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The Way of Salvation.

The Way of Death is the outer path, the path of separation.

• If you are following this path you believe that in order to be saved, you need to follow an
outer Church , an outer Saviour and you believe God is a remote being in the sky, who is
far from you.
• You have handed over the responsibility for your life to others, either to your own human
ego, an outer Church or other people.
• You allow others to think for you, to make decisions for you.
• Because your human ego believes it is separated from God and also from everyone
else, it thinks it can act on its own, that it is the doer and can do what it likes without
regard to the consequences.
• It seeks to control you, everyone and everything else.
• The more you identify with your ego, the more it has you under its control.
• You will never find spiritual freedom and inner peace until you take back control from the
ego, until you follow the Way of Life---the path of oneness.

The Way of Life is the inner path, the path of oneness.

• If you are following this path you believe that " I of mine own self, can do nothing; it is
the Father ( the Higher self) within me, who does the work." You know that you are not
the doer.
• You have taken full responsibility for your own life and you are " working out your own
salvation with fear and trembling. "
• You are continually looking for the " beam in your own eye " ( your ego and its illusions)
and then removing them one by one and replacing them with Christ truth.
• You accept that it is a path of surrender, of continuous self-transcendence, where you
are willing to give up all attachments to the things in the material world.
• You seek wholeness by realizing that you don't need anything or anyone outside
yourself in order to be saved, to be whole.
• You only need to put on the Christ mind, the Christ consciousness.
• You accept your true Spiritual identity and strive to reconnect to and maintain oneness
with, your Higher Self, your I AM Presence.

Steps To Salvation:-

Step 1 Check to see if you are following the broad way or the narrow way.

Matthew 7:13-14

“ Enter in at the strait gate : for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leads to destruction,
and many there be which go in there-at:
Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that
find it.”

How will you know if you are following the broad way or the narrow way?

The broad way is where you believe:--

• the path to salvation is an outer path which requires you to fulfill outer requirements.
• Salvation is automatic, for Jesus does all the work for you.
• that you only have to accept and confess Jesus as your lord and Saviour.
• You do not have to think for yourself but just blindly follow what the leaders of your
Church tell you to do and believe.
• you have to become a member of a Church, who invariably believe that they are
following the only true religion.
• that being baptized is one of the outer requirements.

The narrow way :--

• is an inner path, where the emphasis is about changing one’s consciousness.

• Where you believe and accept that Jesus is your Saviour, in the sense that he is willing
to teach you how to save yourself by " putting off the old man and putting on the new
man." ( Ephesians 4 :22-24)
• But you must " Work out your own salvation, with fear and trembling." ( Philippians 2:12)

Matthew 10:32 “ Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also
before my Father which is in heaven.”

• You accept that there are certain inner conditions to be met, in order to be saved. You
accept that this is a gradual, inner process that requires that you change your own
consciousness, that you look for the “ beam in your own eye.”

Matthew 7:3“ And why do you behold the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but do not consider
the beam that is in your own eye “?

Jesus clearly showed that he was more concerned about people’s inner consciousness and not
their outer actions. He knew that once they changed their consciousness, their outer actions
and circumstances would also change.

Step 2 . Make a commitment, and strive daily to change your thinking, to change your
beliefs , to change your sense of identity , to put off the carnal mind and put on the Christ
Going through the ritual of water baptism is an outward sign of your inner commitment
to change your consciousness.
Ephesians 4: 22-24 —-“That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which
is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye
put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”

II Corinthians 4:16 .“ For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the
inward man is renewed day by day.”

Putting off the old man and putting on the new man is a gradual process which requires that
you make many decisions daily. “ I die daily”.

It will not happen automatically by belonging to a particular church or by confessing Jesus as

your Lord and Saviour.

Step 3. Put off your “ old man “.

“---put off concerning the former conversation the old man which is corrupt according to the
deceitful lusts;” (Ephesians 4:22)

The “ old man “ can be seen as :– your false identity, which you have based on the things
of this world. eg. • Gender • Race • Nationality • Ethnicity • Social status • Family background
• Education • Religion • Accomplishments • Intelligence • Career • Political ideology, etc.

And / or the role you have taken on. eg. the role of the :--Loser • Martyr • Victim • Aggressor •
Perfectionist • Failure • Winner • Know-it-all • Tough guy • Co-dependent, etc.

