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2307 Lebanon Road

Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
US Postal Paid
Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 57, No.29 July 19, 2009

New Christians! Adam Faughn

Johny Baker
The greatest news we can wash away his sins. ing for the lost. 758-7654
ever share is when one de-
On Friday, two more Or, we could use this as a
cides to put Christ on in Wayne Davidson
were added to the body great motivator. Seven is
baptism. Multiply that by 758-2705
of Christ. Seth Woods a good number, but it’s
four and enthusiasm over-
was forgiven of his sins miniscule compared with
flows. Earl Flynn
through baptism. Fol- all you know who are lost!
At Valley View lowing that, Brycen We have many who sit in 889-1659
Worship With Us Christian Camp, Ballard was also our pews each week who
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Ted Fox
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM four young people baptized for the have never been added to
decided to be- remission of his the body of Christ 754-7607
come New Testa- sins. through faith, repentance,
Reasons I Love My Bible Class Adam Faughn ment Christians.
With these four
confession and baptism. Charles Myers
We are pleased to Pray for them and encour- 883-6837
young men becom-
I have a lot of reasons why I enjoy but, being a smaller group, it is and effective. And, when our introduce them to age them not to delay any
ing New Testament
being a part of a Bible class. Here a place where we can get to study is done, I am left with you this week. longer. Jim Schroeder
Christians, we have now
are just a few. know one another. When more I want to study from a par- 754-8990
Aaron Presson was bap- had seven who have been Friend, if you’ve never
someone has a great moment, ticular book or topic. tized Wednesday night at added by the Lord to His been baptized for the for-
1. It is Bible-centered. The classes or a hard moment in life, our Cliff Wilson
camp by JD. Aaron is a body in just over four giveness of sins, make this
of which I am a part are truly class can help him or her These are just five reasons why I love 889-6477
great young man with a weeks. your day. Discipleship
Bible classes. Of course, we through it in a great way. my Bible class. If you have not been
good heart, but he is
share other thoughts, but we con- 4. It is a place of prayer. Often, involved in a Bible class in awhile (or We could look at that isn’t easy (as we’ll notice Pulpit Minister
young, so he will need en-
tinually “search the Scriptures” our classes pause and pray. never), of if you think they are just a and do one of two things. in our sermon this morn- Adam Faughn
for our final answers to all mat- We sometimes have prayer drudgery, look over this list again. We could rest and be ing), but it’s worth it! 973-4483
ters. requests and we do our best to Your Bible class has a seat waiting on Jacob Baker was also bap- overly proud of some- Don’t let another day
2. It is filled with Bible-lovers. The honor those. As we grow you so you can learn both the milk tized Wednesday night. thing “we” have done. pass. “Today is the day of Outreach Minister
members of my classes want to closer together, we pray for and the meat of the word. After seeing Aaron be- We could think that
be fed by God’s Word, not by each other more. salvation!” Harry Middleton
come a Christian, Jacob seven is enough and that
human opinion. The Bible is 5. It causes me to study more. As Stay for our 10:20 Bible studies, and 292-3164
knew that he also needed we can take a little break
the “lamp to our feet” and the the instructor, I am charged learn more of God’s Word! to let the blood of Christ from teaching and pray-
“light to our pathway,” so we love with the responsibility to do my Youth Minister
the answers it alone gives. best. However, I don’t have all JD Buckner
3. It is a place for us to share tri- the answers (only God does!), Sunday Sermon Preview (731) 336-4768
umphs and tragedies. Of course, so I want to study more so the
AM: The Cost of Discipleship
we wish our classes were larger, classes will be more helpful
PM: Solomon Dedicates the Temple
The Sick Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton Chris’ Summer Column
Sarah Adcox is at Summit in room 518. She fell and Sunday Morning (Contact: Gene 874-0463) IN THE GROCERY BUSINESS July is winding down but there’s still a lot going on. To-
broke her hip. Opening Prayer: Steve Thompson Suppose you were in the grocery business. A man had morrow many will be headed to Beech Island, South
Bertha Garcia fell and broke her ankle. She is at Closing Prayer: Paul Woods charged groceries to the tune of $300. (It does not take Carolina. I hope that, if you will be unable to go with us,
Summit in room 517. you will take some extra time out of your day to pray for
Read Scripture: Sonny Gossett many nowadays to get $300 worth.) But you speak to the group that will be working in South Carolina. Our
Oral Smith is at Summit in room 414. Sermon: Adam Faughn the customer, “Friend, I am an independent, I cannot group, the group from Dayton, and the congregation can
Madge Tramel is at McKendree in room N277. extend credit any more; you must pay cash.” The man
