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School: Teacher: Date: 11th of June Grade: 6thgrade Level: Beginners Number of students: 20 Topic: A full day Time allowed: 50 minutes Type of lesson: Listening teaching Approach: communicative Skills: Integration of the four skills Aims: 1. to motivate learners to communicate in English using language games 2. to recycle the vocabulary related to the daily actions 3. to create extended activities for the vocabulary taught Objectives: By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to: 1. To follow a text spoken by a native English. 2. To pronounce correctly. 3. Communicate effectively using the vocabulary taught Materials: flashcards (different sizes), worksheets, audio CD Types of interaction: Teacher-whole class, Teacher- Student, Student- Student, Student-Teacher Class management: whole class, individually, pair, group work

PROCEDURE No. crt. 1 Stages Pre-listening activity Teacher`s activity and Students` activity and language Skills language Teacher presents the Students pay attention to what the T-S teacher proposes for the lesson objectives of the lesson so that the children know what they will learn during the lesson. At the end, learners will evaluate what the teacher has proposed and what was realized (a checklist). 2 Controlled speaking activity Teacher asks learners if Students participate into the lesson. they can draw a tree. Teacher starts drawing a tree on the board. Inside the tree, the teacher will place the 12 months of the year. The teacher will elicit the names of the seasons. The teacher writes the seasons in the following colors summer(springred, green, autumnT-S S-T Speaking 10 Interaction Speaking 5` Time

yellow, winter- white). The teacher elicits the numbers (cardinal ones) and then will add the ordinal

numbers on the board.

Back writing Teacher asks two children Students are very attentive to teachers explanations. Students (pair activity) to come in (semi-guided fulfill the task. Students write front of the classroom for with their fingers on the back of activity) their colleague. an activity. Teacher While speaking activity provides a model. Teacher writes with the finger on the back of the child one of the words taught (a month of the year). The child has to guess what the teacher wrote on the back and has to say some sentences, for example: It is December. It is winter. It is the 12th month of the year. In turns, children work with a partner in front of the classroom.


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Guided activity (Matching activity)

Children are invited to Students stick on the board the flashcards, suitable for each find suitable clothes for season. each season. They have to choose just 2 pieces of clothing for each season. Teacher asks students to make up sentences using the following structure: I wear in spring. What do you wear in spring?


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Students pay attention to what the T-S S-T some teacher pronounces so that they (pair work can cross the word they hear. At charts containing words the end the winner gets a small activity) related to the months of the price. (a pencil, a piece of paper, etc) year and the seasons. Bingo activity Teacher presents Teacher explains the rules of the game. .

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in Students make a circle and will throw the ball from one to the activity game advance a ball made of other and will say a month of the Continue the paper. Teacher starts with a year and will make up some sentences word month of the year and Speaking Teacher prepares describes the month, says the season etc., according to the model: It is December. It is winter. I wear a pair of gloves. The child who receives the ball is supposed in with the the to same next


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continue manner

month to come. 7. Evaluation of Teacher activity. the activity evaluates the Students participate in the evaluation of the activity T-S Speaking Writing

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