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Recruitment is resorted for induction of talent from outside, when suitable candidates are not available from within the organization or upon a specific demand of the post is such that it has to be filled up from the open market. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Through Employment Exchanges Through Placement agencies/ Consultants From Engineering /Management / Educational Institutes Through referred cases, relatives / friends etc

All recruitments are done exclusively on merit basis only. JOB SPECIFICATIONS/ AGE AT ENTRY LEVEL Each person is expected to fulfill the requisite job specifications / as required for the position before his candidature is considered for the post. Age requirement at entry point with 10+2 qualification shall be around 20 years and for Graduate / Post graduate / Professional Qualification shall be between 21 years to 25 years for a fresher. The upper age limit for recruitment of experienced personnel shall normally be not more than 45 years. AGE OF SUPERANNUATION Normally the age of superannuation shall be 60 years for all classes of employees. In order to streamline the recruitment age and to ensure that no person is retiring on his birthday, all employee shall be retiring only on first day of the next month in which he attains the age of superannuation. EXTENSIONS IN SERVICE In case any employee requests for extension of services on attaining the age of superannuation, i.e., 60 years, or management wishes to retain his service in the interest of the organization, subject to medically fitness, the management at its sole discretion, may grant such extension of service for one year at a time, However, a management may also consider reappointment of a retired employee on a contract basis. However such a person shall be entitled to a consolidated amount and contracted facilities/ perquisites only. He shall not be entitled to any other

facility/perquisite as applicable to other regular Executives/ Employees of the company of his cadre REQUISITION FOR RECRUITMENT OF PERSONNEL All HODs / Sectional Heads shall raise a requisition in the prescribed format, as per sanctioned manpower and duly approved by competent authority. STANDARD APPLICATION FORM Candidates application screened / short listed are required to fill in the prescribed application form in their own handwriting and submit the same to HR Department along with a passport size photograph, photocopies of certificate and testimonials etc, in support of their Age, Qualification, Experience conduct etc ANTECEDENT VERIFICATION Each Candidate should state names along with contact address Telephone number etc of at least 2 persons (not in relation), who can be referred by the employer to verify candidate antecedents etc, in the application form itself, out of which one should be preferably of immediate past employer. SCRUITINY OF APPLIACTION All application received from the candidates, shall initially be screened by HR Department Recruitment section to ensure that candidate fulfills the job specifications and there after send the screened applications to respective HOD / Requisition authority for detailed screening and ensuring that the candidate meet their requirement and return such screened applications back to H R Department for further action to request and fill the vacancy. APPLICATION BLANK FOR EMPLOYMENT All applicants, who have been short listed for an appointment in the Company, shall be required to complete an Application Blank for Employment in his own handwriting. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION MANAGEMENT TRAINEE POLICIES FOR EXECUTIVE AND

SCOPE & OBJECTIVES Keeping in the view the existing and expansion needs as well as to meet the competition BIG BAZAAR needs well qualified, and talented personnel in various discipline of Retail business Viz, Merchandizing, Sales, Supply chain, Warehousing, HR and Finance & A/cs, General 2

Management etc. In view of that it has been considered desirable to induct fresh entrants as ETs/ MTs so as to mould and develop them as per organization need and to frame guidelines to Recruit, Select and provide effective Training to new entrants, so as to ensure that each one of them shoulders appropriate responsibility and produce desired results. TITLE & APPLICABILITY This scheme shall be called as ET/MT scheme which interlaid include CAs, MBAs, ICWA, Engineers. IT Professionals and Commerce discipline candidates. All such Trainees recruited shall be placed in Executive Cadre (E- Cadre) Recruitment of MTs/ET/s is done on a continuous basis. However, campus recruitment may be encouraged for this level of personnel. During recruitment specific emphasis is laid on the overall personality, IQ, EQ, academic performance and to fit in organizational culture. Candidates to be recruited are evaluated through written Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews by the expert committee, candidates selected for recruitment should be physically fit and mentally alert and each trainee have to qualify in medical standards as laid down by the company. FLOW CHART FOR RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION IN BIG BAZAAR

Manpower planning

Requirement Generation (Allotted Vs Actual Basis)

Internal Fitment (Job Rotation)

Recruitment (CVs screened by HR Department along with Business Head)

Selection Procedures (Initial interview by HR Department/Finalization by Business Head/Executive Committee/CMD)