Shakespeare said, " All the world's a stage, and men and women merely players in it. "

So whatever part you are now choosing to play is not the real you and you can stop playing
anytime you choose and step up to and into who you really are.

Put off the “old man “, your self-created human-ego and its many illusions, false beliefs.

The human ego was not created by God. Your ego was created when you decided to separate
yourself from God. The human ego is made up of its own false beliefs ,which all sprang from
the illusion of separation. This causes the ego to act very selfishly. Because it thinks it is all
alone in this world, it seeks to grab what it can for itself. It only thinks of what it best for itself.
The ego has built a false sense of identity and security for itself, based on the things in the
material world. It tries to control and manipulate you, ( the real You ), other people and
situations in this world in order to create a sense of security for itself. It does not like to be wrong
and will defend itself and its opinions using logic. Because it cares only about itself, the ego will
use anything in this world to make itself feel superior and important, even if it means putting
down other people.

How can you “ put off” the ego?

You do it by: ---learning how to overcome the ego / giving up its illusions , one at a time and
replacing them with the truth of Christ / by realizing that the ego tries to get you to play its many
games in order to keep you so tied up you have no energy left to follow the true spiritual path.

Step 3 . Daily look at the illusions that you have accepted, see that they are not real and
then surrender them, let them go.

a) Illusions about God.

b) Illusions about Yourself.

c) Illusions about the material world in which you live.

These illusions cause you to have fears which stop you from taking back control of your own
life. These fears cause you to put off making decisions, to procrastinate, to do nothing. This is
what the ego within and the worldly forces without are trying to achieve. They want to stay in
control of your life and if they can make you fearful, and afraid to change or try anything new,
they have power over you. Once you have recognized these illusions, let them go and replace
them with reality, with the truth of Christ.

Illusions , false beliefs about God.

---God is an angry and judgmental being in the sky.

--- God is not where I am.

--- God is far away from me .

---God is non-forgiving.

---God is trying to force his will upon me.

---God is a dictator who wants to limit my creativity and take away my free will.

---God is unfair.

---God is to blame.

---God cannot or will not take care of my needs.

---God is blaming me for the choices I’ve made.

--- God’s love is conditional.

--- God loves some people more than others.

--- God will not receive me if I turn back to him.

--- God will not love me if I have less or achieve less than others.

---God will not love me or accept if I make mistakes.

Christ Truth About God.

--- God the Father is the Source of my life.

---God created all beings as good. All people are inherently good.

---God loves me unconditionally.

---God is forgiving.

---God is in all human beings and we are all of equal worth his eyes.

---God is no respecter of persons.

---God respects my free will.

---God is the source of all form but God is beyond all form.

---God does not look for human perfection but for the purity of my heart.

How do you think the world works?

Illusions About The Material World.

--- God is not found in the material universe.

--- God’s creation is separated from its Creator.

--- The material universe is separated from God.

---The material universe is a prison from which there is no escape.

---The world will always be limited and can never manifest perfection.

---The imperfect conditions on Earth are unavoidable or beyond change .

---The imperfections in this world can never be transformed into God’s perfection.

---The Earth can never rise above its current limitations.

---The dark forces have such control over this world that no person can challenge them.

---Life is restricted by the imperfections on Earth

Christ Truth About The Material World.

---Behind all divisions is the One God who cannot be split apart.

---Nothing created out of the One God can be separated from the whole.

---Everything is created out of the One God, and therefore everything is one with God.

---Everything is made from the substance of the One God and therefore, everything is a
manifestation of the One God.

---All manifestations are the expressions of the One God.

---Limitations on planet Earth are the result of the limited sense of identity held by the people on
this planet.

---God’s immutable law states that all people will reap what they have sown.

---The universe acts like a giant mirror that reflects back to me whatever I send out.

---The universe reflects all negative feelings back to me and they build a prison around my soul.

What do you believe about yourself?

Illusions About Yourself.

--- I am just a human being, trapped in limitation.

--- I am a sinner. I was conceived in sin and I am never able to rise above sin.

--- I can be saved only through an outer organization.

--- I need an outer Saviour.

--- I will be saved when I attain complete control over the world.

--- A small elite has the power to save or condemn me.

---There is nothing I can do to work out my own salvation.

--- I can never rise above my mistakes.

--- Once I’ve made a mistake, I am forever condemned to be less.

