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credibly difficult to manage the academic

demands and to efficiently carry out

my SRC duties. This has taught me to
fter only a few weeks in office, focus my energy on initially shaping my
the SRC is up for another major degree and, once matured, take on the
re-shuffle as a result of last challenges of student governance,” Pillay
week’s sudden resignations. The SRC said. Barry said that Pillay hoped to
President, Ricardo Pillay and his Vice- show the student body the consequences
President, Bianca-Maree Sampson have of not striking a balance in life. Sampson
resigned, citing academic and personal informed The Oppidan Press that the
pressures respectively for their depar- reasons for her resignation will remain
tures. personal and unfortunately she could
Pillay’s successor, Xolani Nyali felt not be reached for further comment.
that it was “unfortunate at any point to Dean of Students, Prof Vivian de
lose people of such a calibre as Ricci and Klerk was grateful for all the commit-
Bianca”. However, he assured the student ment and contributions made by Pillay
body that the foundation for the year has in his role as SRC President. She also
been laid and “it is just a matter of taking said that she was “confident that the
the bait and running with it”. SRC Media SRC will be in capable hands under the
Councillor, Hanna Barry, said that the Presidency of Xolani Nyali”.
team building and planning for the year Many other South African universi- Pillay said that he “would highly encour- and protect the student body’s interests
had already taken place and that this vi- ties offer members of the SRC both age the university to look at a yearly sab- has provided me with great satisfaction,”
sion now just has to be implemented. financial and academic incentives. For batical for the SRC Presidency in order he said.
According to Barry, the resignations example, the University of Johannesburg to ensure that one’s duties are carried out Pillay’s devotion to the student body
were “completely unexpected”, as both offers the SRC Presidency a full year sab- efficiently”. is nevertheless unwavering. Although
Pillay and Sampson showed no signs of batical. “This would lessen the pressure Despite the pressure that his involve- he has been forced to step down as SRC
any problems. Barry said that Pillay “had of academic demands,” said Pillay. In ment in the SRC has placed on his president, he will remain involved in
no other option” but to resign in order to contrast, Rhodes offers an incentive in academic commitments, Pillay said that a number of leadership development
avoid exclusion from the university as he the form of a tuition rebate, which differs the SRC has been worth every minute of initiatives: “I wish to remain committed that cannot easily cease. Once I am aca-
has been placed on academic probation. for each position within the SRC (50 his time. “Being able to influence institu- to students. It has been what I have done demically and financially stable, there is
“As a second year student, I found it in- percent of a BA Fee for the President). tional culture, deliver students services for the past two years and it is a passion no doubt in my mind that I will be back.”

morning (3 Feb), after the student left the university treats everyone equally
a local pub in New Street accompanied because now we are all at risk”, said
by men he had met during the course of Michael Toman, a second year student.
The recent rape of a male Rhodes stu- the evening. He was sexually assaulted Other students expressed some
dent has shown the community that rape on African Street, on his way back to precautions to avoid finding themselves
knows no creed, colour or gender. The residence. Captain Phindile Koko, Com- in a future potential rape situation.
number of reported rapes in Graha- mander of the Family Violence, Child Sheldon Goss, a third year BSc student,
mstown seems to be on the increase, Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, said it was important to “maintain a state
although Dr Charles Young, Head of said that the case is still under investiga- of mind that allows a person to think
the Counselling Centre, maintains that tion with “some issues that still need to rationally”. He also mentioned the risk
many cases still remain unreported. be clarified”. of walking alone in “dark and danger-
According to the Counselling Centre, When approached by The Oppidan ous places”. Second year Tara Walraven
3 percent of all counselling sessions Press, several students expressed their suggested that people should try going
in the first half of 2007 delt with rape alarm at the incident; “I was shocked out in groups of friends and that they
survivors. This was higher than sessions because it seems so far removed from must be aware of their surroundings. She
concerning substance abuse and eat- the norm, it’s not something we’ve had added that when travelling home, stu-
ing disorders. Dr Young said that the to deal with before,” said Tyron Louw. dents should keep to the security routes,
Counselling Centre is “good, but sadly Another student, Mvuselelo Gcaba, and if necessary use Rhodetrip or taxis.
very experienced in dealing with rape felt scared: “it makes me wonder how In the wider Grahamstown area, a
victims”. He added that seeking support safe Rhodes really is”. Third year Emma 29 year old man appeared in court on
was advisable as “rape is characterised Herbert was also unsettled by the Tuesday, for the rape of a Rhodes student
by multiple traumas. If left unreported, incident and felt that it brought such in 2006. He is alleged to have raped the
these effects could be catastrophic”. issues closer to home in the Rhodes 23 year old woman on 1 July 2006 in
According to the Dean of Students, community. Some students even felt her residence while he was out on bail
Dr Vivian de Klerk, the most recent rape that the university should shoulder on another rape charge. The trial will
took place in the early hours of Sunday some of the blame: “it is about time that resume on Monday.
“If you are leaving yourself open to preg- students have access to the morning after
nancy, then you are leaving yourself open pill.
to Aids and STI infection,” said Sister Exact figures regarding student use
Jeane Shaw from the Rhodes Sanatorium. of the emergency contraception will only If power cuts have left you trying to affect their performance. They also
She believes that despite SHARC’s (Stu- be available at the end of the month, but roast marshmallows over a candle, Sports
than physicians
in the treat all
past. Budget health-
changes reflect Dieticians
wine were plan dietsinand
allowed eating no
residences; encourage
the Movieplayers
Night to andlive
thea positive life-
underway in an attempt to highlight
Jazz Evening
Fourth year honours student, Donald dent HIV/Aids Resistance Campaign) Sister Shaw believes that numbers are on thisRowing
recipe is easy (and healthy), and Not everyone has the golden arm related
that problems
the SRC spentaffecting
R11,000 professional
on wine for schemes for sports people,
spirits were permitted. Accordingfocusingto style that will improve their
had limited alcohol, each person self-esteem
the dangers of misusing alcohol.
Pots, was held up at knife-point in his The Association of South Africa
“excellent condom distribution”, accidents the rise. Should the same student request can be made of Shaun Pollock or the speed of sports
eight people.
halls’ cheeseThey
andcomplete a degree
wine events in on healthy nutrition. Every
Xolani Nyali, newly appointed athlete
SRChas and confidence
receiving one in order
glass only.toThe
enhance The slogan for the awareness week is
home on 9 February. Although nobody (ROWSA) has with minimal
recently put anlighting.
end to the
do still happen. the morning after pill on their third visit, Just remember to turnRhodes
on yourand turbo Bryan Habana to lead their nations in medicine
2007, while this before
wine costs for in the specific needs
President, the regarding
alcohol policytheirisactivity
an sporting
many compliments from both As the
“Save ashes of the
TriVarsity”. AfricanisCup
TriVarsity underof
was physically injured, the thief made off on-going row between Stel-
The Rhodes Sanatorium offers free staff will refer them to Dr Bull at the High mode when dealing with the fridge to to a World Cup victory. But there are sports-related
same injuries.
events totalled Theyfor
R8,000 advise
eleventhe and body typedocument,
“aspirational so the dietician devises
not a punitive Sports fanatics
students and parentswho for
the genuine
the threat
events. slowly settle, I can’t
of cancellation due help but feel
to an
with two lenbosch, ruling in the Maaties’ favour.
You’ve hadcellphones
a long dayand an iPod.
of lectures, contraception as well as free emergency Street Medical Practice. “We want to avoid
Rhodes’all the cold air escaping.
clean-sweep of honours at
other sport careers open to people coach
halls. on correct training methods so aone,
plan that
” so willresidence
while be most effective
studentsfor talent
Alcohol was sold at the streetorparty,
to bend it like Beckham swing
that African soccer
overwhelming numberis still
complaints byof
Pots was
finished returning
off your essay, home
cooked at the
digs contraception known as post-coital educate students,” said Sister Shaw, “they who are passionate about their game, that
alcoholcan be avoided
policy both on
acknowledges their particular type
are encouraged of activity
to obey and will
these rules, it which
like thewasBigsponsored
Easy mightbywant South to African
Rhodes students’twits,unsavoury
still facingbehaviour.
Boat Races in 2007 was spoilt by an ap- Nicky
mately 3:30am when he discovered
dinner, cleaned the bathroom and killed the contraceptive (PCC) or ‘the morning must be aware of what PCCs do to your albeitSaner
without& the
glamourMcLeaof ador- the playing field and in training.
that “social drinking is normal for a build bodily strength where
Oppidans are not obligated in any it is needed
way. sider these career choices in
Breweries (SAB), but free water and the sport-
trative blunders,
The Alcohol Abusenowhere
Awarenessto be week
peal againstINGREDIENTS:
the Rhodes Men’s B rowing
aintruder in his room.
record number The man
of spiders held up
in your after pill’. Sister Shaw explains that this body”. “Emergency contraception should 1 carrot,
crew. Their peeled andopponents,
Stellenbosch grated
ing fans screaming after a victorious large number of people” and thus aims most. Dieticians work closely
However, de Klerk has emphasised with ing field.were
Coke Unfortunately,
also provided Sports
by thescience
amongst the top ten in the
included activities such as a “Save
SRC FIFA rank-
a knifeYou’re
room. and motioned
exhausted. forThe
to back
hard emergency contraception can be taken up be kept for emergencies and not used as match.festivities
O-week Sports science haswere
this year opened up
subject toPhysio’s
promote treat
theinjuries or any
health and other
well-being coaches and players
that “Oppidan in monitoring
students the
still fall under is in
attempt here at Rhodes but
to encourage Hu-
ings, with Egypt
responsible debatestill
and proving themselves
a Hall-based
away from the door. The intruder thento feeling1unfairly
cup sugar treated
snap by theends
peas, umpire’s
truth is that you do not have the time to 72 hours after the incident. Unless 72 a regular contraceptive,” agrees Wimpie to quite
of sports field careers
regulations than of students through more moderatea
physical problems that may affect effectiveness of the diet plans.
Rhodes jurisdiction when it comes to man Kinetics and Ergonomics (HKE)
drinking. the Pharaohs to
competition of come
the continent.
up with the best
grabbed what was on the top,
deskgoand decision duringtrimmed the race, appealed
swing into your itty-bitty to ran
the hours have passed or an adverse medical Bosch, a pharmacist at Grahamstown against the victory,
8 cherry but Rhodes’
tomatoes, B crew
cut in half
and deepens
previous years. one’s knowledge
The Dean of sport
of Students, sports person’s
consumption performance,
of alcohol. During usually bringing the university into disrepute”. is a good start ifcontrary
However, you’re interested in
to all measures The African Cup
alcohol free party idea. of Nations (AF-
out of the
Rhodes gym house.
and attend a spinning class condition can be identified, all female Pharmacies. >> Anja Müller-Deibicht and how
Vivian athlete’s
de Klerk, bodieswith
together function.
the regarding
O-week, muscular
every functioncomplaints.
involvingThey Psychologists go beyond
She said that Oppidan the physical
Warden Gordon learning
taken by more abouttothe
the SRC body anda its
encourage CON) Thewas
dry Deana fitting manifestation
of Students’ of
final comment
1 small to red
bell as they maintained
pepper, seeded and
(noThematterresthowof the
thewas alerted is!).
instructor that they had wondiced the race legitimately.
SRC, are some first
encouraged of the major
years careers in
to drink areconsumption
the called in to treat an athlete
of alcohol after the
required to prepare sports people to deal with
Barker will investigate complaints from movement and,year
O-week, first in the future,tended
students linkingtoit
where African
was that socceralcohol
“banning” is situated;
during deep
but thedoes
Where intruderthis had
leavealready fled theAre
your health? the field: sports physician has made
permission from the Registrar. a diagnosis. any psychological
Grahamstown challenges
residents thatthe
against may toleave
different sportingfree
the alcohol professions. in a mucky
events early to gutter.
is not the In
way order
to go,forasAfrican
1“ROWSA have awarded
small cucumber, peeledtheandmedals
diced to responsibly and adhere to the recently
you “We’ve
just going to had our bed
fall into fair share
at the of end According to de Klerk, the aim of this drunken behaviour of Oppidans if it is attend the festivities in New Street. Pub soccer togo
will just progress, soccer and
underground bodies and
½ cup redoncabbage,
the basisthinly
that our refusal
sliced approved Policy for the Responsible Use
break-ins, ” said Pots. The six-man
of the day and hope the first year spread digs regulation was to avoid exposing first deemed necessary. owners preferred to keep O-week wet, administrators alike need to recognise
drinking is anti-social.
At a recent meeting of the Land, Hous- property owners are slow to notify the Despite incorrect zoning, this particular to re-race
¼ cupwas redaonions,
violation of some
thinly slicedrule,” of Alcohol.
on Cradock
from your years Street
in has been robbed
residence will go twice year students to “liquor pressure” in The SRC rose to the dry O-Week wet, wet. thatDedevelopment,
Klerk and her organisation
office applaudand
ing and Infrastructural Development Makana Council. property has been rented as a digs for said John1Snelgar,
tbsp Dijona member
mustard of the Rho- Some O-week events organised by the
and an
away onestimated
its own? ten car radios have their introduction to the university. challenge. The Chocolate Ball and the Alcohol Abuse Awareness week, structure
abstinence, areyet
needed to take the
also support sport to
Portfolio Committee, officials were Councillor Luyanda Nase said that the past nine years. des B crew. 1 tbspSnelgar also vinegar
balsamic mentioned that SRC were completely alcohol free, while
time to be proactive about your Only beer, cider, wine and fortified Hall events were alcohol free, and both which began on Monday, is currently an international
alcohol level.
use in moderation.
instructed to propose strategies to deal it was time the Council gained from The committee did not approve the the rivalry between the two
3 tbsp olive oil teams had others provided substantially less alcohol
It is The
health. believed that Press’
Oppidan the intruder
new Healthgained AFCON 08, hosted by Ghana, was a
access towill thegive
house with the “mushrooming of student digs” the profitable industry. He made this application, agreeing that the Council increased1due to the
garlic appeal
clove, minced and assured in the Philippines with the added bonus
section youwhen
hintstheandfront door
tips on that theSaltRhodes crew looked
and pepper to “avenge
(to taste)
sumptuous soup of blunders, seasoned
was left open while the other digs mates and sub-letting of houses. comment whilst the committee was needed to curb the problem of “mush- that it is now legal. As its name suggests, with some infrastructural inefficiency. I
how to improve your health and well pretending you are going to sit down in this decision at Boat Races this year”.
were conversing in thethedriveway. Follow- Houses which have been zoned as discussing an application for the rezon- rooming”. Incorrectly zoned student the ‘sport’ involves grown up chickens will concede that the quality of soccer on
being without leaving spider-free Start theresidential”
exercise byare
taking a chair with your weight through your When our nations clash over a game of
ing this incident, a new security “single oftena let
to stu- ing of a house in Bedford Street. The accommodation contravenes the town Rhodes’ rowers have already made a
METHOD: pecking at each other until one (or
comfort of your own home. We’lldoor
starthas forward with one leg. Bendtoyour knees heels. Push through your heels to return good rugby or, more recently, over a game of show was outstanding, with the excep-
been installed and razor wire
off by explaining some basic exercises is being dents without application the council new owner of the property wishes to
to an upright position. Don’t fall over!
planning scheme (as well municipal  Combine the carrot,them
start to 2008 giving sugar“confi-
snaps, football, emotions become the order of
both) kick the bucket. However, a raging tion of a few moments of ill-disciplined
and lower your back knee towards
for rezoning. Student housing should the continue renting the house as a digs and income). dence in training and incucumber,
each othercab- to rooster can be given an advantage by
you can do before you hit the pillow. Do two sets of five. Four sets of ten if tomatoes, bell pepper, the day. Tempers flare, fights break out defending and random fist fights. But
be zonedkeeping the front
as “general heel downbut
residential”, and has applied for the house to be rezoned. match the great results from 2007, ” said sharpening the cock’s natural spurs or by
you are insane. Lie on your back with your legs bent and bage and onion in a salad bowl and and cowboys cry. However, there are that’s beside the point. We all know that
the knee directly over the centre of the Alex
knees facing the ceiling. Place your arms tossVan
untilBesouw, the women’s rowing
well-mixed. some sports that are, quite frankly, as ex-
attaching a razor-sharp blade onto the it is not African talent that is lacking, but
foot. Take a step by pushing upwards captain. spur. This type of variant is known as a
Imagine you have a rod through your across your chest or behind your head  Whisk the mustard and vinegar to- rather an environment conducive to the
through the bottom muscle of your back citing as getting socks for your birthday.
back and bum and keep them in This is where it gets challenging: imagine depending on what is most comfortable. gether in a small bowl, then whisk in “slasher” fight. Fitting. nurturing of these skills.
leg. Your body should remain upright. Chess boxing, for example, is simply
alignment. Beginners should start by you’re a plank. Lie on your stomach. Lift your chin to your knees. As you do the olive oil. Add the garlic and basil. For rugby-lovers not blessed with the The Local Organising Committee
Do two sets of ten (one set on the left leg pointless. Opponents square off in
executing the push-up on their knees Place your hands beside your chest so, focus on using your abs while keep-  Pour the dressing over the salad bulge of the Burger, sheep tackling could (LOC) must have cringed in embar-
and the other set on the right leg). Four alternate rounds of boxing and chess. A
and progress to the full push-up (on
sets of 20 if you’re up for a challenge.
and use your arms to lift yourself off ing your head still, and staring straight and toss until coated. Season well match consists of up to eleven rounds of
be your fix. This bestial pastime is a
popular training method for rugby play-
Keep well with Centrum Multi-Vitamins,
rassment as their own national coach,
your toes). Ensure you breathe in on the the ground. Remain a plank: keep your ahead. Do two sets of 20. Do four sets if with salt and pepper. Eskom’sandincompetence andstarting
subsequent Claude Le Roy, exclaimed that the
way down, and breathe out as you push back and bum in alignment. Remember you are feeling ambitious. Enjoy your dinner by candlelight!
chess sessions,
four minute chess roundhave
added by
ers in New Zealand. The sport is quite only R75.85 plus FREE gift, Flu-pack at
pitches were “terrible!” You’ve got to ap-
up. Do two sets of ten. Four sets of 20 if Stand upright with your legs shoulder- to breathe. Hold for 30 seconds. Sixty simple; a chase, a tackle, a bleat.
you’re feeling hectic. width apart. Lower yourself by seconds if you want to feel the burn. Courtesy of Map My Fitness. The Grahamstown name changing
an unwelcome
two minutes of change
boxing.of pace to many
Oppidan households. In an effort to Another smelly occupation is toe only R20.00 and Survival Kit at R10.00
preciate the mousy man for being brave
enough to bite the hand that feeds him

