(Technical Operations Division) Change Request No.:

A. CHANGE REQUESTOR Date : Name : Designation : 05 June 2013 Azhar Mohd Ghazali Network Engineer Department : Email : Tel. No. : Network Management Group 0192863298

Change Request Information Change Location Level : B1 Room : IDC2 Change Category Scheduled Emergency Change Detail 1. Disconnect server nms19 2. Change IP/hostname for nms112 to use nms19 IP 3. Change nms19 ip and name to nms112 4. Execute recovery steps Type of Change Device Configuration System Configuration Hardware Application and System Software Network Equipment Environmental Infrastructure Others, specify: Change Reason 1. MySQL database with higher OS specs and recovery nms19 (server invalid cause)

Implementation Details Start Date : 12 June 2013 Start Time : 8 PM Implementation Activity 1. End Date : End Time : 12 June 2013 9 PM Resources Required Estimate Duration : 30 mins

Impact Very Low Low Medium High Very High Implementation Test 1.

Impact Description Medium : No redundancy (eservices)

Back out Instructions

Prepared by Change Requestor Signature : Name : Date : Azhar Mohd Ghazali 7 JUN 2013

Verified by Head of Unit Signature : Name : Date :

JCSB-TO-ISEC-CR-FR-3.0_Change Request Form 1

High Serious Impact. On-time and successful implementation of change is high needed.0_Change Request Form 2 . JCSB-TO-ISEC-CR-FR-3. Very High Mission critical. however if change request is not monitored and performed. CHANGE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (CMC) MEMBER Change Request Status : Remark : Approved Rejected CMC 1 Signature : Name : Designation : Department : Date : D. Low Minor Impact. failure to implement the change is a real problem. CHANGE COORDINATOR Change Review Achieve Objective Not Achieve Objective Change Request Status Open Closed Remark / Action to be taken : Verified by CMC Signature : Name : Designation : Department : Date : Change Coordinator Signature : Name : Designation : Department : Date : Change Request Impact Legend Impact Level Impact Descriptions Very Low Negligible. failure of change implementation is impacting business profitability and impacting other non-monetary value such as image/branding of the company.Review Change Category Scheduled Emergency Remark / Impact Analysis Change Impact Analysis Major Minor Analysed by Signature : Name : Date : C. On-Time Change Implementation is needed. CHANGE IMPLEMENTER Change Implementation Status : Remark Successful CMC 2 Signature : Name : Designation : Department : Date : Unsuccessful Implemented by Signature : Name : Designation : Department : Date : E. extended outage is tolerable. may cost minor impact on business. Medium Short outage of change implementation over a period of short time frame is tolerable.

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