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moon. The Government for the past 30 years has kept

THE MOON the real truth from the public, that NASA has never
the chest section where they were operated by hand.
The cameras themselves were so unwieldy that the
been successful in landing a human being on the astronauts needed to turn their entire bodies in order
LANDING surface of the moon. The Government has to frame a shot and couldn’t bend their heads down
orchestrated a full scale cover-up of the truth that to look at a viewfinder or even see what focus or f-
CONSPIRACY human beings have never reached the surface of the
moon by doctoring photographs and releasing
stop they were shooting at. Despite this the only
pictures released to the public are each beautifully
suspect material to the press, and this subterfuge composed and framed. NASA refutes this claim by
constitutes a method of social control. stating that there were 16,000 pictures taken on the
Bill Kaysing worked as head of technical surface of the moon in all of the Apollo missions, but
publications for the Rocketdyne Research only a fraction of these images has made their way
Department (the engine contractor for Apollo) at into the public domain. Each camera was fixed with
their Southern California facility from 1956 to 1963. a Reseau plate, which was fitted to the camera body
In an interview published in Wired Magazine close to the film plane; each plate was engraved with
Kaysing says, "In the late '50s, when I was at a number of crosshairs that formed a grid. “The
Rocketdyne, they did a feasibility study on astronauts intersections were accurately calibrated to a
landing on the moon. They found that the chance of tolerance of 0.002 mm. The crosses are recorded on
success was something like .0017 percent. In other every exposed frame and provided a means of
words, it was hopeless" (Bakel 1994). NASA was determining angular distances between objects in the
making slow progress in the space race in the late field-of-view” (Parker 1969). If every photograph
1960’s. America lost to the Soviets most of the first that was taken on the moon had these crosshairs
It is common knowledge that in the late achievements in space exploration including the first present in every frame of film then how is it possible
1960s and early 1970s NASA successfully landed 6 manmade satellite in orbit, the first man in space, that crosshairs pass behind objects within the field of
of 7 spacecraft on the surface of the moon and first man to orbit the earth, the first space walk, etc. view.
returned them safely to the Earth. Over 600 million Kaysing continues, "It's also well documented that Continues on Page 3
people, nearly 1/5 of the world’s population, NASA was often badly managed and had poor
witnessed the historic landing of Apollo 11 on the quality control. But as of '69, we could suddenly
moon’s surface live via satellite broadcast. These perform manned flight upon manned flight? With
missions occurred at a time in American history complete success? It's just against all statistical odds"
when it was strategically imperative that we prove (Bakel, 1994). After NASA’s failure upon failure of
ourselves as a technological force in the world. The attempting to lift a jet-propelled rocket off of the
successful Apollo Moon missions helped to bring ground, America was struggling for an
down the burdensome Cold War we were entangled accomplishment that the whole world would see.
in with Russia and pronounce America further as a Of the methods employed by NASA in the
power in the world economy. The Space Program fooling of America was the doctoring of
proved to be a Multimedia explosion hitting photographic evidence. As a student filmmaker and
newspapers, television programs, and feature films not a physicist, it is in my ability to prove the
in the 1960’s and 70’s. The goals of the Government anomalies present in the photographs and criticize
in publicizing every detail of the Space Program the video broadcasts that were supposedly taken on
were aimed at the growth of nationalism, the moon’s surface and not the ‘scientific’ evidence
technological faith and political strength. And as we that is suspect. Jan Lundberg Project Engineer-
were slowly losing ground to the Soviets in the area Hasselblad designed the Hasselblad 500EL
of Space Exploration and Technology, drastic especially for the purpose of photographing each of “The only difference
measures had to be taken. These measures included the Apollo missions. Each of these cameras was between a dream and reality
the falsifying of scientific data and photographic fitted with a Zeiss- Biogon f-5.6/60 mm lens and is doing it.”
records to suit the need of America to reach the each were mounted outside of the astronaut’s suits on - Rob McConnell
2 Art Bell Says Farewell
The ‘X’ Chronicles AROUND THE DIAL When Security matters are a concern to
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The retirement is actually Bell's third. He left
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Lunar Conspiracy 3
The ‘X’ Zone on CHTV

Rob McConnell and CHTV videographer, Luke Gudgin

From everyone at


revealing its identification marker. question is simple- it’s called fill light. When
LUNAR LANDING In Figure 2 an astronaut stands with the sun shooting outdoors and confronted with a situation
CONSPIRACY behind him, his shadow is cast directly in front yet
his front is clearly visible when it should appear in
like this we set up reflector cards called bounce
boards that fill in some of the light on the subject,
Continues from Page 1 silhouette. On the moon there is only one single light especially in a case where the subject is being backlit.
source available, the sun. Since the sun is in the shot The most logical explanation I have for this scenario
In Figure 1 downloaded directly from the there is no question that the front of the astronaut’s is that on camera left is either an object used to
NASA website, the upper portion of the buggy suit should be in shadow. Film stocks do not have the bounce light or a small separate light source. This
passes in front of the second to the left crosshair. latitude enough to show both direct sunlight and phenomena is also seen in the Lunar Rover seen in
This phenomenon is impossible unless the crosshairs shadow areas with that much detail. When this the far background. The ratio from light to dark seen
themselves were added at a separate date. Within this picture was shown to Jan Lundberg, the designer of in this picture in a backlit exterior is impossible. In an
picture there is also another anomaly present, on the the Hasselblad cameras the Apollo astronauts used on article published in Wired Magazine, NASA
lower rock in the left corner of the frame the letter the recent Fox Television special entitled Conspiracy Spokesperson James Hartsfield was asked about
“C” is plainly seen etched into the surface of the Theory: Did we Land on the Moon? Lundberg was these lighting anomalies and maintained that, "On
rock. Of the interesting theories that explain this stunned and was quoted as saying “He seems like he some pictures, astronauts are lit from more than one
phenomenon is that the prop department is standing in a spotlight, and I can’t explain that… side because the sunlight is reflected off the lunar
“accidentally” placed the prop upside down, and th..that escapes me… why.” The answer to this surface or off the landing vehicle" (Bakel 1994).
Through my experience I’ve never personally
witnessed an event where backlight has traveled
FIGURE 2 - OFFICIAL NASA PHOTO - AS16-100-75837 through a subject, struck their shadow, and reflected
back and filled in the light on the front of the subject.

Continues on Page 4

The Psychic Universe
4 Lunar Conspiracy
Continues from Page 3

Of the inherent ‘flaws’ in the pictures

provided by NASA the most anomalous are the
examples of lighting. Since the sun is 90 million
miles away, on the surface of the Moon as well as on
the surface of Earth, the shadows cast form in
parallel lines. This fact is not always present in the
NASA photographs. Compare the earlier “C”
photograph, Figure 1, with this one where the
directions of the shadows have been drawn in Figure
3. In this photo there are four distinct light sources
seen, each coming from the right of the camera and
low to the ground. Obviously the Apollo astronauts
carried no additional lighting equipment with them
to the moon, and since these photos are not possible
on it’s surface, then logically the images weren’t
photographed there. Also if you look at the image
and look about 3 feet past the back right wheel of the
Lunar rover you will undoubtably see the division of
the foreground and the background. So terrible is this
job of splicing together that the background is
completely out of focus and blurred that it is easy to
trace the line of separation. In the photographic
medium objects in the foreground that are in focus
gradually will lose focus and become obscured as the
plane reaches further into the background. In this
photograph there is no gradual drop-off, no middle
ground, no rolling hill to help hide the shifting of
foreground to background, there is only a straight
line dividing the two. This division of the foreground
and the background easily explains the reason why
the covered crosshair could exist- the image of the
astronaut and the Lunar Rover were cut out and
placed on top of the background image. Another
example is illustrated in Figure 5, where the rocks in
the foreground and the probe in the background
show completely opposing directional shadows.
moon’s surface. From the first footage captured by black-and-white, slow-scan TV (SSTV) with a scan
The film stock used in the Apollo missions
Apollo 11 to the last recorded during Apollo 17. We rate of 10 frames-per-second at 320 lines-per-frame.
was a standard Kodak double perforated 70mm film;
witness the slow gliding as the astronauts run along It weighed 7.25 lbs and the camera body was 10.6 x
each roll was loaded into a magazine with an
the surface and jump into the air. On the surface of 6.5 x 3.4 inches in size. The camera utilized a
exposure count of 150 for color film and 200 for
the moon there is only 1/6 the gravity present here on bayonet lens mount that permitted the change
black and white film. Any photographic film is
Earth. On the surface of the moon the astronauts between a wide-angle lens and a longer focal length
highly sensitive to both heat and cold. The melting
weighed down by their protective suits weighed lens . The poor resolution of the video image left
rate of film is 150 degrees, but it is no surprise if you
roughly 60lbs where on Earth they would have ghost like traces whenever the astronauts passed in
were to leave a canister of film in your car for a few
weighed about 360lbs. When the astronauts front of or behind a brightly lit object and helped to
minutes in the summer that the film would become
attempted to jump they only made it about 3” off of dazzle the 600 million viewers that were watching
melted and useless. It is impossible for the film stock
the ground at a time, where they should have been the live broadcast. The images received by NASA
to have remained intact in the harsh conditions on the
able to jump 6 times as high as they could have here weren’t in fact actually live but were on a delay. They
moon's surface. On the moon’s surface the
on Earth. Secondly the dust kicked up by their boots were received by NASA from a satellite and were
temperature in the light can range up to 250 degrees
and the wheels of the Lunar Rover not only traveled converted from the 10 frame-per-second frame rate
and in the shade can drop to below 250 degrees.
an impossibly short distance and arced back down in to the American standard of 30fps (which consists of
Keeping film in a workable condition in this
an environment where there is supposedly 1/6 of the 60 alternating images). In an article entitled
environment would have been a trick indeed.
gravity of Earth and because of the lack of an Television from the Moon John Sarkissian explains
Besides the facts of extreme temperatures on the
atmosphere no air resistance. So how is this possible? the conversion process, “The pictures were displayed
moon’s surface there is also an incredible amount of
The answer is, Slow Motion. I could mimic the same on a 10 inch black-and-white monitor. A Vidicon
solar radiation, enough to kill a human being within
movements that were supposedly recorded on the camera was pointed at the screen and the pictures
minutes. Next time you go to the airport I advise you
surface of the moon, with very little effort. It only were scanned at the EIA (NTSC) standard… Each
to take a roll of exposed film with you and place it
takes running the camera at twice the normal speed frame was then replayed 5 times, before the next
into your luggage and have it run through a baggage
and playing it back normally to witness the same original frame was displayed, recorded and replayed.
X-ray machine. When you take this film to be
phenomena. In an article entitled MoonShadows: Did In this way, a 60 frames-per-second TV was
processed you will see what is called “fogging” of
We Really Go To The Moon In The Late 1960's and produced - with only one in six frames being live”
your images or depending on the intensity of the X-
Early 70's? James Beals says, “I have taken NASA (Sarkissian).
rays total destruction of the exposed images. Now I
video coverage of moon walking and the rover riding
ask you if a simple X-ray machine can destroy film
on the moon and speeded it up 1.8 to 2 times faster Continued on Page 5
on Earth what do you think would happen on the
then normal something very remarkable happens. All
surface of the moon? There is no possible way that
of a sudden everything looks 'normal'” (Beals 1997).
the shielding surrounding the 500EL camera’s could Make the world of tomorrow a better
It is evident in further Apollo missions that NASA
have stopped the extraordinary amount of radiation
had become aware of this anomaly and began place by making a difference today.
from entering the camera’s housing, especially from
attempting to correct the apparent movements of the
entering the glass 60mm Zeiss lens mounted on the
front of the camera. But the film stock seems to have
astronauts on the moon’s surface. The later Apollo Visit The People’s Advocate to
been unaffected by the intense peaks and powerful
missions showed astronauts running quickly on the make a difference
moon’s surface, apparently showing signs of the
cosmic radiation of the Moon, these conditions
should have made it useless.
reduced gravity and air resistance. The People’s Advoate
The technology used in the ‘live’ broadcast
Another example is the movements of the
of the Apollo 11 missions was a crude and grainy
astronauts and the Lunar Rover recorded on the
black-and-white image. The camera used was a
Lunar Conspiracy 5
hive-mind mentality and seeks to enforce it. Others
LUNAR LANDING can’t stand to remain passive when something is
CONSPIRACY obviously being to done to subvert them.
Why would the Government orchestrate a cover-
Continued from Page 4 up to this magnitude? In 1961 JFK stunned the world
with his announcement that America would put a
Bart Sibrel, Investigative Journalist and man on the moon by the end of the decade. This
Filmmaker, was recently interviewed on the statement was taken as a relief of the pressures that
Television special Conspiracy Theory: Did we Land the successful Russian space program was causing in
on the Moon? and is quoted as saying, “They had America. It was greatly feared at the time that the
one picture, which they completely controlled, Russians may make it to the moon first and erect
black-and-white, grainy, that convinced everyone nuclear silos to launch down on top of us. As we were
that we were on the moon. We had no reason to locked in a dead heat with the Russians during the
doubt it. They had complete range over the pictures, Cold War we were slowly slipping in the area Space
over the sounds, I mean that day it was easier than Exploration. They had already beaten us to the major
people believe.” Was the poor image resolution an milestones accomplished in space and had logged
example of 1960’s video technology? If so in the over 5 times the amount of manned hours in space
next subsequent Apollo mission the image quality then we had. This was a War against Communism
had become drastically better. But why would the and if the Russians appeared more powerful in the
Government choose an image that 1/5 of the world’s area of technology than so did communism. We were
population would witness to be purposefully grainy fighting for political dominance, and this wasn’t a
and dark? The reason is that the first broadcast, was War we were prepared to lose. James Beals states, in
witnessed by 600 million, would be open to the most MoonShadows, “We couldn't just sit there and let
scrutiny. So Sibrel supposes that the Government those communists in Russia make us look like second
intentionally broadcasted a poor image so that rate runners up. We had to convince the world that we
everyone seeing it would have to believe that it was were technologically more advanced... This was the
genuine. At the time there was no reason to doubt forced to believe. Today a visit to the NASA website basis that prompted the US military and intelligence
what NASA showed us on that day wasn’t genuine. will flood you with thousands of images, documents, to decide to also start faking some of our space
The first landing was a pilot broadcast that video feeds, audio clips, but very little scientific data. missions” (Beals 1997).
people were more inclined to accept. All subsequent Of the experiments supposedly conducted on the Was the study of Space and the subsequent
landings utilized more advanced broadcasting moon’s surface very little is available to the public. growth of military technology, and later corporate
technology. In The Wrong Stuff, an article written for Another function of the media as a mechanism satellite technology the only real boons in the
Wired Magazine, Rogier van Bakel wrote that, “The of Social Control is what is to referred to as the spending of research dollars? The US had 30 billion
advent of television, having reached worldwide Narcotizing Dysfunction. In a multimedia society dollars at stake in the Space Program. Admitting
critical mass only years prior to the moon landing, where we are constantly bombarded with information failure could cause not only a civilian revolt but also
would prove instrumental to the fraud's success; in at every turn we take on a passive role in politics. the view that the Russians had come out as the
this case, seeing really was believing. The magic of This dysfunction separates us from the active and the winners of the Cold War. So the Government needed
satellites, with their ability to enable live global (and informed section of the populace. Lazarfeld and to do something drastic to ensure our victory. They
interplanetary?) communication, fascinated and Merton continue, “As an increasing meed of time is figured that if it were technologically impossible at
awed millions of people” (Bakel 1994). The devoted to reading and listening, a decreasing share the time for us to travel to the moon, then their best
Government from the landing of the Apollo missions is available for organized action. The individual course of action was to convince the rest of the world
noticed an incredible boon to National Pride, but also reads accounts of issues and problems and may even and ourselves that we did. Our space program was
of faith in technology. Despite the flaws and discuss alternative lines of action... he comes to suffering utter defeats in even launching a rocket off
technological mistakes that were witnessed at the mistake knowing about problems of the day for doing of the ground. Newsreel after newsreel showed
time, America persevered and put a man on the something about them” (Lazarfeld; Merton: 565- rockets firing into space and blowing up hardly after
moon. Was it a coincidence that in the following 566). This passive role we’ve taken comes from the lifting off from the launching pad. But we are
years after the last Apollo mission the corporate fact that we are hungry for information, and may supposed to believe that NASA landed 6 successful
computer industry would take off into previously even argue points and hold long debates with friends. missions on the moon’s surface without incident. To
unconceivable technological areas? Or was this boon In general we rarely become activists in any me this seems an awful leap of faith.
to the economy all according to plan? particular movement. We prefer to be political Why would the Government allow this topic to
NASA utilized many methods of Social commentators in our own home and become invade the media recently? What has caused this
Control specifically geared towards their television outraged ourselves when nothing is done to fix the renewed interest in the hapless space program? I
campaign. One of these attributes is method of Status situation. It has been estimated that there could be as have come to believe that my generation has become
Conferral. Status Conferral is explained as the many as 20% of the American population that do not the new target of the Government’s control. My
legitimizing of issues to the viewer because they believe that we ever landed on the surface of the entire generation watched the Challenger Explosion
have been placed on television. The viewer assumes moon. What is to account for the 30 years of relative in school. We each witnessed and cried alongside our
since television production is a sophisticated silence? Nothing, NASA still disputes much of the teachers who had witnessed first hand the Apollo
business and news reporting always focuses on the evidence presented to them in the typical style of moon landings and who were now shocked by the
truth that any issue given positive attention by the politicians, by not addressing the question at all. tragedy. The years following showed a renewed
media, is a positive issue. In Mass Communication, Brian Welch, NASA Spokesperson, was asked about focus on Space exploration, it invade feature films,
Popular Taste, and Organized Social Action, the mounds of photographic evidence that has piled television, and the new creation adopted by our
Lazarfeld and Merton explain that, up against NASA’s claims in Conspiracy Theory: Did generation called MTV which symbol was an
“The mass media bestow we Land on the Moon?, and responded with this, astronaut on the moon’s surface holding a brightly
prestige and enhance the authority of individuals and “There are a number of claims that the pictures taken colored flag with the MTV logo on it. I’ve noticed an
groups by legitimizing their status. by Apollo astronauts were faked. There are so many interesting effect caused to my generation by the
Recognition by the press it would be an exercise in futility to go off and try to Challenger tragedy- a renewed interest in the space
or radio or magazines or newsreels testifies that one answer all of those”. Instead of using his position in program as well as both a distrust of technology and
has arrived, that one is important enough a Scientific community to try and prove NASA’s fascination with it. In the subsequent years we
to have been singled out standpoint, he simply skirts the issue. experience firsthand the boom of computers in both
from the large anonymous masses, that one’s The Government and the media also used education and the business industry. We showed
behavior and opinions are significant enough to Social Control in its methods of separating Social signs of a new Narcotic Dysfunction- centered on the
require public notice” Deviance from the Social Norms. The individuals Internet. We became vastly informed by the large
(Lazarfeld; Merton: 561). who did make the stand against NASA were branded amounts of information available at our fingertips but
Since the Apollo moon landings acquired such as “kooks” to the rest of society. The “kooks” were suprisingly inactive in any political movements. Few
positive media coverage it is understandable why the guilty of violating the shared rule of conduct within of us follow a uniform religion, but almost every one
American Public wasn’t led to believe anything other the established society, of not challenging the of us has a webpage.
than the mass news feed. Everyone witnessed the authority of the Government. Why is it that some
first steps on the Lunar surface, and no television people conform when others rebel? People conform Continued on Page 6
station covered anything but favorable press of the mainly due to the social pressures for acceptance and
incident. With no where else to turn the American make this compromise to live safely and peacefully
public sat and watched the moon landing and were within the system. The Government appreciates this
6 Sky Toilet Myth
The Sky Toilet Myth - recognized one of the nine cadavers taken to her only satellites and global positioning technology can
class for dissection. It was her great aunt, who had achieve. And that level of precision, say state officials
True And Untrue Urban at one time discussed the merits of donating one's who have stamped the maps "confidential" and barred
body to medical science. their publication, is precisely the problem. Centuries of
Legends The Flying Lawn Chair - In 1982, Larry maritime history, they say, would be up for grabs by
Walters of Los Angeles soared thousands of feet in salvagers and collectors before the state -- which claims
By Buck Wolf the air on a lawn chair tethered to 45 weather ownership over everything on the river's bottom --
balloons. He got so high, he disrupted air traffic and could even know what was at risk.
was eventually fined $4,000 by the Federal Aviation "We don't want to ring the dinner bell for people
A woman on a flight from Scandinavia to
Administration. The 33-year-old Vietnam Veteran who have ulterior motives and don't behave
the United States had to be pried free by a rescue
purchased the chair from Sears, hoping to fly it 300 responsibly," said Mark Peckham, a historic
team after a high-pressure vacuum flush sealed her
miles from his home to the Mojave Desert. preservation coordinator at the New York State Office
to the toilet seat of a Boeing 767.
Pool Pervert - In 1994, a 33-year-old of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, which
At least that was the story in mid January,
Floridian man got his penis trapped in the suction led a team this month to begin assessing the first of the
when it was featured in dozens of newspapers, Web
hole of a public swimming pool while apparently sites. State officials allowed a reporter and photographer
sites, and TV reports. According to Reuters, the
seeking sexual pleasure. Paramedics shut off the to see the maps and accompany the research team on the
unnamed woman had filed a complaint with
pool's pump, but the man's penis had become condition that specific depths of the wrecks and other
Scandinavian Airlines System.
extremely swollen. They struggled for more than 40 clues about their locations not be published.
"She could not get up by herself and had to
minutes to pry him loose. After lubricating the "These are important resources for
sit on the toilet until the flight had landed so that
suction fitting, the man was taken to Lakeland understanding New York's history, and we really need to
ground technicians could help her get loose," an
Regional Medical Center. do the responsible thing," Peckham said.
airline spokeswoman said. "She was stuck there for
What a Dord! - For five years, Webster's Some of the images are definitely hull-shaped;
quite a long time."
New International Dictionary mistakenly included others are simply vague rectangular or oval lumps,
Only days later, the story turned out to be
an entry for "dord," a nonexistent word. In the mid entombed by decades or centuries of mud. Of the
untrue. The airline claimed it mixed up a fictional
1930s, Dord could be found on page 771, nestled handful that have been tested so far for metallic content
exercise from staff training with the real thing. No
between Dorcopsis (a type of small kangaroo) and using a towed magnetometer, some have indicated the
woman ever filed such a complaint.
dor (golden in color), It was defined as "density." likely presence of an engine; others -- perhaps the oldest
But the "Sky Toilet" story won't die that
Funhouse Funeral - A prop corpse hanging of the old -- show almost no metal.
easily. It's likely to live on as an urban legend that
in a Long Beach, Calif., funhouse turned out to be "This is like going into your grandmother's
will haunt gullible air travelers for years to come -
the real remains of an outlaw. In 1976, scenes for attic, which you thought was full of junk, and finding
just like the tale of the tourist who was drugged by
the hit TV show The Six Million Dollar Man were it's actually a museum," said Dr. Robin Bell, a senior
organ thieves and woke up with both kidneys
being shot at the Nu-Pike Amusement Park. When a research scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-
missing. Great story. Never happened.
production worker moved the fun house "hanging Doherty Earth Observatory who has led the mapping
But many urban legends are true - or at
man," the prop's arm came off. Inside was human team.
least "based on a true story," as they say in
bone - the remains of train robber Elmer McCurdy. Archaeologists say that while many of the
Hollywood. Here's a bone chilling story that's
Pure As Ivory - Early in her career, porn wrecks probably have little historic significance --
undeniably true: On the day that American Airlines
queen Marilyn Chambers appeared on Ivory Snow several overturned barges, for example, have already
Flight 587 crashed in New York, both of New
boxes, holding a baby. As her screen legend grew, been identified by their distinctive outline --the
Jersey's winning Pick 3 lottery combinations
Ivory sought out a cover girl that better reflected its likelihood is high that the river will yield at least a few
included the numbers 5, 8, and 7. The morning
image of 99 44/100% purity. long-held secrets.
drawing was 5-7-8. The later drawing was 5-8-7.
You might not believe everything on What appears to be a largely intact 19th century
"Urban legends are not the same thing as
Mikkelson's site. It's always best to get your sailing sloop -- something that historians and sailors
fictional tales," says Barbara Mikkelson of Agoura
information straight from the horse's mouth, unless, have hungered after for years and never found -- has
Hills, Calif., who runs, one of the
of course, if that horse is the famous Mr. Ed. - who been located in Haverstraw Bay, about 35 miles north of
leading Web site that investigates urban legends.
has been rumored to be a zebra. [End] Manhattan, for instance, and the suspected remains of a
"A story becomes a legend when it is
half-dozen Revolutionary War vessels scuttled in 1777
circulated widely and regarded as the truth.
have been tentatively identified farther north. (Page10)
Whether they actually occurred or not is Sonar reveals centuries of
Some classic legends are completely false shipwrecks But N.Y. keeping
(The brassiere was invented by Otto Titzlinger).
Others have a basis in fact (Coca-Cola once
maps secret LUNAR LANDING
contained cocaine). CONSPIRACY
And the stories change with the time. Kirk Johnson, New York Times Continues from Page 5
Snapple was once said to be owned by the KKK,
now it is rumored to be run by Osama bin Laden.
Nyack, N.Y. -- Scientists mapping the What we have been led to believe is untrue. The
"When you look into legends, you see that
bottom of the Hudson River with sonar say they Government has knowingly withheld the truth of the
they tell us a lot about our fears and obsessions"
have found nearly every single ship that ever Apollo space missions from us and has instead given us
said Mikkelson. "That's why they make for good
foundered in the river over the past 400 years or a network of still images and video footage that do not
more. Not just some of them, or most of them, but - depict the situations they were supposedly filmed under.
With the help of's terrific
- astonishingly -- all of them, except for a few that The reasons for such a cover-up are all conjecture; it is
database of some 1,500 urban legends, here are
may have been disturbed by dredging. nearly impossible to make a concrete statement either
some strange but true tales. You may have heard
The ghostly images provide a record of way in this situation. One thing is perfectly clear, that a
variations that have fictional embellishments. At
collisions and carelessness and storm-tossed fate -- doubt resides in the hearts of the American people. It
least this much is for real:
most of it previously unrecorded and utterly hasn’t been proven to us beyond a reasonable doubt that
unknown -- from the days of sail and steam through we’ve ever reached the surface of the moon. If this hoax
True Urban Legends the diesel tugs and tankers on the river today. was orchestrated in an attempt to put an end to the Cold
Altogether, more than 200 possible wrecks, spread War than it can be construed as a noble gesture. And the
The Leaping Lawyer - A lawyer out over 140 miles from the southern tip of words on the Apollo plaque, “We came in peace for all
demonstrating the safety of windows in a Toronto Manhattan to Troy, have been identified. mankind” could have contained another meaning
skyscraper deliberately crashed through a pane of But don't ask where the wrecks are. It's a altogether.
glass and plunged to his death. Garry Hoy, 38, fell state secret.
from the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion Bank The sonar maps are the unexpected Regardless of the motives behind the action it is
Tower in 1993 as horrified witnesses watched. byproduct of a state-financed project to map the clear that the Government publicized every detail of the
The Accidental Video Porn Star - In 1986, river's bottom for habitat and pollution-abatement Space Program and aimed at the growth of nationalism,
the sheriff of Council Grove, Kansas, (population studies, and because of the thoroughness of the technological faith and political strength. In order to
2,300) accidentally returned an erotic video of him research mandate -- every square foot of river fulfill this goal NASA has falsified scientific data and
and his wife having sex to his local rental store. deeper than 6 feet was scanned -- scientists feel released doctored photos to the press. The Government
Soon, everyone in town seemed to have a copy. confident that they missed almost nothing. used the media to cover the Apollo missions as a
Cadaver Kin - In 1982, A student at the But the sonar maps do not just locate the method for Social Control, and have lied to us about it.
University of Alabama School of Medicine wrecks. They pinpoint them with the accuracy that [end]
Awakening Your Intuition 7
Awakening Your Intuition via explaining about the fist I had seen. The perplexed
reply was not long in coming, "I am having some
the Internet difficulties in my personal life. How could you have
picked up on that?" At that time I really couldn't
answer her since I didn't have any idea myself what
By Barbara Robins
was going on. As a general rule, if I approached
someone with a concern which sprang from these
I have been practicing Yuen Energetics
healing online for over a year so this was not my first
perceptions they would tell me I was wrong, that I Want to Reach Your
was reading into the situation something that wasn't
foray into internet communications. That story began
8 years ago. At that time I had no idea the internet
there. So I had always thought there was something Maximum Potential?
wrong with me.
would be a training ground for my intuitive abilities.
In the fall of 2001 I took my first Yuen Discover how proven Qi Gong methods
In early 1994 my children and I got our first
Energetics workshop. What an enlightening combined with cutting edge knowledge
computer. This was when the internet was in its
experience! I wasn't nuts after all! What I had been from biochemistry, physiology, quantum
infancy and was experienced mainly through portals
sensing in people all along was right on the money. physics and kinesiology can promote
like Compuserve or AOL. Even at this time, though,
Who knew?! It seems the chat room interactions I
people were using the internet to communicate in instant healing.
had been having had allowed a sensitivity to develop
real-time with others all over the world. So one
in me similar to how a blind or deaf person develops
evening, while exploring all the facets of this new
some other sense to compensate for the one that is
s Alleviate Pain Faster
toy, I decided to check out America Online and its .and More Permanently
missing. A chat room provides you neither the sound
chat facilities. The chat area seemed to be set up like
a hotel. First you would go into the "Lobby" where
nor the body language content that we enjoy in face- .than Any Other Method
to-face communication-all you have is the written
some people would hang out. From there you could
word. But chat seems completely different from
look at a list of rooms that were available to go to,
reading a letter since you are actively conversing
s Resolve Emotional Issues
sort of like the list in a real hotel that tells you Josh
Cohen's Bar Mitzvah is in the Mediterranean room
rather than reading a one way conversation written s Enhance Relationships
days earlier. In a chat room it's important to quickly
or the Henderson-Clark wedding is in the Aster
Ballroom. I found a wonderful chat room where
decipher what someone's intent is in what they're s Achieve Your Goals
saying since you are responding to them in real-time.
people of my age group would rendezvous. This was
Let's consider some of the concrete visual
a great discovery for me because it was a way to
clues and the subtle intuitive sensings you can get
have a conversation with someone after I put the kids
from people when chatting with them on the internet.
to bed at the end of a long, difficult day.
There are some very obvious clues people
In addition to the support I got from these
give about their nature. Over the internet all you have
new friends, they were also a very entertaining
is what is written so you do what you can with the
group. It was as if we enacted plays every night that
written word to convey something about yourself.
we were writing on the spot. What I remember most
The first is your screenname. Someone who
were the hot tub parties. We'd be hanging around in
calls themselves Harmony or CoolnGentleBreeze is "...Yuen Energetics is the most powerful
the room, talking and laughing and telling jokes energy work I have seen to help heal
most likely a calmer, happier person than one who
when someone would "go turn on the hot tub." We'd and release things from the physical body.
calls themselves GetNRdy2Scream or
all go "put on our bathing suits" and get in the hot The results are immediate..."
DeathToHappyFace. By the way, those are actual
tub. Someone would bring out champagne and Bill, Denver CO
chocolate covered strawberries or some other food,
Then there is the choice of font and font
which we would pretend to munch on as we relaxed
color. Look at these two examples: "... I had been experiencing anxiety attacks
in the hot tub. "Hmmm, these strawberries are
Hi. What is this room all about? for almost 6 years, was depressed, and in
particularly good tonight." Or, "Ah, cheese and
Hi. What is this room all about? an extreme amount of pain from a surgery
crackers! I haven't had dinner yet. This is great." You
What do you think the difference in that I had recently...I can honestly say that I
could almost hear the sound of the water and the
personalities is between someone using green script
noise of the conversations. Or picture everyone in have not had an anxiety attack since the
and someone else using bold red? Who would you
the hot tub splashing water on the deck that you
think has the stronger personality? session, my pain has been greatly reduced,
would have to be careful not to slip on when you got and my depression has lifted like blinders
Then there is the pacing used to talk/respond.
out to go get a towel or the next round of drinks. being removed from my eyes..."
Some people say something immediately upon
One evening I sat down, signed on to AOL, Michelle
entering a room and then continue to be talkative.
and went into my favorite room only to be greeted
Others sit and watch the conversation for awhile
with total silence. Stunned, I checked to make sure
before even saying hello. Some don't say anything at
the sound was working on my computer. Yes,
all. Each of those styles can mean different things.
everything was checking out. The speakers worked,
So, someone who comes in the room and just
the volume was turned up, but still no sound. Then I
watches the chat could either just be curious about
checked the America Online chat room preferences
what's going on or they could be depressed or maybe
to make sure the sound was on there too but there
just tired, etc. Being quiet is not enough to get an
was no sound control for AOL. It was then I realized
accurate impression about someone. But if after
I wasn't hearing any sound from the people in the
chat room because there never was any sound from
awhile the quiet one says something and they use the QuantumEmed
above green script or the above red bold that would
these people. The noise of the conversation and the
begin to give you a sense of their personality. Restoring the Balanced Flow of Energy
splashing water was only in my head. It really
The way people phrase their sentences can In person • On phone • Via internet
shocked me to realize I had gotten so involved in this
be a give away as well. Look at these examples as a
hot tub party event that I had actually heard sounds. For more information on Energy Healing
response to the question "How are you today?":
Fast forward six years to 2000. During this visit us on the Internet at
I'm great, How are you?
period I had noticed on several occasions that I could
I'm ok.
sense subtle, unspoken feelings in people while
reading their email or speaking with them in a chat
Well, I'm still alive.
Each response reveals a very different
room. I had also noticed this occurred occasionally
feeling each respondent has at that moment. As
when speaking with people in person, but had not
healers we want to be aware of these differences. or Contact:
given it much thought. Then I received an email in
(Continued on Page 10)
reply to some questions I had sent a company. When Barbara Robins
I opened it I jerked back in surprise to see a fist
leaping out of the screen at me. Shaken up a bit I
decided to reply with an apology for having
Discover your world of tomorrow - TODAY!
unwittingly generated such negative feelings in this
woman. I received a quick reply from her saying that The Psychic Universe Shelley Radja
there were no negative feelings and wondering 773-802-8167
where I had gotten such an idea. I then wrote back,
8 UFO Abduction Photos?