process will continue on 1 March with help Oppies, the Oppidan Committee is wrestling, which is similar to arm wres- and say it like it is. One couldn’t help but

hi e s
the launch of an education drive by the holding an informative load-shedding tling. All players must be barefoot so that feel that the tournament was in dire need
Name Changing Task Team (NCTT) at they can link toes and each player’s feet

workshop to encourage Oppidans to take
Body piercing available - see store for details.
of organisation (even from the comfort

City Hall. a proactive stance regarding the crisis. must touch flat on the other person’s feet. of my couch many thousand km’s away).
Makana Municipality spokesperson “All Oppidans will need to do whatever To win, one must pin his opponents feet Teams arrived to find that the hotel
Thandy Matebese said that the NCTT they can to adapt to this new reality,” for three seconds. The sport is a hit in they were meant to be staying in had
drive is an effort to involve everyone, said Oppidan Warden Gordon Barker. Britain and there is even a toe wrestling not yet been built, pitches rivaled potato
including students, in the name change The workshop, which takes place on world championship. The toe test was Ear piercings now at only R20.00,
fields, and members of the media were
debate. He said all residents should un- invented in the 70s so that a game could

new take-away and delivery service

derstand the history behind the choice
26 February from 17:30 to 18:30 in the
Oppidan common room, will address exist in which the Brits could be success- including studs!treated like third class citizens. Shock
prevailed as the Egyptians, almost ready
of name before anything is implemented. the issues surrounding load-shedding ful. Jolly well done ol’ chaps! to belt out their national anthem, were
Competitors may win by a knock out,
Further meetings will take place and a that affect
check mateOppies.
and by a judge’s decision. met with the rather unfamiliar tune of
vote will be held to determine the name.
TheOppidan Committee
sport is quite popularMember,
in Europe Nkosi Sikelel’i Afrika. Perhaps the cherry
Matabese explained that they needed Jacyn Mitchley, in said: “the workshop on the fluffed cake was the stadium being

046 622 3042

(significantly Germany) and it has its
to be “as consultative as possible with will provide
own Oppies with information
world championship tournament.
Open an account with Wallace’s for reduced to moments Peppergrove
of darkness before
the residents for the process to be done concerning theunfit
scheduled high-quality pharmaceutical care the Mali versus Sudan kick-off. 7373
Perfect for the athleteload-shedding
who needs a Tel: 046 622
properly,” but that it was impossible to times, tips
breather for saving
between electricity and
boxes. and give-aways! Seemingly
new African trend.

new street
know how long the process would take. alternatives to conventional electric Having endured a pro-longed season
Cock fighting is quite a doodle-do
The proposal to change Graham- power.” of power cuts by Asskom, I began to
stown to iRhini started last year when According to Eskom, if Grahamstown wonder what havoc and what possible
Grahamstown Mayor, Phumelelo Kate, does not utilise its total specified quota destruction they could create in our

wide variety of food >> chinese

announced that the name must change. of electricity allowed for certain time- preparations for 2010?
However, the decision was met with frames, load-shedding does not take Could we see ourselves in the same
some resistance from the Keep Graham-

place. Oppidan Kirsten Harris feels that position as Ghana, with unfinished
stown Grahamstown (KGG) campaign collective action on the part of Oppidans stadiums, sporadic blackouts, in a state
who insist that the name stays the same. can make a real difference. “We need to of panic and chaos because we have no
stop shifting the blame and stand up and power capacity to deal with the streams
take responsibility in order to resolve
Your friend in Grahamstown
of masses that will grace our shores? All
this issue. If we all work together we can because Asskom (with some governmen-

work towards a solution,” she said.
14 New Street
tal assistance) neglected to realise that a
catastrophe was looming in the dark (no
pun intended).

African soccer cannot progress with

We welcome all first years and returning students. The
hindrances from dysfunctional govern-

Illustration: Cilla Pickering

ments and clueless governing bodies. If
Our brand-new website Ever seen a broadcast of the Queen On the front page, we only brought The police have been busy in Kenya. Intrigued? Watch the undoubtedly is a cutting speaking to the nation? Well, we you the basics of what to do if you are No, not doing what they are meant funniest sport in the world and have
friendliest service and most competitive prices in town.
anyone who is somebody agrees with

my rant, please tell the soccer govern-
edge example of our dedication to have something even better (and raped. We elaborate further on this to be doing, but instead, beating a good chuckle over your morning ing bodies that are paying coaches a R12

Tasty! !
Oppidan needs. We provide breaking more interesting!) Our former SRC on our website. We recommend you up and shooting at civilians. These breakfast. Men furiously contest

The Oppidan Committee acknowledges million per annum salary will not solve

e n
news, helpful information and President Ricardo Pillay took the have a look and familiarise yourself civilians are protesting against the the world championship in toe

entertainment on a daily basis. Every time to sit down with our multimedia with the steps to take, because if you rigged elections that took place wrestling in this YouTube video,
that there are a number of concerns
We offer: Liquor Store our headaches and woes. Rather than

arising from the electricity crisis and Rands, inject some direc
Wednesday we update the website team and speak directly to the are ever in the situation where you late last year: can you blame them? which we are hosting on a local


offers the following suggestions to from Monday to Thursday; tion and organisa-

i o n
with multimedia features and the student body and explain why he Watch how Kenyan police and army

have been raped, visiting our website server so you can watch it without

trad i
Oppidans:  Invest in products called tion into Afri-
latest gig guide. We bring you the
funniest YouTube videos uploaded
resigned. You can view it as a video or
download it to listen to on your iPod
to check up on what you should do
will be the furthest thing from your
strike at protesters and judge for
busting your quota. Check out page
15 in this edition to read about
 Attend the load-shedding “Greenheat” which use an eco-friendly, Chicky Fish (Take-Away) can soccer
workshop! non-flammable gel to create and to move
directly on a Rhodes server so they when you go for a jog. mind. Take a proactive step and be more hilarious sports! Monday 16.00 - 18.30
 Cook meals in advance and save maintain heat. us forward to
don’t chow your quota. Make us your prepared! Tuesday 06.00 - 08.30
them in the fridge; Barker says that while the electricity Wednesday 16.00 - 18.30
a successful 2010.
homepage and stay entertained!

