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African American Society Ofcer Board Application Name: ______________________ Grade: _______ 6- Digit ID: ____________ Best Ways

To Contact You? Email: _________________ Phone # ______________ *Please be aware that each ofcer is not solely restricted to the dened duties below. Therefore, all applicants must be dependable and committed to take care of any club-related matters* Please select from the following available positions in ranking order (1-5): __ Club Representative(s): Club Representatives MUST BE VERY RELIABLE. BOTH Club Representatives are responsible for going to every ICC meeting every month and maintaining the club with ASB rules and regulations. Club Representatives will work hand in hand with the club secretary for the upkeep of the club binder and all club-related paperwork (i.e. the approval of posters, yers, events, expenditures, event forms, etc.). In additions, the CPs will be responsible for making announcements via C-High/Homeroom intercom for meeting updates and upcoming events. __ Director of Activities: The Director of Activities is primarily responsible for monitoring the membership involvement as well as working with the Treasurer on fundraising and the planning/ execution of events. Applicants should be responsible, capable of managing their time extremely well, and innovative. __ Director of Publicity: The Director of Publicity requires someone who is creative and talented at making things look aesthetically appealing. The DOP is also responsible for making/designing any posters that are needed for any event and documenting all activities such as taking pictures at events, keeping up with social media, and making announcements regarding events/ fundraisers via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.). DOP is in charge of notifying club members of meetings, events, etc. on the Facebook page as well as spreading the word to encourage non-members to support our events. __ Freshman Representative (FRESHMAN ONLY): The Freshman Representative embodies the Freshman AAS class. They are meant to be looked upon as a leader and is outgoing enough to reach out to the Freshman AAS class to participate in events as well as reach out to potential members outside of the club. The Freshman Representative is responsible for communicating events and meetings dates to the Freshman Class, making a roster of all the Freshman members, and keeping track of all the hours for Freshman members. __ Commissioner of Spirit: The Commissioner of Spirit should be very committed to the success of events and the club in general. The primary responsibility of the Commissioner of Spirit is to make the African American Society very popular on campus as well as encouraging nonmembers to show their support by participating in our events/fundraisers. Applicants should be outgoing, committed and dutiful.

APPLICATION QUESTIONS (Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability and return to Room 202 Mr. Calhouns room by October 18. If you need more space, please attach any additional sheets. Interview dates will be posted the following week.) 1. What contributions have you/will you make towards the club? Would any changes be needed?

2. Explain why you are most capable for the position (your 1st choice) than the other candidates.

3. Have you had previous leadership experience? If yes, please explain.

4. How can you impact the club in a positive manner (What can you add to the club)?

5. How would you improve the club for future members?

6. Please briey write about yourself as a student and person. Describe your work ethic and collaborative skills.

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Intro: Describe yourself in two words and explain why. 1) What classes, activities, and other clubs are you involved with, and how do you excel in each? 2) What ideas (activities) do you propose would improve the success of the club? 3) What experience do you have that will help our club succeed? 4) Describe your passion and interests for African American Club. What attracts you to joining this club? 5) What do you plan to gain from this position? What are your goals? ************Situational Questions: If you were present at an event and the President or Commissioner of Activities was nowhere to be found AND things were falling apart, what would you do? If we were having a fundraiser that wasnt getting enough publicity what would you do to make sure people supported? What would you do if you noticed a lot less members were coming to the meetings?