Photo 1

Rocks from an Alien

Abduction or Rocks that
“Fell from the Head”?
The photos were sent to THE ‘X’
CHRONICLES after they were circulated on a
number of websites apparently from Felipe Castelo
Branco, of which he claims to be proof of an alien
abduction approximately 1300 kilometers from Rio
de Janerio, Brazil. Why aliens would want to go to
Brazil is beyond me.
According to Branco, he was present at the
Photo 2
farm when the abduction took place along with 28
other people on the farm who allegedly also
witnessed this spectacular event.
According to Branco, a big “disc of light”,
which according to him was about 50 meters in
diameter, hovered silently above the farm house at an
estimated height of 100 meters. The disc suddenly
shot down a bluish beam of light on the house and
abducted an unidentified male occupant who was
lying on his bed. (see Photo 2)
According to Branco, when they broke into
the abductee’s bedroom, there was an intense odor of
“ozone” and all the witnesses were amazed and
stunned by the phenomena.
The abduction took place at 8 p.m.
The abductee returned 48 hours later and
allegedly had a lot to say about his abduction
experience, which, according to Branco, was his
Branco claims that his Brazilian UFO Group
has been studying UFO activity and abductions in
this area of Brazil for the past six years.
However, there are those who do not share
Branco’s enthusiasm.
Derrell W. Sims, well known and respected Photo 3 - This photo is supposed to be of
member of the UFO / Alien Abduction community,
who, along with Dr. Roger Leir pioneered the Alien the ceiling area over the bed where the
Implant Field calls this so-called abduction “a unidentified abducted was taken.
Although there have been no forensic tests
Sims said, “I do not believe this story. What
a crock!. I have 2 or 3 of the so-called UFO rocks (in on the ceiling marks, Branco would like
my implants display box). What a crock.” everyone to believe that these were caused
Sims went on to say, “Those same, identical
rocks were given to me in Curitiba, Brazil, by a man by the bluish beam from the UFO during
and wife. It seems that if one investigator won’t bite, the transport of the abductee.
they look for another.”
There are several questions that still remain had been going to since this was is third abduction? where fraud and deceit are very common and the
unanswered in this case. It’s reassuring to see people like Derrell W ethics of those participating should be investigated,
Now, if this had happened in Canada or the Sims are still out there keeping the loonies in check and the charlatans exposed for the con-artists that
United States, we would have subjected the and reminding one and all that we must consider all they are.
witnesses to a polygraph and intense questioning, as sides of a matter, or as the phrase now goes, “look If you believe that you have been the victim
was the case with Travis Walton. from outside the box”, to keep a rational aspect to all of a hoax, fraud, rip-off artist or scam in the world of
Why has the abductee who was missing for the smoke and mirrors that some of the want to be the paranormal, please let us know and we will be
48 hours remained “unidentified?” UFO researchers and investigators use as ploys to get glad to investigate the matter.
What is his background? After all, wouldn’t the attention that they so desperately seek. Visit or send us
investigators not only from Brazilian UFO groups Ufology is not unlike ghost hunting, and an e-mail to It’s these people who
but the Brazilian authorities want to know where he other realms within the world of the paranormal sensationalize for self profit who are suppress the truth! [End]
International School of Healing and Self Realization
Presents Interactive Days


Dwight Munson
Clairvoyant Energy Healer

Over 10 years experience in the healing arts

Trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Studied Advanced Pranic Healing with Master Choa Kok Sui
Transformational Breathwork with Judith Kravitz & Tom Goode

Lectures, courses, comprehensive hands-on healing

The Foundations of Healing - The Five Archetypes

Healing Past Lives - The Death Process
Healing With Colour - Advanced Healing
Physiology of Health & Longevity - Life, Death & Reincarnation
Healing at the 5th and 7th Layers of the Auric Field
Healing from Higher States of Consciousness
A Separate Program: Healing For Pets

“Rid yourself of built-up negativity, allow yourself to become a powerful healing vessel. You will learn the
structure and dynamics of the human energy system on multiple levels. The model fits our current physical and
emotional conditions in the West. Find your purpose in this incarnation.”

Dwight’s Students comment:

