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Print Head Removal / Replacement in DTG HM1 Kiosk and DTG Eclipse.

Prior to starting work on removing any components from your DTG HM1 Kiosk or DTG Eclipse (in fact, any DTG printer) ensure that the printer is switched off and that mains power has been switched off and disconnected from the printer. Also disconnect USB cable(s) from the rear of the printer. You may wish to release the Print Head from its home position on the Capping Station prior to disconnecting power from the printer (press Ink button on top of Head Unit once, once Print Head has moved slightly to the left, kill the mains power to the printer). Please note that photographs used throughout this guide may show either the DTG HM1 Kiosk or the DTG Eclipse, however the procedures described will relate equally well to both of these printer models.

1 Remove Covers from Print Head 1.1 Release Print Head

Release the Print Head from its locked / home position (if you havent already done so as per above) by manually releasing the Carriage Lock:

Remove the rubber grommet from the right side panel of the Head Unit. Using a flashlight to see inside the exposed hole in the casing of the Head Unit, fit a small, flat bladed screwdriver into the slot in the end of the white nylon shaft which is visible in the hole. Turn the screw driver anticlockwise until you feel some resistance, the Print Head should now be free. ( Turning this shaft manually drives the Capping Station / Wiper Blade & Carriage Lock mechanisms).


1.2 Remove Metal Covers from Print Head Carriage

First disconnect the bracket which secures the ink tube guide to the Print Head Carriage by removing the two screws as shown:

Next, remove the screws as shown on the first Head Carriage Cover


And slide the cover out from underneath the Ink Tube Bracket / Ink Tubes:

Remove the two screws securing the second Head Carriage Cover.

Slide the second Head Carriage Cover out from under the Ink Tubes / Ink Tube Bracket:


2 Remove Damper Assembly

Remove white spacer block from in front of Damper Assembly

With a very small rocking motion and a simultaneous lifting movement, lift & remove the Damper Assembly from within the Head Carriage. Take care not to touch the sides of the Dampers themselves, use only the sides of the Damper Housing to lift. Place the Damper Assembly out of the way and up-side down so that ink does not run out of the dampers.


3 Disconnect & Remove Print Head from Print Head Carriage:

You will first need to release the Head Ribbon Cable Guide from the Print Head Carriage. To do so, release the 3 tabs as marked and then lift the Head Ribbon Cable Guide clear of the Print Head Carriage.

Remove the 3 screws as marked that secure the Print Head into the Print Head Carriage.

Lift the Print Head from the Print Head Carriage. Disconnect the two Head Ribbon Cables from their sockets on the small circuit board in the Print Head.


4 Replace Print Head

Take note of the new Print Head Rank ID which is printed on a small white sticker on the top of the Print Head. Connect the new Print Head to the Head Ribbon Cables. Reassemble the Print Head, Damper Assembly and Print Head Carriage Covers in the reverse of the disassembly described above. Take care at all times to avoid trapping / damaging ink tubes, cables, wires etc. when replacing covers. Take care to ensure that all cables / wires are reconnected straight & true. Incorrect cable / wire connections can result in permanent damage to circuit boards & therefore printer operation. Update the Print Head Rank ID for the new Print Head by way of the Epson Maintenance / Adjustment program for the Epson Stylus R2400.