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Please provide an example of a complex project that you have led that required you to analyse the situation,

determine key priorities and produce a plan (please describe the situation, how you approached the task, what factors you took into account and the outcome.

During my second semester at the Robert Gordon University, I was assigned to a project management team of 5 members saddled with the task of managing a hypothetical offshore project from start to finish. This team consisted of members from three different continents and effective communication was key to its success. We were expected to develop the project in the most cost- effective manner and maximize profit with a very short payback period. By a unanimous decision, I was appointed the head of the team. I analysed the task assigned to my team and came up with an action plan. After a brainstorming session with the team some days later, I assigned tasks to every member of the team based on their individual capabilities and previous experiences. These were key factors taken into consideration and crucial to the success of the team in order to meet the deadline given to us. Since each of us had our individual tasks assigned to us, there were occasions where we had to come together to review our progress based on the projects deadline.
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On a few occasions, some team members had challenges completing their tasks and so I had to meet with them individually to discuss the challenges they faced and possible ways to overcome them. I had always believed that every member of a team should be motivated and capable of completing their tasks because a team is as strong as the weakest member. During progress meetings, I set aside a few minutes to commend every member for their effort and motivate them to doing better. There were a few occasions also when I had to use one of the library's presentation rooms to make presentations to my team by PowerPoint. Not only was this a good way of rehearsing for the real presentation day, it was also an effective means of two- way communication among team members. We were able to finish the project on time and had about a week to rehearse before submission of the project and the final presentation. I was awarded a grade B eventually.

Please describe an occasion when you went out of your way to satisfy or exceed someone elses expectations (please include how you approached the situation, what your priorities were, the key action that enabled you to exceed expectations, the impact of your actions and what feedback you received on how you dealt with the situation?

While working as a Customer Assistant with Primark Aberdeen, a customer approached me quite unhappy that she could not find the pair of shoes she saw on display a few days earlier. She said she had already bought an evening dress and a bag to match that particular shoe she was looking for and wanted me to help her find it. I offered to help her look for it and could not find it Answer *3 either on the shop floor or in the fitting room. I spoke to my manager that I needed a few minutes to go and check the store room since prior to being approached by the customer, I was tidying up the Mens Wear section. He agreed and I spent some time checking through the pile of shoes till I found it among a pile of unsorted shoes that had been returned by other customers. She was so elated when I gave her the exact pair of shoes and thanked me effusively for my effort.

Please describe a situation of when you have influenced someone more senior or experienced than yourself where they initially disagreed with your viewpoint (please include the situation,, how you approached the discussion, how you were seen by others and the outcome.

As the head of publicity for AFBE-UK, one of my responsibilities is to publicize upcoming events by designing flyers and making presentations at the university. The most recent of such events was held in November 2012 and as expected, I was to give contributions towards the success of the End- of YearGala as it was tagged. I suggested that we have a pub quiz during the event to raise funds for Charity. Initially, the idea was thought by a good majority of the executive members as *4 Answer inappropriate for an end- of year gala. But because I strongly believed that such an act towards Charity will strongly promote the associations goals and keep it in good light, I had extensive deliberations with the chairman of the association about my reasons why the pub quiz should be included in the event. I mentioned CLAN as one of the charities we could use and said he incidentally had the contact details of Deborah Christie, one of CLANs representatives. Upon contacting her, she immediately agreed and I used these developments to convince other members of the executive committee and they agreed to include the pub quiz as part of the end- of- year gala. 366.47 was raised for CLAN from the end- of- year event and a certificate was awarded to us in confirmation of this gesture.

What has been your biggest achievement to date and why? (Please describe the situation, what factors you took into account and the outcome) While working as a mechanical engineer, I was able to spot a need at a customers facility during one of my routine maintenance work. This gave me the opportunity to come up with an ingenious solution of a mobile metering skid which till date, I consider to be my greatest achievement. Although I have naturally been an inventive person an won a couple of awards in school for my inventions, I consider my invention of a mobile metering skid to be the greatest primarily because of the wider scope of impact it had on not only the client to *5 whom it was designed for, but on other companies within the same industry Answer that also showed interest in using the metering skid themselves. Another reason why I mention this project is that before execution, I was given full responsibility to ensure its success and so, I had to work entirely from scratch. I came up with several designs and chose one and thereafter began fabrication from improvised materials. Lastly, I received very positive feedback and constructive criticisms on ways of improvement.

Please explain why you have applied to Fujitsu and why you have chosen the role that you have applied to. What do you think you would enjoy most about working at Fujitsu?

I have chosen to apply to Fujitsu primarily because Fujitsu is a company whose services make impact across the globe as one of the worlds largest IT companies. I have always enthused over working for a company where my contributions would be considered crucial to its success. As an ambitious engineer, I love to receive constructive criticisms and one of such direct results of my own contributions to Fujitsu, I believe, will be the satisfaction customers derive from Fujitsus products worldwide. Also, further research into Fujitsus diverse operations has reinforced this original impression of openness, energy, *6 enthusiasm and motivation I have had about the company. I am applying for this Graduate program because of the opportunity it presents to analyze, problem solve, make critical decisions and assume high impact responsibilities. It also gives me the opportunity to get involved with real life projects. I believe I have the drive and ambition required to thrive in a fast paced graduate program where the learning curve is steep. I possess the required engineering aptitude and I am always willing to go the extra mile to get things done to the best of my ability. I have been aspiring to become a Chartered Engineer and will be very prepared to make this aspiration a reality during this Engineering Scheme. These qualities, I believe, make me very suitable for the Engineering scheme.

I possess skills which I can leverage on to achieve success with this job. My skill in making vital decisions under pressure is flawless and I have a wonderful ability to manage people. I am proficient in the use of a good number of Engineering software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint. In addition, I possess excellent ability to interpret engineering drawings and have a natural ability to invent engineering contrivances of which I have received a number of awards. I also have excellent communication skills that I believe can be a vital quality for the success of this Scheme. Without a doubt, I know that Fujitsu is a good place to work and will lead to a satisfying and challenging career for me.