--- Because I’ve made mistakes in the past, I am not worthy to enter God’s Kingdom.

--- I have lost my original purity by making mistakes in this world.

--- I need to be perfect before I can serve God in this world.

--- I am unworthy to be the son / daughter of God.

--- I can commit a sin that cannot be undone.

---I am a separate being who is all alone in a material universe in which everything and
everyone is hostile to me.

---I am separated from God by my identification with the ego and its illusions.

Christ Truth About Yourself.

--- I can at any moment move closer to God by surrendering the ego’s illusions.

---I am a son / daughter of God.

---I am made from God’s light and thus I am a Spirit Spark, an individualization of the fire of

---I am one with God; I never was separated from God; I never can be separated from my God.

---I am part of God’s magnificent creation.

--- God loves me unconditionally.

--- Salvation is a process / an inner condition, whereby I attain a sense of oneness with God .

---Salvation is a gift which I must accept.

---I can be saved only by being spiritually reborn.

---Guilt, blame, self-hatred will not correct my mistakes or help me be free of the mistakes.

---To permanently rise above my mistakes, I need to rise above the state of consciousness that
causes me to make the mistakes.

---By learning from my mistakes and surrendering my attachments, I will overcome my past.
---Any mistake I have ever made is the result of a limited sense of identity---I can undo all
imperfect choices by replacing them with better choices.

---I learn from all of my choices, so I can use both good and not so good choices as stepping
stones to victory.

---I can see my mistakes as experiments and use them to make better choices today and

---I need to take responsibility for all of my choices.

---I have always done the best I know how, according to my state of consciousness at the time.

---My soul has a long history of embodying on this planet.

---I am responsible for my own life.

---I am a co-creator with God.

---I am a self-conscious being, created under the lineage of my Creator .

---I am not the ego. I am more than the ego. I am my Higher Self in action on Earth.

---I am a Spiritual being, currently living in a physical body on planet Earth.

---I am created in the image and likeness of God, which means I have his qualities of self-
awareness and imagination.

Step 4. Give up following the outer religious path with its rules and regulations and seek
guidance from your “new man”, who lives in the kingdom within you.

This “ new man “ is your true identity, which is based on the reality of Christ. It has been
obscured by the ego and its many illusions and the games it tries to get you to play.

The Christ consciousness is a state of consciousness, an awareness that is more than the
human consciousness. It is a universal state of consciousness, an awareness which is always
one with God and always becoming MORE. It only becomes individualized when a son /
daughter of God makes a free will decision to unite with the Christ Mind, the mind which Paul
spoke about in --

Philippians 2:5. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

When you begin to unite with the Christ consciousness, you will come to a full recognition of
your spiritual identity and origin and you become willing to change .Then as soon you
understand that a particular act or idea is wrong, you become willing to leave your old ways
behind and embrace the new understanding.

Step 5. Put on the mind of Christ by reconnecting to your inner, spiritual teacher, the
Comforter, the Spirit of truth within you.

John 14 :16-17 " And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he
may abide with you for ever: Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it
does not see him, neither knows him: but you know him: for he dwells in you, and shall be in

John 14:26 " but the Comforter ,which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my
name, he shall teach you all things--"

John 16:13 "When he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not
speak of himself: but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things
to come."

The Comforter will " speak " to you through your intuition.

Step 6. Put on the mind of Christ by being born again.

John 3:5-7 " ---Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of
God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel
not that I said to you, you must be born again---."

To be born again , you must be willing to :--

---transcend, go beyond, your old beliefs, and your limited sense of identity , which you have
based on the things of this material world.

---let your human, carnal mind die, by giving up all illusions.

---let the mind of Christ be born within you.

You will know when you are born of the Spirit when :--

---when you are always willing to self-transcend, to examine your beliefs and discard those
which no longer serve you.

---when you no longer hang on to a sense of identity that is born of the flesh, ie. based on your
physical body and your human, carnal mind.
Step 7 Put on the mind of Christ by understanding God's Laws.

God's laws are designed to ensure that there is harmony and balance in the material world..

God designed our world based on both physical and spiritual laws.

When we understand these laws and what the consequences will be if we go against these
laws, we have a firm foundation for creating our lives the way we want them to be.

An understanding of God's laws provide us with the basis for making free choices.

Then our choice is to either follow these laws or disobey them.

