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Pokemon Emerald cheats

National Pokedex: Defeat the Elite 4 and Proffessor Birch will give it to you when you leave your house. Unlock the Pokemon Diploma: Capture all 202 Pokemon in your Pokedex then talk to the Game Designer in a hotel in Lilycove City.

Unlock the National Pokedex Diploma: Capture all 386 Pokemon in your Pokedex then talk to the Game Designer in a hotel in Lilycove City.

Trainer Card Color Upgrades Your Trainer Card will change colours and rise in rank when you have completed certain tasks. You have to beat the Elite Four before you can complete the following tasks; Win one ribbon in all five of the Master Rank Pokemon Contests, Collect all the gold symbols in the Battle Frontier, Become Pokemon League Champion, Complete the Hoenn Pokedex.

Bronze Rank: Complete one of the tasks mentioned above.

Copper Rank: Complete two of the tasks mentioned above.

Silver Rank: Complete three of the tasks mentioned above.

Gold Rank: Complete all four of the tasks mentioned above.

Altering Cave: Defeat the Elite Four to be able to go to Altering Cave. It is located on Route 103. Battle Frontier: Defeat the Elite Four to be able to go to Battle Frontier

Prizes from Scott: Talk to Scott and he will give you berries and decorations depending on your accomplishments in the Battle Frontier

Lansat Berry: Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols

Starf Berry: Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols

Silver Shield (Decoration):

Win 50 Battles

Gold Shield (Decoration): Win 100 Battles

Berry Master's Wife Passwords Receive the following berries by telling the Berry Master's wife certain phrases. This is limited and only one phrase will work each day

SUPER HUSTLE: You will receive a Belue Berry

COOL LATIOS: You will receive a Durin Berry

GREAT BATTLE: You will receive a Spelon Berry

OVERWHELMING LATIAS: You will receive a Watmel Berry

CHALLENGE CONTEST: You will receive a Pamtre Berry

Special unlockable Pokemon For some Pokemon certain events must be performed before they are released

Ho-oh/Lugia: Get the Mystic Ticket then go to Navel Island

Deoxys: Get the Aurara Ticket then go to Birth Island

Mew: Get the Old Sea Chart then go to Faraway Island

Castform: Defeat the rival team at the Weather Institute


Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Sea Lair if the man who gave you Castform tell you there has been heavy rainfall. Kyogre will be in an underwater cave that requires Dive to enter

Groudon: Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Land Lair. Groudon will be in an outdoor cave

Mudkip, Treeko or Torchic: Help Proffesor Birch escape the wild pokemon

Rayquaza: Magma and Aqua must get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave. Then go to Sky Pillar

Latios or Latias: Watch the T.V. Downstairs in your house after defeating the Elite Four. Once you have watched it your Mom will ask you what colour the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios. Getting the other Lati (Latios or Latias): Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You are then able get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose. Beldum: See Steven's house after defeating the Elite four. Tododile, Chikorita or Cyndaquil: Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav When you complete the 202 Pokemon of Hoenn. Frontier Brains When you encounter special trainers in facilities of the Battle Frontier defeat them to earn Symbols for your Frontier Pass. The final trainer will be the Brain.

Factory Head Noland I: Defeat Factory three times

Arena Tycoon Greta I: Defeat Arena four times

Palace Maven Spenser I: Defeat Palace three times

Pike Queen Lucy I: Defeat Pike twice

Pyramid King Brandon I: Defeat Pyramid three times

Salon Maiden Anabel I: Defeat Tower five times

Dome Ace Tucker I:

Defeat Dome five times

Factory Head Noland II: Defeat Factory six times

Palace Maven Spenser II: Defeat Palace six times

Arena Tycoon Greta II: Defeat Arena eight times

Pike Queen Lucy II: Beat Pike ten times

Pyramid King Brandon II: Defeat Pyramid ten times

Salon Maiden Anabel II: Defeat Tower ten times

Dome Ace Tucker II: Defeat Dome ten times

Lilycove Department Clearance Sale: Defeat the Elite 4 then if you are lucky you will see an advertisement for the Lilycove Department Clearance Sale on TV. Fly to Lilycove immediatly and go to the Department Store's roof level and you will find many decoorations and items available that cannot be got anywhere else. Shiny Pokemon: When you encounter a Pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the Pokemon being a shiny Pokemon

Saving Safari Zone Steps: Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone then go to a grass patch and stay there without walking. Press the arrow buttons softly at about a 90 degree angle and it is possible to catch a rare Pokemon without losing any of your 500 steps. Unlock Mystery Gift: Go to a Pokemon mart and press A on the piece of paper on the counter. Then insert the words 'LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL' and press select to easily find the words. The store lady will then talk to you and tell you that mystery gift is now unlocked. Faster hatching eggs: Put a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team which will cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg by half. Swarm's second ability: It raises Bug-type attacks by 150% when the user is weak it makes Pokemon cry in the background more often.

