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Expert in economics, city/regional planning, and environmental planning. Professional with an extensive record of developing and driving comprehensive plans and analysis to measure developmental impact. Analytical director with over 20 years of expertise in managing projects, programs, and budgeting for international, national, regional and local clients both public and private. Experience in presenting to groups of various sizes and sectors, and driving team excellence that aligns with organization and client goals. Long history with Geographic Information System use. Published writer. Moderate skills in French and Spanish. Socioeconomic and Economic Forecasting, Feasibility, Impact Long Range City/Regional Land Use Planning Infrastructure Planning Environmental Planning Fiscal Analysis Resource Economics Cost-Benefit Project Management Staff Supervision and Mentoring Contract Management Public Presentations Among industries served: Local, State, National, and International Government Policy and Planning; Transportation; Energy; Infrastructure; Water; Mining; Recreation/resort; Residential and Commercial.

Owner/Principal 1984-1986, 1995-Present Develop and drive superior economic, environmental, and planning studies for various international, national, state, and regional entities. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and government officials/agencies to successfully plan and complete intensive planning and analyses that further the objectives of clients. Selected Projects: Transportation, Annexation, and Buildable Lands Analyses, City of Auburn, WA Developed extensive database of parcel attributes to identify vacant and redevelopable lands by type for the 70.000population City, to confirm adequate zoning for projected population and employment growth pursuant to the Growth Management Act. Reviewed and developed transportation modeling inputs for the Citys transportation plan update. Conducted fiscal impact studies for proposals for two major City annexations. EIS, Socioeconomic Impacts and Planning Studies, Relocating Marines from Okinawa, Visiting Aircraft Carrier Berthing, and Army Air Missile Defense Task Force, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Guam and Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Military Relocation: Worked with client to save grossly under-budgeted military base relocation project moving base from Okinawa to islands of Guam, which would increase population by about 30%, potentially overwhelming the socioeconomy. Analyzed impact and implications on economies and societies of Guam, including infrastructure, land use, and fiscal capabilities of receiving governments, and planned for impact mitigations. Haiwee Geothermal NEPA Programmatic EIS US Bureau of Land Management, Inyo County, CA: Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice analyses to support BLM Proposed Action, which was to open leasing for geothermal power exploration/development. Estimated labor force and capital requirements, and used IMPLAN input-output for impacts. Statewide Economic Benefits Assessment, Various Renewable Electricity Transmission Lines, Northwestern Energy, Inc., Montana: Many transmission and wind energy projects are currently proposed for Montana. Developed economic benefits assessments for the Montana Renewables Collector System , the Mountain States Transmission Intertie, and Colstrip Upgrades. Researched and developed economic profiles (production functions) for each project, and ran IMPLAN input-output model to estimate impacts. Fiscal Costs-Benefits Assessment, Sheraton Maui Redevelopment, and Princess Kuilani and Moana Surfrider Redevelopment, Waikiki, Starwood Development: For three separate projects, conducted fiscal impact analyses for large resort expansion on Maui. Used Hawaii input-output model in innovative ways to determine secondary impacts. Economic Feasibility and Impact Analysis, Inner City Farming (hydroponics) and Retail Facilities, Washington and Various USA Cities. Developed cost profiles for new development proposal to assist in inner city economic revitalization, developed methodology for import substitution project analysis, and estimated economic impacts. White Paper for Funding Application: Grant Application, Light Industrial Incubator Development, Trade Free Zone Implementation, Economic Development Marketing, Construction Assistance, and Training Program Enhancements, Saipan Metal Works (SMW), Commonwealth of the North Marianas Islands (CNMI) Strategic Sewer Expansion Plan, Socioeconomics and Land Use, Denver METRO Socioeconomic Impacts, Southern California Edison, Devers-Palo Verde #2 500 and 230 kV Transmission Lines, AZ and CA Economic Impacts, Proposed Electricity Rate Increases, South Central US States EA and Small Power Plant Studies, City of Riverside, CA

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Senior Planner 1993-95 Selected Projects: National & Regional Physical Development Plan, for Country of Qatar: For Louis Berger International, Deputy Project Manager for the $3.5M, 25-year comprehensive development project. Built ground-up analysis and policy development processes to address land use, housing, infrastructure, land use, environmental protection, urban hierarchy, transportation, social/cultural resources, economic development, and institutional effectiveness. Created multi-attribute goals and all cost-benefit analyses for alternative and proposed programs/policies. Played a key role in land use planning, serving on the multidisciplinary planning team. Led workshops for government officials, including those at the Emirs Palace. Wrote Future Development Requirements, Major New Development Impacts, and the comprehensive National and Regional Strategic Plan Alternatives reports. Developed and applied QAPSIM, an economic/demographic forecasting and impact analysis model, for the country. This was the worlds first national plan built entirely using GIS. National Hazardous Waste Management and Environmental Remediation Plans Programmatic EIS, USDOE: Responsible for transportation, infrastructure and water quality methodology and analyses for the EIS to clean up all hazardous wastes on all 50 USDOE installations in the USA. Route Selection Study, Pierce County Dept. of Public Works: Directed the Canyon Road feasibility/suitability study examining 6 extension alternatives and impact on wetlands, land use, water, noise/air quality, population relocation, and non-motorized transportation compatibility. Growth Management Act Comprehensive Plan EIS, Kirkland, Washington: Played a key role in developing, writing, and editing the programmatic EIS for the plan, part of the statewide pilot project to integrate revised planning/environmental requirements. Assessed impacts on infrastructure, water resources, wetlands, aquatic/terrestrial plant and animals, air quality, housing, hazardous wastes, land use, and aesthetics. Drove evaluation of light rail/station development locations and interaction with neighboring land usage. Created the plan alternative impact analysis model and studied inter-jurisdictional issues in neighboring areas. Federal Detention Center EIS, US Bureau of Prisons, South Seattle Region: Developed EIS sections for 3 alternative sites to determine final location of the new prison location. Designed gravity transportation models for all sites. Redondo Seawall and Transportation Improvement EIS: Conducted land use analyses and managed subcontractors for seawall replacement and local area road reconfigurations. Grand Ridge Mixed Use Development EIS: Managed subcontractors, edited technical reports for the EIS for large (3,000 unit) mixed use Planned Development.