God did not give these laws because he is a dictator who must be obeyed.

He gave them to us so that we could experiment with our free will use of his energy and learn
what "works" and what does not " work".

So we can learn to be the co-creators that we are.

There are several spiritual laws which govern our life here on Earth

A basic law of this material world is the Law of Free Will.

God has given each of us the gift of free will so that we can experiment with the use of his
energy. This energy comes from the spiritual realm via a crystal cord and enters your body
through the crown chakra at the top of your head. This energy gives life to your body and
also enables you to function mentally and emotionally .You can use this energy to create
whatever you wish by using your free will, imagination, ability to focus, your thoughts, your
words, feelings and actions. But whatever you create will be reflected back to you by the
universe which is designed to act like a giant mirror. Hence the sayings–you will reap what you
sow / what goes around, comes around.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that you are responsible for how you use God’s energy. If
you misuse it , you will create negative consequences for yourself which will cause you pain,
suffering and limitations. You misuse this energy through negative thoughts, feelings, words and

The Law of One states that because all life is One, that all life came from the same Source–it is
connected at the deepest level. All life is meant to move forward together as one interconnected
Whole –the River of Life.

The Law of Transcendence states that the purpose of life is growth. When you first start out
you have a limited sense of self-awareness which creates your limited world. You are meant to
grow and expand your sense of identity, to accept that you are a Spiritual being, and when you
do you can overcome the sense of limitation in your world.
The Law of Love is the basic law of the universe which states that the very purpose of life is to
grow towards the All-ness, to grow from being less to being More. And you are either becoming
More or you are becoming less.

Step 8. Blocks To Your Spiritual Growth.

Just as there are physical substances that can harm your physical body, so too, there are
negative feelings and attitudes that can harm and block your spiritual progress.


• ignorance and delusion.

• envy and jealousy.
• passions, cravings and greed.
• spiritual, intellectual and human pride.
• anger and hatred.
• non-will and non-being.

These negative feelings and attitudes affect your entire being and must be cleared from your
being before you can make any progress on the spiritual path.

Ignorance and delusion.

If you are lukewarm or indifferent about religion or spirituality and you feel that they hold
no relevance for your life, you are affected by ignorance and delusion. They cause you to
believe that you are separated from God and divided from all other people. Your own human
ego within and many worldly forces without, want to keep you in ignorance so they can
maintain control over you and your life.

What don't they want you to discover?

• That you are really a Spiritual being living temporarily in a physical body here on planet
• That you have a spiritual purpose for being here.
• That you can regain control from your ego and learn how to connect to your Higher self
and attain guidance for your life.

To overcome these blocks to your progress, you need to:--

• dismiss the illusion of separation as unreal.

• accept the reality that everything sprang from the one God.
• accept that God is All and in All and thus God is you and in you.
• accept that you are not, have never been and will never be, separated from God who
loves you unconditionally.
• Envy and Jealousy.

Living in a physical body , here in the dense material universe, it can seem as if life is just about
accumulating material possessions. It can cause you to feel envious and jealous of those who
have more than you. As well as envying people their material belongings ,you may also envy
them their position in society and their wealth. You may be jealous of those who have a better
education or more qualifications than you do. You may even be jealous and envious of those
in your Church who have more spiritual attainment than you, or who hold a higher position in
that organization. These feelings and attitudes will seriously affect your spiritual progress.

To overcome these feelings, you need to:--

• realize that by following the true , inner , spiritual path you too can have the same
opportunity as others to attain true, spiritual attainment.
• accept that God loves you as the unique individual he created you to be.
• realize that because you are one with God, God in you, can achieve and fulfil all things,
for with God all things are possible.
• realize that by being who you really are you can find true , inner peace.

Anger and Hatred.

Often, a situation or a comment from someone else can trigger a reaction in you which causes
you to feel angry. This can make feel helpless for you don't know where the feeling came from
and you are unable to stop it arising again. All anger is basically anger against God or a spiritual

A lack of understanding of your true self, where you came from, why you are here and how the
world works ,causes you to look for someone to blame when things don't go your way. And God
is usually the scapegoat !

