of view in the yogi breathing principles or other Hindu or Oriental teachings.