 Have candles and matches easily crisis is at the top of the Oppidan Thursday 06.00 - 08.30
available; Committee’s agenda, it is up to all Friday 16.00 - 18.30

Pic: Supplied
 Utilise the Oppi bus which leaves Oppidans to “be aware of the load-

Pic:s Supplied
Saturday 06.00 - 08.30 from the Kaif and will take you home shedding schedule and arrange your life Sunday 06.00 - 08.30
every night between 17:00 and 22:00 around it”.
4 12


sions was to install devices that indicate

how much electricity is being used by The US economy is the largest in the
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world, so it we
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all no
surprise with thatwhy Ja-
As you sit with your digs supper on hold,arrested and theormonasteries
groups of students
waiting for the power to come back on, vacated, a residence. Also mentioned is amur-
novel news of a possible recession of the bad guy
cob Zuma is supposed to be the
with reports of torture and
you wouldn’t think that some good couldder way in South
economy African
by the end ofpolitics.
this year Weishavesend- heard The Tiffindell expansion project is a new Several Of allmilk
the and
and producing
wonderful things
Researchers have found that the soonofbecoming
reducing commonplace.
energy consumption
by ausing Blackle ing about the corruption
shockwaves through worldcharges, the rape
markets. development set to put the Eastern Cape companies going onwere recently
in the world exposed and
today, I think
The widespread
Rhodes community has been abuzz
use of calorie-free Usingcome outpanties
pretty of the power
to show crisis
your inanger
South As result, Lannarather
Action than
Burma in
rumours since an article was for Africa. But it can.
at an evil regime may seem a little odd at internet searches on campus (screens Thecharges
reasonsand, behind of course, the infamous
this recession ap- on the international map for a reason prosecuted
one of the forcraziest
collusion. As producers
is that none of theof
can make it harder and other activist groups have urged
use less toenergy pearshower incident.
to be driven On US
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other in hand,
its not many people would guess – skiing. critical food stuffs,
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people to control their weight in early The lack
first glance.
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for decades, as a supporters mail in generating
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the as
catalyst to change the way we use limited opposed to white). The eventual winner we have
indulging ofalso heard about
economic policies histhat
have The R400 million project will include curred the wrath
campaign haveofsuggested
the public,impeaching
media and
January alleging that at
intake. Experiments with feedingleast 60 sons rats boycotts, riots and marches have been post to Myanmar embassies in accor-
proved and how all this scandal is
counter-productive. a 150-bed five star hotel and 120 time- authorities,
PresidentasBush.the poorThe arelasthit the years
seven hardestof
and zero-calorie
daughters ofsaccharin Zanu-PF (compared
ministers to resources and could lead
the principal means of showing dissent. to the develop- dance with the group’s motto, “Send right)
was Imran Tarmohamed (pictured
who, in often,
addition nothing
In Augustbut a smear
2007, campaign
the reckless lend-run by share apartments. Already underway, by this unethical
the Bush business
(mis)rule havepractice.
seen the ascen-
had sugar)
been guaranteed places
resulted in increased at Rhodes,
calorie Thisment of innovative
explains why protests technological
in Myanmar solu- early, Send ” as to making some
a deliberate of the
being expelled tions to problems of resource limitation. suggestions already mentioned here, ing those
by USwho hate him
financial and want
institutions was to see the project will boast extensive new The
dancy trend continues
of the most venal in anand
weight gainUK
from the andand in late 2007 were initially received with
body fat. of insult to the Burmese government.
also suggested Mbeki stay
unearthed. Put in power.
simply, Americans are entertainment and leisure facilities more critical industry
administration – healthcare.
in American The
By breaking the connection between a
a giant question mark has already started talking
when demonstra- Indeed, womenthat the university
all around the world could
These areand clearly two vastly
Rhodes has denied torsabout banning olderwith light bulbs in haveproduce
typeplacards… its ownthe electricity, suchsend-
as in over-borrowed over-spent anddifferent
their to increase the resort’s status on an Competition
Just look Commission has referred
at the impressive rap sheet:
sweet sensation andthe claims, stating
high-calorie food, took to the streets been obeying mantra and accounts ofspending
credit-fuelled one man’s life and
spree morality
has grind- international level. These include a spa three
lied about thecompanies
reasons for toinvading
political affiliation is not afor part andfavour
ofbody of the energy saving type as well ing spinning
their panties. their undies classes at the gym.
in droves.
make it harder the The current ed toand the question
a halt. becomes:
This reduction which one
in spending and wellness centre, a gym and new Competition Tribunal for
Iraq, and proceeded toprosecution
send in the troops
the application
to regulate food for any student to gain
as promoting
According solar heated
to activist groupwaterLannasystems. However, Than Shwe is notcrisis
electricity should
the only is right?downIs Jacob
is slowing theirZuma
economy. reallyThisas bad has chairlifts, and a custom-built ice-rink. after they were
despite found to beinternational
overwhelming colluding op-
admission, and that
Naturally sweet foodsno Zanu-PF-related
provide a
South Africa’s climate
Action for Burma (the principle move- is perfect for man in politics whose authority is cur- that
ring alarm bells for other resources
as athey say heslump
is? Will
may become very limited in the near led to housing andheproblems
really bring in It will be twinned with an interna- when biddingDespite
position. for government
promises tenders.
of a speedy
stimulushad that
received preferential
predicts that someonetreat- is the adoption of solar
ment behind the panty-protests), energy technol- rently being buried under a mountain of fu-
ture. One likely candidate is clean, the South
financialAfrica downThe
markets. as he USbecomes
Federal the tional ski resort in Europe and is the Thewithdrawal
Competition of US troops, thefound
Commission over-that
ment in any way. Registrar Stephen
about to take in a lot of calories, lead-
ogy, yet
adorning very few
placards private households
emblazoned with the or women’s underwear. George Bush facesfresh latest(the
dictator to runbank)
the extraordinary
Waterless Reserve US central tried spending by the US. Compounding investors, provided mines and industries only South African resort with natural stretched
Adcock Ingram military
Critical is now
to digestive thatreflexes
a Zimbabwean
gearing up in facesinstitutions
of Burmese have adopted
military the avail-
officials with a similar overtoilets
in the may be one way
US, where potential of his African country
to curb the situation through interestinto thethis situation is the Eskom saga. Many have the power to continue operating. snow for skiing purposes. The resort occupying
Criticare, force inHeathcare
Thusanong the middleand of aFre-
preparation. scholarship was available
False sweetness confuses
able technology. ‘Wind
women’s underwear is considered one farms’ are also a women’s group known as the “Axis ofof
of drastically reducing the amount
cuts andPerhaps he is justincreased
the government someone whoeconomists have sharply lowered their However, most of Sub-Saharan Africa also has facilities to blow snow during warKabi
senius which could
South have been
Africa, engaged prevented
and this
sponsored a batch of students to popular
of the highest in forms
many of European
cultural countries,
insult in Eve”pollution
has also to fresh
been water, as litres
demonstrating forofre-
attention to the poor. Despite his lack
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spending thestimulate
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economy. and Thisin- economic growth forecasts to account positives,
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Other artificial that nothing
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yet such technology is
South-East Asia. It is a widely-held be- almost unheard gime change by donning their g-strings.Cam-
are used in a single flush. Dr Garth
tends to forge a path towards economic formal schooling, Zuma also appears to from Zuma’s side. Corruption allegations
about their family positions of in South Africa. Hydro-electric power bray gives a good description of how only created a false ‘wealth effect’, creat- the effects of power constraints, which world economy. African economies are the north Eastern Cape on the border Surely
avoid invadingand
competition another countryprices.
manipulate without
aspartame, sucralose andnor their
acesulfame lief that contact with a woman’s knickers
K) Their demand,
according to state- ing prosperity
a boom in and international
housing prices andrespectabil-
only be to
are set ancontinue
intelligent man.
until new is well aware ofmore– immune
Hegenerating and now to a looming
him of Lesotho, Tiffindell was established Theprovocation is the definition
latter was declared exempt from of a war
political dealings was is also a viable andsapefficient option forof a ments
that taste sweet butknown.
do not accurately – dirty or clean – will the strength various
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2012.Africa’s inter- markets
Electricity at every
thanpress conferenceofand
the economies the
Europe, in 1993. As it stands, Tiffindell attracts crime, theafter
prosecution veryitcrimes
agreed for which Saddam
to co-operate
predict calorieeven ifintake
theseand students
can havehad the
in power,suchand as South
judging Africa,
by thewith
wellthe accountability andtotransparency
Dr Cambray,inthe theaver- national
beensame related to high-ups in the Mugabe country’s fast-flowing rivers such as the age amount of sewage that one person has friends
burst. The andlong-term
shower habits,effectsbut of in the prices
these are set reputation
to double over among next five andAsiainternational
theinvestors and South America. media isIftaking
sustainedgreatfor joy vast numbers of tourists from home and Hussein
during was hung? The companies
the investigation.
effect. known fact that hard-liners in Myan- US administration. So, even though the to be the be-all yearshis
in South Africa in produces, will pollute end, have
policies is he been
goingemployment to well-received attendance
help finance Eskom’s at Davos in a long
expansion in period,
announcing that South
the crisis might Africans
lead to a are abroad, who spend significant amounts Bush has
were bidding fornot just createdtenders
public-sector new
government, would it
Also, studies inreally
humans be fair marTugela
havetofound are also and the Orange.
highly superstitious, panty political situations Myanmar and the January allegations forthe
which he is Cape,
denythat them an education simply because During a competition held last year, 15,000 litres of fresh water and up to 65, andand end-allgrowth
economic for Southin theAfrica?
US. plans. At the proved
same time,him Eskom
capablewantsof maintain-series about to elect adownturns
of economic corrupt rapist to power
in the two of money within Eastern andproblems,
taxpayers’but has done
money his utmost
was used to foot to
people who consume more dietprotesting is bound to hit a nerve. US may differ in technicality, the bold they showed up in their birthday suits. ing power
this standing. Zuma also under theinvestigation.
000 -115,000 By most
In light accounts,
of this, it seems
South Africa hasthat
to the to offer at reduced rates forknows
new that major in economies
2009. Whileinhe was found
Africa, Southnot guilty boosting
Africa economy of the country’s exacerbate
their existing
inflated bills. When crises. For example,
producers agree
of their
drinks affiliation? As students,
are at a higher risk forweobesity,
know Rhodes
Panty students
protests came kicked
initially up withoffverylast purpose of pantylitres whereremains
protesters sewerage is
According to Kenyan culture, to see an Considering thebusiness
large numbers
inadequately treated. answer
assess its ownis no. Despiteposition.
economic the wild rumours
The ANC party unity
energy-intensive is of probably
projects, utmost impor-in and of the rape
Nigeria. charges and
Thankfully, ourthere
economyis stillisa poorest province. The modelof his administration’s
on how much they will close chargelinks with the
we don’t always turn
abdominal out likeblood
fat, higher yearpractical
our pres- in response and to feasible ideas brutal
the recent, of reducing constant. unknown woman naked is a curse; a tool
parents (a relieving thought for some), energy consumption within residences. Government is in a very good posi- JSE that may circulate
has fallen regarding
by 9.1 percent since histhedesires a bidtance, something
to reassure which
investors. A was reflected not as
reliable chance of innocence
dependent in theascorruption
on America it was 20 for supporters
the expansionwhoproject
adore him, his reactions
indicates that petrochemical
of engaging industry has
in competition, it isseen
donethe US
sure and insulin resistance. crack-down by the Burmese government Indeed, the “Axis of Eve” has even which has proved highly effective for to never leave power or to start a in his acceptance speech at Polokwane case too, the attitude of our potential have done nothing more than set an
so punishing us for their crimes would The most prevalent ideas among the tion to fast-track the adoption of tech- end of December and the Rand and has energy supply is a critical factor to South years ago. Some local economists predict between 800 and 1,000 jobs will be do everything
to inflate prices and in consumers
its power toare prevent
on anti-regime demonstrations. “Panties decided to print their objectives on their the marching women. As long as they extremely
simply not be fair. Besides, if these sup- submissions involved reducing nologies such as energy efficient light
energy underwear. Zimbabwe-esque
suffered as a result. Globalland reform campaign,Africa’s
risk aversion in December. Seen as When
economic future. their of the that president
a true ‘man South Africa revealed far more
and other about him created
emerging duringbadandexample. Although Zuma ones
after construction. a serious
who suffer.response
With to globalrising
concern warming.
for Peace” activists particularly target Unfortunately, no official remain unclothed, no police officer is willisprobably notexciting
bring our country
used by geysers, byGeneral
either reducing bulbs, solar heating and waterless toilets, has Zuma
fuelledhimself has never
the sell-off of South Africanmoreown people’
expressed markets , his
arepopularity and charisma
failing, investors tend thansuch
markets any guilty
as Chinafinding
and would
India willhave.use What even more is that localto theBush has even
escalating costexpressed
of healthcare a Nero-like
in South
posed Zanu-PF offspring saw the light hard-line junta leader Than the comment has been released as to how willing to arrest or hurt them, and they ruin as President, the fact remains
while at Rhodes and went back home water temperature settings, using solar the by legislating for their adoption, and by than
shares a simple
and bonds planas someto continue
investorswith get far to
to turn outstrip
emerging thatmarkets
of his predecessor
like South and the US Zuma showedasaacomplete
recession chance tocontempt
develop communities will benefit as they will that Africa,
collusionfor his ownascitizens;
is seen sitting idly
a contributing
Shwe, following his actions against Bud- President intends to react to demon- are free to continue their protest, as well the damage he has done
heating possibly incorporating them as features Mbeki’s
rid of ‘risky’economic
assets. Our and foreign
export poli-
earnings make
Africa. Thismany
could believe
thehe JSEis by
exactly tradeforamongst
the national fight against
themselves and shiftAids and be given the opportunity to to the legal
provide the by while
factor. MoreNew Orleans drowned.
investigations are underway
and tried to change things, it would be dhist monksorwho switching
previously off geysers
objected during strators who parade in thongs with the as attract much media attention. system,
worth it. off-peak times. Oppies who entered the words of RDP housing. But in the meantime, cies. likely
are also True, to hissuffer
focusdue is directed
to decreasedtowards making whatit the country needs
an attractive to prevent
destination for itself power forand
women’s rights
influence withthe
from hisUS.
reckless resort withour international
products reputation,
and services. in this sector.
to the Burmese government’s domestic “Expose Bush” printed on them. No word yet on whether the Rhodes grassroots development and the working from falling into the rut that is so often behaviour and statements during his women’s rights and the Aids pandemic is
The more important issue at stake competition
policies. The monks, mentioned
joinedthat paying for
by nuns, we need to start conserving limited
Female demonstrators in Kenya took women intend to get their panties out to classes, but no one can deny that it is predicted. rape trial and continues to seem little a price that South Africa can little afford
is whethertoorHIV not Rhodes theirandownstudents,
electricity made them more thisresources such as water and electricity by Surely invading another
and Aidsisseems playing laymen engaged in peace- trend a step further in the 1990s. protest fee hikes or the possible abolish- about time the government paid more However, despite these possible more than amused by the serious to pay.
its part in legitimising aware of how much electricity costs. our own initiative. After all, we have to
to work by differenta mechanisms,
cruel and unjust ful shows of dissent but were speedily Instead of showing their underwear, ing of TriVarsity later this year. country without
government Another general theme in the submis- pay for it.
accordingthrough its actions.
to ethnicity. Immunity Evento
if, asHIV
Fourie clearly
because ofstates,
a genetic the defect
provocation is the definition
was in notabout
aware of any student’s
1 percent of people fam-
originating of a war crime, the very
ily histories
from northernor whether Europe.theyHere
had immune
been crimes for which Saddam
deported from
cells lack theAustralia,
so-calledbyCCR-5 not making
that the intoHIthe virusstudents
uses tosponsored
enter a cell. by unambiguous support for the freedom of
Hussein was hung?
the fund, it is quite possible that
Ten to 15 percent of people originating Rhodes expression we all want to defend”.
has from
had itsnorthern
suchgenea corrupt
for this regime
on. Let’shave
it, in
be parent
the himthen
on the
say, “Have
sidetwo species
of his
no doubt,
his cane
boy, you’ll
caring and voicing for people whom
he does not share faith with.” – Salah
“Dr Williams’ extraordinary claim is
a huge propaganda coup for extremists Several Danish newspapers are courting
Student Forum:
Unsurprisingly, Islamic countries do
not feel the same. Iran has already sum-
No other president has gotten away with
such a criminal display of stupidity and
unreasonable togreater
suppose that at least
Thursday 28 Feb.
and display resistance to the Birds are often described as the
be first DNA mutation rate
the crocodile’s can–be
jaws!” Tomused in Nizami, Gulf News. plotting to end centuries of the controversy once again by reprinting moned a Danish envoy to protest the incompetence. Richard Nixon rightly
some of the but
disease, recipients of the money
not immunity. It hashad
been Thedescendants
Archbishop of Canterbury
dinosaurs, only recently
arising thisNew
Goetz, way York
to estimate
Post. what is known as a “It’s hardly surprising that in a British way of life. And it was roundly cartoons of the Muslim religious icon, printing and many others are expected
more than merit on their side. Some- had to resign for attempting electoral
hypothesised that either past plagues of instigated mass controversy
after dinosaurs when he
became extinct 63 “molecular
“He is directlyclock”. However, what
undermining different or- climate in which denouncing ‘Islamists’ condemned from all quarters last night.” Prophet Mohamed. The cartoons caused to do the same. Leading Muslim clerics fraud, which is probably one of the more
times thethe “don’t
Black Death ask, or
don’t tell” policy
smallpox have been commented that the
million years ago.adoption
There have of some
long ganisms
Britain stands can
Can theat different
Archbishop speeds, has become the polite way to attack – Staff reporter, The Sun. With all those solid facts thrown into violent outbursts around the world when around the world have condemned the
might not be thefor best our heads (or just whizzing straight ‘minor’ of Bush shenanigans (remem-
responsible thisone to adopt,
genetic defect even
being formbeen of Sharia lawbetween
debates (the Muslim law as
palaeontologists leading
really to clocks
be saying that tick
that some at different
people in Muslims, and a literary figure such as “If a cultural tradition is in conflict they were first printed last year and reprint, but have also appealed for re- ber Florida 2000?). Clinton almost got
if it positively
is the easiest for our
selected inadministration.
the past. dictated by the Koran)
and geneticists as toinwhen
first rates.
Britain This makes
should it difficult
be allowed to haveto their
determineMartin Amis can rant about the threat with the dictates of reason - like this through them) during lectures, The many fear that the reactions will be even straint among their communities. “There
Oppidan Press brings you a chance to himself impeached for liking the ladies
Along Research into femaledoes
with this, Fourie sex admit
trade work- inevitable dueFossil
appeared. to therecords
numbers of Muslim
suggest they ownthe exact
laws origin
if they of approve
don’t the flighted creatures to Europe from the Muslim birthrate
of the example of suppressing a state’s right more extreme this time around. can be no justification or acceptance of
escape with some of the more crazy too much. A crime slightly more forgiv-
has identifiedMinister of immigrants
a group that appearedliving there. years ago, but
60 million onesthat
we we wake
have? up to every
Apparently, yesmorning.
he is.” – and still be treated with respect, public to certain independence from religious The reprint was agreed on by most this evil action…we believe in freedom
theories that people have developed able and certainly less destructive to the
Transport was hosted
has remained at Rhodesdespite
HIV-negative in order Predictably, his statements
geneticists contend that theyreceived
first Andrew A McBay,
recent study (using a variety
The Scotsman. opinion has become inflamed. When authority - it can’t be in accordance with of the major Danish dailies so that they of speech but this must include respect
over the years. Read to re-appreciate masses than the daily abuse inflicted on
to set up the scholarship
repeated exposure to and its opera-
the virus. A variantlarge-scale
appeared and
long as media interest,
100 million as
years of different
“There is an analytical
Arabic word methods
‘taqwa’;on politicians and newspapers denounce God’s will and we do a disservice to its could emphasise their commitment to for religions and their symbols…we urge
how sane you actually are! the world every day that Bush remains
the gene calledpossibly thepolitically affili-
‘Human Leukocyte follows:
ago. molecular
which, mildly data) has estimated
translated, means that birds “preachers of hate”, it increasingly adherents by pretending it may be. The freedom of speech following the arrests the Muslim community to remain calm
This week’s preposterous claim in power.
students is was one identified.
thing (andThis not toogene “I only wishmutates
If DNA Winstonand Churchill
divergeswereat a arose long
righteous. The before dinosaurs
Archbishop of became sounds as though they’re talking about object of true faith is one and the same of three Muslim men accused of plotting and not fall into the trap that is being
by the suspicious ‘historians’ of the If anyone wishes to restore the dam-
much helpsof athe
thingimmuneat that)system
but recognising
recognise HIValiveknown today:rate
to Dr Geoffrey
2 percent extinct, living
Canterbury, Rowan alongside
Williams, themhas for
donenearly themselves.” – Seumas Milne, Arab as the creator of human reason.” – Father to kill the cartoonist who drew them. set against Islam,” said a spokesperson
world is that the Nazis had their age that Bush has done at home and
Tuesday 26 Feb.
and the from a government
variant was foundwhose to appear RowaneveryWilliams
million[the Archbishop],
years), crack
and two species 40 million
‘taqwa’; and madeyears, a long time
mankind proud before
by News. Jonathan Morris, News of the apparent planned assas- for a major British Islamic group, the
own moon base. Apparently, there is abroad, then they need to do the right
regimemore hasoften
caused in themisery and poverty
HIV-negative to
group. show a genetic difference of 10 percent, mammals appeared on the planet. sination by the three men has re-ignited Ramadhan Foundation.
evidence somewhere out there that thing and get him and his cronies im-
most of its population is another – and a many of the feelings of January 2006, Whether the calls for self-control will
Hitler sent astronauts to the moon as peached for their misguided aministra-
rather unacceptable one at that. when the cartoons first caused chaos. be heeded remains to be seen. Undoubt-
early as 1942 and that they made con- tion. The evidence is so compelling that
Rhodes maintains that it has done no Despite the risk of further violence, edly, many Muslims will likely feel that cartoons should not have been printed,
tact with “half a dozen” alien races, any half-decent lawyer could ensure that
wrong and that this is a case of an in- the newspapers remain defiant. One this is a direct provocation by Denmark one cannot help but wonder whether
including some who seemed intent Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the
nocent report twisted badly around. This of the largest, Berlinske Tidende, that deserves a direct response. But as freedom of speech would have been
on taking over Earth in the future! rest are brought to rights.
may be true, technically, but the message defended its decision, stating that it proponents of free speech around the deemed a worthy excuse if offensive
>> Claire Waterhouse And as for the punishment? Guil-
it has sent the students is another story. had printed the cartoons “to document world continue to robustly challenge depictions Christianity or Judaism had lotines on the White House lawn may
what’s at stake in this case and show an anyone who dares suggest that the been published by a Muslim nation. seem a tad extreme for the misguided
ministers, but I think that a spell in
With a middle name like Hussein, Barack Guantanamo Bay or Abu Gharaib would