You can overcome your anger by :---

• ---realizing you can avoid becoming involved in negative situations by choosing to turn
the other cheek.
• ---realizing that God loves you unconditionally.
• ---realizing that you are not and never have been, separated from God.
• ---realizing -that you can know how the world works by understanding God's Laws.
• ---realizing that it is when your expectations are not met, that you can feel angry. So
look at your expectations and realize that you cannot control others or situations , you
only have control over yourself.

Steps to overcome anger.

• ---first acknowledge that you are angry.

• ---acknowledge that you are not the anger---You are more than the anger.
• ---separate the condition or person that makes you feel angry from the anger itself.
• See that the real cause in something in your psychology.
• ---transform the energy of anger that has accumulated in your energy field which makes
you susceptible to anger, by using a spiritual technique, such as a rosary found at

Passions, Cravings, Covetousness and Greed.

Are you driven by your passions, by your cravings or by greed ? These feelings and
attitudes may cause you to seek power and control over others to satisfy these drives.
You may seek a position of leadership or authority so you can collect around you
followers who will blindly follow you and give you unquestioning obedience and loyalty.

To overcome these feelings, needs and attitudes, you need to :--

• ---realize what is important to God (Oneness and the raising up of all life) and what is
important to your human ego (separation and anything that raises up the separate self .)
• ---understand the difference between the true desires of God that can be satisfied and
the false desires of the human ego, which can never be satisfied. True desires will
always seek to raise up the All. False desires will only seek to raise up the separate self
at the expense of others.
• ---detach yourself from the outer religious path.
• ---anchor yourself on the inner, spiritual path.
• ---take joy in the victory of your daily accomplishments and those of others.


When you have amassed a lot of information about a particular subject or just general
knowledge, it can give rise to feelings of intellectual and human pride. You can also
feel spiritual pride when you have a lot of knowledge about your religion and its
scriptures or teachings. Pride can also arise when you have acquired qualifications and
have accomplished much in your field of influence. Pride can cause you to feel superior
to other people and this will not help you to grow spiritually. Superiority can make you
feel that because of all your knowledge, you deserve to be in control, to be in a position
of leadership or authority.

You can overcome such feelings and attitudes by realizing and accepting:---

• --- that in God's eyes all people are of equal value, because all things are God.
• ---that all people deserve equal respect.
• ---you are a unique individual and all other people are also unique.
• ---there can be no comparisons or judgment in uniqueness.
• ---a true leader may have a higher spiritual attainment than others but will be a servant
leader, by being willing to serve the Christ in all.
• ---that pride can spring from a true desire of wanting to do well, to be who you are and
to express perfection in this world, for this is what will give you true, inner peace.
• ---that you can only be perfect by expressing your spiritual identity, by expressing who
you already are, and not your human ego.

Non-Will and Non-Being.

There are many people in the world today who are assailed by doubts and fears. They find little
to believe in and find no true meaning for their lives. They can be tormented by feelings of
unworthiness, feelings of depression and even suicide. They desire to " not be ". They have " no
will." But the eternal question, put by Shakespeare , is----" To be or not to be, that is the
question." It is a choice all must all face. You must choose to be your true Spiritual Self----the
real you, which has been hidden by the ego and its illusions.

To overcome these feelings, you need to :--

• --- realize that the things of this world are transient---will not last for long, and can never
ultimately satisfy your desire to fulfill your spiritual purpose.
• ---look at what is happening in your life and try and see and learn the spiritual lesson
behind it. There is always something to be gained from every experience you have, even
if it is the realization that you do not want to have it again !
• --- realize that to any unpleasant experience you can say--- " this too will pass! "
• ---overcome your human ego.
• ---deal with the blocks in your psychology.
• ---connect to your inner teacher, your Christ self, to receive guidance for your life.
• Learn to listen to and respond to your intuition.
• ---reach for the Will of God and surrender all worldly attachments.
• ---cultivate love for God, the perfect love that will cast out all fear.
• ---"put off the old man and put on the new man ".

What Is Consciousness.

The dictionary definition of consciousness is:--

--- the state of being conscious.

--- the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

--- one's awareness or perception of something.

Some people feel frustrated in their efforts to make things better on this planet. This is because
they have not taken into account or they just do not know , that everything is consciousness. If
we want anything to change in our outer, physical world, we need to change our
consciousness, our perception of ourselves and the world in which we live.
Jesus' whole teaching was based on given people an inner path to follow which would enable
them to realize how to gain control over their inner consciousness. He knew that once people
did so, their outer circumstances would also change.

