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ARKANSAS - a State of Suspension!

ARKANSAS is a "Legal Fictional Entity" and a subsidiary of the Federal U.S. Government
known as United States located within Washington, District of Columbia; and, AR is a federal
overlay known as a "Zone Improvement Plan", a ZIP Code. The "Republic of Arkansas" exists;
the lights are on, but no one is home. Arkansas is a state, a state in SUSPENSION.

I would not have made that statement without giving proof of what I say.

Arkansas, and all other states, State Constitution(s) require the State to pay its debts in gold and
silver coin. By taking away a State Government's ability to comply with its Constitutional
mandate of paying its debts in gold and silver coin, the Federal Government involuntarily
restricted a State Government's ability to function in a de jure capacity. The de jure States went
into suspension; the essence of such a "term" became more solidified after the following four
acts were committed: (1) the taking of gold coins out of general circulation in 1933, (2) in 1964,
the U. S. Mint ceased minting any more silver coins, (3) in 1968, Silver Certificates could no
longer be redeemed for silver, and (4) on August 15, 1971, President Nixon closed the Gold
Window, thus stopping the redemption of foreign-held dollars for gold. At that point in time, the
U. S. Dollar was backed solely by the full faith and credit of the American people; and, the
States, yes, that means Arkansas, could no longer function in a de jure capacity while in a state
of suspension.
The States went into suspension because the Federal Government involuntarily forced the State
to pay its officers, judges, employees, etc., with something other than gold and silver coin, which
was required by the State Constitution. This "something other than gold and silver coin" was
nothing more than "fiat" money, or script, backed by nothing more than a "promise to pay," an
I.O.U., backed by a Private Corporate Enterprise named the Federal Reserve Bank with Private
Script, nothing greater than "Disney Dollars" at Disney World. Thus, Constitutionally, the
States could no longer function in a de jure capacity because it no longer had the ability to pay its
debts in the form mandated by its Constitution, i.e., contract with the people.
Since the Federal Government took away the gold coin money in 1933, thus causing the States to
suspend operations by preventing them from honoring their obligation to pay their debts in gold
and silver coin, there had to be a remedy. "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112" is the remedy, not just for
the States, but also, for the sovereign men and women who created the States. Until gold and
silver coinage is reinstated in sufficient quantities for general circulation, that remedy cannot be
repealed. Congress may have repealed some parts of "HJR-192", or even all of it, because
"HJR-192" is merely a resolution for Congress and its subjects. However, the true remedy is
provided to the people by Public Law: "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112".
"HJR-192" is strictly a resolution that applies only to the members of Congress (who "resolved"
it) and to its subjects (U.S. citizens that swear they "live" within the walls of Congress located
within Washington, D.C. [U.C.C. 9-307(h)]).

I refer to the Federal Government's obligation to me as: "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112", not "HJR-

Since the Federal Government is operating "Within the Bankruptcy," as are the STATES OF
AR, MO, etc., as are all COUNTIES and (CITIES OF) municipalities, they must maintain their
acts/actions within the parameters of corporate "personhood" and leave the Sovereign alone. I
can produce dozens of documents validating the Bankruptcy of the United States and its'

ARKANSAS, BOONE COUNTY AND CITY OF HARRISON, you have the "badges and guns"
and you have well proven the fact that, as far as you are concerned, "might makes right."

James Warburg, a CFR member, made the following statement before the Senate Foreign
Relations committee on February 17, 1950: "We shall have world government whether or not
you like it, by conquest or consent." World Beast government exists today in every echelon of
"public enterprise." Each one of us, yes, every common Rent-A-Cop to the home maker, is either
part of the Problem, or part of the Solution.

So, why would one man initiate such an explosive action to bring about this change? ANSWER:
Proverbs 29:19, "A servant will not be corrected by words alone for though he understands he
will not answer." It is true; the only thing that will stop the Beast [your local Rent-A-Cop] is
using fire to fight fire. I won't say anything further on this subject unless it is in the form of
negative averment [Rule 9(a)]. (But, here's a nasty little example of language, "I have no record
or evidence that everything you own will not be taken from you "legally" except the clothes you
wear and your wedding rings.")

Most "church" people would say, "If the Heavenly Father forgives them, well, I do too." And, I
would remind our friends that our Father judges NO MAN. John 5:22, "For the Father judgeth
no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:" "O.K.," you say, "but, what would the
Son say (remember, WWJD)?" Here's what He said, folks; Luke 19:27, "But those mine enemies,
which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." I added
nothing to the Holy Writ; and, I took nothing away; how about you? Jeremiah 48:10, "Cursed be
the one who does the Lord's work negligently, And cursed be the one who restrains his sword
from blood." Also See, Job 27:13-22.

By the Grace of God [and, I am not referring to your G.O.D. (Government Operational Debt*)]
and the ability of one tortured Living Man upon my Fathers' Estate, THIS EVIL EMPIRE
SHALL CHANGE. I am domiciled in a "fish bowl" where any one of your "hired guns" can
easily execute me. You stole my private car. I can neither run, nor pursue. All I have is the
printed Word. My response to you is the same as my Elder Brothers' response to Satan, [Matt
4:7] "It Is Written, you shall not tempt the Lord your God." I AM Lord over you. I (my
predecessors) created you; and, I am Sovereign over that which I create.

*What? Haven't you ever read about their "trust fund?", "In GOD we Trust?" The U.S.
government "style manual" clearly states that all upper case (that means CAPITALIZED) letters
are acronyms that stand for the name or title of a corporation.

P.S. James Warburg was correct, we shall have a "one world government," but not the one he was
talking about. You see, my Elder Brother paid a blood sacrifice to assure me of that fact. He then
left us, but He's coming back, and, brother is He mad!