- “For the first time I have energy and peace and realize how much we can give to the world and (to) others.”
- “This course provided me with a level and quality of information, instruction, practical experience and, most
importantly results. ... other workshops I attended promised, but did not deliver.”
- “Because of Dwight’s incredible healing abilities I am still alive.”
Pre-registration is required. Please call:
Saturday, January 10th or Sunday January 5th
4 Wellesley Place, Toronto, Ontario: 11:00am - 5 pm $60.00
10 The Church of Tom Jones
Awakening Your Intuition via country, historians and maritime experts do not
Pastor Jack, expect any lost chests of doubloons. The ships of the
the Internet Hudson were the working stiffs of their day, and even
Spirituality & The Tom Continued from Page 7
after New York became the nation's busiest port in
the mid- 1800s, the river's cargo was predominantly
still the stuff of workaday capitalism: coal, furs,
Jones Connection wood and iron. Many of the boats that sank were
Many healers can sense the engery state of
never even recorded, except perhaps on some
their subject. They can determine whether or not the
merchant's ledger sheet. But some experts say that
person they are communicating with is an energy
that humble portrait of ordinary life is perhaps the
vampire, sucking everyone's energy into their own
real potential value of the data.
black hole or a giver of peace and love. This
People should not expect haunting
determination can be made whether you are talking
photographs, like the ones made famous at sites of
with them in person, on the phone or via the internet.
deep-ocean wrecks like the Titanic, because for much
People have reported that when they come into my
of the time, in much of the Hudson, the visibility is
chat room they instantly feel good. A good friend
only about 2 inches due to concentrations of marine
who frequents my chat room regularly can sense
life and mud. On an unusually pristine day, a diver
upon coming in if the room is having a good peaceful
might be able to see to the end of his or her arm --
day or if it is chaotic. She can feel the energy
never farther.
That is also, perhaps, why many of the
People ask me all the time "How can you
wrecks have not been found, even ones that sank in
heal over the internet?" I tell them it's no different
water only 30 to 40 feet deep. Fast currents and
than in person. Connecting with someone via the
heavy river traffic also make diving or salvage work
internet, on the phone, in person, or any other way is
at the sites treacherous -- another fact that worries
possible because we are energy beings and we are
state officials, who say that publishing the locations
connected to other energy beings out side of time and
could attract recreational divers who are not familiar
space. We resonate with others no matter where they
with the river and its dangers.
are. This is the quantum physics principle of Non-
Figuring out what is best for science is not so
Locality of Events, which means that the energetic
easy either. Bell of the mapping team said state
forces at work during a distance energy session can
officials first suggested she leave the spaces blank
create effects at a remote location simultaneously
where the wreck sites were found. But blank spots on
with the intention at the source point. Energy does
maps otherwise filled with numbers about depths and
not have to "travel" a specific distance away. It is
sediment would probably be seen as a signal that
capable of bringing about a resonant effect
Pastor Jack J. Stahl, D.D. something had turned up, she said. It was then
instantaneously at the point of reception.
suggested that numbers be made up to fill the blank
Chat room communicating is a good way to
In 1969, when he was 6 years old, "This is develop your intuitive sensing because most of the
"As a scientist, that really gave me the
Tom Jones" first aired on television. Every week he clues you usually have about a person are gone so if
heebie-jeebies," she said. "You don't make up
would sit in front of the TV hypnotized by what the you are going to have a sense of someone it most
good Reverend calls, “this gyrating God.” he claims likely is going to come through your intuition. For
So for now, the publication of the maps is
that Jones' voice made him feel as if he was the healer-in-training this is an outstanding way to
suspended, though state officials say that their goal is
surrounded by angels. It is a feeling that he still hone your skills because in a very short time you
to open all the documents to the public eventually.
experience stoday. Pastor Jack says, “it is a inner have the opportunity to meet numerous people with a
peace not easy to describe. It is spiritual. Considering myriad of differences. I know that without the
Tom Jones was responsible for my spiritual internet I would not be as far along in my healing
awakening as a child, it is only natural for me to abilities as I am now. Mystery Hole In Lake Ice
incorporate him into my ministry as an adult.” Mark Greenia. Living From the Heart:
Today, Pastor Jack, whose real name is Jack Exploring Subtle Energy in the New Millennium, Baffling Folks North Of
J. Stahl, D.D. is the leader of the Progressive 2002 Unlimited Publishing, LLC Brainerd
Universal Life Church in Sacramento, CA.. While
doing his spiritual work, he always listens to “the ©Barbara Robins 2002. All rights reserved.
angelic voice” of singer Tom Jones. Pastpr Jack
Months after a Hollywood flick about those
performs sermons, marriages, baptisms, funerals & Barbara can be reached at
controversial and mysterious crop circles earned a
exorcisms with the aid of Jones' music. Pastpor Jack or
couple hundred million dollars in the United States, a
also dresses up & dances like Tom Jones during
black hole in the ice of a lake near Brainerd has
church services. He travels around the country
leading prayer meetings & healing services with the Sonar reveals centuries of authorities scratching their heads.
The hole was first spotted last February on
help of the Welsh superstar's “beautiful voice playing shipwrecks But N.Y. keeping North Long Lake just north of the central Minnesota
softly in the background.”
resort city and immediately caught the imagination of
Why? According to the good Pastor, “his maps secret folks in the area, quickly becoming a source of
voice enables me to get in touch with the holy spirit.
speculation, conversation and concern.
I don't know exactlty how it works, I only know it
The Brainerd Dispatch wrote about the hole
does. It has nothing to do with the lyrics of a Continued from Page 6 late last week, summing up the questions in the area:
particular has everything to do with the
"What caused the hole to appear? Distant
voice. Tom Jones is the ‘God of Voice.’” The surveys have also turned up more earthquakes? New thermal springs on the lake
Pastor Jack has attended more than 150 Tom mysterious structures, including A SERIES OF bottom? Sabotage by unknown enemies?"
Jones concerts, and for him, it is a very spiritual SUBMERGED WALLS MORE THAN 900 FEET The area watershed district has since spent
experience. LONG THAT SCIENTISTS SAY ARE CLEARLY $4,000 trying to figure out what's causing the hole,
Pastor Jack adds, “The stage is indeed Tom OF HUMAN CONSTRUCTION. They say the walls but has yet to find an answer.
Jones' ministry.” are probably AT LEAST 3,000 YEARS OLD, While the hole has caused tongue-in-cheek
The Progressive Universal Life Church because that was the last time the river's water levels talk similar to that of the crop circles, it also has
( is a worldwide healing organization were low enough to have allowed construction on dry proven deadly.
ministering peace, love & abundant life. We are an land. The Dispatch reports that as many as a dozen
inter-faith ministry allowing individuals to become "I think there are going to be really riders of all-terrain vehicles and anowmobiles have
ordained ministers to share their faith, & offering significant findings," said Warren Riess, a research gone into the water at the hole, and at least one of
degree & diploma programs to help you in your associate professor of history and marine sciences at them has died.
spiritual journey. The PULC has ordained more than the University of Maine who has been asked by the Signs warning of the hole have been erected
80,000 people from all religious faiths & all parts of state to help assess the sites. "A lot will be around the lake and at public access points.
the world. uninteresting too, but that's OK. That's science."
Pastor Jack can be contacted at Because the Hudson was never much of a Continued on Page 12 [End] pirates' nest or a conduit to gold and silver mining
Bigfoot 11
Sure, there's an explanation explanation - seems not only natural, but necessary. creatures are currently roaming throughout the
Ray Wallace and his Bigfoot may both be Australian outback. [End]
for everything, but don't tell dead now, but smart money says that the myth will
remain alive. That, I'd argue, is something to be Mysterious webs drop from
me happy about, to celebrate. We should treat the
unexplained as a welcome gift rather than a nagging the skies
By Jeff Daniel problem.
Speaking of gifts, Santa will be arriving with By Michael A. Smith
In college, one of my closest pals earned his a sack full of them in just a few days. I once heard a The Daily News
doctorate in philosophy while I somehow managed rumor that old St. Nick himself is an invention, a
to avoid taking a single course in that subject. An piece of folklore along the lines of Ray Wallace's Was it part of nature’s enigmatic web, or part
amazing feat, especially when one considers that my Bigfoot. Just goes to show you: of a sinister web of conspiracy in the black-
university stint had a longer run than the musical There are real nut cases spouting off some helicopter, secret-mass-experiment vein?
"Cats." wacko philosophies out there. [End] Hard to say, but one thing seems clear: The
But the slighting was no mere oversight. I skies over Galveston County on Friday were literally
simply had no desire to engage in heady
rationalizations or investigations into the causes and
Creation of a state monster filled with floating, shimmering strands and fuzzy,
luminescent wads that looked a lot like spider webs.
laws underlying reality. Do too much of that? You Lorenzo DeLacerta saw them about noon
risk sapping all the fun and sense of mystery from By Jean Godden
when he delivered building material to a site a mile
life. Some things, I explained to myself, are best left east of the San Louis Pass Bridge.
unexplained. Earlier this month, the family of the late Ray
L. Wallace revealed that Bigfoot ‹ the Northwest's “It blew my mind,” DeLacerta said. “I have
It's a philosophy I adhere to to this day. never seen anything like it before.” Others on the site
Which might help to explain my sense of own abominable snowman, its native Sasquatch ‹
was a hoax. Michael Wallace said his dad, who died saw them, too, he said, but their minds were not
sadness after the death of Ray Wallace late last blown. They were like ‘Yeah?’ They didn’t seem to
month. The retired construction worker succumbed Nov. 26 in Centralia, planted giant footprints,
supposed evidence of Bigfoot's existence. think much about it.”
to heart failure outside Seattle. That in itself is reason Lorenzo called his sister, Gloria, who saw
enough to be sad. But then there was the revelation At that time ‹ it was 1958 ‹ some experts
suspected the tracks were bogus. But the Wallace the same thing in the sky over La Marque. She called
in early December from his family: The Daily News where a half dozen skeptical news
"Bigfoot," said son Michael Wallace, "just family didn't admit the deed until a couple of weeks
ago. Mr. Wallace's nephew Dale Lee Wallace still has people were forced to admit that there was, indeed,
died." under way a slow, steady parade of slender web-like
That's Bigfoot with a capital B. Bigfoot as in the 16-inch, alder-wood feet Mr. Wallace used to
create the legend. strands, some near the ground, some way up where
Sasquatch, the woolly missing link that has long the airliners ply.
captured the American imagination while avoiding Ah, but there's more to the story. Seattle
resident Caroline Feiss recalls that, years later, in the The webs were visible in the air for five
its own capture. According to the Wallace family, it hours, and poles were left wrapped with the sticky
was Ray's 1958 prank - the creation of footprints 1970s, there were stories about people hunting for
Bigfoot. She says, "A group of us (state employees strands and fuzzy wads. So what were they? Official
using man-made, 16-inch-long plywood cutouts - sky-web sources seem scarce. A spokesman at the
that put the Bigfoot legend on the national radar. working in Olympia) decided it was an excuse to get
together, drink some wine and concoct fun. We National Weather Service Office in League City said
In 1977, Wallace added to the myth by the service had received no reports of flying webs,
donning a hairy suit (would that technically be a created the Northwest League for the Protection of
Sasquatch. and that flying webs weren’t really their thing.
hirsute?) and having a friend capture his loping gate The phenomenon has occurred in at least two
on grainy, 16 mm film. "We decided Bigfoot needed legal
protection, first under the state and then under the other places. The Associated Press reported Oct. 8
The unexplained, in this case, had now been that “long, floating spider webs” were “bobbing
explained. Endangered Species Act. The first was easy. Jim
Dolliver (future state Supreme Court justice) and through the skies of Santa Cruz, Calif., … confusing
But had it? True believers were quick to some community members concerned about
point out that the Sasquatch legend has been part of Ralph Munro (future secretary of state) helped create
a proclamation declaring the Sasquatch to be the biological weapons, UFOs and other phenomena.”
American Indian lore for centuries. Then there is the And the Wallowa Chieftain in Oregon
Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, that has long been Washington state monster. The proclamation was
read on the Capitol steps with a band, crowds of reported on Dec. 22, 2000, the sightings of “web-like
viewed as a Bigfoot first cousin. And lest we forget material … falling from the sky” that some locals
Momo, our own furry friend that created a stir in people and great speeches."
But when trying to have Bigfoot covered thought came “from three military jets that had been
Louisiana, Mo., back in the early '70s. Wallace may flying back and forth in an east-west flight pattern at
have given Bigfoot a helping hand, but there's plenty under the Endangered Species Act, league members
hit a snag. The law required a skeleton. Says Feiss, high altitude.”
of other non-Wallacian moments that remain A University of Wyoming microbiology
unexplained. "That proved our undoing. The Northwest League
disbanded soon afterwards." professor quoted in the AP story attributed the Santa
And I, for one, hope they stay that way. Cruz webs to a seasonal migration of hatchling
Not that such hope necessarily indicates a Nevertheless, Bigfoot still is the state
monster. And barring official action, in this state at spiders leaving their nests. The professor, who did
certain sense of belief. Is Bigfoot really out there in not return messages left at his home and office, said
the darkness hunting and foraging? Maybe, maybe least, Ray Wallace's legacy lives. [End]
it was not uncommon to see “dozens” of webs
not. Have aliens visited our planet and abducted floating across the plains of Wyoming.
human beings as a part of their field research? Bigfoot Isn't Dead -- Just But observers here were not reporting dozens
Possibly. Are crop circles created by a mysterious of webs, but hundreds of thousands. One
entity that goes well beyond any sophisticated Living In Australia explanation, of sorts, can be found on the World
pranksters? Could be. Wide Web, where scores of people are convinced that
There are those who would answer yes, yes CANBERRA, Australia (Wireless Flash) -- the webs are man-made and may be part of a sinister
and yes to the above questions, and I have no Although the recent death of alleged Bigfoot hoaxer conspiracy. Like a lot of web-based topics, exactly
problem with them, just as I respect those who stomp Ray Wallace has many Americans declaring the hairy what is the man-made material and the conspiracy’s
their foot - a small one, no doubt - with a resounding creature dead, some Australian buffs say he's alive goal is a little murky.
"No!" to such conjecture. As for me, any absolute and kicking in Oz. Some posts say the webs appear on days
answers would dilute that sense of fun and mystery One researcher, who calls himself "Tim the when strange condensation trails, like those from jet
that I mentioned earlier. It's the sense of not Yowie Man," says that "Yowies" -- which is what airplanes, also occur. Was Galveston County visited
knowing, of being kept somewhat in the dark, that they call Bigfoot down under -- have been common by a mundane migration of arachnids or something
keeps us fans of the unexplained coming back for for thousands of years, especially the last 20 years. else?
more. Sometimes, an answer is the last thing we In fact, the Yowie Man insists that the best Lorenzo DeLacerta, who spent Friday
really want or need. film of Bigfoot that exists was taken in Australia two contemplating the webs, does not know what they
All our childhood, we are told to "know this" years ago by businessman Steve Piper in the were, but he says he’s sure of one thing. “I have never
and to "learn that." We are given puzzles to solve and Australian Snowy Mountains. seen anything like this before. I have seen spiders
riddles to decipher and tests to sweat through. As we The film footage has been viewed in detail floating on webs before, but I have never seen this.”
struggle through adulthood, we become ever more by all sorts of experts since then, and the Yowie Man [End]
consumed with uncovering the purpose of our lives says no one has been able to prove it's fake.
and pondering the meaning of our very existence. In He figures further research of the footage
light of all that, a fascination with the paranormal will debunk any "Bigfoot is dead" disbelievers and
and the bizarre - of things that defy proper add to the growing evidence that hundreds of hairy
12 A Legend Dies?
Bigfoot, We Hardly Knew Ye of the legend--a Sasquatch medium, so to speak. quickly turn to one side and run that way. He can't
So was my grandpa. He told Bigfoot stories. see you do that."
He and my grandma lived on the California-Oregon That's oral history, old as the hills. As for
A Legend Dies? border, in the very thick of the woods where many written accounts, the earliest one came from Leif
Bigfoot "sightings" had been reported. So it's Erikson, who apparently in 986 A.D. saw a bigfoot-
J. Scott Wilson , Staff Writer possible Grandpa was influenced by Wallace's wild like creature. And more sightings have been recorded
claims. But maybe he knew something more. since.
Having recently finished "American Gods," Besides, Grandpa's stories were irrefutable. Oh, there So, Bigfoot stories--and ones about his evil
Neil Gaiman's incredible tale of gods of the old were some we wondered about, like the "Your dad man-eating cousin in northeastern Nevada--go way
world meeting the gods of the new, my mind of late and I painted Red Rock when he was just a boy" back. And the actual creature? Well, some
has been turning around some of our own American story. But mostly his stories were so good I couldn't researchers say there's evidence aplenty of his kind's
mythos and beliefs. Except for the tribal beliefs of help but believe them. And I got the impression he'd existence. As some believer on NPR put it last week,
the American Indians, many of which go back had the Bigfoot stories cooking in his brain for a long now they just "need to get lucky and have one get hit
millennia, we're simply not "old" enough to have time. by a car or get shot"--you know, for the real big, no-
much in the way of an entrenched pantheon. I learned some key things from these stories. denying evidence. The kind you can dissect and stuff
Of course, there are regional legends -- the For instance, snuff is the only thing that will keep and put in a museum.
h'aints of the Smoky Mountains, the tales told in the Bigfoot away. Maybe Grandpa had simply heard the I don't know if that would be so lucky. If
Louisiana swamps and even the mythical reports of story about a man on Vancouver Island who claimed Bigfoot exists, and is unfortunate enough to finally
Michael Jackson appearing as a normal human being to have been dragged away in his sleeping bag back wander into a bullet or a speeding car, that resultant
in California. But when it comes to a nationwide in 1924 and brought to a Bigfoot camp. The man big dead being isn't really how I see the story ending.
mythos, we just don't have many components. eventually escaped when papa Bigfoot ate too much It'd provoke a man--er, Bigfoot--hunt that'd harry the
And then we go and kill off one of the few of his snuff and collapsed. At any rate, it was poor creatures into true nonexistence. And it would
we DO have. comforting to know that Grandpa had plenty of snuff take away the mystery.
The legend of Bigfoot has captured the at hand in case we needed it. Another thing I learned Oh, I know some people might say that's a
national imagination for decades. The furry fellow was that Bigfoot always seemed to have dragged good thing--let's have it all out in the open, no more
has appeared in movies, and even in a memorable (to some dozing kid off in her sleeping bag just days tales, no more unidentified creatures hiding in the
those of us obsessed with late-night TV) two-part before my sisters and I were flinging our bags out in dark forest. But they're just scared of the unknown.
episode of "The Six Million Dollar Man." our grandparents' damp yard--which was next to Why, my grandpa himself, who first told me about
Recently, however, after the death of open woods above a big river, with nothing but Bigfoot, was a mystery. He died last March at 92, and
Washington state resident Ray Wallace, the legend redwoods and poison oak and wild grassy hillsides though he was married 62 years to my grandma, he
has taken what just might be a fatal blow. behind us and the river below and the ocean a short never told her for certain where he came from. He
Wallace, you see, claimed to his family to float downstream and, down the looming dark once told her he remembered speaking another
have invented the entire Bigfoot legend by having a highway a mile or so, the ghost of intrepid explorer language, maybe German, before English. And he
friend carve a pair of gigantic feet, then using them Jedediah Smith lurking at the state park. looked like he might be Native American. But
to walk around and create huge tracks on the ground We never saw Bigfoot, up there in the Grandma never met his family, and she learned early
at his California construction company back in 1958. redwoods. But we knew he was there. And to this on to not need to pry. "He was a good man when I
As proof, his family exhibited what they say day, I find it annoyingly difficult to say I don't met him, and that was the man I loved," she told me.
was the original set of "feet," and a smaller set used believe in him. Call it loyalty to Grandpa and his tall Like Grandma, I've decided it doesn't matter-
to mimic a "Lady Bigfoot." tales. Call it loyalty to something that goes farther -the man we knew, mystery and all, was everything
Cliff Lebrecque, however, is a Bigfoot true back. And I've since heard adults tell Bigfoot stories we needed. And what's more, if he said there's a
believer, and he's not taking the Wallace family story to other adults, without that grandpa twinkle in their Bigfoot, then there's a Bigfoot.[End]
lying down. He claims to have seen, and even eye or the convincing can of snuff in their hand.
filmed, the giant primate, and that it was not a man A friend of mine tells the story of how once,
in a monkey suit. when he was backpacking alone in the Trinity Alps, Mystery Hole In Lake Ice
Lebrecque says he's got thousands of he camped by a lake and that night saw a huge man- Baffling Folks North Of
Bigfoot artifacts, and he plans to put them on touring like figure on the opposite shore. It stood up tall and
display next year after he retires. let out a long, inhuman scream, "Eeeeeeeehhhh!" Brainerd
Even the realms of academe contain a few then bounded into the trees. And two springs ago, I (from Page 10)
true believers. Idaho State University professor Jeff was up in central Nevada at a Western Shoshone
Meldrum said accounts of something like Bigfoot go gathering in Crescent Valley. At the end of a long,
back to the 19th century. subdued day of serious talks about nuclear waste and
Whether Wallace invented Bigfoot, or just testing, pinyon clearing, repatriation, sovereignty and
intensified a legend that already existed, what's the the gold mining that's dewatering their streams and
harm in believing? What's more fun: a walk in the springs and poisoning the air and water, I ended up
woods, or a trek through what might be the territory standing around a small fire with a few others. A
of a large, furry evolutionary castoff who might have middle-aged Shoshone man and a young Paiute man,
designs on your carefully packed granola snacks? both holding drums and tapping them occasionally
I say, go out to your local patch of woods while waiting for the rest of the crowd to show up for
this week, between all your holiday shindigs, and some dancing, began swapping songs and stories.
look for tufts of hair, disturbed leaves, or any sort of "Do you know any songs about the bear?"
evidence that a hairy critter with Shaq-size feet has asked the Paiute.
been padding around. Believe! [End] "Yeah, I know three songs about the bear," Such holes aren't uncommon on lakes in the
said the Shoshone. state, but they are typically caused by hot thermal
"How about a song about the rabbit?"
Sagebrush Ape: Yes, Virginia, "I only know one rabbit song."
springs being concentrated in one area, but the
sudden appearance of the hole last February has
there is a Bigfoot "I know a bighorn song." many ruling out that possibility.
"Yeah, we have bighorn songs." In addition, Al Cibuzar, head of A.W.
And then suddenly they were talking about Research Laboratories in Brainerd, first viewed the
By Heidi Walters
Bigfoot--and then about a being way scarier than hole while flying over the lake last March. He flew
Bigfoot, a gigantic man-eating monster in Jarbidge over it again last week and used an infrared, water-
Oh, the arrogance--the report on National
Canyon, in the wild and remote southern Idaho- penetrating camera and discovered the hole is slowly
Public Radio the other day, that is, that Bigfoot is
northeastern Nevada border region. The Shoshone getting larger.
dead. The story said that because the man who
name of this monster, Tsaw-haw-bitts, was anglicized A diver went through the hole last week and
created some pretty elaborate hoaxes back in 1958,
into the name Jarbidge. reported "an ordinary lake bottom," the newspaper
Ray L. Wallace, had died, so too had Bigfoot
"They say the way to get away from him is to said.
run uphill," said the older man with a drum, about Researchers plan to continue monitoring the
Silly NPR, don't they know the difference
Tsaw-haw-bitts, "because his eyes can only look lake bottom, water temperature and other variables
between a hoax and a legend? Wallace may indeed
down. So if you run uphill ahead of him, he can't see involved with the hole. Another odd wrinkle to the
have strapped 16-inch "feet" on his shoes and hulked
you." mystery is that the ice thickness on the hole's
around leaving tracks to baffle humans, but he didn't
"I've heard," added the young man with a drum, "that perimeter ranges from 4 to 10 inches.
create the creature. He was just another perpetuator
once you get to the top of the hill, you have to
Psychic Fraud Prevention 13
How not to be scammed by a your lover is not going to come home unless you buy
that specific product that they conveniently have
"Psychic" right there for you, that you have to buy from them
You have to often wonder why the candles
that some psychic readers claim to have to use cost
Reverend Garth Farrington-House you upwards of $500.00 at one sitting, which sounds
suspiciously close in number to a lump sum rent or
The Psychic Universe mortgage payment, and just exactly why that
particular candle or candle set is the only one that
In this article I would like to attempt to you absolutely have to buy for them to use in
enlighten you in the way you should choose a reuniting your old, gone, lost love. It would be an
psychic. There are many individuals out there who interesting predicament to be in to find out just what
are nothing but unethical and vultures, They will go would happen to your old, gone, lost love if that
to any lengths to gain your trust so that they can then candle set was never made, or if there was a cheaper
turn around and steal hundreds and in many cases substitute candle set they could use while performing
thousands of dollars from you. their ritualistic ceremony waiting for you at the local
Unfortunately this is becoming more corner shop if the real set was not readily available.
prevalent and our service gets calls constantly from There would be much less scandal
victims of these unethical and despicable surrounding psychic products if the community
individuals. I have written a list of thing to be aware members that want to, and currently do charge
of when seeking a psychic, this list can also be found upwards of $500.00 for a candle, or candle set, would
on our website along be honest about it. There are many people that buy
with some other interesting article and legal actions products that are higher priced, because they do not
being taken against psychics and companies. want lower priced merchandise. But even when you
True, ethical psychics have a very strict code buy a high priced item, you do not want to be duped
into buying it. are and what your own address is. That is being taken
of ethics that they live by and will never attempt to advantage of, unless you know and agree up front.
use trickery, fear or false promises to extract monies Many women and men get rooked into
paying top dollar for a top dollar scam. Pay for a 3. Watch out for yourself and where you are
from a client. To assist you in your search for a true going to be at, physically. Use your own common
ethical and professional psychic here are the main product based on what it can actually perform, and
how much you would normally pay for an item of sense and at least a piece of practicality even when it
things that you need to take note of and follow these involves mystical encounters. Never go to an
guidelines before you decide to either call a psychic similar quality. If you are going to be told that the
item you are considering purchasing is going to have intuitive establishment without first speaking with
or visit them. I do hope that these guidelines will the psychic person over the telephone, driving by the
help avoid you from becoming another victim. special properties of any kind, ask what kind of
special properties it possesses in detail, what the establishment first or gaining a good referral from a
refund policy is, if any, and ask them to prove that is friend, unless you are familiar with the place. You
Twelve things to watch out for when need to get a feel for the overall environment that you
has those properties before you begin to pay. Case
getting a psychic reading studies, proven properties over time, or former are entering into and know what kinds of practices
clients that this method has been proven on are good that they are involved with, if any, before you go. You
Before journeying down that mystical references. should not just want to wing it and end up in the
corridor to try to foreknow your future and your 1. You can love and value someone. You can midst of just anything.
future probabilities as they are laid out for you via even expect special properties to appear from an 4. Watch out for any psychic that is not
phone call or at a reading table and presented to you ordinary object, talisman or product if that is how psychic. Nowadays, that is usually a regular, not rare
by a practicing psychic that accesses or receives you choose to believe, and it may happen. Yet, as a occurrence. Within the first five or ten minutes
information from the spiritual portal of life, be general rule, always try to remember that unless that depending on what gift or ability they have, even if
careful. As your curiosity compels you to reach candle, special vase, potion, lotion, concoction, they are giving that insight or information using a
outside yourself for others intuitive guidance for crystal, rock, rune, card deck or object that you are divination, the psychic should be at least able to tell
your own life path, begin your journey into insight, purchasing or receiving information from can move you something about your life or yourself that you
foreknowledge and intuition by first empowering on it's own supernaturally, or speak to you with it's did not say or that they could not naturally know.
yourself with tip bits of knowledge in what to watch own mouth, you should not count on it even in the They should also be able to tell you if they did not see
out for in order to make informed decisions. This context of a session as a guarantee to solve all of your anything for you, instead of making something up.
article gives you a comprehensive, fair and practical life's problems. Chances are very real that you are Honesty is the best policy on both sides of the
look at twelve scams and rip-offs to watch out for in going to have to decide to take the real route with reading.
the ever-growing mystical community. Your savvy as realistic steps and a little help from a psychic People may still pay for a non-psychic
a consumer is just an article away. Listed below are community member in discovering how to get what confidant if they were not expecting a psychic and
twelve scams and rip-offs to watch out for when you want, and what you can reasonably expect to getting a non-psychically gifted person instead. That
gaining access to others insight for your own life attain based on your current circumstances in your only provokes anger. It is better to let people make an
path life path. informed decision. No one can see all of anyone's
Watch out! Try not to connect products with 2. Watch out! Please try not to get scammed life, but psychic community members should be able
readings or sessions when dealing with psychic into paying someone from the psychic community to help you see something about yourself during a
readings until after the session is over unless their while they write down your full name, your number, session, even if it is just getting you to view your
craft must absolutely use the product to conduct the and your own full address, complete with your zip or situation a different way. Hence, intuition can be
session. If you see a product the psychic community postal code without knowing that you are being present in people in many differing ways from senses
member has available for you to purchase, go ahead charged for that information at the same price you are to visions and anything extra sensory in between.
and buy it if it is for you. Everyone shops. And being charged for the session or reading, up front. Although, when dealing with psychic businesses,
whether it is for a necessary item or frivolous item, it That is not part of a session, and should not be some do advertise on the internet for home makers,
is a great buy if you want it. Most of our lives and included in the session fee. That time adds up and not psychics. So before you pay money, make sure
homes are full of everyday stuff that we use and the zaps your cash faster than a magician could, way you are getting a person with an ability or talent. Be
not so ordinary stuff that we must collect for those before the session begins. Usually no one writes as careful with concentrating too highly on psychic
rather empty looking house nooks and crannies. fast as a person speaks. For example, if you are credentials. Word of mouth, or simply talking with a
Whether you catch it on sale, or but it at full paying $5.00 a minute for a session and you spend psychic first, would be your best bet in discovering
price, be happy with your purchase. In contrast, try five minutes on a phone line while the intuitive their abilities or capabilities. After all, psychics are
your absolute best not to get pushed, intimidated, or community member personnel is taking your people that have natural yet extra sensory type
emotionally badgered into buying a product that you information for themselves or their company, you abilities. Their abilities are not usually book learned
do not want to buy from someone practicing in the have already paid $25.00 just for giving out your own course talents. Although, more often, classes to help
psychic community by way of them forcing that information. Do the math. It just does not add up to others discover their own intuitive abilities are being
product on you by saying statements to you such as savings. Conversely, if you have to give this given. The proof is in the session.
you have to have the item in order for your life or information out before the session to verify your Continued on Page 31
love to be ok, or scaring you into buying it by saying method of payment, that should be alright because it
statements to you such as your life may depend on it, is a standard business practice. Think twice before
or emotionally badgering you by telling you that you shell out dollar signs to tell someone who you
14 Cyber Planets
Cyber Planets: Building about, things like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, create a suite of possible worlds that are consistent
but we will be looking at variations in the relative with those constraints.
Virtual Worlds to Explore amounts of these ingredients, and how planetary For the extrasolar planets, obviously we
processes distribute those ingredients in its core, don't have any extra information from the geological
Signs of Real Life surface and atmosphere. record to help us constrain the atmosphere, so we will
Looking at our own solar system, you can create a broad range of planets, and determine which
By Robert Roy Britt see that the four earth-sized planets, Mercury, Venus, ones could support liquid water on their surfaces, and
Earth and Mars (and Titan, as an honorary member of have atmospheres which might be hospitable to any
Somewhere between reality and the this group) all have basically the same building of the myriad of different life forms we already have
unknown, science fiction has always flourished. The blocks, but apportioned in different ways, with on our own Earth.
best sci-fi authors rigidly adhere to one principle: spectacularly different characteristics as a result. As Is the project designed to better
Make it as real as possible, given what's known. an even more specific example, Venus and Earth are understand "life as we know it," or will you extend
Now, as if lifting a chapter from an Isaac Asimov believed to have been endowed with the same the work to possible life that doesn't require water or
novel, NASA plans to create hundreds of "synthetic inventory of volatiles in the early history of the solar sunlight/starlight?
planets" that might represent real worlds orbiting system. However, Earth locked up most of its carbon VM: We won't be attempting to model "life
faraway stars. dioxide in sediments and in its crust, while Venus as we don't know it." Because we want to understand
The cyber planets will be modeled on solid ended up with huge amounts of this greenhouse gas which planets could support liquid water on their
science, but the results are likely to be decidedly in its atmosphere. surfaces, we will model for life that requires both
fantastic. No one knows what sort of worlds will be Consequently one world is an ocean-covered water and sunlight (although not necessarily the light
generated, and that's the whole point. oasis for life, and the other is a desert hell with 730 from a G2 dwarf star like our Sun).
The Virtual Planetary Laboratory (VPL) degrees Kelvin [854 degrees Fahrenheit] surface However, even with those constraints there's
began recently the five-year effort to build cyber temperatures, and a poisonous, crushing atmosphere. still a lot of "weird life" we do know about. When we
planets under the umbrella of NASA's Astrobiology Same ingredients, very different planet. populate one of our planets with "different" life, it
Institute. It is driven by a simple problem: Early in With VPL, we want to expand our will be with life forms that we know about, but
the next decade, NASA plans to launch a spacecraft understanding of the potential types of earth-sized perhaps in a different proportion to that which we
called Terrestrial Planet Finder that would find planets, especially those with atmospheres, beyond have on the present day Earth, depending on the
Earth-like planets around other stars and examine the five examples we have in our own solar system. environment we are going to put it in.
them for signs of life. Howver, researchers have no This tool will also allow us to study the same planet An oxygen-dominated atmosphere supports
clue what to look for. with and without an active biosphere, so that we can a different suite of life when compared to an
To be fair, the scientists do have a little to go gain insight into signatures of living processes that atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide or methane, for
on, but if they launched the spacecraft tomorrow, it might be detected with an astronomical observation. example.
could only be designed and programmed to look for I know that the outcomes are How many planets do you
signs of life that are known on Earth. Biological unpredictable and, in fact, are what you'll be expect to create during the life of the project?
activity elsewhere could be markedly different, studying, but are there some important things you VM: The accurate answer is "as many as we
producing unexpected atmospheric signals that expect to see? can!" The less accurate answer is "hundreds."
would be missed if a spacecraft weren't looking for VM: What we expect to be able to do is The planets we create will be specified by
them. identify what combinations of observable planetary running through a set of different planetary
"We will be able to model the composition characteristics are likely to indicate a habitable characteristics, such as size, distance from the parent
and appearance of planets very different to our own world. That is, if you know the planet's size, distance star, orbital path around the star, what the planetary
Earth, with parent stars very different to our Sun," from the star, orbital path, and something about its atmosphere is made of, the presence or absence of
says Vikki Meadows, who oversees the VPL from atmospheric or surface composition, we want to be plate tectonics and other planetary processes, the
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. able to provide a probability that that planet is presence or absence of life, and the nature of that life.
Planets will be seeded with life forms, habitable, and ultimately, be able to tell whether a Will you generate many planet
heated and tweaked so environments develop in planet is already inhabited. types at once, or does each evolve from things you
myriad ways over eons. A more specific thing that we are hoping to learn with each creation?
One approach will start with a world that see from this modeling effort is a better VM: We will initially develop a "grid" of
resembles Earth billions of years ago, stock it with understanding of what our own Earth looked like model runs that samples a range of planetary
known microorganisms that for whatever reason do during its history. environments that we expect might be habitable. As
not dominate today's biosphere, and let the critters This modeling effort will also help us to we run through these, I expect that we will learn a
run amok. understand what the Earth might have looked like great deal about which of the model planets are
The virtual lab will generate a catalogue of early in its history, when its environment was truly habitable or not.
potential light signatures, called spectra, that various alien, but still supported abundant life. Today, the The next round of modeling will then
combinations of biology (or lack thereof) would Earth has an atmosphere dominated by nitrogen and concentrate around the characteristics of the best
generate in a planet's atmosphere. The results will be oxygen, but before 2.3 billion years ago, when the habitable candidates, and will work more on
compared with data collected on Earth and the other Earth was about half its current age, there was very variations on that theme, including the addition of
planets (and even some moons) in our own solar little oxygen in the atmosphere. In spite of this, life life. [End]
system, as a way to check the accuracy of the models apparently originated and thrived in that
and to continue refining them. environment.
One important premise for the work is the With the VPL, one of the first things we ill UFO TRIVIA
simple fact that even around our own Sun, a basic set tackle is modeling this "family of Earths", many of
of ingredients produced dramatically different which are habitable worlds, but unlike the modern
- Data from Paul Ferrughel of the National
results. Earth and Venus, for example, are thought to Earth. We will use information and constraints
Sighting Research Center indicates you are
have been initially sprinkled with roughly the same available from geology, chemistry and biology to
most likely to see a UFO between 9 and 10 PM
mix of water and organic material called volatiles. create plausible early atmospheres for Earth, and
during January
Yet Earth became an "ocean-covered oasis" understand what these might have looked like from
and Venus a "desert hell," Meadows points out. space.
- The duration of the typical sighting was from 3
Other scientists have speculated that Venus, There may be extrasolar planets out there
to 9 minutes. Sightings lasting from 10 to 27
nonetheless, might harbor microbes high in its that are "early-Earth-like," and we need to
minutes were next, and those from 1 to 2
clouds. And Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa and understand how to recognize that.
minutes were next. Sightings of less than one
Saturn's moon Titan are all place that scientists are Could you give a bit of detail
minute far exceeded sightings longer than 30
eager to look for possible life. But positive of one type of planet you expect to create, one that's
signatures of biological activity have so far eluded much different from Earth but might support life?
scientists. All this knowledge . along with the lack of VM: The first and best one we can think of
- Disk/round UFOs and "other" shapes were
it . will feed the VPL. for this will be the early Earth as described above.
reported significantly more often. Deltoid recently asked Meadows to We'll need to gather information from many existing
shapes were next most popular followed by
explain the project in detail: fields of research on the geological, chemical and
Ovals, Lights, Rectangular and Cylinders. What sort of ingredients does biological processes working at that time, such as
one use to create a planet that is tectonic and volcanic activity, likely life forms, and
- 1988 and 1989 were peak years for reports,
inherently unlike any we know of? any hints we have on surface temperature,
followed by 1990. 1986 had the least number of
Vikki Meadows: When we create a planet, atmospheric composition. We can put these best
sightings during the five year period evaluated.
we will be using ingredients that we already know available constraints into the experiment design, and
Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts 15
"COCA-COLA, the CIA, and appellant, Robert Kolody. The appeal was arbitrarily Area 51: Bush Exempts
rejected by Judge Richard Posner who has written
the COURTS" books and articles on HIS judicial philosophy. Judge Secret Base From
Posner contends it is against judicial efficiency to
by Sherman H. Skolnick allow an underdog to prevail against a large Environmental Laws
corporation. More about his criminal-style behavior By Leonard David
Early in the 20th Century, Coca-Cola is in our website story, "Chief Crook Enters
Company was prosecuted on issues relating to Microsoft Case".]
cocaine. Many have forgotten about this. Recently A related item is that physicians reportedly
the very popular website,, posted a story have treated stomach ailments using Coca-Cola base.
about a controversy involving Coca-Cola. Revealing is the contention that physicians have
Authorities in Bolivia reportedly contend they are NOT used Pepsi-Cola base, or the base of Royal
aware of shipments of coca leaves, used in producing Crown Cola, or other softdrinks like Coca-Cola, for
cocaine, were ostensibly shipped for or to Coca-Cola treating similar ailments.
Company which denies the same. More coming, as it develops....Stay tuned.
Since 1971, I have been putting
commentaries of a controversial nature on a whole Publisher’s Note: Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick
series of phones, known now as (773) 731-1100. In has been a court-reformer, and since 1963,
years past, I called it HOTLINE NEWS, with me as Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean
the editor/commentator. Up the Courts. Since 1991, a regular panelist and
In 1977, on my phone message, I ran a taped since 1995, Moderator/Producer of "Broadsides", a
interview with a vice president of Stepan Chemical one-hour weekly taped public access Cable TV
Company,[(847)441-7822], Northfield, Illinois, a program, cablecast within the city limits of Chicago,
suburb of Chicago. I ran the message numerous to upwards of 400,000 viewers, each Monday
times in the years thereafter. The top official evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable TV. Segments of
confirmed that they are the manufacturer of the base, some of the programs can be seen ON-LINE,
because it is proprietary,it is secret, of Coca-Cola, worldwide, through videostreaming linked to our
the soft drink. He confirmed that they, at that time, website. E-MAIL:
were among the largest importers of coca leaves for [End]
producing Coca-Cola base and that in the process,
produced cocaine for the pharmaceutical industry.
In 1977, several alternative publications UFOs...Looking for little
raised the question of cocaine and Coca-Cola. Others
raised the issue that Coca-Cola has no actual
green men in Shag Harbour
nutritional value. Despite that, in years past, their
advertisements showed robust and athletic types, BECKY HARRIS That super-secret Air Force base near Groom
powering speedboats, and acting in a way to give the Lake, Nevada -- purported site of everything from
subconscious impression, that Coca-Cola is a captured aliens to the highest of high-tech aircraft --
supposed healthy nutrient, which it is not. has been exempted by President Bush from
The Stepan Chemical Company executive environmental laws that would disclose classified
pointed out that because of the cocaine issue, he has information regarding base operations. President
to be very careful in what he says. By what he said, Bush's decision about Groom Lake was made last
he plainly meant the law enforcement issues and September and published December 24 in the Federal
whether cocaine somehow enters "The Underground Register.
Empire" (which some later called the dope trade, Groom Lake has been the target of litigation
such as John Mills, in his 1990 heavy opus). brought about by former workers at the base. That
Similar issues, now long forgotten, were in Douglas Shand points to the grey sky above legal action focused on health effects resulting in the
the 1970s, raised by alternative publications, most of the Irish Moss Plant in Shag Harbour, N.S. "That's handling and disposal of hazardous wastes at the
which by now are presumably defunct. My interview where they saw it," he says. For the small fishing secret locale.
was a follow up on such issues. Of course, the community, located 250 km southwest of Halifax, the Area 51: For Your Eyes Only
monopoly press, heavily dependent on Coca-Cola 's only government-documented UFO sighting in the
Hackers Invade Website for Area 51
monstrous advertising budget, would not dare raise world is what put the town on the map. On the
or comment on such matters. Further, as we have evening of Oct. 4, 1967, claim some residents, a Images
pointed out in this website series, COCA-COLA bowl-shaped object, about 20 m long, fell from the Area 51 'Not Compromised' by Satellite,
COMPANY appears to be, in part, an espionage sky. In the investigation reports, both the RCMP and Pentagon Says Area 51 Revealed, Judge
operation. And they seem to rely on federal judges Royal Canadian Air Force call the dark object a for Yourself
who are "for sale", as outlined earlier in this series. "UFO". Bush judged that "it is in the paramount interest of
[In rejecting and nullifying a contract and Years later, in spring 2001, the town's post the United States" to prevent disclosure of
copyright claim against Coca-Cola Company, the office unveiled a unique postmark: a blue-ink image information about Groom Lake. The Presidential
softdrink firm benefitted from having their case in of a UFO hovering over a lighthouse and a boat on decision exempts the Air Force activity at Groom
Chicago's Federal Courts, which are considered by the water. Now, says Shand, a 43-year-old Lake, Nevada, "from any Federal, State, interstate or
knowledgeable observers, like those of our group, as automotive refinisher, people are making the trek local provision respecting control and abatement of
"The Cheapest Judicial Whores" in the nation. The from as far away as Europe to hunt little green men. solid waste or hazardous waste disposal that would
case was on the docket of Chicago U.S. District Says Shand: "People plan their vacations around require the disclosure of classified information
Judge Blanche Manning. As we pointed out, in the coming here." Postmaster Cindy Nickerson flips concerning the operating location to any
court record, by way of my court-filed Declaration, through the hundreds of letters people from around unauthorized person."
her position in the courthouse was obtained by a the world have sent over the last year and a half. They The exemption shall be effective for a full
reputed gangster type, for upwards of one million all want their letters, postcards, books and even in one-year statutory period.
dollars. In the course of that case, mentioned earlier some cases, teddy bears, stamped with the alien
in this series, she illegally sat as a "Judge in her own marking. For some, however, even that's not enough.
case", the judge having been accused in six or more "Every time we put up a road sign, it disappears," she
court filings of having committed judicial frauds says. "We've lost five or six already."
upon her own court. We call that, judicial perjuries "We've lost five or six already."
also. I was a sworn witness to confront her in the There hasn't been another sighting in Shag
case. An appeal, to the federal appeals court in Harbour. But one witness to the '67 event isn't
Chicago, is a statutory right belonging to the one surprised. David Kendrick, 53, thinks the orange
who does not prevail in the U.S. District Court. lights he saw hovering in the sky have something to
Despite that right, the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th do with the U.S. or Canadian air force. But tourists,
Circuit, Chicago, sabotaged the right to appeal, by don't despair. "If they don't see some aliens," says
rejecting two different lawyers of choice for the Kendrick, "they'll see some beautiful countryside."
16 Excluded Biology
The Excluded Biology slight perturbation, or the tiniest difference in starting trees to seeds, are moulded and controlled by electro-
conditions, and there is no telling where the system dynamical fields, which he had measured and
will go. This is the ‘butterfly’ effect: a proverbial mapped extensively.
by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon rainforest These fields are in addition to the now well-
could affect the weather in London. known and accepted electrical activities of the brain
Successive reports have confirmed that Living processes are the same. The healthy heartbeat, that can be measured as electroencephalograms
electromagnetic fields too weak to cause burns and the electrical activities of the brain, the behaviour of (EEG) and in the pace-maker of the heart as
heating are linked to cancers and other illnesses. But ant colonies, ecosystems, and a host of other living electrocardiograms (ECG).
these are still dismissed because of the presumed functions, all exhibit chaotic dynamical behaviour. Electrical activities and ionic currents have
absence of "possible biological mechanisms" that They tend to be quasi (almost but not quite)-periodic, also been measured in cultured cells and tissues. And
could account for the effects. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho the periodicities are a complex of many periods, and the weak magnetic fields generated by current flows
reveals a biology that can explain the effects, but has they can swing between different quasi-periodic all over the body can now be measured non-
been ignored and excluded from mainstream states. But they are not at all random. invasively with the extremely sensitive Super
discourse. One can plot a ‘phase-space’ diagram of the Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)
dynamical behaviour and get weird and wonderful magnetometer. The evidence is overwhelming that
There has been very little funding on shapes called appropriately, ‘strange attractors’ electro-dynamical fields and currents are involved in
research into the biological effects of weak which show there is method in the madness. The intercommunication within the body. These fields
electromagnetic fields. Investigations that are carried Lorenz attractor is like a pair of goggles. and currents are connected to and correlated with the
out encounter both methodological and conceptual We already have examples of living EEG and ECG that are a routine part of conventional
hurdles. The laboratory findings have been organisms being sensitive to very weak signals in the biomedicine.
conflicting. It is difficult to reproduce the same environment. Pesticides and other industrial poisons The body uses electromagnetic signals of
conditions, as ambient fields can vary from place to are associated with cancers at concentrations of parts different frequencies and extents to
place and even in the same location at different per billion. intercommunicate. Hence it would be surprising if
times. It is difficult to control for the physiological The upshot is that many of the standard external electromagnetic fields did not have an effect.
conditions of the organisms, even if the same cell statistical tools are inadequate to cope with biological As Gerard Hyland points out, electromagnetic
lines, the same strain of mice are used. But above all, behaviour. And special statistical techniques have radiation from mobile phones and computers are well
the effects are difficult to explain in terms of known already been borrowed from non-linear physics in known to interfere with electronic medical devices
biological mechanisms. order to describe and analyse biological activities. An such as pace-makers and telecommunication systems
It is true that there is nothing in mainstream emerging discipline of ‘dynamic diseases’ is based on of airplanes. To deny that these radiation could
mechanistic biology that would enable us to detecting deviations from the chaotic dynamics of influence the body’s own electro-dynamical
understand how electromagnetic fields below the healthy biological rhythms. Heartbeat and other intercommunication system is irrational to say the
"thermal threshold" could have any effects. That, biological rhythms can be read in rather the way that least. He is particularly worried about the similarity
despite the fact that consistent changes in gene traditional Chinese practitioners read an individual’s of mobile phone frequencies to the major EEG
expression and DNA breakages – considered to the status of health from the person’s pulse. frequencies such as alpha and delta waves, and
‘most solid’ evidence - have now been obtained. Andrew Marino, a pioneer investigator of the frequencies that could trigger epileptic fits in people
The "thermal threshold" is usually taken to non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields (see suffering from epilepsy.
mean the level at which burning or heating occurs. "Non-thermal effects of electromagnetic field", this These experiments were significant for the
But there is a more important meaning that comes series), also initiated the use of statistical methods to following reasons. First, they involved static
from classical thermodynamics, a subject area that analyse his experiments on the basis that the magnetic fields, so only moving charges or liquid
deals with energy transformation. Here, the "thermal biological phenomena under investigation are non- crystals in a high degree of dynamic order could have
threshold" refers to the small fluctuation in energy linear. been affected. Second, the energy in the fields were
that occurs at random in a population of molecules at The reliability of the procedure was tested well below the threshold of random thermal
thermodynamic equilibrium. using pairs of untreated controls, and by sampling a fluctuations, and the only way they could have an
Some biological effects are indeed associated with known non-linear system, such as data obtained by effect is if the embryos were in an excitable, non-
electromagnetic fields so weak that the energies in computer simulation of the Lorenz equations for a equilibrium state. Third, the global transformations
those fields are below the energy of random thermal weather system at two different temperatures. indicate that the embryos must be coherent to a high
fluctuations, and thus, according to classical physics, Marino’s team found that the untreated pairs degree. It means that all the molecules in the body of
cannot possibly have any effect. of controls gave little or no statistical differences the embryo must be moving together in a correlated
The big fallacy is to assume that living when analysed according to either the linear or the way, which incidentally also increased its sensitivity
systems are at thermodynamic equilibrium, which non-linear model. The data from the Lorenz to weak fields.
they are not. Systems at thermodynamic equilibrium equations, on the other hand, gave no statistically We have repeated and extended these
are devoid of organised activities or structures, such significant difference when analysed with experiments, which suggested that the effects of
as the mixture of gases in a closed airtight container conventional linear statistics, but gave a highly weak electromagnetic fields on body pattern
that one finds only in textbooks. significant difference on the non-linear model. formation is non-classical. In other words, it
Organisms, in contrast, are open systems In replicate experiments, male and female suggested that the embryo is quantum coherent.
maintained far away from thermodynamic mice were exposed continuously to very weak, 60 Hz We have since obtained further evidence of
equilibrium by virtue of their ability to capture and electromagnetic field for certain periods of time, and the global coherence that exists in living organisms.
store energy. the effect on 20 immune parameters measured. They The molecules are moving together so perfectly that
Systems full of non-equilibrium energy are found that in all the experiment, exposure to the the entire body appears liquid crystalline.
excitable, ie, they need only the slightest provocation electromagnetic field resulted in statistically This new biology that I have sketched out,
to give, at times, disproportionately large effects. significant changes - in four to ten of the parameters that enables us to understand, not only the sensitivity
Unlike typical mechanical processes where effects - when and only when the response of the animals to of organisms to weak electromagnetic fields, but also
are proportional to, and determined by the magnitude the fields was analysed as if it were governed by non- the holistic health practices of many cultural
of the force, living processes are highly non-linear linear dynamics. traditions, is being systematically ignored and
and unpredictable. Non-linear chaotic dynamics is not the only excluded from mainstream discourse, while we
The weather is an example of non- reason why weak electromagnetic fields should continue to be poisoned with a range of
equilibrium, non-linear process. It is predictable affect living systems. environmental pollutants and by the ‘side-effects’ of
locally in the very short-term, but not in the medium Robert Becker, Marino’s supervisor, had drugs from conventional reductionist mechanistic
and long-term, as typical of systems exhibiting done a series of experiments beginning in the 1950s medicine.
deterministic chaos. Edward Lorenz of the showing that the body of all organisms has a Direct Ten years ago in my laboratory, we found we
Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered Current (DC) field, and that electric currents could dramatically transform the global body pattern
deterministic chaos in the 1960s while trying to write produced all over the body are involved in of the fruitfly larva simply by exposing the embryos
down mathematical equations that could predict the controlling growth and regeneration. By the 1960s, within the first three hours of development for 30
weather; only to discover that his equations said Becker had already proposed that an electrical min to very weak static magnetic fields. The
predictions are impossible. communication system exists within all living things, transformation is unique and striking: the normal
The weather is ‘deterministic’ because one and demonstrated that externally applied fields could segmental pattern became twisted towards a helical
can write down equations that describe the process; influence the processes of growth and regeneration. pattern. In one instance, a completely helical larva
but the equations give unpredictable, chaotic The fields and currents identified by Becker was obtained. [End]
behaviour. The equations cannot be solved were actually found much earlier by another US
mathematically, but they can be simulated on a biologist Harold Saxton Burr. He had proposed in the
computer. Computer simulations clearly show that a 1930s that all living things, from men to mice, from
Mobile Phones and Cancer 17
Mobile Phones & Cancer electromagnetic radiation are at the heart of the medically connected with headache. The reports of
debate on the health hazards of mobile phones and sleep disruption are consistent with the observed
other electrical installations in the environment. effect of the radiation on rapid eye movement (REM)
by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho These recent results should be seen in the sleep and on melatonin levels; whilst memory
light of the report released in March 2002 by the impairment is consistent with the finding that
A spate of reports during 2002 is confirming links National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), microwave radiation targets the hippocampus.
between electromagnetic radiation from mobile which concluded that children exposed to high levels Epileptic seizures are known to be induced by visible
phones and cancer. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports. of electromagnetic radiation in the home could be light flashing at a certain low frequency, and there is
doubling their risk of leukaemia (see no reason to suppose that microwave radiation,
In October, 2002, cell biologist Fiorenzo "Electromagnetic fields double leukaemia risk". This which can access the brain directly through the skull,
Marinelli and his team at the National Research series). flashing at a similar frequency, cannot cause the
Council in Bologna, Italy, reported that radio waves One doesn’t have to be a cell-phone user to effect. Indeed, exposure to such microwave radiation
from mobile phones could promote the growth of become exposed to the radiation. You could be living is known to induce epileptic activity in certain
cancer cells. near a base-station that’s beaming the radio waves at animals; and there have been reports of increased
The team exposed leukaemia cells to 900- you . Or you could be exposed as a passenger on a seizures in some children suffering from epilepsy
megahertz radio waves at a power density level of 1 crowded train full of mobile phone users. that were exposed to base-station radiation.
milliwatt per squared centimetre (mW/cm2). Tsuyoshi Hondou, a physicist from Tohoku Finally, mobile phone users show
After 24 hours of continuous exposure to the University in Sendai, Japan, currently working at the statistically significant increase (by a factor of
radio waves, the researchers found that certain Curie Institute in Paris, calculated that in a typical between 2 and 3) in the incidence of a rather rare kind
‘suicide genes’ were turned on in far more leukaemia Japanese railway carriage with mobile phone users of tumour (epithelial neuroma) on the side of the
cells than in a control cell population that had not surfing the net, the radio waves rebounding from the brain nearest the mobile phone.
been exposed, and 20 per cent more exposed cells metal wall of the carriage would give an What then is the appropriate exposure limit?
had died than in the controls. electromagnetic field that could exceed the Hyland points out that some experiments are
But after 48 hours exposure to the radio maximum exposure level recommended by the indicating non-thermal thresholds for biological
waves, the apparently lethal effect of the radiation International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation effects of the order of microwatt/cm2. Adverse
went into reverse. Instead of more cells dying, the (ICNIRP), even when the train is not crowded. effects have been reported, however, at power
exposed cells were replicating furiously compared to Hondou’s calculations show that it is densities a few tenths of that value at distances of
the controls. Three genes that trigger cells to possible to exceed ICNIRP exposure limit if 30 150-200m from a typical 15m high Base-station mast
multiply were turned on in a high proportion of the people, each with a mobile phone that emits radio and within the range of the more localised side-lobes
cells. The cancer, although briefly beaten back, had waves at a power of 0.4 watts, all use their phones at in the immediate vicinity of a mast. Incorporating a
become more aggressive. the same time. further safety factor of 10 to allow for the possibility
Marinelli presented the results at the The ICNIRP limits have already been of long-term exposure, the power densities should
International Workshop on Biological Effects of severely criticised for being set far too high, and are not exceed 10 nanoW (billionth of a Watt)/cm2.
Electromagnetic Fields on the Greek island of aimed at protecting people from acute heating effects
Rhodes. only, and take no account of non-thermal effects. For more information on “Mobile Phomes and
He suspects that the radiation may initially An inquiry in April 2000 by the British Cancer” please see the information on Page 18.
damage DNA, and that this interferes with the government found no evidence of any health risks
biochemical signals in a way that ultimately triggers from mobile phones. But the report nevertheless
the cells to multiply more rapidly.
Meanwhile, a research team in the
recommended a precautionary approach until further The Parapsychology of Ghosts
evidence emerged. In particular, it suggested children
University of Florence reported that normal human should not use mobile phones excessively.
skin fibroblasts, placed over an active cell phone for A review published in The Lancet the same
1 h, also showed significant changes. The fibroblasts year by Gerard Hyland, physicist at Warwick Ghosts appear in many forms. The most
shrivelled up, and several genes indicative of stress University, listed numerous studies over the past 30 common of these forms is what we refer to
response became expressed, that are involved in cell years that showed microwaves do have a range of Electromagnetic Luminaries or EML's. EML's, if
proliferation, growth inhibition and cell death. There non-thermal effects. you were to break it down to a very basic level, are
was a significant increase in DNA synthesis and in Some of the findings, such as increases in balls of electrostatic energy with what seems to be a
key molecules that signal cell division. These chromosome aberrations, DNA single- and double- conscience. They seem to be able to reason and have
findings are similar to those reported earlier from yet strand breaks, promotion of cancer in cells, and in some sort of intelligence. From EML's, a 'ghost' will
another laboratory. transgenic mice, are all consistent with the recent manifest into what is referred to as a free formed
Dariusz Leszczynski at the Radiation and reports. Hyland is extremely critical of the current vapor. This vapor appears like a mist. Most of the
Nuclear Safety Authority in Helsinki found that one- exposure limits set by the ICNIRP. time it will not have a definite shape. From this
hour exposure to mobile phone radiation caused Dr Zenon Sienkiewicz, a radiation biologist vaporous mass, a 'ghost' will then manifest into a full
cultured human cells to shrink. at the National Radiological Protection Board human form which is extremely rare to see and even
Leszczynski believes this happens when a (NRPB), told BBC News Online that there was still more rare to catch on film.
cell is damaged. In a person, such changes could no hard evidence that showed mobile phones causing Many people who see a full form floating
destroy the ‘blood-brain barrier’ that normally harm in real humans, rather than human cells in a test pparition or 'ghost', notice that they seem to be
prevents harmful substances in the bloodstream from tube. dressed in clothing from the period in which they
entering the brain and damaging it. He said: "The bottom line is there are no once existed. As we know, clothes do not have souls
Radiation-induced changes in the cells could known mechanisms by which mobile phone radiation nor do those leisure suits from the 70's have an
also interfere with normal cell death when the cell is can increase the risk of cancer." afterlife, however, there are a few reasons we have to
damaged. If cells that are ‘marked’ to die do not, Hyland disagrees. He points out that mobile take into account why these 'ghosts' appear the way
tumours can form. phone radiation has been found to affect a wide they do. First, many of the 'ghosts' are not aware they
This research is particularly important, variety of brain functions - such as electrical activity are no longer alive. Going by what we know, 'ghosts'
Leszczynski said, because it demonstrates that (EEG) electrochemistry and the permeability of the are nothing more than EML's that go through a
mobile phone radiation too weak to heat up the cells blood/brain barrier - and to undermine the immune manifestation period of balls of energy to a vaporous
can still affect them. system. mist to full form. During the period of the vapor
David de Pomerai, molecular toxicologist at Although the precise mechanisms are manifestation is when the energy begins to take
the University of Nottingham, provided the first unclear, Hyland pointed to an "undeniable shape. This shape, being whatever form it chooses to
clear evidence on such non-thermal effects of mobile consistency between some of these non-thermal take and not knowing that it is no longer alive,
phone radiation. He found that nematode worms influences and the nature of many of the health usually takes the same shape it had in life. In life,
exposed to radio waves had an increase in fertility - problems reported", such as headache, sleep when we perceive ourselves, we see ourselves
the opposite effect from what would be expected disruption, impairment of short term memory, clothed, as do these apparitions. This is the reason
from heating. increases in the frequency of seizures in some they will form with clothing they are familiar in.
De Pomerai also insisted that a consensus is epileptic children when exposed to Base-station Children will often be seen with their toys
emerging that electromagnetic waves such as those radiation, and of brain tumours amongst users of once they manifest to full form. Some spirits know
used in mobile phones can indirectly damage DNA mobile phones. they are deceased due to a violent demise and choose
by affecting its repair system without heating the Thus, reports of headache are consistent with to stay behind in the world of the living. This is why
cell. "Cells with unrepaired DNA damage are likely the effect observed on the dopamine–opiate system those who did indeed have a violent demise can be
to be far more aggressively cancerous," he said. of the brain, and the increase in permeability of the seen with wounds that pertain to way they were
Non-thermal effects due to weak blood-brain barrier, both of which have been killed.
18 Mobile Phones and Cancer
How do mobile phones work? * Alters ornithine decarboxylase activity "But strangely enough, on the occasions
in cultured cell line. when I actually saw the spirit, I felt quite calm.
* Reduces T lymphocyte cytotoxicity. "Having said that, we often heard bumps and
Mobile telephony is based on radio bangs in the hospital late at night, but none of us was
* Increases permeability of red blood cell
communication between a portable handset and brave enough to go and check them out on our own.
