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My worries

about the new healthcare system...

ArmedCandy Presents:

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Connecticut School & Colorado Movie Theater shootings committed by "mentally ill" suspects



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dy, LL C 2013

www. Arme dCand y.n


Gun lobby blames lack of mental health care in US and background checks inability to look into mental health records

Unstable people can legally buy guns

And how I believe it may be used to create more gun control and less help for the mentally ill
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Couple seeks marital counseling

Veteran with PTSD

Woman with PMS is treated with mild mood stabilizing drug

Child with ADHD is prescribed Ritalin

Promise of lower premiums!!

Affordable Care Act goes in to effect

So... The administration focuses on health care "rather than" gun control

Administration can't pass gun regulation


Somewhere in their past...

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Responsible self-employed person goes "shopping" on new healthcare website to compare insurance rates
Chooses not to go with government plan
Must pay fine

However, background checks still "clean" for mentally ill people who have never sought treatment

More mentally ill people roaming the streets

Government plan costs less

Required electronic record keeping ASSUMES that HIPAA will be breached

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Medical records sent to government's electronic record system

A rm

Chooses government plan

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Doctors use electronic record keeping, as required by government

"That's not

Sharing of records is vital to keep providers of healthcare compliant

Congress bars CDC your job!" from using tax dollars to study "gun violence"
Loop Hole

Bureaucrats? Hackers?

CDC studies "gun violence" affects on healthcare costs

Go v "ad ernm rec just" ent m o esp rds medi ay c o are ecial f an al ly tho yone gu outs n rig poke se w , hts h n ab o ou t

Mental illness is re-stigmatized and people avoid seeking help

Health info soon available to government agencies

Owning a gun is a "health risk"

"Studies show"

NICS background checks, done while you wait!!!

Doctors begin asking patients about gun ownership

now including medical records

Law abiding citizens fail background checks due to previously SEEKING TREATMENT for illness

This document is a graphical representation of opinions only and should not be used as fact or legal advice

Higher insurance premiums for gun owners

ArmedCandy, LLC 2013