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MOORISH GUIDE Friday, August 28, 1928 Vol. 1 No.


POLICY The policy of the Moorish Guide shall be these: We shall talk plainly. We mean to give no offense to any one: we hope that no offense will be taken. Unless facts are faced these can be no remedy. We begin by saying that the truth will never be told about a disadvantaged minority by the general press of any nation, whether that minority be racial, political or religious. If such a minority does not express itself through organs of its own, it will not be expressed. The Moorish Guide is the organ of the Moorish Science Temple of America, a religious organization of American citizens. Giving accurate information and a true presentation with a wider view concerning its creed and principles; recording the important events of progress of the community and country. It is an organization incorporated under the laws of the United States of America, which grant to any group of citizens the right to worship as they see fit and guaranteed a protection that no molestation whatsoever tolerated by the administration of American laws. The very foundation of .. worship under his own vine and fig tree. The GUIDE shall endeavor to confine its attention to matters that pertain to field of endeavor, religious, social and when warranted things that pertain to the economic conditions of its people. It shall ever maintain that high personal privilege to speak about those things that are of vital importance to the people, truthfully, candidly, and fearlessly. We shall ever hold as our guide the cardinal principles; namely LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE. COURTESY--When one starts on his days journey and fails to take with him Courtesy he will find that he has left one of his main essentials of the making a profitable day. Courtesy, so easy to possess and yet so powerful in creating an influence for happiness. Everyone likes to be treated courteously for it inspires in them that confidence that makes you feel that there is a brotherly relationship which exists between men. Take a little courtesy along with you and apply it as often as possible and you will find life much sweeter.

POLITICS In the matter of electing a congressman for the first congressional district of Illinois and the presidential election will be found such political activity as has not been seen for many a year. To the thousands of members of the Moorish Science Temple of America will these matters be discussed at length. The opportunity to elect one to congress whose interest in matters that are close and dear to us now presents itself. Notwithstanding the fact that we were much disappointed when for some reason not known to be our choice, which is the choice of the district in the person of Alderman Louis B. Anderson, was not selected as a representative for congress, we still feel that he is the only logical one to represent the people of this district. Now it seems that there are others who have been placed to the runningsome chosen by the representatives of the people and others self appointed but the members of the Moorish Science Temple of America are governed by the opinion of our present political leaders, for we feel that they know what is best for all.