Song Leader: Scotty Studer all use your prayers. My prayer for our trip is that we can
Myrtle Turney is at Southern Hills room 231. She comes back in two or three days, picks up five or six have a safe trip with everyone staying in good health but,
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085)
has congestive heart failure. dollars worth of groceries, takes out his bill fold, and most importantly, that we can encourage our brethren in
Dewey Carpenter 1
says, “I am paying cash.” He comes back in about a South Carolina, and can help reach into the community,
Keith LeSuer 2
Thank You Michael Rader 3 week and picks up fifteen dollars worth, gets his billfold
representing Christ and planting the good seeds of the
Dear Friends, Tommy Moore 4 out, pays three fives down and says, “Say, it is fine to be Sometimes it may seem like we spend a lot of time and
Thank you for your fervent prayers on our behalf Earl Flynn 5 paying cash.” He comes back in about a week and buys energy and don’t see much yield. But can we put a price
during the last few months. We believe that God Cary Clay 6 the same amount and does the same thing and just on a soul? Read verses like Mark 4:8:“And other seeds
has heard and answered our prayers. The latest smiles and says, “I like paying cash.” The grocery man fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up
Tracy Fitzgerald 7 and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixty-
scans show no presence of the chest tumors; how- says, “Friend, I appreciate your paying cash, but I want
Robert Cannon 8 fold and a hundredfold."
ever, there will still be two more rounds of chemo- to know something. What about the back debt?” “What
therapy and possibly a little while yet before our Sunday Evening (Contact: Marion 883-5038) We never know where or when a seed will take. We
do you mean?” He says, “I mean the three hundred dol-
Opening Prayer: Wes Carnahan never know how much of an impact one seed can make.
lives are back to normal. We appreciate each card, lars you owe me.” He says, “I thought if I paid cash I
Closing Prayer: Nelson Cluck Paul wrote,
phone call, the delicious food and every act of kind- did not have to pay the back debt.” How many of you “So neither he who plants nor he who waters is
ness toward us and our family. Your love and con- Read Scripture: Mark Pugh
would like to be the grocery man? That is what many anything, but only God who gives the growth. He
cern continues to help us through a difficult time. Sermon: Adam Faughn have done to the Lord? They have not been faithful to who plants and he who waters are one, and each
Thank you for your ongoing prayers as Jim contin- Song Leader: Scotty Studer the Lord for a long time, then just start coming saying, will receive his wages according to his labor. For
ues to get well again. In Christian Love, Beverly and Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field,
“I will be faithful to you now Lord.” All the time the
Jim Oakley Lon Keele 1 God's building” (1 Corinthians 3:7-9).
Lord is asking, “What are you going to do about the We are merely God’s instruments. We are called to do
Tim Hill 2 back debt?” They have never done anything about it. the work, but God is the one who causes the growth and
Mission Trip There it is---still charged to their account. Paying cash who provides increase. I pray that everyone who goes on
Beech Island, South Carolina Mission Wednesday, July 22nd (Contact: Keith 889-7366) now does not eliminate the back debt. It must be paid!!! this trip can remember that and carry a good attitude as
Read Scripture: Shea Cofer they do the Lord’s work. I also pray that we can do the
Trip same thing here in Donelson and the surrounding area.
Monday, July 20-Sunday, July 26 Opening Prayer: Gavin Hammers VISITATION TEAM #1 WILL MEET AFTER
That we can sow the seed with our friends and with those
Community outreach will be our goal during the Speaker: WORSHIP SUNDAY EVENING!!! we encounter daily. God give us the strength and the
week and VBS is all day Saturday. There will be a Song Leader: Philip Autry courage to go out as we are commanded to.
group leaving on the 20th and a
second group is leaving on the 23rd. Announcements:
Have a blessed week, Chris
Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder

Give Away Day Golf Scramble Nursery Attendants

Mark Your Calendar...
Brenda & Rachel Pugh
Saturday, August 8th Saturday, August 15th
Ravenwood Today: Heartland Services at 4:00—Led by Wayne Davidson
School Supplies will be
distributed and
Country Club The Record July 20-26: Mission Trip to Beech Island, SC—See JD for more details
12:00 noon
Lunch will be served. Cost is $40
Sunday Morning Worship: 343 August 8: Give Away Day
Monetary donations may be given Several other Sunday Evening Worship: 246 August 12: Time Saver Supper Returns!
to the young adult class to pur- congregations are
invited to the Sunday Bible Study: 241
chase the needed supplies. August 15: Golf Scramble at Ravenwood
See Scotty Studer if you have scramble. Wednesday Night: 153 + 91 campers
August 22: Blood Drive in fellowship hall
questions. Contribution: $11,971.50

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