the nearest base-station. Every base-station We always went in a group of three, because we were
* Affects calcium efflux in brain cells.
serves a ‘cell’, varying in radius from hundreds scared of what we might find." Agnes Finnie, who
* Increases chromosome aberrations and was a nurse at the old hospital more than 20 years
of metres in densely populated areas to
micronuclei in human blood lymphocytes. ago, was also haunted by supernatural goings-on.
kilometres in rural areas, and is connected both
* Promotes cancer synergistically with She explained: "When somebody died, we
to the conventional landline telephone network,
cancer-promoting drugs such as phorbol esters. had to take the body up to the attic and leave it there.
and by tightly focused microwave links to
"Afterwards, we often heard somebody
neighbouring stations. As the mobile-phone user
In vivo non-thermal effects of playing on the old piano which was in the same room
moves from cell to cell, the call is transferred as the bodies.
from one base-station to the next without microwaves "It wasn't really a particular tune - more like
interruption. the keys being tinkered with." She went on: "It was
The radio communication depends on * Causes epileptic activity in rats, in really quite scary, and lots of the staff were
microwaves at 900 or 1800 megahertz (MHz) (a conjunction with certain drugs. frightened to go up the stairs, especially as it was
million cycles per second) to carry voice * Depresses chicken immune systems very badly lit.
information via small modulations of the wave’s (melatonin, corticosterone and IgG levels). "After the body had been put in the attic,
frequency. A base-station antenna typically * Increases mortality of chick none of us would venture near it again until the
radiates 60W and a handset between 1 and 2 W embryos. undertaker arrived.
* Affects brain electrochemistry (dopamine, "Everybody said it was the ghost of Lady
(peak). The antenna of a handset radiates equally
opiates). Glen-Coats." Their fascinating tales came to light
in all directions, but a base-station produces a
* Increases DNA single- and double-strand after the Express revealed a group of students from
beam that is much more directional. In addition, Reid Kerr College feared they were being haunted by
breaks in rat brain.
the stations have subsidiary beams called side- Paisley's notorious White Witch, from the old Coats
* Promotes lymphomas in transgenic mice.
lobes, into which a small fraction of the emitted Hospital.
* Synergeistic effects with certain
power is channelled. Unlike the main beam, the psychoactive drugs. The students claim they've suffered a string
side-lobes are located in the immediate vicinity * A delayed increase in spectral power of strange mishaps since penning a macabre tale
of the mast, and, despite their low power, the density (particularly in the alpha band) corroborated based on the legend of the well-known ghost.
power density can be comparable with that of in the awake EEG of adults exposed to mobile phone Witchcraft expert Dr Hugh McLachlan, of Glasgow
the main beam much further away from the radiation. Influences on the asleep EEG include a Caledonian University, said: "Maybe this old hospital
mast. At 150 to 200m, the power density in the shortening of rem sleep during which the power was haunted - who knows? "Sometimes, it is
density in the alpha band increases, and effects on tempting to say places are haunted if we can't find a
main beam near the ground level is typically
non-REM sleep. rational explanation for certain events.
tenths of microWatt/cm2.
* Exposure to mobile phone radiation also "But I believe it is better to admit we don't
A handset in operation also has a low- understand some of the things we see." [End]
decreases the preparatory slow potentials in certain
frequency magnetic field associated, not with
regions of the brain and affects memory tasks.
the emitted microwaves, but with surges of
* Resting blood pressure was found to
electric current from the battery that’s necessary increase during exposure to radiofrequencies. SPACE TRIVIA
to implement ‘time division multiple access’, Q: Who was the first person in space?
the system used to increase the number of A: Major Yuri Gagarin (Russian)
people who can simultaneously communicate
with the base-station. Every communication
Ghost Played Piano For
Q: Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
channel has 8 time slots (thus the average power Patients Who Died A: Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the
of a handset is 1/8 of the peak values, ie, beween moon. This event occurred during the Apollo 11
0.125 and 0.25W), which are transmitted as 576 Two retired nurses yesterday told of their mission on July 20, 1969
microsecond bursts. Together, the 8 slots define terror at the hands of a ghost who haunted a former
a frame, the repetition of which is 217 Hz. The hospital in Paisley. Q: Who spent the first day on the moon?
The nurses described how the spirit of Lady A: Charles Conrad and Alan Bean of Apollo 12
frames transmitted by both handsets and base-
Glen-Coats would PLAY THE PIANO in the room spent the first day on the moon.
stations are groups into ‘multi-frames’ of 25 by
where dead patients were kept before the undertaker
the absence of every 26th frame. This results in Q: Who was the first American in Space?
an additional low frequency pulsing of the signal And how her ghost would appear bending A: The first American in space was Alan B. Shepard.
at 8.34Hz, which, unlike that at 217 Hz, is over patients' beds in the wards of the Coats Hospital, He made a 15 minute suborbital flight in the
unaffected by call density, and is thus a in Ferguslie Park. Mercury capsule Freedom 7 on May 5, 1961.
permanent feature of the emission. With The nurses told their story after the Paisley
handsets that have an energy-saving Daily Express earlier this week revealed students had Q: Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
discontinuous transmission mode (DTX), there been haunted by ANOTHER ghost from the same A: On February 20, 1962, John Glenn was the first
is an even lower frequency pulsing at 2 Hz, hospital. American in orbit. He flew in the Mercury
which occurs when the user is listening but not Wilma McDowall and Agnes Finnie, who Friendship 7 and orbited the Earth 3 times.
speaking. worked together in the Coats Hospital say they were
often haunted by the ghost of Lady Glen-Coats. And Q: Who was the first American to ride inside a
Thus, the fields to which users are
they say they were scared to go anywhere alone in the Russian spacecraft?
exposed can be quite complex A: Vance Brand was the first American to fly inside
historic building - which has now been demolished -
in case they bumped into the spooky spectre. a Russian spacecraft. He visited the Soyuz cabin
In vitro nonthermal effects of Wilma McDowall, 63, was an auxiliary at the during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP).
hospital nearly 30 years ago.
microwaves And she says she twice spotted the ghost of Q: Who was the first U.S. civilian in space?
Lady Glen-Coats while she was on duty. A: Neil Armstrong was the first civilian in space, as
* Elicits epileptic activity in rat brain Yesterday, she explained: "This kind of well as the first man to walk on the moon (July 20,
slices in conjunction with certain drugs. smoky haze would sometimes appear in the ward, 1969).
* Affects cell division of yeast and on the and you could just make out the figure of a woman
bending over a hospital bed. Q: Who was the first fare paying passenger in
genome conformation of E. coli.
"She was always spotted at the bedside of a space?
* Synchronises cell division in yeast, S.
patient who was very ill, and she always appeared A: The first fare-paying passenger in space was
carisbergenis. Charlie Walker. McDonnell Douglas paid NASA
after midnight.
* Switches on l-phage and colicin "All the staff talked about this ghost, and the approximately $66,000 to fly him on STS-41D on
synthesis in bacteria. tales were really terrifying. August 30, 1984.
A Cure for Cancer ? 19
A Remarkable New popularity and be used to treat other mental truly cured of cancer, and to prevent its
conditions. Its first and only use for cancer treatment reoccurrence, the body must be detoxified, the
Therapy Uses Insulin- was by a single physician, Dr. Surgis Koroljow, for immune system rebuilt, nutritional deficiencies
a period of a few years in the late 1950s. He reported rectified, and all biological functions normalized as
Induced Hypoglycemia spectacular success, but was forced to stop his work much as possible.
To Create An Internal after the state of New Jersey threatened to revoke his To accomplish all this, BioPulse employs a
license. number of techniques. Not all methods are employed
Biological Environment Because its use as a treatment for cancer has for every patient, but combined as appropriate. For
been so limited, no one is sure of the exact almost everyone, vitamin and mineral IVs are given
In Which Cancer Simply mechanism whereby IHT destroys cancer cells. to strengthen the body, along with amino acid and
Can’t Survive! However, because of its wide use to treat mental enzyme therapies, and oral supplementation.
illnesses for over 20 years, the physiological effects Nutrition and nutrition education are fundamental.
that IHT has on the body are well known. Dr. Bernarda Lara, BioPulse's critical care M.D.,
We are sorry, but you probably have only
Oxygen and glucose are normally personally determines a custom menu of five
two more months left, at the outside," the doctors
metabolized together. When glucose levels are different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for patients
told John Franzoni, as they've told millions of other
lowered by insulin, the body's metabolism slows, to use as guidelines when they return home.
people. "There's nothing more that we can do for
oxygen accumulates in the blood, and the production For detoxification BioPulse uses chelation,
of carbon dioxide decreases. This, in turn, increases and a program of colonics and enemas. Patients are
The doctors had done plenty, including
the pH of the blood and tissues, so that they go from sent to biological dentists to remedy problems
traditional radiation treatment, in an attempt to
an acidic to an alkaline condition. Tumor cells have caused by toxic amalgam fillings and infections from
destroy the tumors on John's esophagus and in his
been described as "immature," and in some ways root canals. Other weapons in the clinic's medical
lungs. The radiation left him sick and debilitated, but
they are more vulnerable than normal cells, in the arsenal include Hyberbaric Oxygen, and energy
at the end of treatment the tumors were not only still
same way that healthy adults are better able to resist protocols such as Pulsed Magnetic Wave Therapy
there, they had doubled in mass. Because of this,
disease than sickly infants. Cancer cells cannot and Acoustic Light Wave Therapy.
chemotherapy was not considered an option.
survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. Case Histories The course of even
Four months later, however, John not only
Since hypoglycemic sleep is actually produced by successful therapy rarely runs smoothly. Take the
wasn't dead, he was feeling better than he had in
excess oxygen in the blood through the paralysis of case of 55-year-old John Franzoni, mentioned at the
years. The three tumors on his throat and tongue,
oxidation-reduction enzymes, it has been theorized beginning of this article. The friend who originally
which the doctors thought would quickly overwhelm
that the extreme pH of the blood inactivates enzymes referred John to BioPulse was the actress Sally
him, were completely gone. The cancer tumors in his
responsible for cancer cells' energy, and their ability Kirkland. She had learned about the clinic from
lungs had been reduced 25% so far. All signs have
to replicate. Repeated exposure to these conditions Alternative Medicine's Burton Goldberg, when she
him headed toward remission. The reason: he was
does not harm healthy cells, but it kills cancer cells. consulted him about getting detoxified after having
guided by a friend to a clinic in Mexico that had just
started using a therapy that conventional medicine Receiving IHT at Biopulse her silicone breast implants removed. When John
It takes five days of preparation once a arrived at BioPulse he had one large tumor on the
had first ignored and then successfully quashed
patient arrives at BioPulse before IHT is formally back of his tongue and two large tumors on the
over the past 38 years.
commenced. Initial small insulin injections are given inside of his throat that were so large he could hardly
The clinic was BioPulse, and the therapy
on a daily basis at first, with the patient's blood speak or eat. His conventional doctors thought that,
they employed has the formidable-sounding name of
glucose tested every quarter-hour for one hour, and if nothing else, these would cause John to starve to
Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy (IHT).
then every hour for four hours, to determine the death. He also had one large tumor in the occipital
And formidable it is, as a therapy that is
proper dosage for each individual. The blood is also area at the base of his skull that caused him
showing amazing results in reversing even end-
analyzed to detect any nutritional deficiencies or dizziness. Plus, a life-long smoker, his lungs were
stage cancer. BioPulse only began using IHT in June
abnormalities. Based on what the staff learns the first riddled with tumors.
1999. At the time this article is being written, they
week, they prepare an IV that is given an hour prior After a week of prep work, he began IHT.
have used this therapy on thirty-two patients, with
to the insulin. He emerged from his third session feeling especially
about thirty treatments each. Every patient treated
The IV contains vitamins and minerals good, until one-half hour later he began spitting up
has had their tumors substantially reduced or
tailored to the patient's needs, including high blood. He spat up blood for some hours, until at 8:00
completely eliminated. It is the same with their pain-
amounts of vitamin A and melatonin to protect brains PM he spat up three chunks of tissue. BioPulse
-diminished or gone altogether.
cells from a lack of glucose. analyzed them in their laboratory and determined
Patients report increased appetite, improved
Then the insulin itself is administered. A they were not coagulated blood but fibrous tissue.
mental outlook and sense of humor, and general
critical care physician and registered nurse are at Immediately afterwards, however, John began to
sense of well-being. There have been absolutely no
bedside, continually monitoring every moment, and speak clearly for the first time in three weeks. Dr.
adverse effects. While it is obviously too early to tell
modifying the IV to maintain the desired glucose Lara looked down his throat and saw that the three
if their cancer will never reoccur, there is no reason
level. The sessions last 1 1/2 hours, during which tumors were gone--either he had coughed them up or
to think it will. In conjunction with IHT, BioPulse
time glucose levels are lowered from the normal swallowed them. However, he now had three open
employs a comprehensive detoxification and
level of 100 to 150, mg/dL, down to 20 mg/dL or lesions and they were bleeding.
fortification program, along with nutrition and
below. Oxygen is also administered during the entire John was taken to a San Diego area hospital's
lifestyle education. This is an integrated systemic
session. Patients are brought out of their sleep with emergency room, but four hours later the hospital
approach. As long as patients adhere to healthy life
the injection of methylene blue and an IV of glucose. phoned BioPulse and said "This patient is going to be
habits, their bodies should prove inhospitable for
BioPulse has found that the regulation of glucose dead in nine hours. Where do you want us to ship the
cancer or any other degenerative disease.
return--not too fast and not too slow--is vital to the body?" So Loran Swensen, president of BioPulse,
The patients treated so far with IHT at
comfort of the patient. Therefore they emerge drove over and found John sitting up in bed.
BioPulse have had a variety of different cancers,
including cancer of the lung, colon, pancreas, liver, smoothly, without any side effects, with a feeling of
well-being. They are generally soaked with sweat, Continued on Page 20
breast, prostate, esophagus, bone and blood. Their
conditions range from early-stage to advanced. which is a positive therapeutic sign. They are also
Some went straight to BioPulse soon after they almost always hungry, which is extremely positive
were diagnosed; others didn't go until after they had for a cancer patient. WINTER WARMUP
undergone excruciating radiation, surgery, and Most positive of all is that 75% of the
chemotherapy that had left them severely debilitated, patients report a reduction in their pain from the very SPECIALS
but uncured and facing death. first session. Virtually all feel substantially better
How IHT Works after the third session, and some are completely pain-
free by then. The present course of treatment consists Furnace Clean & Check -
IHT involves intravenously introducing
of 30 to 35 sessions over the course of eight
insulin to produce a state of profoundly lowered
weeks. With refinement, BioPulse is hoping to $49.95
blood sugar. This state lasts for a period of about an
hour under careful clinical supervision. It is this
reduce their protocol to a four-week period, when Fireplace Clean & Check -
their patients can leave the clinic well on the road $49.95
hypoglycemic condition that changes the
to recovery, or even cancer-free.
environment in the body to one in which cancer cells
A Total Program Patients at BioPulse are
cannot survive. Valid in Haldiman & Hamilton, Ontario Only
never treated by IHT alone. This kills the cancer
Insulin Therapy was first employed in 1928
cells, but cancer is a systemic disease, and the entire
as an experimental treatment to cure morphine
addiction. Its efficacy caused it to quickly gain
environment of the body must be changed. To be
20 A Cure for Cancer ?
Continued from Page 19...... Ghost hunters raise and rushed into the next room. Or something.
Litsinger thrust an EMF detector into my
"How do you feel?" Loran asked. "I feel fine," John ruckus in old Baltimore hand and pushed me over to a stained glass window
replied, and, pointing to the ER physician, behind a glass partition in a passage in the restaurant.
continued, "but this ass-- here tells me I'm going to By Todd Eastham I read "Bertha E. Bartholomew," amid flowers and
die." "Well, he's bleeding internally," said the angels and clouds. It was some sort of memorial.
doctor. "I don't think so," explained Loran, "I think BALTIMORE (Reuters) - Tales of ghosts and The reading goes off the dial, at the edge of
he's just bleeding where he had had three tumors. spirits are all very well, I told my hosts, but a reporter the red. Must be a florescent light or something in
They just came off." "That's impossible," said the needs something objective and tangible upon which there, I said. Then the reading goes back into the
doctor. "Look," Loran went on, "he's got three open to peg a story. green near zero. The light didn't even flicker.
lesions in his throat that just need cauterizing." The That's when the fork came flying out of "She likes to come and go," said Litsinger,
doctor refused to admit John, insisting that the nowhere -- or rather over a low partition separating a calling the glass a "haunted object."
procedure would be futile. John discharged himself, group of diners in a corner of a cozy dining room Laura Norris, owner of Bertha's Mussels
and Loran took him to the University of California at with closed windows and no door. since 1972, said the window, once mounted in a
San Diego Medical Center, where he was "Did you see that?" I asked one of my table Lutheran church on Hanover Street in South
admitted. The lesions were cauterized and the mates, Towson State University student Michelle Baltimore, was purchased years ago at a junk yard.
bleeding stopped immediately. John returned to the Salapka. She nodded her head but couldn't bring the "Bertha, can we take your picture?" said a
clinic ten days later and is doing fantastic. After three words to her now gaping lips, her eyes wide as woman with a camera. "It's not going to hurt you."
more weeks of IHT the remaining tumors in his saucers, staring at the fork on the table between us. Bertha, presumably, isn't familiar with digital
lungs have decreased by 25 percent. Experiences The dinner, hosted by the Maryland Ghost cameras.
like this prompted biopulse to open their own critical and Spirit Association at the Baltimore seafood Norris said she's never seen a ghost. "But I
care center on site in October, 1999. restaurant Bertha's Mussels, was turning into a feel them," she insisted. Them? "I think there's a man
Another amazing story is that of Talia rousing success. The 800-member group, whose Web and a woman. ... I always felt she was benevolent. I'd
Yampel, a 13-year-old girl from Tel Aviv, Israel. site is at, is feel really tingly."
Talia had developed a tumor in her thigh. It grew to dedicated to investigating "ghostly paranormal But there's another angry presence.
the size of a walnut, and then rapidly spread like a phenomenon" at Civil War and other old sites around "Sometimes the cats will come hissing down the hall
spider web throughout the entire thigh. Maryland. with their backs up," Norris said.
Her physician, Yacov Goshen, M.D., at the Beverly Litsinger, who founded the Norris said her son-in-law had glimpsed a
Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel, felt organization a few years ago with her husband and tall man with a full-length coat and big hat at the top
that the only thing he could do was to remove all the daughter, was nearby watching members of a flight of stairs as he was coming down. "He felt
diseased tissue, which would have left her leg utterly "photograph" spirits. an angry presence and didn't want to turn around,"
deformed and useless. Her family had read about "She just caught two orbs!" shouted she said.
BioPulse in Alternative Medicine magazine, Litsinger. Others have seen a woman in a bustle and
however, and decided to fly her to the clinic. Talia Images of weird glowing orbs, floating in the big hat in the dining room in the early morning hours.
was given the full protocol of 35 IHT treatments. air over the tables inexplicably, were showing up on "That could be Bertha," Norris said.
And although she felt better, two MRI's given during digital cameras. One photo showed an odd cartoonish "Have you seen them?" I asked a waitress.
that time revealed that the tumor had not become hazy gray figure with huge almond eyes standing in "No, but she has," she said, pointing to a young
even one millimeter smaller. Her walking improved, the background. woman carrying dishes.
and her appetite; after the treatments, it didn't seem Other participants were dashing up and down "I'm kind of busy right now," said the second
like she was sick at all, except that the tumor the stairs and into back rooms of the restaurant, waitress, who identified herself only as Delvina.
appeared to still be there, intact. taking readings with temperature guns -- looking for I pressed her for more.
The staff at BioPulse didn't know what else hot and cold spots. And then there were the strange "It was sort of cloudy, milky white," she said
to do, and felt that perhaps they had encountered electromagnetic readings showing up on the EMF finally. (Continued on Page 21)
their first failure with this new procedure. Talia (electromagnetic field detectors) that some were
flew back to Israel, and went into the hospital to have wielding.
the tumor removed surgically. But when her surgeon "You can also get full bodies with digital,"
opened the leg, the tumor looked strange to him. He
didn't proceed with the mutilating operation and
said Litsinger, who came equipped with two albums MORE SPACE TRIVIA
full of pictures she and others claim were of ghosts
instead took a biopsy. The results came back: the and spirits captured at some of the 200 or so
tumor was no longer malignant, it was completely "haunted" sites around the state.
benign. The treatments at BioPulse hadn't dissolved They showed more orbs, lots of orbs, in and Q: Who was the first man to fly in space
it, but they had changed its character. "I don't know around graveyards and Civil War sites, old and independent of of the spacecraft?
how to explain this," her physician said, "I've never sometimes abandoned buildings, including schools A: Bruce McCandless, who flew on STS 41B, was
seen anything like it. Consider it a miracle. But there and hospitals. Some photos showed strange white the first man to fly in space independent of his
is no point in removing the tissue, because it is not a clouds of what could be smoke, swirling spacecraft by operating the Manned Maneuvering
threat to the body. Talia can keep her leg. provocatively. Unit (MMU).
There are, as of now, thirty similar stories at "That's ectoplasm," said Litsinger. You can
BioPulse, but Loran hastens to add, "The sooner sometimes catch the evolution from orbs to Q: Who was the first man to fly in space four times?
people come to us, the better. Don't wait until you've ectoplasm to full-figured ghosts, she explained later A: Jim Lovell was the first man in space four times.
exhausted your bone marrow and everything else in an interview at her home in North Baltimore. He flew on Gemini 5, Gemini 7, Apollo 8 and
and expect us to send you home cured. At that point, "Orbs are a mechanism they use to travel." Apollo 13.
even if we are able to reverse the cancer, the body is To catch the ghosts, she uses 800 ASA film,
so weakened from radiation and chemotherapy that it used in low-light and fast shutter speed situations. Q: Who was the first African-American in space?
is vulnerable to infections and other problems that "They're traveling fast so you need a faster film," she A: Guion Bluford was the first African-American in
survival is still problematic." said. space. He flew on STS-8.
As the doctors and staff at BioPulse are the
first to state, thirty-odd cases treated over a four-
'SHADOW PEOPLE' IN THE Q: Who was the first man to walk in space?
month period is not conclusive proof that IHT is
indeed a cancer cure for the millennium. But while CORNER OF HER EYE A: The first man to walk in space was the soviet pilot
of Voskhod 2, Alexei Leonov, on March 18, 1965.
this may not be equivalent to a large-sample study
over an extended period of time, the absolutely Back in the restaurant, Michelle was shaken, He was attached to a 15 foot long tether for 12
a bit frightened. So why was she there? minutes and 9 seconds.
amazing "anecdotal" results are no less compelling-
especially for the three dozen patients who are the "My boyfriend is convinced I see shadow
living, breathing "anecdotes." people," she said, adding she sometimes thinks she Q: When was the first group of scientist astronauts
Contact: Besides treating patients, BioPulse sees people out of the corner of her eye, then turns to selected?
find no one there. A: The first group of scientist astronauts were
is developing a program to train physicians in IHT.
The BioPulse Rejuvenation Center is located in I'm still a little skeptical, concerned that this selected in June, 1965. They included Owen
Tijuana, Mexico. Tel: 888-552-2855 (from U.S.); article is going to read like something in the Garriott, Edward Gibson, Duane Graveline, Joseph
801-233-9094 (outside U.S.); international direct: Halloween edition of a high school newspaper. After Kerwin, Curtis Michel and Harrison Schmitt.
011-526-686-1880. Fax: 801-233-9089. [End] all, maybe the fork was sitting on that partition all
along and somebody walking past had knocked it off
Ghosts in Old Baltimore 21
Ghost hunters raise Human teleportation: how passed on to B by way of entanglement, and then on
to photon C.When researchers apply the information
ruckus in old Baltimore close to reality? from photon A to photon C, they can create an exact
replica of photon A. However, photon A no longer
exists as it did before the information was sent to
Continued from Page 20 S.S. Verma photon C.A more recent teleportation success was
achieved at the Australian National University, when
HOTBED OF HAUNTINGS To travel faster has always fascinated human researchers successfully teleported a laser beam.
beings and ever since the wheel was invented more Though quantum teleportation does hold
than 5,000 years ago, people have been developing promise for quantum computing and these
"Ectoplasm," I nodded sagely. Where was
new ways to accomplish the same. Various modes of experiments with photons are important in
my skeptical hat?
transportation from chariot to rocket have all been developing networks that can distribute quantum
Maryland, it seems, is a hotbed of hauntings
invented to decrease the amount of time being spent information at a faster rate but the idea of creating
thanks in part to the Civil War, in which large
in getting to the desired destinations. replicas of objects and destroying the originals
numbers of people died violently before they were
But what if there were a way to go from doesn't sound too inviting for human teleportation.
ready to depart this Earth.
The hauntings are also thanks to some very home to the supermarket, or from backyard to the
old neighborhoods and buildings in and around International Space Station without having to use any Human Teleportation
Baltimore, Frederick and other cities -- like Fells type of vehicle? A method for such a travel by
Point, site of the first settlements in Baltimore. combining properties of telecommunications and For a person to be transported, a machine
While the full story behind the Bertha's transportation is called teleportation. Teleportation would have to be built that can pinpoint and analyse
Mussels hauntings is not known, the building was a involves dematerialising an object (converting mass all of the 1028 atoms that make up the human body.
seamen's bar -- and we know what scary, violent into energy) at one point, and sending the details of This machine would then have to send this
places they were. that object's precise atomic configuration to another information to another location, where the person's
The story surrounding another nearby location, where it will be reconstructed (conversion body would be reconstructed with exact precision.
restaurant, the Zodiac, is better known. It seems the of energy into mass) with same memories, emotions, Molecules couldn't be even a millimeter out of place,
owner of a speak-easy on the site, a surly, hard- hopes and dreams. It means that time and space could lest the person arrived with some severe neurological
drinking man, hanged himself there after his wife ran be eliminated from travel and we could be or physiological defect. In science fiction movies a
off with another man. transported to any location instantly, without actually machine called a transporter performs teleportation.
"I asked the spirit if it would move crossing a physical distance. The transporter is basically a platform that the
something for me and there was a pole that just The concept of teleportation of microscopic characters stood on, while switches are adjusted on
started rotating," said Karen Corkran, a member of objects (or classical teleportation) is not all new to the control boards. The transporter machine then
the ghost association, of an outing there. viewers of TV serials based on Hindu mythology, or locked onto each atom of each person on the
"I felt something extremely powerful up like Star Trek, Shaktiman etc.. Our religious books platform, and used a transporter carrier wave to
there. I got real tight in my chest and I couldn't and stories also depict great men with such transmit those emolecules to wherever the object
breathe." supernatural powers of achieving teleportation of wanted to go. Viewers see the body dissolving into a
"Why ghosts?" I asked Litsinger at her themselves as well as helping others to achieve the shiny glitter (energy) before disappearing and then
home. same. However, in 1993, the idea of teleportation rematerializing instantly on some distant place.
"I've always been able to pick up and moved out of the realm of mythology and science If such a machine were possible, it's unlikely
communicate with them. My daughter inherited the fiction into the world of theoretical possibility. It was that the person being transported would actually be
ability," she replied. then that physicist Charles Bennett and a team of "transported." It would work more like a fax machine
"But why do they stick around?" Why not go researchers at IBM (USA) confirmed that quantum — a duplicate of the person would be made at the
on "into the light" or wherever it is we end up, I (macroscopic objects) teleportation was possible. receiving end, but with much greater precision than a
inquired. There are scientists working right now on such fax machine. But what would happen to the original?
"God gives us freedom of choice on Earth, and if you experiments that have actually achieved teleportation One theory suggests that teleportation would
die he doesn't take it away," she explained. with photons, and one day we might be able to use combine genetic cloning with digitisation. In this
"Some stay behind to watch over loved ones teleportation to travel anywhere, at anytime. biodigital cloning, tele-travellers would have to die,
or take care of things they needed to do," she said, in a sense. Their original mind and body would no
"and some people take time to realize they're dead." Experiments longer exist. Instead, their atomic structure would be
She told the story of a young girl she called recreated in another location, and digitisation would
Annie who was sent away to school a century ago at In 1998, physicists at the California Institute of still exist, but they would do so in a new body of the
the Patapsico Institute outside Baltimore. In letters Technology (USA) along with two European groups same atomic structure as the original body,
recovered after her death, Annie complained bitterly turned the IBM ideas into reality by successfully programmed with the same information.
to her parents about her mean teachers, the backward teleporting a photon, a particle of energy that carries Still, we are years away from the
townsfolk and the bitter cold. light. The Caltech group was able to read the atomic development of a teleprotation machine like the
So her parents agreed to come and bring her structure of a photon, send this information across transporter room on Star Trek's enterprise spaceship.
home, but it was too late. It really was cold, and she Imetre of coaxial cable and create a replica of the The laws of physics may even make it impossible to
died of pneumonia as they were en route to the photon. As predicted, the original photon no longer create a transporter that enables a person to be sent
school. existed once the replica was made. In performing the instantaneously to another location, which would
A pretty girl with long hair flowing down her experiment, the Caltech group was able to get around require travel at the speed of light. But like at all
back, Annie "can be seen carrying a suitcase out the the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the main technologies, scientists are sure to continue to
front door" of the now shuttered school, said barrier or teleportation of objects larger than a improve upon the ideas of teleportation, to the point
Litsinger. "Annie's been waiting for over 100 years photon. that we may one day be able to avoid such difficult
for her parents to come and get her." [End] This principle states that you cannot methods of teleportation and the final teleportation
simultaneously know the location and the speed of a technology will be within reach of a common man.
particle. But if you can't know the position of a PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The writer is from
particle, then how can you teleport it? In order to the department of physics, S.L.I.E.T., Longowal.
teleport a photon without violating the Heisenberg
Principle, the Caltech physicists used a phenomenon
known as entanglement. In entanglement, at lest
three photons are needed to achieve quantum
Photon A: The photon to be teleported
Photon B: The transporting photon
Photon C: The photon that is entangled with photon
If researchers tried to look too closely at
photon A without entanglement, they would bump it,
and thereby change it. By entangling photons B and
C, researchers can extract some information about
photon A and the remaining information would be
22 Predictions for 2003
36. Sandra Bullock is involved in a car accident. 38. There will be an attack on Microsoft.
The following are 37. Fire will destroy one of Cher’s houses. 39. Mustaches will be the men’s craze of 2003.
Psychic Predictions for 38. Sylvester Stallone’s mother, Jackie Stallone will
have health problems.
40. Large hats will make a return in 2003 for the
2003. 39. Seigfreid and Roy have to be very careful of a 41. Swarms of bees will be coming to North
crazed tiger. America.
40. Christopher Plummer will have health problems. 42. There will be a fire at the White House.
The views, predictions, and possibility of events are
41. Michael Cane will have health problems. 43. Chemical Weapons will be used as an act of
not those, nor do they reflect those of The
42. David Blayne will do the Torture Chamber feat fighting war.
McConnell Publishing Group, the Publisher staff
like Houdini. 44. Urban warfare will be a reality.
nor The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper but have been
43. Susan Sarandon will run for politics. 45. Laura Bush will have health problems.
collected from Psychics, Clairvoyants, Readers and
44. Geena Davis will win an award for archery. 46. President Bush will have health problems and be
other members of the Paranormal Community who
45. A hail of bullets are seen around Puffy Daddy the target of an attempted assassination.
profess to have the ability to predict future events.
Sean Combs. 47. George and Barbara Bush (Senior) will have
46. There is danger seen around Rapper Eminem. health problems.
THE WORLD OF 47. There is danger around Bobby Brown. 48. There will be a devastating avalanche in
ENTERTAINMENT 48. Luciano Pavarotti will have health problems. Switzerland.
49. Debbie Reynolds will have health problems. 49. Natural Health Retreats and Nudist Colonies will
01. Pamela Anderson Lee will be in a fatal car 50. Bruce Springstein must be very careful of flourish in 2003.
accident. airplanes in 2003. 50. There will be a lot of doom and gloom in world
02. Split - Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas affairs.
03. Split - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw WORLD EVENTS 51. There will be an explosion at a nuclear facility.
04. There are movie careers for both Shania Twain 52. America and it’s allies will be victorious.
and Faith Hill 01. The cloning of human beings will be done on a 53. There will be a lot of prosperity in 2004 - 2005.
05. There is a kidnapping around Madonna’s large scale.
children 02. Stem Cell replication will become a fact. THE WORLD OF SPORTS
06. More lawsuits are seen for Michael Jackson as 03. Christopher Reeves will walk again.
well as danger from a crazed fan. 04. There will be missile attacks on commercial 01. Paul Tracey and Dario Franchetti
07. There is extreme negativity around the Rolling airliners. 02. Jason Priestly will race again.
Stones as they are travelling this year and Mick 05. President Bush will bomb Iraq. 03. Mohammed Ali will win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Jagger must be very careful of dangerous situations. 06. The United States will enter a conflict with North 04. Tiger Woods has to be care of airplanes.
08. Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz will be getting Korea.
married. 07. The United States will look to their Canadian TRENDS FOR 2003
09. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will be getting neighbors for homeland security as they fight the Iraq
married - however, there is a pregnancy around and North Korean conflicts.
01. James Bond clothing for men and women will be
Jennifer. 08. There will be a large terrorist attack in Los a smash hit!
10. Oprah Winfrey will be marrying Stedman Angeles and in Beverly Hills.
02. Oversized hats for women will be the craze!
Graham. 09. There will be a terrorist attack on the New York 03. The mini Skirt will make a triumphant return!
11. Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for politics. Subway System. 04. Flowers in the lapels of men are back in style.
12. Sylvester Stallone will play Broadway. 10. A fire at a Ringling Brothers Circus will bring 05. Cigar smoking back in vogue and pipes.
13. Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson will be in a catastrophe.
06. Smaler cans.
movie together. 11. The Stock Market will crash. 07. The pets of choice in 2003 will be parrots.
14. Katie Couric will be getting married. 12. There will be breakthroughs in Alzheimer's,
15. John Travolta will be opening up a flying school, Diabetes, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis research.
but must take care around airplanes. WEATHER PATTERNS
13. Fidel Castro will suffer health problems.
16. Halle Berry will be the next Julia Roberts. 14. There will be more sniper attacks.
17. Halle Berry will be splitting from her husband, 15. Saddam Hussein will have severe health 01. Very cold in late August and September.
Eric Benet. 02. There will be terrible winter storms.
18. Gwenyth Paltrow will be getting married. 03. Many more hurricanes with more going north to
16. Vice President Cheney must take care of his
19. James Earl Jones will have health problems. the US and Canada.
20. Clint Eastwood will have health problems. 04. A scorching summer for the uS and Canada.
17. A discovery related to the seahorse will prevent
21. Joan Collins will be splitting from her husband. cancer.
22. Robert Blake will organize a new legal team and 18. There will be a space tragedy around the And there you have the collective psychic
will be released from prison temporarily. He must American space missions. predicitions for 2003.
pay attention to his health. 19. There will be more forest fires on the US west
23. Salma Hayek will receive an Oscar Nomination. coast in he summer of 2003.
24.Nicole Kidman will receive an Oscar 20. A devastating earthquake will rip through
Nomination. California and Japan.
25. Athena Onasis will be kidnapped. 21. A quasy missile will hit North America.
26. Hollywood will remake “The Hindenberg” with 22. There will be a terrorist attack in Manilla and
new visual/computerized special effects. Honolulu, Hawaii. Q: Who was the first man in space six times?
27. There will be a drowning of a major motion 23. An asteroid will hit a remote area of the world. A: John Young flew on Gemini 3, Gemini 10,
picture star. 24. There will be a terrorist attack in Canada. Apollo 10, Apollo 16, Columbia STS-1, Columbia
28. Wynona Ryder will receive an Oscar Nomination 25. There will be a terrorist attack in Morrocco. STS-9
within 24 to 36 months. 26. There will be a terrorist attack in Las Vegas.
29. Julia Robert’s brother Eric will finally be 27. There will be an attack at Niagara Falls. Q: Who was the first person to break the sound
nominated for an award within 24 months, however, 28. There will be an attack in Sydney, Australia. barrier?
there will be a scandal around him. 29. There will be a terrorist attack in London, A: Chuck Yeagar broke the sound barrier for the first
30. Jack Nicholson will receive an Oscar nomination England. time on October 14, 1947.
but will be plagued with health problems. 30. There will be a terrorist attack in Paris, France.
31. A come back for Kevin Costner is seen with a 31. There will be a terrorist attack in Israel. Q: Who was the first senator to fly in space?
war film and a space picture. 32. Disneyland will be attacked. A: At 51, Jake Garn was the first senator to fly in
32. Mohammed Ali will receive the Nobel Peace 33. There will be a terrorist attack in Istanbul, space.
Prize. Turkey.
33. Trouble is predicted for Liza Minelli and her 34. There will be a terrorist attack in Prague in the Q: Who was the first woman in space?
husband. Czech Republic. A: Sally Ride was the first American woman in
34. Anna Nicole Smith will start a downward trend 35. There will be a terrorist attack in St. Louis, space. She flew on STS-7, which launched on June
in her career and addiction and health problems are Missouri. 18, 1983.
foreseen. 36. A major hamburger chain will go bankrupt.
35. Michell Phiffer must pay attention when around 37. A major US bridge will be blown up.
The Myrtles Plantation 23
THE MYRTLES the verandah of the house, in the hallways, in the
children's dining room and strangely, have been CYBER - CHECK
PLANTATION reported on a hanging chandelier.
One spirit is that of a French woman who
From a mirror that is said to hold the spirit of wanders from room to room and searches for
a ghost to phantom children who play on the someone she never seems to find. Another ghost only
verandah, the Myrtles Plantation may have more appears when a thunderstorm approaches. A young
ghosts than any other place in America! girl, with long curly hair and wearing an ankle-length
Since it was built in 1794, no less than ten dress, has been seen floating outside the window of
murders have been committed here and there are so the game room, cupping her hands and trying to peer
many bizarre occurrences that have been inside through the glass. The grand piano on the first
documented at Myrtles that it has become a favorite floor also plays by itself, usually repeating the same
spot for ghost hunters and curiosity-seekers alike! chord over and over again. Sometimes it continues on
The Myrtles was built in 1794 by General through the night. When someone comes into the In the high speed world that we live in, time is a
David Bradford. The residents and the owners of the room to check on the sound, the music stops and will very precious commodity and many people are
house, who have changed several times over the only start again when they leave. In the French
turning to the Internet as a source of meeting
years, recall the many ghostly tales and stories that bedroom, a woman has been reported in a black skirt
who dances to music that only she can hear. This
new people for dating and relationships.
have been passed on from generation to generation.
In a book that was published about the Myrtles in ghost appears to be floating about a foot off of the
floor. However, it is becoming more and more obvious
1900, the author claimed that if every light in the
house was darkened, the Myrtles would receive a The employees at the house often get the that the shield of invisibility that that Internet is
visitation by one of its spirits. worst of the events which happen here. The Myrtles providing people has given birth to a new
It has been said that the lights have never has been open for some time as a bed and breakfast, species of lower life form called “the cyber
been all turned off since.... renting rooms in the house and in cottages on the tease.”
The troubles that led to the haunting began grounds.
when Sara Matilda, the daughter of David Bradford, One day, a maid was mopping the hallway on This new species of low life preys on men and
married Judge Clark Woodruffe and they moved into the first floor when she came to a strange spot near women alike, playing with their emotions, their
the Myrtles. Sara Matilda had given birth to two the front door. She found that no matter how hard she
needs and in many cases, their loneliness.
daughters and was carrying a third child, when an pushed the mop, it would not enter an area on the
event took place that still haunts the Myrtles today. floor.... it was roughly the size of a human body.
There was nothing there and no reason for it... other CYBER-CHECK will do a basic background
Woodruffe, had a reputation in the region for
than that it was the same place where a man had been check of people you have met on the Internet for
integrity with men and with the law, but was also
known for being promiscuous. While his wife was shot and died right after the Civil War. The strange $24.95. Are they married or single? Are they
pregnant with their third child, he started an intimate phenomenon lasted for a month. giving you their real names? Do they really live
relationship with one of his slaves. This particular Past owners also claim to have seen a where they claim to?
girl, whose name was Chloe, was a household woman's ghost carrying a candle walking up the
servant who, while she hated being forced to give in stairs. One night, a previous owner was talking with For more information and to place your analysis
to Woodruffe's sexual demands, realized that if she some guests on the front porch when they heard a check, visit the CYBER-CHECK website at :
didn't, she could be sent to work in the fields, which sound that appeared to be a door slamming in the
was the most brutal of the slave's work. house. They looked and saw a candle, with no one
holding it, slowly floating up the stairs as if it were
Eventually, Woodruffe tired of Chloe and
chose another girl with whom to carry on. Chloe being carried. They walked in to follow it and found
feared the worst, sure that she was going to be sent the room to be icy cold. or e-mail
to the fields, she began eavesdropping on the The same thing had been reported by the five
Woodruffe family's private conversations, dreading previous owners and some believe that it may be the
ghost of Sara Matilda, searching for her husband.
the mention of her name.
One day, the Judge caught her at this and The Myrtles continues to be one of
ordered that one of her ears be cut off to teach her a
lesson and to put her in her place. After that time, she
Americaís Most Haunted spots and new tales
continue to be told there every year. For those who
believe that ghost stories are a thing of the past, I
always wore a green turban around her head.
What happened next is still unclear... For invite them to travel down to Louisiana and
whatever reason, Chloe put a small amount of poison experience for themselves what strange things can
into a birthday cake that was made in honor of the happen to those who allow themselves to experience
Judge's oldest daughter. The two children, and Sara the unknown. [End]
Matilda, each had slices of the poisoned cake. Before
the end of the day, all of them were very sick.
The other slaves, afraid that the Judge would
punish them also, dragged Chloe from her room and
hanged her from a nearby tree. The Judge closed off
the children's dining room, where the party was held,
and never allowed it to be used again as long as he
lived, which wasn't long, for he too was slain by a is coming to
murderer a few years later. To this day, the room has
never again been used for dining. It is called the
game room today.
Since that day, the ghost of Chloe has been
reported at the Myrtles and has even been
accidentally photographed by the current owner. A
photo that she took of the house showed a shadowy
figure in a turban standing near the building. Her
spirit has also been seen in the house, perhaps IN 2003!!!!!!
seeking the ghost of the Judge who escaped her
revenge. If you’re interested in the world of the paranormal
But Chloe is not the only ghost who haunts and the science of parapsychology, then make a
this house.... the place seems to be infested with point of watching CREEPY CANADA!
spirits from many different parts of the history of the
place. From Nov Scotia to British Columbia and all point
Two of the most tragic ghosts are those of in between, CREEPY CANADA brings to the
the Woodruffe children who died from the poisoned
Laura and Rob McConnell world, a rare and exciting view of Canada that has
cake. These small spirits have been seen playing on to be seen to believed!
24 Atlantic Canada UFO’s
Airborne adventures out of the thunderstorm and when it hit the ground it
swirled around," said Mike Campbell, a
among notable oddities of forecaster with Environment Canada.
The year also saw oddities beneath the seas
2002 in Atlantic Canada and creeping through apartments.
On Dec. 4, Halifax newspapers reported a UNIVERSE
MICHAEL TUTTON hermaphroditic lobster - or, as one newspaper lead
Canadian Press put it, "It's a boy. No it's a girl. Wait, it's both!"
To make things freakier, he-she was half
HALIFAX (CP) - From Londoners who mistook bluish-white, half-albino.
Cape Breton for Australia, to a sleepy Nova Scotia A lobster hauled in by a Newfoundland
woman who was accidentally flown to England, to fisherman in June was definitely female, all 7.25
an odd rumbling sound bouncing off clouds over kilograms of her, not counting the enormous claws.
New Brunswick, it seemed to be a year of strange The sea creature was caught by fisherman
moments in the skies over Atlantic Canada. Richard Nash of Branch, Nfld. - a fishing village of
The trip that captured the most public roughly 200 people - before being forwarded to a
attention began in London, England. research tank in St. John's.
Sweethearts Raoul Sebastian and Emma No amount of seafood would have placated
Nunn had thought they were heading to romantic Cocoa Puff, the crazed Siamese cat.
strolls over the harbour span in Sydney, Australia, The feline lost its cool in May and attacked
until they walked off the tarmac to realize they'd its Dartmouth, N.S., family, driving them from the
landed in Sydney, N.S. But the 19-year-olds made house.
the best of it, declaring their August drive around Rabies was ruled out.
northern Cape Breton's oceanside Cabot Trail to be "The cat just snapped," said owner Robert
"brilliant." Their attitude fostered a mutual love Mancini. Before being euthanized, Cocoa Puff won a
affair with island residents, and the local tourism brief moment of immortality with a mention on the
association feted them and helped arrange for them David Letterman talk show.
to receive the key to the city. At roughly the same time, wily foxes were
Australians were puzzled. driving golfers wild. The foxes were darting from the
"You're joking? British tourists? I can woods around Maplewood golf course near
imagine Americans, but British? I though the British Moncton, N.B., and snapping up balls.
would know their Commonwealth a little better than Some biologists theorized they mistook the
Our service is dedicated to bringing you
that," Tony Thirlwell, who promotes Sydney, golf balls for duck eggs. a totally different and personal
Australia, said at the time. Back in London, Emma "Who knows?" said Cade Libby, a biologist experience. Unlike those so called 900
and Sebastian have only fond memories of Nova with the New Brunswick government. "Maybe psychic lines, we take the time to
Scotia. they're just having fun. I wouldn't put it past them."
"We kept in touch with quite a few people. It [End] actually speak to each and every caller
was quite pleasant and we intend to go back next personally, our psychics are all board
summer," said Sebastian. certified and have to go through our one
Five months after the British couple arrived QUESTION: I've heard that the Moon is moving
in the Maritimes, a woman accidentally landed in away from the Earth by about 4 centimetres every of a kind approval procedure which
London, England, after departing Halifax and year. What mechanism leads to this shift and how is includes being required to take 2 test
sleeping through the aircraft's stopover in St. John's, such a tiny amount calculated? readings along with a metaphysical
Nfld. testing. We also require that they supply
An embarrassed Air Canada offered ANSWER: The Earth and Moon exert tidal forces on
Catherine Coyle 15,000 air miles for her troubles. each other. The Moon's tidal influence raises the us with a minimum of 4 references from
Letters to the editors of Halifax newspapers ocean tides on Earth, while the Earth causes body clients (which we do check) it is then and
offered the 39-year-old mixed support. tides on the Moon--effectively stretching and only then that we allow them to take calls
"The poor flight attendants these days. squeezing it. This tidal activity dissipates enormous
amounts of the Earth's rotational energy.
from our clients.
Lately they have had to keep a sharp eye out for
terrorists. Now they will be called upon to keep their Because the Earth rotates faster than the
passengers alert so they don't miss their stops," one Moon goes round it, the tidal bulges of the oceans Call us today and experience a true,
woman wrote. don't point exactly along the Earth-Moon line but are ethical and professional psychic service.
The year also had a reported paranormal dragged slightly ahead. The gravity from these
event in the skies, when a huge, black object glided leading and trailing bulges tugs the Moon forward
over the small Nova Scotia community of Cow Bay, and transfers angular momentum from the Earth's
temporarily blocking out the stars and bringing with rotation to the Moon's orbit, increasing the total
it an eerie silence. energy of the Moon.
A woman, who didn't want to be identified, The tidal friction between the oceans and the CALL US TOLL
told local UFO researchers she had spotted a Earth's surface causes the Earth's rotation to slow by
triangular object 600 metres in the air. approximately 0.002 seconds every century. FREE: 888-839-0937
Don Ledger, a UFO researcher in Bedford, However, ignoring energy lost to heat generated by
N.S., said it might have been a military aircraft, but the tides, the angular momentum of the Earth-Moon
he wondered why there was no noise. "If you've ever system must remain constant. The Earth's angular
seen one you know they're not silent," he said. momentum is decreasing, so the Moon's must
increase. The only way it can do this is by moving
In Nackawic, N.B., there were many who
wished deeply for silence from the skies. into a higher orbit around the Earth. Thus, the WE DO NOT USE 900 OR PAY
At first, residents wondered if the rumbling, distance to the farthest point of the lunar orbit is PER CALL NUMBERS AND
booming noises were the result of an earthquake. increasing by about 3.8 centimetres per year.
Seismic trembling is not unheard of in central New This change is measured by a method called YOU WILL REMAIN ON OUR
Brunswick. laser ranging. In 1969, the Apollo 11 astronauts TOLL FREE NUMBER
But eventually the thunderous volumes placed a reflector array in the Sea of Tranquility on
were identified as sound waves from highway the Moon. Additional reflectors were left on later THROUGHOUT YOUR TOTAL
blasting that had ricocheted off the clouds. missions. Scientists fire a laser beam through an TIME.
Weather forecasters also had explanations optical telescope pointed at one of these reflectors
for crop circles in Prince Edward Island. and the beam bounces directly back towards the
In July, after fierce thunderstorms swept telescope, where sensitive filtering and amplification
through the Maritimes, the Summerside Journal- equipment detects the faint return signal. The time
Pioneer reported that swirling vortices of air had taken for the laser pulse's round trip gives the
created the circles. distance between the Earth and the Moon. [End]
"What we believe is a lot of air had rushed
Deadly Quiet 25
Deadly Quiet intentions of uninformed citizens. Pro-life citizens
should be aware of, and monitoring these projects. ASK ROB McCONNELL
In Oregon, while Attorney General Ashcroft
By Brian Johnston has sought to prevent the use of federally controlled substances to kill, the "safeguards" in the law itself Question
are routinely being ignored. Reports abound of It has been suggested that intercontinental ballistic
The first of this month, April 1, 2002, "suicide" killings of the non-terminally disabled and missiles with nuclear warheads could be used to
marked the official legalization of euthanasia in the "doctor shopping" when an attending physician destroy or deflect comets or asteroids on a collision
Netherlands. With the enactment of the Euthanasia refuses to agree that killing is warranted. . course with Earth. For a comet with velocity and size
and Assisted Suicide Control Act, doctors who In Hawaii, Gov. Cayetano has personally of Hale-Bopp, how much energy would it take (in
terminate their patients may do so according to proposed legalization of physician-assisted suicide, kilotonnes) and how far from Earth would the
statute. But it is widely known that for the last 20 and the bill quickly raced through the lower house. missile have to intercept the intruder in order to
years, Dutch physicians have been routinely Action awaits in the state senate. respectively destroy or deflect it? And our missiles
dispatching their patients with impunity. Last election cycle, the citizens of Maine fast and manoeuvrable enough?
Therein lay both a lesson and a warning for turned back a ballot proposal on physician-assisted Stein Jarving , Norway
us. suicide. But we need to bear in mind that the margin
We are well aware that the euthanasia (barely more than 1 percent) was extremely close. Answer
movement seeks to change the laws that currently Our work is cut out for us. It would be unwise to use nuclear missiles to
protect the medically and emotionally vulnerable, We need to remember "changing of the law" destroy an asteroid, as it would only slightly reduce
but often their methods are to first skirt and violate is only the end game for euthanasia advocates. As in the problem. This is because instead of one big lump
those laws long before they change them. And that is the Netherlands, we must recognize that they are on a collision course with Earth, we would have
exactly what is happening in the United States today. quietly moving ahead with their agenda. millions of tonnes of radioactive dust and rubble,
Throughout the United States, physicians Shrouded in subtlety, the euthanasia which on reaching the atmosphere would produce a
who support euthanasia are routinely utilizing a movement is continuing in advancing its agenda. "nuclear winter" by blocking out sunlight.
special form of "terminal sedation," not as a means Talk about it now. Alert others. Remember, the goal As to how much energy is needed to deflect
of pain control, but with the explicit intention of of the euthanasia movement is to make changing the the asteroid, a simple answer is that you would need
intentionally causing death. This is routinely being law a mere formality. [End] less energy the farther away the asteroid was.
used on patients who are not in immediate danger of Gravitational systems are prone to an effect from
dying, but are in other ways considered "incurable" chaos theory whereby small changes in starting
or "hopeless." conditions greatly effect eventual outcomes (the
Essential to this approach is the mandatory infamous butterfly effect), so a small deflection of
withdrawal of hydration. It is a form of euthanasia the rock's course at a great distance will produce a
that is particularly difficult to monitor. As David huge change by the time it would otherwise have hit
Orentlicher, a pro-euthanasia physician, points out in us, and it would sail by.
the New England Journal of Medicine, "Terminal Current estimates say we could easily
sedation seems consistent with accepted practices … deflect an asteroid if we spotted its collision course
however terminal sedation is tantamount to 10 years in advance. Sadly, our current detection
euthanasia, or a kind of slow euthanasia" (Vol. 337, systems wouldn't spot it until it was about a year
No. 17:1237). away, so it would need a larger blast to deflect it.
Orentlicher, also an advocate and "ethicist,"
has made a point of traveling the nation instructing Question
sympathetic physicians not to bother with the law or Why does our Moon not have a name? Can we call
attempts to change it. Euthanasia can safely be it Eeyore?
practiced under the guise of terminal sedation.
"Just do it," he told the California Andrew Dymock (aged 3 1/2) , Bath, Somerset The
Conference on Physician Assisted Suicide. Moon has got away with being called "the Moon" for
Similarly, Robert Brody, the chair of the The Ghost of the Well a very long time. But perhaps someone could let us
Ethics Department at UCSF Medical Center and a by The Sisters and Beebo know the correct procedure for registering the names
board member of the pro-euthanasia group of astronomical objects and whether there is any
Compassion in Dying, instructs his student I have a ghost story to tell. It is actually my chance of renaming it Eeyore--Ed
physicians that "terminal sedation" is an acceptable mother's story as she told it to me. When she was a
and appropriate form of "near euthanasia." He little girl, she had a girl friend who told her that a Answers
encourages its practice as part of the "logical ghost was in her house. My mother asked her parents Moons around other planets in our Solar
continuum" that will lead to the necessary if she could spend the night with her little friend and System are named by the International Astronomical
legalization of assisted suicide. they allowed her to do so. At midnight the two girls Union. A working group on planetary nomenclature
But Dr. Rex Greene, a California oncologist watched as a lady appeared at the foot of the girl's decides on the names, which the IAU's General
and advocate for the medically vulnerable, is bed. She appeared to be rocking a cradle. After a few Assembly must verify. The next time this body meets
alarmed at the highjacking of aggressive sedation. minutes, the lady moved toward the bedroom door will be in Sydney in 2003.
"The insistence that hydration be removed is and out into the hall. My mother and her friend Themes have been established for naming
not valid," says Greene. "It is very rare that its followed the ghost into the kitchen and out the back celestial bodies and features on them. For example,
provision is burdensome. In fact, I have routinely door. They watched her until she disappeared at the new moons of Uranus are named after characters in
found that adequate hydration is necessary to well. Shakespeare's plays, notably The Tempest. Caliban
alleviate terminal delirium. Insisting that hydration When she got home the next day, my mother and Sycorax are among the latest characters
be withdrawn as a form of treatment belies their real told her father the story of what she had seen. At first honoured. Craters on the asteroid Eros are given
intention, which is to kill." he didn't believe her, but she kept on until he told her suitably erotic names, such as Lolita. But there have
The significance of this ongoing practice that he would do something about it. My granddad been no plans to rename our moon, the Moon.
should not be lost on those who seek to maintain was a well cleaner back then, so he went to the sheriff A different IAU body would be responsible
legal protection for the vulnerable. This gradual and asked his permission to clean that particular well. for naming the planets that have been discovered
acceptance of intentional killing was the cornerstone The sheriff was hesitant, but finally agreed. My orbiting stars outside our Solar System.
of the Dutch program, and is an essential tool of granddad found the woman and her infant's bones at
euthanasia advocates. the bottom of that well. The man who had once lived To have your question answered by Rob McConnell,
Meanwhile, in the Western states, in that house had been married and had a baby. He e-mail it The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper at
Compassion in Dying is in the midst of a public had told everyone that his wife had left him and taken and in the subject
relations campaign to "expand choice at the end of the baby with her. He was still living in the town heading, put “Question for Rob.”
life." It is targeting churches, community groups, when this was found out. He had since remarried and
media outlets and the elderly community. had several other children. The authorities went to
In California, the Hewlett Foundation has
“Ask Rob McConnell” is a new feature in
him and arrested him for the murder of his first wife.
funded a think tank that seeks to blend the concept of Afterward, my mother's little friend told my mother
The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, and
physician-assisted suicide with end-of-life care. that the lady ghost was gone from her house. I think questions will be answered on a first-come
Other states are also seeing clever, indirect appeals they sometimes come back until the truth is known. basis.
for "compassion" using the emotions and good [End]
26 The Great Cholesterol Scam
The Great Cholesterol Scam body produces in response to stress have the ability
to distort the body's balance in favor of action over
repair. If this condition persists, damage
The official position of the American accumulates.
medical profession is that elevated cholesterol is So it looks like there are two ways to be
harmful to one's health. This position has been held, healthy: lessen the damage, or increase the rate of
and challenged, for more than 40 years. It is not the repair. Maybe the best is to do both. But what can
position of all the European medical community, and one do about stress in our current circumstances?
many studies in the U.S. have identified that low The kind of stress that is harmful is that
cholesterol levels are a risk factor for early death, as which occurs not because of the circumstances, but
well as sterility and dementia. from our reaction to the circumstances. That reaction
Perhaps the most interesting thing to notice will be characteristic for each person. Some people
is that coronary artery disease and high cholesterol is respond directly, then forget about it. Others fret
not contagious, not infectious. And noticing this is about it, or carry the stress and anger, indefinitely.
sufficient to raise the question; what causes the These are the ones that stress the repair capability of
problem to begin with? the body.
It is true that people with coronary artery The habitual or characteristic ways that
disease and heart attack patients have excessive people have of dealing with life were almost always
cholesterol deposits in the main arteries. These developed when they were young. The first time a
clogged arteries do lead to early death. But there is new situation presented itself, the child made a
a question begging to be asked. Why does response. The next time a similar situation
cholesterol deposit there? presented, the prior response was replayed. From
There are no news stories about people then on, it was a habit, and not really available for
having an arm amputated because the arteries in the conscious choice.
arm became clogged with cholesterol and became If an adult were presented with that first
gangrenous. There are no claims that hair falls out situation now, with all of the experience, maturity,
from cholesterol deposits in the scalp. In fact, This idea is not new; an answer was and wisdom they have accumulated over their lives,
nobody thinks cholesterol clogs the capillaries, proposed in 1968 by Linus Pauling. He suggested a very different response might be made, one that did
which are only large enough for one blood cell at a that the arteries were breaking down faster than the not have stress accumulate. Time Line Therapy® and
time to pass through. Why does the cholesterol body could repair them, and that cholesterol was a NLP techniques are excellent choices for shifting the
deposit mainly in the coronary arteries? temporary expedient to protect us from leaky, about habitual response.
As most people know, heart bypass surgery to rupture, arteries. And what's the most common Usually, one must see a practitioner of those
is a standard treatment for advanced coronary artery cause of death among those with low cholesterol disciplines to get the benefits. On one's own, one can
disease. In this procedure, arteries are taken from the levels? Hemorrhagic stroke, or ruptured blood learn how to generate the relaxation response. The
patient's legs and grafted onto the heart, bypassing vessels. relaxation response is the complementary response to
the clogged arteries. The surgeon will usually tell A significant difference between most the stress response and can be invoked intentionally.
the patient that he can expect the new arteries to clog arteries and the coronary arteries is that the heart It can be done through meditation, yoga, self-
in from two to five years' time, (although in some beats twenty-four hours a day, and those arteries on hypnosis, etc. Invocation of the relaxation response
cases it may be only six months) and that another or near the heart are flexed with each beat. This is the intention of all of the mind/body therapies.
surgery will be required then. After the two to five amounts to around 100,000 beats per day. The The relaxation response activates the
years, the patient has another bypass surgery, and arteries in the arms and legs are only flexed when the parasympathetic system, that part of the mind and
will be told that these arteries will likely clog in from muscles are in use. Of course, all arteries move with body that heals, rejuvenates, and mends the damage
two to five years. At that time a third bypass can be the pulse, but that is not the same as being flexed. that occurs as a result just going about our daily lives.
done. But at the end of that one, the surgeon will tell So what was Pauling's suggestion for those With damage being minimized, and with ample
the patient that when these arteries clog, it will be the with high cholesterol levels? Higher doses of nutrients, the body repairs itself at 50 the way it did
end of the line, because there are no more suitable vitamin C. He came to this conclusion because most when it was only ten. After all, a cut or blister still
arteries to take from the legs to sew onto the heart. animals manufacture vitamin C in their livers or heals. Why shouldn't all parts of the body?
And here is that question again, if kidneys, and do not have coronary artery disease. The pharmaceutical industry would have you
cholesterol is such a villain; why were unclogged Since the time of his writing, other vitamins and spend big bucks on prescription medications known
arteries available from the legs to be used on the minerals (vitamin E, selenium, and Co-Q10) have to have detrimental side effects, and with no promise
heart after repeated "cloggings" of those arteries? been shown to be effective in improving heart health, of healing, just stop-gap measures of countering the
Stents are the newest way to open clogged and when these vitamins are present in ample buildup of cholesterol. It is a case of masking the
arteries, and they have the same limited time of quantities, coronary artery disease disappears, and symptom of the disease, while ignoring the cause.
successful function. In some cases, the stent itself cholesterol returns to lower levels on its own. So "If you take the heart cases out of doctors'
becomes clogged, in others, the clogging occurs at there is a treatment regimen that works. offices (and the taking of vitamin E poses a threat of
one end of the stent. Two Canadian doctors, the Shute brothers, it) more than half the income of the medical
The medical profession does not claim to be started publishing in 1945 their successful treatment profession will vanish. A heart disease case is an
able to cure heart disease they way they do strep of heart disease with doses of vitamin E ranging from annuity for the doctors, and people will continue to
throat or pneumonia. They only say that they can 400 IU to 2000 IU per day. They report complete die because they are caught in the toils of economics
treat the symptoms. If a person stops the treatments, cures, with no side effects and no need for further - mink coats for doctors' wives, Cadillacs, and stock
death will be the result. medical intervention. and bond investments. This state of affairs will
While there is a good deal of talk about But what about the first question: Why do continue as long as the medical profession is
managing diet to control cholesterol intake, the some people have the problem and others don't? permitted to police itself." J.I. Rodale, Prevention
medical profession does not contend that controlling There may be two answers. One is that heart Magazine, March, 1963
intake alone will be sufficient to ward off problems disease is a deficiency disease, just as beriberi It's your life, and your choice. [End]
for most people. The reason is that the liver (thiamin deficiency), pellagra (niacin deficiency),
manufactures cholesterol, and in some people, it and senile dementia (B-12 deficiency) are. For those,
makes too much. So here is a second question just there is no successful treatment except the
begging to be asked: Why is the liver trying to kill replacement of the missing vitamin. Dr. Wilfrid
Shute in Vitamin E for Ailing and Healthy Hearts
It was a good liver when the person was one (1969) makes a case for vitamin E being that vitamin,
year old; two years old; ten years old. For most just as Linus Pauling makes the case for vitamin C.
people it was good to them when they were twenty
If you are not deficient, you don't get the disease.
and when they were thirty. Why does it turn on them The cardiac surgeons who wrote the book NEWSPAPER
as they get older? Type A Behavior and Your Heart had the other
Maybe it doesn't. Maybe there is a reason answer to that question in 1974. They said that heart
for the liver to increase the output of cholesterol. disease is a consequence of stress, and how the THE RAELIANS: An
Maybe the increased output is "covering up" some
problem. Maybe the way it covers up is by covering
person interprets their situation. There have been Indepth Look Into One of the
some quibbles about the specific behavioral traits and
up a leaky spot in a blood vessel. Maybe cholesterol what they mean, but the fundamental truth of the Fastest Growing Cults
is "radiator stop leak" for blood vessels. basic message stands. The neuropeptides that the
Medicine Hammers Chemo 27
New England Journal of GIANT ELEPHANT Continued from Col. 1 of this page