How to get a Dragon Scale and a Sun Stone in Pokemon Emerald.

You'll need a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall. In Meteor Falls, a Bagon will be holding a Dragon Scale while a Solrock will hold a Sun Stone in the cave that also has TM02 Dragon Claw. You'll need a Pokemon that knows Thief (Trick is optional) to take the item by force instead of capturing the Pokemon holding it and (it might help) a grass type that knows Sweet Scent to run into Pokemon easier. It may take a while to find a dragon scale (10% chance), but it way easier to find Solrock. Have fun!

How to clone Pokemon in emerald !!

First go to the battle frontier than go to the battle tower got to the pc put the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.log out save your game.{don't turn off your game}.take the Pokemon out talk to the lady thats closests to you.make a challenge choose open level .she going to ask you if you want to save say yes[notice how the game freezes for 3 seconds]when it says theres already a save file would you like to overwrite turn your game off turn it back on check the box and you will see the cloned Pokemon.importantIF YOU CLONE, ONE OF YOUR Pokemon GETS DELETED.the Pokemon that got deleted when I cloned was rayquaza.

Hope this helps :D 0=zero [M] code (Must Be On) 00006FA7 000A 1006AF88 0007 Then on the third line enter: 83007CF6(space)0 and the last tre numbers: ex: 83007CF6 0194 for Kyogre Here is some more pokemons ;) XVI. 1st Gen Pokemon ID Code ---------------------------------Bulbasaur 001 Ivysaur 002 Venusaur 003 Charmander 004 Charmeleon 005

Charizard 006 Squirtle 007 Wartortle 008 Blastoise 009 Caterpie 00A Metapod 00B Butterfree 00C Weedle 00D Kakuna 00E Beedrill 00F Pidgey 010 Pidgeotto 011 Pidgeot 012 Rattata 013 Raticate 014 Spearow 015 Fearow 016 Ekans 017 Arbok 018 Pikachu 019 Raichu 01A Sandshrew 01B Sandslash 01C Nidoran (F) 01D Nidorina 01E Nidoqueen 01F Nidoran (M) 020

Nidorino 021 Nidoking 022 Clefairy 023 Clefable 024 Vulpix 025 Ninetales 026 Jigglypuff 027 Wigglytuff 028 Zubat 029 Golbat 02A Oddish 02B Gloom 02C Vileplume 02D Paras 02E Parasect 02F Venonat 030 Venomoth 031 Diglett 032 Dugtrio 033 Meowth 034 Persian 035 Psyduck 036 Golduck 037 Mankey 038 Primeape 039 Growlithe 03A Arcanine 03B

Poliwag 03C Poliwhirl 03D Poliwrath 03E Abra 03F Kadabra 040 Alakazam 041 Machop 042 Machoke 043 Machamp 044 Bellsprout 045 Weepinbell 046 Victreebel 047 Tentacool 048 Tentacruel 049 Geodude 04A Graveler 04B Golem 04C Ponyta 04D Rapidash 04E Slowpoke 04F Slowbro 050 Magnemite 051 Magnetron 052 Farfetch'd 053 Doduo 054 Dodrio 055 Seel 056

Dewgong 057 Grimer 058 Muk 059 Shellder 05A Cloyster 05B Gastly 05C Haunter 05D Gengar 05E Onix 05F Drowzee 060 Hypno 061 Krabby 062 Kingler 063 Voltorb 064 Electrode 065 Exeggcute 066 Exegutor 067 Cubone 068 Marowak 069 Hitmonlee 06A Hitmonchan 06B Lickitung 06C Koffing 06D Weezing 06E Rhyhorn 06F Rhydon 070 Chansey 071

Tangela 072 Kangaskhan 073 Horsea 074 Seadra 075 Goldeen 076 Seaking 077 Staryu 078 Starmie 079 Mr. Mime 07A Scyther 07B Jynx 07C Electabuzz 07D Magmar 07E Pinsir 07F Tauros 080 Magicarp 081 Gyarados 082 Lapras 083 Ditto 084 Eevee 085 Vaporeon 086 Jolteon 087 Flareon 088 Porygon 089 Omanyte 08A Omastar 08B Kabuto 08C

Kabutops 08D Aerodactyl 08E Snorlax 08F Articuno 090 Zapdos 091 Moltres 092 Dratini 093 Dragonair 094 Dragonite 095 Mewtwo 096 Mew 097

---------------------------------XVII. 2nd Gen Pokemon ID Code ---------------------------------Chikorita 098 Bayleef 099 Meganium 09A Cynaquil 09B Quilava 09C Typhlosion 09D Totodile 09E Croconaw 09F Feraligatr 0A0 Sentret 0A1 Furret 0A2 Hoothoot 0A3 Noctowl 0A4