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Obama has already been labelled an “evil give Dubya just the right chance for
It is possible to modify a garden DC car alternator to deliver a constant reflection and contrition.
Arcadia Agencies
variety bicycle or stationary exercise
bike to produce electricity that can
voltage that will power anything that
can normally be powered by plugging
Come and browse our wide selection.
terrorist” by his enemies, so the last thing
he needed was to give them an excuse to Besides, as my late grandmother
once said of him,
power appliances such as a television. into the cigarette lighter of a car. add “dirty commie” to the repertoire as

Buying Rhodes texts now! well. Unfortunately, that is exactly what “Look at that
Repairs to:
This is perfect for those whose
New Year’s resolution was to get more
The bike’s back wheel is raised off
the floor using a stand. A car alterna- has happened as a result of one of his man. I hate
his face”. What
Microwaves, televisions, Hi-Fi’s,
exercise. If you want to watch the telly, tor is mounted behind the bike, and a pliances such as a small TV, a laptop or a We pay cash on the spot. staffers allowing Fox News (of all people!)
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then get cycling! Take a look at www. fan belt attached to the back wheel of cell phone charger. In theory at least… for condem-
DVD players, electrical appliances the bike turns the alternator. Che Guevara’s face on it in the Obama
nation could
FABLES BOOKSHOP, 119 HIGH STREET headquarters, sparking fears that he is

Pic: Ines Schumacher

build-your-own.htm which gives After the installation of some other If anyone gets this right please contact you need?
The Oppidan Press! Just down from King Pie! secretly planning on converting the USA
detailed plans on how to build one. electrical components, the end prod- DESKS, BOOKSHELVES, CHAIRS, ETC…..
to communism. We say vote for the dirty
The modifiedContact
bike usesJohann:
a 14.8 volt17 uct should
New Streetbe able to power small ap- >> Andrew Slaughter Tel/Fax (046) 636-1525 EMAIL 2 Cawood Street (100m south of Die Taphuis!)
commie anyway! >> Claire Waterhouse
076 025 0977 Grahamstown Tel : 072582 6587
6 The Oppidan Press 20.02.08

Home Sweet Home. Try your hand at interior

decorating with this interactive game.