Over time and with the interference of forces who do not want the general population to have
freedom, the true inner teachings of Jesus have been watered down, misinterpreted or even
removed from the Bible.

If you want to have spiritual freedom, you need to be willing to look at how your consciousness
is being and has been, manipulated through the media, through various forces in this world who
want to keep you under their control. You need to be willing to look at and examine your own
consciousness, your own thoughts and belief systems and take back responsibility for your
own life.

Start to think for yourself and start " putting off the old man and putting on the new man."

Learn about the human consciousness and how you can change your consciousness.

Human Consciousness.

What are you aware of ? What do you perceive about yourself and the world in which you live?

All that you are aware of in this material realm makes up your human consciousness. You
perceive the material world through your 5 physical senses and to these senses this world
appears to be solid, separated from God and the spiritual realm.

If you are ruled by your human consciousness, which includes your human ego, you see
yourself and the world in a certain way. Your perception of the world will be different from other
people who have not been brought up in the same country or religion or family circumstances.
Each person's consciousness when joined to the consciousness of all the other people on this
planet, make up the mass consciousness, or the collective consciousness.

The majority of the people on this planet are trapped in their human consciousness and they
are influenced by the mass consciousness, often without being aware of it. If you want things to
change in this world, you have to accept responsibility for your own consciousness, and
separate yourself from the mass consciousness the best way you can.

Start by " putting off the old man and putting on the new man ". ( Ephesians 4;22-24)

You then need to realize that there is another consciousness which you can acquire which will
raise you up above the human consciousness.

That is the Christ consciousness.

And as you put on the Christ consciousness, you help to raise up the consciousness of the
whole planet. But it will be a gradual process, that will require commitment. It requires an
acceptance of your responsibility for your own life, for your own consciousness and a
willingness to work hard, to examine your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself, God and
the world in which you live.

The first stumbling block for many people is that they are not willing to take responsibility for
their own life. They prefer to leave it to other people to make their decisions for them and they
look for someone to blame when things don't go their own way. They never look within
themselves to see if they are in anyway responsible. But the reality is that it is your own
consciousness, you own awareness ,that creates your outer circumstances. And to change the
outer, you must change the inner.

You must uncover , one by one the illusions that your ego has trapped you into believing and
release them and let them go. Then you must replace them with the truth of Christ, by putting on
the mind of Christ.

Many illusions and corresponding truths to replace them with can be found in Mother Mary's
Rosaries :--

The Christ Consciousness is a universal state of awareness which was created by God,
which is always one with God and always becoming MORE.

Christ consciousness can become individualized when a person realizes that he/she has the
potential to express that Christ nature here on Earth.

You can make a free will choice to unite with the Christ mind by inviting the Christ mind into your

--"let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." ( Philippians 2:5)

You will be able to evaluate whether you are living your life according to your human
consciousness/your ego, or according to your Christ nature, or consciousness.

Your human ego is selfish and thinks only of its self.

The Christ self thinks only of others, of the All.

The Christ consciousness is an awareness that :--

---that you are One with God and with all life.
---that you are also one with all other people on Earth and together you form the Body of God on

---that because all beings are part of the One Body of God on Earth, you can only raise yourself
up if you are also raising up everyone else.

---that the material world is founded on physical and spiritual laws which can never be

---that there are laws of Nature that guide the unfoldment of this material world.

---that if you go against God’s laws you will have to bear the consequences, you will have to
reap what you have sown.

---that everything you see in the material world is a manifestation of God’s deeper reality, that
Matter is Spirit in disguise.

---that to understand reality, you need to look beyond all outer appearances and perceive God’s
pure Being. You must rise above duality and rise above any tendency to judge after

---that when your life-stream was first created in God’s Mind, you were created perfect and God
still holds that perfect image of you.

---that you are a self-conscious being, created in God’s image and likeness, which means that
your inner being is Spiritual, therefore you will always feel a sense of longing to be reconnected
to your inner self.

---that any sense of longing can never be filled with the things of this world, but only by
reconnecting to your Higher self, your I AM Presence.

---that you must be non-attached to the things of this world, for any attachment can be used by
your ego and the forces of this world to pull you back under the influence of the human
consciousness and the mass consciousness.

---that you can know when you are acting from the Christ consciousness when you are
completely at peace with what you are doing.

