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APPAMTTIO WATT Wherefore art thou transcendental Antiquity Perpetual Poser A Mind To Turn It On

The gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure

rather than deliberate learning

BLOT Bright Light of Truth
Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side".

1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge 2. Mystical Relating to mystical or supernatural experience and therefore beyond the material world

the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment
Giving Democracy Watch a hand now is not presumptuous if you give it HELL Hand Ecstatic Living Later with doublethink assuredly could use the encouragement perhaps Democracy Watch pondering whether worth saving and of course the reciprocity thing united do not fall holding each other UP Ultimate Potential for the count royalty no pun intended nor SS satanic subterfuge Humanity relay RACE Reality Almighty Consecrated Element CDF 1 lateral pass 2 Save it for Christ sake okay damn it for Gods sake save it for self Eternal life intended body in material form spirit of mind Invisible Invincible Inalienable well Invisible anyway until you have a mind to turn it on A magnificent God given brain, Rule of Law and a chainsaw superfluous to lug lest a mind to fire up I give them the stuff have they got the stuff or will it be stuffed up my mind Whatever happened to the Dolores baby Democracy Watch? Ad Hoc And Delores Humanity of Course? No more lies On the case? Constitution De jure ATE Administration De facto CRATE The Family ATE Authentic Tax Exemption THE FAMILY CRATE Corporate Royalty Assassinate Tax Emption Whatcha gonna do we win ya lose doublethink

WW III Bust so we must with Truth

On or about May 5 2009 in very early morning hour Dolores Smith phoned for help not yet found due to be sentenced May 11 2009 on trumped up charges by the RCMP with not much time began to see what information I could dig up publishing here and there looking for help
Ooops Deleted happens time to time You will find May 24 2009 at the site May 6 2009 All of course provided to the GLIST as well as the following Ma y 8 2009 With the government organized crime hierarchy well aware of me and the Charter Democracy Force managed to halt sentencing by sending BC Attorney General Wally Opal already on the GLIST an email on the court date A day or two later an Armed Forces helicopter circled my back yard over the river 100 - 150 feet high perhaps for a minute or two too noisy to miss getting the message they were there as did my neighbors and other towns people I was informed, however not certain if to inform me they were on my side as I had been informing many Armed Forces personnel published in the GLIST, but reasonably certain all

hierarchy of the government were with the conspiracy prerequisite to the success of the elite against the 90% majority they ransack of quality of life so they can soar on lofty plateau and in threatening helicopters, and then eventually meandered away. Having been on the computer all summer never had the opportunity to talk to my neighbours who informed me the copter was with me all season. June 25 2009 July 9 2009
On May 11 day Delores was to be sentenced I emailed BC Attorney General Wally Opal with instructions to be passed on to the legal aid lawyer representing Delores Later Delores informed me her case had been called 2 or 3 times before her lawyer showed making her sign a piece of paper that she would not talk about the evidence against the RCMP As the judge was in process of sentencing she WTF lawyer I am ... when he says to the judge ... your honor my client is in duress ... sum thin like that and the judge said we will continue another DAY Dark Abyss Yoke Delores had been so pleased with me, but then one day emailed to say I'm a stupid bastard with s lot of leave me alone to my dismay Had thought finally my evidence was going to be on public display in a court of competent independent jurisdiction but no way, put off for another day September 9 2013 I followed up through the onerous and formidable challenge to penetrate the maze of the Access to Information and Privacy Act concluding Privacy Act protects Criminal Law Lawyers and their clients However, I finally did receive a later stating Delores went to jail, but would cost $32 for more Had enough for the time being nuffs enough and oh ya finances weak didn't have enough In the Dolores emails she had mentioned they're not taking babe and I reckon the threat enough to confirm her say
I'm a stupid bastard Can Law Confirmed

Deleted Replaced

Whatever happened to the Dolores baby Democracy Force? Ad Hoc And Delores Humanity of Course ?

When CDF1 was telling everyone to say CDF1 CA today We were making headway amassing the Dawson Creek towns people cowering under siege by the RCMP and Hells Angels carrying on murder and cover-up to protect their drug trade the CBC and local news papers came to their aid referring to the CDF1 as Skin Heads and Dolores went to jail as Richard Fine example and all others that dared to stand up against them as individuals. When you are insatiable incurably Satanic representing the affluent and influential of the elite plateau where value of friendship is determined by amounts of gold in the hold, while in the facade of representing all the people including us of minor holdings due their oppressive invading, murdering and ransacking nature expanding their empires by taking the Resources: Natural and Human of others akin, a retaliator reiteration upon reiteration of unhappy campers left in their wake recorded in the annals of history of which I extracted a few noteworthy excerpts published on the many CDF 1 network of course informing the GLIST that have remained sat believing hand pat, Silly Buggers certainly not yet aware they are in the BLOT - Bright Light Of Truth Era 2010 surrounded by cyberspace Truths and the IT - Invincible Triad HITI aka ITI - Invisible Triad Individuals aka Invisible yet everywhere that assuredly they know informing there is "No 2 Tier" from their lofty towers if not to us of the Lower Tier then to whom do they speak?

IT IS Invincible Triad Inalienable Spirit TRUTH our Ammo their Alamo TRUTH Good vs Evil SG - Spirit God vs SS - Sprit Satan None but the brave in the masses of Satanic Asses As Individuals in the BLOT standing alone against the ITI a laugh to behold In Satanic speak they will now refer to us as Terrorists with the aid of their Media major players, but not for long unable to do so from the spiritual world

Whatever arms they use against the IT will be disarmed and assuredly we could use the benefit of our own personal Media conglomeration Their reign of playing monkey in the middle with us is about to come to a screeching halt Surrounded in Truth out numbered 9 IT -1 SS
The demise of the SS has been ordered under 11/15/2010 the TROLL having been precluded in DROL Democratic Rule Of Law abrogated in 1982 by the Supreme Law Of Canada the letter of the law cedes to the Supremacy of God the cowardly Satanic hid behind the clothe to create the Holy See abundance of wealth having spiked Jesus to a cross began a tangled web of deceit documenting SELF - Scum Earth's Life Forms every step of the way where there is a semblance to democracy in the UT - Upper Tier with back rooms deals to divvy up the loot, but trusts and friends a hoot as they scoot attempting to distance themselves from them we scoop using everything they provided us to regroup and recoup our losses.

Without the clothe to hide behind naked and a laugh for all to see

No more lies Well maybe just One White Lie We got us a doublethink conundrum due not yet put together one of interest Gotta go due to mortgage due. Due regards eh?