Medicine Hammers Chemo, FOSSILS FOUND IN for the elite. Many of the modern beliefs point to the
coincidences that occur in your life as being
Applauds Alternative CENTRAL ITALY messages from or communication with a higher deity.
Translation: if you are experiencing a coincidence,
Cancer Therapy then you are being communicated to. After all, it is
Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune literally impossible to plan such occurrences and
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen always, the coincidence has to do with moving your
What is now the city of Rome was once the life or helping to move somebody else's life forward.
Times are a-changin' in the US Health "Elephant's Graveyard" over a quarter-million years To this rule there are no exceptions.
community. Who would have believed that the ago, according to an Italian woman archaeologist. I remember one such instance a few years
prestigious New England Journal of Medicine would "Some 300,000 years ago, ancient elephants ago. I was walking through a shopping mall and saw
APPLAUD an Alternative Cancer Therapy, and in trudged into a shallow river to drink but found their an old friend sitting on one of the benches there. He
the same article, BLAST chemotherapy, as legs stuck in the mud. Eventually, they fell and died looked depressed and sort of troubled. I walked up to
worthless. there, attracting scavenger animals and pre-humans, him and greeted him with a big warm smile. "Hey
Well, it happened... in the December 12th, who fed off the meat and made tools from the bones." Lorne," I said, "How are you doing?" He answered
2002 issue, in a review by James Spencer Malpas, "After 17 years of excavation," the site at that he was not doing very well. Lorne had just
M.D., D.Phil. St. Bartholomew's Hospital London Castel di Guido in Italy, located 25 kilometers (15 recently got married. His beautiful wife and he were
EC1A 7BE, United Kingdom You can find the article miles) from Rome, "packed with thousands of animal expecting a baby a few months down the road, and
in the Journal at bones and tusks the length of station wagons, opens he had recently lost his job. to the public for the first time this month." The day before that, I was talking to another
6, if you're willing to fork over the ten bucks. "Fossilized bones from ancient forms of old friend of mine who told methat he was looking
For those of you that don't want to spend the deer, oxen, horses, rhinoceroses, mice, birds, small for a sales rep for his company. So the next day, while
ten, here are the quotes... reptiles and fish all lie in the hardened earth of the I was talking to Lorne, I asked him if he had ever
Quote #1 - "He found the evidence in favor prehistoric swamp. No pre-human skeletons have thought about working in sales. He said that he loved
of conventional treatment unconvincing and opted been found, although excavators discovered 500 being in sales and would jump at the chance to sell
for such alternative therapies as Gerson therapy with primitive instruments made of flint and bone." again if the product was right. I then told him about
its strict diet, vitamins, and enemas. High-dose "The archaeologist heading the project, Anna the conversation I had with my other friend the day
vitamin C and high-dose vitamin D, both Paola Anzidei, says the site was particularly before and suddenly Lorne's eyes perked up. I gave
contraindicated in the orthodox treatment of multiple important for fossils of the species Elephas antiquus, him my other friend's phone number and within a
myeloma, were later added to the regimen. What is an ancestor of the modern elephant." week, Lorne was on the road earning more money
evident is that this was the right therapy for him." "Though there are several other similar sites than he ever had in the past. I got a thank you card
Quote #2 - "The irony of the whole situation from both of them not three weeks after my chance
is that a recent randomized trial of treatment for meeting with Lorne in the mall. It made my day.
stage 1 multiple myeloma by Riccardi and Signs from Spirit come in all shapes, forms
colleagues (British Journal of Cancer 2000;82:1254- and sizes. It is impossible to make a human inventory
60) showed no advantage of conventional about the many ways in which Spirit can come into
chemotherapy over no treatment." your life, because Spirit is not human.
Well, well... That ought to escalate the Another rule of thumb that is held by devout
"quackbuster's" demise... Even the New England Spiritualists is that absolutely everything that
Journal has turned their back on their ludicrous happens to you in your life happens for a reason, no
assertions.... matter how big or small the event is. Just as there was a reason for me to have a
Are you digging your grave with your teeth? conversation with my friend who owned a business
Read Hundreds of Collected Cancer Testimonials that day, so too was there a reason for me to bump
and learn: into Lorne the next day. The conversation with the
friend happened for a reason; my coincidental
Learn more about cancer: meeting with Lorne did too. I interpreted the two in Italy, La Polledrara di Cecanibbio holds the oldest, occurrences and through action, played the part of the most plentiful and best preserved bones due to the messenger by connecting them together doing them
abundance of the gas flourite in the region, scientists both a favor, which in turn made me feel most
say." spiritual.
How To Recognize Signs “‘The site preserves the best samples from
anywhere in the world of Pleistocene elephants
The best thing that you can do in learning to
become more spiritual is to learn to be more open to
From Spirit (Palaeoloxodon-- J.T.) from that period of time the experiences that occur in your life and by not
(300,000 B.C.),' says professor of paleobiology judging them as good or bad. There is a reason why
Adrian Lister at University College, London, who things happen to you and as you start to open
By Joseph Eliezer visited the site in October 2001. 'The study of skulls, yourself to the unlimited possibilities to the ways that
for example, will help us better understand the Spirit communicates through the events in your life,
relation of the population to other fossil elephants. you begin to live the teaching that says, "The Lord
If you have been trying to make your life a
That work has not been done yet.'" works in mysterious ways".
little easier and more fulfilling lately, chances are
"Geology professor Larry Agenbroad at Your job in making the Spiritual world more
that you have been introduced to many concepts
Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff highly physical is not to force these ways to make sense
which declare that the way to do this is through
praised the Italian location, which he viewed in according to how you want your life to be, but to be
Spiritual enlightenment.
October 2001." open to them, thus giving the events that occur in
From bettering your health to increasing
Dr. Agenbroad oversees the Mammoth Site your life more room to flow. This will allow events to
your finances or obtaining peace of mind, most of
in Hot Springs, South Dakota (population 4,129), unfold naturally in your life, which will bring you the
the books that have dominated the bestseller list, and
which is "famed as the best for its museum that health, joy and prosperity that you are wanting. It
in the media, over the past decade, all agree that the
contains the remains of 49 Colombian mammoths." cannot be otherwise. [End]
key to living a more rewarding life is to live it with a
"'The size of the elephants I saw at the Italian
greater emphasis on Spirit. That being the case, the
site was mindboggling,' he says, 'It would be
question that comes up is "how is that done"? "How
particularly interesting for people who study IN THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF
can you make your life better all the way around by
paleontology and archaeology, as well. I expect the THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER
living it according to Spirit"? The answer to that is
public would be very impressed with it.'"
by learning to interpret the guidance that is given to
Gigliola Possenti, an archaeologist working
you and developing the courage to act on it.
It is important to know that being
at Castel di Guido, said the researchers at the site are THE RAELIANS: An Indepth
"studying the climate and environment of the region
communicated to from Spirit is not something only
during the (Pleistocene) period and the ways in Look Into One of the Fastest
which pre-humans in the area began interacting with Growing Cults
Continued on Col. 3 of this Page big game." [End]
28 King Bird Fifty
The Strange Case Of Force Base, which was earlier referred to as "Blue approximately two hours, they reported back to
West One" but always called Thule by pilots and Thule AFB, by radio, informing the Search and
King Bird Fifty groud personnel on site.) Rescue Headquarters that they had found the
"wreckage" of a U.S. Air Force Boeing B-50D
By James L. Choron Superfortress bomber... which had belly landed on
the glacier, in approximately four approximately sixteen feet of snow, twelve nautical miles out, in a direct line with Thule AFB's main runway. The crew
was in place... dead.
Due to the sensitive nature of this story and There was no significant damage to the
It's recent occurrence, all names have been deleted aircraft other than being completely out of fuel. The
from the text in order to protect the sources of this amount of snow on the surface of the glacier
material. apparently cushioned the impact of the bomber. The
On the night (Thule time) of December 23rd, crew, according to the logbook, knowing that they
2001, the Air Traffic Control at Thule AFB began were reasonably close to Thule AFB, chose to remain
receiving calls from an unidentified aircraft. The onboard rather than risk the weather... thinking that a
weather was horrible... as is usual for Thule... -52 search would be imminent.
Celcius, with snow and sleet driven by a twenty mile The aircraft's logbook showed to be up to
per hour wind, with gusts to thirty five miles per Air Traffic Control at Thule Air Force Base first date until approximately the time of the last
hour... The call letters of the aircraft were badly started making intermittent contact with the aircraft transmission received by Thule Air Force Base Air
garbled, as was the voice transmission, which was when it was approximately 100 nautical miles out of Traffic Control... But... it also showed that the flight
coming in on an unused (obsolete) harmonic of the Thule, over the Atlantic. Somehow, it had simply, had originated at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, on
standard frequency. The only thing that they could very suddenly, "appeared" as a faint "blip"on Radar, December 22nd, 1948 and that the elapsed time of
make out clearly was the aircraft's designation... fading in and out as it progressed slowly Eastward, the flight the number of hours actually recorded by
"King Bird Five Zero". This is not a call, or an right in the midst of the storm. Radio contact had the crew was consistent with a flight from McGuire
official designation of any sort, it is the designation begun at approximately the same time. Messages to Thule, at the maximum operational speed of this
of a particular type of aircraft. incoming were regular, but garbled by interfereence type aircraft, given the weather conditions prevelent
from the foul weather, coming in on a harmonic (side the current time. They were, in fact, only two hours
band) of a long unused military frequency. The behind schedule, due to the fierce headwind that they
transmissions were voice only, but the voice appeared to have been fighting. This headwind also
appeared to be steady, firm and unconcerned by the accounts for the aircraft's forcedlanding on the
horrendous flying conditions prevelent at the glacier, as the power requirements placed on the
aircraft's cruising altitde 30,000 feet. The timing engines under such adverse conditions, more than
indicated a set pattern of transmission, such as the doubled normal consumption. The logbook, which is
kind of routine positioning reports used in the days allegedly up to date until shortly after the time of the
before Radar was either common, or dependable. plane's crash landing, also indicates that the crew was
There was no transponder signal, and no radar signal aware of their near proximity to Thule AFB, and
imcoming from the aircraft. Thule tower remained in expected immediate, or near immediate rescue. They
regular contact with the incoming aircraft for slightly therefore elected to stay with the craft, rather than
Typical mid-run B-50 Heavy Bomber over one hour. venture off toward the Air Base. The condition and
The last message came at 01:07 GMT, at composition of the crew's uniforms indicate that their
which time the aircraft was a solid radar image, and chances of survival in the prevalent surface
The aircraft showed on radar as an approximately 10 nautical miles from Thule AFB's conditions would have been slim to none. Since the
intermittent blip of considerable size, although not as main runway, over the lip of the glacier. The B-50D was developed long before the advent of
large as modern heavy aircraft. Radar also indicated message, in clear transmission, stated... "We show to pressure suits, or extreme high altitude flying were
three other things... First, the incoming aircraft was be ten knots out, and should be able to see you... but more than record-setting novelties... the crew was
extremely slow- moving, by accepted standards, and we can't see you... light up the night..." equipped only with "normal" winter-issue uniforms
secondly, it was extremely low. Any experienced of the day, augmented by heavy "B-2" coats. While
pilot would, if able, get above the current storm heavier clothing was available at the time of the
front, and remain there until the last possible minute. flight's supposed origin, none was found onboard.
The front was a big one... extending to an altitude of While this seemed strange to the would-be rescuers,
some 42,000 feet, but this altitude was well inside research later discovered that the winter of 1948/49
the maximum ceiling of any known aircraft in had been considered a "mild" one by Greenland
service the size of the incoming "visitir". Unless... standards, and the issue would have been quite
the "visitor" had sustained damage, such as loss of Aerial photo of sufficient for that time.
cabin pressure, and could not rise to this altitude. Thule Air Force
Finally, there was one other consideration... no Base taken in the
military aircraft was scheduled to be incoming at the summer when it is
time, and there were no scheduled civilian flights completely free of
known to be in the area. ice.

