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Statutory Declaration of True Name

NOTICE and Declaration of Law and Jurisdiction

I am recognized and known by my Christian Appellation, Douglas-Mac: Duff. If I

choose to respond, it is only to such Christian Appellation. I am not a corporation, nor a
"person", therefore, no legislative court shall ever obtain "personal jurisdiction" over me.

I cannot use copyrighted codes, statutes, rules, or regulations against any legislative, or
executive, body, therefore, no legislative, nor executive, body can use said copyrighted
codes, statutes, rules, or regulations against me; and, said "court" fails to obtain "in rem
jurisdiction" over me.

I have no "residence" within any geographical jurisdiction, I do not "re-side" within any
political jurisdiction, and I am not a magistrate of any federal foreign fictional
government, so I have no entourage for any "residency". I keep house within the
geographical Arkansas Republic, or in whatever Republic I so choose, therefore, there is
no "state within a state" of federal jurisdiction, nor is there a political overlay of federal
area or postal Zone Improvement Plan, therefore, there is no "federal jurisdiction" over
me, nor is there obtainable any "venue jurisdiction" over me.

I recognize the use of Federal Reserve Notes as contraband and gambling tokens,
issued, maintained, and controlled within the Private realm of a Private corporation,
therefore, I do not own, handle, nor utilize any of them outside the Rule of Necessity,
which is a Rule of Common Law, originating well before the establishment of the British
Colonies on American soil. Therefore, using only barter, silver, and where absolutely
necessary under said ancient rule, Federal Reserve Notes (which are not of substance), no
legislative court or executive agency shall obtain any "substantive jurisdiction" over me.

I am who I say I am, not who, or what (person), any corporate administrator says I am.
Since there is no lawful money of exchange available to "pay" any debt, or to "pay" any
fines, fees, licenses, penalties, court costs, etc., I cannot be a contemnor, as I am in
contempt of nothing. No Private Man, nor corporate body or agency thereof, can
demand that I do the impossible. As it is impossible to "pay" for anything, no fictional
corporate governmental body can demand that I do the impossible, therefore, no
legislative court or executive agency shall obtain any "legislative or executive
jurisdiction" over me.
I am not aware of the existence of any judicial branch of any level of true Republican
government nor is any available to me, therefore, no "judicial jurisdiction" is obtainable
over me.

I am not a U.S. citizen, a United States citizen, a 14th Amendment citizen, nor in any
other manner do I "cite-I-Zen". I am, therefore, NOT an enemy of the "state" under any
fictional corporate charter regulations and no "corporate jurisdiction" is obtainable over
me to condemn me to a category of enemy of any "state".

My Constitution is the Holy Writ and I claim only one "color", that being the color of
white in the form of a "flag of truce", making known to all that I have no controversy
with any. I have no "license" to operate contrary to true law. I have no "permit" to
temporarily suspend true law, therefore, no "Admiralty jurisdiction" is obtainable over

I observe only the True Laws brought forward by the Ancient and Holy Writ, engulfing
all established within principles of the Ten Commandments and the later Commandments
to love the Lord My God with all my mind, soul, and body; and to, love my neighbor as
myself; this is my political establishment, therefore, no fictional political jurisdiction is
obtainable over me.

I exist only in, and respond only to, my Christian Appellation, Douglas-Mac: Duff. I do
not recognize, nor give cognizance to, any fictional corporate entity, nor do I recognize
any of their agents. No fictional, quasi-governmental agent/agency can obtain parity with
me; therefore, no jurisdiction of agency is obtainable over me.

I am in my True Character, a Private Man upon the soil, maintaining only as a private
man can, the Right of Soil. I am not a reflection, image, fiction, or other "person". I own
and maintain my own "person" for purpose of contracting in the realm of commerce in a
lawful and upright manner. My word is my bond when dealing with men. I offer my
"signature" when contracting with fictional entities in commerce. Said "signature"
(sig=no nature=alive) means no nature, thus, not alive - it is a bond offered into
debt/death. For this reason such "scribble" is called "cursive writing", cursed
communication with the dead, the fiction. By being responsible for my own "person"
under True Law, I exercise my "personal rights" referred to by Thomas Jefferson, and
maintain my lawful standing, impeccable under law, I do not yield "Character
jurisdiction" over me, or my "persons".

Respectfully Presented,

by _________________________ agent
Douglas-Mac: Duff, sui juris