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SCRIPT Synergy FM 3 min. News Broadcast DYJK 94.9 FM September 7, 2013 Page 1 of 2; 2 of 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Intro music: fade in...fade under...

establish) A 1: Good morning listeners. This is your one and only radio station on the planet, this is adrian Rigor A 2: ..and this is Alliah Claud. Bringinng you the hottest and latest news around the globe A 1&2: ...and this is DYJK 94.9 DYJK Synergy FM. A 1: ..and now for the headlines. A 2: For our local news: Kalibo Airport Operations Suspended After Plane gets stuuck at Edge of Runway. A 1: For the provincial news: Local Executives' Bars Among Boracay Violators. A 2: And for the international news: Filipino Wins "Apprentice Asia". (Music: fade in...fade under...establish...fade out) A 1: Kalibo Airport Operations Suspended After Plane Gets Stuck at Edge of Runway, here's Althea Ibutnande for the details. Cue in: Cue out: A 2:Synergy FM will be right back after this break.

(Music: fade in...fade out)

Infomercial A man was walking down the street, tripped and children laughed at him. Man: Hey! Why is road like this? It's so rocky and unpaved. Woman: It's because no funds were given to us by the ones we voted for. Man: Oh? So this is another Pork Barrell effect? Woman: Yes. So just like the million men march, we should take a step forward to prevent further damages of hhe said issue. If we won't sto this right here, right now, the next generation of Filipinos will greatly suffer. Man: Yeah. What you said. Now, please take me to the nearest hospital. I'm bleeding to death here. Woman: Hmm. Okay. (Music: fade in...fade out) A 1: Now we're back for more news. A 2: Local Executives' Bars Among Boracay Violators, for the details, here's Precious Laureta. Cue in: Cue out: A 1: Filipino Wins "Apprentice Asia", here's Mayeen reporting. Cue in Cue out A 2: Well, we're all out of time, again, I'm Alliah Claud... A 1: ..and I'm Adrian Rigor A 1&2: ..and this has been DYJK 94.9 Synergy FM. (Music)