The week of Monday the 18th to Friday advise and inspire, ensuring that
posters work out cheaper and create a Catherine McDonald everyone receives individual attention
22 February is the Dean of Students’ $BSB"OO$BSTUFOT ‘cleaner’ feel. Interior advisor Ann De
Alcohol Abuse Awareness Week aimed from the artist.
Koker says that guys could use an old Potters in the 17th Century had the Although the materials (such as
at highlighting the dangers of misusing There is no place like home. Your digs guitar or bicycle, spray paint it so that it nasty habit of digging holes in roads the clay, paint and glaze) need to be
alcohol. Events include a “Save TriVar- cannot be home but it is important looks retro, and hang it on the wall. in an attempt to find more clay. Hence purchased separately and are not February: the cheesy month of love and
sity” debate on Monday 18 as well as the to make it a haven, where you feel A house needs life, so put some the word ‘pot-hole’. Nowadays, the included in the R70 fee that Jane charges, foolish displays of nauseating affection
‘DOS Challenge’, a Hall-based competi- comfortable. For many students, their flowers on the table. If you don’t have search for clay has become far easier. every conceivable extra is available at is almost behind us. Thank goodness!
tion to judge which Hall can stage the digs is just a temporary place to put their money for flowers, one rose or some The hunt, in fact, need not go further ridiculously affordable rates, as is the The thought of having to walk past fuzzy
most successful alcohol-free event. things and sleep at night. It is a known greens out of the garden should work. than Grahamstonian Jane James who “firing” of the masterpieces and mugs. bears and over-priced candy in super-
fact that your surrounding environment You can also add colour by putting was, until recently, a ceramics teacher at Another positive aspect to joining markets…Well, let’s just say it doesn’t in-
4PDJFUJFTt'FCSVBSZ has a psychological effect on you. Living some magazines on the coffee table. Carinus Art School. duce the warm fuzzy feelings it purports.
in Jane James’ pottery class is the fact
circumstances may be a cause for stress, Because you are most likely to entertain Jane was my teacher in high school so that she is able to teach every possible Before you come to the conclusion
Wednesday 20 February is the Society so it is important to take charge of I was pleasantly surprised when I heard
your guests in the living room, it is method; from throwing clay and that I am a bitter old spinster, let me
Sign-up evening at Alec Mullins Hall yours. When you arrive at your digs, that she was offering private pottery
important that this room shows off your ‘building’ pots, plates and said ‘pretty assure you firstly that I’m anything but
from 19:00. This event presents an op- you should feel welcome and relaxed. classes from her home studio in Frances
personality, so add your own touch. things’, to slabs and coils and working old. The reason that I’m not a huge fan of
portunity for the Rhodes community to Some people hate decorating, but if you Street. with the wheel (although there’s not Valentine’s month has nothing to do with
be exposed to the societies available and let yourself have fun, you’re likely to be Kitchen The two hour lessons are offered a snowball’s chance in hell of anyone my relationship status, but more to do
sign up to those of interest. Look out for more creative. Here are some affordable Many people believe that a kitchen is on Monday mornings and evenings recreating the scene with Demi Moore with the kitsch nature of the commercial
free pizza and T-shirts! tips to make your digs beautiful, and the heart of a home, but most students and cost a cool R70 per week, which and Patrick Swayze in “Ghost” …so affair. It’s all about how many (red) roses
your life less stressful! tend to avoid the kitchen. A kitchen is includes all the equipment she has on forget it!). and extravagant gifts you can send or
4UBSHB[JOHt'FCSVBSZ more than just a source of food, it is a offer (although you are free to bring your If making ceramic artefacts yourself receive, posing as a symbol of how much
Living Room place to get together, drink wine and own as well). Classes are very laidback is not your cup of tea, Jane’s pieces are on someone values you.
Meet outside Alec Mullins Hall at The name says it all: this is the room enjoy a meal. A kitchen must be clean; so with Jane selling the clay as well as
Fixing up your kitchen can give a sale at Reddits and, apart from teaching In case you didn’t know or under-
20:00 to make a date with the stars at where you live! The easiest way to save get started and clear the space. Choose paint, glazes and all the good stuff you
homely touch to your digs and to add to the discussed pottery classes, Jane also stand the meaning behind the day you
Astrosoc’s public star-gazing. The Febru- money is to use what you have. Start a theme for your kitchen: whether it be need after you have beat the living…
this, there is nothing that makes a house offers reiki and reflexology sessions from were celebrating, let me give you a brief
ary night sky can be marvelled at with by keeping nice-looking bottles (like Italian, modern, or classic 1950s. Buy air bubbles out of the terracotta clay in
feel more homely than the smell of fresh her home during the week, although history behind lovers’ day. According to
the society’s telescope. You will be able to the blue wine bottles or Peroni bottles), a few accessories which carry out the an attempt to relieve the stress of daily
coffee or homemade bread. these are by appointment only., the origins of this love-fest
identify stunning star groupings with the clean them and place them on your theme, such as some towels and cloths student life. To find out about the availability of are unclear as there are different stories
aid of a 30mW green Laser Pointer. windowsill. Then get old frames; spray in colours that are complimentary. Now Bedroom Fellow potters regularly show up with and legends behind it.
paint, and some blackboard paint. Spray style your kitchen with food. If you A digs bedroom is your own private Jane’s classes or other offers her numbers
a bottle of wine to accompany the flow of are (046) 622-7842 and 084 251 4116. My favorite version of events is the
5IF+PMt'FCSVBSZ the frame and paint its inner part with chose a modern theme, try a simple type space where you can study and, at the wide-ranging conversation as you create story of Father Valentine and Emperor
blackboard paint. Write a message or of fruit in a glass bowl. same time, a place to relax and sleep. local lab. Hang these test tubes in your your own masterpieces. Or in my case,
On Saturday 23 February get glittered Claudius II. In third century Rome,
draw a picture on it each week and Display your collections. Use your Start by getting yourself a duvet set window frame with some ribbon or make something pretty. Not to worry if HUMBLE BEGINNINGS
for OutRhodes society’s ‘Straights Claudius II believed that his army
- voila - you have a wall decoration! wineglasses and plates to decorate your of your choice, which will determine fishing line and place greenery or flowers you have never taken clay in hand; Jane A potter’s creativity begins to take shape on
Party’: 19:30 for 20:00 at Fort Selwyn. would be stronger if they did not have
Another way to colour your walls is kitchen. Putting your glasses, plates or the colour theme of your room. It is in them. is always standing by to demonstrate, the wheel.
Transport will be leaving from Eden wives and families to distract them so
with hats and scarves. Go to the local bowls ‘on show’ adds a modern edge to always easier to keep to neutral coloured You can always give a place a fresh
Grove and the theme is Las Vegas meets he banned marriages altogether. Father
hardware shop and buy some hooks, the room. You can re-paper your drawers curtains so that you can use them feel by painting old furniture. The most
Moulin Rouge (so think glitter, feathers, Valentine decided that this was unfair
put a few of them on the wall and hang and cupboards in a fun, new colour. for a few years. White curtains, for important thing to remember when
sequins, casinos, and anything over the and proceeded to secretly marry the
colourful things on them. If you print Get some funky fridge magnets and put example, create a spacious feel. Because decorating a home is to look out for
top). Members get in free, R25 for non- soldiers to their lovers. Claudius found
wall-size posters on plain paper, you will interesting recipes on your fridge. Put your room is ‘your’ place, it is always bargains; use what you have; add a touch
members and R15 for African Drum Soc out what Valentine was doing and had
be able to create a statement by sticking some flowers or greenery in a vase, or get colourful and entertaining to have of green; and always keep it clean. Most The menu can even be called impres- quality. I was disappointed to discover
members. Catherine McDonald him arrested and sentenced to death.
them all on one wall. Black and white a pot plant to soften the hard surfaces. photos around. Buy test tubes from your of all, be creative and have fun! sive, with a variety of dishes to cure any that the chicken appeared to have been
The couples that had been married by
serious attack of the munchies. It offers a prepared half-heartedly as the dish was

Valentine would visit his jail cell and
Going against every sober person’s bit of everything from around the globe, in serious need of sauce and finishing.
pass him flowers and notes to show their
advice, I braved the short walk from my with burgers (R14+), hotdogs (R8), subs The service, however, was very friendly Décor:
gratitude for what he had done for them.
Citi Golf to the newly opened Munchies (from R26), vetkoek (R6), Roti (R29), as and prompt.
Old Valentine then fell in love with his
on New Street. Previously known as Mr well as various Chinese and Thai dishes. If your appetite cannot drag itself out Atmosphere: jailer’s daughter and on the day that he
Burger, this small fast-food takeaway Munchies also sells chocolates and has a of your abode, Munchies deliveries are
was to be executed (14 February), he
Nina Simone, best known for her song Most Rhodes students recognise the Herbie Hancock, a well-known pianist was frequented conditionally: at night selection of chips for sale, although these charged at R2,50, making the grub more
“My baby just cares for me” has become sounds that have brought South Af- and composer, who has just won the after having had one too many drinks, are quite expensive, a packet of Cheese accessible to those without transport or Value: wrote her a letter and signed it, “From
your Valentine”. And that is where the
a legend in the world of jazz. She grew rican band Goldfish success. The two 2008 Grammy for Album of the Year or from sheer desperation. Although Curls breaking the bank at R10! the energy to mosey down New Street.
soppies supposedly began.
up as Eunice Waymon in North Carolina talented musicians of which the band is and Best Contemporary Jazz album for Munchies is not exactly fine dining, the Having tried the sweet and sour Munchies is open until midnight Drinks (sodas only):
Regardless of what the original story
and was recognised as a child prodigy comprised, David Poole and Dominic “River: The Joni Letters”, was born on 12 establishment looks much better than chicken myself (R35), I was pleasantly on Monday and Tuesday and until 3am
is, we’ve moved away from the true es-
for her ability to play piano by the age Peters, are known for their fusion of jazz April 1940 in Chicago. it used to. It has been redecorated and surprised at the size of the serving, every other day, making sure that those Food: sence of Valentine’s deathrow sincerity.
of four. She later studied at the Julliard and classical with dance music. Both are Hancock is one of the great modern- rearranged, so much so that it isn’t too although the quantity of the dish was stumbling home from Friar’s still have
Of course it’s fantastic to have
School of Music in New York. successful Jazz musicians, who use sam- jazz composers, and is the creator of scary to enter in sober sunlight. not quite sufficient to compensate for the their fix.
someone pamper you and show you how
Simone also used music as a source plers, a groove box, keyboards, funky “Watermelon man”, which has been a
much they appreciate you, but surely if
of political commentary. When four upright bass and saxophones, to obtain basic reference-point throughout his
your relationship is stable enough your
black children were killed in the bomb- their unique Goldfish sound. career. He is also famous for songs such
partner shouldn’t have to wait for one
ing of a Birmingham church in 1963, They are also members of the ac- as “Maiden Voyage”, “Dolphin Dance”,
silly day to express their deepest feelings?
Nina wrote “Mississippi Goddamn”, a claimed Jazz band, Breakfast Included. right through to the dance grooves of
bitter accusation of the situation of her They combine their jazz and electronic the insidious and sanity-threatening ABCDEFGJKMOPQRSTUVWXYZ If you’re left doubting your partner’s
affections for the other 364 days, perhaps
people in the USA. She was able to use skills with exciting new techniques to “Rockit”. you need to re-evaluate what it is you
music and her strong stage presence to create live dance remixes. Their sound is Hancock is also renowned for the
Solution: Missing Link
both want and what your relationship is
showcase the raw emotion she experi- similar to St. Germainthe Verve Remix biggest-selling jazz record of all time, all about.
enced. albums, Mr Scruff and Fatboy Slim. “Head Hunters”.
1D 2R 3A 4C 5U 6L 7A If you don’t receive anything this
month, it certainly does not mean that
you are unworthy of love or that you
Solution: Count Dracula

Yellow House
are any less desirable than your friend
Complete next door who received a dozen pres-
the grid by ents (red). The days of feeling unloved
placing digits because you didn’t get a chocolate from
Pizzeria one through a secret admirer should be left behind
nine in each along with your high school crush. I may