Thule AFB is accustomed to having

unscheduled visitors many of whom are in distress.
They are capable of and quite willing to "light up the
night". In fact, with all of the emergency lighting in
use, the main runway at Thule is clearly visible, a (Electromagnet Anomalies near Thules, AFB)
good deal more than ten miles out in the worst
possible weather. They can also set off a radar Continues on Page 29
beacon, which is capable of literally making the hull
vibrate on incoming aircraft. None of f ths, however,
proved to be of any value. Immediately afterwards, IN THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF
the in-bound craft vanished from Thule's radar THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER
screens, and there were no further radio
Owing to the conditions... darkness and THE RAELIANS: An Indepth
storm... it was several hours before a search could be
mounted for what was assumed to be an aircraft
Look Into One of the Fastest
down on the Greenland Glacier. At first light, a Growing Cults
search party was dispatched to the last known
(Map of Greenland showing the location of Thule Air location of the incoming contact. After a search of
King Bird Fifty 29
The Strange Case Of
King Bird Fifty

Continues from Page 28

All this aside, the crew seems to have done

the logical thing by remaining in the aircraft, where
there was some protection from inclimate weather.
As it was, they seem to have survived for several
hours after their landing Examination on site, and a
later Coroner's report allegedly indicates that the
crew died from shock and exposure. While the
bodies were partially frozen, there was no "frost
burn" or other associated damage from prolonged
freezing. Time of death was fixed at ten hours, plus Early run B-50 heavy bomber, most likely to be
or minus two, before discovery, wihch is consistent
with the time of the last radio/radar contact with identical in appearance to King Bird Five Zero
"incoming" unidentified aircraft by Thule Air Traffic
the altitude maximums needed to "get above" such a aircraft landed? Had they been "dead" ever since the
storm. The aircraft also did not have a pressurized aircraft disappeared some fifty-three years ago?
"Unofficially" the crew and aircraft have
cabin. Like all aircraft of this era, the crew depended Is the flight of King Bird Fifty some sort of
been identified as one which went "missing, and was
only on breathing masks, and heavy clothing for naturally occurring, airborne, "Philadelphia
presumed lost"... presumed to have crashed into the
comfort, coupled with a cabin heater that operated Experiment"?
Atlantic, due to "unknown circumstances"... on a
only when the engines were in use. Is this incident indicatie of some sort of
routine patrol drployment, "some years ago". Since
According to reports, the aircraft has, since "Bermuda Triangle" type anamoly?
downed aircraft are common on Thule, and the
it's recovery, been transported to a maintaince hanger Has this kind of thing happened before?
nature of the far northern location often means that
at Thule Air Force Base. It is not badly damaged. The Does someone, in fact, know exactly what
such aircraft are soon covered over with literally
plane landed in heavy snow, and aside from some happened to King Bird Fifty and her crew? Is it being
dozens of feet of snow, this "explanation" is
relatively minor "scarring" and a four slightly bent covered up, like so many other "unexplained" and
propeller blades, there is no real damage. It is "unsubstantiated" paranormal occurences... for
The aircraft, a type that went completely out
estimated that the old plane could be flown out of reasons of "national security" or for fear of causing a
of service with the Air Force in the late fifties, was
Thule in less than three days... depending on weather "panic"... or is King Bird Fifty the subject (some
the last propeller driven bomber in the U.S. Air Force
conditions... and... if someone could be located who might say "victim") of some darker, and more well-
invenory. The serial number and log book
knows how, and has the proper certifications, to fly thought-out scenario... part of some "experiment"
designation of the recovered aircraft, match the
this type of aircraft. According to rumor, a search for that people are "better off" not knowing about... some
fragmentary transmissions received by Thule AFB
such a person is currently underway. Maintaince hidden aspect of the "Cold War" from which the
Air Traffic Control and match the "lost" flight of
reports also allegedly confirm that the cause of the general public is being "protected"?
crash was very simple... out of fuel, and a large Did the incident happen at all, or is it yet
The Heavy long range B-50 Superfortress
aircraft, of this type, can only glide so far... especially another "mystery" and growing legend of the far
was developed from the earlier, Second World War
into a twenty to thirty-five mile per hour plus north? Is it yet another "tale of the unexplained"... the
era B-29 Superfortress, the same type of aircraft
headwind. kind that seems to simply grow around aviation, as
which delivered the first Atomic Bombs on
The Air Force has supposedly contacted they once flourished around the ships which plied the
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The primary difference was
existing next of kin. The statement says that they oceans?
a slightly larger rudder assembly, and more
have found the remains and that they are from a crash There are always "rumors" like the "rumors"
powerful, turbo-prop engines. It was an impressive
that happened "some years ago". The bodies are which surround the Roswell Disc and the Bermuda
aircraft, for it's time and the last propeller driven
being "prepared" for return to the U.S. An "official" Triangle... like the "rumor" about King Bird Fifty.
bomber ever accepted for service in the U.S. Air
statements to the press... not as yet released... but "Rumors" that might never come to light or maybe
allegedly scheduled to be released within a few some day, they will. Who knows? Almost certainly,
days... will state that in-tact wreckage has been someone does. [End]
General characteristics found, but will give only the date of departure of the
flight and "official" time of loss... 22 December,
- Primary function - Long range heavy bomber 1948... and no further details.
- Power plant Four turboshaft Pratt & Whitney R What is the true story behind King Bird Reckless driver blames
4360-35 engines
- Length 99 ft 30,2 m
Fifty? The oddesy of the venerable old Cold Warrior
poses more questions than answers...
- Wingspan 141.2 ft 43 m It would appear that "something" swallowed
- Wingarea 1,720 sq. ft 159.8 sq. m this plane and it's crew in 1948, and spit it in 2001.
- Weight empty 84,714 lb 38,426 kg max. takeoff There is no evidence that the aircrew was aware of MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) -- A
173,000 lb 78,472 kg the passage of time, other than normal flight time Frenchman who raced through a motorway road
- Combat ceiling 35,650 ft 10,900 m from McGuire to Thule, plus the two hours or so that block, triggering a high-speed police car chase
- Speed cruising 244 mph 393 km/h max. 395 mph they were put behind by the storm. Nor, had the crew, that ended in a minor crash, has blamed aliens
635 km/h according to reports, aged any. Their apparent ages
- Rate of climb sea level 620 ft/min 189 m/min
from Mars for his reckless driving.
match the age recorded for them at the time of their Under police custody in a hospital in the
combat (max. power) 2,200 ft/min 671 m/min departure, over half a century ago.. Is there some
- Combat radius 2,396 miles 3,856 km Mediterranean city of Marseille, the 42-year-old
kind of natural "vortex" a "portal" that randomly
- Total mission time 20 hours told police he was being "chased by Martians"
opens in the fabric of space and time? Are there
- Maximum load (bombs) 28,000 lb 12,700 kg places in the world in which one can be "swallowed
when he charged through a road block on the
- Crew Eight (pilot, co-pilot, engineer, radio- up", only to be returned at the same place, in a future A55 motorway on Monday evening, police
electronic countermeasures operator, left-side or past time If this is so, then all we know of Physics sources said.
gunner, right-side gunner, top gunner, tail gunner) and the so-called "laws" of nature, are only the A breathalyzer test for alcohol proved
- Armament 13x .50-caliber machine guns Date beginnings of a dream. negative, but police are still awaiting the results
deployed 1945 Number built 370 What would have been the case if the crew of of drugs tests and a psychiatric examination.
King Bird Fifty had survived? What if they had been France, which has one of the worst accident
While impressive for it's time, beyond any "rescued"? What would have been their fate? Would rates in Europe with more
doubt the most sophisticated aircraft of it's type then it have been the imprisonment of "government than 8,000 road deaths each year, is in the
in service, a quick look at the statistics will show that secrecy"? Would it have been madness? Both?
it was ill equipped to handle a major Arctic Storm
process of stiffening its speeding and drink-
Is there some short of "paradox shield" in
being too slow and inefficient in it's fuel driving laws to try and reduce the carnage on its
effect which prevented the crew from surviving the
consumption to "fight it's way through", and lacking crash? Were they, in effect, already dead when the
30 Cloning Major Announcement
Cloning group to make Many animal cloners -- including Ian SOME NEVER TO DO
Wilmut, the Scottish researcher who successfully
'major announcement' cloned the first animal, Dolly the sheep, in 1997 -- THINGS WHEN
disapprove of human cloning. Wilmut has said it took
276 failed attempts before Dolly was successfully GHOSTHUNTING
HOLLYWOOD, Florida (CNN) -- A controversial cloned.
group that has claimed to be able and willing to clone "It is not responsible at this stage to even NEVER Trespass: Watch out for any posted warning
a human has scheduled a news conference for Friday consider the cloning of humans, " said Rudolf signs. Always ask for permission before going onto
to make a "major announcement," according to the Jaenisch, a biologist at MIT's Whitehead Institute for someone else's property. Avoid all areas where access
group's spokesperson. Biological Research, which clones mice. is prohibited. Trespassing will only get you thrown in
Brigitte Boisselier, the scientific director of Janeisch said that even if a human clone jail or worse. Be careful.
Clonaid, is scheduled to make the announcement appears healthy, it may not be once it gets older.
Friday at 9 a.m. Last week, Boisselier told some Cloning a human at this point, he said, without NEVER Litter: Leave the area exactly as you found
news organizations that the birth of a cloned baby knowing more about why things go wrong, is it. Pick up any trash, containers, and scraps of paper
girl is imminent. "essentially using humans as guinea pigs, and one and tape. Wipe off any chalk marks unless the site is
shouldn't do this." a secluded area and you plan on returning.
According to Dr. Jon Hill, a veterinarian who
successfully cloned cows at Texas A&M University, NEVER Go alone: Have at least one partner on ghost
even clones who appear normal at birth often develop hunts. Even if the person doesn't know anything
problems afterward. about ghost hunting. This provides a little more
"Their livers, their lungs, their heart, their safety and also a witness to any strange events that
blood vessels are often abnormal after birth," Hill might occur. If you're alone and there's an unforeseen
said. accident or emergency, who will help?

Few legal prohibitions on human cloning NEVER Forget to Carry ID: If the police ever
question you about being in a private area, you will
The Raelians are not the only group claiming need some form of picture identification. Preferably
to actively try to clone a human. a divers license. They do have the right to ask any
Italian doctor Severino Antinori made citizen for an ID and if you don't have one they also
Boisselier has told CNN in the past that she several announcements in recent months, claiming have the right to detain you for questioning.
will not make an announcement until a healthy baby that a woman was carrying a human clone that would
is born. She told a congressional committee last year be born in January 2003. And former University of NEVER Forget to tell people where you are: Tell
that she believed she had the knowledge to produce Kentucky professor Panos Zavos has also announced someone where you'll be at and how long you plan on
a human clone in the near future. plans to clone a human, but he told CNN earlier this being gone. If you run late in the ghost hunt, call and
Clonaid, which calls itself the "first human year he had not successfully created an embryo yet. explain the situation. Never leave friends or loved
cloning company," was founded by a religious group Scientists and bioethicists have questioned ones wondering where you are.
called the Raelians in 1997. Boisselier is a bishop in whether any of these groups have the ability to clone
the Raelian movement, which professes that life on a human. Art Caplan, director of the Center for NEVER Record false equipment readings: Test all of
Earth was created through genetic engineering by Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, has said your equipment several times before leaving on an
extraterrestrials. in the past that "we don't know how" to accomplish investigation. Replace batteries as needed. Learn to
The Raelians believe their spiritual leader human cloning. correctly use all of the equipment before even
Rael is a direct descendant of these aliens. Rael told Legally, there's very little to stop scientists thinking about trying to use them in the field.
CNN in July 2001 that the long-term goal for human from cloning. In January, the National Academy of Remember to take background readings at the site.
cloning is to live forever. Rael says cloning a baby is Sciences recommended a ban on human cloning, but
only the first step: Eventually the group wants to only four states -- California, Michigan, Louisiana NEVER Go directly to a site at night: Thoroughly
learn how to clone an adult, then "transfer the brain and Rhode Island -- ban any type of cloning research. check over the site in the daylight for any dangerous
to the clone." The FDA claims it has jurisdiction over obstacles that may be invisible in the darkness.
Boisselier says the immediate purpose for human cloning based on the Public Health Service
cloning is to help infertile couples. Last November, and Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It says it would NEVER Smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs: Don't do
she told CNN she was "indeed doing human cloned regulate the cloning process like a drug. [End] anything that will impair your judgment or infect the
embryos and we have many cell divisions," but she site's environment. Use common sense.
wouldn't confirm any pregnancies.
Peruvian Woman Dies NEVER Wear colognes, after shave, or perfumes:
Group has not released any data on research Never wear anything that creates a noticeable odor.
To make a clone, scientists first take an egg
from Rust The smells may infect other ghost hunter's
and remove all of its genetic material. Then the judgments. The air needs to be clear to detect any
nucleus of a cell -- any cell in the body -- is taken LIMA, PERU--A 22-year-old Peruvian abnormal odors. Some outside ghost hunts may
from the individual to be cloned and inserted into the woman died of an infection caused by a rusty require misquote repellents. Use odor free bug
hollowed-out egg. padlock on the chastity belt that her jealous husband sprays. Log their use.
The cell is then given a jolt of electricity or forced her to wear while he was away on business
put in a chemical bath to activate cell division -- trips, police said yesterday. NEVER Forget to carry a notebook: Everything
essentially tricking the cell into doing what a Police said that Rosa Esquen Vela died three needs to be recorded and logged. No detail is too
fertilized egg would normally do. Then the embryo days ago from septicemic poisoning after the rusty small. Keep lists of events, actions, and times.
is implanted into a woman's uterus to be carried to lock on the tight leather chastity belt dug into her Record with audio and video if possible.
term. fiesh and caused a fatal infection.
It is unknown which exact procedure A government prosecutor said that her NEVER Forget to wear a watch: This goes along
Clonaid is using, because it has not published or husband, Dionicio Vela, would spend at least five with the Logbook. You can't record times if you don't
released any data about its research. years in jail in the death and for reviving the know what time it is.
Boisselier has not revealed the location of medieval practice of ensuring his wife's sexual
her current lab, only to say it is no longer in the fidelity by keeping her under lock and key. He did NEVER Whisper: Always speak clearly, especially if
United States. She used to have a lab in West not say exactly what charges Vela would face. you're recording the ghost hunt. You don't want to
Virginia, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Police said Vela had made the chastity belt later confuse your whispering as something
visited the lab and shut it down. himself out of thick, coarse rawhide and always supernatural. If there are ghosts around your voice is
Scientists so far have successfully cloned locked the padlock and took the key when business not going to scare them off.
sheep, cows, goats, mice, pigs and a rare wild ox. trips took him away from his village in Peru's rugged
But human cloning is controversial, because the jungle. NEVER Forget to do research and profiles: To many
experience with animal cloning has shown a lot of They said the toxic infection set in when Vela ghost hunters don't do the proper research before
potential for things to go wrong. was delayed on his most recent trip and failed to going out into the field. What they are failing to
return before his wife died. [End] understand is that good research will only help them
'One shouldn't do this,' biologist says of with the possibilities of seeing a ghost.
human cloning (Continued on Page 33)
Detect Psychic Frauds 31
How not to be scammed by a have an overseas line without any further psychic
charges. Be careful, and check your per minute
"Psychic" phone rates to their location to see exactly how much
that free service is really costing you by the minute.
Along with that, please make sure that you are not
By: paying a psychic to meditate, talk on the other line to
Reverend Garth Farrington-House their friends or family on your dollar, or hang up.
12. Please watch out for psychics that
solicit money from you above and beyond your paid
The Psychic Universe reading.
While there are many scams and rip-offs out
there in the psychic community, not all psychics are
Continued from Page 13 out to scam people. Psychics get their feelings hurt
just like everyone else, so be careful not to cause hard
5. Watch out for psychics that try to tell you feelings that are not necessary. If the practicing
using coercion that before you begin the first session psychic tells you how much the services cost or are
you absolutely must come back to clear up mist, fog, going to cost you up front, pay them. If you can not
negativity, black clouds hanging around you, afford to call at the listed price, do not call.
demons, or any other spiritual things that are alleged Emotional manipulation works both ways. Nothing
elements hampering or going to hamper your life in life is free. Don't lump the whole community
path without your consent, or without you feeling together as a group. There are many diverse people
that what they are saying is true information. and differing talents. If you do not like a particular
If this happens, stop the current session and session with one psychic, try a different reader or
ask them to clarify what they mean, in detail, until another session that may be for you. Watch out for
you are sure or clear on what they are trying to say. scamming psychics. Appreciate the psychics that
If it is not just an intimidating sales pitch, they take their time to make your session both enjoyable
should give you some verifiable detail to chew on, and comfortable for you. Some psychics work well
metaphorically speaking. If it was a pressure tactic, with others in their field as both healthy wealth
they may be stammering and stumbling throughout wheeling merchants and savvy advisors. Some do
the explanation. In that case, sit back and watch ask what you want to know and only get those not. Remember that the word psychic usually refers
before leaving. answers. In contrast, make sure that you do not to a real and ordinary person with a usually exciting,
Along with that, watch out for an intuitive confuse that statement with giving yourself vital and marketable ability or talent. If you don't like
community member that has to have more money to permission not to pay when you did not get to hear how they practice, stay out of their shop. Psychics are
see "better" or "more clearly" for you than for the what you wanted during your session time. In dealing people too. The suit of judgment does not look good
agreed upon amount. Start laughing, because that is with Karma, what energy you put out there usually on anyone
what they will probably be doing at you, if you are comes back to you. So be careful.
gullible enough to fork over that cash for that reason. 9. Watch out for stated prices from signs or Twelve things to watch out for when getting
Hence, be wary of psychics that tell you in specials that lure you in to the psychic reading, only
a psychic reading
order something good in your life to happen such as to change as soon as you walk in the door. They can
a raise, a loved one returning, success, instant wealth be as dangerous as falling rocks. If the sign out front
Twelve things to watch out for when getting
or currently unattainable power, you need to fork says $10.00 a session tell the psychic upon entering
a psychic reading is a practical yet comprehensive
over massive amounts of undisguised or undisclosed that you would like the $10.00 reading.
look at scams and rip-offs to watch out for in detail
money for them to make this happen to you or for If the psychic tries to change the price, or
when getting a psychic reading. The Psychic
you in your life. They may be in agreement with your tells you that the advertised price you saw, wanted,
Universe has worked to eliminate the chances of
for wealth or other things, and you may both be and are agreeing to is different, not for you or that
being ripped off in any way by adopting a very strict
blessed with creating positive energy into your life particular session would not benefit you or your
demanding protocol when recruiting psychics to
because of the reading that brings about change, but situation, after you have already gone inside without
work with our service. Unlike any other service we
not at a 100% rate of accuracy, and certainly not for giving you the option to decline upgrading or decline
require that every applicant be subject to our one of a
undisguised or undisclosed amounts of cash. altering your wanted advertised session, walk out.
kind selection procedure, this includes that the
6. Watch out for any psychics that have you That is called a bait and switch technique. They bait
applicant be thoroughly tested and must have a
running around in circles of pandemonium in search you with a posted offer on a sign with an advertised
minimum of a 75% accuracy rate, we also require a
of any range of superstitious goods from rabbits feet, sale price, and then they switch the deal on you when
minimum of 4 professional references (that we do
candles, claws of any kind, hair, or any other object they have you in the door. Conversely, any business
check on) these references must be able to verify that
not directly related to the problem or issue at hand to can alter a sale without notification if the sign is not
the applicant has been doing readings for a period of
make a love return, or reunite you, unless you are visible to the public especially if stated in sale flyer
over 4 years and that the readings were accurate.
choosing to. Also, if they do have or request fine print, or the stated sign time limit is up, or if they
It is only then that we will consider the applicant
something of you or from you other than to be a offer you another special that cancels out the one on
for our service. Unlike the 900 phone psychic
participant in your own session, ask them what the the sign. If they notify you verbally of any special
companies that have no testing guidelines and only
point and purpose is and how that action will be of rate changing even if the rate is posted, consider
require the applicant to sign a so called affidavit
assistance to you. Then, either go ahead with the yourself notified.
stating that they possess metaphysical abilities, we
session, or back out. You should always have a 10. Watch out for psychics that attack your
consider this as totally inadequate as many of these
choice. own belief system during a reading. A good psychic
people have no regard for honesty let alone the law
7. Watch out for 100% guarantees. Run like will tell you how they believe their information come
governing the signing of such a document. After all
the wind if a psychic gives you a 100% guarantee on to them for you. However, they should not attack
as was pointed out to us when one of the psychics
getting a person back into your life or doing anything your religion or your God if it differs. If you do not
who were working on one of those 900 lines pointed
for you 100% session wise. In romance, unless they find that they serve the same God you do or the same
out, who is going to check on the person or persons
guarantee to go get your wanted loved one from their way that you do, you always should have the option
who sign this. Also signing this sort of affidavit is a
home, and physically drag them over to your door to either choose to go ahead with the session, or to
joke, because we all know that everyone does have
kicking and screaming which is quite illegal, do not walk away, or hang up. Don't dabble in something
some degree of psychic power. But it does not mean
fall victim to a 100% guarantee. There is nothing that makes you uncomfortable, yet feel free to try
that they are a truly gifted psychic with the ability to
more gross than forcing someone to love you, and new things that make you feel ok.
use this gift in the delivery of a true and accurate
getting someone to try to help you achieve that goal. 11. Watch out for the ultimate psychic scam
reading. It is just a blanket that companies use to
Go to counseling if you need this to happen in your that takes advantage of eager people wanting to know
avoid legal problems and to cover themselves.
life. Forcing is violence, and violence is against the more of their fate through the psychic community.
law. The new scam is mostly done by overseas lines
placing people paying by the minute on hold or in a Reverend Garth Farrington-house
8. Watch out for psychics that nastily
belittle you, start verbally abusing you, or make you chat room until their reading, at the reading rate
prices without the person knowing or realizing that Founder of the psychic universe
feel queasy or uncomfortable for a reason other than
your perception of the session or them. If this starts they are even being charged for that waiting time at a
to happen, hang up or leave. If you do not want to be psychic session rate. There are ads out there by
shocked, tell the psychic. You should be allowed to companies that will place and ad stating that they
32 The Human Brain
The human brain, even at its ancient,
primitive core, is less an organ of impulse
than a machine of reason. We are built to
make sense of things. Our brains
restlessly scan the world for patterns in
chaos and causes in coincidence.


