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The high-intensity, energy-saving lamp


New T5 technology
A good all-rounder. The new CIRCOLUX EL 24 W circular lamp with its E27 screw base is currently the brightest energy-saving lamp on the market. New manufacturing techniques for T5 tubes provide more light while saving approximately 10 % energy compared with traditional circular lamp technology. The CIRCOLUX EL 24 W has an attractive shape, compact dimensions and low weight for a lamp of this size. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, but especially for use in pendant and shaded luminaires.

12 years of top-quality light

The CIRCOLUX EL 24 W has an extremely long lamp life of 15,000 hours. That equates to around 12 years of normal use for an average of three hours a day. They last 12 to 15 times longer than traditional light bulbs of the same intensity and save up to 80 % on electricity costs. Exceptional colour rendering and even light distribution create a warm pleasant atmosphere, and the integrated electronic control gear provides a high level of lighting comfort. The CIRCOLUX EL 24 W offers instant flicker-free starting, flicker-free operation and high luminous efficacy.

Attractive by itself or in shaded or pendant luminaries CIRCOLUX EL 24 W

Technical data
Dimensions in mm

150 W 24 W

So versatile in the home or office

The CIRCOLUX EL 24 W is suitable for use in domestic and commercial applications where constant economical high-intensity lighting is required. It is ideal in shaded luminaires and pendant luminaires for providing bright light that is glare-free and pleasant on the eye. Thanks to its light weight, the CIRCOLUX EL 24 W can be used as a direct replacement for existing light bulbs with E27 bases.

Length max. mm Diameter max. mm Weight g Base Burning position Average lamp life h

99 225 170 E27 any 15,000

24 W also available in colour 840. CIRCOLUX EL is not suitable for use with dimmers, DC circuits or electronic switches. Suitable for outdoor use only in closed, ventilated luminaires.

CIRCOLUX EL 24 W creates a warm pleasant atmosphere

CIRCOLUX EL meets the following standards, confirmed by the ] symbol. IEC 60968 Safety Requirements IEC 60969 Working Practices IEC 61000-3-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61547 Immunity Radio Interference Suppression to EN 55015

102 S02 E 01/02 Co OSRAM CS CC Subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted.

CIRCOLUX EL Power input W Supply voltage V Lamp current, rms value mA Lamp current, peak value mA Frequency Hz Tube diameter Luminous flux lm Light colour Colour rendering

24 W/827 24 220-240 175 650 50-60 T5/16 mm 1700 LUMILUX INTERNA like an ordinary light bulb Group 1B

z Printed on paper treated with chlorine-free bleach.

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