Joining and Induction 3




Following steps are followed in Big Bazar to ensure effective search process: 1. Assess the Need For and Establish the Purpose of the Position The goals and mission statement are clearly defined and understood prior to conducting a search for qualified individuals. It also emphasizes the people oriented nature of the organization. 2. Perform a Position Analysis Characteristics, requirements of the vacant position and the personality traits that would most benefit the individual who assumes the position are identified. Whether the position is new or recently vacated, is careful determined as to why the position is needed, precisely how it will assist the division and the institution in achieving its goals and mission, how it relates to other positions in the division, and what skills and other abilities are necessary to carry out its responsibilities. Finally, the position analysis includes a judgment as to whether other positions in the division should be reconfigured in light of the vacancy. 3. Prepare the Position Description The division first establishes a hiring profile, consistent with the idea of choosing the person who would best fit the position. It is imperative that a position description clearly defines the goals of the company and that employees are selected based on personality and interaction to meet the defined services and goals. The position description takes heed of ethical consideration in regards to ethnic, gender, and minority bias. It is written so that it does not systematically eliminate members of underrepresented groups such as women and minorities. At a minimum a position description should include: 4

Position title Credentials or position specifications Administrative location of the position Physical and working conditions Goals for the position Work activities Procedures and conditions of employment Institutional and divisional performance expectations

4. Appoint and Empower the Search Committee The integrated staffing model suggests the use of a search committee to recruit and select staff. Search committees are most frequently the mechanism used to carry out recruitment and selection processes. Composition of committees varies depending on the functional area and level of the position. Persons frequently included in search committees were: Staff outside the department with the vacancy Staff in the area/department with vacancy Support staff in the area/department with vacancy

Following are the responsibilities of the search committee members: Select a search committee chairperson Prepare the position description (this responsibility is sometimes fulfilled prior to appointment of the search committee) Determine the timeline of the search process Prepare the position announcement Advertise the position Manage the overall search process Determine the finalists 5

Make arrangements for interviews Make or recommend the final decision

5. Prepare the Position Announcement This crucial step informs all who are interested in the position precisely what the search committee is looking for in clear and unambiguous language. The announcement should include such information as: Title Location and demographics of the institution Supervisor Mission of institution and division Contributions expected by the staff member toward the accomplishment of these missions Goals and work requirements of the position Minimum education Experience and knowledge requirements Conditions of employment Date for beginning of review process Individual and office to contact for further information

If stated clearly, the position announcement can unencumbered the overall search process by encouraging self-elimination of candidates who clearly do not fit the announced requirements. 6. Advertise the Position The student affairs division should evaluate all possible avenues for advertising a position vacancy. Limited budgets may determine the means by which a position vacancy is advertised. Therefore, it is important to consider carefully which advertising medium is most likely to target the audience most important to reach. Possibilities to consider are Campus resources such as publications, offices, employee referrals, web-sites, or electronic bulletin boards Local newspapers 6

Word-of-mouth Employment agencies Mass media advertising (radio, television, etc.) Professional lists Professional journals and web-sites. Professional placement conferences and exchanges.

7. Conduct the Search The individual and office listed in the position announcement receives all applications from candidates. Acknowledgment of the application is sent to the applicant. All correspondence and activity is recorded in a log to ensure careful tracking of the candidates' materials and status. 8. Screen the Applicants Screening of applications is conducted from the beginning of the search process, and reviews begin immediately following the announcement. The division tests to ensure that each applicant fits the profile and hire a person who fits the profile remembering that good selection reduces turnover, training and recruitment costs, and thereby produces stability, consistency, low operating costs and an ability to increasingly reward desired behavior. Selection methods that focus both on crucial requirements and organizational culture include: Interviews Biographical data Work samples Self-assessment Personality tests Cognitive abilities Physical abilities

9. Arrange the Candidate Interviews Once the applicant pool has been screened and individuals to be considered are identified, interviews should be arranged with those candidates. Often, the size of the departmental 7

recruitment budget will determine both the type and the number of interviews that will be conducted. Many times, with limited budgets Big Bazar conduct telephonic interviews. Telephone interviews can be held with either an individual or a group of people as the interviewer. Sometimes to narrow down the pool of candidates company conducts office interviews after conducting phone interviews. Regardless of what method of interviewing is used, certain arrangements are necessary prior to the interview: Arrange and confirm dates and times with candidate Develop the interview schedule and confirm with all individuals who will be involved in the interview process (provide a final copy of the schedule to the candidate, the interviewers, and the search committee members) Arrange for escorts to and from all interviews Arrange overnight accommodations if necessary Arrange for transportation if necessary Arrange for a campus host (and pick up from airport, train station, etc. if necessary) Arrange for any meals provided outside of the interview schedule if necessary Develop an evaluation tool for all interviewers to use upon completion of the interview

10. Conduct Reference Checks The company also carries out the reference checking for specific cases, generally at top level. But it is avoided at middle ans lower level as it can be a frustrating exercise that yields little useful information about a candidate 11. Make the Offer After the search committee has completed all of the interviews and has evaluated the candidacy of the finalists, the committee will submit a recommendation to the hiring authority. The committee may submit one of the following types of recommendations, depending upon the charge that was originally given to the search committee: The name of one candidate The names of two or more candidates in order of hiring preference

Some important issues that are addressed in the job offer are: Starting salary Starting date Length of contract Employee benefits Moving expenses (if applicable) Living accommodations (if applicable) Any other points of negotiation