Newhouse News Service

We crave explanation and, when faced with

the ineffable, sometimes
we create the answer.
For many people, the answer to the most
ineffable question of all -- "Why do we exist?" -- is
Neuroscientist Rhawn Joseph has spent
years studying history, myth and biology in his quest
to understand the universality of spiritual experience
and its evolutionary function.
In his studies of the brains of Tibetan monks
and Franciscan nuns, radiologist Andrew Newberg
seeks out the relationship between neural activity person may see an image of God or hear the voice of Massimo Pigliucci, an associate professor of ecology
and mystical experience. an angel. Joseph believes those experiences are the and evolutionary biology at the University of
Both men believe that the connection result of hyperstimulation of the amygdala, which Tennessee-Knoxville, is an entirely different matter.
between the brain and spirituality suggests that there releases large quantities of natural opiates. The same "It is possible that if there is an advantage --
is a physiological basis for religion -- that human opiates are released in response to pain, terror and that believing in an afterworld or God reduces
beings, in essence, are hard-wired for God. trauma, as well as social isolation and sensory anxiety or allows you to better navigate the world --
deprivation. that nature selected for that belief. But there's no
****** "Hyperactivation of the amygdala, evidence for that, and not only do we not have any
hippocampus and overlying temporal lobe gives a evidence, there is no way to gather the evidence. It is
Rhawn Joseph, of Santa Clara, Calif., person the sense that they're floating or flying above inconceivable that you could do an experiment on
believes there is a neurological, even genetic, their surroundings," says Joseph. "It can trigger survival of people who believe in an afterlife,
explanation for religious belief and spiritual memories and hallucinations, create brilliant lights, because human beings in the past evolved in a totally
experience. and at the same time secrete neurotransmitters that different environment than any of us live in today."
Homo sapiens, he theorizes, have evolved induce feelings of euphoria, peace and harmony." The lack of opportunity for empirical studies
the capacity to experience God primarily through the Many religious people might view the cause does not deter Joseph. He sees similarities across
amygdala, a small, almond-shaped structure buried and effect in reverse -- it is the divine inspiration that cultures in near-death experiences; beliefs in ghosts,
deep in the brain. The amygdala, along with the activates those areas of the brain, instead of the other spirits and demons; symbols such as crosses,
hippocampus and hypothalamus, make up the limbic way around -- but to Joseph, the order is irrelevant. triangles and circles, as further evidence of the neuro-
system, the first-formed and most primitive part of For him, the more important question is, "Why?" anatomical basis of spirituality.
the brain, where emotions, sexual pleasure and "There are creatures living in caves who "If you're a scientist and you find people
deeply felt memories arise. don't have eyes," he says, "because there's nothing having the same experience, colored by their own
Says Joseph: "These tissues, which become for them to see. But we have a visual cortex and an cultural differences, all over the world 4,000 years
highly activated when we dream, when we pray or auditory cortex, because there are things we were ago and among both children and adults, you have to
when we take drugs such as LSD, enable us to made to see and hear. You don't develop a brain say, well, there's something there that's worthy of
experience those realms of reality normally filtered structure to help you experience something that scientific explanation."
from consciousness, including the reality of God, the doesn't exist." We are hard-wired for God, in other Joseph's heritage is Jewish and Catholic.
spirit, the soul, and life after death." words, because there is a real God to experience. Sometimes on the weekend, he will travel around
Joseph, who has a doctorate in Matthew Alper, author of "The `God' Part of Santa Cruz and stop in at a religious service. One day
neuropsychology and is the author of a the Brain," believes this assumption is flawed. "We're it's a gathering of Jehovah's Witnesses, another time
comprehensive textbook called "Neuropsychiatry, capable of repression, of phantom limb pain -- our it's a synagogue. Or the Church of Christian Science.
Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience," cites capacity to believe what isn't there is also sometimes "Am I religious? No. Am I spiritual? Yes. I
his own clinical and historical research, as well as helpful." certainly don't believe in an anthropomorphic God. I
studies of epileptic patients who have experienced Joseph acknowledges this but argues there is would say the kingdom of God is inside us all. The
religious hallucinations, as evidence that "spiritual an equally possible alternative explanation for brain is the chamber of God. It allows us to realize
experience is not based on superstition but is instead spiritual experience: evolution. God and contemplate God, whatever God is."
real, biological and part of our primitive biological "Maybe the ability to experience God and the Continued on Page 33
drives." spiritually sublime is an inherited limbic trait. Maybe
The short, solidly built scientist, 51, is the we evolved these neurons to better cope with the
founder of an independent publishing company in unknown, to perceive and respond to spiritual
Santa Cruz called University Press. Some of the messages because they would increase the likelihood
company's nonfiction books concern astrobiology, of our survival."
the science of consciousness and, in a recent We became genetically predisposed to
collection of essays, neurotheology -- the study of spirituality, says Joseph, because belief in a divine
the relationship between brain function and spiritual being makes us stronger.
experience. It also makes us less anxious, says Alper, and
There is a maverick, even provocative bent that is critical for a self-conscious species like our
to much of Joseph's writing. He has published a half- own.
dozen books of his own at University Press, "Consciousness creates so much anxiety that
including "The Transmitter to God: The Limbic our species had to come up with a cognitive
System, the Soul and Spirituality," and he continues adaptation to deal with the pain of our intelligence --
to research a number of subjects, many of them in being able to think about our own mortality, for
evolutionary biology. instance," he says. "So it came up with a brain
For the past 20 years, Joseph has been modification that allows us to believe in an
mining neuroscience, astronomy, history, religion, alternative reality, that when we die there is a
archaeology and anthropology for clues about the spiritual part of us that will live forever."
meaning of intense religious ecstasy during which a Proving the evolution argument, says
The Human Brain 33
during intense spiritual experiences, Newberg said. Never Never’s of
The Human Brain "So we started working toward testing those
Continued from page 32 hypotheses by doing imaging studies." Ghosthunting
The imaging studies revealed that two
Huddled inside a shoe box of an office specific areas of the brain, the posterior superior
buried deep inside the Hospital of the University of parietal lobe and the prefrontal cortex, play a critical Continued from Page 30
Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Andrew Newberg is role in intense spiritual experiences. In their books,
also looking for God. Though he believes the limbic Newberg and d'Aquili refer to these two brain NEVER Use a car's headlights as a main source of
system is important in explaining religious structures as the areas of orientation and attention, light: Sometimes a car's headlights come in handy for
phenomena, he does not think it is solely responsible. respectively. setting up campsites or equipment, but don't use them
The complexity and diversity of those experiences, The "orientation association area" is as a long-term light source. You could drain the
he says, must involve other higher brain structures, responsible for creating the mental experience of battery enough that the car will not start.
specifically the autonomic system. personal physical boundaries and for providing a
Newberg's day job is radiology. Three days a kind of spatial, three-dimensional matrix in which NEVER Try to bring everything: Don't try to carry
week, he takes pictures of kidneys, lungs and hearts, the body locates and orients itself. along every piece of equipment. Just bring the basics
looking for signs of disease. Two days a week, when The "attention association area" is critical in and the equipment that you absolutely need. Getting
he has willing subjects, he takes pictures of the organizing all goal-directed behavior and actions. bogged down will only take your attention away
brains of deeply religious people, looking for signs The SPECT scans of Newberg's subjects from the ghost hunt.
of God. during deep meditation revealed two things: that
Newberg, 36, is conducting brain-imaging there was increased activity in the attention NEVER Forget to bring flashlights: Always have
experiments trying to identify those areas where association area, and decreased activity in the plenty of working flashlights. Everyone should have
neural activity is linked to religious experience. In so orientation association area. two flashlights on hand.
doing, Newberg is taking Joseph's theories about the "We believe part of the reason the attention
relationship between the limbic system and association area is activated during spiritual practices NEVER Forget extra batteries: Know what kind of
spirituality one step further. such as meditation is because it is heavily involved in batteries each piece of equipment takes and how to
A dozen times over five years, Newberg has emotional responses -- and religious experiences are change them. Always carry extra sets of batteries.
brought in men and women, Tibetan Buddhists and usually highly emotional," write Newberg and
Franciscan nuns, to peer into their brains as they d'Aquili in "Why God Won't Go Away." NEVER Forget to take lots of pictures: Take as many
meditate and pray. Newberg asked himself: What if the photographs as you can. That goes the same for
In the first experiment, involving a Tibetan orientation area was working as hard as ever but the video. You can't have enough of either. Just keep an
monk, Newberg attached an intravenous line to the incoming flow of sensory information had somehow eye on your film supplies. Don't run out before the
subject's arm and had him meditate inside a small, been blocked? With no information flowing in from ghost hunt is over. Always have emergency rolls of
darkened laboratory on the third floor of the hospital. the senses, the orientation association area wouldn't film.
When the monk was deep into meditation, Newberg be able to find any boundaries. What would the brain
injected a chemical tracer into the IV line. make of that? NEVER Forget to bring food and drinks: It may
A minute later, the monk was placed on an Using the evidence of his meditating monks sound trivial, but you would be surprised how many
inclined table, his head directly beneath three and praying nuns, Newberg says he now believes the ghost-hunts have been ruined or have been cut short
rotating lenses of a massive, high-imaging machine brain has no choice but "to perceive that the self is because of the lack of snacks.
known as a single photon emission computed endless and intimately interwoven with everyone and
tomography camera. everything the mind senses," and that this perception, NEVER Go into any physically dangerous location:
The images from the SPECT scans were to those in the midst of an intense spiritual It may be temping to conduct ghost hunts in old
filled with pools of neon green and red. The patterns experience, feels "utterly and unquestionably real." condemned buildings or on the edge of a spooky cliff
represented increased and decreased blood flows to The University of Tennessee's Pigliucci side, but don't do it. The risk is simply not worth it.
various parts of the brain, especially the lobes. believes Newberg's experiments are "well-done and Also, never go to any place when the weather
Newberg found areas of increased blood flow in the interesting," but he takes exception to Newberg's conditions are bad. Ghost hunts are meant to be fun
frontal lobes, where higher thinking takes place, and interpretation of the results: and it won't be fun if someone gets hurt, has to go to
decreased blood flow in the back or parietal lobes, "Suppose we wanted to investigate some the hospital, or worse. [End]
where spatial orientation takes place. paranormal phenomenon, such as telepathy, and you
Newberg said the frontal lobe activity might claim that your brain behaves in a particular way
be an indication of heightened activity in the when you do telepathy. So we do a brain scan, and we
amygdala, as Joseph theorizes, although better see that the pattern of neural activity will change THE PSYCHIC
imaging techniques would be needed to prove it. because you are trying to concentrate on doing
"We believe that we were seeing colorful
evidence on the SPECT's computer screen of the
"The scan will obviously be different from
brain's capacity to make spiritual experience real. We your brain at rest, but does it show that telepathy is
saw evidence of a neurological process that has going on? No. The brain is always working. ... You
evolved to allow us humans to transcend material go to the movies, you eat a piece of chocolate, you
existence and acknowledge and connect with a dream -- your brain patterns will change."
deeper, more spiritual part of ourselves perceived of Newberg acknowledges that at some
as an absolute, universal reality that connects us to fundamental level, the question of the existence of
all that is," Newberg says in "Why God Won't Go God will forever remain unanswered. "You can't
Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief," one throw open that veil of the brain and get outside of
of the two books he wrote with the late psychiatrist your own brain and see what's going on in the
Eugene d'Aquili. objective external world."
The son of Reform Jewish parents, Newberg Even if science can't pry open that door,
practices Judaism but has an affinity for Eastern Newberg remains sanguine.
religions as well. "Regardless of the perspective you take, the
In medical school, Newberg realized a lot of idea of God doesn't go away. I don't think we would
his interests kept leading him back to the brain. ever say we could prove or disprove God just on the
Radiology -- taking pictures of the inside of a basis of our imaging studies. ...
person's body and especially the brain -- seemed a "What we're really talking about is that,
good fit. Research in dementia and Alzheimer's led regardless of whether God truly exists or not, in some
Newberg to reading psychiatry bulletins, which in sense it's not even a relevant issue. Human beings are
turn led the young doctor to d'Aquili, then an always going to have this sense of connection to God,
associate professor of psychiatry at Penn's medical defining God broadly, whether we create it ourselves
school and a pioneer in the neurological research of or whether there really is a God." [End]
By the time he finished medical school in
1993, Newberg had teamed with d'Aquili.
"We came up with a very detailed model
about what we thought was going on in the brain"
34 The Prophets Paradox
The Prophets Paradox

Andrew McGowan

On December 25, Christians around the

world will gather to celebrate Jesus' birth.
Joyful carols, special liturgies, brightly
wrapped gifts, festive foods—these all
characterize the feast today, at least in the
northern hemisphere. But just how did the
Christmas festival originate? How did
December 25 come to be associated with
Jesus' birthday?

The Bible offers few clues: Celebrations of

Jesus' Nativity are not mentioned in the Gospels or
Acts; the date is not given, not even the time of year.
The biblical reference to shepherds tending their
flocks at night when they hear the news of Jesus'
birth (Luke 2:8) might suggest the spring lambing
season; in the cold month of December, on the other
hand, sheep might well have been corralled. Yet most
scholars would urge caution about extracting such a
precise but incidental detail from a narrative whose
focus is theological rather than calendrical.
The extrabiblical evidence from the first and
second century is equally spare: There is no mention
teacher in Egypt makes reference to the date Jesus observing his birth in midwinter. But how had they
of birth celebrations in the writings of early Christian
was born. According to Clement of Alexandria, settled on the dates December 25 and January 6?
writers such as Irenaeus (c. 130-200) or Tertullian (c.
several different days had been proposed by various There are two theories today: one extremely
160-225). Origen of Alexandria (c. 165-264) goes so
Christian groups. Surprising as it may seem, Clement popular, the other less often heard outside scholarly
far as to mock Roman celebrations of birth
doesn't mention December 25 at all. Clement writes: circles (though far more ancient).
anniversaries, dismissing them as "pagan"
"There are those who have determined not only the The most loudly touted theory about the
practices—a strong indication that Jesus' birth was
year of our Lord's birth, but also the day; and they say origins of the Christmas date (s) is that it was
not marked with similar festivities at that place and
that it took place in the 28th year of Augustus, and in borrowed from pagan celebrations. The Romans had
time. As far as we can tell, Christmas was not
the 25th day of [the Egyptian month] Pachon [May their mid-winter Saturnalia festival in late December;
celebrated at all at this point.
20 in our calendar] ... And treating of His Passion, barbarian peoples of northern and western Europe
This stands in sharp contrast to the very
with very great accuracy, some say that it took place kept holidays at similar times. To top it off, in 274
early traditions surrounding Jesus' last days. Each of
in the 16th year of Tiberius, on the 25th of C.E., the Roman emperor Aurelian established a feast
the Four Gospels provides detailed information
Phamenoth [March 21]; and others on the 25th of of the birth of Sol Invictus (the Unconquered Sun),
about the time of Jesus' death. According to John,
Pharmuthi [April 21] and others say that on the 19th on December 25. Christmas, the argument goes, is
Jesus is crucified just as the Passover lambs are
of Pharmuthi [April 15] the Savior suffered. Further, really a spin-off from these pagan solar festivals.
being sacrificed. This would have occurred on the
others say that He was born on the 24th or 25th of According to this theory, early Christians
14th of the Hebrew month of Nisan, just before the
Pharmuthi [April 20 or 21]." deliberately chose these dates to encourage the
Jewish holiday began at sundown (considered the
Clearly there was great uncertainty, but also spread of Christmas and Christianity throughout the
beginning of the 15th day because in the Hebrew
a considerable amount of interest, in dating Jesus' Roman world: If Christmas looked like a pagan
calendar, days begin at sundown). In Matthew, Mark
birth in the late second century. By the fourth century, holiday, more pagans would be open to both the
and Luke, however, the Last Supper is held after
however, we find references to two dates that were holiday and the God whose birth it celebrated.
sundown, on the beginning of the 15th. Jesus is
widely recognized—and now also celebrated—as Despite its popularity today, this theory of
crucified the next morning—still, the 15th.*
Jesus'birthday: December 25 in the western Roman Christmas's origins has its problems. It is not found
Easter, a much earlier development than
Empire and January 6 in the East (especially in Egypt in any ancient Christian writings, for one thing.
Christmas, was simply the gradual Christian
and Asia Minor). The modern Armenian church Christian authors of the time do note a connection
reinterpretation of Passover in terms of Jesus'
continues to celebrate Christmas on January 6; for between the solstice and Jesus' birth: The church
Passion. Its observance could even be implied in the
most Christians, however, December 25 would father Ambrose (c. 339-397), for example, described
New Testament (1 Corinthians 5:7-8: "Our paschal
prevail, while January 6 eventually came to be Christ as the true sun, who outshone the fallen gods
lamb, Christ, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us
known as the Feast of the Epiphany, commemorating of the old order. But early Christian writers never
celebrate the festival ..."); it was certainly a
the arrival of the magi in Bethlehem. The period hint at any recent calendrical engineering; they
distinctively Christian feast by the mid-second
between became the holiday season later known as clearly don't think the date was chosen by the church.
century C.E., when the apocryphal text known as the
the 12 days of Christmas. Rather they see the coincidence as a providential
Epistle to the Apostles has Jesus instruct his disciples
The earliest mention of December 25 as sign, as natural proof that God had selected Jesus
to "make commemoration of [his] death, that is, the
Jesus' birthday comes from a mid-fourth-century over the false pagan gods. [End]
Roman almanac that lists the death dates of various
Jesus' ministry, miracles, Passion and
Christian bishops and martyrs. The first date listed,
Resurrection were often of most interest to first- and IN THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF
December 25, is marked: natus Christus in Betleem
early-second-century C.E. Christian writers. But
Judeae: "Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea." In THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER
over time, Jesus' origins would become of increasing
about 400 C.E., Augustine of Hippo mentions a local
concern. We can begin to see this shift already in the
dissident Christian group, the Donatists, who
New Testament. The earliest writings—Paul and
apparently kept Christmas festivals on December 25, Their leader claims that all mankind
Mark—make no mention of Jesus' birth. The on Earth was created by aliens...
but refused to celebrate the Epiphany on January 6,
Gospels of Matthew and Luke provide well-known
but quite different accounts of the event—although
regarding it as an innovation. Since the Donatist making God an alien. He also claims
group only emerged during the persecution under
neither specifies a date. In the second century C.E.,
Diocletian in 312 C.E. and then remained stubbornly
that he is the brother of Jesus Christ!
further details of Jesus' birth and childhood are
attached to the practices of that moment in time, they
related in apocryphal writings such as the Infancy
seem to represent an older North African Christian
Gospel of Thomas and the Proto-Gospel of James.**
These texts provide everything from the names of Look Into One of the Fastest
In the East, January 6 was at first not
Jesus' grandparents to the details of his education—
associated with the magi alone, but with the Growing Cults
but not the date of his birth.
Christmas story as a whole. So, almost 300 years
Finally, in about 200 C.E., a Christian
after Jesus was born, we finally find people
Fear of Vampires 35
religious people in general have different perceptions
A Fear of Vampires Can about it, and can only all agree on its existence.
Mask a Fear of Out of the three categories the most popular
and most disseminated fairy tale is that of the
Something Much Worse traditionalists.
They believe that lightning is caused by
some supernatural power created by superstitious
people who are able to think beyond the natural
Vampires are us, as vampire experts say. And
human scope - witches/wizards and witch-doctors.
that may explain why Malawi is now in the grip of a
vampire panic. As one Kitwe-based traditionalist Finwell
Rumors that the government of that Chibonsa says, 'traditionally, it is believed that
landlocked southern African country was colluding lightning is used to punish wrong doers like thieves
with vampires to collect human blood in exchange and wizards in society.'
for food sent terrified villagers fleeing, wire services This, Mr Chibonsa says, is especially so in
orgiastic child-slaughterer, and Countess Elizabeth of the villages where an aggrieved person would seek
reported last week. A suspected vampire helper was Bathory in Hungary 200 years later who bathed in the
stoned or beaten to death; three priests were the 'expertise' of the 'wisemen' or medicinemen
blood of murdered virgins. whenever they want to avenge against someone.
attacked; and a foreign aid encampment identified as Austrian forces returning from conquests in The 69-year-old retired council worker says
vampire headquarters was destroyed. the Ottoman east in the early 1700's brought back the medicinemen are able to create lightning even in
It didn't happen in a vacuum. Malawi faces vampire stories, which circulated throughout Europe, the dry season provided there is cause to punish
widespread starvation and a severe AIDS epidemic, later inspiring Byron, Keats and Coleridge. It was another person.
as well as an uproar over efforts by the country's first left, however, to Bram Stoker, stage manager for the 'Lightning is sent directly to the culprit
and only democratically elected president, Bakili revered Shakespearean actor Henry Irving in the regardless of how many people are around him.
Muluzi, to override a two-term limit and remain in 1870's, to turn the fragments into terrifying form in Others will go unhurt and usually it just leaves them
office after 2004. his 1897 "Dracula." suffocated by smoke.
"Vampires say a lot about our fears and But it was not until the vogue of vampire 'It just strikes those who are directly
hopes," said Nina Auerbach, an English professor at plays and films in the 1920's that the popular Dracula involved. If they are two or three, it will sort them out
the University of Pennsylvania and author of "Our cult took hold, at a time when it was still believed leaving others who are not part of the vengeful
Vampires, Ourselves." that evil always wore an evil face, or at least a action,' says the sexagenarian.
For millennia, the storied undead that wicked-looking widow's peak. Mr Chibonsa is also in agreement with
emerge from the grave to suck the lifeblood of the Soon vampirism became as rule-bound as unproved traditional beliefs that people wearing red
living have embodied power "and our fears of any orthodoxy. So today one can read, on the Web attire during thunderstorm are likely to attract
power," Ms. Auerbach said. "They can be whatever and in a slew of popular books, that an animal or a lightning.
you want." They are immortal. And unlike ghosts, nun passing over an unburied body turns into a He adds that it is advisable for people not to
they are robustly corporeal. vampire. So will a child in the womb whose mother lie with their face up when it is raining, for the same
Another scholar, David J. Skal, author of was looked at by a vampire (particularly after her reason. He can, however, not elaborate as he insists
"The Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror," sixth month), a seventh son and a dead wizard. that:
has said that a fixation on demons often accompanies Of course, today, at least in much of the 'The problem with you young men is that you
periods of national stress. "In times of social West, this is merely the stuff of high camp. But the always like asking why! You are like that man in the
upheaval, the vampire asserts itself," he said. fear stalking Malawi these days is a reminder that, Bible (Thomas) who did not want to believe that
President Muluzi, in debunking the vampire among desperate people, who with reason feel their Jesus had risen until he saw Him,' he says.
rumors, may have inadvertently encouraged them life's blood, or that of their children, is being sucked Mr Chibonsa, who claims to be a staunch
when he said, "No government can go about sucking away, the vampire myth still resonates uncannily Christian in the Catholic Church, says a lot of things
the blood of its own people." with human experience. [End] have changed now because during his childhood a
The denial rang false, Ms. Auerbach said, mere mention of the word lightning was taboo.
because, "Governments have always sucked the Lightning: Myths, Beliefs And This was because lightning was used as a
blood of their people." form of taking oaths and mere mention of it sent cold
It was for good reason, she said, that the Truths shivers and apprehension among those listening.
vampire legend became deeply rooted in Eastern 'Ukulumbula ati akalumba maka maka abaice takwali
Europe, where the peasantry was cruelly persecuted (It was a taboo for people especially children to
for centuries. mention the word lightning),' he says. When Mr
In the United States, perhaps by the same Chibonsa's story was subjected to science, a lot of
reasoning, vampires come in friendlier form. There aspects were dispelled, save for the fact that lightning
is Count Chocula cereal; Sesame Street's helpful is real and lethal. After delving into scientific field it
arithmetic tutor, the Count; Anne Rice's novelistic was learnt that basically and, most importantly, for
dynasty of masterful and sexy vampires — lightning to occur there must be a thunder-cloud or
"practically spa people," Ms. Auerbach calls them; clouds.
the empowered and liberated black lesbian vampires Allert Kabemba, a veteran educationist and
of Jewelle Gomez's "Gilda Stories;" and the long-time Physics teacher says the medicinemen can
wholesome cheeriness of "Buffy the Vampire only come up with lightening if they can manage to
Slayer." create thunder-clouds.
Mr Kabemba, who is the head of science
The origins of the vampire legend lie buried department at Kitwe's Mpelembe secondary school
in antiquity, dating to Greece and perhaps Egypt, and has been in the teaching service for over 20
scholars say, at some point taking credence from the years, says lightning is caused by the difference in
bats that suck the blood of horses and livestock. charges between the thunder-cloud and the ground or
Drawing on ancestor worship, cannibalism, other structures.
human sacrifice and the Christian doctrine of The Times of Zambia Mr Kabemba has a Masters of Science (Msc)
transubstantiation, and real fears of violence, tales of degree in Physics which he obtained from Reading
ghouls nourished on human blood surfaced in widely Already lightning has struck and killed at University in the United Kingdom after getting his
separated cultures, including China, India, the least three people since the onset of the rains. Its first degree in the same field from the University of
Middle East, Africa and Europe, wrote the British victims include two people in Kitwe and one in Zambia. He explains that thunder-clouds are
author Anthony Masters in his book, "The Natural Lusaka. negatively charged on undersides and positively
History of the Vampire." Whenever and wherever it strikes, lightning charged on their tops.
The medieval plagues that spread unseen brings many tales, some of which border on myths, 'When a negatively charged cloud gathers
contagion also fed the vampire legend, as did beliefs and the truths about this highly-dreaded over a building (or any structure) positive charges are
commonplace grotesqueries like live burials (by People from different fields and various induced on the roof (or atop the structure),' writes
mistake and on purpose), body-snatching and grave- schools of thought always come up with diverse another leading physicist, John Wilkinson, in his
robbing, along with the capture of some all-too-real interpretations and explanations about lightning. book Essentials of Physics.
fiends like Gilles de Rais of France who fought along phenomenon. Continued on Page 38
with Joan of Arc in the 1400's before becoming an Scientists, traditionalists and Christians or
36 USA’s U.F.O.
In 1949, the biggest black hole in the
universe wasn't in space, but across the Bering Strait.
Stretching across 12 time zones, the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics was, as Winston Churchill would
so memorably describe it, "a riddle wrapped in a
mystery inside an enigma." The few things that most
people knew about life behind the Iron Curtain
seemed to be pieces of an incomprehensible puzzle.
For the handful of intelligence experts who saw how
the pieces fit, the "workers' paradise" presented a
clear and present danger to the American way of life.
What the intelligence community knew, and most
people did not, was that in the final frantic hours of
World War II, the Soviet army had hastily raided
Germany's most advanced weapons research
laboratories. And, on Aug. 29, 1949, only four years
after Hiroshima, the technological booty from those
raids turned a country whose farmers still used
horse-drawn plows into a nuclear superpower.
From 300 miles in space the LRV would be able to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union,
The fireball of the communist atomic bomb
Red China and North Korea
cast a sinister new light on an event that previously
seemed quite inconsequential. In the summer of result of a Freedom of Information Act request. now under construction.
1945, an unusual rumor had begun to circulate A textbook mission would conclude with the
within the intelligence division of the European Inside the LRV entire LRV returning to Earth. It would fire its
Command. During interrogations, captured German nuclear or liquid-fueled main rocket to brake, then
aircraft engineers referred to an extraordinarily fast "The operational mission design is six travel edge-first into the atmosphere. Its disc form
rocket plane under development at a secret base in weeks' duration at a nominal orbital altitude of 300 would dissipate the heat of re-entry, then act as a
Bavaria. Unlike theMesserschmitt Me 163 rocket nautical miles, with a crew of four men," according wing. Its flattened tail structure would provide
planes that had begun to attack Allied bombers in the to the report. The weapons bay would hold "four directional stability and control. A minute or so
last months of the war, this aircraft had an odd- winged weapons" that could be either launched or before landing, skids would extend and the LRV
looking curved wing that blended into its fuselage. detached and parked on orbit. There are repeated would settle onto a stretch of dry lakebed.
The aerodynamic advantage of this configuration references to the LRV launching weapons-carrying The engineering study does not describe how
had been known to American designers for more clusters. the LRV, which would weigh just over 17,000 pounds
than a decade. It created more lift than a standard A considerable part of the design study without its crew, weapons, fuel and stores, would
wing, especially at low speeds, and provided more focuses on the details of building a 40-ft.-dia. then have been returned to the launch pad. One
internal capacity for carrying bombs. In the early airframe and strengthening it against the acceleration possibility, suggested by the inclusion of a high-
days of the war, the U.S. Navy had briefly of 8 g's and wind shear it would experience during pressure helium storage tank, is that it would have
experimented with circular wing design for those launch. However, no mention is made of the type of been ferried by a heavy-lift balloon, as shown in the
very reasons. booster the disc would ride into space. drawing on the opposite page. While the LRV would
Anticipating that the first generation of Most likely, the LRV would have flown atop not have had sufficient helium to inflate a balloon,
communist atomic bombs would be as heavy as a multistage rocket, like the Saturn booster used in the tank would have had sufficient capacity for
those America had dropped on Japan, it seemed the Apollo moon program. The engineering study, replenishing the lift-bag to permit trips of several
reasonable to U.S. defense planners that the Soviet however, suggests a more intriguing possibility. At thousands of miles.
air force, which then lacked a nuclear bomber, would some point, the LRV could have been powered by In 1997, as part of its effort to debunk the
try to adapt German disc technology. The United one of the nuclear rockets then under development by Roswell alien landing myth, the Air Force revealed
States was, after all, doing exactly the same thing the Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. details of several heavy-lift balloon research projects.
with the V-2s and Nazi rocket scientists it had Several of these rockets were in fact built and Among those were experiments in which 15,000-
spirited away in Operation Paper Clip. successfully tested in Nevada. Although the pound payloads were lifted to 170,000 ft. While not
In our July 1997 cover story, "Roswell Plus government claims all of its nuclear rocket program specifically acknowledging the LRV by name, an Air
50," POPULAR MECHANICS detailed how Air records have been declassified, a search of the Force spokesman conceded that during the Cold War
Force interestin duplicating Nazi technology led to Department of Energy (DOE) human radiation it routinely used high-altitude balloons to lift unusual
two American flying disc projects. Project Silver experiment database indicates otherwise. PM has airframes for aerodynamic tests. Airframe tests of
Bug sought to build a vertical takeoff and landing learned that 40 cu. ft. of records related to the human secret planes were most likely the cause of still-
aircraft. Project Pye Wacket was to create small discs health effects of the nuclear rocket program, unexplained UFO sightings. And a balloon-lifted
for use as air-to-air missiles. Documents declassified compiled between 1956 and 1975, are stored in a LRV test flight would certainly match the classic
since then point to a third secret project, a 40-ft. secured location—Building 1001—at the Los UFO reports of a silvery disc hovering motionless in
"flying saucer" designed to rain nuclear destruction Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M. A the sky, then silently shooting upward.
on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space. DOE spokesman told PM that the only reason these
The official designation for America's records would have remained classified was if they Crash Debris
nuclear flying saucer was the Lenticular Reentry dealt with an operational military system.
Vehicle (LRV). It was designed by engineers at the The four-man crew would ride a wedge- The engineering study obtained by POPULAR
Los Angeles Division of North American Aviation, shaped capsule built inside the LRV. The capsule MECHANICS contains language that describes a
under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The project would divide the front portion of the disc into re-entry heating test that, at the time, could have
was managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force separate work and off-duty areas. The nuclear-tipped been accomplished by only a high-altitude drop of a
Base, in Dayton, Ohio, where German engineers rockets would be stored in the rear segments. flying prototype. A further indication that the LRV
who had worked on rocket plane and flying disc Although these rockets were not called flew comes from a retired Air Force contractor. He
technology had been resettled multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRVs), they tells PM he personally saw a craft fitting the
The LRV escaped public scrutiny because it match the description of these multiple-warhead- description of the LRV at a Florida base that he had
was hidden away as one of the Pentagon's so-called delivery devices, which were later banned by been visiting on unrelated business in the late
"black budget" items—that is, a secret project that is disarmament treaties. An MIRV-equipped LRV 1960s. However, what is by far the most compelling
incorporated into some piece of nonclassified work. would have been able to eliminate the war-making evidence that the LRV, or a flying prototype, was
On Dec. 12, 1962, security officers at Wright- capabilities of the Soviet Union, China and North actually built comes from Australia.
Patterson classified the LRV as secret because: "It Korea at the push of a button.
describes an offensive weapon system." The project In normal operations, the capsule would
remained classified until May 1999, when a Continued on Page 37
function as the LRV's flight control center. In an
congressionally mandated review of old documents emergency, the crew could fire the capsule’s
changed the project's status as a government secret, independent 50,000-pound-thrust solid-fuel rocket Dare to believe.... Dare to be heard
downgrading it to public information. The motor and return to Earth. The capsule’s final descent
Department of Defense did, however, successfully would be slowed by a parachute, much like the X-38 The ‘X’ Zone Radio / TV Show
seek to have the document's distribution restricted to "lifeboat" planned for the international space station
defense contractors. PM obtained its copy as the
USA’s U.F.O. 37
America’s Nuclear Flying In Germany, landing Me 163s were plagued
by on-board fires, caused by the sloshing of a type
Saucer of hypergolic fuel in mostly empty fuel tanks.
Continues from Page 36 According to the design study, the tanks aboard the
LRV could never be completely emptied either,
making accidents like those aboard Me 163s all but
In 1975, Jean Fraser found an odd bit of inevitable. LRV project managers would have been
honeycomb-like debris on her family’s ranch south well aware of this unique danger, as one of the
of Brisbane. The area is in the vicinity of what was members of the Wright-Patterson aeronautical
then a secret Australian testing range where the research team was Rudi Opitz, one of Germany's
British and Americans conducted some of their most first Me 163 test pilots.
secret atomic experiments. Since the LRV was to LRV documents released thus far tell only
carry a small nuclear reactor to provide electricity for part of the story. But in time, the secrecy on progress
flight systems, it is conceivable that tests would have reports, construction drawings and perhaps even
been conducted at this isolated location. operational records will expire and we will be able
Local legends claim the honeycomb was to tell the rest of the story. Perhaps they will reveal
debris from a flying saucer that exploded over the that the LRV remained a general's pipe dream, a
test range in 1966. The remaining pieces were multimillion-dollar paper plane that never took
supposedly collected by the military and returned to MULTISTAGE CONTROLLABLE CHUTE: In
flight. Or they may tell the story of the most normal operation, the LRV would use its saucer
the United States aboard a U.S. Air Force plane. astounding adventure in the history of flight. [End]
Interested in learning if the debris was shape to dissipate re-entry heat and then provide
extraterrestrial, Dick Smith, a Sydney businessman, lift for atmospheric flight.
arranged for the University of New South Wales to
perform a chemical analysis.
The debris contained minerals commonly
found in aircraft-grade fiberglass panels. Based on
the university's report, the Mufon UFO Journal, the
monthly magazine of the Mutual UFO Network
(, debunked rumors of the debris
having any alien origin.