Cocktail Bar
cell in such not know what love is,
a way that but I know that it
only one of can’t be bought
each digit is from the shop
On High Street present in around the
every row, corner. There is
Open column and more to making
Wednesday to Saturday from 6.30pm box. a relationship
work than
35 exciting cocktails to choose from, at student friendly prices. flowers
Also available: cocktail platters, which should be ordered a day in advance; wood fire pizza as cutesy

Puzzler Media 2008

well as homemade lasagnas. greet-
Bookings to be made from 3pm on 046 636 7884 Difficulty: cards
Easy (red).
Rock. Ricci.
Rock. Hard
Hard place.
Ricci has Riccidone hasadonebraveathing:
brave he thing: he
chose to honour
chose the Student
to honour Constitu-
the Student Constitu-
tion despite his inclinations
tion despite his inclinations not to.not He He is KibakiKibaki
and hisandnearest challenger,
his nearest Raila Railaa visibly
challenger, shattered
a visibly ECK chairman
shattered ECK chairman in a in a
on academic probation, and
on academic probation, and therefore, therefore, Odinga. KibakiKibaki
Odinga. had trailed in all opinion
had trailed in all opinionroom that
room had
hadcleared of all election
been cleared of all election
constitutionally, he must heresign.
must resign.If RicciIf Ricci polls for months,
polls but thebut
for months, margin had had observers
the margin and journalists
observers by paramilitary
and journalists by paramilitary
had nothad left,nota few
a few (annoying) voices voices narrowed to onlytoabout
narrowed only 3about
percent on
3 percent on police.police.
After previous elections,
After previous the win-
elections, the win-
would would
have cried havefoul cried over
foulhis overactions
his actions election day. Byday.
election 30 December
By 30 December, however,
, however,ner hadner always been sworn
had always in a dayinor
been sworn a day or
and tainted the realthe
and tainted reason he would
real reason he would KibakiKibaki
had won hadbut
won thebut
manner in which
the manner so latersowith
in which laterpomp
with andpomp ceremony
and ceremonyin one in one tat violence. We don’t
tat violence. Welivedon’tin live
any inof any
the of the
have stayed: to helptostudents.
have stayed: help students. Ricci isn’tRicci isn’t “Sohowazyourvac?”
“Sohowazyourvac?” The ubiquitous first- first-
The ubiquitous the election had been
the election hadrigged in his favour
been rigged of Nairobi’s
in his favour public public
of Nairobi’s parks. parks.
Not this Not this time.urban urban
time. centrescentres
that havethatborne
have thebornebruntthe brunt
selfish.selfish. week-of term question.
week-of term question. was blatant to all but
was blatant thebut
to all most
thebiased of
most biased ofKibaki’sKibaki’s
coronation occurred
coronation withinwithin
occurred a a of the killings. But weBut
of the killings. have weseenhaverefugee
seen refugee
The RhodesThe Rhodes studentstudent
body has body losthasa lost a “I went“Iback
back to Kenya,
home to ”Kenya,
I reply. his supporters.
” I reply. his supporters. few hours, from the
few hours, frompublicly-inaccessible
the publicly-inaccessible camps,camps,
roadblocks and looting.
roadblocks Speak to
and looting. Speak to
great leader and, although he
great leader and, although he will remain will remain “Wow!“Wow!That must
Thatbe so beautiful.
must ”
be so beautiful. ” The proof? Kibaki’sKibaki’s
The proof? party hadpartybeenhad been State House. OdingaOdinga
State House. went on TVon
went to TV to many of manythe other
of theKenyans
other Kenyans at Rhodes,
at Rhodes,
involved behindbehind
involved the scenes, the SRC
the scenes, thewill
SRC will Eyes mist
mistcorneas reflect reflect
over, corneas imagesimages decimated, with many
decimated, with of his trusted
many of his trusted refute the result
refute theand – pop!
result and –– pop! – half-way and I’mand
half-way sureI’myou’ll
sure hear
you’llmuchhear worse.
much worse.
not be not
the besame thewithout
same without him. him. of rolling plains teeming
of rolling with lions
plains teeming withandlions andlieutenants defeated
lieutenants by largebymargins.
defeated large margins. through his speech
through the plug
his speech thewas
plug was pulled So where
pulled does alldoes
So where thisall leave
leave Kenya?
The circumstances
The circumstances forced forcedhim tohim to lithe Maasai warriors
lithe Maasai jumping
warriors around.around.OdingaOdinga
jumping claimed more than
claimed morehalfthan of half
the of the on all live media
on all broadcasts
live media throughout
broadcasts throughout Most tellingly, it has betrayed
Most tellingly, the moral
it has betrayed the moral
The question
The questionI ask isIthis: ask isshould
this: should “Um, yes,“Um,sort of.sort
yes, Butof.youButheard
you about
heard about parliamentary seats, double
parliamentary that of that of
seats, double Kenya.Kenya.
For 48 Forhours 48 we were
hours wetreated to
were treated tobankruptcy of our of
bankruptcy political class. Kibaki,
our political class. Kibaki,and brutal way inway
and brutal which Kikuyus
in which have have
the circumstances
the circumstances change? Wouldn’t
change? Wouldn’t our elections, right?”right?”
our elections, Kibaki’sKibaki’s
party. The
party.Electoral Commission
The Electoral Commission cartoons and warm
cartoons and fuzzy
warmmusic. HardlyHardly
fuzzy music. for his for
hishas squandered
part, has squandered the goodwill
the goodwillbeen targeted since the
been targeted polls
since theinpolls
Ruto’sin Ruto’s
we rather have anhave
we rather SRCanPresident
SRC President who who Some have,
Someothers haven’t.haven’t.
have, others But a large of Kenya
But a large (ECK)(ECK)
of Kenya had takenhadan impos-
taken an impos- indicators of a free
indicators ofand fairand
a free fair election. of practically
election. the entire
of practically the country that that backyard,
entire country the Riftthe
backyard, Valley, shouldshould
Rift Valley, not be not be
is not encumbered
is not encumbered by the by demands
the demands of of number of us Kenyan
number students
of us Kenyan have have sibly slow
students sibly72slow
hours72 to announce
hours KibakiKibaki The result
to announce Theof Kibaki’s
result win haswin
of Kibaki’s has since voted him
since voted inhim(andinrecalcitrant
(and recalcitrantdictator dictatorseen asseencoincidence.
as coincidence.
academic life? We
academic don’t
life? Wehave don’tThabo have Thabo returned to Rhodes after likely the most
returned to Rhodes after likely the most the winner. During this time, Kibaki
the winner. During this time, Kibaki seen more than 1,000 people killed
seen more than 1,000 people killed Daniel arap Moi out) in 2002. Kibaki
Daniel arap Moi out) in 2002. Kibaki and and And don’t
Andevendon’tget meget
even started
me started
rushingrushing to his Politics tutorialtutorial
to his Politics in in disturbing vac of our
disturbing lives.
vac of our lives. had somehow
had somehowmanaged to overturn
managed a
to overturn a in inter-ethnic violence
in inter-ethnic and perhaps OdingaOdinga
and perhaps
violence were allies
alliesbutthen,Kibaki has has
but Kibaki on the onthird
thepresidential candidate,
third presidential candidate,
the middle of…whatever
the middle of…whatever he does. heUCT does. UCT On 27 On December Kenyans
27 December voted in
Kenyans voted inmillion-vote marginmargin
million-vote mainlymainly
through through 500,000500,000 peoplepeople
displaced. my my brokenbroken
displaced. nearly nearly
every promise
every promise he made he made Kalonzo Musyoka.
Kalonzo Young,Young,
Musyoka. dynamic, dynamic,
has adopted
has adoptedthis system, sending
this system, their their
sending parliamentary and presidential
parliamentary elections.
and presidential results results
elections. announced in the latter
announced in the24-hours
latter 24-hours family family
and I don’t
and Ibelong to ethnic
don’t belong to ethnic to the nation ever since;
to the nation ever including a
since; including a highly-educated,
highly-educated,he campaigned
he campaignedwith with
president on a sabbatical
president on a sabbaticalto fulfiltohis du-his du-
fulfil The latter
Thewas predicted
latter to be ato
was predicted closely-
be a closely-of the ECK’s
of the prevarications.
ECK’s prevarications. groupsgroups
that backed KibakiKibaki
that backed or Odinga, so
or Odinga, constitutional
so review,review,
constitutional a power-sharingadmirable
a power-sharing determination
admirable againstagainst
determination both both
ties to ties
the student body. This
to the student body. This is some-is some- foughtfought
election between President Mwai
election between President Mwai The final result was announced
The final result was announced by by we haven’t been targeted in the tit-for-
we haven’t been targeted in the tit-for- agreement with then-ally Odinga,
agreement with then-ally Odinga, and and Kibaki and Raila. I had genuine
Kibaki and Raila. I had genuine hopes hopes
thing that
thing ourthatnew ourpresident,
new president, Xolani,Xolani, a crackdown
a crackdownon corruption.
on corruption.His clumsyHis clumsy that Musyoka would would
that Musyoka provideprovide
the home- the home-
might might
consider implementing
consider implementing for future for future manipulation
manipulationof the election result has
of the election result hasgrown grown
solution to the post-election
solution to the post-election
SRC presidents.
SRC presidents. undoubtedly
undoubtedlybeen his beenmost most damn- political
hisdamn- crisis by
political mediating
crisis between
by mediating between
Ricci’s Ricci’s
resignation leaves aleaves
resignation sour atastesour taste ing
act. have
Therebeenhaveothers since: since: his fellow-presidential
been others his fellow-presidential challengers. No No
in my mouth.
in my mouth. Not because Not becauseof anything of anything Monika Gaybba
Monika of Independent
Gaybba of Independent Prop- Prop- the listthe
on listtheon board’s website,
the board’s it listedit listeddent Property
website, Consultants,
dent Property Consultants,was among was among like announcing
like announcing a new Cabinet (sans (sans chance.chance.
a new Cabinet At the At
the trough (a
of the trough (a
he did,he butdid,
because of someone passingpassing Robert BrandBrand
Robert Odinga) just hours Vice-President’s position for himself and and
but because of someone erty Consultants,
erty Consultants, also knownalso knownas Monika as Monika four non-certified
four non-certified agents agents
affiliated to
affiliated to rental rental
estate agents with whom
estate agents with whomstudents students Odinga) just before AfricanAfrican
hours before Union Union Vice-President’s position for himself
by beneath the radar.
by beneath the Ricci
radar.isRicci leaving due due
is leaving Gaybba Properties,
Gaybba lodgedlodged
Properties, a complaint
a complaint Monika Gaybba
Monika Properties.
Gaybba Accord-
Properties. Accord- had had hadbadhad experiences.
bad experiences. This isThisnot theis not the mediator John Kuffour
mediator touched
John Kuffour down down severalseveral
touched seats inseats
the Cabinet for his for
in the Cabinet allies),
his allies),
to “academic
to “academicreasons”, but why
reasons”, butis why
nobody is nobody about The
about Oppidan
The OppidanPress’ coverage. The The
Press’ coverage. The to
ing to ing Oppidan
The Oppidan Press, the Press,complete
the complete case. Independent
case. Independent Property Consultants
Property Consultants in Nairobi to discuss a power-sharing
in Nairobi to discuss a power-sharing he guzzled up what Kibaki could
he guzzled up what Kibaki could offer offer
drawing attention
drawing to the fact
attention to the thatfactourthat our complaint is directed at the editorial
complaint is directed at the editorial list included 31 non-certified
list included 31 non-certified agents agents does not operate a rental agency.
does not operate a rental agency. The The arrangement.
arrangement. him. Tohim.hellTo
hellhis country’s
with need for
his country’s need for
Vice-President External is leaving
External for for
is leaving writtenwritten
by InesbySchumacher.
Ines Schumacher. in Grahamstown;
in Grahamstown; when Iwhen checked it,
I checked it, Oppidan Press also
Oppidan Press stated that the
also stated Estate
that the Estate As for AsOdinga, he is notorious
for Odinga, in
he is notorious in peace andpeace prosperity.
and prosperity.
“personal reasons”?
“personal The woman
reasons”? The woman who sowho so The complainant
The complainant had two had two objec- it listedit 20.
objec- listed The20. editor assuredassured
The editor me thatme thatAgencyAgency AffairsAffairs
Board Board had listedhad five
listed five Kenya Kenya
for being for on a life-long
being power power
on a life-long Two things give megive
Two things hope:
me the firstthe
hope: is first is
boldly boldly
promised that she
promised thatwould
she wouldbe our be our tions totions
the editorial, which which
to the editorial, could be could be when she when checked
she checkedthe list,the it listed
list, it 31listed 31 non-certified agents agents
non-certified affiliated to Monika
affiliated to Monika trip. Hetrip.
hasHe beenhasengaged
been engaged in no less
in no than that thethat
less than disputed presidential
the disputed election
presidential election
& Guardian has chosen
& Guardian has chosen the right
the right summed up as follows:
summed up as follows: Grahamstown
Grahamstown agents,agents,
of whom five five Gaybba
of whom Properties.
Gaybba This was
Properties. This based
was on based on three major
three coalitions in the last
major coalitions fivelast five result has
in the resultobscured the relevance
has obscured of the of the
the relevance
moment to leave,
moment to that’s
why. Although I I 1. Her 1. agency, which which
Her agency, not a rentalwere listed
is not aisrental were as affiliated
listed to Monika
as affiliated Gayb- Gayb-
to Monika incorrect information
incorrect information supplied by the by the
supplied years, trying to propel
years, trying to propel into theinto theparliamentary
himselfhimself elections.
parliamentary Kenyans
elections. oustedousted
am assured that Bianca-Maree’s
am assured that Bianca-Maree’s decision decision agency,agency,
was referred to “in the
was referred to “in the contextba Properties.
context ba Properties. She hasShe a witness who iswho board.
has a witness is According
board. to Monika
According Gaybba
to Monika Gaybba Presidency. Each coalition
Presidency. Each coalitionhas crumbled
has crumbled a wholea whole
host ofhost
of morally-dubious, tired tired
was madewas independently
made independently of Ricci’s, I
of Ricci’s, I of an article dealingdealing
of an article with bad with bad experi- prepared
experi- to vouch
prepared for thefor
to vouch accuracy
the accuracyof ofof Independent
of IndependentProperty Consultants,
Property Consultants, as Odinga left forleft
as Odinga pastures new. His
for pastures re-old stick-in-the-mud
old stick-in-the-mud politicians and and
have tohave
wonder what her
to wonder what motivations
her motivations ences students
ences studentshave had have of had
rental agen- agen-
of rental her report.
her report. all agents working
all agents for thefor
working agency have have
the agency cent election pledgespledges
cent election were a were joke. aHejoke. have given
toldHe told haveagiven
new generation
a new generation of leaders a
of leaders a
are. If she
If she her made decision
her decisionprior prior cies,” and
thus tarnished by thatby that I spokeI to spoke Darius Masenya
to Darius at the at the FidelityFidelity
Masenya Fund Certificates.
Fund Certificates. The Oppidan
The Oppidan each region in turninwhat
each region turnthey whatwanted to
they wanted chance.
to The second
chance. is that is
The second Kenyans now now
that Kenyans
to Ricci’s, why was
to Ricci’s, why it not
it not announced association.
association. Estate Estate
AgencyAgency AffairsAffairs
Board,Board,who who Press apologises to Monika
Press apologises Gaybba
to Monika and and
Gaybba hear; taken
hear; as a whole,
taken his election
as a whole, mani- mani-
his election recognise the need
recognise thefor a total
need for aoverhaul of
total overhaul of
Pic: Gaynor Barnard