Assistant Director, Air Programs 1990-91 Responsible for economic analyses for proposed Statewide Air Quality Program.


Research Associate 1987-1990 Selected Projects: VISION 2020 Regional Transportation and Land Use Plan EIS, Puget Sound Regional Council: As Principal Investigator, developed large fiscal and demographic database and econometric model to evaluate the impacts of five Plan alternatives on public service costs for 80 jurisdictions in the Seattle region. Evaluated various states' revenue sharing programs. Assessed capacity of the region's infrastructure to accommodate population and employment growth under each alternative, and evaluated PSCOG's forecasting models. The reports were praised by PSCOG Project Manager as the best of the approximately 20 subcontractors for this major, standard-setting regional plan. Statewide Economic Forecasts, EPA Region 10: For study to project amount of hazardous waste generated by state and by industry, developed projections of state regional product, income, output, and employment for Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Used different methods suited to each state, relying heavily on econometric modeling. Managers Handbook, Measuring the Economic Benefits of Improvements in Water Quality, U.S. EPA: Edited and added many sections to handbook on quantifying the economic benefit of water quality protection programs. Socioeconomic Impacts, Yucca Mountain Project, Southern Nevada: Task manager for employment and population impact studies for USDOE's proposed nuclear waste repository, incorporating numerous policy alternatives in impact analysis. Developed state-of-the-practice economic and demographic forecasting and impact assessment model, adapting REMI model for each of the the seven counties comprising the Study Area, and Nevada as a while. Study was performed under Congressional mandate, extremely tight time frame and budget and was highly praised by the client.

Page 3 206-378 5555 or Basalt Waste Isolation Project Investigations EIS: Task manager for Socioeconomic and Fiscal Analysis Studies for USDOE's proposed alternative nuclear waste repository for Hanford, WA, incorporating numerous policy alternatives. Managed socioeconomic and fiscal characteristic profiles and impact monitoring system design. Developed state-of-thepractice economic and demographic forecasting and impact assessment model for Tri-Cities and Washington state (later modified to incorporate Oregon and Puget Sound as well.


Environmental Planner III prior to 1990. Coordinated team of 30 water specialists to develop Statewide program to fund water quality protection needs.

DAMES & MOORE, Cincinnati/Denver/Seattle

Planner prior to 1990 Central Arizona Water Control Study and NEPA EIS, US Army Corps of Engineers Socioeconomic Impact Assessment, IRC Synfuel Plant, Owensboro, KY EA and Route Selection Studies, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Siting Study and NEPA EIS, Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Toole, Utah, U.S. Dept of Defense Economic Development Impact of Water Quality Degradation, Kennecott, Salt Lake City Milwaukee Waterway SEPA EIS, Socioeconomics and Land Use, Port of Tacoma, WA Socioeconomic Baseline Studies, 2000 square mile coal region, eastern TX, for EXXON Economic Feasibility Analysis, Veazey Quarry, Enumclaw, WA


Planner prior to 1990 County comprehensive plan and GIS applications. Market studies, rezone hearings testimony, and managed 5 person team for land use and fiscal studies to determine incorporation feasibility for Evergreen.

Doctor of Philosophy classwork and core exam completion, Economics. University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Specialties in International and Industry Economics. Additional coursework, Finance, University of Washington Graduate School of Business. Master of Environmental Sciences specialty in Regional Analysis/Planning. Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Master of Arts in Economics Urban and Utility Economics. Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio

American Planning Association National Environmental Policy Act Professionals Seattle Economists' Club (local chapter of NABE) former President and Vice President Children's Home Society of Washington, Northwest Region former Board of Directors member

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (others provided on request)

Clark, David, Predicting the Impacts of Alternative Statewide Hazardous Waste Management Programs, Proceedings of the 1988 Pacific Northwest Regional Economics Conference. Clark, David, A Review and Evaluation of Alternative Economic-Demographic Models, Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers, 1987. Clark, David, and K. M. Morse, Forecasting the Effects of Tax Reform Alternatives on the Washington State Economy, (Seattle: Pacific Northwest Executive Magazine), 1990. Rao, Catherine, and D.C. Clark, Will Population Growth Affect the Cost of Public Services? (Seattle: Pacific Northwest Executive Magazine), 1992.