Janice Kephart-Roberts

1o: . scaspersen@9-11commission.gov Wednesday, September 10, 2003 2:53 PM team5@9-11commission.gov; team6@9-11commission.gov; team7@9-11commission.gov; team8@9-11commission.gov JFT Airport Side Story


George and I (mostly George) have done some research on the rumor of 4 middle eastern men who supposedly were upset about having to disembark from a commercial jet at JFK on September 11, after air traffic was closed and the flight was canceled. This e-mail is lengthy and detailed, but to cut to the chase this is of great interest, because there is some truth in the rumors, and one of four Arabs had a U.S. flight school identification card. Going through the Port Authority September 11 dispatch transcripts, George discovered the record of a 11:11 AM phone call on 9/11 placed by a United Airlines agent to the Port Authority police station at JFK. In the call the United Airlines agent said that there were three Arabs who refused to get off a flight that had been canceled due to the closing of air traffic. At 11:28 AM - 17 minutes after the call from United Airlines - a Port Authority officer was dispatched by radio to look into that call. However, by the time the Port Authority officer arrived at the gate, the Arab individuals in question had disappeared. In George's opinion the 17 minute delay might be excusable, due to the fact that so many Port Authority police officers assigned to JFK that day had left to go to the World Trade Center. This is the body of evidence we have for what transpired on September 11. We have possession of a Port Authority Police investigative report which ugrtains to certain events of September 13 at JFK. For the time being, the /^ -t that we are in possession of this investigative report should not be .ired with anyone outside of the Commission, as we did not receive it as a result of a formal document request. The investigative report describes an investigation of suspicious Arab males in the United Airlines Terminal (terminal #6) at JFK on September 13, 2001. A call was placed by a United Airline agent at terminal 6. The caller identified four Arab individuals who were in the terminal on the 13th as possibly being ticketed customers for United Flight 23 on 9/11, which had been canceled. Ir appears that the four Arabs had flown from Saudi Arabia to JFK, landing early in the morning of September 11, and were then supposed to take United Flight 23 from JFK to San Francisco. As this flight was canceled, the four Arabs returned to JFK on September 13, tried to get refunds for the canceled Flight 23 and made inquiries into purchasing other plane tickets, both to California and Boston, both at United Airlines and at Jet Blue. Their efforts to receive refunds and to purchase additional plane tickets were not successful. At this point they apparently tried to board a hotel van back to their hotel, but were detained and questioned by JTTF. The four were identified from their passports and visas (of which we have copies) as follows: Saudi citizen, DOB/ fSaudi citizen, DOB' Saudi citizen, DOB/' Saudi citizen', DOB All four had Saudi passportsXand U.S. visas. / H (was in possession of an identification card for a flight structi6n School in,-Daytona, Florida named Embry-Riddle Arenoautical university. This individual also had a Virginia driver's lisence. ( w a ' s i n possession o f a Mayo Clinic Clinic card. 1 /;:;>9/ll Personal Privacy - 9/11 LaW

Enforcement Sensitive


Copies of their passports suggest they were well traveled, having visited Frankfurt, Germany; Slovakia; France; Egypt; Jordan; South Africa; and Lebanon, and possibly many other places, whoses stamps George and I lack the /'""^ertise to specify. Tne Port Authority investigative report states that that the FBI did 302s on each of these. We do not have these 302s in our possession. Finally, the Port Authority investigative report states the investigation is open and active.

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