Pic: Gaynor Barnard

prior toprior
his?to Should she be she
his? Should ablebe toable
leaveto leave 2. The 2. editorial stated stated
The editorial that the Estate
that the Estate informed me thatme
informed thethatwebsite is out is out Independent
the website IndependentProperty Consultants.
Property Consultants. festo would have polarised
festo would have polarisedand probably
and probably our constitution and many
our constitution and previously-
many previously-
without disclosing
without the realthe
disclosing reason for herfor her
real reason AgencyAgency
Board Boardlisted fivelisted five non-of dateofand
non- date thatand the information
that the information on it on it impoverished
impoverishedthe country. He hasHe
the country. gath-
has gath-held assumptions
held assumptions about howaboutKenya
how Kenya
resignation? A student
resignation? leader leader
A student must be must be certified agents affiliated with Monika
certified agents affiliated with Monika could be incorrect. He also
could be incorrect. He also stated stated that thatRobertRobert Brand Brand
is a journalism
is a journalismlecturerlecturer ered around him some
ered around himnastysometypes, types, likeshouldshould
nasty like be governed. There may
be governed. Therebemay more be more
transparent and unselfish
transparent and unselfish– values that that
– values Gaybba Properties,
Gaybba when in
Properties, whenfact in fact onlythe board’s
only technicians
the board’s had been
technicians haddown-
been down- specialising in law in
specialising and law ethics. He alsoHe also
and ethics. William Ruto –Ruto
William a former wingman
– a former and andhard times
wingman hard to come,
times but Kenya
to come, will shine
but Kenya will shine
she hasshechosen to ignore.
has chosen The Holy
to ignore. TheGrailHoly Grail three were
threelisted. Two ofTwo
were listed. those of had
those lefthad leftloadingloading
and updatingand updating certaincertain
informa- informa- acts asacts
the newspaper’s
as the newspaper’s ombudsman.ombudsman. He He bully-boy of arapofMoi’s.
bully-boy arap TheMoi’s. The systematicbrightly
systematic again. again.
“personal reasons”
“personal (so often
reasons” (soused On 24 On
often used October
24 October lastThe
last year, Oppidan
year, The Oppidanthe agency, while the
the agency, while third third appeared tion ontion
theappeared theon site,thewhich may explain
site, which may explain fields any complaints
fields any complaints from disgruntled
from disgruntled
to get out
to getof anoutuncomfortable
of an uncomfortable situation) Press published
situation) Press publishedan article, “Oppies
an article, left lefton theon
“Oppies listthe list in The
in error. error.Oppidan
The Oppidan Press Presswhy three whydifferent
three differentviewersviewers
found foundthree three readersreaders
and servesand as an objective
serves me- me-
as an objective
must be mustde-sanctified
be de-sanctified in order into holdto hold out in out
order the cold”
in theon students’
cold” difficulties
on students’ didn’t attempt
difficulties to obtain
didn’t attempt comment
to obtain from from
comment different lists at lists
different different times. times.
at different diator diator
in editorial disputes.
in editorial If you have
disputes. If you have
our leaders accountable
our leaders when they
accountable whenslink they slinkin dealing with estate
in dealing with agents that handle
estate agents Monika
that handle Gaybba
Monika Properties,
Gaybba which which
Properties, I accept the editor’s
I accept assurance
the editor’s that thatany complaints,
assurance please please
any complaints, contactcontact
him onhim on
off intooff
the shadows. off-campus accommodation
off-campus accommodation would would
have set theset
have record straight.
the record straight. the sitethe listed
site five
listed non-certified
five non-certified agents
On a more On apositive
more positivenote, our note,own our own Two estate Two agents – Pam –Golding
estate agents and and I discussed
Pam Golding the complaints telephon-
I discussed the complaints telephon- affiliated to Monika Gaybba
affiliated to Monika Gaybba Properties Properties
Oppidan Councillor,
Oppidan Pumeza,
Councillor, has taken
Pumeza, has takenDrostdy EstatesEstates
Drostdy – were–singled out out ically with
were singled icallyMs Gaybba
with Ms Gaybba of Independentwhen she
of Independent when examined
she examined it. The it.writer of the of the
The writer
over asover
as Vice-President Internal. The Op-
Internal. for criticism.
The Op- Both were
for criticism. Bothafforded the the Property
were afforded Consultants
Property (“Monika
Consultants Gaybba
(“Monika Gaybba editorial cannotcannot
editorial be faulted for using
be faulted for using
pidan Press
Press congratulates her andher wishes
and wishes opportunity to comment,
opportunity and theand
to comment, com-
the com-Properties”) and with
Properties”) andIneswithSchumacher.
Ines Schumacher. information
information on a public of a of a Dear Readers,
on a public Dear Readers,
her all her
the all
bestthe forbest
theforyear ahead.
the year ahead. I I ments ments
were carried in the article.
were carried in the article. With regard to the first
With regard to the first complaint,professional
complaint, professionalbody, even body,ifeventhat if infor-
that infor-
encourage all Oppidans
encourage to consider
all Oppidans run- run- An editorial
to consider in the same
An editorial in theedition,
same edition, I agreeI with agreethe withcomplainant.
the complainant. Inde- Inde- mationmation subsequentlysubsequently turnedturnedout to out be to beIf you are clutching
If you this newspaper
are clutching this newspaper
ning forningthefornewly the opened
newly opened position. The The
position. signedsigned
by the by editor, Ines Schumacher,
the editor, Ines Schumacher, pendent Property
pendent Consultants
Property does does incorrect.
Consultants incorrect. between gratefulgrateful
between fingers,fingers,
then good thenfor good for
only wayonly wewaycanwe makecanour make voices heard heard
our voices provided adviceadvice
provided on howontohow dealtowith
deal with not operate a rentala rental
not operate Mention- Be thatBe asthat
it may,as itifmay,
she hadif she had soughtyou. Although
sought you. Althoughwe undertake
we undertaketo deliver a
to deliver a
is to stand
is toup standto the up plate
to theand plate makeandamake a rental rental agents.agents.
The editorial included
The editorial a
included aing Monika Gaybba
ing Monika Properties
Gaybba in the in thecomment
Properties commentfrom Monika from Monika Gaybba Prop- Prop-copy ofcopy
Gaybba the newspaper
of the newspaper – free –– to freeevery
– to every
change.change. reference to the Estate
reference AgencyAgency
to the Estate AffairsAffairscontextcontext
of coverage of students’
of coverage bad ex-bad ex-
of students’ erties, erties,
that would have provided
that would have provided an an digs indigs Grahamstown,
in Grahamstown, it is quite
it ispossible
quite possible
This year Thisweyear have weexpanded
have expanded our our Board,Board, which which
regulates the industry
regulates the industry periences with rental agents does imply, opportunity to
periences with rental agents does imply, opportunity to rectify or at least clarify rectify or at least clarify that youthat you don’t always receiveThere
don’t always receive one. one. There
newspaper, addingadding
newspaper, four more fourpages more of pages ofand lists and non-certified estate agents
lists non-certified on
estate agents onincorrectly and negatively,
incorrectly and negatively,that it that
is also the information
it is also the information supplied by the by
supplied board.
the board. are three
arethings you need
three things youtoneeddo: first,
to do: first,
news, information
news, information and entertainment.
and entertainment.its website. According
its website. to the editorial,
According to the editorial,a rentala rental
and that and students have have
that students The failure to seektocomment
The failure seek comment from the from themake sure makethat sureyour
thathouseyour and/or post- post-
house and/or is beingis re- being re- the listthe includes 31 non-certified
list includes estate estate
31 non-certified had bad experiences with it. The
had bad experiences with it. The news- news- complainant is, as I mentioned
complainant is, as I mentioned previ- previ- box is clearly
box is numbered;
clearly numbered;second, check
second, check
launched today, today,
launched with daily withnews dailyupdates,
news updates, agents agents
in Grahamstown,
in Grahamstown, of whom five fivepaper’spaper’s
of whom failurefailure
to seektocomment
seek comment from fromously, at the root
ously, at theofroot of the complaint. with your
the complaint. withdigsmates
your digsmatesto see iftoone see of themof them
if one
multimediafeatures, interactive
features, opinion
interactive are affiliated
opinion with “Monika
are affiliated with “MonikaGaybba Gaybba Independent IndependentProperty Consultants
Property is a is a I believe
Consultants the newspaper
I believe the newspaper can becan fault- alwaysalways
be fault- hogs your hogsdigsyour copy;
copy; go third, go
polls and
polls much
and more.much We more. proudly
We proudlyinvite inviteProperties” and four
Properties” andwithfourDrostdy
with Drostdy mattermatter of concern in thisin
of concern regard.
this regard. ed for edunfair coverage,
for unfair in thatin
coverage, it that
didn’t it didn’tto
to and filland fill
you to you
jointo usjoin
as we ustake
as wethe takenext thestepnext instep Estates.
in These non-certified
Estates. These non-certifiedagents,agents, The second, and more
The second, more serious, attempt
andserious, to obtain
attempt comment
to obtain from the
comment from the out theout online form giving
the online us yourusexact
form giving your exact
journalism.journalism. according to the editorial,
according “are not
to the editorial, “are not complaint is more complex.
complaint is more complex. The com- The com- subject of critical coverage. I therefore
subject of critical coverage. I therefore physical address and description
physical address and description of yourof your
permitted to practise
permitted estate agency”
to practise estate agency” plainant claimsclaims
plainant that the Estate
that AgencyAgencyrecommended
the Estate recommended that the newspaper
that the newspaper carry carry
and students
and students should dealing
should avoid with with
avoid dealing AffairsAffairs
Board Board
lists onlyliststhree
onlynon-three non- the following the following correction and apology:Best wishes,
and apology:
correction Best wishes,
Ines Schumacher
Ines Schumacher them. them. certified agents agents
certified affiliated to Monika
affiliated to Monika In an article on 24 October,
In an article on 24 October, The Op- The Op-
072 461072 3174
461 3174 In a letter
In adated
letter 26 October
dated and de-and de-
26 October Gaybba Properties,
Gaybba not fivenot
Properties, as five as allegedpidan Press
alleged pidanimplied that Monika
Press implied that MonikaGayb- Gayb- Lionel Lionel
Faull Faull livered to me
livered via
to meemail
via on 30
email October,
on 30 October,by Theby Oppidan
The OppidanPress. When
Press. WhenI checked I checked ba Properties,
ba Properties, also known as Indepen-
also known as Indepen- Managing Editor Editor

