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Name:____________________________ Imperialism Use the website to answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences.

Phrases will only be given partial credit. 1. According to the website, what is the definition of imperialism?

2a. What would a country need to experience prior to practicing imperialism?

2b. What two things do industrialized countries need in order to maintain an industrialized economy?

3a. What is nationalism?

3b. Explain how is it a cause of imperialism.

4. Explain the meaning of Rudyard Kiplings The White Mans Burden. How is it racist?

5. Explain what Social Darwinism is.

6. What are some of the results of imperialism? Explain three.

INDIA 7. Explain the goals of the British East India Company.

8. What were a few positive changes to India under the British rule?

9. What resulted in the British governments official take over of India to make it a colony? 10. Around what time period would Indian gain independence?

THE MIDDLE EAST 11. Why were European imperialist nations attracted to the Middle East?

12. Study the map on the right side, why is control of the Suez Canal vital?

13. What was the result of the Balfour Declaration?

14. What lasting conflict does Palestine have?

SOUTHEAST ASIA 15. Explain the concept: culture system.

16. How was Japan involved in imperialism?

CHINA 17. How do the results of the Opium Wars challenge Chinas power?

18. What is the purpose of the Open Door Policy?

19. Describe the result of the Chinese Civil War. What happened to the nationalists and communists?

JAPAN 20. Where did U.S. send Commodore Perry to in 1853? 21. What did Emperor Mutsushito want Japan to do during the Meiji Restoration?

22. Which countries did Japan imperialize? (Which countries did they attack and colonize? See The Treaty of Portmouth section). a) b)

LATIN AMERICA: 23. According to the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, any attempt by a European power to reassert control over a rebellious colony in South America would be viewed as a threat to the United States. Describe the cartoon you see on the website. What is each character representing and how are they portrayed (shown doing or shown as)? a) Left Figure: b) Middle Figure: c) Right Figure:

24. After winning the Spanish-American War, what the U.S. gain control of?

AFRICA: 25. According to the map, which two countries controlled the most land in Africa during Imperialism? a) b)

26. Early settlements in Africa became the starting point for what type of trade? 27. By 1900, only two countries remained independent. List the two. a) 28. Who are Boers? b)

29. Who are the Zulus?

30. What did Cecil Rhodes find in Africa that allowed him to become prime minister of Cape Colony (South Africa)?