LRV Specifications
Crew 4
Weapons 4 nuclear missiles
Mission Length 6 weeks
Diameter 40 ft.
Center 90 in.
Edges 6 in.
Wing 1548 sq. ft.
Launch 45,000 lb.
Landing 33,395 lb. HOW IT WORKS: Helium balloon carries
Empty 17,042 lb. vehicle back to the launch site.
Booster Chemical/Nuclear
Main Hypergolic/Nuclear
Capsule Solid fuel
Electric Power 7 kw (thermal nuclear)
Designer North American Aviation

Unexplained Residue

PM became interested in revisiting the

Australian debris analysis when we noticed a “On the bright side, they do provide a real
similarity between a photograph of the mystery
Escape capsule deployment. alternative to the two major parties!”
honeycomb and a cross-section diagram in the LRV
engineering study.
We've put the two images next to each other
(right). Let us know what you think.
We were also curious about two points that
were raised in the university's chemical analysis, but
not pursued once it was determined that the debris
originated on Earth. The first has to do with the
presence of small amounts of titanium. Titanium is a
strong, lightweight metal used extensively in
spacecraft. While some fiberglass products also
contain titanium, it is not in the chemical form found
in the debris.
The second curiosity has to do with chemical
residues. Those found on the honeycomb were
similar to those typically found in the vicinity of
high-temperature chemical explosions. A possible
explanation for such an explosion can be found in
LRV engineering drawings. Like the German Me
163 rocket plane, the main engine of the LRV was
designed to burn hypergolic fuel, highly reactive
fluids that can explode on contact, releasing
tremendous amounts of energy. Plans show that the
LRV would have carried 9375 pounds of nitrogen
tetroxide and hydrazine.
38 Lightning: Myths and More
Lightning: Myths, Beliefs But that is an extreme case. Mysterious webs drop from
The Bishop assures that lightning sent by
And Truths witches, like a curse, can only affect non-believers the skies
Continued from Page 35 and those who believe in witchcraft. By Michael A. Smith
'While we, as believers, believe and know
that witchcraft is real, we know we can not be
The difference in charges creates a force of Was it part of nature’s enigmatic web, or part
harmed by it because we are protected by the blood
attraction between the clouds and the roof-top or top of a sinister web of conspiracy in the black-
of Jesus.
of any other structure with induced charges. helicopter, secret-mass-experiment vein?
'It can only work on those who are not
Wilkinson states that the force of attraction Hard to say, but one thing seems clear: The
covered under the blood. In fact more often than not
becomes so intense that electrons (negative charge) skies over Galveston County on Friday were literally
if a believer is targeted it would go back to the sender
suddenly jump from the cloud to the roof or top of filled with floating, shimmering strands and fuzzy,
and destroy him/her,' Bishop Banda says.
other structures (with positive charges) producing a luminescent wads that looked a lot like spider webs.
But to those who are not covered Mr
flash of lightning. Lorenzo DeLacerta saw them about noon
Kabemba and Wilkinson have a few tips for them.
Further research by the Times shows that a when he delivered building material to a site a mile
During thunderstorm:
single flash of lightning discharges electricity of east of the San Louis Pass Bridge.
*do not use telephones
about 100 million volts which is over 400,000 times “It blew my mind,” DeLacerta said. “I have
*do not wade through or touch water
more than the domestic power. never seen anything like it before.” Others on the site
*do not hide under isolated trees
The air around the lightning scene is heated saw them, too, he said, but their minds were not
*avoid umbrellas with uninsulated metal
to temperatures of as high as 30,000 degrees Celsius blown. They were like ‘Yeah?’ They didn’t seem to
which is 300 times more than the boiling point of think much about it.”
*take shelter in closed buildings
water. Lorenzo called his sister, Gloria, who saw
*it is also advisable to lie down flat on the
This explains the havoc it wreaks wherever the same thing in the sky over La Marque. She called
ground to avoid being struck.
and whenever it strikes as it tears apart and chars The Daily News where a half dozen skeptical news
These, among many others, will lower the
anything in its path. people were forced to admit that there was, indeed,
potential and reduce the risk of being injured. [End]
'Lightning that strikes the earth consists of under way a slow, steady parade of slender web-like
one or more discharges called strokes. The bright strands, some near the ground, some way up where
light we see in a lightning is the return stroke (and The big, black cattle killer the airliners ply.
appears when the damage has already been done). By DANNY BUTTLER The webs were visible in the air for five
'The heat of the return stroke causes the air hours, and poles were left wrapped with the sticky
to expand so quickly that a bang called thunder is strands and fuzzy wads. So what were they? Official
WHAT is black, furry, can jump about 6m in
head,' writes Wilkinson. sky-web sources seem scarce. A spokesman at the
a single bound and mutilates cattle? It could be the
It is, therefore, a fact that once one hears the National Weather Service Office in League City said
world's largest feral cat, a wild dog with a taste for
thunder, no matter how loud, one should consider the service had received no reports of flying webs,
fresh meat.
oneself as having survived the lightning. Victims of and that flying webs weren’t really their thing.
Or even a yowie.
lightning do not even hear its sound because, as a The phenomenon has occurred in at least two
But ask farmer Ron Jones and he will tell
basic scientific truth, sound travels slower than light other places. The Associated Press reported Oct. 8
you it is most likely a panther -- the legendary big cat
or heat. By the time the sound or the thunder is that “long, floating spider webs” were “bobbing
that has eluded hunters and photographers for more
heard, the victim would be laying dead. That being through the skies of Santa Cruz, Calif., … confusing
than half a century.
the case, is it then possible for the wisemen to create some community members concerned about
Mr Jones said the evidence of the panther's
lightning? biological weapons, UFOs and other phenomena.”
existence is lying dead in a paddock on his South
Mr Kabemba says as an African he cannot And the Wallowa Chieftain in Oregon
Gippsland farm.
completely dispute that, but says the main question reported on Dec. 22, 2000, the sightings of “web-like
In the latest attack, a heifer was killed and
lies in whether man is able to create thunder-clouds. material … falling from the sky” that some locals
partly eaten "like it had been cut with a carving
That is the bottom line. thought came “from three military jets that had been
He says if a person is able to do that then it flying back and forth in an east-west flight pattern at
It is not the first time the dairy farmer from
would be easy to cause lightning. high altitude.”
Binginwarri, near Foster, has caught sight of a
Mr Kabemba is, however, categorical on A University of Wyoming microbiology
creature he says is definitely not a dog and is too big
other beliefs such as that a person in red attire is professor quoted in the AP story attributed the Santa
to be a feral cat.
more susceptible than one in other colours, saying Cruz webs to a seasonal migration of hatchling
"I've seen about a dozen of them now . . .
only the type of material could make a difference. spiders leaving their nests. The professor, who did
when they're sitting on their backsides they're about
On why some people in a crowd have been not return messages left at his home and office, said
three foot six from the ground to the top of the head,"
struck while others left unhurt, Mr Kabemba says: it was not uncommon to see “dozens” of webs
he told ABC radio.
'Most of the people who are struck happen to floating across the plains of Wyoming.
"When they take off they sort of go in big
be in the lightning's way or they happen to be But observers here were not reporting dozens
loping bounds. They cover about 20 feet every bound
standing on a metal of some sort underneath.' He of webs, but hundreds of thousands. One
-- they're about eight feet, roughly, from the tip of
says lightning is also associated with the presence of explanation, of sorts, can be found on the World
their nose to the end of their tail."
minerals. If this is true mineral-endowed areas can Wide Web, where scores of people are convinced that
Having shot at the mystery beast several
be said to be more prone to lightning. the webs are man-made and may be part of a sinister
times, Mr Jones said it was unmistakably feline.
But what do religious people particularly conspiracy. Like a lot of web-based topics, exactly
"It's definitely a cat the way it moves," he
Christians say about this mind-boggling conundrum? what is the man-made material and the conspiracy’s
Pentecostal Assemblies of God Copperbelt goal is a little murky.
"Where a dog stands and tears at it and
Bishop Sky Banda simply defines lightning as an act Some posts say the webs appear on days
leaves a jagged wound, these wounds are just as
of God. when strange condensation trails, like those from jet
though you'd cut the meat out with a carving knife."
Bishop Banda says the starting point is that airplanes, also occur. Was Galveston County visited
Persistent panther sightings have fuelled the
God is the author (creator) and finisher of everything by a mundane migration of arachnids or something
imagination of Victorians for more than half a
and that whatever God created was good and for a else?
purpose. Lorenzo DeLacerta, who spent Friday
Despite proving harder to photograph than
This is not to say that it is God's wish to contemplating the webs, does not know what they
Howard Hughes, the existence of the big cats has
strike dead his own people. As usual the devil and his were, but he says he’s sure of one thing. “I have never
never been disproven by authorities.
agents are copycats, they will always use God's seen anything like this before. I have seen spiders
The wild cat legend started on the other side
creation to execute their evil deeds, he says. floating on webs before, but I have never seen this.”
of Victoria after US servicemen stationed in the
He says for this reason, one cannot rule out [End]
Grampians during World War II were rumoured to
the possibility of the lightning being used by witches
have released a female black panther and several
and other superstitious people for their selfish
cubs into the bush. Dare to believe..... Dare to be
motives. heard
Other stories include big cats that have
In addition, Bishop Banda, who is senior
escaped from circuses or zoos. A Department of
pastor for Maranatha Church in Kitwe, says even
Sustainability and Environment spokesman said The ‘X’ Zone Radio / TV Show
Christians can pray that God strikes with lightning a
there was no evidence to confirm or deny a panther
person who they think is a menace to the body of
killed the cow this week. [End]
Summerwind 39
Wisconsin’s most Haunted
by Stacy McArdle & Troy Taylor

If a person was forced to choose what the

greatest ghost story in Wisconsin might be, it would
almost undoubtedly be the legend of Summerwind.
This haunted mansion has spawned more strange
tales and stories that any other location in the state.
What dark secrets remain hidden in the ruins of this
once grand estate? Were the stories of ghostly
encounters and messages from beyond really true ...
or were they part of an elaborate publicity hoax?
Located on the shores of West Bay Lake, in
the far northeast regions of Wisconsin, are the ruins
of a once grand mansion that was called
Summerwind. The house is long gone now, but the
memories remain ... as do the stories and legends of
the inexplicable events that once took place there.
Summerwind is perhaps Wisconsin’s most haunted
house, or at least it was, before fire and the elements
of nature destroyed her. Regardless, even the ravages Upon the death of Robert Lamont, the house Ginger brought him a flashlight and he
of time cannot destroy the haunted history of the was sold ... and sold again. It seemed that nothing out wedged himself into the narrow opening as far as his
house. of the ordinary really happened there, save for shoulders. He looked around with the flashlight and
The mansion was built in 1916 by Robert P. Lamont’s encounter with the phantom intruder, until then suddenly jumped back, scrambling away from
Lamont as a summer home for he and his family. the early 1970's. It was in this period that the family the opening. He was both frightened and disgusted ...
Nestled on the shores of the lake, the house caught living in the house was nearly destroyed ... there was some sort of corpse jammed into the secret
the cool breezes of northern Wisconsin and provided supposedly by ghosts. compartment!
a comfortable place for Lamont to escape the Arnold Hinshaw, his wife Ginger, and their Believing that an animal had crawled in
pressures of everyday life in Washington D.C., as he six children, moved into Summerwind in the early there and died many years ago, Arnold tried to
would later go on to serve as the Secretary of part of the 1970's. They would only reside in the squeeze back in for a closer look. He couldn’t make
Commerce under President Herbert Hoover. house for six months, but it would be an eventful out much of anything, so when the children came
But life was not always sublime at period of time. home from school, he recruited his daughter Mary to
Summerwind during the years of the Lamont family. From the day that they moved in, they knew get a better look. Mary took the flashlight and
For those who claim that the ghost stories of the strange things were going on in the house. It had crawled inside. Moments later, she let out a scream
house were "created" in later years, they forget the been vacant for some time ... but it had apparently ... it was a human corpse! She uncovered a skull, still
original tale of Robert Lamont’s encounter with a been occupied by otherworldly visitors. The bearing dirty black hair, a brown arm and a portion
spirit. Legends of the house say that Lamont actually Hinshaws, and their children, immediately started to of a leg.
fired a pistol at a ghost that he believed was an report vague shapes and shadows flickering down the Why the Hinshaws never contacted the
intruder. The bullet holes in the basement door from hallways. They also claimed to hear mumbled voices authorities about this body is unknown. Was the
the kitchen remained for many years. in darkened, empty rooms. When they would walk story concocted later to fit into the tales of "haunted"
inside, the sounds would quickly stop. Most alarming Summerwind? Or was their reasoning the truth ...
was the ghost of the woman who was often seen that the body had been the result of a crime that took
floating back and forth just past some French doors place many years ago, far too long for the police to
that led off from the dining room. do anything about it now.
The family wondered if they were simply Had they been thinking things through, they
imagining things but continued events convinced might have realized that this body might have been
them otherwise. Appliances, a hot water heater and a the cause of much of the supernatural activity in the
water pump would mysteriously break down and house ... removing it might have laid the ghost to
then repair themselves before a serviceman could be rest, so to speak.
called. Regardless, they left the corpse where they
Windows and doors that were closed would found it ... but it will figure into our story once again.
reopen on their own. One particular window, which Shortly after the discovery of the body in the
proved especially stubborn, would raise and lower hidden compartment, things started to take a turn for
itself at all hours. Out of desperation, Arnold drove a the worse at Summerwind.
heavy nail through the window casing and it finally Arnold began staying up very late at night
stayed closed. and playing a Hammond organ that the couple had
On one occasion, Arnold walked out to his purchased before moving into the house. He had
car to go to work and the vehicle suddenly burst into always enjoyed playing the organ, using it as a form
flames. No one was near it and it is unknown whether of relaxation, but his playing now was different. His
the source of the fire was supernatural in origin or playing became a frenzied mixture of melodies that
not, but regardless, no cause was ever found for it. seemed to make no sense, and grew louder as the
Despite the strange activity, the Hinshaws night wore on. Ginger pleaded with him to stop but
wanted to make the best of the historic house so they Arnold claimed the demons in his head demanded
decided to hire some men to make a few renovations. that he play. He often crashed the keys on the organ
It was most common for the workers to not show up until dawn, frightening his wife and children so
for work, usually claiming illness, although a few of badly that they often huddled together in one
them simply told her that they refused to work on bedroom, crying and cowering in fear.
Summerwind ... which was reputed to be haunted. Arnold had a complete mental breakdown
That was when the Hinshaws gave up and decided to and at the same time, Ginger attempted suicide.
try and do all of the work themselves. Were the stories of strange events at
One day they began painting a closet in one Summerwind merely the result of two disturbed
of the bedrooms. A large shoe drawer was installed in minds? It might seem so ... but what about the
the closet’s back wall and Arnold pulled it out so that children? They also reported the ghostly encounters.
he could paint around the edges of the frame. When Were they simply influenced by their parents
he did, he noticed that there seemed to be a large, questionable sanity ... or were the stories real?
dark space behind the drawer. Continued on Page 40
40 Summerwind
SUMMERWIND - repair estimate on some work to be done on the resented anyone living in the house or trying to
house and to check with someone about getting rid of renovate the place, at least until the deed was found.
Wisconsin’s most Haunted the bats which were inhabiting the place. He also Bober spent many days searching the basement for
planned to do some yard work and to get the place where the deed might be hidden, chipping the
House cleaned up a little. foundation and peering into dark holes and crevices.
Continued from Page 39 It started to rain the first day that he was To this day, the mysterious deed has never
there and he began closing some of the windows. He been found.
The family’s connection with the house was upstairs, in the dark hallway, and heard a voice In the years that followed Bober’s
would continue for years to come. call his name. He looked around but there was no one abandonment of Summerwind, a number of skeptics
While Arnold was sent away for treatment, there. Karl closed the window and went downstairs. came forward to poke holes in some of Bober’s
Ginger and the children moved to Granton, He walked into the front room and heard what claims. Many of their counter-claims, however, have
Wisconsin to live with Ginger’s parents. Ginger and sounded like two pistol shots! He ran into the kitchen been nearly as easy to discredit as some of Bober’s
Arnold would eventually be divorced when it looked and found the room filled with smoke and the acrid original ones.
as though Arnold’s hopes for recovery were failing. smell of gunpowder ... apparently someone had fired Obviously, we are never going to know for
Ginger later recovered her health, away from a gun inside of the house! sure if Summerwind was really haunted. The house is
Summerwind at last, and she married a man named Karl searched the place, finding the doors gone now and we are left with only the claims,
George Olsen. locked and undisturbed. There appeared to be no one reports and witness accounts of Bober and his family.
Things seemed to be going quite well for her inside and he returned to the kitchen. He began We can examine the claims of the family, and the
in her new peaceful life, until a few years later, when looking around the room and discovered two bullet skeptics, and try to make sense of it all.
her father announced that he was going to buy holes in the door leading down to the basement. He In 1983, a freelance writer named Will
Summerwind. examined them closely and realized that they were Pooley set out to gather the facts behind the story and
Raymond Bober was a popcorn vendor and not new holes at all ... but old bullet holes that had discredit it. His research claimed that even if Bober
businessman who with his wife Marie, planned to worn smooth around the edges. had found Carver’s deed, it would have been
turn the old mansion into a restaurant and an inn. He They were apparently holes left behind from worthless. He based these findings on the fact that
believed that the house would attract many guests to Robert Lamont’s encounter with a ghost in the the British government ruled against an individual’s
the scenic location on the lake. kitchen. Perhaps events from the past were replaying purchase of Indian land and also that the Sioux had
They had no idea what had happened to their themselves at Summerwind! never claimed land west of the Mississippi River.
daughter in the house. No matter what the explanation, it was First of all, the land was not sold to Carver,
Ginger was horrified at her parent’s enough for Karl and he left the house that afternoon. it was given to him in return for assistance that he
decision. She had never given them all of the details The plans to turn the house into a restaurant had given to the Indians, so British law would not
about what had happened during the six months that did not go smoothly. Workmen refused to stay on the have ruled against this. On the other subject, the
she had lived in the house and she refused to do so job, complaining of tools disappearing and feelings Sioux Indians were not a single tribe, they were an
now. What she did do was to beg them not to buy as if they were being watched. Marie Bober agreed entire nation, made up of many different tribes. It is
Summerwind. with their complaints. She was always uneasy in the possible, and very likely, that one tribe that belonged
Bober’s mind was made up however. He house and frequently told people that she felt as if to the Sioux nation could have lived in Wisconsin.
announced that he realized the house was haunted, she was followed from place to place whenever she The white settlers pushed the Indians further and
but this would not deter him. He claimed that he had was inside. further west and as this particular tribe abandoned
spent time at the house and knew the identity of the Most disturbing to Bober however was the their lands, they could have deeded them to Carver.
ghost that was haunting the place. apparent shrinkage and expansion of the house. Pooley also argued that the deed to the
According to Bober, the ghost was a man Bober would measure rooms one day and then find property had been located in the old land office in
named Jonathan Carver, an eighteenth century that they were a different size the next day. Usually, Wausau, Wisconsin in the 1930's and that it is
British explorer who was haunting the house and his measurements were larger than those given in the unlikely that Carver even journeyed as far north as
searching for an old deed that had been given to him blueprints of the house ... sometime greatly larger. At West Bay Lake.
by the Sioux Indians. In the document, he one point, Bober estimated that he could seat 150 But would he have had to have traveled to
supposedly had the rights to the northern third of people in his restaurant but after laying out his plans northern Wisconsin to hold a deed to the land? And
Wisconsin. The deed had supposedly been placed in on the blueprints of Summerwind, he realized that why would there not have been another deed filed for
a box and sealed into the foundation of the place could seat half that many. that piece of land? Someone could have claimed it
Summerwind. Bober claimed that Carver had asked Photographs that were taken of the house, many years later, not even realizing that Carver
his help in finding it. using the same camera and taken only seconds apart, already held the title to it.
Bober wrote a book about his experiences at also displayed the variations of space. The living He also argued that the deed could have
Summerwind and his communications with Carver room was said to show the greatest enlargement. never been placed in the foundation of the house
through dreams, trances and a Ouija board. The book Bober compared his photos of the living anyway ... Summerwind had been built more than
was published in 1979 under the name of Wolffgang room with those that Ginger had taken when she and 130 years after Carver died. To this, it can only be
von Bober and was called THE CARVER EFFECT. Arnold moved in. Ginger’s photos showed curtains argued that many events of the supernatural world go
It is currently out-of-print and very hard to find. on the windows that she took with her when she unexplained.
Shortly after Bober bought the house, he, his moved out. The curtains were physically absent in One man that Pooley did talk to however,
son Karl, Ginger and her new husband, George, the room that Bober photographed ... but somehow was Herb Dickman of Land 'O Lakes, Wisconsin. He
spent a day exploring and looking over the house. they appeared in his photos! had helped pour the foundation for the house in 1916
The group had wandered through the place and as Like the incident involving Karl and the and recalled that nothing had been placed in the
they were leaving the second floor, George spotted pistol shots, could Summerwind be a place where foundation ... a box containing a deed or anything
the closet where the secret compartment was hidden. time inexplicably repeats itself? Perhaps the place else. So, who really knows?
He began pulling out the drawers and looking behind wasn’t haunted at all, but instead, was a mysterious Apparently, Bober was not always the most
them, although Ginger begged for him to stop. site where time was distorted in ways that we cannot credible person either. Residents who lived close to
George was confused. He had simply been understand. Perhaps the shadows and figures that Summerwind said that Bober spent less than two
curious as to what might be in the drawers. Up until were seen could have been people or images from the summers at the estate. After abandoning plans for the
then, Ginger had never told anyone about finding the past (or the future) and perhaps the sound of restaurant, he tried to get a permit to operate a
body behind the closet. Sitting in the kitchen later, someone calling Karl’s name would happen in reality concession stand near the house but local ordinances
she would tell them everything. ... several months later. prohibited this. Perhaps he was planning the idea of
After hearing the story, the men rushed back We will never know for sure now, but the tours of the "haunted" house ... and idea that would
upstairs and returned to the closet. Ginger’s brother, idea is something worth considering. come along a little later.
Karl, climbed into the space with a light and looked Eventually, the project was abandoned and There was even some uncertainty as to whether or
around. In a few moments, he climbed back out ... it Bober would never see the dream of his restaurant not Bober even owned Summerwind. One area
was empty! and inn. Strangely though, despite his claims that he resident told Pooley that Bober had tried to buy the
Bober and George also inspected the small was an earthly companion of the ghostly Jonathan house on a contract-for-deed but the deal had fallen
space and found nothing. Where had the corpse Carver, the Bobers never spent the night inside of the through. The house had been abandoned and no one
gone? Had it been removed, either by natural or house. They chose instead to sleep in an RV that they laid claim to it, save for the bank, and they never
supernatural forces? parked on the grounds. Also strange was the fact that realized what Bober was up to out there. This story
Or, most importantly, had it ever really been Carver (if the ghost existed) chose to manifest has never been verified however and it cannot be
there at all? himself in such malevolent ways ... especially if he proven that Bober did not own the place.
Toward the end of that Summer, Karl was looking for help in finding his deed. haunted restaurant?
traveled alone to the old house. He had gone to get a Bober’s explanation for this was that Carver (Continued on Page 41)
Conspiracy Theories 41
to undermine Protestant morals. At around the same
Conspiracy theories : time, Samuel Morse, better known as the inventor of
That's what they want Morse Code, exposed an Austrian plan to install a Wisconsin’s most Haunted
Hapsburg prince as emperor of the United States. In
you to believe the 20th century, Americans feared reds more than House
royals; hence Joe McCarthy's witch-hunts, and the Continued from Page 39
popularity of Father Charles Coughlin, who told
Why are conspiracy theories so popular?
radio audiences that Masons and Marxists rule the
Who crashed those planes into the World
Trade Centre? Israel, obviously. Mossad must have
In Under Western Eyes, Joseph Conrad
known that their country would profit from a surge
wrote that to us Europeans of the West, all ideas of
in American hostility towards the Arabs, who were
political plots and conspiracies seem childish, crude
set up to take the rap. Shortly after September 11th
inventions for the theatre or a novel.
2001, the consensus on the Arab street was that only
Some modern scholars go further, arguing
the Israeli secret service could have managed such
that the conspiracist habit is a sort of disease or
deadly precision. Corroboration was quickly found
syndrome. The paranoid thinker, instructs material
in a report that 4,000 Jews who worked in the twin
from a course at the University of Rhode Island, is
towers had been secretly warned to stay away that
rigid, victimlike, cowardly. This contrasts with the
traits of the rational thinker, who is open, flexible,
This was not the only interesting theory
empowered, strong.
bandied around the souks. The doyen of Egyptian
Daniel Pipes, the author of two books about
pundits, Hassanein Heikal, blamed the Serbs, noting
conspiracy theorising, describes the classic grand
that they were mad about losing Kosovo. Others
theories such as those about Masonic or Zionist or
fingered home-grown, Oklahoma-style extremists,
Papist plots for world domination as: So how much of the story that Bober wrote
or a plot by America's military-industrial complex,
a quite literal form of pornography (though about in his book is true? Was the house really
ever hungry for new enemies to boost defence
political rather than sexual). The two genres became haunted, or was the story of the haunting merely a
popular about the same time, in the 1740s. Both are part of a scheme by Raymond Bober to draw crowds
One fellow in a Cairo café told The
backstairs literatures that often have to be semi- to a haunted restaurant?
Economist that the culprit was clearly not al-Qaeda,
clandestinely distributed, then read with the shades Those who live near the house claim that the
but rather something called al-Gur. Was this,
drawn. Elders seek to protect youth from their idea that it is haunted has all come from the fact that
perhaps, a terror network still more murderous than
depredations. Scholars studying them try to discuss the mansion was abandoned and from Bober’s wild
the Bin Laden gang? No. On closer listening, it
them without propagating their contents: [with] claims. But what else would they say?
transpired that the evil al-Gur was bent on avenging
asterisks and dashes in the first case and short These neighbors have often made it very
not some wicked Yankee geo-blunder, but the theft
extracts in the second. Recreational conspiracism clear that they resent the strangers who have come to
of the 2000 American presidential election. It's
titillates sophisticates much as does recreational sex. the property, tramping over their lawns and knocking
obvious, declared the café sage. Who else could
Mr Pipes does good work in skewering anti- on their doors. They say that the chartered buses that
have wanted to hurt George Bush more than his
Jewish conspiracy theorists, but his recent founding once came and dumped would-be ghost hunters onto
rival, the former Vice-President al-Gur?
of Campus Watch, a website devoted to outing pro- the grounds of Summerwind were also unwelcome.
The citizens of Cairo may be skilled at
Arab academics, emits a whiff of burning books. These are the last people to ask for an objective
concocting diabolical scenarios, but they are not the
Belief in conspiracies is not necessarily opinion on whether this house is actually haunted.
only ones. Plenty of Africans from further south
foolish. Some are real. The Holocaust, for example, So there remains the mystery ... was
pooh-pooh the conventional view that the virus that
actually happened, though few believed it before the Summerwind really haunted? No one knows and if
causes AIDS originated with monkeys. It was
camps were liberated. Consider also the Bolshevik they do, they aren’t saying.
cooked up in an American lab, of course, to kill
revolution of 1917: a small group of violent fanatics
black people.
seized control of a large empire, as millions of their
Many Asians, including the prime minister
victims could testify, were they still alive.
of Malaysia, blame a clutch of Jewish financiers for
Businessfolk conspire, too. Adam Smith, a man to
causing their economies to crash in 1997. Some
whom The Economist accords considerable respect,
Jews, meanwhile, equate Amnesty International,
once wrote that: People of thesame trade seldom
which often criticises Israel, with the Nazi party.
meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but
Credulous Indians see the hand of Pakistani
the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the
intelligence behind everything from train crashes to
cricket match fixing, and many Pakistanis return the
That some conspiracies are real, however,
compliment. Slobodan Milosevic, smug in court at
does not mean that they all are. As a tool for
The Hague, has testified that the 1995 massacre of
explaining how the world works, conspiracism has
7,000 unarmed Muslims at Srebrenica was carried
certain drawbacks. It inhibits trust: if everyone else is
out not by Serb militiamen, but by French
out to get you, better have nothing to do with them.
intelligence. Less whimsically, China's government
It dampens optimism: if they are sure to frustrate
launched its vicious campaign to crush Falun Gong
your plans, why bother doing anything? And, of
in the belief that the movement, whose stated aims
course, it leads to harmful errors, such as the belief,
are to improve its devotees' spiritual and bodily
once popular among Africans, that condoms were yet The house was completely abandoned in the
health, is a dangerous cult bent on subverting the
another ploy to reduce their population. early 1980's and fell deeper and deeper into ruin.
Americans like a good plot too. The Bats had already taken up residence years before and
Continued on Page 42 the house became a virtual shell, resting there in a
assassination of John F. Kennedy still generates a
thriving industry, complete with a thicket of grove of pines. The windows were shattered and the
suggestive websites, books, college courses, one doors hung open, inviting nature’s destructive force
big-budget movie and a whole vocabulary of arcana.
From the Staff and inside.
In 1986, the house was purchased by three
(If you don't know what is pictured in frames 112 Management of investors who apparently thought that they could
and 113 of the Zapruder film, or wonder what the
Grassy Knoll is, better stay quiet on the subject.) A make a go of the place again. But it was not to be ...
1991 poll showed that, three decades after the forces greater than man had other ideas.
president's murder, 73% of Americans still think he
THE McCONNELL MEDIA Summerwind was struck by lightning during a
terrible storm in June of 1988 and burned to the
was a victim of conspiracy. GROUP ground.
Such fables are nothing new. American
pamphleteers in the 1790s warned of a plot by Today, only the foundations, the stone
atheist, libertine Illuminati and Freemasons to chimneys and perhaps the ghosts remain ... [End]
concoct an abortion-inducing tea and a method for
filling a bedchamber with pestilential vapours. The
HAPPY NEW Dare to Believe... dare to be heard!
bestselling book of the 1830s was a racy confession
by a repentant nun detailing a scheme by Catholics YEAR!
42 Strange Remains
is poor, Africans will find it harder to grow rich. In The surprise among the neighbors was even
Conspiracy theories : extreme cases, conspiracy theories can cost lives. more remarkable during the arrival of a forensic
That's what they want you Osama bin Laden genuinely seems to think he is
fighting a Zionist-Christian-materialist assault on
science investigator at the scene. The forensic expert
observed the strange remains.
to believe Islam. Adolf Hitler sincerely believed he was ridding Surprisingly, in the same area where the
the world of a Jewish menace. Many Serbs were dead creature was found, several hens had died two
convinced that the Muslims of ex-Yugoslavia were months earlier. The property where the remains were
Continued from Page 41 out to annihilate them. And many Rwandan Hutus, found belong to Adelaida's father's, Victor Quiles,
informed by their leaders that the Tutsis were where eight hens and a rooster were found dead
The evolution of theories planning to kill them, were happy to follow orders to outside of their cages.
pre-empt this threat. In a same way and around the same date,
So what is the attraction of conspiracism? *For the record, around 300 Jews and 100 José Carlos Rivera, a resident of the same area also
For starters, as grand unifying theories of geopolitics Muslims were among the 3,000 victims. The origin suffered the loss of five hens. He also mentioned that
go, it is simple to grasp. In ill-educated societies, that of the rumour was probably a report in the Jerusalem his uncle lost 23 chickens, and his sister lost two
makes it appealing. It is also impossible to disprove, Post of September 12th, which mistakenly said that more. Rivera, a small food stand owner also
because any fact that does not fit the theory can be 4,000 Jews had disappeared in the disaster. [End] mentioned that after those incidents, their animals
dismissed as a trick by the conspirators to throw did not suffer any more attacks. [End]
ordinary folk off the scent.
In countries with opaque and authoritarian Strange Animal Remains Norwood Terrace winds briefly by the
political systems, rumour is often the only
alternative to official news sources. If the people in
Found In Puerto Rico bank of the Passaic River, a quiet, U-
such countries remember falling victim to real shaped street off Riverview Drive. Along
conspiracies, they may be inclined to attribute fresh the road are about 20 homes, many of
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
misfortunes to a similar cause. which are small, and exasperated
Take more or less anywhere in the Middle
JAYUYA -- The discovery of a strange residents.
East. The very borders of countries such as Jordan,
looking skeleton has caused stir in the small Puerto
Syria and Lebanon are a product of the 1916 Sykes-
Rican town of Jayuya. The bizarre skeletal remains By ROMY VARGHESE
Picot accord, a secret agreement between Britain and
were found last Tuesday, December 24 at
France to divvy up the region between themselves,
approximately 1:30 in the afternoon. The remains Legends of a female ghost haunting the area,
despite earlier British pledges of statehood to Arabs.
were found at a construction site in a barrio near the near Laurel Grove Cemetery, and of little people
In 1917, war-pressed Britain sought to curry favour
area of Utado by two boys: Angel Edgardo Oquendo, inhabiting their street do not scare the residents but
with the growing Zionist movement by promising a
a six-year-old, and his older brother Sixto, a ten-year- infuriate them with the thrill-seekers they draw.
Jewish national home in Palestine. The Palestinians,
old. While residents say the volume of carousing youths
nine-tenths of the territory's population at the time,
According to Adelaida Quiles, the boys, has decreased over recent years, the degree of trouble
were not consulted. Thirty years later, when the UN
mother, the bizarre discovery took place during their has increased, with people trying to peer into homes
voted to give Jews 53% of the land, the 13 Eastern
Christmas Eve cookout. "He called me saying, and cars.
countries that objected were overruled by 33
'Mommy, I found a dead mouse,, and I sort of "Not only is it annoying, it's getting a little
Western countries, which between them ruled over
dismissed his claim thinking he was playing around, dangerous," said Jill Blair, a neighborhood resident
some 120 future members that surely would have
but then he kept on trying to get my attention, so I for 52 years.
voted otherwise had they been able to. Small wonder
went and told my husband and asked him to take care She and several of her neighbors asked the
Palestinians see the world through a lens of
of things while I would go and take a look at what my Borough Council to put speed bumps at the
son was talking about", she said. beginning and end of the street, which has a 15-mph
In the West, conspiracies have, for some
Shortly after she arrived at the site, she speed limit. Mayor John Coiro said the state
reason, tended to fail, and so fade from the popular
immediately saw the remains hidden between the Department of Transportation was contacted
imagination. Who now frets about the Gunpowder
support columns of the newly built home. She went Wednesday for permission.
Plot of 1605, when a gang of Catholics failed to
back and called her husband, Cesar Oquendo, to see Blair said speed bumps would slow down
blow up Britain's Parliament? Or the doomed Carlist
if he could identify what kind of animal those cars, allowing residents to note license plate numbers
uprisings in 19th-century Spain? Or the European
remains could have belonged to. Then he slipped a of vehicles filled with troublemakers and file police
anarchists who assassinated seven heads of state in
piece of cardboard under the remains in order to take complaints.
the 1890s, to no avail? Or the Watergate scandal?
it outside so they could get a better look with the Residents say they have been annoyed for
In Iran, by contrast, people still seethe over
sunlight. "We wanted to see if this was indeed a years, even decades, by people fascinated with tales
the CIA-backed coup of 1953 that toppled
chupacabras or something like that", Quiles said. of Annie's Ghost and "Midgetville," as the
Muhammad Mossadegh, a man much loved for
After a brief observation, they noticed that neighborhood has come to be known because of its
having dared to nationalise British oil interests.
the dead animal did not have feathers, hair, nor wool. many small homes. Annie was a beautiful young
Syria and Iraq have suffered a dizzy sequence of
They later realized that the animal did not have upper woman who was tragically murdered in typical
successful plots and counter-conspiracies, ending
extremities, nor wings; it only appeared to have fashion - depending on the version related - and
with the pair of Baathist coups in the late 1960s that
lower legs. some claim that her ghost and a spot of blood appear
installed their current ruling cliques.
Seemingly, the creature would appear to on Riverview Drive, also known locally as Annie's
Half the governments of the Middle East
measure approximately two feet in height. Judging Road.
trace their origins to coups. In a sense, conspiracy is
its strange physical appearance, the creature would The road supposedly goes to "Midgetville," or
the region's only real form of politics, which can
seem to have had used its legs to stand up and walk, Norwood Terrace. Many of the homes were built as
make it hard for Middle Easterners to understand the
like an ordinary biped animal. However, its legs summer bungalows, and their small size may
dynamics of open, democratic societies. Hence, for
appeared to be supported by THREE long bones, and encourage people eager to believe that the homes
example, the Arab tendency, as the French say, to
it had visible claws on its feet. The bone structure of house little people.
occult? America's generous backing for Israel.
the legs clearly shows that the creature was able to "Our shortest (resident) is our 94-year-old;
Aiding the Jewish state infuriates hundreds of
jump considerably high. she's 5 feet tall," said Blair, who was egged by
millions of oil-supplying, American-product-
Its wide head was not fully decomposed; it youths last Halloween.
consuming Arabs and Muslims. So why does
still had its eyes and a full set of teeth. It had long Residents said publication of the folklore in
America do it? It must be a conspiracy by the Zionist
fangs in the upper jaw and two smaller ones in the Weird NJ, a magazine and a Web site dedicated to
lobby, or perhaps a plot to divide and rule Arabs to
lower jaw. The mouth, the teeth, but particularly the state legends, worsened their quality of life. They
control their oil, or part of a Christian crusade
jaw width and thickness clearly showed that the said that they suffer vandalism and sleepless nights,
against Islam.
animal was a carnivore, unlike the rodents of the thanks to youths and out-of-towners driving along
Blaming others for one's troubles may be
local area, to which their jaws are much thinner and the street honking horns with their car lights off
emotionally satisfying, but it is a counsel of despair.
have wider front teeth.
Stella Orakwue, a journalist, writes in the New ("Better to see the ghosts, dear.")
The animal had flat palm-shaped ears that
African that: Today, [Africa] has to remain in deficit Several accidents have been pinned to the
measured about an inch in length. Its backbone
so Europe and America can maintain their obscene tales. In 1998, a Wood-Ridge teenager struck a
appeared to be curved and leaning forward. Also, it
wealth. Given that Africa accounts for less than 2% Norwood Terrace resident with her car. The year
had a tail about a foot and half long, similar in form
of global trade, this is hardly an adequate before, two Paterson teens were killed when their car
to that of a reptile, which seemed to have helped the
explanation of why the West is rich and Africa is rammed into a pole on Riverview Drive.
animal to balance itself when moving.
poor. And without understanding why their continent
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