Editor: Ines Schumacher

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11 The Oppidan Press 20.02.08

Safety and security tips

you’ll want to know if
you’re living in digs

The digs experience has become a reality

at last. You can smoke and drink what
you want, when you want. Although the
dishes cannot wash themselves, they also
can’t tell you what to do. Life is sweet
until your laptop is nicked out of the
window, you lose three cell phones in
as many months and you’re left going
comando because someone stole all the
washing off the clothesline. Welcome
to Grahamstown – City of Saints and
rampant petty crime. We’ve collected
tips from ‘once burnt, twice shy’ Oppi
students – following these precau-
tions ought to make it more difficult Self Defence
for opportunistic thieves to rob you of Vulnerable points with methods of attack
everything you hold dear.
1. Lock up, even if you’re just going
Eyes - fist, fingers
out for five minutes.
2. Almost all digs have a functional Ears - flat of the hand
security alarm. The first day I moved
into my digs, I opened the door and was Bridge of the nose - back fist, head
greeted by a piercing ringing. Hav- Chin - kick, fist, elbow
ing never used an alarm before, I just
ignored it and started moving into the Windpipe - fist, elbow, chop
house. A minute later, Hi-Tec rushed
through the front gate, armed, very dan-
gerous and charging right for me. Being
taught how to use an alarm for the first
Solar plexis - kick, knee, fist

Sunlight Dishwashing
time by a security guard with arms big-
ger than a normal person’s waist was not
my idea of fun. But I learnt my lesson.
The four to six digit code should always

Liquid (Regular or Citrus) be punched in when you leave the house.

Try and put on your alarm every night
to face it naked.
6. Your computer is your best friend.
9. Sometimes trying to beat up an Groin - kick, knee, fist

before you go to sleep, even if it’s just the If you have a laptop, get a lock and chain aggressor is inadvisable – like when they

750 ml places you know you won’t sleepwalk

into– rather wake up to an alarm than to
it to your desk. You don’t want to end
up writing a 5,000 word essay by hand.
have a broken bottle in their hands and
a crazed glint in their eyes. For those Knee - kick from front or side

49 a stranger rooting through your things.

3. Leaving keys in the door on the
Chains are available from all good com-
puter stores.
occasions when you think self-defence
will improve your chances of survival,
Shin - kick
outside is like inviting the criminals over 7. Do not walk home alone at night, we suggest going for the low blow, in
for coffee, so make a hook in a discreet especially if you’re drunk. The chances the cases of male aggressors. It’s simple.
area for them to hang when you have of a would-be rapist crouching in the (1) Aim at the crotch, (2) grab his balls,

Pics: Supplied
locked the door. shadows are minimal, but the probability (3) twist ‘em, and (4) pull, hard. In four Instep - stamp on
4. Close the windows when you of being mugged is considerably higher. easy steps you’ll have him writhing on
leave as thieves often employ kids to 8. The vast majority of rapes (almost the ground in inexpressible agony. Then
wriggle through the smallest of gaps. 80 percent) are committed by acquain- run. Make straight for the nearest place BE PREPARED

Five Roses Tagless Teabags

This is a hassle to do all the time if you tances. In the age bracket 16-25, the of safety – a police station, busy public EMERGENCY DETAILS In the event of being physically
are always in and out of digs, so only statistics are even higher. If you’re out space, or a friend’s house.

attacked, knowing the body’s vulnerable
open the windows that are easily acces- drinking, use a buddy system – you look 10. Lastly, make sure that you have a Grahamstown Police station: 0860-10111
100’s sible if you’ll only be using them for a
short amount of time. Do not leave any
out for your buddy and they look out for
you. That way they can check up on you
set of emergency numbers for the police
station/hospital and next of kin. Keep Grahamstown Hospital: 10177
points will give you an advantage over
your attacker (above). To be even better

99 kind of valuable within easy reach of

open windows, even if you’re at home.
if you’ve been gone too long, or some
unsavoury character takes advantage
a hard copy in case you are unable to
get to your cell phone. Fill in the card
Next of kin/close friend:
prepared take self-defence classes
to learn the most effective ways of
5. Take your washing down off the of your inebriation. This applies to to the right and cut it out to keep in defending yourself (top left and right).
washing line when you leave. Varsity life men and women. Being macho is no your kitchen or bedroom in case of an
is enough of a challenge without having protection against two or more would-be emergency.


Cape to Rio R34.95
SPAR Russian Bear R39.95
Refined White Sugar 2.5kg St. Anna R16.95
Peppergrove Mall, African Street
Tel: (046) 622-2246 For liquor at a good price and at a convenient location,
Fax: (046) 622-3915
come to PRESTONS!
FREE DELIVERY for purchases over R200 between 3pm and 6pm.
Glasses and consignment stock by arrangement.
12 4


sions was to install devices that indicate

how much electricity is being used by The US economy is the largest in the
As you sit with your digs supper on hold, individuals or groups of students within By now we are all
world, so familiar
it comeswith as nowhy Ja- that
arrested and the monasteries forcibly cob Zuma
waiting for the power to come back on, a residence. Also mentioned is a novel news of a possible recession guy
is supposed to be the bad of the
vacated, with reports of torture and mur- in Southeconomy
African politics. We ofhave
you wouldn’t think that some good could way of reducing energy consumption by the end thisheard
year is send- The Tiffindell expansion project is aOf newall theSeveral
weird and milkwonderful
and breadthings producing
Researchers have found that the der soon becoming commonplace. about theing corruption charges, theworld
rape markets.
come outUsing
of thepretty
crisis in by using Blackle rather than Google in development set to put the Eastern Cape going oncompanies
in the world today,
were I think
recently exposed and
widespreadThe use Rhodes community has been abuzz
of calorie-free to South
show your anger As a result, Lanna Action for Burma charges and,
of course,
the infamous
internet searches on campus (screens on the international map for a reason one of theprosecuted
craziest isfor thatcollusion.
none of the As producers of
sweetenerswithcan rumours
make itsince harder anforarticle was Africa. But it can.
at an evil regime may seem a little odd at and other activist groups have urged
The reasons behind this recession ap-
The lack use less energy in generating black as shower incident.
pear to beOn the other hand, not many people would guess – skiing. presidential hopefuls
critical in the these
food stuffs, US election
companies in-
people topublished
control their in The Zimbabwean
weight and foodin early firstofglance.
a sit-ins, supporters to mail their panties by the we have indulging
also heardof
by the US itself, in its
his supposed
catalyst to change the way we use limited opposed to white). The eventual winner economic policies that have The R400 million project will include campaigncurred
have suggested
the wrath impeaching
of the public, media and
January alleging
intake. Experiments withthat at least
feeding rats60 sons boycotts, riots and marches have been post to Myanmar embassies in accor-
was Imran Tarmohamed (pictured right) innocence and how all this scandal is a 150-bed five star hotel and 120 time- Presidentauthorities,
Bush. The last as theseven
pooryears of the hardest
are hit
and daughters
zero-calorie of Zanu-PFtoministers resourcesthe
saccharin (compared
and could lead
principal to the
means develop- dissent.
of showing dance with the group’s motto, “Send
proved counter-productive.
ment of innovative technological solu- who, in addition to making some of the nothing butIn a smear
2007, therun by lend-
reckless share apartments. Already underway, the Bushby (mis)rule have seen
this unethical the ascen-
business practice.
had been
sugar) resulted in guaranteed
increased calorie places at Rhodes, This explains why protests in Myanmar early, Send often,” as a deliberate gesture
suggestions already mentioned here, those who inghate himfinancial
and want to see the project will boast extensive newdancy of theThe most venal
trend and corrupt
continues in an even
after being
consumption, weight expelled
gain and frombody UK andtions to problems
thefat. of resource limitation.
in late 2007 were initially received with of insult to the Burmese government.
by US institutions was
Government has already started talking also suggested that the university could Mbeki stay in power.Put simply, Americans are
unearthed. entertainment and leisure facilities administration in American
more critical industry history.
– healthcare. The
By breaking the connection between a a giant question mark when demonstra- Indeed, women all around the world
about banning older type light bulbs in produce its own electricity, such as in Theseover-borrowed
are clearly twoand vastly different and their
over-spent to increase the resort’s status on an Just look at the impressive
Competition Commission rap sheet:
has referred
sweet sensation Rhodes andhas denied thefood,
high-calorie claims, stating tors took to the streets with placards… have been obeying the mantra and send-
favour of the energy saving type as well spinning classes at the gym. accountscredit-fuelled
of one man’s life and morality
spending spree has grind- international level. These include a spa Bush liedthree
the reasons forcompaniesinvading to the
sweetenersthatmakepolitical affiliation
it harder for the is not
body a part of and their panties. ing their undies in droves.
as promoting solar heated water systems. The current electricity crisis should and the question
ed to a halt. becomes: which one
This reduction in spending and wellness centre, a gym and newIraq, andCompetition proceeded toTribunal send in the troops
for prosecution
the application
to regulate food intake. for any student to gain According to activist group Lanna However, Than Shwe is not the only
South Africa’s climate is perfect for ring alarm bells for other resources that is right? is
Is slowing
Jacob Zuma downreally theiraseconomy.
bad This has chairlifts, and a custom-built ice-rink. despite overwhelming
after they wereinternational op-
found to be colluding
Naturally and that
sweet foods no Zanu-PF-related
provide a Action for Burma (the principle move- man in politics whose authority is cur-
the adoption of solar energy technol- may become very limited in the near fu- as they say
ledhe to is? Will he slump
a housing really bring
and problems in It will be twinned with an interna- position.when
Despite promises
bidding of a speedy tenders.
for government
that predicts had received
that someone preferential
is treat- ment behind the panty-protests), rently being buried under a mountain of South Africa down asmarkets.
he becomes
ment in any way. Registrar Stephen ogy, yet very few private households or
adorning placards emblazoned with
ture. One likely candidate is clean, fresh
the the financial The the
US Federal tional ski resort in Europe and is thewithdrawal TheofCompetition
US troops, the over-
Commission found that
about to take in a lot of calories, lead- women’s underwear. George Bush faces latest dictator to run
Fourie clarified that a Zimbabwean institutions have adopted the avail-
faces of Burmese military officials with
water. Waterless toilets may be one way Reserve (the theUS extraordinary
central bank) tried spending by the US. Compounding investors, provided mines and industries only South African resort with natural stretchedAdcock
militaryIngramis nowCritical
an unpopular
Care, Dismed
ing to digestive reflexes gearing up in a similar threat over in the US, where potentialtoofcurb
his African country into the
government scholarship was available able technology. ‘Wind farms’ are also of drastically reducing the amount of the situation through interest this situation is the Eskom saga. Many have the power to continue operating. snow for skiing purposes. The resortoccupying force in Thusanong
Criticare, the middle Heathcare
of a civil and Fre-
preparation. False sweetness confuses women’s underwear is considered one a women’s group known as the “Axis of ground?ratePerhaps he isthe justgovernment
someone who war which couldKabi haveSouthbeenAfrica,
and had sponsored a batch of students popular
to in many European countries, pollution to fresh water, as litres of water cuts and increased economists have sharply lowered their However, most of Sub-Saharan Africa also has facilities to blow snow during senius engaged with
this system. of the highest forms of cultural insult in Eve” has also been demonstrating for re- attention to the poor. Despite his lack of positives,
yet such technology is almost unheard are used in a single flush. Dr Garth Cam- wants thespending
best for to hisstimulate
country and in-
the economy. This economic growth forecasts to account for is controversy
not directly has never been