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Cover Letter for a Courtesy Notice to a former Judge <-- remove this and this in editing April XX,

2013 Please find the attached Courtesy Notice as my effort to bring peace, harmony, and clarity to what may be perceived as confusion and controversy. Please note that there are recent developments unfolding that you may not be aware of that are changing things significantly for the better. An awakening is taking place on a massive scale that we are all participating in. Many are coming to know that a few at the top of the food chain have enabled private for-profit corporations (some of which are masquerading as governments)to effectively enslave humanity through control of financial, government, military, judicial, and law enforcement systems and various policies/programs that affect taxation, energy advancement, food production, water safety, and basically every aspect of our lives. You may be able to reflect on your own career to circumstances where you know this to be true as well The awakening is peaceful and it is for all people. We intend peace with all who unknowingly and even knowingly contributed to the former slave system. With regard to the Courtesy Notice, I call your attention to the following: Government charters canceled Which means your former authority as a [ ADD JOB TITLE] is no longer in effect, therefore, any actions you take as a former judge make you personally liable, you have no immunity from you r actions as a former judge due to the OPPT UCC filings. I strongly urge you to research the OPPT UCC filings for your edification. Citations are included in the Courtesy Notice. Should you chose to respond to my Courtesy Notice, after your research of the UCC filings, please see page 3 Sufficient Verified Response in the Courtesy Notice, for the criteria you should address in your response. I feel it is only fair to inform you that when OPPT submitted the first filings to the UCC system, the top UCC lawyers in the world reviewed the filings in an attempt to rebut the filings. They were not successful. If you chose to continue your actions as a former [ADD JOB TITLE] in my case before you, that means you have voluntarily chosen to agree to my terms of contract as found in the Courtesy Notice as well as my terms in Schedule A. Mr [enter former judges last name] times have changed, due to the UCC filings by OPPT. The old system you used to work within is no longer. A new legal system of genuine fairness based on the Constitution, Common Law and Universal law is upon us due to the OPPT UCC filings. If you look within yourself you will find what I am saying is accurate.