Ledyba 0A5 Ledian 0A6 Spinarak 0A7 Ariados 0A8 Crobat 0A9 Chinchou 0AA Lanturn 0AB Pichu 0AC Cleffa 0AD Igglybuff 0AE Togepi 0AF Togetic 0B0 Natu 0B1 Xatu 0B2 Mareep 0B3 Flaaffy 0B4 Ampharos 0B5 Bellossom 0B6 Marill 0B7 Azumarill 0B8 Sudowoodo 0B9 Politoed 0BA Hoppip 0BB Skiploom 0BC Jumpluff 0BD Aipom 0BE Sunkern 0BF

Sunflora 0C0 Yanma 0C1 Wooper 0C2 Quagsire 0C3 Espeon 0C4 Umbreon 0C5 Murkrow 0C6 Slowking 0C7 Misdreavus 0C8 Unknown 0C9 Wobbuffet 0CA Girafarig 0CB Pineco 0CC Forretress 0CD Dunsparce 0CE Gligar 0CF Steelix 0D0 Snubbull 0D1 Granbull 0D2 Qwilfish 0D3 Scizor 0D4 Shuckle 0D5 Heracross 0D6 Sneasel 0D7 Teddiursa 0D8 Ursaring 0D9 Slugma 0DA

Magcargo 0DB Swinub 0DC Piloswine 0DD Corsola 0DE Remoraid 0DF Octillery 0E0 Delibird 0E1 Mantine 0E2 Skarmory 0E3 Houndour 0E4 Houndoom 0E5 Kingdra 0E6 Phanpy 0E7 Donphan 0E8 Porygon2 0E9 Stantler 0EA Smeargle 0EB Tyrogue 0EC Hitmontop 0ED Smoochum 0EE Elekid 0EF Magby 0F0 Miltank 0F1 Blissey 0F2 Raikou 0F3 Entei 0F4 Suicune 0F5

Larvitar 0F6 Pupitar 0F7 Tyranitar 0F8 Lugia 0F9 Ho-oh 0FA Celebi 0FB ---------------------------------XVIII. 3rd Gen Pokemon ID Code ---------------------------------Treecko 115 Grovyle 116 Sceptile 117 Torchic 118 Combusken 119 Blaziken 11A Mudkip 11B Marshtomp 11C Swampert 11D Poochyena 11E Mightyena 11F Zigzagoon 120 Linoone 121 Wurmple 122 Silcoon 123 Beautifly 124 Cascoon 125 Dustox 126 Lotad 127

Lombre 128 Ludicolo 129 Seedot 12A Nuzleaf 12B Shiftry 12C Taillow 130 Swellow 131 Wingull 135 Pelipper 136 Ralts 188 Kirlia 189 Gardevoir 18A Surskit 137 Masquerain 138 Shroomish 132 Breloom 133 Slakoth 16C Vigoroth 16D Slaking 16E Nincada 12D Ninjask 12E Shedinja 12F Whismur 172 Loudred 173 Exploud 174 Makuhita 14F

Hariyama 150 Azurill 15E Nosepass 140 Skitty 13B Delcatty 13C Sableye 142 Mawile 163 Aron 17E Lairon 17F Aggron 180 Meditite 164 Medicham 165 Electrike 151 Manectric 152 Plusle 161 Minun 162 Volbeat 182 Illumise 183 Roselia 16B Gulpin 16F Swalot 170 Carvanha 14A Sharpedo 14B Wailmer 139 Wailord 13A Numel 153 Camerupt 154

Slugma 0DA Magcargo 0DB Torkoal 141 Spoink 15F Grumpig 160 Spinda 134 Trapinch 14C Vibrava 14D Flygon 14E Cacnea 158 Cacturne 159 Swablu 166 Altaria 167 Zangoose 17C Seviper 17B Lunatone 15C Solrock 15D Barboach 143 Whiscash 144 Corphish 146 Crawdaunt 147 Baltoy 13E Claydol 13F Lileep 184 Cradily 185 Anorith 186 Armaldo 187

Feebas 148 Milotic 149 Castform 181 Kecleon 13D Shuppet 179 Banette 17A Duskull 169 Dusclops 16A Tropius 171 Chimecho 19B Absol 178 Wynaut 168 Snorunt 15A Glalie 15B Spheal 155 Sealeo 156 Walrein 157 Clamperl 175 Huntail 176 Gorebyss 177 Relicanth 17D Corsola 0DE Chinchou 0AA Lanturn 0AB Luvdisc 145 Bagon 18B Shelgon 18C

Salamence 18D Beldum 18E Metang 18F Metagross 190 Regirock 191 Regice 192 Registeel 193 Latias 197 Latios 198 Kyogre 194 Groudon 195 Rayquaza 196 Jirachi 199 Deoxys 19A Remember to write the (M) code in the two first and then the Pokemon code in the third. Cheatking :P Ludvik