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Our Lady of Fatima University Hilltop Mansion, Lagro, Quezon City Social Science Department Gilbert H. Dipaculang Jr.

2012 BS Biology 4A1-1 Galanga, MPA Aug 17, Mrs. Risil Chavez


Postdam first stop Rizal and Viola visited; near Berlin. The German city of Dresden a quick visit to Dr. Adolph B. Meyer and the Museum of art of Dresden. Teschen they wired Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt whom they planned to visit next.


May 3 Rizal and viola were in Leitmeritz and they were picked up by Blumentritt. Rosa wife of blumentritt Dorita, Conrad & Fritz their childrens Rizal has many lovely memories while in leitmritz.

Hotel Krebs accommodation during the length of their stay. Beer Hausen beer Bohemia, the best beer in Europe. Burgomaster town mayor Club of Leitmeritz Dr. Czepalak and Prof. Klutschak; scientists in Leitmeritz who were interested in studying Filipino culture and life.


May 17 they boarded a train heading to prague, a historic Czech city. University of Prague Dr. Wilkomm, a natural history professor. Tomb of Copernicus Copernican theory

Museum of Natural History and Cave of San Juan Nepomuceno, a Catholic martyr.


May 20 they were in Vienna , Capital of Austria-Hungary and referred to as Queen of Danube Hotel Metropole they stayed here during their stay in Vienna Norfenfals a famous Austrian novelist Danubian river


Lintz and Salzburg Munich city of beers Nuremburg a site of infamous Catholic Holy inquisition. Ulm German city famous for its largest and tallest Cathedral in the country. Stattgard and Baden Rheinfall last German stop, an famous for its waterfalls


Schaffhausen they stayed here for 2 days Bassel and Bern Lausanne Swiss winter capital Geneve capital city of Switzerland; Rizal considered it as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. June 19 Rizal celebrated his 26th Birthday with viola. June 23 Rizal and viola parted ways, after 15 days of stay in the city.


South to Italy Historic cities of Turin, Milan, Venice and Florence Birthplace of Renaissance.

Rome Capital of Italy; city of Caesars Vatican Capital of Roman Catholic church; The City of Popes


Many of his friends and family members dissuade him to go back to manila Noli Me Tangere was beginning to become a hot item in Philippines.

THE FIRST NOVEL -March 29, 1887 printing costs 300 pesos for 2000 copies -Token of his appreciation - Rizal gives Viola the galley of proofs of the Noli, rolled around the pen he used to write the novel. -Noli Me Tangere in Latin means Touch Me Not; taken from the words of Christ in the Holy Bible. -Contains 63 chapters and an epilogue. - Deals with true to life story of the Filipino. -the novel reached its maximum potential of delivering the reformism to the people, rich or poor, educated or not. -Its plot opens the mind of the reader of what freedom, love, justice, equality and dignity are all about.