---that in every situation you face, you must maintain a balanced approach by avoiding going
into one of two extremes created by your ego.

---that God’s Kingdom can only be brought to Earth through unconditional love.

---that the ends do not justify the means.

---that you are already the Christ .You have never been separated from your Father in Heaven.

---that you are a co-creator with God, that there is something greater out of which you are a
part. You have creative abilities. You create your own world through the gifts God has given
you, eg. your free will, self-awareness, imagination, the ability to think, feel ,choose, visualize,
speak and act.

---that you can only create something that is balanced and sustainable when you have the
Christ consciousness, when you create with the love of your heart and you are in harmony with
God’s laws.

---that you are not the true creator, you are not the doer. It is the higher part of your being, your I
AM Presence, that creates. But your Presence can only create because it is using God’s energy
and laws to bring forth a manifestation.

---that your ability to create, to be creative must only be used to raise up All life and not just
your separate self.

---that you are son/daughter of God, an extension of God.

---that you must have the perfect balance between your personal desires and what is good for
other people. You must know how to fulfil your own desires in a way that is in harmony with
God’s laws.

The human ego was not created by God but was created when your soul decided to turn away
from God. Why did you turn away from God? Because you decided to experiment with the
consciousness of duality, thinking that there are always two aspects to everything, two
opposites, and you have to choose one of them. So you believed that there were two
opposites--- Oneness and Separation. And because you had made many mistakes, you felt
unworthy to be one with God, so you choose separation. This made you think that God is a
remote being in the sky and that God’s kingdom is outside yourself.

Because the ego believes it is separated from God, it tries to build for itself a sense of identity
and security based on the things of this world ,by trying to control and manipulate you ( the real
You ), other people and situations in this world. It does not like to be wrong and will defend
itself and its opinions using logic. It tries to accumulate material possessions, or achieve some
standing in the community, or acquire knowledge and qualifications to make it feel superior to
others. The ego only thinks of itself and so grabs what it can for itself. It thinks it can do what it
likes without regard to the consequences, and so when things do not turn out the way it wants, it
blames someone or something else. It will never accept responsibility for its own life. Because
the ego believes in the major illusion of separation, all of its other beliefs spring from this
So to take away power from your ego you need to look at the many illusions which abound on
this planet, see that they are not real, and dismiss them. You can then replace them with the
corresponding truths of reality, of the Christ mind. This is a gradual process, so that you are not
left without any sense of identity, but so you can gradually change your sense of identity until
you accept who you really are, where you have come from and why you are here.

To overcome your ego :--

• Accept your responsibility to take dominion over all aspects of your self---eg.your
thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
• Seek and make contact with the source of your Being.
• Make meaningful contact with other people.
• Listen to others and strive to understand and empathize.
• Strive to control the ego drive to talk about self.
• Be willing to hear the truth about yourself without wanting to retaliate or find excuses.
• Transcend all ego impulses and exchange them for unconditional love.
• Be aware that the ego will try to interfere with your relationship with God.
• Be aware that the ego uses words to block your growth. It uses your religion to build a
mental prison for your mind and seeks to hinder your search for the Living Truth.
Whereas, your Higher Self seeks to help you see beyond the words to a higher meaning.
• Be aware that the ego will always seek to make you reject information that could set you
free from its control. So refuse to listen to the ego's voice and only listen to the voice of
your Christ self.
• Be aware that the ego desires to be in control of every situation. It is constantly seeking
to set itself up as an authority figure that cannot be questioned or gainsaid.
• Be aware that the ego lives in a constant state of fear that if it is proven wrong, it will lose
its control over you and thus it will die.
• Be aware that the ego has no self-sufficient sense of identity. The ego is its beliefs and
viewpoints. It bases its sense of identity and worth on its beliefs.
• Be aware that the ego distorts the way you "see" everything. It forms a filter that
"colours" the way your mind perceives everything.
• Be aware that the ego is born of your souls' separation from oneness and thus it is born
from the consciousness of anti-Christ. Thus it sees everything through the filter of the
consciousness of separation. It will ALWAYS see itself as separated from God.
• Be aware that the ego has no reality in and of itself. It only has the reality that you give it
because you believe in its illusions.
• Be aware that you cannot see the ego when your attention is focused on the illusions.
• Be aware that as long as you believe in the illusions, you cannot discover the truth that
the ego has no reality in God.
• Be aware that the ego is not real and thus has no power over you.
• Be aware that as you surrender the ego and let it die, you enter the Kingdom of God, the
consciousness of oneness.
• Be aware that you are never beyond the ego or the need to surrender.
• Be aware that you need to let your ego die and then put on the wedding garment of the
Christ consciousness.
• Be aware that your Conscious Self can begin the process of separating itself from the
ego by re-establishing some connection to your I AM Presence, so that you know that
you will not die when the ego dies and by expanding your understanding of the fact that
the ego exists and how to see through its illusions
• Be aware that the ego would prefer to keep you either denying or being indifferent to
spiritual growth. If it cannot achieve that, it will create a false path to salvation and make
you convinced that by following this path, you will be saved.
• Be aware that you are MORE than the ego.
• Be aware that you need to surrender the ego's control and accept God control.
• Be aware that you need to remain alert and look for something that is hiding and seeking
to deceive you, ie. your ego, until the very end.
• Be alert and constantly reach for the Spirit of Truth.
• Avoid the subtle traps of pride by increasing your alertness and ability to see through the
games played by the ego. All pride is based on a comparison that leads to a value
• The ego has only one game in numerous disguises but based on a sense of separation.
• At the core of every ego game is an incorrect belief--a belief based on the dualistic
illusions of the mind of anti-Christ.
• Surrender the ego through service and sacrifice to all parts of life.


