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Length: 50

No of students:

Main Aim: To develop Ss skill to read and listen for gist and for detailed information Sub Aim: 1. To introduce Ss to a few new words and teach them their meaning 2. To develop Ss oral fluency by providing them a chance to speak on a subject to which they could relate to Personal Aim: To stick to the lesson plan as far as possible!
Week 1
Classroom management TTT and language grading Sensitivity to learner needs Rapport & assertiveness Pair/group work Instructions Professional appearance of materials Accurate models of spoken/written English

Week 2
Detailed lesson plans Selecting/adapting materials Using ICQs Pace & Timing Conveying meaning using a variety of ways Responding to feedback Monitoring students Evidence of language research & analysis

Week 3
Eliciting TL and using CCQs, timelines Anticipating problems with language & skills Pitching lessons at the right level Teaching language (mpf) and skills effectively Correcting errors Showing awareness of register

Week 4
Selecting and using a range of materials & resources Creative exploitation of the materials Designing tasks and activities appropriate for the learners, for the stage of the lesson & the aims of the lesson Working co-operatively with the team

LESSON PLAN: POSITIVE ASPECTS OF THE LESSON: ACTION POINTS FOR THE NEXT LESS For this stage of the course your lesson today was: Above standard To standard

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Error correction

Materials*: 1. A video clip (source: Exhibit 1: First picture sourced from:
Second picture sourced from:

Exhibit 2: Adapted from the transcript available on Exhibit 3: Transcript of the video clip sourced from Exercise 1, 2 and 3: Own creation

Skills Analysis
Reading Sub-skills to be covered in the lesson: The context: Anticipated problems with the skills: Solutions: Listening Speaking Writing



Time & Interaction


Tutor Comment



Time & Interaction 3 T-Ss

Procedure T to Ss a. Look at these 2 pictures*. What kind of emotions they are showing...nervousness, confusion, anxiety etc... typically associated with big decisions like marriage *Exhibit 1 a. Ss to work in groups and match the words with their meanings* b. After 3 minutes, different groups to lay down on the floor the words and their meanings in the correct order (kinaesthetic activity) c. T to confirm the answers *Exercise 1

Tutor Comment

Lead in

Set context, create interest, relate to Ss personal experience

Pre-teach vocabulary

Enable Ss to understand key vocabulary needed in order to complete the tasks

5 T-Ss S-Ss Ss-Ss

Predicting exercise

Give Ss a chance to predict to help them understand the gist of the text

3 T-Ss

a. Stick a couple of statements on the board b. Ask Ss: Can you guess what they are talking about? *Exhibit 2 a. Distribute the transcript* b. T-Ss: Check whether your prediction about what theyre talking about is correct...yes, theyre talking about marriage and offering some tips for a successful marriage *Exhibit 3 a. T-Ss: Now there are some questions* here; read the transcript and answer these individually. *Exercise 2 Ss to check the answers in pair; T to monitor unobtrusively

Set the gist task

Gives Ss task to internalise the text and a reason for reading

3 T-Ss

Ss read for gist

Ss to practice skill in reading for general understanding Give Ss chance to compare answers in a studentcentred way Confirm general understanding

5 T-Ss 2 T-Ss Ss-Ss 2 T-Ss Ss-Ss

Pair check and monitor

Feedback Confirm answers

T to confirm the right answers

Set specific or detailed reading task

Give Ss task to read for specific information or for detailed comprehension Give Ss chance to compare and discuss detailed answers in a studentcentred way Ss practice skill in reading for specific or detailed information Confirm correct answers

5 T-Ss 2 T-Ss Ss-Ss 5 T-Ss 2 T-Ss Ss-Ss 7 T-Ss Ss-Ss

a. Ss to answer detailed questions about Salmas and Kennys advice individually *Exercise 3 Ss to check answers in pair and correct each other

Pair check and monitor

Listening for information


Play the audio clip and ask the Ss to listen

Feedback - confirm answers

T to confirm answers based on what the Ss heard from the audio clip a. Ask Ss what they feel about the advice and whether they agree b. Ss can take 2 minutes to discuss in groups and talk about their views

Post-reading/listening productive task

Allow Ss to express own opinions freely on text or topic through speaking