The ego has only one game in numerous disguises but which is based on a sense of
separation. And at the core of every ego game is an incorrect belief--a belief based on the
dualistic illusions of the mind of anti-Christ.

• Game of the never-ending quest for ultimate security.

Win the game by basing your sense of security on your true, Spiritual identity.

• Game of just being normal.

Win the game by being willing to express your divine individuality.

• Game of survival where you are always fighting against an external enemy.

Win the game by turning the other cheek to show you are no longer willing to fight an
external enemy.

• Game of proving that some thought system is the only right one and that all
others are false.

Win the game by accepting that all have free will and must follow their own path
according to their state of consciousness.
• Game of playing your part indefinitely, ie. role of the hero, martyr, victim,

Win the game by realizing that all the world is a stage in which all the roles are defined
by the ego and the game ends when you refuse to play.

• Game of justifying anything it wants.

Win the game by not getting into dualistic arguments.

• Game of just being a "good" person according to human standard.

Win the game by realizing that there is no way to set up this standard in this world
because people differ in what they perceive as “good”.

• Game of using a spiritual teaching to build the ego's sense of security, its sense
of always being right.

Win the game by always being willing to be teachable, to be open- minded and realising
there will always be more to know and understand.

• Game of security, the game of creating the impression that your entry into the
kingdom of God ---a realm that is BEYOND the material universe--can be secured
by you living up to certain conditions IN the material universe.

Win the game by realizing that your salvation, your entry into God's kingdom ,does not
rely on any condition you can find in this material world.

• Game of seeking to attain some form of ultimate control over the environment,
other people, society, even the physical planet.

Win the game by realizing that the basic spiritual law on this planet is the Law of Free
Will .

• Game of raising up the ego by putting others down.

Win the game by understanding and accepting the oneness of all life.

What you do to others you have already done to yourself.

• Game of seeking to create two extremes and polarize you toward either one.

Win the game by realizing that All is One and in Oneness there are no opposites.

• Game of being the judge.

Win the game by realizing that everyone will reap what they have sown.

• Game of superiority .

Win the game by realizing that we are all of equal value in the eyes of God.

• Game of creating drama through the struggle between two opposites, ie. good and

Win the game by rising above both extremes and reaching for the Middle way of

• Game where the ego comes up with a reason why you should not follow the true
spiritual path.

Win the game by realizing that the ego can never be saved because its reality is only
based on the things in the material world.

• Game of thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Win the game by realizing that the situation you are in right now is the right place for you
to be in order to learn your spiritual lessons.

• Game where the ego prevents the Conscious You from realizing that there must
be more to your identity.

Win the game by realizing that the ego will do anything to prevent you from realising that
you are more than the ego, that you are a Spiritual being, for it fears its own death.

• Game of being better than others.

Win the game by realizing that we are all of equal value in the eyes of God.

We are all unique spiritual beings and there are no comparisons in uniqueness.

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